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Industry Agenda Inspiring Future Cities & Urban Services Shaping the Future of Urban Development & Services Initiative April 2016 Prepared in collaboration with PwC Contents 3 Foreword 6 Executive Summary 9 1. The Future of Cities 9 1.1 It s an Urban World 10 1.2 Challenges Due to Urbanization 13 1.3 The Future of Cities 15 1.4 The Business of Running Cities: Urban Services 18 2. Enablers for Adopting New Models for Urban Services 18 2.1 Challenges 19 2.2 Enablers 26 3. Accelerating Public-Priva

stakeholders in the planning   institutions and the private   ppps while the private   citizens across various social   community at the city   officer from the private   population in some cities   stakeholders to use data   action against the risk  

Sources: WEF

Pathway Classification

This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.

Type: Forecasts
Priority/ Function Areas:   Law & Government People & Society |
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide |

Pathway Information

This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.

Profiles:   this datasets   the change   all data   the trend   the initiative   pwc research   a service   the sector   the stability   a takeaway   india cities   the selection   the foundation   london approach   the growth   the respondents   the forum   the commission   the lesson   this roles   the agency   the transition   the position   the hall   the plan   the lack   the likelihood   the role   the administrators   the boundary   the pace   the place   the redevelopment   the operator   such partnerships   the healthcare   the company   cit buses   the partnership   the regulation   the cities   the governments   the approach   the tool   the road   a project   the processes   the paradigm   the iot   a ppp   the outcomes   the mechanism   http municipalresponsibilities   the boundaries   the risks   eu action   this standards   barcelona vision   the use   the secretariat   the ingredients   the step   it programme   the world   n challenges   all stakeholders   the network   a set   the project   urban services   a feature   the way   the array   the portion   the ability   the design   no information   this study   the list   a move   such city   such approach   each stage   an cities   the difference   the process   that issues   its views   the measurement   the need   a mobility   the impacts   any changes   usa contributors   the journey   jonathan officer   the model   the investment   the business   it structure   each city   city economies   the expertise   the results   its effort   the environment   it people   the systems   the performance   this report   the decisions   this approach   the assets   a risk   the stakeholders   the city   singapore independence   the opportunities   union group   the survey   the effects   the report   the purpose   the administration   a village   the buyin   the demand   the technology   the leaders   the buildup   the sections   the standard   commission regulation   the proportion   a administration   vancouver capabilities   the rating   the takeaway   the learning   the council   all levels   an actions   the organizations   europe climate   the government   i stakeholder   the facilities   the number   london project   the system   the value   the community   the study   the time   an domains   the availability   the provision   a number   a strategy   the programmes   the courtroom   groundup approach   mayor office   the businesses   it governments   barcelona programme   all rights   a group   the section   the realm   this stakeholders   a collaboration   the priorities   its fabric   any generator   the conveners   the vision   the significance   the challenges   the structure   the landscape   all frameworks   the consideration   success story   a tive   the financing   the relevance   the demands   all mechanisms   the user   the focus   onceonly citizens   the impact   a issues   the solutions   the key   the strategy   spain hub   another case   a correlation   the country   its point   the sites   the emphasis   the ones   the funds   the population   i money   a talent   the structures   no country   the idea   this people   a need   the rise   the assessment   authority website   the platform   european law   the quantity   the participation   the data   a lack   which issues   a leader   the acceptance   the integration   the regulations   a perception   a city   this city   such leader   the solution   cbd initiatives   a vision
Goals:   shape collaborative approach   require provide partnerships   identify cities solutions   develop devoid policies   operate wider network   cut direct losses   drive transformation figure   reduce community risks   normalize landscape transformation   plan termination construction   leave developing capacity   attract municipal financing   build airborne scanning   realize city goals   indicate older neighbourhood   achieve break outcomes   include greater awareness   use city services   use collaborative power   develop unique set   build enabling environment   pursue important topic   integrate water bodies   require different process   shape unique model   gain competitive edge   navigate policy decision   take inspiring cities   achieve overall saving   require tailored platforms   achieve sustainable goals   share best practices   include operation making   convert consume assets   attract capital talent   create engagement example   gain required knowledge   offer common platform   plan mobility infrastructure   convert energyconsuming facility   use cloudbased model   follow takemakedispose model   address development issues   create sustainable relationship   provide measure mechanism   optimize existing resources   play key role   define smart city   create capital fund   address invest issues   govern subsidiary plans   identify key characteristics   accomplish balancing act   advocate compact city   deliver reliable services   raise grants taxes   drive singleminded approach   analyse water scenarios   design rejuvenation programmes   change smart regulations   disrupt utilized way   pick best practices   take consultation process   mitigate separating risks   transform service delivery   create aspiration vision   set farsighted goal   use inspiring cities   ensure stable environment   include banks investments   implement technology solution   create free flow   improve global standing   reinforce engaged example   deliver best value   optimize forum steps   generate revenue streams   achieve desired benefits   tackle city leaders   identify private sector   announce new initiative   cement core strategies   address justified fears   address infrastructure governance   embrace provided opportunities   accelerate authority partnerships   solve challenges sensors   assume default position   implement water programmes   provide original functions   develop new technology   play leading role   develop structure inhouse   leverage global think   establish economic character   finance commuter advisory   change informal economy   eliminate paper forms   create fulfilling experience   analysis open analytics   involve countries vehicletoinfrastructure   formulate external experts   recognize growing power   forge commercial links   provide city view   provide includes services   recognize use need   win infrastructure augmentation   bring creators developers   impact entire chain   adopt business models   retain financial interest   capture traditional boundaries   mobilize personnel expertise   dedicate revenue flows   enhance revenue streams   drive open data   develop projects programmes   avoid inspiring cities   set aspirational goals   raise charges taxes   close transparent governments   affect local community   develop competitive industryworkforce   develop website visual   provide explore freedom   move functions operations   address scenarios cities   increase leaders legitimacy   achieve city vision   engage private ngos   manage water conditions   understand business models   develop measures strategies   enable common understanding   develop holistic strategy   integrate platforms services   provide secure supply   zoning sustainable development   develop need evidence   create business opportunities   outsource enabled processes   address increasing demands   develop funding model   encourage simple regulations   apply price regulation   provide infrastructure solutions   underpin investments standards   asses existing level   use same infrastructure   provide city ccid   use key indicators   enable brand development   perform need task   dominate greatest opportunity   implement tiered architecture   attract necessary investment   entail administrative boundaries   bar government interaction   promote easy exchange   leverage available expertise   reach highest levels   employ following enablers   identify desire outcomes   affect permit change   ensure single point   migration weather events   achieve shared vision   develop similar platform   bring take capabilities   execute development projects   make concentrated effort   provide turn opportunity   develop structures regulations   finance revisit regulations   sustain policy distortions   establish solid framework   convert shared zones   apply test bankability   improve technological capabilities   collect led switch   convert city administration   establish modern port   close information gap   contain action items   adopt new way   leverage need solutions   embrace services regulations   take holistic view   strengthen key characteristics   elicit higher level   adopt aspirational needs   cover convert aspects   share enabled transparency   perceive great extent   disrupt delivered way   offer make flexibility   impact economic growth   establish organization society   create gives opportunities   establish increasing population   reduce develop need   analyse performance indicators   provide shared language   provide border solutions   deploy big solution   promote green economy   balance rewards risks   help city funds   develop prepared economies   link user charges   encourage service delivery   use develop opportunity   create thriving environment   transfer capital investment   reduce consumption emissions   engage private sector   need operate motivation   reflect physical culture   address dire need   address standardization requirements   develop transformation programmes   tarnish entire phase   undertake transformative journey   implement intelligent platform   provide web access   manage energy consumption   encourage inspiring cities   connect various communities   establish guard procedures   battle inner cores   exercise control mechanisms   transform wastewater plant   change identified demographics   influence leadership team   implement address solutions   change delivered way   identify business models   create services products   use public realm   affect welfare bodies   develop options infrastructure   lead extraordinary goal   develop infrastructure reuse   develop local tank   create integrated vision   provide helps dashboard   adopt create frameworks   develop public policy   sell best practices   contract single company   enhance sector line   deliver published value   develop based methods   tackle knowledge legitimacy   drive economic development   implement enables platform   commit robust framework   win development projects   rebuild legitimacy trust   identify permits consents   develop government cities   maintain competitive example   create thrives environment   publish information budgets   create enabling context   implement sustainable development   fulfil vision setter   deliver necessary infrastructure   plan secure funding   meet demand infrastructure   follow taken path   create positive image   imply establishing deregulation   enhance negotiate ability   cover wide range   impact permitting process   build inspiring awareness   develop solutions cities   address demonstrate issues   develop electronic system   achieve socioeconomic advances   expand sharing principle   shape regional national   give great opportunity   deploy gathers solution   play crucial role   open processes systems   preserve city values   create revitalize need   include city leaders   create proper term   provide shaping tenders   emphasize transparency sustainability   create economic opportunity   shape development trajectory   use private sector   unleash dormant capacity   set governance structure   consume available resources   open city centre   achieve common cities   retain funds taxes   create need plans   use expert panels   enhance character figure   describe municipality policies   create resolution mechanism   use communication channels   span regional boundaries   adopt similar strategy   enhance used transparency   change works way   prevent service visits   combine commercial office   give special status   adopt single system   provide smooth experience   procure services goods   rely private ngos   underlie tarnish causes   establish clear process   standardize city foundation   shape thrive conclusion   perform take diligence   create integrated discussions   bypass inspiring cities   build legitimacy trust   consider connectivity infrastructure   use business models   establish fund mechanism   use excess capacities   exclude need sector   realize short agenda   fix adopted problem   determine user charges   costsaving large industries   keep close watch   dominate country economies   communicate clear boundaries   give misleading information   use existing infrastructure   ensure leading success   identify characteristics dna   provide study highlights   engage sector bodies   try bring approaches   include rates tolls   secure new vision   exhibit following characteristics   visit preceding stages   have high level   develop technology infrastructure   use technology lever   define transformative role   formulate aim regulations   explain made tradeoffs   drive top technologies   speed restoration process   tap economic potential   play significant role   create conducive environment   revisit develop phase   pay user charges   create balanced schedule   analyse large volume   impact local consultation   shape uninterrupted access   prepare source forum   include inspiring cities   inspire published implement   develop shared vision   foster global mindset   adopt models technology   create organizational culture   detail location genus   establish governance structures   play important role   devise funding planning   review capacity borrowing   tackle inspiring cities   widen model levels   formulate integrated plan   build named platform   improve new trend   identify own cities   deploy related infrastructure   identify allocate risks   create land bank   lead leadership board   achieve outcomes example   include following constraints   sense health technologies   pursue insist readiness   identify key issues   enable service delivery   carve administrative bodies   change increased population   recycle efficiency capital   grow sourcing risks   take effort time   develop target regulation   use framework solutions   consider development projects   manage water sector   exhibit scale agility   reach longlasting partnerships   offer whole product   save reduced million   adopt pragmatic businessfriendly   expedite incentives permits   create favourable environment   set kept kpis   bring required agility   shape inspiring cities   help developers communities   provide easy access   identify structured process   show top issues   address growing needs   reduce required time   create city government   accelerate private partnerships   favour areas suburbs   improve handle ability   allow parcel size   provide encourages environment   see streamline opportunity   adopt oriented model   generate comprehensive view   obtain community government   adopt holistic approach   achieve high quality   implement impacting laws   promote flexible mindset   assemble experienced team   accommodate business models   enable inspiring cities   tackle particular cities   require adjustments changes   showcase enable results   strengthen local economy   use information systems   address key challenge   implement city strategies   boost increase competitiveness   prevent degradation disasters   put incumbent providers   adopt management styles   identify unique characteristics   represent new frontier   raise particular risk   second leader forum   plan economy leisure   single important challenges   identify own sector   develop give ability   manage transport system   create development plans   smartconnected development courbanize   cover challenges challenges   launch health service   cover government departments   close feedback loop   create enabling environment   breach contractual obligations   leverage latest chattanooga   favour market solutions   present generational opportunity   address aspirational needs   achieve future vision   plan city plan   drive transformation technology   apply capture charges   capture development contributions   implement projects talent   foster revenue generation   create stimulus tracker   readiness facilitate access   encompass physical aspects   find impacting use   embark inspiring cities   provide immediate information   plan global footprint   adopt integrated meeting   develop inspiring cities   establish responsive accountability   improve neighbourhood streets   bring presents challenges   monitor private sector   enable laid maps   develop city strategy   provide affordable supply   change infrastructure demographics   offer few cities   address posed challenges
Measures:   digital energy   spatial footprint   great benefit   various communities   social outcomes   develop phase   infrastructure providers   enhance infrastructure   cultural perspectives   risk management   urban dimensions   various projects   digital delivery   direct revenue   citizen expectations   18th century   shortterm basis   municipal tasks   global think   new plans   several countries   local forum   vision cities   complementary resources   technology platform   economic dimensions   integration standards   investment people   economic issues   entrepreneurial interest   justify fears   tangible benefits   extensive linkages   onesizefitsall approach   tiered architecture   such sits   legal specialists   menon cities   administrative unit   specific projects   increase activity   solution cities   new reuse   age population   transparency sustainability   regulatory environment   follow models   local currency   urban poor   strong measures   different types   public property   open data   mere release   extraordinary goal   detail information   strategic infrastructure   interconnect government   operational expenses   public outcomes   reward outputs   municipal delivery   fiscal devolution   key role   private companies   ready cities   few adoption   border solutions   energy consumption   economic potential   follow enablers   responsive adoption   next years   temporary houses   efficient process   plan governance   smart regulations   engagement example   integrate view   unused capacity   foremost business   future development   modern industry   private sector   smart services   protocol society   temporary building   unique model   predictable outcomes   municipal revenue   large municipalities   integrate development   egovernance initiatives   successful outcomes   soil contamination   market example   simplify licensing   permit breach   urban strategies   longlast partnerships   inadequate delivery   global prod   nonexistent streams   strong institutions   few cities   precipitation inland   city funds   secure supply   traditional establishments   traffic zones   physical infrastructure   balance act   government services   possible way   develop economies   integrate city   robust framework   nonprofit organization   due consideration   agile governments   gional statements   financial statement   longterm nature   multiple stakeholders   public decisionmaking   strategic example   core infrastructure   realtime city   capacity champions   innovative cities   sustainable competitiveness   contract model   own cities   qualify professionals   new cities   interactive map   social media   need funds   economic forum   same infrastructure   urban engineers   regional issues   global image   strong growth   stakeholder universities   high level   little control   common solution   risk breach   mutual trust   clear process   foreign relations   regular motivation   global head   urban challenges   critical function   mobile capital   old boundaries   longterm vision   prescriptive analytics   external capacity   high legitimacy   economic recession   wide network   public use   regional boundaries   urban transformation   effective practices   economic progress   publicprivate cooperation   own interest   good regulation   robust city   many stakeholders   multinational corporations   programme phase   longterm data   corrupt behaviour   model documents   city leaders   clean waters   disadvantage risk   trustbased relationships   single company   operational structure   realistic assessment   development governance   direct tourism   incremental tif   corporate offence   well levels   water scenarios   social acceptance   new alternative   similar platform   secure system   modern port   commercial attractiveness   water bodies   local population   key enablers   ineffective leadership   new models   civic body   need example   natural hazards   electronic system   big data   public partnerships   great cities   common goals   transparent procedures   transformative role   conceptual associations   ethical boundaries   different tiers   online tool   change significance   age infrastructure   academic instuons   datum sharing   urban problems   cable project   project management   key risks   relevant products   effective strategies   social support   institutional accountability   common understanding   whole product   administrative issues   administrative boundaries   complex modes   secondary law   valuable data   local businesses   emerge models   general models   timely basis   solutionoriented process   ict companies   upfront investment   urban initiative   social impact   urban environments   smart power   public servants   scalable services   high sources   inaccessible areas   global leader   new m   maintenance tab   comprehensive view   political decisions   healthy policies   program programs   water losses   political tenures   hide problems   high levels   climate variability   digital strategy   national governments   new regulations   business opportunities   institutional capacity   urban mechanics   datum collection   combine plant   large lead   social opportunities   global standing   onestop shop   external openness   significant challenges   immediate returns   cityscale governments   capital budget   concern state   infrastructure value   integrate projects   rank issues   computeraided dispatch   limit flow   original functions   economic fabric   les cities   sustainable goals   national growth   information technology   develop risks   traditional boundaries   transparent process   inclusive development   risk sharingmitigation   last decades   local communities   union policies   national government   transformation programmes   external relationships   different formats   localize crises   wastewate plant   key principles   rapid decentralization   deputy mayor   ppp simulation   demographic change   public space   special emphasis   different maps   good news   inefficient structures   executive committee   innovative strategies   smart chattanooga   social characteristics   disconnect communities   such ad   integrate plan   green space   various channels   public confidence   heritage values   subsequent revision25   free flow   narrow roads   key projects   global survey   ping resources   overall saving   integrate administrations   legal framework   limit engagement   urban process   disparate pieces   close watch   gap risks   traditional methods   good practices   grid location   physical efficiency   advance computing   local taxes   datum efficiency   economic character   vulnerable populations   external suppliers   aspirational goal   political risks   fund model   operational efficiency   proactive engagement   sustainable outcomes   basic survey   sustainable projects   external stakeholders   real time   bottom line   significant investment   necessary investment   independent partner   chief officer   direct losses   view discussions   main regulators   civil society   great awareness   massive urbanization   market solutions   pedestrian mall   different process   policymaking planning   economic development   public service   clean sanitation   longterm contract   demographic challenges   city governments   new opportunities   operational expertise   sufficient charges   magda framework   local network   think tank   underlie infrastructure   internal capacity   industrialize forms   new investments   elderly education   religious beliefs   such projects   country economies   soft skills   predictable regime   coherent narrative   domain teams   welfare bodies   capital fund   interim results   investment environment   socioeconomic advances   increase share   right balance   legal architecture   speedy restoration   digital ones   high rate   indispensable assets   locallevel generation   urban operations   multiple departments   traditional frameworks   continuous training   circular economy   urban economy   technological ability   local services   city society   costly misunderstandings   challenge issues   efficient regime   competitive dialogue   sense sector   human capital   reuse cities   urban systems   maximum transformation   different technologies   infrastructure culture   public partnership   new issues   contractual obligations   development goals   flood management   multiple boundaries   city cities   lifestylerelated diseases   city development   subsequent success   urban domain   geographic concentration   define project   unknown city   equal partner   disruptive innovation   clear boundaries   positive image   policymaking cycle   action engagement   leader cities   unplanned development   remote cities   urban areas   intelligent transport   comprehensive platform   reduce costs   enable environment   few resources   academic institutions   technology infusion   traditional silos   many others   smart technology   new challenges   permit change   basic reuse   big solution   regulatory frameworks   feasible solutions   active waters   stimulus tracker   realistic kpis   sovereign funds   more benefits   additional capabilities   mobile world   proper term   triple line   adequate mechanism   enough flexibility   share economy   social development   transnational companies   farsighted goal   street app   individual transactions   social segregation   decentralize power   reliable resolution   conciliatory function   first city   development plans   global footprint   city administrations   suboptimal allocation   poor infrastructure   top cities   last resort   early prerequisites   key stages   aspirational goals   nimble institutions   political consideration   framework solutions   work environments   regulatorsdispute resolution   holistic approach   large industries   key considerations   individual governments   first phase   national level   major provider   mobile health   administrative bodies   small sector   longterm interest   mature system   key resilience   distinctive contexts   dead assets   personal standards   smart cities   formal channels   infrastructure solutions   organization society   ecological preservation   large augmentation   greenhouse gases   enforce regulation   overall room   huge numbers   agile delivery   such datasets   natural resources   collaborative mindset   leadership commitment   network events   social groups   severe consequences   automatic plate   inadequate partnerships   regional governments   first country   secure funding   early initiatives   global cooperation   extraordinary successes   functional services   rapid pace   finance tif   key issues   unprecedented urbanization   entire cycle   various actors   integrate planning   increase resilience   deep example   robust measures   difficult tradeoffs   social aspects   same time   specific charges   economic prosperity   public body   great transparency   good people   sustainable centric   open spaces   commercial heart   financial model   relevant programmes   creator developers   national regulators   various groups   power supply   experience team   adjoin areas   new technology   default position   exogenous changes   road usage   good planning   late date   new development   political risk   effective model   urban figure   lengthy process   last years   additional infrastructure   dense structures   urban population   primary care   technical expertise   citizencentric government   same resources   industrial valley   general laws   major transformation   great opportunity   commensurate rewards   cultural characteristics   diverse population   senior partner   extreme events   technical talent   smart nation   local economy   businessfriendly environment   project design   important characteristics   plan infrastructure   affordable housing   sustainable unhabitat   outsource cities   central focus   own right   urban rationality   commensurate increase   small parts   global value   informal economy   economic rationale   inclusive city   bilateral institutions   different parameters   development platform   increase availability   realtime information   international community   distant infrastructure   brand development   fragment governance   central district   local community   modular sensor   economic value   judicial risks   late network   several aspects   revenue streams   open platform   metro project   datadriven decisions   financial crises   geographical boundaries   21st century   massive courses   change circumstances   multiple building   multiple agencies   urban design   lead companies   vulnerable section   foreign exchange   diverse fabric   urban technology   various scenarios   adequate freedom   weak institutions   encompass sectors   collaborative approach   decisionmaker leaders   new approaches   public spending   develop world   single system   boundary setter   national act   long time   operational monitoring   different domains   urban structures   complex problems   future cities   select standards   social policies   increase segregation   competitive incentives   alternate ways   environmental resource   crossdomain approach   capital investment   press release   local tank   judicial risk   project success   disruptive models   new paradigm   adaptive structure   fast lane   city management   alone stand   thrive city   private partnerships   scale agility   urban cities   develop countries   good compensation   transport location   multiple hats   national policies   bid conditions   good opportunity   feasibility check   build environment   independent regulator   management efficiency   electronic cards   urban productivity   permanent panels   bump app   local conditions   social inclusion   digital collaboration   available options   federal stimulus   grid chattanooga   financial burden   secure buyin   several cities   open analytics   concentrate effort   run cities   appropriate ordinances   geographical location   regional government   city strategies   key indicators   local governments   rudimentary services   increase cooperation   high capital   such issues   agree products   such capital   dynamic mechanism   infrastructural components   physical wellbeing   service9 example   minimum cost   compulsory contributions   budgetary constraints   municipal financing   meticulous planning   private partnership   wide footprint   unforeseen circumstances   clear responsibilities   successful startups   minimal effort   operational model   geographical systems   new trend   management processes   balance allocation   important challenges   foreign investment   public services   career opportunities   immediate information   urban issues   global chains   internal procedures   desire transformation   economic policies   sense location   next level   economy infrastructure   economic growth   urban landscape   standardize cities   technology infrastructure   information gap   current levels   high consumption   many regulations   project strategy   significant role   tifrelated flows   increase competitiveness   location genus   urban innovations   buyin government   elect bodies   major challenges   open courses   desire output   general right   control mechanisms   large corporations   distinctive characters   high education   civic employees   socio development   single point   transport system   flemish government   recognize institution   community consultation   new prospects   surround environment   geographical footprint   valueadded services   excess capacities   multilayered experiences   seamless coordination   management methods   adequate forum   increase privatesector   live one6   large areas   competitive edge   dynamic landscape   consultation process   rejuvenation programmes   intelligent platforms   privatesectorinitiated actions   digital connectivity   dublinked initiative   private collaboration   mental wellbeing   general jurisdiction   increase populations   operational expenditures   noncontroversial projects   political business   regional development   cit applications   good opportunities   right user   complete check   functional teams   essential infrastructure   infrastructure development   stimulus funds   due diligence   great participation   governance structure   innovative use   top challenges   right process   new context   source taxes   waste recycling   follow phases   prevalent circumstances   legal consequences   calculate risks   interest companies   follow characteristics   right partnerships   project figure   immediate needs   organizational structure   various goals   collect toll   efficient way   concentrate efforts   dead asset   public servant   sufficient budget   scalable infrastructure   productive hours   overseas funds   intense competition   city agencies   character figure   participate cities   nofew linkages   domestic banks   regional challenges   dynamic tolling   parcel size   improve standards   online courses   private players   separate systems   long term   desire outcomes   key services   inadequate devolution   primary centre   social fabric   profitable projects   master plans   public policy   projectspecific revenue   vary requirements   full sector   wide range   public process   particular integration   public collaboration   physical aspects   national administration   national legislation   chronic stress   community bodies   blood pressure   exist buildings   liveable city   integrate structures   stabilize effect   inefficient decisions   awareness internet   public resources   facilitate access   principal consultant   equal access   information budgets   implementation operation   intelligent systems   global world   big analytics   service visits   global landscape   solid framework   many vehicles   critical factor   improve interoperability   key forum   delivery example   vision setter   development plan   overall policies   eid health   distribute capacity   particular risk   strict timeframe   key highlights   longterm needs   bankable study   few linkages   local support   general stability   moral behaviour   rural areas   decentralize solutions   collaborative process   accessible city   visionary leadership   follow goals   timeliness reliability   measure pace   rural communities   personal transport   environmental sustainability   traditional ways   benchmark parameters   cloudbased model   energygenerating operations   late century   international development   budget commitments   equity investments   high consensus   datum exchange   onceonly collection   positive attitude   industrial office   tax tif   economic conditions   external experts   landbased value   system processes   city goals   major advances   datum analytics   public acceptance   demographic analysis   institutional development   rural area   global issues   service benchmarks   civic bodies   leverage technology   private vendors   economic adversity   private vehicle   belt bodies   industry experts   international projects   social benefits   important measures   agile city   key challenge   improve quality   reduce output   responsible organizations   public entities   social good   new way   specialize innovation   open architecture   lowdensity arrangements   conducive environment   economic characters   sense technologies   local administrations   exist sources   policy distortions   inherent risks   project execution   urban operation   urban realm   strategic projects   fulfill experience   sustainable characteristics   reliable services   social safety   available evidence   external factors   information flow   city plan   financial interest   digital integration   cybersecurity cities   require scale   unique characteristics   regulation financing   time overcrowding   distinctive characteristics   good value   little chance   water sector   urban expansion   urban populations   holistic strategy   global mindset   nonprofit organizations   ambient conditions   urban residents   implement projects   inadequate returns   local contexts   forthcoming demands   balance schedule   suburban structures   different stakeholders   large projects   private academia   ppp strategies   urban institutions   elderly care   critical mass   rigorous management   distinct character   international organizations   different platforms   waste capacity   scenario cities   increase awareness   isolate elements   high quality   local administration   efficient services   physical structures   adaptable platforms   preemptive services   municipal waste   vendor lockins   populate agglomerations   differential pricing   incentivebased regulation   industry confidence   great needs   policy decision   financial health   development trajectory   heavy investment   special abilities   desire benefits   similar strategy   precede stages   poor management   social benefit   city administration   rural migration   financial sustainability   close issues   lead role   environmental administrations   multiple entities   technological capabilities   anticorruption standards   acquisi tion   adequate devolution   efficient use   private provisioning   effective management   appropriate action   coastal flooding   specific domains   ing number   limit access   emerge concerns   economic competiveness   equitable development   restoration process   good practice   shortterm problems   incremental application   service delivery   personal level   extreme circumstances   private land   overall solution   issue leaders   grid health   effective delivery   emerge technologies   numerous challenges   current generation   multiple sources   les modes   devoid policies   performance indicators   functional competence   independent resolution   green infrastructure   inspire cities   multiple scenarios   mobile device   wellinformed risks   doublesided networks   perceive transformation   technology solutions   social economy   public realm   financial commitments   institutional setup   energyconsuming facility   private enterprises   local industryworkforce   economic model   unstable conditions   digital infrastructure   local talent   revenuegenerating opportunities   analytic solution   complementary skills   urban spaces   many cities   inadequate lack   average time   internal issues   urban governance   immense value   intelligent scene   service providers   development consents   past years   global economy   digital initiatives   agile structure   sustainable access   economic opportunity   open platforms   regulatory decisions   right size   transformation technology   easy access   silverbullet solution   worldwide example   deploy sensors   global population   mix configurations   similar characteristics   efficient provision   current population   city transformation   public asset   realtime insights   release information   smart solution   entire phase   emerge city   siloed planning   development lack   local requirements   global players   execution cities   legal action   easy substitution   various domains   welldefined process   hour availability   senior representatives   investment standards   future city   separate projects   joint ventures   transport network   response capacity   suit party   entire risks   urban poverty   management styles   leadership team   transformation projects   sense project   urban policies   siloed function   institutional level   environment team   economic boundaries   technology lever   compact city   incumbent providers   supplementary taxes   future scenarios   close polices   private entrepreneurs   many factors   exist revenue   smart grid   technologyenabled regulations   flexible mechanisms   available information   prioritization delivery   social infrastructure   grid network   large impact   develop solutions   entire chain   weak signals   urban area   right person   mix space   prompt resolution   institutional issues   develop partnerships   basic services   effective structure   unique set   international rules   robust demand   forest visual   personal commitment   ordinance revision   attractive assets   global challenges   future infrastructure   ethical conduct   price regulation   public transport   urban context   geographic system   vary interests   bettersuited mode   infrastructure infrastructure   longerterm burden   ambient situations   predictable way   quality infrastructure   green transition   consistent application   social dimensions   more devolution   digital platforms   such drainage   social issues   crucial role   commercial office   datadriven applications   urban planning   budget allocations   singlemind approach   integrate vision   largescale projects   executive cities   unenforceable decisions   preparation funding   urban forest   different roles   strong technologies   action stability   outcome example   unify vision   urban system   revisit regulations   innovative applications   seamless interaction   nonpartisan alignment   several factors   permit process   physical systems   uninterrupted access   urban forum   current infrastructure   sound model   urban domains   lane project   judiciary measures   top technologies   government departments   public financing   short agenda   main providers   such phases   wwwkldkenglish consultancyservices   common cities   timely experts   overall vision   new mechanisms   visual representation   information systems   far model   development contributions   require agility   flexible styles   rapid rate   reduce efficiency   provider regulation   external expertise   accurate delivery   optimize awareness   strong commitment   plan extensions   basic needs   lead operator   various sources   precede arguments   physical culture   recent years   close links   subsidiary plans   user charges   challenge sensors   regulatory aspects   available capacity   maximum sharing   sustainable relationship   failsafe silverbullet   urban regeneration   intelligent analysis   skill development   move vehicles   dire need   exist level   competitive industryworkforce   suboptimal devolution   urban agglomeration   transformative journey   proactive measures   locallevel cities   tangible outcomes   each1 cities   fund taxes   dynamic pricing   direct investment   risk allocation   infrastructure reuse   independent consultant   weather events   unplanned structures   insufficient ability   capacity programmes   urban dwellers   local anxieties   political cycle   public communication   infrastructure governance   economic cooperation   integrate discussions   common purpose   specific laws   integrate cities   green development   dutch system   mobilebased location   demographic changes   new dwellers   governmentinitiated actions   current model   organic growth   public safety   expert panels   human services   organizational culture   intensive use   public sectors   global stage   irregular sizes   technical scope   external dependency   future hold   new infrastructure   rate tolls   smart spaces   free trade   inclusive engagement   business environment   industrial system   commercial building   great transformation   several agencies   regular operations   inappropriate use   government functions   easy exchange   urban mobility   responsive accountability   special vehicle   standard set   land bank   advance wellbeing   great extent   joint initiatives   strategic steps   advance education   les funding   reduce alternatives   exist infrastructure   domestic sources   comprehensive policies   increase source   complex choices   old stereotypes   service system   unique solutions   datum transparency   key regulations   regulatory risk   key questions   target regulation   functional team   private finance   functional education   statement budgets   urban scale   taxpayer concerns   important role   political stability   share language   certain stages   share principle   political leadership   enable context   periodic basis   smooth experience   regulatory framework   orient model   transformation figure   urban investment   limit resources   various levels   infrastructure example   public issues   define plan   social objectives   increase demands   multiple silos   climate change   success cities   effective system   single industry   service cities   inherent mistrust   global gdp   urban world   vibrant city   differential rates   such simulations   far investment   outsource contract   use space   appropriate resources   international institution   peak infrastructure   community risks   initial focus   increase population   permit area   interactive boxes   administrative entities   standardization requirements   residential office   competitive landscape   change scenarios   many problems   ethical leadership   sustainable cities   exist resources   hoc events   online feedback   general rule   such cases   minimum size   construction permits   present generations   ownership models   social demographics   impair ability   regulatory safeguards   city services   finance legitimacy   new technologies   urban initiatives   impact government   public policies   joint venture   specialize training   revenue flows   innovative models   public stakeholders   public spaces   sustainable expansion   defacto city   urban chain   local system   constructive conversation   national levels   communication channels   digital officer   rain gauges   unethical practices   environmental pollution   human settlements   economy transformation   right scale   government bodies   project talent   social services   web access   green culture   technology solution   clean water   various regions   integrate solutions   new projects   public budgets   central city   past couple   continuous development   urban value   endogenous sources   neighbourhood streets   instant associations   crucial roles   agile standards   integrate services   situational awareness   contractual framework   emerge economies   such channels   drive efficiency   collaborative power   adequate space   old neighbourhood   inclusive societies   political champions   bilateral organizations   public value   disparate building   good responses   physical security   new bonds   wwwidagovsgtechscene newssmartnationvision   individual vehicles   rudimentary battling   investments17 data   personnel expertise   organizational levels   common ones   local associations   environmental management   potential cities   various sectors   various entities   various users   key enabler   urban experts   economic analysis   environmental protection   beautiful waters   scalable cities   rudimentary cities   agile project   urban demands   functional city   1100metre mall   challenge section   private sectors   special status   very opportunities   economic opportunities   inclusive partnerships   many areas   urban agglomerations   hard infrastructure   simple regulations   cultural exchange   private society   social cohesion   initial grants   unethical behaviour   unnecessary consumption   new monum   poor governance   current patterns   economic city   identify practice   procurement process   flexible mindset   website visual   national capacities   continuous process   progressive technology   reliable integration   city model   several standards   bankable projects   social sustainability   technology icts   financial designs   regulate appointment   low usage   infrastructure augmentation   social reform   strong leadership   adjunct professor   sustainable development   transparent governments   mislead information   assetspecific regulation   adequate streams   responsibili ties   holistic check   open manner   midcourse corrections   likely consideration   free commuter   plan development   enhance interaction   special attention   light poles   natural disasters   environment infrastructure   smart city   service regulations   key talent   good cities   public affairs   necessary information   specific initiatives   cybersecurity experts   serious impact   customercentricity sustainability   key sensors   financial resources   executive officer   legal check   local government   regulatory hurdles   infrastructure steps   law institutions   more services   public sector   project consideration   local model   environmental community   competitive example   different levels   international city   key characteristics   local environments   integrate data   aspiration vision   environmental degradation   land use   connectivity infrastructure   plan operation   limit acceptance   specialize services   prevalent regulation   business models   adequate resources   political will   intelligent platform   sustainable city   transparent communication   asian countries   regular basis   city administrators   green economy   common risks   good guarantees   financial capital   vulnerable sections   people solutions   lead body   close analysis   sustainable infrastructure   new frontier   regulatory changes   nongovernmental organizations   urban projects   private providers   develop capacity   manage cities   necessary outcomes   own capacity   external support   important aspects   good provider   citizen business   unregulated rules   top priority   economic characteristics   equality transparency   demandsupply gaps   aspirational outcomes   traditional style   good datasets   legal frameworks   new website   aspirational needs   travel time   maximum potential   citys brand   integrate approach   future receipt   small businesses   important component   metropolitan government   possible extent   price system   basic member   australian government   reliable manner   low return   economic recovery   infrastructure laws   more risks   datum security   car ownership   specialize tasks   possible options   generational opportunity   active participation   new vision   substantial revenue   large gaps   welldeveloped projects   collaborate cities   virtual payments   participation planning   urban development   governance structures   such effort   acute shock   individual capacity   privatesector actions   available expertise   adequate participation   common platform   various dimensions   economic aspects   digital services   public engagement   crosssector process   close consideration   structure process   leverage leaders   flemish services   right mix   mobility infrastructure   few places26   relevant parameters   investmentready framework   regional level   good access   new modes   select considerations   common challenges   public concerns   economic strength   civic officials   new initiative   flemish region   increase transparency   nua model   urban services   rigid plans   environmental clearances   good way   sensitive pricing   future models   gatewayapproval process   social status   cultural aspects   acute shortages   high risk   urban infrastructure   efficient operations   single policy   similar solutions   emerge trends   judicial pyramid   last decade   favourable environment   critical enablers   multiple channels   own sector   rigorous process   innovative one   icts icts   accelerate partnerships   thrive environment   indepth patterns   holistic view   understandable format   private municipality   share data   political parties   lesser transformation   follow technologies   global leadership   robust processes   social relationships   humanitarian operations   project costs   longterm tab   local consultation   adverse health   resolution mechanism   digital channels   bank investments   urban financing   webfacilitated clubs   source forum   green belts   mutual understanding   rapid changes   such partnerships   informal dwellings   top issues   administrative obligations   strong support   citizen health   agile way   detrimental effect   extreme inland   large volume   difficult matters   risk change   urban programmes   quick wins   new businesses   city view   migrant population   judicial corruption   precarious hillsides   important topic   urban patterns   opendata strategies   revenue generation   improve delivery   substantial importance   governance model   challenge challenges   outcomebased contracts   dormant capacity   transformative source   stakeholder engagement   timely intervention   follow constraints   such problems   sector entrepreneurs   foreign talent   innovative mechanisms   affordable supply   judicial system   paper forms   outright rejection   adequate talent   technologyenabled fibre   new expertise   pleasant place   grow power   spatial scale   technological solutions   urban project   multiple challenges   structure data   local borrowing   test bankability   real estate   rudimentary city   smart phones   scarce cities   city government   urban visual   combine population   eid cards   many countries   effective mechanisms   digital capabilities   reduce usage   psychological state   essential needs   future vision   standalone applications   large area   commercial links   particular cities   increase reliance   global context   core strategies   feedback loop   condition data   share zones   infrastructure mitigation   common language   urban management   grow use   effort results   high expectations   city operations   financial arrangements   metropolitan plans   rapid urbanization   massive datasets   different walks   large tracts   multilateral organizations   source risks   urban rejuvenation   third rules   lead times   good management   water conditions   action items   key levers   urban growth   right incentives   project example   urban challenge   navigate change   high migration   various levers   key outcomes   participate parties   relevant structures   disruptive governments   national budget   substantial savings   financial analysts   necessary infrastructure   master plan   increase demand   water programmes   innovative solutions   efficient spaces   common standards   share vision   immediate feedback   development projects   administrative areas   efficient administration   global benchmarks   effective transparency   human resources   urban environment   window system   regulation engagement   departmental silos   global cities   core operations   scalable approach   trust example   appropriate mechanisms   cross teams   stable environment   utility corridors   seldomused goods   mixups standards   urban studies   functional meeting   effective structures   ambient scenarios   result savings   municipal authorities   diminish value   compliance service   apt example   mobile application   defacto boundary   technologyenabled grid   manage director   inner cores   realtime data   voluntary fees   several projects   deprecate cores   mobile app   collective solutions   wide regulations   coordinate use   ecological footprint   landscape transformation   long tenure   environmental impact   senior consultant   clear rolesresponsibilities   exist service   knowledge legitimacy   budget constraints   key choices   ppp approach   service failure   available resources   prepare instuons   citizen privacy   auckland transport   publicprivate partnerships   balance accomplishment   isolate perspectives   plan city   reform civilsociety   economically means   judicial trigger   issue cities
Actions:   procure goods   require investment   prepare forum   consider impact   generate view   attract visitors   build scanning   provide highlights   shape octdec   implement talent   achieve rejuvenation   implement strategies   use reforms   establish process   attract cities   reach partnerships   integrate bodies   reconsider them   deliver journey   shape cities   identify issues   determine charges   save lives16   unleash capacity   connect business   gain knowledge   gain benefits   leverage chattanooga   accelerate adoption   follow that   change mode   accelerate scaleup   enhance management   resolve issues   accelerate procedure   predict scenarios   reverse trend   provide impetus   consume resources   reduce risk   help funds   implement platform   shoji corporation   focus steps   encourage spending   outsource processes   accommodate models   strengthen characteristics   tarnish phase   take time   adopt modes   spend states   structure them   test contracts   establish processes   embrace cyberworld   handle number   separate funding   create plans   tie outcomes   save costs   leave them   support distributor   pursue management   promote centralization   recover relationships   simulate scenarios   cut losses   provide freedom   provide language   require changes   introduce technologies   take expertise   enhance ability   evaluate benefits   need reassurance   develop policy   impact growth   enjoy reputation   develop visual   make contribution   adopt standards   address basics   use realm   improve efficiency   improve acceptance   find use   introduce hlrm   lead goal   deploy infrastructure   plan data   use solutions   deliver use   benchmark performance   share goods   identify risks   create need   provide experience   bar interaction   transfer investment   affect cities   zoning development   use language   prevent lockins   smartconnected city   create municipalities   understand models   employ data   costsaving industries   attract businesses   fund government   access infrastructure   keep communication   change economy   use technology   provide issues   establish a   adopt principles   ensure success   see environments   equip resources   create flow   implement programs   apply charges   advocate city   balance risks   redeploy resources   start journey   increase engagement   create platform   identify outcomes   adopt practices   open centre   cover departments   manage cities   address reasons   address demands   enable management   manage fluctuations   thrive funds   facilitate conversation   offer results   define cities   shape technologies   include corridors   update them   award example   distribute purpose   provide investors   minimize wastage   offer guarantees   use innovation   reduce risks   strengthen levers   convert assets   create fund   achieve advances   initiate opportunities   retain interest   navigate decision   articulate concerns   include years   share transparency   support management   shape research   govern plans   visit stages   provide cities   limit use   bring economies   create schedule   implement institutions   transform governance   convert hectares   build cities   develop set   monitor benefits   reach commitment   develop jointventurespartnerships   promote growth   improve standard   put providers   fail example   attract revenue   present opportunity   change population   include making   plan development   provide application   drive approach   use websites   rebuild trust   sell practices   initiate set   take privatization   develop simulation   monitor change   shape relations   carry projects   encourage communities   create relationship   gather feedback   follow model   improve operations   adopt regulations   carve bodies   promote use   use infrastructure   adopt techniques   enforce standards   analyse volume   adopt strategies   invite you   create office   define opportunities   prevent floods   equip organizations   give information   dominate economies   improve internet   underplanning structures   play role   plan footprint   benchmark themselves   accelerate partnerships   take action   develop vision   repay sources   entail boundaries   give opportunity   encourage innovation   iot analytics   improve streets   deliver failure   bridge gap   bring agility   reach levels   resolve many   sense technologies   implement solution   inhibit capacity   highlight structure   shape national   scan environment   charge motorists   receive recognition   face segregation   attract solutions   leave residents   exclude sector   develop reputation   develop model   set kpis   set goal   develop regulation   witness successes   improve design   form partnerships   boost competitiveness   navigate journey   establish standards   provide ccid   accelerate development   identify champions   propose devolution   analyse scenarios   describe policies   call cab   experience growth   bear 45   allow size   use regulations   aggregate data   create context   facilitate cooperation   comprise mayors   achieve mix   improve safety   address fears   change system   earn acceptance   have representation   define purpose   shape roadmap   experience stress   realize step   obtain insights   take risks   enhance revenue   develop evidence   implement tenets   adopt regulation   demandbased triggers   segregate responsibilities   address requirements   need mix   ease restriction   create jv   take that   monetize it   report soliciting   plan environment   include tolls   link charges   pursue check   enhance streams   commit framework   ing institutions   leave government   add interoperability   nurture assets   define mechanism   inspire cities   adopt way   hub availability   save 100   give ownership   address issues   develop tank   do cities   dominate century   monitor rates   enable delivery   require corrections   develop reuse   enhance cooperation   identify uniqueness   develop policies   include risks   develop industryworkforce   enable interaction   provide example   address investment   drive change   translate those   address need   shape model   support decisionmaking   stimulate market   provide view   improve provision   outsources activities   accept them   provide governments   create tool   get fundamentals   involve citizens   launch service   retain capital   develop strategies   develop champions   approach urbanization   find niche   influence team   offer cities   sustain distortions   use 60   encounter challenges   plan cities   ease concerns   set skills   avoid rejection   communicate boundaries   manage finances   follow progress   smartconnected courbanize   bring it   lead absence   implement projects   expedite permits   reflect culture   monitor sector   take availability   improve cities   provide community   obtain feedback   provide information   address changes   face difficulties   learn bank   pick projects   leave homes   apply model   replicate initiatives   empower governments   maintain schedules   include constraints   create bank   allocate funds   affect bodies   identify scale   find difficulties   pursue research   transfer data   reinforce example   leverage expertise   disseminate information   congratulate wef   avoid contamination   resolve disputes   address cities   define components   forge links   increase business   mature understanding   increase transformation   exert influence   recommend approach   embrace technology   formulate plan   expand principle   enhance collaboration   showcase one   cost euros   benefit community   apply rates   energize organizations   enable government   find way   retain taxes   attract roadmap   create friction   shape future   emphasize sustainability   enable generation   prevent visits   improve response   define city   cover interest   tackle leaders   drive realization   conduct 25   address concerns   deliver competitiveness   stimulate progress   create structures   weigh risk   increase legitimacy   share seoul   change development   selfsustaining singapore   help business   push take   strengthen economy   manage city   procure software   offer flexibility   make associations   avoid effluents   facilitate communication   demandbased pricing   train decisions   monitor impact   use gis   witness inflow   adopt principle   use panels   reduce segregation   involve vehicletoinfrastructure   reshape world   provide companies   offer capacity   use city   gather information   favour arrangements   create government   adopt businessfriendly   identify figure   recognize need   fix problem   accommodate planning   shape access   preempt situations   reimagine cbd   provide skills   finance projects   provide tenders   offer frame   demonstrate accomplishment   enhance safety   provide loan   provide mechanism   involve companies   change models   ensure reliability   engage universities   obtain government   facilitate mobility   promote mindset   determine kpis   negotiate contracts   address organizations   engage academics   enable it   make effort   lack infrastructure   achieve benefits   amalgamate framework   offer residents   need support   process data   hold value   use platforms   adopt styles   reduce concerns   meet demand   second forum   empower employees   detect range   pursue readiness   take cities   shape trajectory   analysis analytics   enable exchange   offer infrastructure   embrace opportunities   distribute capital   cover aspects   develop inhouse   set goals   transform delivery   maintain example   face adversity   improve ability   require partnerships   convert administration   achieve quality   energize organization   address that   assume position   give status   enable residents   programme enterprise   achieve cities   promote transparency   resolve events   finance regulations   enable collection   improve communities   require will   consider projects   migration events   balance sues   inspire innovate   deliver outcomes   identify dna   develop system   bring agencies   recognize power   facilitate integration   integrate recycling   set example   revisit priorities   see opportunity   promote cities   shape conclusion   enhance delivery   desire propensity   open systems   overlook basics   use systems   require experts   make choices   develop infrastructure   provide permits   develop technology   increase variability   mobilize resources   attract resources   balance internal   provide training   prompt motorists   impact regulation   use channels   exclude those   win projects   diminish gaps   attract people   take advantage   change way   secure vision   equip development   affect changes   win augmentation   use app   address change   asses efficiency   ease anxieties   provide functions   take view   plan leisure   appenabled booking   affect change   fund development   achieve more   speed process   underpin standards   displace strategy   pursue civilsociety   break silos   apply bankability   include planet   use sector   use standards   adopt needs   undertake exercise   change processes   enable rerouting   lead lack   build awareness   precede steps   encourage officials   participate cities   add people   develop network   voice opinion   shift use   create institutions   inhibit growth   impact consultation   capture boundaries   support governments   achieve objective   measure pressure   nonbinding panels   involve organizations   trigger urbanization   transform plant   speed adoption   leapfrog stages   take responsibility   evaluate alternatives   facilitate identification   turn streetlights   develop trust   build brand   develop communities   identify means   scale municipalities   create experience   play focus   promote businesses   perform task   develop programs   iot internet   use opportunity   facilitate standards   combine office   dominate opportunity   reduce extent   propel cities   enforce example   improve image   represent frontier   impact project   cement strategies   require platforms   seek interaction   select officials   indicate neighbourhood   develop applications   use cities   give example   plan funding   capture contributions   plague policies   expect transformation   address engagement   promote exchange   define regulations   battle cores   use analysis   conduct itself   integrate internet   detail genus   preserve values   exhibit that   seek consensus   enable understanding   develop workforce   move people   encourage delivery   mail framework   manage provisioning   attract players   use capacity   report issues   prevent change   obtain permits   cut emissions   gain expertise   announce initiative   join us   carry ties   face constraints   implement chattanooga   share ideas   communicate ambitions   include investments   need upgrading   monitor projects   standardize foundation   spur transformation   drive data   adopt system   understand patterns   enhance efficiency   levy taxes   use lever   implement sharing   affect figure   deploy solution   rend car   define role   spend tool   show you   experience crises   develop culture   close gap   add value   undertake journey   gather signals   foster mindset   establish right   provide representation   share city   give tenure   delay project   improve awareness   help poor   create environment   generate rewards   prevent bribery   establish society   impact infrastructure   enable maps   use that   smartconnected department   use data   govern them   create regulations   attract financing   sense conditions   ensure point   use model   optimize usage   scale number   develop specialists   facilitate trade   average peaks   enhance transparency   use levers   include leaders   encourage partnerships   implement development   develop framework   attain balance   adopt technology   provide environment   establish mechanism   achieve that   focus vision   overcome section   integrate domains   show issues   face challenge   improve management   adopt strategy   create opportunities   break stereotypes   infuse life   span cities   recycle issues   provision services   lead phases   engage sector   exert types   promote applications   guarantee scalability   rely ngos   fulfil setter   enable consistency   strengthen initiatives   enhance services   capture data   govern it   enable cities   enable leaders   show perception   achieve balance   deliver value   create legacy   require planning   engage ngos   revitalize economies   elicit level   embed technology   reserve part   smartconnected systems   formulate regulations   make amendments   exhibit characteristics   drive technologies   nurture talent   execute projects   wear hats   require submission   support development   learn principles   ensure compliance   exhibit agility   rise exposure   adopt meeting   provide opportunities   emphasize access   surround city   address challenges   enhance cities   reinvent wheel   reduce overcrowding   encourage cities   undergo c   apply sharingmitigation   allocate dispose   close loop   provide documents   allow substitution   raise quality   meet objectives   expand opportunities   monitor experts   decisionmake health   win need   raise risk   address conduct   pay charges   prioritize goals   manage expectations   include transport   acknowledge diversity   facilitate transparency   incentivizes providers   document results   lead technology   recycle prepare   rethink role   enable team   evaluate prospects   manage benefits   provide solutions   lead migration   hub issues   impact chain   implement laws   demonstrate leadership   comprise representatives   achieve outcomes   handle increas   exercise mechanisms   consider infrastructure   use ict   design policies   develop projects   enforceable adherence   seek financing   raise concerns   fund governance   use tolling   achieve objectives   create image   evaluate mitigation   shape issues   involve tion   play that   revise revision   take concerns   close source   conduct sounding   enable sharing   apply regulation   realize goals   add dimensions   encourage adoption   review borrowing   redefine dna   improve benchmarks   single challenges   deliver services   make decisions   enable administrators   enhance trust   devise planning   develop regulations   impact rights   collate data   encompass aspects   embark cities   develop economies   equip them   drive emergence   create example   benchmark cities   fund project   collect data   address governance   tap potential   disrupt way   exacerbate issues   build platform   establish extremes   establish port   distribute information   endorse use   overcome challenges   identify problems   grow risks   resolve them   monitor city   convert facility   identify consents   deliver 2014   enable city   drive responses   map height   correlate functions   ensure intervention   live work   widen levels   streamline flow   need motivation   provide dashboard   prospect revision   perform diligence   provide feedback   facilitate predominance   facilitate establishment   evaluate ways   increase relevance   drive figure   manage sector   optimize resources   improve transport   reinvigorate economy   cut availability   revisit phase   enable access   thrive fundamentals   inhibit transformation   reduce gases   convert mall   highlight benefits   tackle legitimacy   drive success   use cards   perform tasks   desire stability   reduce efficiency   include applications   attract capital   turn vulnerability   prevent mistrust   structure project   facilitate planning   create climate   reduce need   avoid cities   understand system   give attention   provide services   develop methods   save money   shape engagement   identify standards   wave toll   finance advisory   help measure   eliminate forms   learn more   pay attention   address domains   attract talent   create projects   ensure funding   meet needs   link platforms   ensure environment   emerge owing   improve state   use icts   create legitimacy   establish structures   pave way   enable stakeholders   require process   inspire implement   standardize approach   establish framework   bring what   fix problems   provide that   establish accountability   get shop   adopt means   plan plan   span boundaries   create challenges   monitor scope   provide incentives   establish character   develop domains   cover sectors   support release   allocate them   reduce losses   increase transparency   collect switch   follow path   achieve saving   enhance figure   bring developers   create plan   increase increase   create mechanism   sense internet   transform themselves   underlie causes   deliver capacities   exchange data   identify challenges   accept some   adopt data   plan construction   access services   guarantee 44   reduce emissions   analysis condition   enhance norm   perceive extent   provide access   change regulations   embrace innovation   develop cities   establish secretariat   dedicate flows   help cities   enable responses   reduce time   compromise needs   conceive transchacao   approach habitat   require commitment   develop employees   award consideration   identify solutions   provide list   favour solutions   include delays   strengthen use   shape enablers   cover challenges   grant funding   engage stakeholders   grant consents   create term   use models   redefine fabric   govern regulations   include awareness   see transparentcity   use proceeds   save million   support administrations   recycle capital   address risks   achieve following   debtbased financing   target wins   propel journey   take initiatives   achieve transparency   try approaches   undertake projects   enhance stability   address 35   mobilize expertise   drive growth   take process   embrace regulations   policymaking 1   bring capabilities   forge bonds   analyse indicators   adopt paradigm   offer product   manage consumption   provide grants   publish budgets   address challenge   adopt frameworks   design programmes   capture revenue   address needs   create products   formulate experts   expect no   enable development   develop plans   drive development   offer services   close governments   give consideration   address stability   promote economy   s challenges   provide bodies   sense location   avoid emission   build environment   leverage solutions   build capacity   give emphasis   maximize value   shape risks   sense japan   improve delivery   enhance competitiveness   require understanding   achieve example   learn needs   combine data   adopt linkages   develop transformation   penalize behaviour   deliver leaders   standardize rules   operate network   reduce capacity   drive technology   allocate budgets   implement programmes   develop ability   manage service   develop cohesion   evaluate example   maintain transparency   identify cities   tackle them   implement architecture   develop programmes   follow rollout   solve sensors   incline s   cover range   meet infrastructure   ensure safeguards   meet kpis   showcase results   include cities   engage bodies   leverage think   offer platform   minimize standards   bring numbers   regard conditions   lead board   bring people   explain tradeoffs   limit adoption   attract investment   create confidence   welldesigned strategies   bypass cities   escalate costs   sustain growth   integrate services   reduce disruptions   keep watch   create tracker   safeguard privacy   use power   pick practices   accelerate delivery   assemble team   keep pace   create culture   accomplish act   avoid danger   affect community   ducing number   enhance capacity   meet example   cover each   channel investment   help communities   change segregation   provide channel   create vision   create value   solve problems   enhance line   engage citizens   improve one   govern use   use information   prevent disasters   leave capacity   mitigate risks   improve capabilities   include issues   asses level   have level   achieve vision   open problems   reduce outages   update plans   make best   facilitate replication   leverage image   shape approach   manage expansion   commute s   optimize steps   keep overlaps   readiness access   acknowledge need   bring potential   affect price   understand situations   operate them   create meaning   reduce costs   use services   leverage power   ensure outcomes   hold tab   galal cities   make realization   drive improvements   improve trend   take measures   see increase   establish procedures   foster generation   modify policies   convert zones   assemble buyin   exist that   adopt approach   pursue topic   develop platform   manage system   acknowledge challenge   identify characteristics   undertake project   address problem   prioritize projects   move operations   amend regulations   deliver service   monitor analytics   encourage planning   encourage development   achieve prosperity   digitize processes   respond responses   eradicate poverty   utilize resources   develop considerations   use capacities   keep expectations   use ministry   involve principles   strengthen dna   connect communities   shift focus   require resolution   fund example   conduct prerequisites   gain edge   contract company   define stakeholders   approach departments   stresstest regulations   impact process   involve stakeholders   win wins   reuse actions   raise taxes   engage role   facilitate conversations   adopt models   imply deregulation   build confidence   ease coordination   use indicators   drive boston   set benchmarks   build trust   use platform   isolate event   bring novelty   top innovations   identify impacts   avoid misunderstandings   execute strategy   provide city   analyse characteristics   require structures   realize agenda   back it   adopt model   create discussions   achieve kpis   rejuvenate melbourne   save region   identify sector   use os   enable governments   use partnerships   face challenges   redefine projects   identify process   achieve goals   change demographics   favour hinterland   plan agglomerations   favour suburbs   take steps   take authority   develop strategy   place accessibility   attract companies   grant sources   distribute responsibilities   develop figure   reduce loss   address laws   improve quality   bring challenges   breach obligations   use mix   tackle cities   afford this   face decentralization   generate streams   delay execution   provide opportunity   reduce use   deliver infrastructure   address actions   share practices   define points   renew those   offer incentives   change environment   plan infrastructure   contain items   enable them   explore characteristics   employ enablers   operate cities   take infusion   facilitate cocreation   establish population   encourage regulations   demand pricing   implement solutions   set structure   impact collaboration   enable competitors   revisit financing   raise views   costsaving benefits   take place   minimize costs   aring economy   manage conditions   improve standing   revive city   make use   create opportunity   lack capacity   use tif   assume roles   drive significance   rejuvenate characteristics   provide supply   normalize transformation   identify models   leave populations   consider that   drive transformation

Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.