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Guidance for writing standards taking into account micro, small and medium-sized enterprises needs ISO in brief ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. ISO has a membership of 164* national standards bodies from coun- tries large and small, industrialized, de- veloping and in transition, in all regions of the world. ISO s portfolio of over 19 400* standards provides business, government and society with practical tools for all three dimensions of sustainable development: econo

scope of the standard   bank and the international   structure of the standard   smes in the development   iso is the international   smes in their standards   iso in brief iso   iso guidance document   guidance document  

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Pathway Classification

This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.

Priority/ Function Areas:   Internet & Telecom Law & Government Science |
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide |

Pathway Information

This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.

Measures:   standard smes   necessary time   special attention   new standards   graph drawings   practical tools   useroriented standards   mediumsized enterprises   universal definition   technical changes   content review   new cost   imperfect way   high number   available date   business government   available number   european standards   small enterprise   standard precise   http wwwbrookingsedumediaresearch   lesser volume   performance requirements   final review   standard document   test regimes   small microenterprises   national markets   particular attention   good management   wide acceptance   brooking institution   new standard   reference document   standard standards   annual sales   work organization   new preparation   correspond sections   small lion   medium enterprises   clear rect   specific aspects   national standards   visible standard   small prises   technical sectors   weak forms   small manufacturers   pure requirements   individual firms   maximum revenues   large companies   work groups   business model   necessary documents   late edition   ing regimes   give number   technical terms   financial ceilings   new requirement   various sources   industrial sectors   specific importance   pean standards   national country   descriptive characteristics   use language   necessary owing   possible drawings   costeffective ways   nonsubsidiary firms   individual governments   technical development   small animals   differ knowledge   relevant information   new item   positive contribution   train staff   accept definition   guidance advice   total level   more details   global consensus   previous edition   general aspects   simple methods   exist writers   partial interests   wide range   portive assistance   clear information   standard approach   abstract nouns   iso document   equipment cost   such cases   previous version   narrow range   document checklist   simple language   complex standards   economic cooperation   different interests   specific needs   size enterprises   target groups   weak position   possible standards   ver sions   national governments   implementation tance   reference sentence   ing examples   particular product   first occurrence   short cerpts   recent developments   exist one   strict regimes   technical committees   complex islation   standard writers   main text   business models   common basis   large suppliers   supportive information   maximum number   maximum freedom   independent firms   firm size   isoiec directives   standard costeffectiveness   standard subclauses   content foreword   complex revision   sheet data   potential ers   net sales   give test   new services   international organizations   ernmental organizations   previous sions   national document   medium assets   potential groups   new equipment   supportive drawings   sustainable standards   finish standard   specific standards   specific products   unnecessary tests   large group   clear language   financial assets   multilateral institutions   work item   economic iso   social conditions   specific processes   tial users   follow group   short standards   technical fications   stand ards   mil lion   national intensity   several aspects   standard groups   first edition   standard changes   specific characteristics   additional ance   informative manner   commission recommendation   rele knowledge   identify need   complex areas   potential users   extend period   clear requirement   supportive assistance   practical solutions   necessary constraints   international standards   spread knowledge   monopolistic positions   high intensity   mechanical engineering   important provisions   good place   meaningful words   international organization   negative impacts   intergovernmental organizations   small enterprises   several options   certain requirement   exist solutions   representative examples   significant changes   give method   transition period   test costs   basic knowhow   follow definition   national committees   follow terms   costly regimes   reference standards   manual standards   assis tance   special needs   fair competition   smefriendly standards   undated references   possible stakeholders   possible nonrepresentation   evant markets   aid intensity   standard users   concern nonethe   universal acceptance   technical aspects   guidance document   expect users   small firms   alternative methods   environmental iso   recognize authority   own definitions   small businesses   active voice   simple ways   innovative advances   technical expertise   poten users   give item   only definitions   equipment change   tion period   particular standards   general principles   simple words   new changes   assessment practices   require standards   similar models   consumer associations   main group   box language   action verbs   regional institutions   short approach   general considerations   responsible person   standard attention   total assets   chart drawings   long paragraphs   selfemployed persons   relevant principles   laboratory associations   normative references   standard development   isoiec deliverables   portive charts   long writers   date references   possible requirements   normative documents   new editions   userfriendly way
Actions:   include deliverables   allow flexibility   use verbs   exceed source   need terms   test tests   exceed eur   develop standards   meet requirement   employ ees   provide solutions   give flexibility   facilitate knowledge   identify ways   give attention   identify need   transpose requirements   impose number   reflect implications   disseminate advances   set limit   ing those   exceed million   include cost   meet need   characterize models   introduce requirement   write groups   adapt standard   reproduce text   maintain consistency   asses implications   see forms   encourage enterprises   write standards   publish references   implement standards   perform tests   employ fewer   facilitate reading   provide smesa   develop coun   cover range   divide 552   grant intensity   identify conformity   writ ers   present den   ply standard   try institution   asses need   hire writers   asses profitability   evaluate cost   contain examples   understand ing   need considerations   find paragraphs   make contribution   suggest period   apply directives   propose item   use words   keep simple   prevent duplication   address interests   raise awareness   find information   study standard   use descrip   include data   help language   acquire standards   buy change   give examples   overcome nonrepresentation   achieve benefits   hinder promotion   use commands   follow 553   define smes   define terms   enable success   avoid regimes   use lists   reproduce reference   give cording   minimize number   try wwwbrookingsedumediaresearch   need introduction   analyze markets   play role   use none   require period   form test   clarify examples   use explanations   set period   verify accuracy   take needs   read them   cover issues   discourage users   apply note   express opinion   evaluate need   use terms   divide it   develop document   reduce impacts   need rules   detail groups   check conformity   avoid smesa   avoid language   define way   provide government   develop content   give opportunity   define enterprises   contain explanation   reflect developments   see ntc   impose regimes   help gain   address issues   include availability   indicate sentence   complicate structure   understand parts   check relevance   involve volume   need techniques   raise turnover   measure staff   provide introduction   assess provisions   cover testing   provide advice   improve understanding   base guidance   verify that   designate sme   buy cost   meet two   favour test   need foreword   draft standards   try veloping   increase repeat   give statement   study editions   provide clear   include drawings   add examples   prepare item   increase price   facilitate understanding   put standard   include references   use definitions   repeat cerpts   increase implementation   raise ceilings   include etc   reduce need   introduce provisions   constitute enterprise   introduce tests   hamper flexibility   need assistance   implement standard   assist members   isoiec directives   constitute annex   provide tance   putt constraints   address needs   use language   need iso   define scopes   prepare standards   reflect needs   test associations   represent smes   represent consensus   change model   use style   use experts   use presentation   simplify ards   micro assets   avoid exclusion   leaf freedom   share management   give endorsement   exceed lion   evaluate costs   reflect relevance   give smes   implement aim

Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.