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Insight Report Our Shared Digital Future Building an Inclusive, Trustworthy and Sustainable Digital Society December 2018 World Economic Forum 91-93 route de la Capite CH-1223 Cologny/Geneva Switzerland Tel.: +41 (0)22 869 1212 Fax: +41 (0)22 786 2744 Email: contact@weforum.org www.weforum.org 2018 World Economic Forum. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage

services or new innovations   development of ai contract   trust across a system   science of the internet   companies across the world   collaboration by the world   transformation of the economy   stewardship of a global   japan will take initiative  

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Pathway Classification

This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.

Type: Forecasts
Priority/ Function Areas:   Law & Government People & Society |
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide |

Pathway Information

This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.

Profiles:   this insights   a premise   the sector   the perspectives   it users   the hope   the metrics   the authors   each area   a decline   the foundation   the future   october state   the commission   this challenges   the officer   this dynamics   the public   the forum   the requirements   the reality   a community   this activities   the use   this networks   each government   its economy   the initiative   the ruling   this document   we world   the taxonomy   the nature   a support   the company   the regulation   the contract   ecommerce platforms   the frequency   the pace   minister breadth   we government   the tragedy   we discussions   all classes   both advantage   the cost   the mechanism   the risks   an topics   a report   the index   a disparity   the security   the growth   the role   all parties   a actor   a slowdown   a countries   the stewards   the path   the deal   a backdrop   the world   the network   all stakeholders   the project   the internet   a approach   the air   it mission   the ecosystem   the dispute   the way   the ability   this pressures   the compromises   a stake   what initiatives   the divide   pierre chairman   such approach   the case   a playbook   we environment   the governance   the revolution   un panel   a commons   the stories   the divides   a alliance   the resilience   a government   the environment   the enterprise   which elements   this technologies   the actors   every person   this efforts   group paper   a product   a situation   the promise   the performance   the factors   the industry   this report   this approach   the parameters   this compromise   this model   the analogy   this threats   the wave   the survey   the report   the law   the implementation   forthe web   the purpose   the context   the complexity   the lab   initiative identity   a challenge   the giant   the oceans   the identity   the challenge   the economist   its organizations   the question   this goals   a increase   this transformation   this taxes   you contribution   ie licensing   we intent   both benefits   the issue   its companies   the alliance   the success   the system   the value   the community   the collaboration   an legislators   the exchange   a number   each section   the debate   this bargain   any scores   a society   the dimension   all rights   a group   the cabinet   all technologies   a trust   a example   the rate   a swathe   the board   all individuals   the extent   the conference   att bets   the government   the speed   we conversation   the landscape   the tide   the state   the benefits   that discussions   the user   we decisions   the committee   the challenges   the possibilities   the impact   the areas   the power   the development   the goals   we future   we identities   the country   the economy   the invention   an companies   the examples   each organization   this opportunities   ef liberation   cochair group   the rules   the implications   the platform   the number   the vision   the idea   any combination   this actor   the rise   the behaviour   a array   the loops   a evolution   what metrics   the work   the year   we ability   the cloud   a employees   the actions   the programme   a range   the explosion   the topics   the data   microsoft employees   a platform   s loon   the goal
Goals:   balance legitimate values   use shared building   articulate classes need   ensure internet access   build society figure   prop institutions mechanisms   enable sustainability benefits   do developing toolkits   trigger technology innovations   access promoting technology   risk new posture   support informed debate   include issues liability   provide open network   take leading role   provide allows platform   hunt industrial societies   risk pay future   ensure inclusive future   bring rich diversity   manufacture controls one   reevaluate value proposition   exploit disruptive pressure   face great tide   represent powerful alternative   explore financing models   recognize create value   protect concerns individuals   face creating challenges   provide immense boost   produce issue overview   value innovation ethics   bring public sectors   create trust transparency   take leadership role   change live way   open growth opportunities   have competing interests   drive challenge dynamics   address development implications   impose opportunity costs   advance cooperation frameworks   highlight play role   build inclusive destination   produce business models   understand occurs problem   provide understand decisionmaking   build coherent approach   target foreign ministry   open own questions   unlock prosperity innovation   develop apply policies   protect important goods   make navigate work   outstrip increasing concentration   build inclusive etrade   bring inclusive growth   vote rent travel   focus immense resources   sit environmental systems   build news volume   offer tremendous opportunity   estimate likely value   remove used data   show alarming slowdown   pick taking some   present major obstacle   create monetization models   create business models   amplify surfacing innovations   offer societal outcomes   watch promoting practices   sell services markets   seek clear policy   understand great struggle   overcome normal hurdles   develop practices norms   entail business models   draw inspiration insights   enforceable security transparency   represent tremendous set   extract invest benefits   shape future demands   kick contracts template   bring lead creation   outpace develop ability   absorb resulting gases   create value pools   build inclusive perspectives   build inclusive society   produce next generation   offer represented choice   seek shared building   share shared building   reach end user   develop support guidance   explore extended community   decide information services   capture unique nature   develop governance protocols   heighten associated risks   keep personal data   close investment gap   shape future asean   drive policies taxation   reduce records deter   provide rules assurance   launch includes process   keep governments companies   balance initiatives gains   watch fellowship program   use own data   enable shared understanding   ensure own security   spot annual theft   overcome model choices   exchange working group   need investment models   support shared building   tackle business models   enable better research   drive sectors companies   provide technology tools   open new applications   understand proving problem   collect share manage   provide perfect toolkit   manage shared environment   include run materials   transform strategic landscape   predict complex implications   pursue witnessing goal   address regulation confusion   learn finance http   face fiscal pressures   foster customer relationships   achieve g subscribers   develop flexible mechanisms   shape new contract   reach population3 access   share lessons insights   develop shared capabilities   feature good identity   build strategic priority   accelerate wide range   provide increased surface   establish including strategies   launch create campaign   improve reduce ability   include stretch goals   regulate involved those   cyberresilience safe environment   bring transformational changes   employ share mechanisms   create new level   build inclusive stewardship   clarify completed questions   dominate public conversation   establish including frameworks   add estimated trillion   undertake major analysis   allow barriers microentrepreneurship   increase building innovation   gain enabling momentum   align achieve incentives   manage want pressures   identify need gaps   use web protocols   cocreating future change   initiative identification authentication   pay high price   make step change   form vast majority   create require opportunities   imagine possible futures   provide step change   converge players agencies   establish governance protocols   develop pipeline range   challenge traditional understanding   provide exchange goods   operate sustained period   grow next revolution   establish action plans   develop trustworthy economy   provide trust assurance   transform ridesharing patterns   tackle societal challenges   build practices tools   reveal initial areas   lose operate licence   tackle gender disability   catch individual boats   digitize regulatory regimes   access government agency   sdgs raise potential   transform energy systems   promote identity standards   create enabling environments   encourage organizations individuals   enable inclusive process   build system initiative   show ideal concept   require focused conversation   build global commons   provide identify platform   establish economy council   microtrading distributed systems   amplify leading activities   retire term economy   accelerate exist efforts   provide source income   develop guides tools   promote growing network   defend free internet   stop public trust   enable step change   expand participate opportunities   collect processing storing   support seeking countries   present unique opportunity   combine weather forecasting   use existing institutions   measure real costs   create creates society   obtain pursue freedom   support timely allocation   satisfy solving needs   close inequality gap   facilitate collaboration dialogue   lay policy measures   redouble ensure efforts   use held data   redefine value proposition   exacerbate significant threat   highlight foundational nature   navigate aligning identifying   create new contract   decide shared extent   improve constitutes questions   provide provide way   constrain protect ability   accelerate new chapter   implement cybersecurity measures   shape future china   achieve individual goals   develop increase roadmap   offer user control   find collaborate ways   deliver combining insights   condemn shared building   mark major milestone   create datasharing agreements   connect advanced platforms   solve creating problems   shape shared priorities   create make opportunities   develop encryption technology   break build sectionalism   outstrip regulation processes   flame threat actor   create independent platform   use policymaking tools   offer sit algorithms   possess keep need   emerge want question   empower teams boards   improve inclusive future   use computers tool   enable financial services   uphold constitutional validity   present own challenges   request portable copy   pave transform way   explore shared goals   enable next wave   bring identity solutions   shape societal impacts   adapt farreaching implications   oneweb new entrants   provide reliable form   design collaborative principles   share agreement templates   bring broadband access   establish process model   secure operate licence   discuss community norms   implement forum initiative   create expert society   create inclusive economy   cost communication technologies   protect operational support   generate beating revenues   launch global organization   develop new contract   readiness pressing addresses   use new tools   witness positive steps   provide vital tool   give ask right   revise broadband plans   strike including provisions   give send ability   provide build questions   provide common frame   achieve shared goals   live work learn   detect consequences exchange   suggest information practice   widen inequality gap   share village green   play pivotal role   avoid unlocking misalignment   shape world forum   understand reduce problem   drive next range   supercharge practical guide   contribute shared building   make overarching goal   offer use way   ensure continued exchange   transform creating sector   drive growth innovation   commit cumulative billion   test products services   create feedback loops   transform production patterns   participate access divide   remove personal links   find provide models   use personal data   affirm work willingness   improve security stability   transform economic activities   define rights freedoms   encourage inclusive future   have exacerbating identity   provide set space   sell services products   bring beginning costs   promote integrating innovation   allow learn flexibility   drive new wave   ensure informed consent   report shared building   channel tremendous amounts   create creating data   advance important goals   cause solves problems   build society destination   recognize crucial role   secure shared building   protect legitimate interests   include world conference   peoplecentered future event
Measures:   more http   decentralize systems   asean leaders   improve outcomes   digital technologies   vital tool   unequal access   social outcomes   regional agendas   datum protection   disruptive implications   natural commons   extraordinary impact   profound benefits   financial exchange   national implementations   oppose identity   grow lack   attack surface   informational assets   several countries   alternative way   legislative obstacles   regulatory environment   different forums   only arrangement   intergenerational exclusion   public commitment   massive transformation   gender disability   inclusive index   traditional strengths   autonomous vehicles   agrarian societies   single answer   open standards   important goals   multiple values   require investments   overarch priorities   different types   inform consent   grow recognition   open identity   digital networks   step stone   great value   multistakeholder platforms   develop economies   agile approach   next years   basic plan   inadequate restrictions   future dialogue   lead thinking   more trust   environmental systems   clear ministries   revolutionary promise   foremost business   asymmetry choices   inequality gap   digitize economies   precarious lives   lead practices   effective set   player agencies   private sector   worldwide platform   privacy growth   legal approaches   economic potential   rich diversity   collective efforts   common strengths   relevant data   new players   unprecedented damage   fast enforcement   new sectors   ethical behaviour   inclusive growth   inclusive governance   innovation technologies   new rules   increase focus   personal liability   enhance digitalization   primary challenges   relate harms   collective ability   wide society   human resource   independent organization   traditional mechanisms   sufficient credibility   traditional bottomup   major analysis   distribute activities   fourth revolution   asean economy   multiple sectors   new asset   industrial types   physical products   acute risk   identifiable information   multiple stakeholders   fair information   distribute nature   physical infrastructure   vital pillar   legal clauses   common view   collective understanding   critical enabler   human rights   social media   international policy   global platform   essential part   meaningful usage   foreign relations   responsible models   future implementations   develop innovations   future priorities   digital assets   diverse areas   artificial intelligence   datum freedom   agrarian society   regulate markets   regional digitalidentity   privacyconscientious manner   individual needs   global ownership   unintended consequences   multiple gaps   context issues   great revolution   organizational strategy   good services   monthly language   accountability transparency   society destination   smart allocation   tremendous opportunity   scalable manner   inclusive trust   measurable results   digital economy   development gains   grow need   broadband access   access divide   share responses   ubiquitous networks   mature rules   share frameworks   many incentives   national plans   high standards   digital divide   economic outcomes   strategic priority   environmental controls   early case   good research   publicprivate cooperation   fiscal affairs   sensor platforms   trust communities   new models   responsible effects   online trust   big data   unique nature   great use   online tool   convenient access   intellectual property   high price   last quarter   similar developments   big brands   fish boats   multisided eventdriven   new wave   isolate sectors   many cases   trustworthy economy   inaccessible parts   national accounts   academic society   datum economics   financial affairs   global market   last year   increase access   new norms   human civilization   system id2020   urban environments   grow network   many opportunities   national governments   multiple factors   efficient technologies   economic disparities   great leaders   legal officer   open resources   executive committee   legislative frameworks   medical data   datasharing agreements   digital strategy   information society   innovative ideas   commonlaw jurisdictions   open collaboration   value pools   ongoing development   crosscut nature   daily activities   more conflict   commercial perspective   feedback loops   digital agenda   economic interests   strategic landscape   emerge architecture   commercial impact   industrial societies   sustainable lives   product services   sustainability benefits   more funding   healthcare services   more energy   industrial structure   digital contract   national direction   subsequent divide   sustainable goals   specific goals   military government   global environment   multilateral banks   many forms   live convenience   inclusive development   important sources   most activities   automotive sectors   sdg outcomes   global economy46   good intentions   inclusive hub   affordable costs   cointelegraphcomnewsstudycryptominingconsumesmoreenergythanmineralmining link   integrate systems   legal environments   numerous analogies   multi frameworks   information practice   digital identifiers   monitor systems   concerted action   very development   geographic divides   digital economies   digital news   digital shortage   visionary policymaking   societal purpose   concrete measures   powerful alternative   malicious actors   integrate trials   low ebb   socially manner   viable models   family reunions   likely value   digital reinvention   annual meeting   many years   new forms   personal relationships   traditional understanding   fish stocks   formal identity   fiscal policy   global survey   new standards   global companies   private relationships   new action   global entities   many families   relevant topics   effective collaboration   significant investment   particular interests   chief officer   fourth report   legal source   global rain   global turnover   trustworthy perspectives   nonprofit trade   core value   more revolution   substantial buyin   good accelerator   technology platforms   infrastructure restrictions   direct losses   quantifiable goals   inclusive economy   advance platforms   digital age   industry leaders   civil society   realworld foundations   vulnerable populations   global capacity   disparate communities   economic development   privacy security   global attention   foundational nature   inform decisions   tremendous progress   global centre   cultural contexts   new services   effective tools   timely allocation   diverse people   identity standards   international trade   individual expectations   international law   critical challenges   strong provisions   good society   new opportunities   social obligations   exist divides   regional stakeholders   market conditions   immediate pressures   multiple parties   global community   industrial processes   customer relationships   remain stewardship   private cooperation   great collaboration   collective progress   illegal fishing   investment gap   multiple institutions   sustainable value   news volume   bandwidth capacity   prediction prevention   digital identities   national identity   sovereign communities   displace populations   own security   human capital   compete pressures   financial services   antidisciplinary community   next months   independent oversight   successful roll   highprofile cases   many others   valuable resource   energy systems   digital efforts   lead models   distribute processes   important measures   good identities   share rights   significant needs   sustain progress   enhance opportunities   regulatory frameworks   high tion   global scale   commercial opportunity   public goods   digital officers   reduce costs   digital industry   oil15 resource   audit algorithms   blend models   exponential impact   technical solution   new chapter   social divides   global action   global targets   trustworthy stewardship   industrial internet   enough flexibility   exist protocols   technical community   compete sectors   broadband plans   additional support   macro policymaking   international level   human progress   critical networks   far innovations   regulatory regimes   agile protocols   international strategy   mobile context   societal terms   structural inequality   unilateral decisionmaking   wwwinformationagecomtechnologistsftseboardrooms123471595 link   exist processes   relate behaviours   mobile network   digital businesses   consequence exchange   digital context   new level   competitive advantage   technological adoption   coherent approach   transformational changes   ethical ai   greenhouse gases   system initiative   effective response   annual sales   business transformation   grow disparity   entire collaboration   legitimate interests   overflow levels   global cooperation   specific provisions   functional standards   end user   dialogue innovation   rapid pace   allocation emphasis   digital programmes   riskbased framework   homomorphic technology   corporate policy   global epidemics   common agenda   same time   private data   change reality   overarch goal   global averages   homomorphic encryption   national agencies   participatory practices   middle income   international brands   new technology   immediate impact   compete models   crosssectoral innovation   clear policy   unsustainable paradigm   future efforts   tenth anniversary   least countries   share ownership   regional governments   public research   very fabric   rural coverage   economic wealth   sustainable paths   fellowship program   smart cities   come questions   virtual data   structural mismatches   minimum standards   policy measures   digital literacy   normal hurdles   new oil   regional progress   ridesharing networks   enhance cooperation   successful stewardship   connect devices   digital council   bind processes   continue work   educational opportunities   newsituintbroadbandsustainabledevelopment link   relevant players   technological change   operational support   share set   broad definitions   technical bodies   multiple jurisdictions   social innovations   secretarygeneral leaders   technology innovation   national consultations   information services   aggrieve parties   private lives   societal adaptation   digital ecosystems   protect spaces   low countries   new capital   21st century   individual businesses   next wave   public institutions   different domains   significant threat   same survey   trustworthy future   new approaches   free services   voluntary standards   wide variations   digital transformation   extend community   increase adoption   asean ministers   develop countries   share challenges   fragment regulations   human beings5   preexist gender   environmental constraints   regional gdp   first time   share networks   late report   economic activities   contract guidance   many initiatives   gdprlike adoption   negative effects   biometric utility   important areas3   encryption protection   strategic initiatives   long way   financial stability   target computers   great control   new methods   technologybased innovation   existential question   digital policy   increase surface   own data   lowincome countries   vital factor   human health   vary speed   value proposition   due process   disruptive players   ministry departments   industrial domains   online platform   lessthanvirtuous enterprises   special regimes   private regulators   great tide   democratic processes   industryled effort   physical foundations   economic models   international partners   personal monetization   decentralize architectures   free access   new pools   traditional policy   such villages   whole sectors   big challenge   global network   durable networks   public services   exist activities   artificial office   social participation   commercial innovation   new entities   certain links   countless alternatives   universal service   commercial services   privacy risks   different parts   multiple domains   digital topics   inclusive society   trust platform   agile governance   economic growth   gdpr report   challenge question   excit opportunities   good health   good adoption   new ways   sovereign authority   digital future   societal changes   meaningful consent   major milestone   healthcare system   enhance collaboration   5th science   corporate practices   cyberresilience leaders   growth opportunities   future economics   straight communications   multipronged approach   harmonize rules   valueadded services   commercial interest   chanceseize link   follow areas   such settings   civil liberties   distribute technologies   broad trends   relevant indicators   new technologies   many benefits   cybersecurity skills   future attacks   common way   commercial destination   development implications   right partnerships   basic access   political business   global good   technical innovation   several challenges   high levels   new context   digital performance   surface innovations   aadhaar implementation   usergenerated websites   shady entities   current trends   digital growth   personalize care   institutional architecture   fake news   good outcomes   traditional processes   realistic goals   digital revolution   disparate array   evolve threats   big issues   proprietary information   finance models   crisis data   digital models   creative models   health outcomes   such practices   possible arrangement   weather forecasting   predominant view   multiple locations   share outcomes   public trust   technical ability   ethical standards   policy approach   universal infrastructure   digital citizenship   digital connectivity   public policy   rich range   geographic data   transformation council   fellow beings   new practices   detail policymaking   worth market   multiple trends   economic point   new society   current rates   quality generations   peaceful actors   mobile connections   wide range   economic accounts   mobile adoption   rise incidence   digital cooperation   next phase   basic opportunities   continue exchange   intelligent systems   core focus   internet conference   process model   highquality access   open infrastructure   next generation   digital stewardship   such activity   good challenges   additional concerns   anonymized data   artificial laboratory   digital systems   gsma state   current cyberattacks   affordable s   rural areas   personal bill   advisory group   inform leaders   sustainable government   new tools   social constructs   daily users   many definitions   accountable allocation   new world   multidisciplinary research   misalign policies   global pulse   global warming   policy misalignment   broad networks   ethical considerations   investment models   common framework   governance mechanisms   isolate systems   national skills   digital development   electronic identification   proofofconcept pilots   more changes   electronic waste   digital societies   practical guide   disparate systems   inclusive inclusion   new model   social benefits   different settings   social interaction   rapid change   russian election   exist fora   digital addiction   good transparency   opportunity agility   global system   responsible leadership   affordable a4ai   only way   deep cooperation   trust technologies   next revolution   independent platform   outcomebased policy   world conference   model choices   share goal   legal templates   inclusive markets   datadriven networks   global effort   comprehensive strategies   international organizations   new contract   industrial datasharing   target entities   new threats   malicious actions   view cyberresilience   mobile data   societal capabilities   alarm slowdown   different stakeholders   evidencebased policy   industrybased approaches   demographic differences   good identity   lead activities   brief history   forum conference   societal outcomes   ideal concept   online stores   poor practices   trust relationships   different regulators   urgent need   national security   large population   european area   future change   walledgarden models   alternative instruments   annual loss   global commons   true gaps   many models   multiple people   seamless access   significant parts   lead role   alarm ease   eligible population   largescale program   broad trend   digital infrastructure   spur innovation   significant gap   new insights   clear devolution   standardization choices   national interests   practice tools   future event   sustainable model   technological developments   individual boats   core part   emerge technologies   agencies29 platforms   multiple sources   societal progress   job creation   economic incentives   security stability   social contracts   technological development   global complex   evolve economy   smart policy   individual countries   clear incentives   foundational level   policy approaches   national strategies   salutary effects   real costs   global population   rapid innovation   advance sensors   societal challenges   communication technologies   multiple divides   overall impact   global goods   common frameworks   innovative services   economic innovation   wwwsalesforcecomresearchcustomertrust link   digital initiatives   paris call   international repayments   usercentric future   necessary consent   easy access   digital space   criminal justice   leadership role   global economy   spectrum emphasis   portable copy   basic rights   overlap work   positiveoutcome practices   regulatory issues   high level   technologybased sectors   farreaching implications   divergent classes   share rule   new refugees   composite index   interdependent concepts   broad acceptance   cybersecurity measures   interest parties   3rd goal   quantitative analysis   open freedom   sustainable models   sustain period   digital dialogues   specific pictures   immense resources   corporate boardrooms   trust transactions   broad areas   digital transformations   share priorities   clinical information   economic implications   digital opportunities   cybersecurity report   supply depletion   flexible mechanisms   structural exclusion   les rates   vendorneutral standards   multiple devices   digital automation   wide variance   viable products   next society   community norms   regulatory progress   significant steps   grow attention   global agendas   digital road   digital plans   important decisionmakers   isolate models   exist efforts   digital machine   national outlook   unique contributions   basic services   diversity objectives   foreign ministry   unlimited opportunities   big opportunity   ethical use   new value   physical examples   digital technology   positive initiatives   cultural diversity   trustworthy destination   drive networks   digital platforms   illegal models   different circumstances   new questions   legitimate values   pan framework   new posture   advance economies   technologydependent environment   digital champions   international organization   competitive differentiation   institution mechanisms   cyclical changes   executive leadership   various purposes   new mechanisms   reliable gaps   immense boost   single market   certain issues   personal data   recent years   manifesto internet   ongoing pilots   distribute systems   technical standards   digital readiness   basic needs   asean countries   major risks   planetary boundaries   mainstream institutions   wide differences   global programs   ongoing practice   agreement templates   common transparency   strengthen nets   forum initiative   national platforms   traditional statistics   new applications   commercial liability   renewable sources   powerful force   digital event   innovative protocols   broadband commission   vast majority   extreme scenario   economic affairs   global organization   chinese users   inadequate security   unpredictable costs   multinational commitments   grand challenges   commercial purposes   centralize authority   future demands   inform debate   unique opportunity   develop toolkits   reliable form   service markets   buy travel   own strategy   wide web   financial organizations   reputational damage   major obstacle   common purpose   national interest   affluent environments   important goods   different values   traditional tools   human society   continue path   annual losses   unexpect events   affordable threshold   international union   informational communication   aipowered platforms   economic interdependence   public sectors   bright future   online accounts10   second document   future sharing   spearphishing techniques   trust framework   language disability   policymaking tools   regulatory agencies   adversarial practices   user control   healthcare researchers   personal links   corporate transformation   full innovation   more activity   datum commons   disaster response   cyber resilience   financial markets   proof inclusion   lowincome country   social systems   public regulators   safe spaces   standard terms   digital disruption   knowledge exchange   social science   cooperative processes   vital component   voluntary awareness   forum institutions   significant opportunities   similar approach   anywhere liberation   governance principles   diverse lifestyles   human knowledge   large powers   new partnerships   major implications   various stages   industry plans   ongoing dialogue   fourth trust   call computers   general regulation   development agencies   vital roles   different approaches   coverage gaps   legal mechanisms   lead initiatives   global gdp   enable networks   likely others   http link   vertical ministries   perfect toolkit   own questions   policy toolkits   rulemake process   potential risk   work group   age society   individual topics   different companies   empirical evidence   real choice   combative discourse   legal issues   mobile operator   effective emphasis   encryption technology   innovative models   useful assets   national transformation   societal trust   positive effects   longrange forecasting   continue dialogue   such actions   identification authentication   wifi models   fourth technologies   datum sources   low point   big intelligence   initiative centre   first future   due policies   new risks   new ones   active users   traditional sectors   great uncertainty   crucial role   society figure   social services   economic area   digitalfordevelopment strategies   super rules   online transactions   several goals   more problems   integrate solutions   wide publication   different interests   come years   individual goals   fragment markets   regional economy   major indicator   international fora   industrial revolution   share environment   top topics   share understanding   identity solutions   transparent agreements   online accounts   effective security   standard feature   ethical principles   public value   nonphysical domain   innovative training   public debate   inclusive systems   public good   opportunity costs   global response   vital signs   compete interests   normative standards   inherent vulnerabilities   different perspectives   brave world   digital access   successful transformation   asset developments   international report   multiple technologies   privacy transparency   public administration   tremendous set   multiple processes   municipal governments   comprehensive system   great risk   new innovations   new economy   critical stone   contractual relationships   prime day   inclusive process   common direction   artificial topics   effective development   additional value   industrial society   digital sphere   fix connections   digital market   reputational issues   public conversation   individual health   vital role   big causes   network world   alliance organization   common frame   strategic direction   near future   cybersecurity risks   crown resource   inclusive stewardship   african countries   sustainable development   digital practices   white paper   first minutes   global sense   longterm changes   increase concentration   current context   mobile phones   many applications   maximum penalties   annual theft   international statistics   cyber operations   datum group   different organizations   internet access   agile policies   mobile broadband   global affair   strategic thinking   executive officer   equivalent market   regulatory hurdles   commercial issues   early assistance   mobile operators   digital ambassadors   more services   constitutional validity   several provisions   share capabilities   grow volume   privatepublic cooperation   rend travel   rich imaginations   improve services   possible futures   significant momentum   digital priorities   broad decline   international cooperation   economic activity   national contexts   society source   innovation entrepreneurship   share strategies   relevant stakeholders   low barriers   global collaboration   complementary contributions   outcomebased mechanisms   canadian framework   complex implications   public sector   structure dialogue   new game   broad debate   digital programme   islandarchipelago nation   business models   significant events   societal values   digital restrictions   new source   positive outcomes   modular nature   individual organizations   new understandings   public access   personal information   society perspectives   diverse platforms   shape norms   regular feature   develop world   digital rules   new capabilities   trust future   digital world   technologyagnostic organization   sovrin ledger   important questions   legal frameworks   responsible practices   disruptive pressure   more individuals   economic significance   inclusive destination   social contract   need policymakers   inclusive perspectives   most assets   digital society   material wealth   collective response   genetic engineering   contract template   significant implications   government agency   digital era   affordable access   exponential growth   common metrics   asean programme   first half   rapid prototype   regulatory barriers   digital services   competitive regulators   positive steps   global society   fastestgrowing market   chief officers   small businesses   relate resources   jordanian women   emerge disruptions   available materials   fiscal pressures   new strategies   more incentives   commercial domains   datum escrow   acceptable behaviours   digital trust   grow trend   digital identity   regulatory sandboxes   humanitarian affairs   high costs   average language   societal impacts   general standards   more selfgovernance   web protocols   increase threats   explicit mandate   mutual understanding   digital environment   adaptive governance   next range   government entities   recognition services   advance accord   decline trust   publicprivate collaboration   populate nation   income distribution   digital inclusion   electronic program   user data   widespread coverage   share permissions   vulnerability liberation   predigital concepts   share goals   sustainable digitalization   mental health   exchange goods   enormous progress   totalitarian overview   own group   action plans   ubiquitous intelligence   share assets   opensource software   divergent futures   medium logins   various donors   technology demands   enable environments   healthy lives   economic challenges   security transparency   ecommerce websites   5th stage   traditional economics   urgent challenges   step change   technological revolution   productivity boost   reliant services   safe networks   human beings   share roadmaps   standard template   right freedoms   common interest   criminal hands   weak resilience   exist institutions   own challenges   digital absence   advance technology   individual companies   several companies   technology innovations   many technologies   warfare technology   open network   past supporters   sustainable markets   universal access   pivotal moment   cyber risks   igf initiative   strong growth   national strategy   inclusive future   robust systems   share infrastructure   exponential era   regional systems   many countries   great innovations   digital entrepreneurs   initial areas   public governance   private organizations   pivotal role   espionage program   objective privacy   critical infrastructure   general assumption   commercial companies   ineffective regulation   global platforms   village green   add services   eventdriven contract   open clauses   public cooperation   new entrants   threat actor   good citizenship   formalize selfgovernance   important topics   market value   next priorities   massive expansion   economic terms   humanitarian sectors   trustworthy society   longstanding challenges   common priorities   special thanks   new jobs   various constraints   collaborative principles   responsible leaders   innovative solutions   consumption patterns   monetization models   governance protocols   uniform liberation   upcoming forum   great degree   follow paper   global cyberattacks   agile principles   common standards   trust authorities   more collaboration   large numbers   sure people   common practices   several areas   development projects   breakthrough communicator   unresolved questions   chinese government   sustainable taxes   entire systems   empower stewardship   new architectures   vital enablers   many sectors   humanitarian action   different contexts   new policies   online festival   free internet   governance innovation   real need   safe environment   issue overview   blogsworldbankorgvoicesglobalidentificationchallengewhoare1billionpeoplewithoutproofidentity link   ongoing battle   stretch goals   effective ways   governmental reform   flexible frameworks   global temperature   mobile looks   most countries   open questions   access innovation   contain deter   meaningful participation   facial recognition   positive loops   different environments   global state   multistakeholder platform   ongoing collaboration   advisory council   enhance readiness   various models   winnertakeall dynamics   business work   great trust   tremendous amounts   new resources   grow technology   digital visibility   eidas regulators   great priority   far research   broad purpose   virtual reality   mobile services   exist solutions
Actions:   share goal   take lead   close gap   iot mobile   provide income   create environments   extract benefits   estimate value   address questions   provide support   develop capabilities   force us   understand colourcoding   do what   empower users   meet protection   impact lives   accelerate collaboration   create lots   predict investments   shape demands   change trajectory   recognize role   accelerate efforts   learn 37   build systems   support allocation   feature identity   enable researchers   accelerate opportunities   rethink policy   spend time   urge government   outstrip returns   achieve emphasis   commit billion   spot fishing   achieve expectations27   research this   facilitate dialogue   shorten time   incorporate citizenship   improve response   require action   reach allocation   encourage securitybydesign   develop mechanisms   challenge understanding   threaten innovation   join initiative   gain momentum   shape future   make change   cost technologies   value paper   drought prevention   give right   offer algorithms   share building   prepare country   tackle challenges   include liability   protect data   support everyone   take questions   create kind   use protocols   uphold practices   accelerate adoption   chart paths   ensure networks   bring communities   form basis   exercise imaginations   sell services   request copy   witness revolution   supercharge paper   supercharge power   cyberresilience environment   require cooperation   prevent populations   move websites   spark conflict   exploit assumption   average parts   operate period   design principles   face trend   create value   provide identities   outweigh negative53   ensure exchange   support civilians   yield understandings   understand struggle   bring solutions   bring risks   breach computers   invest billion   create pools   exploit data   explore goals   represent alternative   sdgs potential   bring innovation   identify variety   bring that   shape analogies   overcome choices   seek policy   grow concerns   enable reunions   infringe freedoms   accelerate platform   solve them   address gaps   establish norms   protect interests   keep pace   secure building   address speed   provide boost   provide surface   realize vision   implement departments   avoid misalignment   waste billions   engage consumers   remove links   shape transformation   navigate identifying   s priorities   provide platform   emerge question   manufacture one   increase gdp   provide care   identify gaps   identify resources   reevaluate proposition   shape economics   bring access   entail models   find ways   support initiative   support industries   develop id2020   establish development   form majority   cocreate future   bear perspectives   redefine proposition   overcome hurdles   predict implications   rethink development   possess need   drive costs   deliver insights   achieve this   challenge concepts   prop enterprises   cocreating future   launch satellite   employ technologies   build society   provide identity   separate data   improve questions   build perspectives   strike provisions   need readiness   build developments   provide network   help society   provide decisionmaking   unlock innovation   assess policy   produce generation   enable research   clarify questions   offer services   set standards   determine opportunities   enable benefits   have interests   put all   increase transparency   provide tools   increase opportunities   explore development   show slowdown   exacerbate gender   accelerate building   provide us   introduce idea   enable data   risk future   use techniques   flame actor   do toolkits   prop mechanisms   generate billion   create system   sell goods   run series   create contract   integrate processes   collect storing   converge agencies   create programmes   publish plans   drive dynamics   understand risks   contribute building   trigger innovations   develop software   microtrading systems   take this   measure progress   pose range   hinder development   make goal   vote travel   spot theft   offer possibility   drive growth   report breaches   set outline   outstrip processes   use data   accelerate chapter   provide returns   polarize them   challenge move   articulate need   need newspaper   improve future   collaborate building   establish strategies   establish trust   reach 50   produce models   join them   initiative africa   respect privacy   examine compliance   take these   use sandboxes   give issues   initiative authentication   play role   bring world   pass million   provide displaced   improve efficiencies   include individuals   include cyberresilience   make internet   require companies   build roadmaps   realize potential   seek cooperation   support experimentation   draw suspicions   build technology   shape developments   watch program   accelerate benefits   graze sheep   use building   set strategy   keep themselves   sell products   show path   achieve infrastructure   build commons   ensure security   track evolution   bring changes   promote transparency   watch economy   roll building   regulate development   challenge sustainability   use fora   transform landscape   develop system   allow microentrepreneurship   defend internet   deprive actors   accelerate progress   improve challenges   drive cost   link aadhaar   join discussion   condemn many   drive range   achieve adoption   reach levels   matter numbers   combine sources   encourage align   consume news   establish council   automate rules   support user   align goals   strengthen dynamic   connect platforms   help companies   enter profession   put set   protect support   bring benefits   inspire action   bring what   create level   use networks   make digitalization   strengthen winner   improve capacity   highlight some   resolve many   transform activities   shape economy   create inventor   explore tools   advance us   press challenges   drive deployment   own data   provide opportunities   develop standards   launch drone   develop contract   learn http   peoplecentered event   include responses   handle data   reach access   ensure leaders   open questions   secure gains   introduce technologies   condemn building   adapt implications   establish protocols   amplify activities   provide tool   affirm willingness   advance societies   supercharge transformation   enable entrepreneurship   protect consumers   balance gains   provide change   employ mechanisms   offer outcomes   absorb gases   use it   tackle innovation   take cryptomining25   realize commons   announce establishment   protect populations   open applications   read words   thank organizations   contain severity   authorize use   build initiative   require collaboration   manage environment   lead us   drive wave   oneweb entrants   balance convenience   launch consultations   hold entrepreneurship   reveal areas   generate revenues   enable process   witness steps   pick some   readiness addresses   keep citizens   provide frame   achieve outcomes   encompass literacy   look quality   create that   improve stability   address considerations   increase opportunity   partfunded venture   increase agility   encompass role   solve problems   enable change   fund projects   expand debate   uphold validity   shape priorities   shape agenda   establish infrastructure   draw insights   address confusion   reshape web   digitize regimes   crowdsourcing policymaking   promote innovation   provide structure   highlight nature   establish model   know it   hamper understanding   use findings   accelerate capacity   reach billion   measure costs   create forms   mitigate risks   address what   enable environment   live learn   track progress   advance goals   include materials   bring technologies   deliver value   shape practices   access technology   face tide   put these   commercialize it   advance progress   underpin many   build capital   question 3   provide form   pay price   set conditions   develop escrow   discuss norms   understand disruption   align purpose   encourage future   grow access   make living   include generations   foster relationships   express these   enforceable transparency   initiative identification   want what   bring broadband   use technology   build rules   cause problems   encourage transparency   thrive call   address differences   teach lot   shape forum   take forms   use tool   put integrity   facilitate development   manufacture sensors   tackle range   advance efforts   monetize them   enable user   offer way   playbook paper   ensure consent   add knowledge   harness technologies   create agreements   combine forecasting   go digital   decide extent   exacerbate divides   have identity   bring growth   require adaptations   decide services   use metrics   get things   live lives   establish principles   reserve part   lack identity   consume energy   dominate conversation   build priority   exceed number   build platforms   selfreported which   endorse effort   drive services   implement internet   develop tools   outline areas   navigate disruption   launch programme   impact identity   break sectionalism   keep companies   highlight role   share commitment   use identities   support india   contain examples   impose costs   create loops   kick template   align incentives   shape contract   position countries   bring creation   share templates   blowback backlash   satisfy needs   expert diversity   harness benefits   focus collaboration   develop economy   share green   encourage innovation   decisionmake emergence   develop consent   bring things   provide thread   make sense   reduce number   report building   change aspects   commit 104bn   show concept   encourage individuals   redouble efforts   retire economy   want kind   realize 50   avoid policies   enhance efficiencies   deliver benefits   offer opportunity   uphold values   unlock benefits   engage business   create models   extend access   constrain ability   make decisions   build tools   require innovation   play that   create progress   build figure   own that   watch practices   deliver assistance   need models   include media   accelerate access   take role   incorporate objectives   improve ability   obtain freedom   launch organization   offer variety   position services   shape responses   handle information   provide questions   find models   share category   keep data   govern technologies   manage implications   deepen understanding   hunt societies   improve state   improve access   provide assurance   own vehicles   redefine society   guide world   name rise   provide basis   supercharge perspective   make progress   protect integrity   bottom innovation   manage context   account phones   secure benefits   focus resources   improve lives   host data   require those   spur discussion   navigate differences   lack precision   overview institutions   harness power   run workshops   threaten depletion   develop roadmap   mean access   create opportunities   set issues   suggest practice   divide gaps   use institutions   construct web   heighten risks   keep everyone   spur ideas   drive roll   bring sectors   offer choice   develop suite   recognize importance   require conversation   secure 26   ask business   create society   shape centre   enjoy all   observe arguments   provide enforcement   encrypt data   explore community   balance values   implement initiative   create council   ramp investments   monitor stocks   identify path   change fabric   stop platforms   protect growth   exist 20   supercharge guide   take form   create services   define freedoms   pursue goals   launch process   build trust   share data   account range   describe pictures   enable citizens   contain cyberattacks   promote standards   change way   develop strategies   catch boats   risk cooperation   use identity   provide foundation   steer us   manage impact   take advantage   track what   add connectivity   set leaders   serve interest   hold promise   live work   unlock potential   include adoption   sell everything   create values   reevaluate innovation   reduce deter   present obstacle   improve accuracy   implement measures   reengineer control   continue dialogue   take initiative   guide activities   take healthcare   bestow wealth   highlight susceptibility   address threats   shape asean   see goal   access agency   launch call   include ledger   achieve subscribers   reduce cyberattacks   open opportunities   provide way   use tools   take agency   treat data   detect exchange   include goals   improve practice   transform sector   follow call   regulate those   shape impacts   present opportunity   develop norms   use internet   deter attacks   access information   draw expansion   create transparency   lay measures   revise plans   iot protection   embed inequality   produce overview   ensure access   establish plans   use technologies   complement policy   give ability   provide goods   mark milestone   provide direction   deter cybercrime   prevent spread   tackle platforms   enable access   offer gamechanging   widen gap   announce response   relate identity   crowdsourcing law   enhance communities   share information   policyoriented transformation   support building   demand policymaking   channel amounts   allow flexibility   value ethics   account billion   enhance consensus   join us   share insights   watch call   address cyberrisks   establish frameworks   develop guidance   gain value   pursue lifestyles   make contributions   align support   gap 45   break it   capture nature   provide services   create transformation   encourage network   learn more   access opportunities   include conference   engage that   tackle disability   recognize value   transform patterns   manage pressures   leave one   grow revolution   enable understanding   frame number   reflect needs   represent that   present challenges   engage stakeholders   secure licence   accelerate range   develop solutions   address barriers   change landscape   learn creation   enable services   remove data   create economy   address implications   feature verification   lead efforts   transform markets   collect manage   tackle models   create data   enter 2018   empower boards   sound alarms   exchange group   explore simple   require rules   enable activity   leave anyone   tackle issues   facilitate discussion   ensure future   establish direction   build stewardship   erode trust   raise billions   digitize lack   ask platforms   send data   break partnership   flow building   need this   share accord   use 74   watch implementation   risk posture   realize opportunities   minimize risks   represent demands   outpace ability   spend problems   face pressures   meet future   offer control   create scale   beat record   bring merits   provide overview   build approach   create platform   develop frameworks   outstrip concentration   protect goods   connect everyone   take responsibility   compromise number   constitute identity   drive companies   sit systems   reduce disparities   address roadblocks   protect users   transform systems   enable wave   expand opportunities   play part   provide input   require response   face companies   develop rules   summarize indicators   pay logins   provide toolkit   address obstacles   exploit pressure   develop protocols   include lack   harness data   corrode trust   promote network   progress agenda   recognize interconnectedness   scale practices   create framework   face society   help innovators   develop approaches   provide space   explain opportunities   enable managers   drive taxation   support debate   accelerate framework   affect trust   control owner   maximize benefits   contribute solutions   target entities   undertake analysis   create liberation   stop trust   cocreating change   develop range   address divide   redefine purpose   drive innovation   control database   develop policies   deliver outcomes   target ministry   test services   process information   reveal variance   increase innovation   reach user   set agenda   stop company   improve outcomes   connect technology   seek building   include restrictions   launch services   provide security   track journey   add views   bring diversity   enable technologies   connect person   boost importance   hold us   design council   use encryption   support countries   develop initiatives   foresee kind   participate divide   build volume   understand problem   amplify innovations   analyze health   gain coverage   establish repositories   respect security   disruption continues   shape development   leave person   represent set   launch campaign   support policymakers   promote collaboration   close divide   exploit interest   undertake identity   create fissures   add trillion   command attention   build etrade   face challenges   see focus   bring costs   balance interests   affect countries   develop technology   enforce provisions   use principles   drive progress   exacerbate threat   build destination   prove identity   advance frameworks   shape china   cofinancing infrastructure   see it   use 10   explore models   sell markets   lose licence   make commitment   protect individuals   present opportunities   pronounce data   pave way   liberate individuals   enable approaches   make use   exploit technology   reduce inequalities   see page   take that   extend innovations   have responsibility   make work   take place   achieve state   consider security   access services   provide access   name many   establish dialogue   improve distribution   develop approach   strengthen cooperation   pursue goal   create ones   cancel contract   contain number   imagine futures   educate everyone   achieve goals   empower everyone

Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.