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Insight Report The Global Gender Gap Report 2017 Insight Report The Global Gender Gap Report 2017 The Global Gender Gap Report is an insight tool published annually by the World Economic Forum. The 2017 edition of the Report features a range of unique contextual data through a research collaboration with LinkedIn. AT THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM Professor Klaus Schwab Founder and Executive Chairman Richard Samans Head of the Centre for the Global Agenda; Member of the Managing Board Saadia Zahidi He

share of all female   incomes of both men   men across four key   country as of july   rate to the male   rank among the region   states and the member   diversity on the educational   ranking on the political  

Sources: WEF

Pathway Classification

This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.

Type: Forecasts
Priority/ Function Areas:   Law & Government People & Society |
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide |

Pathway Information

This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.

Profiles:   pwc women   that gap   chad participation   all regions   the rates   the rankings   this trend   this countries   the ranks   the index   this studies   a woman   the growth   the gender   a premium   its counterparts   this ways   the range   a indicator   oecd government   a variety   the diversity   the dollar   the sector   a decline   all countries   ub papers   initiative partners   a classifications   commission women   panama perfomance   the development   the country   it officers   a gni   the economy   its paths   the industries   the symbol   the sample   the parity   a graduate   the length   the percentage   the femaletomale   the reader   interparliamentary women   forum analysis   the concept   a issue   deloitte waiter   al women   september employers   a region   a data   a decrease   the project   this report   this approach   the part   the benchmark   schwab founder   the situation   the edition   the step   the progress   the world   september law   a countries   whose progress   s women   all industries   the chart   p health   the spots   australia gap   the gap   it gap   the methods   the half   yeman participation   september unemployment   the gaps   the methodology   ghana participation   moran kotschwar   the nexus   forum report   the forum   this measure   africa region   a head   the pipeline   the column   the figure   this value   a country   its relationship   both countries   the countries   the cluster   this edition   the enemy   zahidi women   u leavers   the reason   september education   this scale   its scores   september workers   a dollar   the minutes   the report   hoffmann handbook   the rate   this trends   both points   an progress   the dimension   the existence   the achievement   the indicators   imf women   the law   its index   mckinsey company   september births   no measure   the scale   a framework   the leaders   the policy   september firms   the choice   the ratio   forum partnership   this ratio   the section   the page   the divergence   each indicator   the benchmarks   the subindexes   rd personnel   that inclusion   all things   the value   a avenue   the community   the quotas   the profiles   the income   a person   this information   a number   it constituents   a bearing   each country   that countries   a analysis   september references   the charts   a group   all rights   a attempt   the nonprofit   no length   this year   the method   a lack   the integration   a gap   the latter   division prospects   a range   this gaps   a results   the one   a performance   the score   austria countries   that figure   september male   a change   the weight   we analysis   a system   l index   any relationship   september percentage   it conception   this choices   the region   east region   the proportion   a gender   this indicators   the performer   no representations   a increase   brian persistence   any women   its gaps   a spread   we aim   every industry   educational model   the government   this person   the information   the number   an divergences   its remuneration   no country   the tendency   serbia countries   a widening   a drawback   the fact   this section   l diversity
Goals:   achieve gender parity   occupy top positions   highlight strong correlation   record narrower gap   see widening gap   reflect changing composition   show strongest improvement   service male management   spark collaboration engagement   earn life expectancy   rebalance specialization choices   introduce deeper analysis   add additional billion   pay leave benefits   promote affected countries   measure gap results   model participation rate   calculate global index   optimize capital potential   reduce gender gap   record modest increase   agestandardized agestandardized rates   service services law   record slight decrease   create global index   suggest potential effects   provide comprehensive set   experience widening gap   record largest improvement   increase participation rates   evaluate overall activities   provide country profiles   exceed parity benchmark   maintain index ranking   introduce innovative tool   help women leaders   contextualize gap report   gap presented data   practice term covers   close gap america   see big increase   reflect societal expectations   exhibit research collaboration   take lost years   widen gender gap   average gap report   use ownership control   mark highest value   have remaining gap   measure important aspect   take top rank   maintain global position   maintain closed gap   hold equivalent post   create performance tables   concern attribution distribution   earn continue highlights   seek source institute   have gender gap   introduce gender institutions   use internet male   see biggest improvement   attainment survival health   close gender gap   display leadership access   continue steady trend   reclose gender gap   illustrate talent profiles   evolve global index   thank whole team   navigate constraints enablers   include highlighting indicators   increase existing stock   provide intuitive overview   attainment gaps degrees   close gender gaps   feature new country   reach equal point   measure economic gain   reopen gender gap   leave women business   capture complete situation   leave policy indicator   take key indicators   address gap journal   hold last spots   create forum capite   benchmark gender gaps   maintain strong position   see economic benefits   lead regional rankings   enter global index   enhance economies readability   develop gap report   experience modest decline   contain gap concepts   close overall gaps   use parity rates   provide comprehensive overview   earn revised scale   contain index results   service engineering energy   close global gap   close basic gap   give detailed picture   manufacture estate language   provide allow rankings   mandate pay advancement   interpret index results   highlight full extent   manufacture male management   average different indicators   reopen fullyclosed gap   experience andor violence   disassociate global index   isced source institute   hinder productive potential   contain demographic indicators   improve overall score   mean earnings unit   acknowledge outstanding support   include comparing indicator   discuss distinguishing feature   preserve source department   leave nations conference   preserve gap report   explain success change   visualize overall performance   decrease overall scores   reflect applied rate   topranked gap report   deploy full range   service business management   highlight local progress   reduce force gap   weight final scores   enhance combined impact   meet availability threshold   earn share income   rerenters global top   report development institute   reach gender parity   provide same opportunities   foster gap report   require indicators employment   review laws rules   close gap canada   close more 60   explore index data   service energy manufacturing   highlight wide range   remain leastimproved country   reverse life expectancy   increase overall score   rise sixth places   provide child allowance   implement specific proposals   represent expert view   note unweighted average   shift affecting patterns   make most progress   appreciate innovative collaboration   interpret final scores   experience noticeable widening   preserve woman births   calculate weighted average   close economic participation   accelerate shape agenda   earn amount measures   see new entrants   highlight genderrelated indicators   gap lower end   see noteworthy improvement   attainment aged rate   income lower part   bridge world forum   underlie global index   narrow gender gap   put found way   reform genderrelated index   exhibit largest variability   enter index top   reflect current state   reduce 11th edition   see notable increase   earn attainment enrolment   record notable changes   mean monthly earnings   reenter global index   leave tertiary data   provide collaborate platform   reclosing gender gap   experience talent bottlenecks   take deeper look   develop relevant skills   remove level cap   invest working bank   want more children   create strong impact   hire survey response   rebalance gender gaps   earn economic independence   appreciate outstanding work   calculate overall score   take top spot   assign same score   see impacts ilo   use life expectancy   affect overall diversity   address underlying causes   adjust level cap   achieve wage parity   take reasonable step   examine represented gaps   close secondary gap   figure industry underrepresentation   use group averages   provide nontechnical explanation   experience year trend   hold advanced field   interpret gap report   indicate successful integration   show strong correlation   measure gender gap   leave emotional proceedings   attainment score score   follow own adjustment   share similar profile   measure world forum   exhibit gender gap   maintain top 20   provide global snapshot   attainment empowerment score   coale excess mortality   capture achieved progress   provide objective basis   estimate consumer spending   highlight continued progress   share close practices   maintain remaining gap   complete source institute   make understanding progress   leave representing responses   improve strong performance   close empowerment gap   create country profiles   provide fuller context   inhibit men women   provide male measures   get larger weight   perform require tasks   disclaimer gap report   display wider range   match untapped opportunities   unlock additional trillion   enter top 10   highlight multifaceted nature   use recorded data   influence peers recognition   utilize world prospects   earn making decision   see small gap   understand customer bases   double enhancing opportunities   reflect world forum   give highest points   opportunity female participation   calculate gap index   measure relative gaps   manufacture health care   join gap report   include maximum number   demonstrate higher representation   survey itskind analysis   mandate pay response   run latest rise   earn revised classification   attainment slight decrease   update primary source   highlight substantial potential   rise placing spots   suggest twopronged approach   reduce quarterly journal   eliminate direct impact   use indicators database   require address action   convene sector leaders   continue steady climb   offer education opportunities   hold widest gap   take key measures   continue strong progress   meet coverage criteria   exhibit gender parity   review underlying concepts   use official rates   use internet graduates   lay economic case   face recent estimates   exhibit reverse gap   record small decrease   have female head   close political gap   use percentage concept   receive provided care   earn women s   defend top positions   predict projected time   exhibit most progress   see fostering countries   compose global index   take critical dimensions   age source database   feature new role   educate men women   stem leave tide   close gap progress   ensure gap report   take bottom spot   accelerate gender gaps   advance economic participation   see global report   welldefined economic areas   make communicate efforts   balance modest decrease   maintain strong performance   hold managerial positions   reflect myriad set   adjust table structure   introduce updated threshold   graduate male measures   use relative wages   have women directors   hire gaps trends   realize shape agenda   maintain modest progress
Measures:   rate enrolment   estate language   average number   top positions   attainment countries   stem jobs   regular employment   constructive dialogue   online explorer   score column   similar work   individual points   male parity   tertiary enrolement   low rate   additional factor   individual indicators   new countries   ninth year   national circumstances   caribbean nations   several countries   reasonable step   rise rates   allowance education   educational participation   particular learning   multifacete nature   superb design   quantitative estimate   deep look   euwide increase   decline share   only country   wide variation   small gap   top spot   local currency   intuitive overview   critical imperative   prefer talent   explorer tool   female data   detail information   tertiary data   solid progress   rise levels   educational gender   low range   low base   private sector   multilateral agencies   next years   inform decisionmaking   same score   significant reopening   top performers   genderbiased hiring   slight decrease   few women   overall scores   general investment   fever rabies   core aspects   non profits   attainment updates   relevant data   domestic workers   lowincome group   gap explorer   executive opinion   iberian record   estimate femaletomale   relative wealth   big improvement   veterinary arts   small countries   innovative tool   high gender   male management   strong representation   global awareness   past period   attainment levels   particular purpose   fourth revolution   regional performance   inclusive growth   local practitioners   request acceptance   big gap   global average   ample evidence   original view   advance field   bestperforming country   index data   distort ratios   national governments   non land   record improvements   reward empowerment   exact number   economic forum   primary school   important points   previous years   male media   particular industries   deep pools   nonhousehold members   underlie causes   female applicants   strong growth   uppermiddle group   capital report   valuesbased case   increase parity   exist stock   project time   economic contexts   purchase power   local progress   economic gain   datum source   publicprivate cooperation   wellestablished strengths   wide gender   whole lives   global growth   male workers   follow classifications   prefer degrees   positive impact   specific country   first year   discussion paper   corporate services   political criteria   male employment   net rate   subject practice   potential models   uppermiddle lowermiddle   hard ratio   significant bottlenecks   notable improvements   nominal earnings   major economies   feminist sustainability   methodological details   average gap   combine impact   forum data   economic outcomes   male force   new role   national gaps   similar data   health births   secondary sources   socalled battle   move target   legal media   emotional proceedings   notable increases   female forum   caribbean region   divide resources   gap score   common goals   feminist economics   online tool   year database   particular countries   fair returns   last rank   genderbased gaps   educational girls   weight note   selfemployment job   bad countries   last year   highskilled jobs   global childcare   informal sector   gap report   genderspecific gaps   recent progress   equal response   irrespective causes   minimal differences   executive committee   secondary rate   causal dynamics   intimate partner   similar factors   available rate   female population   wage distributions   healthy life   equal representation   access youth   access response   intermediate level   female mortality   empowerment leaders   ilibrary database   talent bottlenecks   enhance employment   large improvement   high progress   income indicator   secondary gap   clear case   regional ranking   parity rates   ilostat incidence   nancial institution   geographic region   inactive population   western table   regional rankings   attainment records   lowestranked region   relative wages   leastimproved country   score score   participation rate   high variance   statistical lifetime   family workers   particular highlights   follow sections   little progress   late thinking   bold policymaking   complete removal   high threshold   notable decline   term covers   equal remuneration   past decade   policy indicator   peer recognition   full use   political grouping   potential benefits   average return   employment effects   good practices   innovative capacity   access prevalence   ownership interests   tertiary ratio   legal framework   twopronged approach   secondary education   security blog   high points   current figures   estimate indicator   large number   equal advancement   domestic currencies   second year   contrast countries   same opportunities   talent profiles   statistical data   lowestperforming countries   future readiness   technical roles   parliamentary women   senior officials   close gap   global survey   dual empl   economic case   civil society   attainment gaps   entire index   bestperforming countries   economic development   revise classification   overall gaps   excess mortality   political dimension   electrical engineering   behavioural differences   effective measures   update source   overall picture   small decrease   top degrees   young girls   political empowerment   critical indicators   top climbers   female rate   gross enrolement   equality gaps   femaleovermale ratio   age rate   small progress   direct coordinate   global country   selfcontained areas   group classification   onovakpuri leavers   international law   middle countries   ready countries   detail picture   new opportunities   special value   broad range   reliable metrics   vote rights   tertiary degree   female expectancy   itskind analysis   manufacture software   human capital   economic imperative   secondary school   past performance   industrial engineering   fundamental indicators   potential effects   companylevel action   female economy   physical births   absolute levels   individual country   ilostat employment   economic areas   average note   public investment   negative outcomes   gross ratio   worldleading positions   report values   relative impact   gender equality   financial services   educational gap   skill personnel   third parties   same impact   legal computer   steady trend   access length   global report   negativepositive scale   weight average   ministerial roles   outstanding work   primary enrolment   health care   second place   genderrelated influences   mouseover definitions   core graduates   male measures   economic gender   executive office   certain fields   weak parity   relative women   available data   attainment health   overall benchmark   high enrolment   bottom spot   institutional engagement   new generation   collaboration model   female firms   extend scale   sexdisaggregated statistics   myriad set   subindex ratio   top representation   kovacevic statistician   multiyear trend   previous source   relative country   high performer   update scale   high participation   slight widening   female outcomes   mean age   critical elements   female employment   political decisionmaking   male data   foundational competencies   imbalance progression   global women   national level   particular fields   low country   global talent   political pillar   gross income   employment definitions   economic impacts   overall gdp   party products   healthy expectancy   open source   male rate   scarce analyses   technical tasks   consistent measure   benchmarks9 average   equivalent level   political gender   blue diamonds   manufacture media   available explorer   unique data   job seekers   estimate parity   thou spots   specific issues   11th edition   female members   service law   human report   attainment subindexes   normal ratio   widen gap   innovative data   detail profiles   les opportunities   estimate equality   diverse bases   improve parity   untap opportunities   comprehensive overview   clerical people   emerge markets   availability threshold   gender parity   fundamental categories   total gap   financial institution   successful integration   language practices   first child   average gaps   close rationales   average men   male expectancy   corporate performance   complete situation   domestic product   pay leave   basic gap   current stagnation   attainment ratio   financial services26   attribution distribution   noticeable widening   steady improvements   conclusion appendices   last years   total number   low pay   imperfect measure   mean numbers   different dimensions   nonprofit management   several spots   insufficient relevance   alive data   equal opportunities   overall levels   corporate decisionmaking   more women   future countries   final scores   possible scales   old workers   electrical software   tertiaryeducated talent   modest gains   international health   global performance   more year   parental benefits   top position   global inclusion   technological change   lowincome countries   academic year   more children   significant progress   interactive tables   legal guardianship   strong parity   political participation   reverse gap   access parity   female pools   publicprivate model   index score   specific reasons   datum list   first years   absolute terms   underlie equality   same information   constant indicators   basic concepts   antenatal care   gdp increase   occupational imbalances   neurological conditions   index results   ministerial portfolio   earn equality   new recipe   seeker workers   share learning   relative index   education gender   economic spheres   previous position   steady improvement   basic literacy   infectious diseases   male share   specific gap   foreign exchange   domestic violence   empowerment pillar   regional table   thirdranked country   broad partnership   consolidate response   average report   economic performance   cultural socialization   professional socialization   legal psychology   various policy   female value   full explanation   select indicator   blue diamond   low spread   first time   large variability   bottom ranks   exist biases   past progress   everincreasing numbers   empowerment gap   develop countries   transmit diseases   untargeted investment   direct impact   ministerial posts   ministerial level   current state   equivalent gains   infectious mortality   gender inequality   emerge sectors   formal enterprises   country profiles   rank tables   performance tables   own adjustment   legal software   long way   economic benefits   general trend   technical exposition   symbolic milestones   rank countries   woman leaders   level cap   specific culture   large gender   work age   normalize scale   available scores   serial innovation   wage parity   equal women   key indicators   reasonable efforts   multiyear improvement   digital portal   maximum number   miss women   same power   small variability   wide variety   ministerial representation   public sphere   index scores   top rank   invaluable collaboration   nominal terms   datum revolution   continue reversal   outofschool education   separate basis   actual transactions   big increase   available tool   female leadership   accidental injuries   relevant profile   male software   profitable evidence   full parity   emerge technology   economic growth   late rate   noncommunicable disease   first minister   only factor   such differences   own contexts   nontechnical explanation   wide spread   potential differences   engineer energy   compile andor   african nations   parental rights   miss data   live births   female estate   overall figure   broad groupings   remunerate work   online version   good health   femaleovermale female   economic participation   few cases   pay maternity   improve country   woman companies   select country   systemic efforts   low score   far analysis   attainment gender   middle class   productive potential   cultural biases   bank business   percentage concept   possible score   same rate   male births   select data   full health   due figure   attainment enrolment   national list   mechanical engineering   wide point   national protection   much progress   outstanding support   global score   available ratio   far details   analytic sections   unconscious biases   high levels   new context   caribbean score   expert view   senior cials   estimate increase   voluntary seats   life expectancy   late database   contextual data   small range   grow body   original conception   absolute equality   current trends   primary role   female workforce   critical factor   primary source   first recognition   high value   late workers   continue widening   indicator methodology   own performance   chief statistician   account self   sex ratio   economic sphere   relate person   additional data   wide range   alternative factor   fullyclosed gap   geographic edge   subindex scores   first section   occupational choices   high score   multiplier effect24   purchase rates   total graduates   considerable progress   equal value   global snapshot   high capital   lowestranked countries   longerterm trend   financial inclusion   overall participation   unique view   great parity   far information   index top   overall score   female managers   union women   last spots   femaleovermale ratios   access proportion   socioeconomic policy   current rates   accidental causes   political scores   late rise   educational enrolment   feminist scale   underlie concepts   most industries   simple source   global capital   insufficient data   political science   equal access   develop economies   global index   second decade   source database   fastestimproving countries   whole team   government support   senior official   previous editions   qualitative indicator   potential pool   female roles   parental leave   maternal health   ppp legislators   intentional injuries   respective gaps   pay workers   female talent   more half   right data   international classification   overall development   domestic prevalence   clear method   legal administration   potential ratio   tertiary women   doctoral programmes   strong impact   local units   small decreases   substantial potential   gender composition   law rules   national income   multi year   old data   positive effect   practical guide   family worker   grow parity   male value   large issues   tertiary level   correspond field   publicprivate dialogue   good score   indicatorspecific calculations   slow improvement   progress challenges   measure inequality   few countries   accurate classification   key industries   wide audience   notable cases   several dimensions   typical distributions   overall distributions   future prospects   professional roles   third year   standard deviations   relate development   specify period   evident progress   list quotas   macroeconomic gains   world prospects   similar profile   large gaps   ideal standards   top performer   associate shares   female administration   monthly earnings   global position   upper middle   male legislators   future editions   multiyear progress   pure measure   perform countries   global dialogue   public leaders   datum section   distinguish feature   low income   strong correlation   normal definitions   top country   business performance   attainment deviations   high ratio   live birth   military service   earn indicator   great credibility   physical violence   similar dimension   high share   interparliamentary women   change composition   top list   low classifications   specific research   force participation   limit access   low gap   malignant neoplasms   market participation   official range   indicator employment   financial service   top managers   social protection   slow progress   notable parity   female youth   cultural variables   political indicators   firm performance   attainment rate   equal men   participation rates   educational country   various share   select indicators   relative improvement   insufficient coverage   routine care   exact measure   fall progress   key areas   urgent need   large weight   future years   legal life   social schemes   datum collaboration   more directors   female pool   global gap   political women   female enrolement   formal economy   economic opportunity   overall results   global benchmark   give period   leadership access   female parity   sole source   nordic countries   target promotion   global economy   consolidate survey   fifth place   thematic dimensions   gap index   mark progress   certain countries   noncommunicable diseases   similar education23   datum explorer   healthrelated factors   ministerial portfolios   certain benefits   different groups   basic rights   female management   innovative collaboration   human experts   female male   country score   past years   enrolment data   marry women   equivalent investment   regional group   broad flux   robust crosscountry   educational gaps   average length   digital opportunities   continue underuse   comprehensive rankings   ratio ratio   western countries   uneven outcomes   large gap   demographic indicators   gap outcomes   first chamber   gender gaps   recent journalism   relative subindexes   overall gender   high region   exceptional circumstances   attainment gap   elect head   only one   current access   lowestranking countries   major databases   unpaid work   global challenges   genderrelated indicators   standard structure   critical part   specialization choices   female source   low participation   attainment country   fall share   different indicators   refresh visualization   international organization   complete year   bangladeshsri figure   actual levels   significant effect24   economic dividends   technical workers   tertiary education   access enrolment   single proportion   executive chairman   antenatal coverage   perform region   unweighted average   second wage   secondlowest region   selffinancing effects   low gender   regional classifications   male source   capture progress   young women   genderbased skills   domestic response   economic policy   strong son   key driver   unemployed adults   positive interdependencies   high average   continue improvement   firstof itskind   proactive action   overall activities   recent years   isced programmes   unchanged ranking   new collaboration   infectious disease   more weight   contribute factors   combine result   social forces   small gender   far success   slip spots   access coverage   large countries   low source   total populations   female parliamentarians   machinereadable format   european countries   similar score   social circumstances   specific proposals   primary rate   small increase   separate construction   rank score   fourstep process   female deaths   populationweighted average   scientific concepts   select industries   economic indicators   small improvements   positive achievements   longitudinal research   strong relationship   result rankings   country rankings   income scale   narrow gap   increase share   attainment pillar   income countries   economic cooperation   earn parity   group gender   coverage criteria   high rate   several ranks   respiratory diseases   societal expectations   graphic design   political contexts   tertiary programmes   equal opportunity   ideal standard   strong influence   entire economies   longterm trend   foundational education   source institutions   late research   populationweighted averages   international dollars   regional average   full details   deep analysis   national elections   accelerate parity   female values   interactive rankings   local levels   same period15   sector enterprises   last chapter   particular indicators   research brief   third section   woman directors   small education   education health   review countries   global database   senior positions   various fields   official rates   maternal mortality   relative indicator   survey response   international databases   most progress   sidebyside view   public life   distinctive cultures   country averages   significant widening   say data   previous progress   ever score   arithmetic calculations   low countries   new class   political leadership   essential factors   industry underrepresentation   statistical reports   qualitative statement   upper age   first edition   modest decline   more opportunities   parental length   alternative source   various industries   unweighted score   participation equality   consecutive year   far discussion   noteworthy improvement   specific challenges   low value   local seats   critical dimensions   exact values   genitourinary diseases   trade companies   wide participation   top side   country progress   sphere women   excellent work   tertiary rate   maternal newborn   continue progress   tax wages   reference source   economic leadership   research collaboration   focus action   social indicators   sociocultural factors   child allowance   parliamentary seats   organizational structures   challenge gaps   global gdp   middleclass spending   overall level   annual survey   male rates   far investment   age sex   global revenue   corporate sustainability   datum points   second step   remain gap   high parity   low end   modest improvements   leave benefits   relevant factors   educational deviations   relative gaps   high point   collective violence   global top   average countries   consumer spending   additional gaps   geographical trends   low level   lifetime earnings   ongoing support   current rate   key measures   literacy rate   strong scores   equal pay   third products   continue performance   ictrelated degrees   relevant skills   strong improvement   maximum age   human potential   orient establishment   basic field   underperform countries   low part   universal basis   science journalism   empowerment score   industrial revolution   objective basis   regional classification   geographical groupings   high income   rise spots   noticeable discrepancy   emerge economies   wellbeing proceedings   female software   continue efforts   occupational gaps   sixth year   popup field   direct services   broad array   high level   senior levels   modest progress   low rankings   large benefits   negative trends   previous improvements   gender gap   uppermiddle countries   male number   bestplaced country   grow evidence   specific standardization   base inequities   global spending   large economies   strong country   year trend   public administration   executive committees   global level   female workers   recent cohort   male ratio   genderrelated gaps   overall pool   hard data   international perspectives   informal employment   high wage   recent year   notable estimates   natural disasters   parity benchmark   highskilled share   specify year   major group   final process   detail results   estimate deaths   occupational gender   political gap   full context   smallerthanaverage proportion   same period   currency unit   high diversity   parental days   equal numbers   capital potential   bad score   additional features   similar response   nuance discussion   economic independence   nation conference   gross data   composite indicators   electrical energy   maximum income   regional results   male youth   primary education   estimate income   economic education   secure access   similar survey   professional workers   access percentage   territorial entity   public sector   update threshold   overall index   global gender   original country   little evidence   firm innovation   equivalent post   attainment education   access elections   actual value   full overview   additional investment   technical notes   new country   childcare government   legal business   recent estimates   educational fields   female media   economic activity   various means   specific region   parttime employment   standalone product   datum structure   subindex score   strong progress   male administration   dengue rabies   vary trends   weight indicators   choose indicators   late data   educational attainment   rough interpretation   force rates   higherskilled women   global bottom   progress stall   single years   conscious inclusion   agestandardized rates   modest increase   notable imbalances   exchange rates   specific areas   revise scale   total pool   public affairs   secondary level   female minister   pay advancement   full extent   tertiary enrolment   rigorous research   broad categories   such situations   marginal increase   whoop cough   female measures   mechanical forces   subindex gap   educationrelated fields   register members   last months   potential decision   appropriate use   relative comparisons   list companies   hot substances   top countries   occupational feminization   contextual equality   work papers   notable progress   superscripted notes   detail rankings   evident relationship   total ratio   remuneration gap   death rates   lowestranked country   male health   mean wages   economic growth18   continue stalling   mostimproved countries   strong position   recent past   specific indicator   parliamentary positions   female graduates   economic research   available workers   group countries   primary reference   rank column   oecd database   gross product   political party   educational pillar   total calculations   intuitive appeal   late ratio   notable increase   secondlargest improvement   pwc women   economic prospects   strong performance   low parity   major groups   female participation   woman business   publicprivate collaboration   female legislators   overall diversity   fourth returns   male estate   close performance   next country   similar indicator   political representation   widen gaps   woman skills   sexual violence   overall performance   indirect services   potential country   equal data   degree choices   small gaps   reverse progress   voluntary party   population prospects   oecd institutions   principal owners   middle range   current opportunities   female share   select countries   gap results   female force   update elements   comparative level   blank participation   global assessment   local year   educate women   universal parity   local elections   solid improvements   social employment   standardize deaths   interconnect diversity   gender score   payrelated benefits   far progress   secondary enrolment   same household   quartile representation   female heads   prevalent phenomenon   underutilized resources   important aspect   contemporary costs   ministerial years   outnumber women   agricultural sciences   regional level   force gap   business management   certain industries   force rate   systemic way   positive side   overall progress   key findings   empirical studies   work women   available version   different quantities   real estate   mathematical skills   wwwweforumorgprojectsclosingthegendergap countries   largerthanaverage proportion   skill differentials32   female head   woman youth   access ratio   high market   customer bases   stable progress   many countries   different performance   survey responses   educational investment   longerterm view   significant dividends   require citation   significant narrowing   secondranked country   single state   internet graduates   average score   next section   oneside scale   sizable costs   effective comparisons   regional figure   countrylevel change   partial recognition   femaleovermale value   physical health   continuous basis   genderequal countries   total population   total employment   standard deviation   ministerial positions   only countries   annual indicators   senior roles   female representation   nominal wages   female ratio   more parity   wide gap   educational rate   same extent   standard classification   significant decrease   give year   age percentage   different economies   positive increase   large numbers   significant benefits   global rankings   persistent gaps   upper source   mix picture   specific fields   advance knowledge   source business   monthly unit   economic empowerment   possible audience   income enrolment   insight tool   previous section   fourth place   total enrolment   annual rates   childcare services   national parliaments   high countries   low performers   explanatory factor   new entrants   future economies   comparable level   informal jobs   voluntary quotas   nonafrican one   small share   available jobs   care building   overall gap   nancial rights   comprehensive set   downward trend   national model   local barriers   most countries   recent studies   earn income   possible range   rank country   spend patterns   gender institutions   right number   group averages   female hiring   full range   unpaid activities   reproductive period   ratio females   managerial positions   relative strengths   disease malnutrition   steady climb   worstperforming country   available resources   global member   available database   genderbased disparities   forego conclusions   modest decrease   due number   organizational units   high representation   sector leaders   fire heat   far research   wage equality   perform country   current forces   digestive diseases
Actions:   opportunity a   accelerate gaps   use model   accelerate parity   provide measure   enable readers   share profile   promote parity   work earnings   record increases   indicate integration   close education   explore options   take years   receive right   have gap   maintain gap   earn decision   isced 58   learn education   see reversals   compose index   influence recognition   see ilo   leave days   transform work   contextualize report   complete representation   close 57   receive rights   overtake burundi   earn legislators   measure gaps   discourage jobseekers   service 25   require standardization   increase rates   decrease iceland   find evidence   answer question   increase stock   increase gdp   address causes   set practices   engender health   counterbalance widening   measure consequences   explore issue   unlock trillion   compare patterns   measure closure   leave responses   close 82   create profiles   see report   place efforts   require knowledge   income case   achieve case   close score   lead gender   benchmark countries   capture gap   track progress   overtake finland   reverse number   heighten outcomes25   leave proceedings   hire business   reform index   understand bases   reduce gaps   record narrowing   highlight opportunities   close republic   close improvements   drown exposure   place country   pull acceptance   correlate 28   gap methodology   seek definitions   decide more   reflect number   repair society   close decrease   calculate gaps   penalize countries   estimate parity   close 78   control 65   advance spots   discuss equality   use database   experience gap   illustrate profiles   capture magnitude   see stall   develop skills   cast doubt   take indicators   rise places   foster credibility   hold field   see countries   navigate enablers   realize agenda   produce benefits   lay case   agestandardized deaths   take rank   meet threshold   show details   take place   optimize potential   see england   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display magnitude   highlight indicators   service 64   maintain position   rise ranks   record increase   continue climb   agestandardized rates   implement proposals

Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.