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In collaboration with Israel Innovation Authority Autonomous Vehicle Policy Framework: Selected National and Jurisdictional Policy Efforts to Guide Safe AV Development I N S I G H T R E P O R T N O V E M B E R 2 0 2 0 Contents Foreword Miri Regev, Member of the Knesset, Minister of Transport and Road Safety of Israel Preface Ami Appelbaum, Chief Scientist, Ministry of Economy and Industry of Israel, and Chairman of the Board, Israel Innovation Authority, and Murat S nmez, Managing Director, Head

information in the application   risks to other road   driver the av tester   part in the trial   control to the driver   automation of the ads   avs as a service   testing without a human   includes not only safety  

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Type: Forecasts
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Profiles:   perl fellow   the forum   the provisions   the role   an regulators   it report   that movement   oedr fallback   i ministry   the software   january58 reports   the commonalities   all nations   the recommendation   the developer   the public   ducey order   all agencies   the circumstances   the plan   zoox fleet   the likelihood   u issues   a failure   april nuro   the template   the procedure   the vehicle   the adse   the head   the resources   the emphasis   the committees   a team   the commissions   the operator   the company   azdotgovaboutboardsandcommitteesarizonaselfdrivingvehicleoversightcommittee state   the manufacturer   the insurer   such system   the approach   every manufacturer   a company   the department   whose features   the ads   the vehicles   the office   the display   e principles   the date   a link   the license   the governor   a study   the requirement   the driver   it cars   the reports   this exemptions   the world   a holder   the crash   the bearer   the guidelines   a paper   a approach   we vision   israel hub   s https   this process   postcrash collection   the chart   april list   national guidelines   no permit   the operation   a ads   a human   u process   a system   this system   an stakeholders   a vision   the step   the capability   the program   the authority   na drivers   a step   the fee   the validity   the self   the society   the period   a driver   a officer   ministry goals   the regulators   february government   the results   june holders   report99 waymo   l4 automation   the industry   the type   the testing   this report   the ministry   this approach   the legislature   the person   this feature   all organizations   all trails   a doors   all states   the recordings   olympic parliament   its priorities   the disclosures   all vehicles   the operators   each entity   wwwntcgovau website   a situation   october waymo   review strategy   august ministries   the technology   australia guidelines   dmv hearings   all actions   no driver   the entity   authority police   na manufacturer   the crisis   the framework   that reforms   the government   all requirements   a review   the purpose   each trial   its mission   the application   a certificate   the system   this features   all decisions   an governments   av testing   california review   the police   a alternative   the success   all rights   the law   the hardware   october mobileye   the groups   http framework   a distinction   the requests   a environment   each jurisdiction   the elements   the effects   the report   the document   the assurance   all jurisdictions   the additions   waymo service   august nutonomy   the landscape   the state   a services   all regulations   the rider   the human   the cases   its trial   california policy   a vehicle   australia ministers   this bill   the committee   uber operators   any act   twoway links   the development   the proposal   oedr waymo   the consortium   the hub   the country   law commission   a body   a operator   the laws   the assessment   the contexts   the standards   no risk   the number   c framework   the inspector   the behaviour   st conditions   you feet   this section   the fact   the safety   the platform   a investigation   the rules   the centre   the conduct   safetyreportsafety20report202018pdf approach   whose role   maii insurers   the owner   this framework   the data   the permit   any authorization   the avs   the commissioners   the members
Goals:   mitigate adverse effects   use best practices   present enabling legislation   single specific offense   provide permitted ride   investigate insurance coverage   follow applicable law   replace criminal offences   guide development recording   include safety considerations   tow additional information   ensure communities improvements   deliver transport technologies   launch innovative centre   involve heavy vehicles   involve nonreporting penalty   pertain crashworthiness behaviour   guide reporting use   ask law commissions   replace decisionmaking processes   observe exchanging limits   use regulatory sandbox   suggest assessment framework   guide development article   propose own solutions   set explores savi   develop classification system   stipulate governing regulations   guide development safety   ensure vehicle maintenance   follow factors guidance   create regulatory framework   predict future movement   test technologies services   facilitate innovation trials   ensure neutrality pace   encourage proposed variation   guide development methods   recommend human driver   drive required vehicle   include location latitude   provide required response   issue initial policy   advance vehicle testing   implement outlined recommendations   consider legislative mechanisms   provide assistance warnings   gesture full level   publish policy efforts   establish authorization process   promote safe trial   protect internal space   expire vehicle framework   lead lawyer commission   specify specified operator   cost create provisions   control actual vehicle   communicate processes regulation   include analysed states   cover key areas   operate area desert   devise safety policies   respond policy efforts   adopt different approach   complexity guiding principles   carry delivery vehicle53   develop permit types   enter control centre   review legislative powers   report serious incident   meet relevant requirements   provide advisory committee   steer command command   meet safety levels   execute based path   guide development users   formulate conditions terms   follow robust process   highlight best practices   challenge greater accessibility   grant agency contact   guide liability specification   chart strategic direction   publish safety reports   plan moves software   establish lead entity   take given situation   combine enabling components   assist policy makers   operate driving actions   trialling using applications   implement regulatory sandbox   upgrade security cybersecurity   create safe experience   meet required amount   licencing offering pilots   improve safety outcomes   outline set framework   amend traffic regulations   examine liability sharing   introduce policy frameworks   require safe evaluation   include piloting updates   convert location information   follow applicable regulations   drive automated features   guide summary trial   include experts academics   recover creating costs   perform entire task   meet industry standards   test enforcement plan   challenge growing population   use engineering approach   deploy autonomous technology   conduct trials information   exit vehicle participants   issue encouraging orders   deliver legal liability   make required systems   ride vehicle framework   maximize societal benefits   guide development trial   release policy efforts   establish new scheme   carry deployment testing   involve vehicle form   obtain conduct permit   prepare guiding principles   enter safe state   achieve desired output   guide development requirements   submit annual report   improve overall system   obey traffic laws   enable technological maturity   take images data   scale ceasing pausing   segment detect image   harness smart revolution   undertake farreaching review   guide relevant information   sense determine ability   guide development policy   issue traffic citation   authorize driving systems   form legal infrastructure   enable safe experimentation   initiate year process   reflect new worth   navigate includes scenarios   monitor driving environment   achieve safe state   identify possible analysis   conduct pilots trials   shape regulatory framework   deduce optimal path   advance mobility goals   collect safety scenarios   set maximum number   examine safety risks   cause resource constraints   position policy framework   steer motion control   deliver same level   present documents information   use industry method   create designed processes   represent innovation authority   guide development experiment   reduce loss casualties   guide development strategy   include trial report   use intelligence technology   govern conducted trials   strengthen c4ir network   support commercial deployment   obtain collaborating approval   inform future roadmap   require human driver   advance regulatory landscape   support investigation safety   concern safety incidents   rest policy efforts   accompany police investigation   deliver advanced environment   drive road safety   include minimal condition   act other conditions   design policy pathways   explore technological advantages   publish policy paper   sign executive order   involve complete understanding   regulate following vehicle   select location latitude   generate desired outcome   pursue drive efforts   guide oversight requirements   build regulates legislation   cover enable approach   guide policy efforts   monitor safety driver   identify nearest location   report severe incident   define severe incident   take permissive approach   harness tremendous abilities   select waypoints destinations   use following information   meet applicable title   assess traffic laws   publish pilot guidelines   conduct detailed review   initiate regulatory sandbox   unify state governments   obtain permit driverless   guide development system   reach intended destination   summon advising committee   experience fourth revolution   classify road users   take policy efforts   carry driving tasks   meet responsibility requirements   establish innovation authority   decide liability insurance   adopt lead approaches   establish set interactions   develop cybersecurity programmes   approve vehicle trial   reduce policy efforts   require safety driver   set test simulation   promote voluntary communication   include direct conditions   stipulate required subjects   present autonomous vehicle   include appointed representatives   develop control system   coordinate prepare efforts   govern investment avs   mount steering command   specify vehicles operator   guide remote operator   issue related orders   increase transport use   form authoritative body   inform perception software   execute required path   highlight policy efforts   support pilot initiatives   inform policy frameworks   develop safety cases   test testing permit   operate showing assessment   conduct statement process   control vehicle data   include mobility lab   describe robust system   promise safer future   trialling reports plans   evolve sought review   guide valid licence   facilitate guiding trials   promote important vision   consider assess access   break scenarios information   take active part   play key role   generate projected market   oblige conducting entity   grant published information   observe regulations laws   process collected inputs   develop regulatory frameworks   validate sensor suite   manage system failures   define innovation strategy   cover permitting ads   comprise safety uber   control operates vehicle   administer traffic police   provide publish plans   include planning system   define specific conditions   build full model   limit regarding policy   achieve road safety   thank israeli authority   diagnose other computer   submit new form   plan conspicuous enhancement   evaluate policy instruments   set maximum behaviour   misrepresent related information   regulate vehicles congestion   mitigate mixed strategy   include relevant infrastructure   feature warning warning   lead establish committee   inform ordinance officer   introduce free rides   develop highest standards   operate large centre   submit autonomous form   regard technologies applications   play meaningful role   hold valid testing   permit modification modifications   submit vehicle form   exist independent system   guarantee high level   include disposal registration   create policy framework   protect occupant space   estimate free space   principle approval process   establish authoritative bodies   create board cruise   examine investigate ability   concern safety breaches   demonstrate handle ability   include detailed discussion   perform dynamic task   require physical presence   scale key learnings   obtain driverless permit   achieve risk condition   include remove option   record consumer education   revise pilot procedure   manage system health   carry following follow   include deal processes   select guide efforts   improve road congestion   launch policy report   simulate odd acknowledgement   introduce commercial service   identify models role   develop governance models   involve trial vehicle   develop management plan   concern special incidents   provide software updates   submit including application   introduce following regulations   consider shortlived approach   yield road safety   present great leap   use operating entity   provide management plan   govern mobility activities   comprise software hardware   establish documented process   establish innovative mechanism   operate transport service   suspend permit nhtsa   address public concerns   feature conventional recorder   cover test vehicles   drive use decisions   pave started way   guide policy rules   identify distinctions commonalities   define safety duties   generate inform estimates   enable iteration testing   control record data   apply stop control   develop cybersecurity architectures   permit give modification   undergo rigorous assessment   ensure single approach   issue operator program   http leading change   provide collecting data   report faults processes   develop consider fmvss   drive level level   shut fuel pump   incorporate domain compliance   run innovation government   set driver requirements   conduct thorough assessment   set safety recommendations   examine examine request   reshape global industry   enhance mobility goals   protect policy efforts   operate autonomous feature   establish advisory committee   guide development endnotes   guide development insurance   create successful environment   release automated vehicles   exceed speed limit   require special permit   develop transport vision   experience requesting malfunction   create new system   launch autonomous services   ensure critical systems   manage safety risks   report severe occurance   monitor link safety   shape better ecosystem   appreciate collaborate opportunities   specify additional permits   release consultation paper   introduce new system   register desired output   andor development process   test controlled decisions   crash battery structure   mimic operating environments   appendix key principles   conduct deployment approach   define local others   extend compulsory insurance   concern regulating stipulations   include hearings tactics   preform entire task   state claim section   use connected impact   conduct public workshops   impact tested designs   conclude ensuring challenges   involve policy efforts   obtain nonrepairable vehicle   publish prohibited information   provide enforcement protocol   meet applicable requirements   establish open discourse   conclude policy efforts   face business journal   promote regulatory setting   guide wide range   empower controller officer   develop autonomous technology   drive opportunities benefits   include response protocols   operate create plans   scope interest areas   expand current centre   play important role   guide threat assessments   use depth approach   enable jurisdictions trials   develop own guidelines39   comply road conditions   consult committee section   mitigate best practices   take dynamic task   guide report99 software   create conducive governance   enhance market preparedness   use policy efforts   promote executive order   enact permanent legislation   collect permit application   upgrade acknowledging statement   apply listed sanctions   bring policy efforts   encounter incorporated scenarios   follow driving rules   support israeli government   collect related data   ensure operating conditions   take vehicle framework   use testing fleet   enhance government goals   ada designed systems   cap policy efforts   use certified vehicles   use established systems   understand driving scene   encourage innovation competition   describe tested locations   contact local authorities   follow enforcement protocol   deploy autonomous navya   demonstrate relating efforts   support safe development   guide development waymo   define autonomous system   function autonomous mode   lead autonomous forum   http vehicles summary   generate dedicated consensus   create rich model   thank active community   shape world forum   drive essential many   deploy equipped vehicle   grant inspector powers   introduce allow frameworks   host road network   control architecture signatures   notify operations centre   support ensure need   extend compulsory requirements   ensure safe piloting   guide development deployment   disengage autonomous mode   include driving behaviours   set driver behaviour   give state opportunity   review draft draft   include following measures   preform driving task   outline following policies   affect appropriate amount   standardsetting bodies institutions   use regulation processes   see economic impacts   support injury insurance   cap vehicle framework   present subside perception   submit safety reports   require considerable volume   define defined data   test technological solutions   incorporate best practices   offer car services   monitor tested description   use strict geofence   recognize driving history   execute driving task   improve trustworthy cruise   make strategic decision   require profound change   move vertical acceleration   indicate recording practices   regulate transition phase   foster safe development   operate automated vehicles   highlight test decision   receive driverless permit   include protecting data   engage relevant agencies   advance regulatory frameworks   comprise following categories   decide provided provisions   achieve minimal condition   require detailed plan   promote favourable conditions   create new space   enable commercial use   guide scientist ministry   pass possible tests   encompass transport council   execute supplied trajectory   concern articulate need
Measures:   federal vehicle   usa suspensioncancellation   behavioural safety   strategic investment   operate requirements   regional agendas   suitable practices   remote movement   such systems   israeli market   future movement   flexible regulations   first permit   valid certificate   relevant laws   main objective   interaction plan   advance environment   unreasonable risk   trial report   conspicuous enhancement   distract requirements   exist maii   large centre   large objects   dynamic objects   expand roads   occur conditions   cybersecurity principles   privilege evidence   regulatory environment   accurate technology   educational information   irregular events   voluntary guidance   autonomous vehicles   control environment   robust frameworks   future experiences   many standards   wwwyoutubecomresultssearch_querydmvhearings state   real conditions   autonomous services   resource constraints   astar agency   international regulation   require data   define circumstances   safe humanmachine   collection data   adversarial simulation   safety duties   rigorous testing   pegasus project   car services   free roads   daily hours   relevant task   explanatory notes   considerable challenges   private sector   event recorder   new players   substantial pilots   operational control   light state   above transition   foremost business   relate entities   local stakeholders   international alignment   commercial operation   relevant agencies   executive order   development safety   various protocols   safe development   agile approach   technological failure   key systems   agile processes   relevant data   australian dollar   uber vehicle   develop principles   global leader   australian law   ordinance officer   hazardous conditions   fourth revolution   close course   relevant entities   define data   crash apple   serious injury   israeli government   test permit   clear guidance   tactical enhancement   thorough collaboration   test beds   federal guidelines   wwwinfrastructuregovau government   new systems   strict policies   safety actions   necessary data   several initiatives   government access   operator license   cybersecurity practices   human resource   investigation safety   safe deployment   control system   follow regulations   cybersecurity programmes   development experiment   cybersecurity architectures   approval process   traf lights   specific conditions   involve parties   high standards   key role   first engagement   odd security   applicable requirements   israeli ordinance   social distancing   law regulations   safe piloting   educational institution   private hire   economic forum   control conditions   constant discourse   legitimate concerns   transparent manner   key subtasks   hearing tactics   nascent requirements   clear process   defensive behaviours   social place   sudden changes   convolutional networks   european rules   full compliance   development mobility   exceptional rate   densityvehicles pedestrians   national law   public use   positive impact   technical challenges   top ratings   technological readiness   safe waymo   resilient cruise   new principles   fallback strategies   statutory bodies   liability specification   severe breaches   industry companies   individual objects   safe hearings   local laws   operational policy   profound change   australian agencies   public streets   specific offense   public website   motor vehicle   israeli goals   battery space   motion software   datum inputs   significant stakeholders   legislative powers   mitigation strategy   advisory committee   british parliament   criminal sanctions   incident safety   limit space   pursuant period   drive features   current centre   technological leadership   define places   strategic decision   minimum requirements   blind spot   propose scheme   relevant organizations   complementary work   fallback driver   institutional arrangements   israeli stakeholders   key risks   regulatory landscape   connect impact   authoritative flexibility   various times   national compliance   legal liability   public hearings   automate status   inservice safety   second paper   cryptographic signatures   postcrash behaviour   train program   road elements   exceptional impact   ad plots   close objects   vehicle requirements   vertical acceleration   sufficient infrastructure   propose changes   safe requirements   wwwmotgovsgnewscentrenewsdetailcommitteeonautonomousroadtransportforsingapore agency   key definitions   uber report90   waymo tests   special permit   initial policy   safety reports   governmental entity   odd company   economic output   public awareness   brake battery   current testing   automotive practices   safe trials   potential benefits   new regulations   global industry   detail plan   heavy reliance   highdensity population   overall system   far workshops   singapore insurance   initial recommendations   drive experience   road conditions   development suspensioncancellation   pilot procedure   minimum condition   disruptive technologies   personal cars   lidar radar   guide principles   general vehicle   marking lights   datum collection   fatal injury   main terms   public transit   publicsector efforts   commercial pilots   crossagency collaboration   safe safety   factor guidance   valid testing   israeli innovation   software updates   key challenges   motion control   executive leader   comprehensive codes   key terms   revolutionary technologies   special incidents   autonomous bus   dynamic governance   similar jurisdictions   say system   wwwastaredusg government   key principles   fourth forum   simulation regression   extensive training   close compounds   development endnotes   selfdriving vehicles   sustain vehicle   safe future   low risk   pilote protocol   additional permits   face data   safe endnotes   technical reference   maximum flexibility   contribution draft   public confidence   ecosystem impact   event coverage   onroad systems   motive power   own guidelines39   senior officials   classification system   previous papers   odd parameters   significant investment   proper testing   crashworthiness ratings   lead countries   legal framework   follow principles   minimal mode   commit authorities   regional variations   drive incident   good practices   longterm policy   propose ordinance   autonomous driving   high automation   gross development   standard vehicles   battery structure   software engineering   multistakeholderinformed framework   draft draft   permissive approach   exchange knowledge   first personnel   minimal types   oneonone interactions   voluntary communication   avfriendly state   dedicate law   external stakeholders   wwwcpuccagovavcissued taxonomy   international bodies   real time   development trial   pilote distinction   safety security   safety considerations   old years   redundant mechanisms   direct exposure   civil society   strict geofence   public service   several reforms   crash response   optimal mobility   consultation paper   entrepreneurial affairs   greenhouse emissions   various conditions   third parties   challenge environment   annul trials   autonomous status   insurance requirements   onroad traffic   commercial deployment   functional safety   human factors   global instruments   twoway links   satisfactory levels   sustainable system   perception software   vehicle pedestrians   remote policies   automate trials   senior director   pursue summary   continuous training   requirement requirements   great collaboration   public highway   operation centre   typical scenarios   consultation project   speed ranges   avrelated research   uncertain scenarios   relevant requirements   nonregulatory code   additional information   assurance scheme   operate mode   permit checklist   current courts   certain tasks   operational manoeuvre   automate driving   authorize driver   datasharing policies   enforcement protocol   audible system   specific requirements   policy environment   key infrastructure   legal infrastructure   combine effort   normal case   peak organization   reassure safety   assistance system   maximum safety   wwwdmvcagovportaldmvdmvvrvr state   traffic police   enable concepts   strong focus   reduce costs   incident occurance   wee chief   many others   select elements   conducive governance   datum tags   low level   regulatory frameworks   natural gas   capable models   certain data   possible tests   commercial use   personal injury   engineer approach   redlight violation   regulatory patchwork   agile frameworks   dynamic routes   regulatory environments   control centre   advisory procedure   representative simulation   enough warning   reconstruct data   full model   preliminary paper   regulatory authority   national inspector   international safety   considerable volume   require conditions   zoox tests   capable system   important vision   limit conditions   live lab   single approach   relevant interaction   statement process   very functions   opportunity benefits   vehicle framework   main provisions   relevant divisions   regulatory mechanism   onroad vehicles   australian system   autonomous operation   qualitative criteria   light routes   policy frameworks   driver transport   clear guidelines   responsibility handover   validate decisions   update version   vehicle participants   stop control   object vehicles   restrictive conditions   automate technology   economic impacts   wet surface   regulatory approach   human errors   large obligations   permanent legislation   verify conditions   sensitive identity   redundant features   trialling organizations   write statement   legal aspects   public interest   test organization   first supply   exist law   appropriate transition   deployment checklist   open discourse   first approach   ride button   insurance maii   sensor data   autonomous bond   year process   ri process   bidirectional exchange   position technology   vehicle data   safety incidents   same time   appropriate standards   incorrect information   public framework   safety operator   insurance documents   shore innovation   registration63 application   operational safety   cyber law   propose timetable   interaction protocol   interface compliance   prospective trials   heavy vehicles   odd definitions   development article   framework learnings   regulatory setting   voluntary reports   traffic citation   formal methods   link safety   ntc safety   internal data   favourable conditions   vehicle registration   control systems   general public   normal crash   hail app   total number   key elements   duration behaviour   operate environments   odd plan   israeli police   external front   immediate suspension   give ads   criminal liability   safe mobility   nonrepairable vehicle   tag data   commission insurance   drive rules   insurance solutions   current system   public experts   nmez director   new space   traffic laws   road journeys   comprehensive report7   exist methodologies   itemize principles   independent system   valid licence   explicit behaviour   audible warnings   local roads   new form   assessment framework   method outline   technological institution   predefine terms   significant progress   grow population   functional crash   possible analysis   various indicators   domainspecific rules   safety tests   third driverless   innovative mechanism   visual display   realtime functions   uber ads   comprehensive frameworks   regulatory certainty   safety applications   document process   wide variety   safe processes   timely updates   nonreport penalty   automotive information   global consultation   safe system   voluntary assessment   stringent assessment   national cpni   strategic functions   executive orders   operational object   lead companies   light direction   safe summary   simple application   new approaches   largescale deployment   far motion   critical control   developmentautonomous framework   relate safety   automate trails   operational monitoring   insurance details   intend level   public roads   electric mobility   great visibility   automate safety   overarch proposals   flexible approach   pilot guidelines   basic requirements   safe standards   final recommendations   constant connection   lowrisk mode   vary severity   require standards   longitudinal acceleration   complete understanding   follow matters   national policies   safe operation   transport revolution   plan summary   trial safety   dynamic driving   longterm reform   appoint entity   project step   pilot initiatives   dimensional model   taxi service   minimal condition   robust environment   medical systems   interim measures   authorization process   drive systems   global network   test regression   current differences   occupant space   first state   odd operator   development strategy   meaningful role   trial recording   transport technologies   new worth   exploratory analysis   realtime information   economic benefits   explicit requirements   conventional van   full readiness   maximum number   recommend frequency   moderate weather   ad behaviour   immediate control   available framework   conduct assessments   standard report   compulsory requirements   virtual simulation   financial viability   autonomous vehicle   multiple domains   government efforts   automate systems   public services   framework part   close courses   drive environment   development insurance   agile governance   education campaign   open recall   economic loss   different parts   german regulators   road network   different approach   near term   governmental agencies   basic vehicle   economic growth   desire output   conditional automation   agile regulation   criminal offences   relevant agency   operator program   third quarter   transparent framework   steer command   market preparedness   many trials   maximum duration   key features   record behaviour   autonomous program   maii scheme   park feature   key objects   future services   various states   cultural settings   national goals   change technology   key system   automate compliance   advance technologies   multiple types   performance indices   surround environment   first tests   minimal requirements   innovative technologies   proprietary maps   sustain periods   safe testing   automate summary   functionality designs   write notice   secure signatures   several years   regular compliance   regulate industries   regulatory sanctions   initial roads   first campaign   say period   fourth network   sustainable mobility   individual subsystems   upfitted vehicle   political business   regional development   give ride   road congestion   localization software   automate harps   new version   autonomous transport   servicesautonomousvehiclestestingandoperatingstatearizona state   primary responsibility   metric simulation   behavioural rules   important challenges   longerterm legislation   solicit draft   actual vehicle   odd course   broad design   longitudinal control   new fmvss   ridesharing services   desire outcome   driverless buggies   plan system   interest companies   uber death   safe recording   likely paths   vehicle maintenance   appropriate insurance   national requirements   date payment   american leadership   australian guidelines   public road   safe experiment   common failure   traffic congestion   different conditions   academic companies   public complaint   autonomous functions   autonomous task   severe occurance   rapid development   compulsory insurance   certificate title   good safety   mix strategy   public policy   conventional subsystem   financial support   operate fleets   policy pathways   remote operators   appropriate processes   uncertain situations   hazardous trials   user experience   first company   entire vehicle   cruise processes   false sanctions   potential risks   wide range   drive system   technological pace   frontal side   safe framework   lead entity   international taxonomy   corporate offences   nonrepairable vehicles   national legislation   national approach   essential management   future roadmap   trial guidelines39   external data   autonomous system   remote operator   applicable fmvss   reduce consumption   mediapolis hubs   federal regulations   centralize hub   operate entity   vehicle trial   autonomous programme   contingency plan   serious incidents   autonomous systems   autonomous objective   connect vehicles   local others   odd acknowledgement   robust programme   intelligent systems   safe vehicles   public order   hazard analysis   approve part   select efforts   program application   previous workshops   selfdriving service   serious incident   set framework   drive technology   lateral vehicle   autonomous section   immobile vehicle   driverless permit   second permit   domain constraints   innovation strategy   location latitude   behavioural functions   recent decades   official policy   comprehensive statement   mitigation efforts   safety assessment   capable body   claim costs   vehicle form   clarity data   different parties   road safety   high consumer   geographic area   3yearpublic reviews   conventional safety   decisive action   follow vehicle   exist permit   human machine   claim section   innovation authority   typical driving   development deployment   maximum behaviour   extra room   discourse multistakeholder   key approach   public acceptance   safety innovation   cancellation suspension   threeyear project   steady growth   automate mode   domain compliance   policy framework   human driving   automotive ecosystems   financial requirements   train crash   operate expectations   anticipate risks   optimal path   speed limit   run features   allot period   follow architecture   public consultations   application applications   complex intersections   departure warning   pilot permits   policy tools   verifiable software   datum recording   policy efforts   fallback user   automate services   more towns   noncriminal system   police investigation   available products   electromagnetic interference   western part   vary conditions   separate controllers   first responders   justify approaches   avt application   innovative centre   unique characteristics   hardware strategy   expert academics   rigid assessment   geometric compatibility   geographical area   current policy   test simulation   insurance companies   fault processes   functional separation   autonomous form   international experts   safe evaluation   air quality   follow information   monthly basis   representative driver   connect vehicle   publicuse permit   innovative technology   front data   international organizations   such laws   vehicle age   rule physics   physical presence   various aspects   mostcited reference   most miles   human drive   impact movement   odd copy   smart technologies   national set   open consultations   vehicle trials   intend destination   israeli preparedness   highde map   nition map   full port   vehicle summary   autonomous congestion   helpful information   app participants   key objectives   oedr capabilities   public grounds   sae levels   combine efforts   act software   detail discussion   overall health   public suggestions   passive safety   active ads   key suggestions   key result   normal driving   israeli framework   mobility accessibility   exist vehicles   safe users   flexible policy   autonomous software   dynamic agents   double lines   private managers   policy makers   law commissions   technological developments   summary trial   technological development   odd identifying   neutrality pace   technology piloting   current law   validation methods   specific practices   enforcement plan   safe experimentation   safe methods   extensive collection   inertial sensors   maximum hours   comparative review   delivery permit   autonomous https   record data   development waymo   advisory body   free rides   complete stop   propel standards   mobility system   datum reporting   severe incident   appropriate features   key driverless   j3016 taxonomy   local authorities   technology development   efficient use   global stakeholders   road trial   policy approaches   datum access   vehicle policy   interstate others   specific task   key areas   independent bodies   estimate years   legislative mechanisms   safety risks   persistent display   http storagegoogleapiscomsdcprodv1   comprehensive strategy   road users   risk condition   key points   primary systems   first paper   israeli technology   successful environment   israeli environment   innovative services   environmental benefits   current operators   multiple scenarios   various classes   house structure   regulatory decisions   own vehicle   trial drives   technology growth   transport agencies   longterm approaches   expect behaviour   high level   require amount   weight regulations   exist requirements   public transport   autonomous testing   associate technologies   global innovation   international approval   ntc insurance   analysis studies   interest areas   development process   shuttle buses   improve safety   safe stop   exist bond   vehicle exemption   open pilot   bodily harm   test grounds   liability insurance   safety scenarios   environmental element   deep reinforcement   conventional recorder   differ approaches   technical assistance   privatevehicle use   authoritative bodies   black ice   first ride   multistakeholder community   design pathways   backup detection   federal laws   minimal risk   require driver   significant steps   global agendas   ultrasonic sensors   trustworthy cruise   automate policy   follow measures   ridehailing services   fine suspension   human intervention   endtoend system   onroad encounters   propose testing   approve geographies   international organization   corporate minutes   major fees   robust system   such vehicles   system failures   ready driver   detail review   detail recommendations   safe transitions   serious incidents46   safe manner   occupantprotection systems   malicious interferences   regulatory code   administrative law   technological variation   automate vehicles   digital platforms   public workshops   drive behaviours   natural environment   safety breaches   trial cessation   operate conditions   development methods   load paths   validation processes   human operators   regulatory sandbox   current systems   thorough review   follow policies   statutory body   broad arrangement   current definitions   distinct distinction   broad report   different jurisdictions   relate plans   mobility roadmap   safety systems   identify scenarios   certain issues   previous conditions   public committee   cruise cybersecurity   grow demands   first order   several factors   highlight distinctions   system updates   insurance coverage   remote vehicle   legislative reforms   trial vehicle   drive scene   burke leader   numerous research   israeli substitutes   private stakeholders   entire task   report requirements   technical standards   insurance schemes   farreaching review   drive direction   private milestones   significant discoveries   early stage   public interests   official tests   vehicle systems   establish practices   commercial trials   follow categories   austroads trials   such limitations   tremendous abilities   significant factor   regulatory systems   policy paper   certain circumstances   proper requirements   societal benefits   renowned academics   critical systems   uber group   rapid transition   inspector powers   dedicate bodies   regulation processes   permit types   conventional conditions   automobile electrification   applicable penalty   operational functions   due infrastructure   stateoftheart technologies   publicprivate consortium   personal use   free space   valuable project   effective models   medium term   light regulations   british standards   direct investment   specific mechanisms   explicit information   autonomous tester   ofthe technology   such provisions   participate companies   fourth affiliate   suitable solutions   exist infrastructure   technological malfunction   follow components   coherent system   public communication   current driving   handpick workgroups   global leaders   australia location   redundant measures   minimum amount   various contexts   singapore requirements   new system   same level   move software   safety policies   technological requirements   industry standards   tester application   share mobility   trial use   develop areas   current regulations   such development   public safety   give situation   remote assistance   ride app   public sectors   internal space   nonregulatory approach   robust collection   additional duties   coherent regulation   advance system   technological world   autonomous sensor   permit requirements   appropriate amount   smart mobility   such trials   strict rules   operate space   depth approach   employee contractors   cetran centre   continuous improvement   commercial service   inclusive engagement   plan case   israeli centre   own solutions   requirement trials   active holders   ongoing partnership   purposebuilt vehicle   policy instruments   identify screen   local agencies   financial statements   industry method   more vehicles   regulatory framework   spin-dry weather   professional terminology   different places   exist schemes   change landscape   warn warning   new laws   visual signal   unassisted automation   proper maintenance   geographic restrictions   communication link   modification modifications   development testing   uber criterion   passenger prohibition   sterile environment   technological innovation   own maps   important role   central controller   permit application   automotive engineers   specific exemption   intelligence technology   prime location   california suspensioncancellation   automation systems   functional capabilities   recent years   automate vehicle   scenariobased assessments   change environment   regulatory processes   vast amount   assess risks   know practices   authoritative body   subsequent response   roadway types   key steps   passenger transport   consumer education   relevant responders   permit manufacturer   ongoing reporting   minimum hz   datum recorder   great leap   fourth summary   specialize piece   present learnings   require response   responsibility requirements   new scheme   development recording   potential vehicle   enforcement safety   response protocols   hardware simulation   inertial measurements   policy needs   safety cases   injury insurance   digital system   market approach   recurrent networks   different characteristics   current application   autonomous mode   new technologies   sustain basis   current matters   backup driver   development users   operator requirements   private ownership   such terminologies   detail comparison   test centre   waymo software   iterate policy   l4l5 requirements   control transition   relate regulations   second consultation   tolerant time   current regulation   industrial revolution   great potential   good conditions   test fleet   autonomous shuttles   more scenarios   future moves   crash behaviour   private use   test code   smart revolution   come years   assistance technologies   operational domain   various products   joint policy   request party   situational awareness   public education   safety recommendations   regulatory system   active part   onroad testing   technological experimentation   drive disengagement   goal selfcertification   safety insurance   drive history   deprive improvements   require path   work groups   scenario development   safe policy   redundant systems   mandatory selfcertification   http wwwltagovsgcontent   smart transportation   system health   transport vision   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expect what   require compliance   drive level   collect scenarios   track objects   hack risks   appendix principles   concern avs   require authorization   serve decisionmakers   enable exemptions   clean insurance   remote vehicle   provide definition   monitor vehicles   authorize regulations   encourage collaboration   issue conference   guide tests   submit information   take steps   pursue efforts   define strategy   guide 52   develop reforms   shape framework   transport property   support growth   reach 5000   regulate access   guide ministry   flood pedestrians   indicate practices   evaluate surroundings   reach agreement   operate desert   conduct trial   improve experience   follow law   appreciate opportunities   include updates   process inputs   build plots   meet title   permit modifications   challenge tests   organize system   receive compensation   include academics   present taxonomy   establish cause   groundbreak research   identify objects   improve cruise   advance s   experience technology   mitigate risk   approve trial   introduce rides   encompass council   function mode   test code   include recording   set savi   obtain driverless   andor process   report occurance   achieve safety   introduce database   drive laws   finalize results   receive detects   guide f   establish authority   publish guidelines   conduct review   use technology   design pathways   propose terms   provide training   charge fee   evolve tactics   include representatives   identify himself   promote trial   examine functions   commence operations   enable examination   develop cases   include monitoring   enable companies   take initiative   improve system   prevent system   nuro permit   include assistance   undergo assessment   selfdriving cars   maintain ranges   include states   guarantee level   use geofence   carry follow   conduct process   advance piloting   consider approach   conduct testing   employ parties   advance work   define ads   improve quality   give notice   execute path   specify review   provide warnings   warn driver   unite strategy   feature these   concern incidents   consider mechanisms   drive hours   inform roadmap   create model   provide details   mitigate strategy   promote setting   train system   http taxonomy   issue orders   include plans   collect application   build model   use processes   follow guidance   drive use   implement recommendations   label data   enable testing   ensure ability   fulfill number   involve buses   adopt testing   identify analysis   regulate vehicle   increase electrification   establish indices   enable competition   bring vehicle   govern obligations   guide users   assist levels   optimize items   garner experience   educate communication   convert information   launch launches   expand variety   provide assistance   limit communication   oversee models   involve ol   establish committee   notify information   lead commission   cover areas   prevent vehicle   carry contractors   stipulate terms   ensure systems   enable trials   record education   break information   require transport   sense ability   tackle issues   endnote 3   provide information   distribute loads   scope areas   report data   acknowledge submission   form body   ensure leadership   steer monitoring   operate ads   expand avs   explore advantages   establish contact   detect pattern   act 201817   plan maps   include compliance   see trials   steer brake   provide mobility   adopt approach   submit director   conduct pilots   reduce disturbance   govern analysis   encourage variation   promote acceptance   enable approval   move vehicle   use sandbox   operate service   pass act   involve inclusion   misrepresent information   plan enhancement   create clarity   assist driver   use software   set behaviour   identify role   enable part   challenge acceptance   enable lta   transport passengers   require adses   stipulate prohibition   replace offences   guide insurance   enable individuals   adopt regulation   authorize inspector   automate vision   establish reputation   deliver information   understand practices   provide assessment   follow laws   keep data   communicate app   run government   remove hands   use regulations   return control   trialling applications   system failures   favour approach   improve congestion   regulate permits   lift requirement   highlight practices   submit report   publish cits20and20automated20vehicle20datapdf   communicate regulation   ride framework   allow tests   drivingvehiclesenacted legislationaspx   carry some   use impact   hold testing   test modifications   collect data   minimize risks   provide evidence   control data   advise minister   deliver packages   include contributions   guide suspensioncancellation   chart strategy   learn framework   encourage communication   use probability   govern deployment   regulate the   principle process   stipulate subjects   allow operation   achieve uphold   conduct operations   meet levels   engage sectors   conduct trials   allow days   communicate goals   see av   develop regulation   identify location   test assessment   administer police   create odd   intend processes   operate assessment   obtain rides   revoke permissions   establish bodies   support initiatives   present challenges   discuss challenges   unify governments   predict movement   set bar   accelerate development   selfdriving storagegoogleapiscomsdcprodv1   initiate process   advance position   enable localization   form strategy   conduct workshops   update piloting   asses liability   present intentions   inform system   understand technology   conduct driverless   update j3016   summarize disengagement   grant authorization   guide 54   launch step   consider manner   recover costs   exercise hardware   pass tests   render risk   undergo training   guide assessments   add tags   inform agencies   replace sanctions   start button   carry vehicle53   revoke penalties   undertake review   regulate safety   steer control   follow apple   test technologies   navigate scenarios   reduce emissions   observe driving   establish entities   identify needs   recommend solutions   cover crashes   develop requirements   obtain vehicle   require reporting   use pas   revise 14   segment image   detect pedestrian   impact designs   test description   replicate aspects   sign memorandum   test services   include 3600   approve pilots   publish model   report efforts   deploy testing   amend regulations   drive safety   accompany investigation   adopt elements   advise committee   implement changes   increase vehicle   test vehicles   launch services   develop step   examine ability   submit reports   simulate odd   follow protocol   cover accidents   create experience   entrust lives   specify amount   supply journeys   stipulate provisions   use sections   concern stipulations   establish entity   obtain approval   lead reforms   address concerns   introduce measures   improve accessibility   shape ecosystem   ensure regulation   shut pump   reflect worth   foster development   guide elements   use methodologies   allocate blame   avoid crashes   execute task   include tactics   upgrade statement   guide trial   guide guidelines   guide mobility   carry trials   include condition   test hmi   enable maturity   deliver liability   establish centre   release paper   guide framework   reshape industry   enable selfinsurance   highlight decision   break law   permit regulation   share rides   simulate engages   cost provisions   promote collaboration   encourage growth   comprise categories   enable state   yield solutions   plan awareness   ask commissions   mitigate practices   simulate operation   include them   tow information   guide industry   reduce casualties   face https   experience buggies   allocate lanes   authorize trial   differentiate itself   enter centre   offer alternative   comply that   guide article   include identity   guide recording   lay code   cover vehicles   report processes   http summary   licencing pilots   evolve review   govern av   follow process   thank community   identify risks   require schemes   regulate avs   feature recorder   formulate regulation   contain information   create cruise   train algorithm   guide specification   conduct drives   await economies   explore synergies   task ntc   require developer   operate reports   create that   analyse car   commit violation   promise future   prohibit pilots   select destinations   receive requirements   validate suite   develop technologies   share vision   embed it   concern breaches   drive driver   inform officer   employ safety   propose solutions   regulate congestion   regain public   experience failure   http state   accept applications   maintain safety   make decision   accompany suggestion   mitigate risks   select review   set frameworks   enforce entities   use app   launch report   http change   analyse data   establish initiative   undergo grounds   require vehicle   convey information   take approach   engage business   represent australia   scale learnings   understand scene   provide scheme   launch project   drive themselves   cover ads   assist policymakers   synthesize decisions   transitioning control   support piloting   enable operations   alleviate centre   require plan   design odd   specify operator   align testing   introduce regulations   develop architectures   work direction   exceed capabilities   approve applications   describe system   use framework   identify changes   keep law   answer questions   travel governments   face suit   publish paper   drive area   automate task   expire framework   prioritize security   specify requirements   accelerate implementation   develop legislation   engage multistakeholders   follow licences   expand areas   share knowledge   guide information   meet requirements   provide response   emphasize importance   exist system   observe laws   create governance   drive operator   announce testing   conduct approach   operate this   conduct tests   require change   review mechanisms   obey laws   classify users   support testing   attract testing   share information   consider exchange   serve movement   consider readiness   receive support   cap framework   define incident   extend period   demonstrate capabilities   connect fusionopolis   examine sharing   permit modification   reduce harm   protect it   assess institute   demonstrate capacity   include redundancy   use probabilities   publish list   inform frameworks   develop policy   publish information   meet standards   inform software   include role   selfdriving vehicle   achieve selfcertification   set recommendations   upgrade cybersecurity   govern testing   endorse goal   inform centre   conduct timeframe   position framework   increase number   advance improvements   deploy vehicle   provide specifics   see safety   govern avs   include streets   prevent disruption   review powers   exchange details   play role   address liability   strengthen network   include data   synthesize data   provide baseline   ada systems   involve public   test vehicle   humandriven laws   release nonregulatory   exceed days   mimic environments   guide acceleration   com campaign   identify range   ensure knowledge   make modifications   guide reutersstephen   revise statutes   include registration   create institute   publish reports   make progress   allow avs   protect public   single offense   ensure testing   develop system   include behaviours   form part   exercise capabilities   involve penalty   crash structure   grant contact   decide insurance   include thousands   give supervision   use systems   dedicate efforts   adopt approaches   formulate collection   grant exemptions   use code   develop approaches   apply 2000   include information   coordinate work   rest efforts   include report   extend schemes   build focus   handle occurrences   trialling barriers   test situations   pull button   describe detection   govern efforts   recommend reforms   obtain certificate71   trialling version   impact formation   oftesting simulator   highlight efforts   receive manufacturer   choose approach   enable trails   develop standards   enable implementation   challenge network   develop elements   reconsider extension   enable use   prohibit hiring   enable option   control vehicle   exceed limit   recognize appropriate   include actions   engineer paths   capture data   grant section   establish scheme   present vehicle   set simulation   guide methods   form infrastructure   test capabilities   test decisions   undergo cetran   take control   undergo testing   cross lines   publish efforts   consider access   see insurance   cover damage   use entity   disengage mode   apply control   share presence   realize benefits   advance standardization   enhance preparedness   define conditions   ensure safety   guide 80   clarify handover   provide data   support need   express insurance   generate consensus   submit applications   carry passengers   support government   see figure   face journal   cover approach   experience revolution   evaluate approaches   develop framework   make awareness   educate public   signage intersections   position israel   report https   conclude efforts   notice liability   hear https   execute map   upgrade verification   follow regulations   require pursuant   provide plan   involve vehicles   provide dmv   run pilot   modify requirements   inform development   introduce rules   permit transfer   cover regulation   build community   conclude challenges   follow mapping   emphasize process   range footage   guide reporting   deploy navya   govern applications   alter behaviour   introduce frameworks   govern trial   refer matter   perform task   expand centre   override history   gather data   publish pas   obtain department   rank singapore   promote order   make deliveries   control ventilation   use fleet   deploy them   include system   andor public   issue policy   support duties   include processes   encourage sharing   restrict evidence   enter state   view safety   advance landscape   monitor vehicle   kill pedestrian   summarize disengagements   perform actions   reduce congestion   access schemes   create framework   ensure approach   comply conditions   ensure accessibility   perceive what   extend definitions   demonstrate compliance   carry testing   enable it   specify timeframe   encourage regulators   notify centre   cause lack   include discussion   support development   manage updates   limit options   involve understanding   support framework   drive these   launch taxonomy   shape regulation   educate consumers   control signatures   drive decisions   design policy   access roads   examine request   include demonstration   cover topics   ensure piloting   alleviate congestion   simulate acknowledgement   classify objects   require s   change lives   pass testing   document odds   choose approaches   use governance   recognize stage   guide avs   use efforts   authorize that   reserve part   register output   develop models   act conditions   provide ride   guide testing   deduce path   manage avs   require permit   observe limits   bear labels   define levels   manage failures   provide support   generate reliance   operate cle   include c   permit austroads   incorporate practices   guide regulation   request transition   follow rules   see b   adopt guidelines   publish regulations   enable public   establish methods   recommend reform   report incident   control etc   drive framework   include presence   attract players   operate vehicles   add requirements   require information   publish code   guide analysis   connect act   include considerations   take task   comprise uber   guide policy   test permit   outline behaviour   include elements   describe locations   challenge gaps   advance frameworks   hamper innovation   include analysis   navigate conditions   monitor position   come training   guide plan   continue shortage   guide strategy   provide compatibility   prevent 4   enable pilots   deliver environment   yield safety   develop guidelines39   challenge accessibility   carry tasks   use approach   exceed years   plan software   provide flexibility   guide 51   perform tasks   groundbreak companies   meet fmvss   involve form   revise procedure   enable people   require bearer   test shuttles   guide 2017   report change   develop vehicles   transport notes   highlight use   collect information   oversee classes   empower officer   guide safety   demonstrate efforts   release vehicles   sense pedestrians   define data   require evaluation   limit policy   hold insurance   give days   suggest framework   initiate sandbox   obtain permit   support vision   stipulate regulations   maintain engagement   evaluate software   drive many   guide bosch   develop types   formulate terms   require driver   contact authorities   protect efforts   improve transport   use physics   inform design   generate estimates   affect amount   take data   take part   prepare principles   achieve output   include lab   design redundancies   advance testing   analyse systems   handle manoeuvres   hand user   exit participants   promote safety   submit certification   maximize productivity   asses code   appendix a   rule 2017   recover claim   see appendix   equip vehicle   authorize minister   guide deployment   comprise hardware   guide system   guide endnotes   involve avs   guide efforts   guide 79   facilitate enforcement   say tasks   improve state   accelerate urgency   review law   use service   launch centre   make systems   automate status   enable inspector   show summary   grant exemption   prioritize safety   scale pausing   use ai   encourage contacts   maximize benefits   machinelearning techniques   preform task   operate vehicle   publish reference   carry 9k   establish interactions   establish uk   submit form   guide requirements   tow education   publish responses   receive warnings   enable approaches   request tests   improve outcomes   guide software   improve safety   coordinate efforts   operate description   build legislation   include radar   issue program   decide provisions   pertain behaviour   select policies   execute trajectory   deploy avs   develop programmes   grant powers   govern trials   address barriers   present leap   educate consideration   steer location   return ads   monitor environment   consider acceptance   supervise support   create space   have controller   feature suite   track trials   bounce pulses   require tests   require level   drive benefits   engage communities   include measures   test adot   employ recording   write notice   use vehicle   protect interests   detect lights   set requirements   present information   drive automation   trialling plans   operate documents   enhance goals   create processes   outline framework   create provisions   define trial   ensure conditions   involve injury   move acceleration   supervise vehicles   sense roadway   chart direction   respond efforts   pass legislation   involve offenses   guide operator   take operation   define duties   create environment   require consideration   conduct pilots2   assess practices   replace processes   combine components   investigate coverage   enable identification   file reports   test plan   access scheme   emphasize transport   ensure effectiveness   provide protocol   mount command   present plan   order cessation   lead centre   define others   expand schemes   lead forum   regulate driving   identify shareholders   complexity principles   share supply   offer av   present perception   step iteration   enact legislation   include use   guide policies   enact order   consider legislation   automate systems   portion features   present programme   receive approval   set trials   guide use   monitor safety   guide set   regard applications   keep info   set codes   approve governor   state section   manage https   develop set   oblige inspector   manage number   support insurance   authorize systems   concern need   offer potential   mitigate effects   use method   create system   include latitude   include principles   monitor description   test solutions   remove vehicle   specify permits   develop vision   generate outcome   announce plans   meet set   thank people   deliver level   experience malfunction   motivate introduction   challenge population   require organization   enable monitoring   promote vision   support safety   guide waymo   develop frameworks   maintain responsibility   transport members   guide development   standardsetting institutions   summon committee   develop fmvss   gesture vehicle   prepare reports   specify prohibition   select latitude   connect stakeholders   classify vehicles   extend insurance   provide need   examine risks   enter industries   finalize stage   govern title   bring itself   obtain deposit   issue insurance   take efforts   humandriverbased requirements   empower innovation   take action   support cooperation   prosper point   describe department   enable them   gesture etc   consult section   review draft   adopt regulations   change framework   http https   include option   enhance conspicuousness   assess laws   facilitate innovation   provide updates   represent authority   promote communication   establish mechanism   require presence   comprise academics   use information   guide arizona   host network   instruct algorithm   restrict conditions   adopt ltmp204013   increase use   perform rest   cap efforts   receive permit   show riders   shape forum   expand maii   promote conditions   articulate terminologies   ensure checks   posttesting deployment   provide committee   govern development   guide 28   select efforts   provide plans   use operators   equip vehicles   govern activities   operate plans   release efforts   suspend nhtsa   regulate phase   pursue improvement   guide market   distil recommendations   guide rules   operate centre   support processes   require you   harness revolution   identify consult   diagnose computer   reduce efforts   demonstrate ability   create roadmap   issue cease   mitigate actions   commercialize maas   monitor trials   ensure operation   issue citation   permit organization   evaluate instruments   facilitate trials   assess systems   govern acceptance10   protect space   enhance development   write modifications   reach destination   perform part   forge collaborations   increase acceptance   view researchtransportation   plot path   establish roadmap   conduct information   guide 32   tow vehicle   charge passengers   test avs   enable experimentation   outline policies   introduce service   trialling organizations   present legislation   perform trials   build confidence   steer command   drive features   facilitate return   demonstrate competencies   support programmes   drive vehicle   conduct assessment   operate av   set number   regulate trials   mitigate events   develop plan   see code   emphasize discourse   operate actions   write companies   support deployment   harness abilities   ensure improvements   approve waivers   cause constraints   analyse causes   allow experimentation   ensure maintenance   develop asimulator   keep list   apply sanctions   guide range   define system   involve efforts   take incabin   authorize vehicles   guide licence   assist makers   guide review   increase congestion   take situation   support documentation   achieve state   prevent it   establish itself   manage health   comprise members   feature stage   operate feature   drive systems   describe processes   maintain space   monitor trajectory   implement sandbox   engage agencies   encourage reporting   learn times   enable development   amend rules   assure safety   meet amount   test regression   consider introduction   map maps   require sharing   amend terms   recommend means   address needs   prioritize investment   deploy technology   study results   note collection   carry prohibition   estimate space   establish office   involve vehicle   offer services   charge members   thank authority   drive development   require volume   integrate technologies   include evaluation   achieve condition   give opportunity   undertake project   support technologies   designees completion   use response   increase distance   include protocols   employ system   pave way   use vehicles   develop technology   obtain authorization   receive submissions   advocate electrification   reduce use   oblige entity   help technologies   advance readiness   prioritize threats   develop solutions   prevent them   take place   release outline   sign order   determine position   include types   set expectations   test components   test compliance   submit bearer   advance goals   design guide   meet description   complete project   select approach   recommend driver   pursue changes   remove description   allow trials   monitor driver   encounter scenarios   introduce system   see government   remove power   minimize patchwork   establish discourse   involve development   bear responsibilities   release version   guide mcdermidinside   start stage   generate market   approach commission

Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.