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Insight Report Global Gender Gap Report 2020 Terms of Use and Disclaimer The analysis presented in the Global Gender Gap Report 2020 (herein: Report ) is based on a methodology integrating the latest statistics from international organizations and a survey of executives. The findings, interpretations and conclusions expressed in this work do not necessarily reflect the views of the World Economic Forum. The Report presents information and data that were compiled and/or collected by the World Eco

performance for the selected   positions and the ratio   editions of the index   woman as the country   parity on this subindex   income for both men   share of all regions   times that of men   japan has only closed  

Sources: WEF

Pathway Classification

This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.

Type: Forecasts
Priority/ Function Areas:   Law & Government People & Society |
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide |

Pathway Information

This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.

Profiles:   asia performance   this measure   a indicator   the initiative   all women   it presence   an countries   the percentile   all road   the methodology   the future   the points   the forum   a head   the evolution   the trends   the column   the figure   the cluster   this value   a country   the analysis   the countries   canada cabinet   the economies   the model   the investment   the trend   a difference   a majority   pakistan rates   der parity   the percentage   empow erment   the opportunities   polit empowerment   the women   the speed   the reader   the concept   a share   each measure   ilo database   all countries   this facts   this performance   all regions   a ceiling   woman resentation   this country   the dispersion   it progress   the rankings   october base   the regions   the index   a woman   executive opinion   the age   the size   the differential   world population   the situation   the edition   na deaths   the progress   the aspects   spain heads   ilostat database   a set   aze education   database indicator   oecd database   this share   this aspects   the values   its presence   this indicator   it gender   its freedom   each approach   this result   this divergence   the gap   fatherspecific leave   it gap   this types   eo boards   the results   both girls   bhr education   msci_womenonboardsprogressreport2017pdf data   journalism information   this scale   the supply   this progress   iceland score   its scores   the professions   a score   the exceptions   the gaps   that clusters   the earnings   the occupations   the ethio   africa notes   the performance   this direction   the condition   this report   each accelerator   this approach   the incidence   that number   the benchmark   its performance   this factors   that opportunities   such averages   the report   the rate   a point   oecd institutions   mena region   its income   the dimension   a part   organization births   the issue   this difference   an groups   the owners   the tion   this ratio   the scale   the choice   the ratio   the presence   africa countries   this ures   the sum   a member   der cloud   an women   the representation   box progress   the exception   the family   this indicators   whose income   this region   each indicator   the subindexes   the benchmarks   all things   another countries   the value   we economies   the share   the time   all children   the equality   the income   a computation   this figure   the split   the distribution   we parity   all efforts   each country   that countries   the charts   the figures   all rights   a person   the section   this ysis   the performer   the symbol   subindex countries   this downgrade   sive practices   a change   the weight   a system   an practices   the state   comm technologies   it conception   the est   the benefits   no gap   the impact   east sources   the boys   the obsolescence   the competitiveness   the differences   this education   the country   it officers   it performance   the sample   mathematics statistics   the parity   sur parity   the ones   the ilo   no representations   a drawback   rwanda women   we aim   the framework   the dedication   the profession   score scoredistance   the number   the information   no country   all coun   the fact   both trends   the group   the average   a series   the participation   the region   this countries   the tribution   all indicators   this chapter   this tion   the ence   this answers   the data   the score   the capabilities
Goals:   underutilize pools figure   tackle global gender   attain middle position   read profiles profiles   reflect world forum   set institutional target   contain index results   close additional aspects   promote unintended consequences   close average score   maintain same rate   join learning network   retain 85th position   port emerging agenda   apply stem skills   enter top positions   age enrolled 24   contain gap concepts   reach 25th position   disassociate global index   give highest points   enjoy same rights   gap points 43   overestimate economic theory   highlight growing urgency   present identify method   close health gap   enhance playing field   average different cators   make smaller share   accelerator drive change   provide country files   exhibit regional variation   travel worst family   attain lowest mances   close country gap   provide critical opportunity   employ best parity   get worst rights   see gender institutions   remove prevent barriers   provide allow rankings   stud limited availability   http finance access   cover selfcontained areas   change rebalance incentives   own financial products   highlight strong correlation   model wage equality   grant same access   interpret index results   boast smallest gap   close positive outlook   use feminist scale   reduce gender gap   permit worst index   exceed parity benchmark   close gender gap   stand percentage points   gain technical skills   include comparing indicator   discuss distinguishing feature   hold same weight   reduce economic participation   practice cover terms   share substantial increase   compose female population   compose economic participation   evaluate overall ities   use exchange rates   receive primary education   achieve ranks feat   shape new economy   rank significant gaps   expand skills range   employ best boards   attain economic opportunities   calculate overall score   catch close time   close gender parity   highlight performance variation   provide short commentary   advance percentage points   carry same weight   post small gain   highlight local progress   boast largest share   help women leaders   assign same score   isolate gender bias   column ratio displays   work wage gaps   engage wider range   achieve parity score   highlight need message   protect reproductive health   use life expectancy   derive answered questionnaire   attain secondbest performance   compute page undp   include new entrants   try action plan   take lost years   rank economic participation   create new rative   utilize larger breadth   compute male profession   leverage human talent   ducing gender institutions   hold low share   present make differences   visualize overall performance   attainment political empowerment   require large effort   take reasonable step   rank 117th trails   weight final scores   represent less 20   outweigh made progresses   make calculations period   access literacy rate   shape new team   limit convert possibility   ing new economy   integrate latest statistics   measure needs gaps   develop employed women   grant vote right   offer education opportunities   compare gap trends   concern attribution distribution   grant income levels   facilitate divided reader   inherit gender institutions   create performances tables   achieve gender parity   close wage gap   have female head   register small gain   examine gender gaps   contain displaced tasks   achieve accept timeline   force discrimination marriage   invite governments business   offer lower salary   provide snap shot   close economic participation   diversify leadership pool   earn literacy rate   lead empowerment category   reduce gender gaps   create accelerated pathway   ratio life expectancy   decrease overall scores   advance political participation   preserve woman health   adopt practices policies   review laws rules   educate men women   hold equivalent post   apply world platform   compose force rate   divorce worst marriage   guide emerging market   track female parity   register stagnant performance   set economic participation   offer benchmarking tool   miss recent year   maintain global framework   feature closed country   measure world forum   offer deep dive   represent biggest drag   represent significant ally   understand needed steps   see economic forum   enjoy healthy expectancy   achieve perfect 100   attain strong performance   coale excess mortality   represent slight step   discuss gender equality   provide objective basis   represent significant ment   introduce deeper analysis   reenter labour market   develop strong system   make estimated 26   exclude pay statistics   capture tend fact   represent higher share   spend same share   t p c   increase existing stock   require achieve efforts   figure wage gap   improve overall scores   close pay gap   follow own adjustment   underpin higher specialization   have gender gap   make larger share   rank low 150th   explain strong performance   reduce percentage points   reduce estimated time   interpret final scores   demonstrate career opportunities   reach equal point   underutilize available pools   use percentage concept   measure economic gain   gressed gaining points   receive provided care   draw complete picture   exhibit gender gaps   produce quantitative measure   leave gross wage   offer economic tunities   pects revision rate   recruit female talent   focus different efforts   summarize employed degree   calculate weighted average   improve economic prospects   include spend means   outline bring opportunity   prospect revision forum   leave policy indicator   include 6th nicaragua   estimate required time   rank less 65th   benchmark gender gaps   finalize annulment divorce   feature special collaboration   access assets finance   register similar score   get larger weight   utilize talent pools   prepare talent pool   make communicate efforts   narrow low rate   close ranks 468   measure gender gap   access unemployed adults   perform require tasks   divide country profile   disclaimer presented analysis   affect need opportunities   reduce ranges result   narrow gender gap   counterbalance slight decrease   close attainment gaps   leave gross share   utilize available pool   earn senior cials   close overall gap   close 5th performance   attainment global results   direct utilize practices   underlie global index   reduce gap norway   carry customary practices   utilize world prospects   exhibit largest variability   light complex reality   include work care   continue strong hypothesis
Measures:   pro pensity   similar work   female candidates   collective commitment   top positions   online explorer   score column   national leaders   unequal access   vent women   major barriers   primary index   long time   high com   youthful societies   economic ipation   german ministers   low rate   advance countries   individual indicators   small improvement   significant limitations   only country   new countries   structural changes   dire consequences   regional aggregates   educational gender   specialize data   reasonable step   regional performances   male parity   empowerment sources   significant difference   play field   several countries   particular learning   snap shot   ulationweighted average   formal tion   yse professions   accelerate gender   significant strides   emerge roles   improve countries   sional roles   socalled battle   next years   monetary difference   different types   male profession   senior legislators   exclusive use   rise levels   financial products   high house   int females   educational participation   contextual indicators   global framework   talent pool   industry6139all6040technology6139business box   slow rate   raw mean   first place   large employers   health gap   private sector   total positions   particular purpose   pro roles   gain points   positive result   revision participation   overall scores   thematic groups   slow recoveries   far gains   top leaders   underlie indicators   good boards   past period   few women   executive opinion   estimate femaletomale   significant differences   coordinatorsocial media   executivedigital product   institutional target   global awareness   give members   attainment levels   specific country   same score   underlie aspect   economic context   regional performance   advance stage   scientific degrees   genderrelated index   gap progress   overall ities   fourth revolution   high score   subin women   sharable leave   low base   low score   remarkable share   strong concentration   senior s   fast pace   bad index   original view   educational spheres   available employee   talent pools   25th position   female population   economic forum   primary school   aging members   new profession   previous years   positive aspects   institutional roles   econometric analysis   nascent segregation   reward empowerment   power parity   nominal earnings   more men   traditional practices   educational subindexes   skill jobs   exist stock   perfor mances   key participation   global average   net rate   follow classifications   male head   second dimension   financial tion   unintended consequences   observatory database   important exceptions   whole lives   male workers   technical role   contrast empowerment   additional point   average man   economic progress   publicprivate cooperation   political landscape   specific roles   political criteria   performance tables   small gap   current barriers   ethnic groups   lowskilled work   improve ment   local progress   signifi difference   29th position   economic gain   informal exchange   average gap   forum data   18th score   national gaps   many men   online tool   increase prospects   full par   strong hypothesis   male income   caribbean region   asset use   feminist economics   accelerate pathway   different aspects   slight decrease   new framework   many women   last year   pay statistics   cultural norms   genderbased gaps   specific year   see figure   equivalent employee   equal inclusion   womenfriendly environment   highskilled jobs   parity rates   low membership   monetary rewards   annual vacation   irrespective causes   minimal differences   leastperforming performances   few efforts   high levels   top manager   regular intervals   top nations   female rate   small gain   need steps   degree specialization   female mortality   empowerment leaders   healthy life   secondbest performance   outside countries   equal split   specific groups   large shares   ical empowerment   informal institutions   great concentration   slow efforts   tertiary edu   female employees   unconscious bias   corporate man   participation rate   russian women   genderspecific gaps   effective strategies   equivalent employees   fourth era   specific components   past decade   policy indicator   advance markets   financial disparities   annual meeting   senior officials   such roles   formal employment   emerge countries   ownership interests   main categories   global companies   legal framework   partic ipation   secondary education   high points   good practices   political life   opportuni ties   past editions   political dimension   low share   available employees   large differences   same opportunities   different results   ongoing transformations   statistical data   consistent women   technical roles   significant ally   bad performer   only region   attainment gaps   professional share   stagnate gaps   western performance   former women   relate women   evidentiary weight   effective measures   young girls   dynamic occupations   unprecedented pace   der gap   used8 step   soft skills   average woman   excess mortality   third group   improve dimension   low performer   third parties   direct coordinate   secondary school   selfcontained areas   late participation   customary laws   supervisory board   international law   asian continent   same positions   parttime jobs   new opportunities   economic areas   educational gap   remain categories   development goals   average progress   global distribution   business positions   gross rate   skill personnel   high rate   fundamental indicators   bad marriage   individual country   gender equality   hardwiring parity   slight step   yearold womenmen   human capital   rigorous diversity   basic skills   report values   highgrowth roles   relative impact   special value   previous assessment   overall benchmark   successful initiatives   relative country   large share   weight average   specific care   natural violence   pay entitlement   follow scores   far aspect   economic gender   global report   economic par   executive office   relative women   available data   attainment health   same impact   nonland period   respon sibilities   partial picture   extend scale   consistent variation   political empowerment   average disparity   similar empowerment   negativepositive scale   sexdisaggregated statistics   global force   various activities   western average   female ownership   economic theory   high enrolment   high participation   skew ratio   action agenda   small gaps   future scientists   mean age   critical elements   future trajectory   political decisionmaking   additional countries   country commentaries   statistical update   analytic sections   customary practices   economic impacts   pay weeks   healthy expectancy   chinese landscape   significant improvement   economic parity   virtual parity   good countries   religious laws   fast professions   separate iceland   young children   cumulative years   yearold period   different efforts   technological advancement   technical tasks   political gender   impactfocused initiatives   full time   economic pation   mean numbers   large increase   normal ratio   positive trends   global accelerators   social groups   attainment subindexes   sub index   contextual gender   detail profiles   change cycles   mechanical photocopying   available explorer   period situation   rapid acceleration   good performer   similar scores   strong increase   regional gap   customaryreligious courtstribunals   same time   high degrees   gender parity   routinize tasks   large proportion   global list   total period   substantial increase   financial institution   domestic product   upskil governments   yesno seats   voluntary reports   large wages   judiciary women   first child   result figures   maternal deaths   improve learning   father quotas   parallel investments   simple period   last years   total number   reasonable efforts   similar work3   unwanted period   technology roles   bridge score   pay leave   average gaps   freedom year   equal opportunities   overall levels   more women   main areas   final scores   online edition   117th trails   political participation   alive data   high school   possible scales   institu changes   prior permission   regional averages   limit presence   ministerial portfolio   significant progress   cultural socialization   long way   attribution distribution   median gap   gross salary   underlie equality   come decade   antenatal care   basic concepts   fessional roles   low levels   index score   main source   professional segregation   political gaps   gap rankings   constant parity   statistical gaps   stagnant performance   hire practices   inheritance rights4   managerial roles   wide variation   fair building   female value   current gap   professional socialization   short commentary   long tenure   slow gaps   significant tation   average wages   constant dollars   judiciary laws   index results   regional tions   next steps   factorweighted gap   large step   select indicator   establish professions   high concentration   high position   first time   due bias   large variability   rank 81st   skill roles   large extent   capital formation   fulltime earnings   stark contrasts   many regions   nicaraguan citizens   perfect parity   electronic photocopying   current state   equal work   lead economies   develop countries   formal education   own adjustment   ment definitions   international tion   country profiles   woman leaders   regional trends   more efforts   regional leadership   human development   accelerate speed   regional activities   interest women   new methods   few cases   small variability   top roles   index scores   nominal terms   regional variation   total wage   origin period   equal women   negative trend   separate basis   eviden weight   large level   give company   same role   available tool   female leadership   public vate   ideal outcome   slow pace   edu cational   secondary education6   only trend   gross share   good health   career opportunities   literate com   top twentyone   indemand skills   far investments   deep dive   emerge agenda   research report   political erment   compile andor   economic growth   full parity   hensive overview   rise demand   live births   femaletomale ratio   rank country   political sources   activ ities   late statistics   significant impact   great efforts   thirdparty products   global score   select country   tiary weight   disruptive skills   emerge jobs   high education   disproportionate burden   average participation   formal institution   previous edition   percentage concept   digital portal   possible score   same rate   male births   bank account   full health   common definition   first step   wage gap   american country   educational workers   large markets   significant gaps   cultural biases   median wages   survey access   voluntary seats   good opportunities   bad women   interactive platform   male wages   health indicator   benchmark tool   great participation   global results   weekly hours   new team   life expectancy   senior cials   contextual data   final classification   political domain   same requirements   attainment enrolment   international comparison   economic tunities   original conception   big gap   formal period   absolute equality   current trends   similar opportunities   net rates   productivity differentials   official rate   economic participation   underlie concepts   percentage points   demon strates   respective subindexes   sex ratio   economic sphere   first recognition   first section   social mobility   miss women   purchase rates   overall score   gross remuneration   oppor tunities   stem skills   most year   estimate equality   education programmes   secondary cation   feminist scale   low force   public policy   financial assets   annual yardstick   good rwanda   overall participation   great prosperity   different cators   great parity   nical workers   senior rates   lacklustre performance   full rights4   international classification   slight increase   current rates   profile view   accidental causes   educational enrolment   benchmark score   female managers   nant performance   parental authority   child bearing   cultural transformations   most years   equal access   persistent form   remarkable improvements   global index   16th position   positive evolution   previous editions   far information   total seats   law rules   der parity   legal exceptions   everpartnered women   pioneer companies   cational gender   subindexpolitical empowerment   recent decades   low half   indi cators   differentiate sectors   parental leave   current pace   formal tution   lating ratios   public office   govern ment   female talent   average income   executive trends   annual incomes   average women   innovation levels   third participation   indicatorspecific calculations   such parity   dash line   database women   close scores   leadership pool   nomic participation   oping countries   universal basis   available leave   large disparity   ppp females   statistical effort   mexican women   populous countries   few countries   complex reality   special aggregates   available participation   tablished methodology   few outliers   male value   average number   good parity   forum platform   country country   professional roles   professional linkedin   only factors   standard deviations   round values   serious imbalances   bicameral period   few hours   decline trend   revision rate   institutional role   second health   need skills   versity delays   small retraction   domestic activities   negative repercussions   technical skills   globalize world   pure measure   11th time   gap trends   ideal standards   top performer   differ entials   employ people   international organizations   pay care   monthly earnings   world prospects   large gaps   new decade   future editions   perform countries   professional professions   previous year   wage trends   strong correlation   distinguish feature   highreward segments   good response   similar profile   skill professions   low rates   top list   land assets   annual share   tual indicators   interparliamentary women   professional clusters   social security   remarkable results   high ratio   political indicators   firm performance   remain subindexes   work time   force participation   global gap   contex indicators   top managers   male students   live birth   median differences   skill range   military service   embed parity   universal literacy   consequence parity   equal men   tionweighted averages   low ratios   genderequal system   educational country   calculation period   new metrics   skill workers   attainment rate   grow lio   skill professionals   small fraction   select indicators   consider head   overall differences   urgent need   large weight   equitable outcomes   future years   average time   young women   income females   high share   detail files   estimate time   grow jobs   low representation   attainment deviations   economic opportunity   give period   current year   female parity   gender gaps   gap index   sole source   collection effort   drive change   large gap   eco gap   agerial positions   special collaboration   general roles   same cohort   robust crosscountry   global economy   prime ministers   basic rights   positive exceptions   great period   new analysis   role models   past years   health database   professional employment   nordic countries   separate legislation   marry women   same ments   educational gaps   dependent employees   western countries   effective interventions   bgd education   basic education   ministerial portfolios   nonoecd countries   global wage   unpaid work   elect head   relative subindexes   more details   similar roles   monetary terms   tertiary cation   attainment gap   young men   particular increase   last assessment   require ments   malefemale education   exist efforts   datum truncation   relative amount   political ment   critical part   attainment country   small decline   current access   general indicators   continue ing   income levels   tertiary education   previous earnings   complete year   fourth research   large breadth   next step   actual levels   technical workers   full score   far improvement   executive chairman   form region   female entrepreneurs   total force   international organization   male fields   regional classifications   different roles   future generations   small difference   inheritance rights   corporate boards   available sources   large fringes   many coun   decline demand   malefemale graduates   unemployed adults   far discussion   global trend   emerge regions   much time   strong son   maternal indicator   149th places   key driver   gender diversity   empowerment category   technical occupation   more weight   occupational figure   intimate period   significant improvements   relevant talent   female students   fourstep process   advance economies   significant increase   populationweighted average   european countries   edu gaps   bad performers   similar score   child marriage   14th edition   primary rate   large countries   unique opportunity   bad family   scientific concepts   wide range   nonland assets   unwanted pregnancy   interactive ranking   cyber security   follow objectives   share prosperity   similar position   negative relationship   sidebyside view   constant sample   female deaths   national elections   economic cooperation   last share   global leaders   parental period   same level   subsaharan countries   particular indicators   top half   preexist templates   ideal standard   justifi cations   equal share   late research   public sectors   populationweighted averages   international dollars   interactive rankings   local levels   result rankings   skill indicator   intense change   country rankings   research brief   present rate   chart view   regional average   professional cluster   scheme earnings   review countries   senior positions   deep analysis   maternal mortality   full definitions   great extent   most time   relative indicator   available seats   work participation   narrow gap   bad births   say data   arithmetic calculations   different speeds   economic advancement   newborn girls   segregate neering   wage gaps   large bers   more opportunities   gross wage   local initiatives   alternative source   economic ment   deep markets   relative gaps   low number   new generations   attainment sources   country progress   first attempt   institutional structures   few points   median income   tertiary rate   top side   senior professionals   parliamentary systems   144th women   average countries   past edition   pro files   geographic areas   gross rates   overall level   grow professions   annual survey   political leadership   discrete points   male rates   technical history   relevant factors   educational deviations   parliamentary seats   average level   online networks   les women   overall standards   annual wage   first edition   decimal points   define areas   similar positions   geographical trends   new technologies   such actions   few years   high role   literacy rate   relevant priorities   industrial revolution   similiar work   progressive views   maximum age   rank 22nd   engineersocial media   professional networks   bad right   similar set   economic policy   strong performance   datum availability   parttime gaps   equal pay   doctoral degree   next decade   growth rate   geographical groupings   ment health   high income   emerge economies   relate skills   available pools   ratio women   objective basis   high level   same access   emerge economy   accelerator change   full spectrum   low azerbai   large sentation   femalecentric government   same right   onequar ter   ilo estimates   significant ment   broad groupings   factorweighted gender   common direction   hard data   same rights   parliamentary period   equal ity   global competitiveness   economic opportunities   specific standardization   female imbalances   action plan   large economies   new economy   gender bias   social cohesion   similar gap   positive trend   female workers   recent cohort   nificant gender   great diversity   equal numbers   refine estimate   low mances   reproductive health   most room   corporate profits   domestic work   parity benchmark   large firms   major group   increase participation   vious edition   outstanding engagement   lie factors   natural level   detail results   executive survey   african countries   low period   political gap   actual value   high body   genderrelated gaps   agerial roles   intuitive appeal   strict justifications   vocational education   economic prospects   national earnings   artificial robotics   maximum income   genderequal country   secondlowest participation   germanlisted companies   second area   compound effect   public sector   regional results   estimate income   high specialization   economic education   gross data   andtechnical roles   similar survey   outright discrimination   select sectors   large companies   fulltime equiva   good performance   performance variation   additional features   equal wages   global gender   direct comparison   active population   quantitative measure   labour market   equivalent post   professional workers   caribbean country   overall index   strong system   recent year   rough interpretation   technical notes   concentrate set   late knowledge   large effort   relevant stakeholders   economic gap   remuneration gap   primary education   significant reduction   63rd position   skill positions   full overview   positive outlook   political institutions   5th country   positive outcomes   middle man   low salary   available pool   standalone product   100th mark   subindex score   weight indicators   choose indicators   5th performance   mere onefifth   specific region   substantial improvement   positive parity   low performance   benchmarks9 calculation   nam figure   ongoing investments   more information   total births   exchange rates   critical opportunity   ing literacy   jobprotected leave   compound points   revision estimates   sig gaps   operational positions   middle position   female minister   reward system   tertiary enrolment   educational attainment   mean wages   subindex gap   genetic engineering   political ratio   isced levels   legal right   malefemale grad   certain jobs   available source   work papers   vocational training   young generations   civil freedom   attainment cational   human talent   average result   relative comparisons   skill similarity   nomic gender   fundamental challenge   linkedin workers   average equality   male health   last edition   top countries   generous policy   cial disparities   broad access   asian countries   unpaid care   list companies   female measures   forum future   comparable estimates   unitary system   light rate   female graduates   parliamentary positions   economic health   more analysis   mean earnings   emerge skills   economic research   economic arena   group countries   female shares   relevant skill   gross product   political party   exist pools   territorial entity   gender gap   female heads   regional peers   twopage profile   western gap   close aspects   similar sources   fast rate   financial insti   major groups   oecd institutions   sexual violence   full picture   long periods   national cards   high light   past year   bad performance   political parties   elementary school   political context   far disparities   low house   good performers   overall performance   strong involvement   female participation   distinctive sets   many aspects   national statistics   low 150th   path opportunities   female share   portal enrolment   credit land   ministerial table   comparative level   global assessment   low participation   population prospects   long tenures   new skills   female professionals   slow progress   digital specialists   average earnings   average incomes   available year   important areas   economic tion   ongoing governments   comparable tunities   veterinary programmes   political leaders   new data   financial investment   rank 38th   great access   prevalent phenomenon   hightech roles   force rate   actual hours   wide countries   big drag   parity score   key findings   glob ally   work women   specific context   political representation   global seats   correct version   female head   lesser extent   untap talent   current period   low differences   average rate   lead region   learn network   people rate   simple average   par ity   many countries   diverse array   reproductive age   require citation   past assessment   average score   local references   oneside scale   persistent gap   compari sons   female variable   positive performance   total population   high similarity   same pace   longerterm view   average share   effective comparisons   same weight   new entrants   large representation   specific plan   ing quotas   educational rate   previous ment   ministerial positions   partial recognition   nominal wages   empowerment women   positive increase   pay gap   european average   standard classification   2020s building   standard deviation   annual report   complete picture   due differences   female representation   global explorer   slow speed   private consumption   same share   global rankings   own ership   femaleovermale value   monetary quantification   economic resources   advance knowledge   considerable room   85th position   economic empowerment   relevant information   great figure   alphabetical order   weak representation   additional aspects   low performances   marginal improvements   mortality deaths   voluntary quotas   small share   effective sons   legal rights   care building   emerge market   similar countries   overall gap   publicprivate collaborations   computer programmers   most countries   earn income   human resources   ing skills   topranked country   grow urgency   fulltime employees   gender institutions   future women   equal ity7   unpaid activities   senior roles   bad rights   international standards   unweighted gaps   disease malnutrition   adapt plan   limit availability   institu tion   spanish firms   broad work   available resources   managerial positions   genderbased disparities   attainment opportunity   sector leaders   organizational units   far research   wage equality   far efforts   newborn period   perform country   bad year   annual income
Actions:   rank 31st   encounter challenges   attain deaths   spend time   attain participation   close 56   increase stock   leapfrog places   divorce marriage   put mean   measure closure   attainment services   opportunity rankings   work gaps   take place   set 41   take years   exclude employers   close 318   equal justice   reduce result   adopt policies   close outlook   distribute 21   accelerate parity   access prevalence   stimulate involvement   require standardization   play values   provide commentary   derive questionnaire   miss year   direct practices   interpret figures   catch time   offer returns   close 791   present information   remove barriers   year women   close gap   require years   close respec   inherit land   exceed benchmark   represent ment   spend much   demonstrate demand   ricafranceswedenunited evolution   provide data   offer dive   post gain   bridge empowerment   target parity   measure gaps   gap 43   read profiles   break results   attain positions   close 706   discuss equality   improve participation   hasten progress   repair society   capture magnitude   expand range   develop skills   calculate average   register score   rank score   navigate enablers   capture differences   reveal set   close 705   study feature   diverge trends   reflect levels   grant right   assess equality   close 726   close score   benchmark countries   capture gap   include estimates   penalize countries   close 78   close 71   earn intl   live years   build leaders   integrate statistics   estimate time   tackle gender   bridge gaps   include data   represent ally   receive right   climb place   close 80   see hausmann   reflect number   spend share   access ratio   see progress   compose index   take time   prospect forum   exhibit segregation   disruptive5941specialized box   balance efforts   approach parity   represent gain   earn 100   track option   shape future   enter education   offer tunities   project trends   present method   drive coun   perform worst   leave share   leverage talent   assign widows   take programmers   permit index   maintain framework   identify roles   interpret scores   close 574   reduce edition   offer salary   surpass men   close t   force marriage   compose subindex   widen gaps   shape team   encourage research   preserve health   reward countries   attain degree   constitute one   close 90   measure extent   highlight message   increase education   divide 001   include entrants   compose them   lead women   rank 121st   run initiative   get rights   delay bearing   employ statistic   access finance   make 25   close aspects   explain performance   include economies   seek education   enter roles   ratio expectancy   advance 681   close performance   accord ing   use scale   give points   examine roles   explain step   reward cases   deliver results   register scores   represent share   have head   visualize view   separate region   require changes   contribute gaps   prospect estimates   earn cials   pay less   provide ties   close 20   provide rankings   answer 50   giddb advancement   nonland assets   capture phenomenon   ricafranceswedenunited figure   understand steps   occur situation   rank landscape   outperform men   reach point   http orgcommentarylearningwithouttheorybyricar   exceed number   enhance field   obtain this   model equality   reflect views   coale mortality   maintain rate   close 723   provide women   set participation   enter 10   access assets   reduce gap   achieve 100   enjoy expectancy   compare trends   enter rankings   take century   reveal variation   bridge 37   impact nature   require effort   take gdp   close 70   use method   register gain   reward learning   compare gap   achieve timeline   compose rate   close 671   track progress   exhibit variation   opportunity spain   illustrate extent   earn l   underutilize pools   coale estimate   outnumber men   miss females   get credit   close 798   increase score   explore data   hold portfolio   leave 329   work concentration   model participation   create exchange   change structures   access rate   access adults   close burundi   earn income   discriminate widows   opportunity educational   rank 65th   face barriers   overestimate theory   age 49   close 738   hold seats   address bias   counterbalance decrease   lack diversity   facilitate reader   reward supremacy   use rates   reduce gender   average cators   diversify pool   use shares   reflect barriers   earn income2   warrant products   ask companies   column displays   control rights   invite business   register performance   feature collaboration   express ratio   calculate score   recruit talent   offer solutions   carry weight   register retraction   set models   demonstrate shares   demonstrate differences   close 76   port agenda   pay what   opportunity europe   benchmark gaps   rank 2nd   conceal differences   employ boards   instill parity   change incentives   shape economy   work 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Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.