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THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM A Partner in Shaping History 1971 2020 Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffective, concerning all acts of initia- tive (and creation). There is one elementary truth the igno- rance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the de

idea of the trade   board of the swiss   washington dc the group   bank of new york   work in the years   participants that his country   markets in many countries   report on the competitiveness   technology and in cooperation  

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Pathway Classification

This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.

Type: Forecasts
Priority/ Function Areas:   Law & Government People & Society |
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide |

Pathway Information

This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.

Profiles:   the moment   russia leader   a country   hi counterpart   the industrialist   the enemy   the bazaar   the rewards   both leaders   the declaration   a view   it spirit   a snowball   an countries   the regime   the companies   mandela smile   a partner   the release   the essentials   minister participants   the bases   another achievement   the camps   the interest   hi life   the lady   the premise   this essay   this governments   the encounter   that condition   a minority   such event   this conference   no corporation   the way   the architect   this speech   the conditions   its lations   the conflict   the world   the speaker   the session   a summary   chur register   a proposal   we arms   the factor   the point   the man   the reason   pean representatives   the journey   this force   an issues   the monitors   the recession   the policy   the tendency   hi country   the ministers   the cochairs   january highlights   the order   the tude   this summits   the president   the presence   the prediction   the innovation   a economy   hi father   this group   the document   a part   the damage   the editorial   the reduction   all pfaff   this world   this initiative   march highlights   an moves   european countries   the party   another initiative   its way   the company   this return   which path   this pressure   the gathering   the agreement   no one   the economy   the country   the development   the port   the cofounders   the wisdom   the megacompetition   hi nation   the delegation   december unrest   the decision   the programme   it enterprise   the effort   the schwabs   the scene   the cycle   a leader   an ideas   the attempt   moscow meeting   the emergence   a organization   the need   europe leaders   a aspect   the capacity   we spirits   the countries   an estimates   the communities   the plan   a minutes   the definition   the continuity   another development   we survival   the mark   the methodology   whose function   the entrepreneurs   the growth   the security   stanislav chairman   a turning   the prince   it procedures   a tude   the media   the creation   a idea   the setting   this book   another project   the huntingtons   the decisionmakers   the word   the highlight   the winner   all managers   the list   the mobility   this process   the launch   the capitalism   we success   award recipient   the edition   no group   the city   the tension   the price   the spirit   the author   both parties   it citizens   the rates   this atrocity   the system   the outlook   the olution   the question   hi timetable   the reunification   its competitors   a disease   another highlight   this gathering   we perspective   the report   this difference   the concerns   a expert   the breadth   the disease   minister coordinator   the scientists   the success   the level   a participant   each country   the debate   a number   its attitude   the thing   the crisis   the implications   the incommensurability   hi trip   a session   we markets   a agreement   the plications   a park   such attitude   the heads   a professor   the challenges   hi smile   the wealth   the toll   a change   the government   a dialogue   the name   this history   the excerpts   a revolution   the institutions   the modrow   the group   hi employer   this giant   we meeting   the idea   an people   the value   an reactions   the response   mara participation   a government   the society   this man   the element   a train   the restructuring   the issues   carr deals   all heads   a event   a purpose   a situation   the reengineering   the changes   hi work   a head   the forum   a coalition   the change   the continents   the authors   we planet   forum partner   the dollar   the demonstrations   both sides   the management   its people   the members   the process   the faction   the denominator   the news   the encounters   a precedents   we inability   the end   the building   the dispute   this symposium   all factors   a conclusion   the spheres   pontiff words   the situation   the problems   india systems   hi number   the west   this report   the factors   the phenomenon   hi thoughts   the ceos   its structures   the crowd   minister invitation   a backlash   the tensions   the side   such point   the outlines   a business   the enterprises   the grievances   whose country   the societies   we governments   the leaders   davo man   the deputies   the purpose   the onciliation   the participants   the igwel   this confrontation   the meeting   a group   all sorts   the delegates   the community   the official   the method   its trustee   a policy   the beginning   genscher appearance   a director   the governments   the prospects   the partnership   each summit   this need   a blueprint   the rest   the summit   the promotion   such programme   the pants   the editors   its optimism   the message   that change   the impact   the mood   the center   the hexagon   the leader   the symposium   the owner   a headquarters   a force   any allocation   its remarks   hi name   a mood   the environment   hi task   the speech   the campaign   the use   the likelihood   the yen   the times   davo brains   this issue   a hallmark   the peoples   hun dreds   hi visit   the partners   the market   the future   the foundation   this effort   the rouble   the destination   the accord   a surprise   the trend   we values   the industry   the returns   this growth   the study   a feeling   the organisation   a voice   no man   this stresses   a leadership   the fitness   hi support   hi government   hi cabinet   the characters   each region   the cess   the values   any thing   the violinist   the internet   the project   all stakeholders   s presidents   a technique   the path   the occasion   the businessmen   it knowledge   the discussions   a employee   dc greetings   a fix   this programme   the roundtable   hi vision   this countries   we memories   the coverage   the executives   the participation   the number   the population   the framework   the year   the negotiations   the couple   martin conference   we neighbours   the issue   hi coun   the expansion   the board   a economist   we credits   the figures   the holding   you motto   the opposite   the role   the genscherism   it clients   india diplomacy   na director   whose responsibility   the minister   the governors   this event   all countries   it statement   pean symposium   the signs   the concept   the speed   it ethos   hi star   we prosperity   a delegation   the focus   the ties   a foundation   the benefits   this appearance   this reforms   the story   hi analysis   the landscape   the polls
Goals:   receive best value   coordinate economic policy   find business relations   build promotes world   mean major ment   launch publishing initiatives   attract meeting attention   resolve dragged conflicts   count erased graffiti   meet large number   give new impulses   make political commitments   clutch attach cases   reshape societies way   play critical role   provide accepted principles   support tackling creation   announce profit increases   shift rising number   build century world   bring latest trends   contribute special insights   promote focal point   pursue separate destinies   complement strong alliance   reach new height   reflect expanding role   identify known entrepreneurs   land forceful personality   build world forum   solve current problems   describe carried discussion   bolster reconstruction effort   protect guarantee laws   ignore learned lessons   shape new home   affect new opportunities   lead industry associations   provoke result disruptions   adopt conventional ciples   address issues code   produce press statement   understand appropriate roles   make positive difference   misuse market economy   join faculty bers   discuss many factors   launch major initiative   create economy institutions   address pressing issues   give visible identity   develop friendly reg   dominate relations agenda   put key challenges   confront new world   respond brochure forum   overcome overcoming indifference   maintain good position   keep informal sense   flourish technology pioneers   put sports coats   join informal gathering   exchange rotation system   presage robust discussions   set brought body   signal new era   lead large delegation   hold public move   use knowledge knowledge   build peaceful future   develop leadership hexagon   see leadership concept   putt good question   throw financial weight   relax attending businessmen   win popular vote   herald fresh start   spur new spirit   challenge traditional parameters   develop regional activities   say few words   carry visions strategies   borrow famous line   tourism5 annual meeting   reflect protect impulse   create new behaviour   play active role   put greatest collection   rock global economy   employ wide range   take rightful places   define success factors   establish based society   create global community   describe duction offers   build new mandela   award life peerage   repair strained relations   face new inequalities   study concern issues   renew patronage developments   integrate learned lessons   look latest information   make special effort   prepare economic agenda   build functioning governments   divide develop ability   moderate included discussion   find opportunities solutions   reach turning point   make eloquent plea   attend welcomed forum   open links trade   create society functions   ensure meaningful interaction   bring join forces   finance let those   face military coup   lead small group   provide put money   bear tackling costs   vening virtual meetings   initiate domestic programme   construct wider platform   adjust cameras participants   bring unlikely partners   gather initial contacts   award created prize   redesign global economy   achieve open world   disseminate success stories   attend piano recital   command solid majority   strengthen future force   take control steps   create ensuring employment   implement pragmatic system   seek new beginnings   bring discussed bankers   keep new sense   describe given session   organize other trip   address important problems   demand fundamental change   knowledge young interlocutor   analyse key lems   arrange satellitetransmitted question   push old world   ing ultimate importance   bring public figures   face mounting backlash   boost utility quality   transfer respective rights   secure unravel peace   make strong plea   cluded take session   achieve historic accord   address specific events   join managing board   play major role   describe devastating costs   tegrating key stakeholders   forge close friendship   trigger serious debate   achieve great deal   run private service   fastgrowing dynamic innovative   have reduce sense   reduce oil consumption   contain mounting backlash   stir protests debate   subscribe private organisation   produce global policy   give complex ity   play important role   paint grim picture   train living mothers   entitle policy power   germinate tracks ideas   end direct convertibility   reduce foreign debt   use networking ability   find call time   deliver special message   asses global situation   further reconciliation peace   focus civil society   bring emerging economies   make attract effort   accept best wishes   shape political future   face significant development   create fairer society   play substantial role   receive media coverage   foster related projects   invite level politicians   shape german reunification   earlier1 endowment francs   enhance relation ship   facilitate interaction integration   give gave phone   need ethical standards   host delegation li   complete gymnasium schwab   do limitless commercialization   predict achieve success   run contacts gathering   discuss new opportunities   overcome mounting backlash   give quick way   support nations year   foster calls mood   make forceful call   ered opening address   ing motto entrepreneurship   lead experts scientists   host productive retreat   build new drivers   serve shareholders workers   send special message   restore thinking health   organize launching meetings   provide raise platform   threaten disruptive impact   shed business suits   meet new leaders   draw forum participants   underscore welcomed members   restore financial security   concentrate received power   take other question   call attendee checks   take global pulse   launch new community   maintain cordial relationship   achieve other breakthro   prove visited hurdle   forge draft agreement   address world forum   highlight new politics   take enhance steps   protect culture beauty   convene private session   play prominent role   address critical challenges   hold own summits   receive should attention   shape diplomacy markets   make real difference   integrate developing countries   evoke collegial spirit   cover health ogies   mull strange ways   occupy important place   avoid court cases   deliver opening address   take quantifiable elements   identify top entrepreneurs   intensify cold war   deliver stirring message   offer additional opportunity   observe popularity grow   create separate institution   act german republic   make outstanding contribution   diminish expand determination   use speed time   nominate technology pioneers   gyrelated environmental concerns   meet prominent academics   draw full house   arrange small meetings   bring government leaders   balance term interests   roil financial markets   hold annual symposium   advance nomic development   gain profit benefit   bring corporate managers   lose traditional preeminence   represent sick europe   herald eventual collapse   prepare force capability   witness new beginning   initiative shaping conversations   highlight special attention   provide pragmatic voice   check world forum   ganizing annual meeting   attract media attention   take special interest   make emotional appeal   prevail informal group   launch magazine link   consider major issues   value undertaken efforts   open predicted meeting   drive globalizing globalization   address business audience   solve equation tribune   develop peace ment   benefit technology line   specify key priorities   commit board members   solve weapons production   screen year candidates   presuppose radical shift   obtain power ability   move peace process   create impartial platform   create security structures   modernize production systems   support explained reforms   convene special meeting   face new challenge   chair panel session   deploy impact policies   present great challenge   mark 25th anniversary   plan own futures   achieve top position   invite trade ministers   support policy action   launch arts forum   bring controversial leaders   eat needed instruments   break test phase   conduct traditional concert   challenge familiar tions   integrate business society   provide hostile environment   organize 25th meeting   shape future agendas   harmonize different interests   announce new arrangement   make strong attack   shape change celebration   conform highest denominator   press connects trigger   keep own currencies   attract most interest   provide essential perspective   establish called foundation   launch aimed initiatives   outline serves ways   reach critical point   meet cheer gates   inaugurate new headquarters   inspire counsel mentor   create income wealth   hold annual meeting   salute legend room   fill create dream   greet many leaders   outline incorporated points   threaten great majority   organize including missions   solve stakeholder equation   integrate arts forum   make moving appeal   leave sat room   make joint appearance   deliver services goods   establish exchange rates   improve living standard   reshape clear commitment   resume historical encounter   alleviate world forum   give go opportunity   discuss latest approaches   make notable appearance   redesign helping process   support strong woman   bring final resolution   attract great deal   give value competition   integrate risk premium   create permanent bridge   launch enhance aim   get challenge chance   draw most media   manage share equation   confirm presents belief   emphasize integrate need   confer stakeholder theory   change business world   encounter forced difficulties   put nonmilitary provisions   reach meeting venue   attract business participants   take active role   mark 50th year   shape engaging agendas   assume case scenario   employ wider set   initiate seek revival   acquire part knowledge   abandon conflict idea   reconcile environmental constraints   develop close friendship   take significant step   attend management forum   recognize come need   reassert own values   lead give way   break fascinated ground   interconnect forum members   lay motivation strategies   make historic grimage   facilitate global operations   dam deputy secretary   purchase large property   secure natural means   create children ventures   support new democracies   represent said companies   exchange ideas experiences   occur whole stream   crumble excellencies gorbachev   use immaterial resources   assume worst scenario   employ latest technology   reflect global membership   spread own ership   palliate initial effects   defy common sense   bind shared spirit   create discussed platform   get build chance   growth commissioned book   reflect entitlement culture   underscore overarching purpose   disrupt organization ference   overthrow government colonel   see major redistribution   create allow platform   win resounding victory   t perfect institution   have involves access   require specific mix   summarize held discussions   provide conducive environment   relax industrial regime   seek prospective benefits   serve closer cooperation   shape global membership   transform country meetings   provide role models   draw awards thousands   reduce including imbalances   express heightened expectations   explain reached agreement   find true causes   take 70th birthday   restart system con   host unique gathering   introduce special series   recognize unique atmosphere   pas computerized control   change practices mindsets   establish strong base   convince ethical claims   create support schemes   bring political leaders   develop ones economies   include public figures   reinforce given idea   stir vig debate   deliver summarizing speech   provide new alternative   process economic restructuring   cover technologies media   ensure useful variety   come betray fears   give strong orientation   speed economic development   multiply human costs   organize annual summit   strike new balance   announce special loan   recognize affected ways   create management forum   give necessary support   deliver strong message   describe stakeholder theory   organize regional roundtables   maintain facing security   eliminate created jobs   aging new resoluteness   hold regional meetings   ensure strong engagement   need flourish time   launch global leaders   have major impact   take giant step   include deputy administrator   adopt global magnitude   mean forcing failure   publish institution brochure   signale strong support   promote personal responsiblility   enter new phase   lose mystery diplomacy   hijack brand power   reinforce global reach   know made boundaries   forge building partnerships   stand important speech   give introduce attempt   use useful tool   make nary comeback   urge industrial nations   welcome global leaders   end cold war   offer partitioning flexibility   strengthen own position   attain stable relationship   maintain academic role   reform agriculture defence   create task force   make strong appeal   develop close cooperation   find ask time   issue press release   remember become events   achieve open economy   cast tragic shadow   include allow osks   remember emotional appearance   expand industryfocused summits   convene global summit   addresssing sustainable goals   hold middle east   shape overcoming indifference   enter critical phase   celebrate silver anniversary   seize new opportunities   include suppliers collaborators   base informal gathering   end wrote eulogy   move stopped man   address powerful gathering   make defined interventions   constitute moral force   nurture civil society
Measures:   sustainable growth   theoretical nomics   economic complexes   constructive dialogue   current account   new relations   level politicians   special loan   steep price   western lines   system con   successful disarmament   strong base   single currency   severe criticism   high returns   economic issues   national priorities   political barriers   les fee   senior adviser   change celebration   several countries   artistic director   global government   found dean   unprecedented flexibility   incipient changes   distinct thaw   necessary means   ethical actions   regional meeting   25th meeting   genuine partnership   structural changes   progressive leader   overarch purpose   public economy   regional roundtables   social tensions   conceptual work   good idea   foreign ties   business suits   institution brochure   economic summit   green politician   fledgling forum   process globalization   arise difficulties   untrammelled liberty   totalitarian system   vest interests   prime minister   long cases   historic meeting   economic environment   high responsibility   american people   arab countries   western leaders   many parts   force capability   sug gestions   natural means   modern enterprise   endanger species   first steps   comparable future   first mission   strategic insights   economic ties   strategic parity   progressive voices   ecological concept   civil leaders   overall redistribution   correspond creditworthiness   economic problems   large problems   future agendas   economic order   various conflicts   wealth creation   next years   israeli statesman   economic potential   first report   interest idea   new headquarters   global framework   official ment   federal government   top leaders   spiritual poverty   license regime   distinct groups   many languages   free peace   new era   devastate costs   high denominator   moral authority   new resoluteness   human hope   fair cop   deep relationships   private sector   modern business   shock nation   specialize knowledge   external sources   international relations   first speech   high honours   german magazine   available corner   retail services   ological aspect   royal shell   present problems   annual participants   japanese delegation   social stability   successful functioning   honest ways   stark symbol   case scenario   perfect government   new sense   past century   financial capitalism   substantial role   genius power   global interest   television system   fresh start   sixpage document   open systems   extensive debate   sive peace   unwritten pledge   human resource   more discussions   theologian professor   develop economies   weapon production   fourth revolution   social return   different sectors   corporate ment   global awareness   associate administrator   club tragedy   industrial life   independent changes   reconciliation session   nological means   certain companies   10th anniversary   global citizenship   various elements   general agreement   silver anniversary   public speech   cultural leaders   more tables   human rights   eral mindset   economic forum   bosnian government   focal point   beautiful friendship   mutual trust   chinese delegations   social engagement   short cuts   general respect   international columnist   legitimate concerns   fair society   first group   industrial policy   cial efforts   institutional brochure   takehome value   relevant companies   swiss resort   diverse factors   previous years   exceptional gesture   psychological atmosphere   limitless commercialization   nomic development   political systems   multinational companies   cial banks   more breaks   strong team   pioneer politician   global growth   joint appearance   last peace   regional issues   special region   monthly supplement   momentous time   first year   break point   foreign relations   idea concerns   new principles   orthodox doctrines   inter nationalism   charity concert   numerous government   economic progress   most democracies   pragmatic system   administrative region   new fascination   economic recession   peacebuilding initiatives   civil societies   good interaction   motivation strategies   useful hints   sufficient sense   economic restructuring   european orientation   foremost platform   major ment   reinforce security   economic liberty   initial effects   joint action   value competition   internal dynamism   herald tribune   present business   global affairs   hungarian party   wonderful heritage   important problems   significant interventions   academic thinkers   1000th member   increase demonstrations   external affairs   nice theory   complete freedom   great transformations   special meeting   international organisation   independent situation   breakthrough year   secure democracies   new alternative   third leg   coordinate response   political power   computergenerated models   new behaviour   sustain cooperation   develop nations   stepbystep approach   digital divide   active role   western embassy   free market   issue code   sup port   natural end   grim picture   multiparty democracy   wide denominators   new partnership   prominent leader   function markets   plenary hall   human face   ronmental problems   distinct characteristic   saudi finance   social sibilities   human existence   leadership hexagon   infamous checkpoint   top figures   prominent role   national borders   next century   new wave   business leaders   many cases   gigantic telescopes   informal gatherings   lead powers   political transition   last year   ben efits   political orientation   eloquent plea   european ministers   currency issues   security structures   social community   global action   national impact   disruptive impact   remarkable achievements   oil consumption   personal contacts   many opportunities   timber deals   soviet ers   real action   integral development   intractable problems   dramatic changes   strategic concept   good job   nongovernmental organ   only chance   develop ones   envi problems   deep voice   industrial efficacy   top decisionmakers   relevant ministers   high levels   encrypt reports   downsize rationalization   major role   global market   last report   capitalist economy   new dimensions   new regulations   close societies   worldwide attention   economic interests   motor bike   proper policy   new name   perfect market   perfect venue   traditional country   sick minds   same concerns   government margin   er voters   positive difference   management approaches   moral strength   industrial leaders   prominent leaders   presidential vote   global publication   unforgettable appearance   international affairs   many governments   crosscultural understanding   anticipatory measures   inner composure   social protest   eastern economy   outspoken editor   medium attention   bright beacon   subjective ones   prominent people   new enterprises   resound victory   common consent   foreign ministers   major ments   sustainable goals   environmental practices   separate meetings   government colonel   half ones   swiss company   national governments   pop artist   final death   third world   easy cuts   quantifiable elements   strong attack   industrial democra   cooperative structures   international organ   late thinking   european environment   local communities   new challenge   relation ship   singular achievement   productive series   top nations   emotional appearance   key challenges   new ground   historic speech   economic brainstorming   most media   legal channels   garagelike pavilion   free assembly   special emphasis   short performance   specific field   active supporter   global summit   mem bers   stakeholder equation   religious growth   military coup   structural readjustments   holderstakeholder equation   new partners   major corporations   disruptive protests   innovative concept   market mechanisms   annual meeting   own account   many years   forceful personality   top entrepreneurs   presidential elections   relation war   own values   innovative entities   new perils   new standards   fracture partnership   intensive sessions   global companies   new trends   first president   investment attention   fix exchange   stakeholder theory   structural adjustments   pragmatic voice   shareholder workers   large number   respect organization   longterm policy   concerted efforts   industry defence   acquire advantages   same time3   future premier   germanborn professor   arab financiers   second year   prospective benefits   several associations   ing popularity   social impact   civil society   digital assistants   complete ment   forceful programme   industrialize countries   western way   vigorous debate   big win   bottom line   ministerial conference   trade block   major statistics   equitable distribution   social criteria   entrepreneurial leaders   economic dimension   military parades   useful conversation   global community   top institution   true leader   strange ways   corporate loyalty   economic development   annual summit   serious recession   subtle elegance   economic policymaking   global capitalism   contemporary society   economic character   personal responsiblility   conservative member   isolate way   german elections   inclusive meeting   active roles   industrialize democracies   titative politics   special focus   stir message   open address   postwar decades   small groups   informal atmosphere   certain attraction   consistent focus   strong ethos   lead representatives   fancy footwork   international settlements   numerous speeches   werner plan   human institution   nonmilitary provisions   new services   turn point   asian events   individual rights   businesses4 concerns   art forum   right balance   critical challenges   new opportunities   parttime professor   fair microcosm   western societies   top executives   social vacuum   broad range   foreign commission   outstanding entrepreneurs   economic crisis   third millennium   great success   eastern countries   threeperson office   local centres   support network   force ability   chinese authorities   late technology   economic agenda   new brand   see box   economic difficulties   false values   global project   annual publication   picturesque town   egotistical drive   controversial leaders   industryrelate activities   private cooperation   economic tigers   regular participation   development goals   g20 meeting   threelegged stool   arab ministers   constant world   mutual challenges   new environment   drastic devaluation   permanent characteristic   mediate support   first arrangement   own summits   financial services   compel evidence   many grants   social entrepreneurs   firsthand assessment   global report   famous line   global breadth   particular man   chief executives   highlevel participation   executive officers   industrial group   important cities   practical purposes   health care   monetary summit   square metres   economic discussion   unrepresentative elite   new challenges   panel session   commercial pects   new kind   daunt change   organizational strength   industrial development   more jobs   leadership concept   large property   transatlantic partnerships   young things   privilaged partner   unofficial translation   fast changes   neighbouring countries   venezuelan delegation   forum members   usufruct right   global research   entrepreneurincentive policies   corporate title   lead entrepreneurs   unitary rates   special place   peergroup meetings   rightful places   worldwide threat   real competition   success stories   raymond chairman   significant event   various activities   sustainable globalization   sharevalue fetishism   social problems   own country   substantial expansion   young interlocutor   new resolution   manufacture ventures   overcome indifference   special briefing   international level   financial imbalances   press statement   international community   real income   more insecurity   ecological growth   privilege insight   brand power   very moment   masterful performance   global agenda   future distortions   emotional appeal   indispensable policies   political society   global negotiations   good place   old citizens   national level   scarce materials   unique country   nomic leaders   significant interaction   key concerns   entrepreneurial mechanism   soviet capital   futureoriented ideas   international arts   general elections   economic stability   early thirties   sharehold ers   important feature   new markets   considerable sacrifices   dynamic enterprises   asafe winner   main tained   economic parity   fluctuate rates   natural resources   international characteristic   informal ering   big deals   attendee checks   presidential adviser   international tribune   court cases   congress hall   small group   public interest   global compact   economic results   common patriotism   davo man   specific issues   economic criteria   material universe   great courage   compact initiative   social groups   private organisation   delicate task   separate institution   nigerian ambassador   useful tool   large one   private forum   critical role   share equation   follow summits   inclusive globalization   indepth events   open speech   top ceos   free society   global events   innovative policies   social preneurship   essential perspective   global councils   personal network   european focus   michel director   dictable happenings   economic material   democratic forces   good development   regular mechanism   grow dimension   emerge markets   same time   racial growth   instantaneous information   private cussions   enormous sums   informal participants   legend room   conceptual challenge   various groups   true causes   financial dynamism   gional re   regional events   academic year   common denominators   lead nations   new woods   central part   last years   classic models   lead organizations   strong woman   indian calendar   economic experts   longterm prospects   global balance   african patriotism   global concern   strong awareness   forceful call   traditional concert   popular vote   welcome statement   academic role   more selfconfident   former countries   stable relationship   global culture   usa meeting   political scientist   true friend   twice minister   communist countries   russian delegation   financial stability   scorch sun   top position   agricultural initiative   global corps   prin ciples   brilliant woman   many developments   current volatility   global curity   current problems   national loyalty   high response   moral force   tant actor   mystery diplomacy   recent crisis   distinctive message   european economy   effective approaches   little need   outstanding contribution   several times   arab world   key responsibilities   erating principles   provocative voices   contact service   western economy   social programmes   economic interest   commercial organization   drive force   political unity   great challenge   first years   meaningful reform   historic day   first sign   collegial spirit   european communities   powerful gathering   economic future   geneva meetings   small talk   raw materials   trade ministers   21st century   interparliamentary group   intellectu batteries   key achievements   pioneer enterprises   separate sessions   most part   strain relations   global mayors   notable appearance   move moment   lead companies   economic spheres   ment wealth   representative audience   cial entrepreneurs   paramount leader   few ways   supplier collaborators   sociopolitical consensus   economic session   automotive services   moral dimension   fair distribution   direct sense   good question   farsighted leadership   late trends   entire globe   new balance   new nation   many feeling   major issues   great hall   new trade   chief architects   african leader   appropriate taxes   official sponsor   unique session   knell death   prominent speakers   reform priorities   political activity   social policies   discontinu ation   old notion   call service   single view   national events   foreign languages   first moon   iraqi troops   environmental constraints   electoral campaign   practical demands   press release   executive vicepresident   worldwide notice   first time   swiss government   fast growth   top officials   american business   regional activities   wrench ordeals   prescient speech   income inequality   late techniques   modern moderate   financial year   central system   develop countries   false facsimile   familiar names   socalled process   landmark moment   several breakthro   ministerial level   european ceos   socialist society   first delegation   change world   common sense   several speeches   multinational firms   small meetings   unique atmosphere   test phase   commu head   immense challenges   hardline communist   first institution   national boundaries   same year   participate countries   civil rights   lated issues   powerful men   phenomenal process   industrial nations   regional hegemony   healthy growth   costeffective machines   present way   social inclusion   global reach   ethical claims   bloody attempt   heroic stand   memorable moment   intensive efforts   several occasions   cover demonstrations   global governance   high profits   global aspects   new ventures   informal adviser   first members   psychiatric hospitals   traditional position   rational usufruct   early years   magic mountain   regional summit   mutual respect   short term   global situation   new concept   last moment   blair speech   commercial products   les objects   india meeting   last historians   central summit   national influence   special meetings   ing forces   economic models   pensioner mentality   large circles   destabilize effect   chatham world   welcome development   top schools   come barriers   social fabric   western men   mance indicators   global network   critical phase   net results   institutional mechanisms   voluntary initiative   entrepreneur summit   new meaning   public services   political fields   positive models   economic policies   late information   certain failure   work retreat   govern board   foreign countries   global policy   economic growth   first step   foreign investment   expand role   few words   change press   full man   social assumptions   genuine hope   corporate executives   common effort   regional competitions   new ideas   new ways   new government   deputy administrator   national policymaking   socialist countries   valuable platform   national competitiveness   private peertopeer   strategy concepts   desert storm   several scenarios   heavy drinking   part ners   economic realities   early contacts   significant impact   fix rates   european currency   human personality   elect president   preventive measures   real sacrifice   traditional parameters   internal affairs   strong presence   beautiful scenery   inaugural address1   legitimate claim   inalienable condition   bad case   personal interaction   chinese delegation   major impact   global forum   concrete actions   scientific efforts   attempt putsch   several years   global industries   environmental concerns   economic capabilities   northsouth cooperation   heavy costs   hostile environment   open forum   regional developments   mechanical engineering   green light   pil grimage   industryspecific events   development resoluteness   mere rearguard   inter mittent   great collection   beneficial relationship   giant step   sovietera name   political business   agricultural subsidies   soviet arms   different activities   human life   additional opportunity   popular scepticism   passionate turnover   special series   key priorities   legal owners   digital community   nomic summit   landscape offices   great majority   first collaborator   own interests   life peerage   national economies   economic specialists   full house   education mentoring   conservative party   important issues   guished speakers   fundamental principles   ueadded services   current situation   profitbased economy   social consequences   decisive time   central bankers   official arrangement   adverse environment   chinese participation   70th birthday   widespread enthusiasm   nigerian poet   cr ibility   undue influence   standardiza rules   responsible politicians   regular exchange   dynamic economy   religious leaders   good ment   strong plea   french capital   emit gases   global interdependence   ment symposium   international corruption   public accountability   high investments   obscure minister   strong message   past profits   nary comeback   public land   global gathering   important actor   sufficient bility   steadfast practice   american leadership   ethical standards   moral tenets   annual meetings   european leaders   great feats   official participation   longterm view   frequent participants   great tensions   long term   historic grimage   highlevel community   asian investments   public policy   constant overhauling   wide range   future summits   high officials   new society   business mission   clear thinking   ultimate importance   economic reform   only event   regional summits   specific challenge   moral issues   seventh ipants   lead currencies   critical platform   germany meeting   good wages   moral challenge   sportsmanlike mate   chinese characteristics   market economy   informal sense   longterm growth   creative destruction   good position   final resolution   structural namic   difficult year   high wages   overpopulate world   official visit   rapid tion   stagnate growth   special measures   europefocused country   forum collaborator   longterm goal   financial crisis   active subjects   immediate implementation   longterm effort   urgent reforms   german industry   new year   critical point   first recipient   global pulse   radical shift   very stones   wide port   driv forces   unprecedented way   large delegation   careful consideration   current emphasis   great deal   fascinate opportunities   digital revolution   develop parts   important place   old conspirators   cyprus problems   nonprofit foundation   domestic programme   own currencies   global world   practical cooperation   actionable solutions   rich programme   numerous activities   govern ment   substantial platform   predominant countries   corporate strategy   definite shift   magnificent surroundings   global meeting   global imbalances   more half   social entrepreneur   new century   only framework   longterm existence   american agreement   domestic prices   many thousands   contemporary relations   future force   lively interest   peaceful relations   great influence   longterm tion   separate destinies   next year   new world   global issues   general mindset   former enemies   environmental sustainability   new increases   clear commitment   genevabased organisation   increase recognition   powerful leaders   unprecedented opportunities   pol icy   japanese organizations   frame work   russian leaders   direct contacts   commit ment   mutual dependence   struggle nation   comprehensive programme   global system   only way   conducive environment   visible identity   unforeseen incidents   international system   famous process   moral support   many individuals   production systems   close cooperation   ministerial ference   european governments   upcoming vote   new administration   practical framework   irish leaders   everyday pressures   future prospects   crucial issues   closedcircuit system   useful variety   first symposium   national competitions   peace process   political environment   extensive market   good value   monetary fund   financial system   german marks   mutual responsibility   interactive sessions   valuable advice   first decade   10000employee 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reasons   domestic demand   current deficits   trust adviser   risk premium   ial activity   specific regions   regular participant   global health   terraced structure   international institution   renew prosperity   recent downturn   campaign strategies   strong dimension   corporate levels   many leaders   basic commodities   exotic country   global membership   international network   old world   shareholder employees   many problems   utopian answer   intimate meeting   last re   mediocre score   full participation   hall stage   civil law   numerous initiatives   sustain growth   political side   economic links   many visits   heighten expectations   intensive interaction   next decade   such pretensions   ecological responsibility   mobile phone   celebrate scientists   good guarantee   many organizations   political role   few years   ministerled delegations   good cause   vital market   major investments   climate change   global operations   come years   cherish box   indian economist   domestic affairs   clean air   crucial role   vast task   various ports   metallurgical industry   strategic fields   significant development   industry summit   significant step   new centres   social services   large company   second evening   impend transformation   century world   cooperative management   different interests   international situation   automotive chemicals   major initiative   normal relations   pro tectionism   annual meet   new regions   various regions   economic policy   national levels   good wishes   open world   ethical values   industrial revolution   partner companies   ethereal functionality   essential purpose   robust discussions   right atmosphere   ancient growth   old friends   emerge economies   primary objective   traditional buffet   annual gathering   sufficient employment   share interest   domestic savings   strategic issues   unlikely partners   own futures   chinese premier   agricultural incompe   satellitetransmitted question   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  wholesome vision   american activist   more actors   most places   much evil   major companies   new inequalities   tal action   open door   great region   future benefits   pass phenomenon   general workers   macroeconomic problems   exploitative world   more services   same principles   human lives   active commitments   last meeting   secretarygeneral boutros   erating results   several delegations   fiscal policies   special menuhin   global standards   les bureaucracy   private session   german employers   whole range   schwab founder   serious difficulties   global security   traditional preeminence   western civilization   integrate services   heroic figure   fiant assertion   large companies   function governments   socialist systems   contentious debate   industrial corporations   special insights   international cooperation   relevant institutions   daily work   european leader   healthy economy   preparatory visits   pro tests   international sanctions   good deal   big 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  top industrialists   good demonstration   publicprivate partnerships   innocent claiming   economic life   rare events   entire market   military strength   historical dimensions   high lights   economic leaders   first trip   fair measures   support schemes   global crisis   monetary policies   draft agreement   new resources   common good
Actions:   propose creation   join bers   mean ment   enable agement   mobilize savings   organize meetings   serve women   host meeting   address forum   launch initiative   add value   trigger debate   deliver s   gather gestions   address problems   meet them   buy property   regard press   reinforce role   follow emergence   bring figures   address hall   bring participants   cooperate sins   serve clients   move things   terconnected community   remember appearance   give focus   break phase   feel relief   coordinate efforts   exchange opinions   present plan   bring countries   tell schwab   academia arts   observe environment   collaborate s   resolve issues   engage participants   gain benefit   estaing dean   discuss situation   cross street   serve employees   commit oneself   attend gatherings   dismiss them   ask me   establish criteria   invite secretary   express expectations   familiarize members   predict impact   support perez   reassess fundamental   spend 1972   flourish think   succeed one   register logins   formulate alternatives   restore healthy   widen horizon   meet representatives   remind ourselves   attend forum   achieve position   ensure improvement   draw conclusions   walk stage   rationalize evil   describe work   send greetings   speed development   host delegations   reduce consumption   lead humankind   hear that   bind spirit   build basis   tackle vested   take kohl   allow interaction   accommodate type   engage companies   include collaborators   build forum   wind themselves   highlight highlight   include actors   organize economy   convince them   employ technology   force treatment   expand summits   reach scale   dominate agenda   provide models   meet number   take advantage   multiply costs   understand roles   capture attention   discover trends   maintain commitment   deliver goods   address letter   igwel mechanisms   join network   shape celebration   deploy troops   normalize war   build mayor   hear s   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chance   commit forum   further peace   deliver 9   ensure stability   cast him   describe theory   commit members   appreciate role   feature repin   do ness   lose diplomacy   ensure sustainability   open voice   share stage   give identity   achieve peace   guarantee rates   create perception   improve services   underscore purpose   warn challenge   raise issues   affect markets   put pillars   meet request   press issues   defy sense   raise funding   consider progress   loathe it   address change   carry strategies   create atmosphere   govern ments   spend years   launch leaders   purchase property   guarantee right   run country   tackle issues   implement them   give innovation   survive challenges   relax regime   ing importance   launch transition   develop countries   invite politicians   address issues   overcome backlash   sign document   recall buthelezi   affect all   relax businessmen   buffer ergy   die interessenten   entitle power   hold ing   draw tree   lead group 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construction   achieve deal   make speech   perpetuate coordination   deepen partnership   leave wyss   produce policy   organize events   face inequalities   hold summits   teach lessons   have sense   cast glance   invite ceos   draw participants   represent acceptance   choose highlights   fra paris   gain port   provide money   promote reconciliation   vening meetings   see interdependence   reengineering corporation   nurture excerpts   achieve accord   launch that   deliver partner   lead scientists   meet challenges   unleash energies   encourage cooperation   set body   protect advantages   obtain feedback   see redistribution   create wealth   reinforce idea   address what   teach courses   appreciate concerns   ganizing meeting   end eulogy   bring impetus   send messages   announce arrangement   develop hexagon   value efforts   blame inaction   need i   fulfil objectives   raise stat   putt you   attend summit   advance development   create force   move man   define goal   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  attain relationship   adopt ciples   launch idea   maintain leadership   debate green   say words   organize number   characterize forum   raise uncertainty   illustrate consequences   write forum   harmonize interests   keep pace   form part   interconnect members   reform defence   deepen discussion   safeguard diversity   facilitate integration   address divide   make trip   event highlights   speak languages   exchange system   promote globalization   see some   draw thousands   found conference   disseminate stories   defend constitution   condemn attempt   ensure coverage   underscore credibility   address partner   germinate ideas   reinforce sense   give impulses   stir debate   employ set   pack bags   prevent citizens   introduce concept   find balance   attack man   make efforts   assure all   give rise   crumble gorbachev   convince claims   fight inflation   withdraw many   leave you   take action   recognize urgency   move china   generate debate   display decisions   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question   forget communism   spend minutes   send members   leave one   support woman   define outlines   yield profit   receive coverage   learn that   open davos   forge partnerships   achieve breakthroughs   lay strategies   shape reunification   discuss investment   improve statement   bring men   promote growth   integrate premium   create havoc   contain tenets   cofounded foundation   gain acceptance   create communities   unique pluralism   have impact   outline idea   succeed mother   carry idea   face all   accelerate reform   strengthen position   welcome members   preserve oceans   misuse economy   broaden awareness   continue work   prevail group   win victory   join board   represent companies   address issue   attract participation   pursue objectives   aid setting   keep much   buffer thermal   make difference   urge countries   take backlash   pursue vision   use them   drive me   promulgate laws   impose will   hold event   take him   cluded session   overcome partner   help us   express disappointment   kidnap hannsmartin   address challenges   enhance role   bring different   bring executives   cover ogies   receive value   take interest   assume responsibilities   concentrate efforts   launch forum   organize summit   overcome indifference   complete schwab   bring evidence   produce zation   consider diversity   address gathering   mean investment   organize beginning   tegrating stakeholders   organize roundtables   seek ners   shape agendas   give attempt   travel tourism   need opinion   create drawing   invite cousteau   enhance relevance   use form   study proposal   manage crises   express opinions   take lead   recognize significance   provide environments   promote ethic   grab it   respond forum   open address   promote competition   fulfill dream   call checks   manage society   define way   meet responsibilities   identify priorities   hold peertopeer   make attack   employ strategies   constitute force   promote ppps   execute plans   achieve world   impose ban   consultation highlight   command majority   lead country   invest lot   leave schwab   overcome 5   provide sort   base view   demonopolizing activity   occupy place   establish rates   protect beauty   maintain exclusivity   see box   enter phase   seize opportunities   drop name   serve community   rebuild economies   face backlash   flash papandreou   plan futures   run service   finance those   try summits   obtain attention   request meeting   pay price   shape 36   strike circles   spread ership   bring decisionmakers   warrant gathering   finance investment   make commitments   whisper half   prepare margin   take tribune   give recog   consider realities   build governments   hijack misunderstanding   fight interdependence   achieve prosperity   publish ports   help those   provide knowledge   earn ter   determine course   organize meeting   address manifesto   draw media   keep spirit   recharge batteries   deliver address   base resolution   reflect culture   revisit which   translate ideas   fail us   greet leaders   return phone   receive score   bring economies   support entrepreneurship   enhance ship   coax chinese   travel immedi   bring leaders   reach turningpoint   putt end   attend recital   regulate vicechairman   subscribe organisation   meet gates   encounter difficulties   support reforms   sign association   reform system   try leader   invite speakers   ask public   presuppose shift   confront leaders   play that   mean what   lead delegation   weather storm   tell audience   cheer huntington   publish survey   attract investors   launch storm   lay imperatives   lead forum   help triumph   hit accesses   keep sense   run gathering   reinforce participation   inform him   change conceptions   meet challenge   gather contacts   shape history   inaugurate headquarters   talk highlights   bring trends   take gorbachev   reassert values   launch number   strike me   study issues   attract capital   defend foundations   feature spivakov   take part   take account   change name   facilitate interaction   stifle entrepreneurship   secure peace   create structures   decid ed   produce statement   attract gorbachev   explore dimension   urge respect   paint picture   use tool   prevent transmission   face world   build bridges   give competition   putt question   throw spanner   duced satisfaction   serve investors   manage economy   integrate issues   improve health   persuade partner   extol courage   base gathering   take step   introduce competitions   provide interaction   accept wishes   apply teria   set bjectives   need more   open klaus   submit views   lack sense   host meetings   call sustainability   delineate future   call fetishism   provide ticipants   launch aim   build centre   face development   promote dialogue   finish work   guide us   look stantly   moderate panellists   remark speech   speak mind   have access   support action   give orientation   presage discussions   award prize   reiterate some   foster mood   provide environment   achieve objectives   consider tenor   receive choice   help country   deliver message   achieve door   host gathering   give cause   inaugurate it   say goodbye   define factors   visit geneva   mention session   gather what   assure participants   find time   draft partnerships   assemble gifts   increase pressure   test waters   thank you   protect laws   decide what   force businessmen   introduce economies   seek benefits   connect them   implement it   mark anniversary   take power   serve leaders   create award   mis opportunity   mention number   introduce delegation   play role   join wyss   meet him   mark year   found that   identify entrepreneurs   lack backing   say what   solve production   foresee which   develop economies   discuss sicre   demand sacrifice   interest ministers   replace g8   recover ground   put spotlight   conclude schwab   reject membership   see it   reward initiative   provide statistics   face coup   give ity   trigger dismay   shape developments   run world   focus much   solve equation   turn situation   address these   support year   enhance value   win work   put book   lustrate spirit   engage enterprises   make effort   provide space   influence advance   adopt rules   unite us   accommodate lives   define competitiveness   screen candidates   radiate fascination   count graffiti   devote forum   fall prey   asses situation   exacerbate tensions   discuss implications   include presidents   breathe executive   bring development   throw weight   elect president   give way   feature technology   discuss networks   underpin activities   include participation   use sources   confront world   introduce status   conform denominator   abandon project   hold sessions   chair session   leave sicre   reach point   make deals   employ range   access system   attract presidents   serve cooperation   integrate christo   distinguish themselves   give life   reflect role   give fuels   show tendencies   compare china   shake hands   change mindsets   raise idea   incorporate activity   experience features   forget interruption   organize symposium   reflect membership   highlight 8   put it   take measures   facilitate operations   bring that   bring managers   exchange experiences   nurture society   hand power   see europe   take question   keep currencies   increase number   pursue reform   erect memorial   invite ministers   offer assessment   prompt us   intensify emphasis   need change   earn degree   bolster pacity   break impulses   press trigger   propose freeze   act republic   measure indicators   manage equation   launch ideas   bear gavi   provide advice   shape indifference   track trends   bring resolution   build drivers   find solutions   address code   knowledge interlocutor   talk economics   arouse interest   quote oligarchs   complement alliance   lure companies   deliver messages   receive attention   open societies   recognize atmosphere   render account   request minister   occur stream   assure you   make movement   hang us   control many   impress russians   speak beliefs   create more   create behaviour   bless remarks   receive call   cause sensation   understand peace   create community   commission globe   give opportunity   provide alternative   expose tensions   coordinate policy   make history   write book   oping infrastructure   overcome forum   favour approach   attract investment   reflect expansion   give summons   ing protection   maintain course   reduce deficits   describe offers   trust counterpart   eat instruments   provide summary   leave it   take pulse   launch initiatives   foster understanding   ing month   force troops   conduct concert   maintain works   study engineering   put davos   advocate icy   strengthen activities   pursue destinies   outline plans   disrupt ference   face consequences   process restructuring   make interventions   plunge world   provide answers   offer re   transform meetings   give hope   analyse lems   attend ceremony   reflect democracy   bolster effort   congregate resort   provide platform   lay transformation   solve change   welcome member   strive course   tourism5 meeting   pay visit   develop cooperation   reduce imbalances   benefit line   reflect openness   end century   represent administration   take places   arrange three   put provisions   gain probability   ensure freedom   phone number   amaze me   think what   gain tinue   regain voters   reckon 1   achieve results   restore security   commit industry   outline points   announce increases   use arms   deny sovereignty   reduce erty   include heads   give fig   maintain position   implement openness   shape tragedy   join gathering   place emphasis   spur spirit   highlight responsibility   call it   give privacy   encourage spirit   ing understanding   take one   repair relations   restart con   discuss strategies   invite federation   improve respect   mean demise   overcome mindset   lose predominance   solve problems   recognize importance   govern themselves   diminish way   summarize discussion   attract participants   exceed record   address participants   keep alliance   make note   include osks   avoid debtcrash   bathroom garage   tackle issue   promote progress   use phone   pas thank   cover sessions   make progress   ing state   bring peoples   threaten impact   cross charlie   create pact   bring sides   launch programme   create ventures   reshape commitment   pursue policies   build future   clutch cases   move process   organize conference   cut topics   vote sessions   accept inconveniences   turn what   lose gap   use ability   misuse means   develop much   analyse implications   arrange meetings   addresssing history   change efforts   serve society   set precedent   condemn it   cut spending   see concept   combine elegance   say thing   encourage summary   give views   shape responses   discuss aspects   address events   integrate interests   reach voters   intensify war   plant trees   reach height   observe grow   include fulltime   achieve participation   summarize discussions   t institution   bridge tragedy   host summit   seek efits   take place   describe delegation   discover hallmark   recognize value   deliver impact   reconcile constraints   take care   resolve aspects   represent europe   confer theory   share experiences   gyrelated concerns   ensure policymaking   create society   send message   shake 1   terrorize people   relearn lesson   improve standard   convey commitment   ride wave   see other   integrate society   blame flight   seminating knowledge   deliver invitation   improve likelihood   discuss factors   lose preeminence   leave winner   declare law   run industries   make headlines   provide mentoring   dub himself   control movements   hold meeting   guarantee assembly   create employ   transform dangers   lenged me   reduce costs   prepare capability   borrow line   intensify practice   demand change   assume role   encompass spirit   organize groups   integrate countries   measure responsibility   create foundation   open trade   hold meetings   spark crisis   urge forum   change world   outline forces   join community   submit proposals   forge partnership   transfer ownership   publish brochure   emphasize creation   like it   approach problems   develop reg   outline choices   maintain stability   ing entrepreneurship   discuss opportunities   make contribution   prepare etc   make grimage   draw triumph   bring ceos   reap returns   introduce series   highlight attention   eradicate corruption   end convertibility   highlight earnestness   make letter   do commercialization   sell copies   continue heads   find relations   fill dream   achieve hegemony   reconfirm value   prove hurdle   lead speech   explain rise   create platform   create partnerships   spend sums   lead discussions   destroy itself   achieve it   ask gerwel   complement regulation   facilitate contacts   maintain security   eat force   deduce it   bridge world   receive awards   overthrow colonel   take steps   send delegations   make appearance   reshape way   lifeconstricting walls   promote investment   open door   feed themselves   take that   include japan   draw house   develop activities   deposit fingerprints   summarize limits   give it   nourish dreams   negotiate pact   publish list   try s   challenge parameters   overlook va   distinguish davos   limit itself   emulate forum   promote events   annex kuwait   experience which   meet academics   concentrate power   shake hand   describe costs   shift number   provide suggestions   set priorities   achieve growth   strengthen cooperation   growth book   save spirit   pay taxes   know ideas   establish foundation   resolve impasse   recruit members   reinforce orientation   use mechanisms   build mandela   announce end   launch link   join forces   include sessions   seek ways

Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.