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Climate risk and response in Asia Future of Asia November 2020 McKinsey Global Institute Since its founding in 1990, the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) has sought to develop a deeper understanding of the evolving global economy. As the business and economics research arm of McKinsey & Company, MGI aims to help leaders in the commercial, public, and social sectors understand trends and forces shaping the global economy. MGI research combines the disciplines of economics and management, employing

yields of some crops   defined as the flood   infrastructure across the region   modeled as the flood   increase in the australian   countries comes from natural   probability of both yield   damage from the floods   impacts for the annual  

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Profiles:   we research   td players   eg harbor   the pandemic   a risk   a event   the probability   the grid   the scenarios   the case   which regions   the science   the project   we aim   demandpeople agriculture   the region   the transition   the program   the parts   the temperature   this products   a change   a climate   the indicator   the future   the donors   this impact   japan sector   institute analysis   the impacts   this shifts   the discussion   the impact   this events   both oversupply   the body   the end   this countries   the system   that areas   this factors   this opportunities   no crops   woodwell scientists   the challenges   the floods   destroyed112 science   netzero emissions   the cost   a strategy   this measures   a index   the purpose   bev governments   a approach   all activities   this work   this changes   a cyclone   the sectors   this uncertainties   the climate   the sector   all countries   the mountains   the increase   a wave   a paradigm   that risk   the patterns   the effort   al change   al impacts   the efficacy   the chips   the biome   the difference   p carbon   a challenge   the magnitude   ie value   this plan   we results   the pace   the consortium   the country   this projections   adb values   this report   january nations   the index   the toll   the number   this communities   a scenario   each case   a bank   the extent   the consequences   the amount   an research   the challenge   this characteristics   this hazards   the economies   a country   the contribution   the damage   be acceleration   the risks   this research   a pathway   the assets   the allocation   152year event   a loss   the ability   china policy   press issues   120carriages trains   we approach   the ocean   the city   that assets   5021016030today20502030extreme change   stress127 warming   the earth   a decline   a frame   the one   a stimulus   this likelihoods   institute exhibit   institute characteristics   the range   this region   the capital   a shift   this populations   we methodology   asia emissions   the area   analysis1time periods   we studies   mckinsey company   yunnan provinces   the boundaries   it members   the funds   the scenario   the depth   the rate   an percent   e6key statisticspower   the outlook   the report   the studies   this garden   the measures   any investment   no crop   the deals   the article   duffy tracks   january crops   the members   we body   al attribution   the curve   we report   the populations   it glaciers   the estate   the segments   a levee   we study   this approach   the person   the appendix   the arm   the risk   an cases   the fields   the forces   august mamii   the effects   continued1flooded area   that shift   mgi reports   the countries   nearterm projections   the data   this efforts   the mechanics   the indicators   5mckinsey rise   a number   a assessment   the need   a majority   the threshold   bankgetty images   this industries   this analysis   its severity   mckinsey note   the oceans   the forest   another consideration   we investigation   the distribution   a human   the levee   asia yield   a probability   the use   a increase   the adaptation   the cause   we focus   the asias   the department   the biosphere   the events   co member   the industries   this reduction   asia ratio   the enhancement   the provinces   ects3 state   the inputs   a shock   climatesmart capital   the systems   the government   this view   this economies   its impacts   the review   the decarbonization   japan agreement   this results   91451we studies   the design   the likelihood   the market   another example   the dashboards   the world   this effects   the effectiveness   a farmstartup   the plan   the circle   the humans   this teams   a range   the decline   al reductions   a analysis   the demand   the share   the agreement   we analysis   exposurebuild resilienceexamples
Goals:   20502based asiadeveloped risk   help efforts space   decarbonize industrial sector   blend biogas hydrogen   determine land use   affect hours livability   show growing exposure   choose heat threshold   adopt total framework   adopt incorporate mindsets   assess transient response   cause including changes   give ensure chance   reflect including measures   generate commercial returns   define direct impact   require issue volume   drought use plants   secure food industries   include following livability   work global institute   create support incentives   combine broad dike   advance industrial sector   thank former colleagues   develop holistic approach   affect working population   contextualize socioeconomic impacts   rise body tires   fund requires measures   affect work ability   transform global economy   outline key strategies   understand transforming forces   understand physical risks   touch business standard   contribute expertise insight   note climate state   melt ice snow   analyze compound event   finance restoration research   reduce financing exposure   use available models   see steepest increase   create operating models   framework monetary estimates   expect due increase   represent total capacity   urbanize comprising asia   emit ghgs emissions   lead accounts efforts   dispute annual share   build floating garden   face greatest countries   frame expected impact   modele world bank   track climate risk   take closer look   find increased probability   include new airport   emit methane ghgs   switch purchasing behavior   identify define measures   explore incorporate approaches   employ including scientists   provide policies incentives   target cost opportunity   affect provide services   increase systemic regressive   adopt financial perspective   provide including input   make devastating wildfires   raise adaptation finance   experience exceed waves   establish overall risks   require key uncertainties   build highway tunnel   sustain ecological functions   boost average severity   support investment ecotourism   reflect covid19 impacts   affect modeled subcontinent   mit time periods   identify use value   project changing wealth   create pay bonds   build policy makers   support adaptation decisions   assume adaptation infrastructure   define preindustrial period   develop deeper understanding   introduce increasing capacity   trigger food prices   see production volatility   use risk indicator   pose immediate threat   drive increasing load   represent key opportunity   see methodology box   quantify physical risk   face blog entry   acquire necessary tools   undertake detailed analysis   include insurance product   exceed survivability threshold   tackle new era   build sea walls   highlight examine uncertainties   modele many effects   include trading systems   achieve take effect   manage arise risks   enable protecting response   offer bonds initiative   factor global analysis   use measure biome   reverse include decline   increase impacts risks   play key role   achieve average rate   experience wavescid3expected damage   promote financial products   caam vehicle database   reduce duration severity   rent deserted tunnel   use chips model   produce scientific analyses   represent regional average   establish holistic system   protect assets people   ensure backup power   replace ice buses   provide capital stewardship   employ analytical tools   achieve same level   dispute capital share   bind calculated probabilities   use selfcorrecting projections   shut city pumps   provide unique opportunity   experience extreme events   inhabit region changes   provide useful benchmark   examine physical effects   examine industry trends   enhance hit one   include cultivars protection   experience socioeconomic impacts   oil6including transformers7reservoirs wells   overcome higher cost   define next phase   see high share   transform forestry agriculture   intensify annual share   manage own exposure   affect physical assets   absorb makes co2   use acquired data   scale massive infrastructure   manage covid19 pandemic   include risk diagnose   enable climate risks   invest year trillion   use remaining budget   match demand supply   suffer compounding risks   examine including scenarios   employ certification ecolabeling   asses potential impacts   affect assess ability   reduce finance exposure   increase effective plan   include emissions pathway   integrate environment sustainability   build necessary tools   use wrong models   estimate risk adaptation   highlight link studies   install losses renewables   launch new product   calculate total value   inhabit particular region   identify regional breadbaskets   scale needed infrastructure   suffer devastating cyclone   experience heat waves   focus climate risk   install power generators   locate infrastructure assetskfinance   consider ignition events   face percent chance   face socioeconomic impacts   examine potential impacts   dispute analysis change   include due impacts   influence independent body   use fire index   see technical appendix   need climate risk   asses socioeconomic impact   use level indicator   improve fuel efficiency   experience decreasing probability   enable adaptation measures   include potential impact   provide comprehensive framework   understand leads mechanisms   provide assess methodology   require manufacturers governments   shape research agenda   set heat waves   face greatest risk   consider average year   investigate specific cases   address root causes   develop provide methodology   use mean projection   calculate cumulative probability   address regressive nature   asses full risk   visit climate risk   use shared pathways   understand forces trends   recognize given limitations   lead impact research   decarbonize critical part   make likely floods   reflect stress tests   highlight adaptation measures   categorize find each   see frequent hazards   investigate illustrate cases   dispute services share   measure direct impacts   sequester intensifying overarching   shape global economy   build reduce defenses   use median projection   diagnose changing risk   establish mangroves project   represent main others   require same shifts   dispute climate risk   limit prevent efforts   manage risk analysis   asses transition risks   take largescale investment   decrease driven distance   mask risk temperature   experience average share   affect key livability   limit temperature rise   investigate case studies   take average temperature   redesign resources logistics   create sustainable chain   manifest direct impacts   translate science data   mitigation climate hazards   produce multidirectional impacts   increase destabilizing incomes   pay price premium   use fivesystems framework   provide forecasts projections   capture come opportunities   find major opportunities   maintain growth momentum   mitigation greatest effects   incorporate diverse set   achieve annual reduction   engage private sector   deliver temperature increase   touch city adaptation   experience affecting shift   build new plants   affect livability workability   develop robust understanding   develop maize varieties   outline recovery pathway   experience improves increases   build future bank   suffer revenue losses   threaten supports life   provide deeper understanding   affect major breadbaskets   examine illustrate cases   own reports manages   provide realistic estimate   launch enhance program   conduct relied analysis   cost think more   highlight affect extent   see increased probability   require response frameworks   optimize term performance   address traditional methods   lie effective response   disappear significant loss   form natural habitat   intensify erosion shortages   flood socioeconomic impacts   examine case studies   replicate adaptation measures   construct fitforpurpose centers   build strong portfolio   offer quantified ventures   exhibit world bank   exceed present temperatures   use rolling drought   use socioeconomic pathways   provide agriculture change   prepare including plans   insight climate risk   help may climate   pose adoption barrier   find given solutions   improve hazards reduce   face greater likelihood   introduce sustainable practices   affect includes people   show largest countrysectors   include wider range   require using responses   lose rice grain   understand full magnitude   reduce direct impacts   change workability livability   make services assets   increase destabilizing farmers   promote economic justice   include warning systems   lose corn impact   see events drought   model surge events   help union snv   ensure resilience systems   take related factor   mitigate physical risks   leverage guarantees loans   provide cooling effect   represent global institute   provide insurance payments   illustrate specific characteristics   cover full population   construct probability distribution   offer disaster training   use coupled model   decarbonize steel industry   cover country sectors   occur climate risk   present key opportunity   protect building resilience   assess find uncertainties   play significant role   scale required infrastructure   reflect own views   capture opportunities risk   see growing shift   see benefit yields   allow planting flexibility   account venture spending   affect corn soy   manage risk strategies   experience climate change   see percent risk   need climate change   produce visualization maps   see precipitation events   intensify flooding riverine   initiate substantial review   study potential impacts   depend capital expenditures   understand decarbonization trends   lead mitigation efforts   understand physical risk   create mechanisms incentive   maintain current trajectory   reduce economic risk
Measures:   economic terms   past prevention   average yields   9of hours   direct risk3   cool technology   sizable impacts   physical assets   wee areas   official endorsement   ensemble model   water supplies   backup generators   different exposure   current practices   regional aspects   great impacts   economic impact   average conditions   couple model   global transportation   soil resources   rise risk   economy makers   human production   urban rate   inherent scenario   due 12blivability   large part   rapid investment   previous future   positive returns   different patterns   passive technology   same study   high winds   diverse base   economic development   food systems   human resting   potential extent   mean yield   management plan   additional finance   positive outcomes   future assetskfinance   high levels   float garden   japanese government   few means   many areas   relate initiatives   more opportunity   systematic management   population growth   several parts   global energy   annual supply   percent chance   capital s   hot thanaverage   burnable materials   global research   financial perspective   baseline scenarios   necessary tools   sustainable growth   high research   allocation decisions   economic impacts   impact oversupply   law enforcement   forest fires   warm risk   overall region   available models   cool roof   many companies   microeconomic trends   estimate capacity   increase frequency   increase temperatures   high concentration   solar panels   regressive building   risk countries   mainstream modeling   average increases   expect impact   heatmanagement efforts   increase shortages   dependent people   relative humidity   percent risk   companyphysical capitalshare   key uncertainties   big challenges   good guardianship   iconic panda   multifunctional structures   fund decisions   management system   nitrogenlimited models   major crops4   rise humidity   usual scenario   different impacts   urban rates   power plants   concurrent shocks   fan pumps   significant damage   rail reliability   effort space   immediate threat   behavioral changes   extreme hazards   narrow band   pluvial flooding   average severity   serious destruction   heatrelated options   major damage   methodological design   same shifts   focal point   crucial step   treatment plants   purchase behavior   local technology   speedy recovery   significant penalties   broadbased strategy   economic justice   agricultural lands   urban effects   different combinations   erratic weather   regional economies   potential payments   visit teams   modele event   cool methods   rise yields   endanger species   upfront cost   regressive chains   sectoral transitions   agricultural yields   large increases   systemsincreased risk   new walls   most part   specific factors   average impact   select regions   low density   next years   average year   equivalent emissions   secondlargest region   future states   backup power   massive investment   additional costs   global growth   different responses   global emissions   geophysical letters   human body   frequent waves   hydrogenbased production   greenhouse gases   significant role   same level   various types   extreme weather   substantial levels   temperature rise   monumental challenges   heat wave   global markets   major services   practical manner   surround regions   sustainable replication   derivative risk   statistical review   relative measures   consistent access   low risks   major breadbaskets   global analysis   future design   aircondition programs   historical climate   remote sensing   renewable plants   costefficient measures   front line   regular flooding   hydrological changes   expect yields   large share   develop countries   coastal flooding   pacific progress   governmental initiatives   public health   large scale   atmospheric concentrations   climatic behavior   electric vehicles   many parts   potential solution   more likely113   impossible task   lethal wave   social impacts   steep increase   increase likelihood   endanger capital   airport operations   national wealth   station facilities   high variants   nonstationary regions   holistic system   direct risk6   rise stock   due probability   commercial returns   advance analytics   next decades   center analysis   warn system   decisive steps   high volatility   more action   new project   key source   possible countries   most countries   sustain flooding   high yields   most scenarios   harden assets   more areas   30of hours   work population   aggressive scenario   bleach events   crops4annual share   dive exhibit   impactaeprotect people   20of ghgs   micro cases   heat waves   monetary units   early warning   extreme precipitation74   businessasusual scenario   close look   rise surges   risk indicator   reclaim island   high risk   prompt development   river channels   indian government   climateexposed regions   urban growth   science data   new species   adoption barrier   index projections   lose structures   own exposure   frequent hazards   mean temperature   standard practice   global perspective   significant problems   central parts   wavescid3expected damage   far buildup   limit models   bottomup analysis   bev penetration   future investment   melt water   global temperatures   industrial emissions   low gdp   multilateral banks   labor capacity   co2 concentrations   high emissions   institute operations   severe hazards   available periods   compound risks   storage capacity   regular events   potential impact   distribution diversification   exogenous shocks   massive storage   spatial planning   aircondition homes   urban areas   large storage   granular data   level changes   himalayan region   primary emission   vietnamnote soy   subcritical plants   actual event   himalayasgreater species   electric vehicle   fellow teams   ective hours   unique opportunity   primary products   total risk   fitforpurpose centers   revenue losses   particular soy   conventional dike   great effects   event100year event   effective loss   response frameworks   productive capital   average shift   historical events   great barrier   sow dates   useful benchmark   great use   standard climate   growth trajectory   carbon offsets   high concentrations   external editor   farm practices   fullfledged crisis   cumulative emissions   cool measures   project flooding   digital economy   physical risk3   rehydration tablets   expect share   assetsinfrastructurecapital stock   super levees   biome shifts   ecological functions   easy feat   potential investment   global institute   low prices   several categories   inundation risks   more breaks   percentage point   coal decarbonization   degrade lands   hot weather   requiredmassive investment   sparse densities   aircondition use   many cities   anthropogenic influence   conventional gene   modele damage   regional capacity   capital challenges   climatic change   multidirectional effect   agricultural recovery   natural world   national document   define threshold   systemic effects   venture spending   senior fellows   next wave   next decade   severe hurricanes   insurance product   available power   low countries   same time   water shortages   total population   outdoor sectors   direct seeding   companyphysical number   body tires   indian agriculture   new technology   roll drought   expect values   same timeline   increase threat   advance countries   decommission plants   oxygen content   privatesector ecotourism   financial resources   significant effects   more twothirds   local communities   countrylevel indicator   global landscape   heat threshold   diverse set   economic cooperation   heattolerant protection   due impacts   physical impacts   global carbon   sustainable development   icesat data   constant pressure   significant intensification   major source   extensive use   onceayear probability   significant potential   large wells   term performance   local economies   infra losses   more volume   analytic framework   misalign view   equivalent kilometers   economic value   urban populations   certain likelihood   dense areas   former colleagues   blog entry   joint funding   net beneficiary   scientific journals   renewable capacity   gross gdp   concerted effort   renewable market   subject hours   oncein50year occurrences   frequent droughts   asiaspecific cases   modele area   scientific assessment   les areas   traditional methods   companyannual share   industrial scale   observe aerosols   australian population   main cause   detail analysis   past decade   effective strategy   tough choices   global crop   median projection   voluntary initiative   green hydrogen   riverine damage   lethal heat   sufficient climate   assets3increased share   unlimited resource   various sources   regional average   regulatory cap   mas events   global economy   australian capital   square miles   2500gw capacity   direct infrastructure   climate factors   glacier oceans   new mindsets   potential declines   low levels   observe fires   indian state   human wellbeing   city pumps   tangible attributes   upstream farmers   follow livability   current trends   privatesector portfolio   rich diet   wide areas   actual occurrence   special unit   severe typhoons   base industries   intensive sectors   work hours   economic benefits   relevant events   global gdp   18th century   conservative estimates   global co2emissions   glacial ice   alternate sources   significant loss   food systemscornricesoywheatprobability   recent investment   come decade   own views   potential countries   exhibit e5   heavy industries   adaptive capacity   policy makers   brief summary   great countries   total ghgs   solar cost   modele geography   financial markets   agricultural production   follow case   wildfire days   vertical salads   interim report   social justice   different exposures   institute change   populate areas   innovative programs   lethal waves   substantial review   asiaclimate risk   dependent countries   investment ecotourism   unsustainable cultivation   competitive cost   biome shift   second adaptation   destabilize farmers   risky assets   marine waves   low pathway   current ratio   wildfiresnatural change   adaptation efforts   various stocks   sustainable forestry   laborintensive industries   adaptation decisions   physical phenomena   good guide   global investment   crop models   particular attention   growth momentum   climate bonds   sharp curve   regional systems   biological approaches   economic factors   citywide program   annual production   associate supplies   direct risk   rapid increase   preindustrial levels   40by dashboard   free assessment   major cities   grow exposure   annual share   climatic conditions   typical year   virtual certainty   relative failure   technical appendix   insurance payments   financial means   asiasocioeconomic systems   different times   external organizations   perspective climate   historical record   advance change   various scenarios   intensify hours   climate state   first months   multiple reasons   action plan   exist assets   senior fellow   geological time   rise risks   external factors   reliablephysical infrastructure   past pressure   green defenses   geophysical research   exist infrastructure   impact research   combine effects   specific countries   high percentage   international organization   asian agriculture   natural environment   flood areas   major economies   emergency shelters   atmospheric wave   similar solutions   environmental taxes   high effects   agricultural sector92   secure resources   relevant threshold   first half   inherent adaptation   wwwmckinseycommgi risk   many species   vulnerable communities   total capacity   sustainable forum   backward multipliers   exist levels   severe precipitation   geographic concentration   environmental sustainability   unprecedented rate   global assessment   same probability   geological capacity   disadvantage people   coastal areas   warn systems   socioeconomic impacts   roll period   global ratio   trigger effect   control capacity   major ports   industrial buildings   deterministic forecasts   deep understanding   precipitation data   natural barrier   india government   coral species   equivalent co2e   operate models   specific events   senior editor   natural defenses   climate shifts   automotive manufacturers   many ways   most flooding   remain emissions   full magnitude   overexertion range   capital resources   major crops   holistic approach   grow volatility   risk analysis   melt snow   insureprotect people   develop plans   micro analysis   high entry   future cases   devastate wildfires   inherent risks   emission pathway   climate profile   indicative proxy   increase capacity   car owners   affect area   affect regions   historical simulations   huge structures   corn soy   relative decline   measure biome   intergovernmental panel   advance modeling   major factor   analytic tools   total framework   socioeconomic risk   rise heat   extreme increases   population prospects   effective hours   main regions   urban poor   carbonabsorbing seagrass   high latitudes   expose capital   potential impacts   survivability threshold   cumulative budgets   flood streets   communitybased activities   reduce resilience   human survivability   significant losses   multidirectional impacts   mam project   hurricane drought   daily lives   overall space   major outlets   climate hazards   suitable measures   early systems   increase risk   coastal populations   give number   global budget   privatesector investment   research letters   potential exposure   healthy resting   great depth   high temperatures   economic loss   supply chains   inherent risk   new technologies   case studies   extreme responses   economic systems   sale database   cold months   sea life   financial products   decline yields   term sustainability   high share   environmental value   climate response   total development   regional supply   active measures   outdoorbased sectors   empirical data   high bushfire   disaster training   lethal t   grow risks   review ensemble   financial analysis   critical part   geological scales   clean creation   food industries   natural systems   specific characteristics   intermediate products   severity projections   busy port   annual demand   flood share   private users   public transport   lethal share   special report   sustainable practices   urban planning   ignition events   glacierfed basins   workability impacts   wealthy communities   potential damage   interconnect systems   improve fertilization   sectoral transition   global total   2000footlong salads   natural resource   far risk   fcv adoption   far effects   analysis change   financial harm   large ecosystems   key measures   progress5 box   current technology   round changes   average number   human resources   average rate   increase population   effective response   philippine provinces   environmental issues   many methods   significant infrastructure   potential response   lowlying areas   green bond   substantial damage   vulnerable infrastructure   global rise   statistical year   renewable supply   cubic meters   great population   special reinforcement   certain crops   disruptive impacts   rural communities   emit technologies   20th century   emerge asia2cornricesoywheatprobability   high wildfire   methodological choices   survivability threshold2   historical warming   individual owners   major river   main reservoirs   100year events   flood event   potential losses   temperature increase   additional warming   increase heat   absent scenario   heatrelated risk   gray defenses   potential decrease   basic materials   significant depths   white reduces   badly outcomes   wrong models   manage areas   vulnerable livelihoods   cumulative proceedings   improve yields   level rise   global rates   physical science   quantitative understanding   geological storage   global averages   underlie data   pacific region   natural barriers   global cities   fifth report   many projections   significant expenditures   bind growth   food prices   tourism industry   treatment infrastructure   scientific analyses   commercial sectors   global connectedness   current models   economic production   global projections   emission reduction   main challenges   continue reliance   value chain   change wealth   full population   small level   probabilistic heatwave   large emitter   economic sectors   cool e   90of coral   global abatement   financial damage   direct evidence   offshore basins   more details   many effects   cool challenge   global methane   resilient research   increase pressure   direct change   insufficient measures   physical effects   global threats   australian bushfires   hydrogenbased steel   rare river   total value   square kilometers   geophysical conditions   more detail   global income   severe danger   average depth   socioeconomic impact   ecological systems   average body   waterefficiency technologies   available description   asian flows   wetbulb temperature   rise climate   preindustrial period   near term   destabilize incomes   commensurate response   decision makers   global share   marginal impact   relative stability   fossil fuels   different profile   natural processes   aquatic species   significant agriculture   australian risk   seasonal behaviors   high production   worth fishery   comprehensive framework   global report   andor payments   financial models   pdsi projections   importantly owners   macro analysis   significant consequences   atmospheric research   net reduction   climatological analysis   far details   public policy   major transitions   populate cities   statistical area   irrigation water   new plants   far adaptation   city adaptation   combustible materials   detail explanation   massive infrastructure   heavy rains   executive officer   regional geography   ecological farming   lethal damage   domestic product   workabilityfoodsystems assets   wide range   grow demand   significant increase   alone impact   capital stewardship   annual yields   new model   insufficient incentives   marketbased mechanisms   socioeconomic response   severe infrastructure   abiotic stresses   due volatility   public funds   flood effects   major journals   relative increases   1based regions   coastal cities   metric gigatons   vast majority   world bank   cool plans   sustainable chain   technology spending   adaptation finance   steel industry   industrial employment   asiadeveloped risk   new era   les change   relate factor   level temperatures   cumulative transactions   extreme event   base systems   average behavior   total employment   top contributors   improve practices   significant risk   outdoorbased industries   outdoor systems   spin-dry seeding   global mitigation   rise burden   grow shift   response risks   aquatic weeds   critical measures   high fire   net ghg   physical thresholds   private research   rise water   hydrological response   food price   coal plants   economic activity   time periods   present temperatures   risk work   preindustrial climate   smart city   institute analysis   physical environment   high end   embed climate   regional climate   direct actions   new thinking   ice buses   global transmission   great reef   current trajectory   causal emissions   desert tunnel   separate analysis   average environment   enhance financing   emerge countries   increase load   fix investment   manage retreat   primary driver   body temperatures   frequent drought   new product   certain regions   key role   long emissions   economic risk   specific communities   high water   tokyonatural damage   difficult tradeoffs   institute risk   policy document   unique opportunities   socioeconomic pathways   principal challenges   forestryof gases   anthropogenic climate   good value   asia framework   global population   vary levels   central regions   several assets   more pressure   large quantities   fish yields   first contribution   historic levels   medium fertility   improve management   indirect measures   mean variables   atmospheric co2   outdoor workers   undersupply outcomes   potential measures   shrimp ponds156   renewable vehicles   regional flows   far uncertainties   future behavior   big impact   rise costs   decarbonization2 uncertainties   new approaches   540annual share   environmental impact   asian countries   average temperature   mangrove coverage   expect rainfall   successful measures   90of emissions   conditionersk networks   far information   large countrysectors   partial measure   risk signals   next phase   high cost   green jobs   penetration rate   great risk   carbon storage   environmental laws   ecological complexity   third livelihoods   increase risks   worstcase scenario   direct loss   high use   nuclear gas   ecosystem services   decarbonize buildings   coordinate actions   decarbonization trends   safe spaces   involve adaptation   capital share   commercial vehicle   target programs   large highrise111   give severity   sea walls   waves2annual share   agronomic traits   financial system   little impact   elephant parks   similar characteristics   reduce temperature   period4for estimation   cool shelters   asian crop   physical risks   rise temperatures   carbon budget   precipitation events   change resilience   raw data   geospatial analysis   first part   potential damages   same event   himalayan glaciers   renewable deployment   many reasons   potential effects   ocean warming   humanitarian affairs   critical load   decrease probability   common format   corporate report   economic projections   long time   establish trends   indian crops   global plugin   total emissions   future nature   private capital   high vegetation   extreme risk   mobile infra   e11adaptation measures   adaptation investment   road transportation   privatesector involvement   coral triangle   high prices   replacementclimate risk   tide embankments   major country   effect oversupply   dramatic rampup   plan government   main grain   executive summary   enteric fermentation   extreme events   mean projection   stand structures   low exposure   recovery pathway   economic times   global stock   power generators   share pathways   simultaneous streamflow   brief risk   occur community   wildfire exposure   erainterim data   riskmanagement approach   bushfire hazards   adaptation infrastructure   gene editing   affect measures   daily temperature   hydrological processes   come decades   staff training   centersthermonuclear power   small changes   indonesian government   parametric insurance   direct damage   future instances   potential storage   water pumps   regional breadbaskets   erosion protection   postdisaster aid   waterl panels   highway tunnel   grow salads   urban island   values2the objective   outdoor work   agricultural sector   available options   cool effect   tibetan plateau   adverse events   large market   robust understanding   more needs   substantial share   infrastructurewiden access   direct impact   finance forum   emit sectors   critical mass   valuable input   dependent livelihoods   more practices   adaptive technology   realistic estimate   insuranceprovide insurance   core characteristics   natural hazards   electric power   annual income   servicesnatural capitalshare   financial burden   green defensesbuild   adaptation plan   lowlying cities   great flexibility   agricultural beneficiary   agricultural subsidies   physical capacity   whole industries   significant increases   intensify climate   severe impacts   annual impact9   intraregional funding   specific cases   significant change   new adaptation   early hours   key strategies   adaptation strategies   simultaneous shocks   new approach   business standard   distinct frameworks   negative impact   compound event   root causes   mangrove forests   public finance   industry trends   appropriate climate   incremental investment   40of hours   management program   coalpowered energy   industrial periods   system livability   capital stock   change adaptation   frequent events   postpandemic world   similar challenges   traditional fisheries   natural warming   sizable share   climate risks   mean humidity   largescale investment   specific hazards   industrial operations   physical climate   large increase   key carbonheavy   central areas   global sustainability   new systems   economic resources   tailor models   inland fishery   agmipensemble note   limit availability   expose system   systemic depth   economic activities   different countries   adaptation measures   economic data   weather index   great likelihood   indian subcontinent   public sectors   small highrise   extreme rise   preindustrial average   foster resilience   rice soy   decarbonization costs   potential adaptation   energy efficiency   additional solutions   telecom infrastructure   mitigation efforts   technical capabilities   sufficient number   key hazards   populous cities   more plants   different models   shift sowing   probabilityweighted value   first places   super levee   positive effects   climate tests   such assets   offset programs   physical types   offsite beneficiaries   good mechanisms   rise displacement   global climate   earth systems   social services   coral ecosystems   adoption4example challenges   severe degradation   climate change   northern districts   high groups   traditional levees   philosophical transactions   stable climate   smallholder livelihoods   annual impact   climate risk   capital expenditures   micro view   largescale reduction   global average   build plants   climate data   asian breadbaskets   infrastructure effects   devastate cyclone   geologic time   global capacity   channel capacity   les drought   multidirectional nature   early childhood   increase strategies   new varieties   more co2   severe fires   single day   typical measures   robust embankment   extreme surge   concessional climate   first assessment   second edition   federal body   specific combinations   global models   satisfactory yields   representative pathways   potential opportunities   significant changes   healthy beings   far decarbonization   valuable services   deep dives   urban standards   human beings   new ideas   annual basis   exist retreat   deadly wave   economic emissions   cool systems   cool plan   plant flexibility   modele cell   historical values   transient response   low impacts   expose share   sufficient meters   selfcorrecting projections   senior teams   koonafpgetty images   chronic climate   remain budget   aotearoa circle   human activities   broad embankment   disturbance disturbances   lose hours   global warming   regional trends   potential responses   make assets   maximum temperature   flood controls   first plan   independent body   equal quantity   royal society   relevant cases   knockon effects   agreement target   spatial nonlinear   fundamental shifts   maize varieties   costbenefit analysis   vulnerable populations   vehicle database   norwegian embassy   social security   total impact9   stress tests   average drought   ashcovered farmland   annual probability   good practices   monetary estimates   asiakey dicarbonizationareasshift   0411648122x24xcombined effects   low temperature   indian cities   27of hours   rise levels   altimetry data   longterm stewardship   quantify ventures   probabilistic nature   direct impacts   teh images   region changes   urban water   full risk   ensemble changes   investment mechanisms   slight rubel   regressive nature   fire sector   distribution10pluvial flooding   conditioner penetration   business strategy   climate models   social activitiesseven   operate officer   global production   acute hazards   fivesystems framework   chief officer   flood risk   particular region   agricultural models   fire index   public reporting   long term   ideal temperature   flightsd rail   different manifestations   response plans   large populations   total impact   thermoelectric power   climateexposed regionswater   atmospheric warming   average temperatures   align issuance   early 1970s   key ecosystems   input tables   potential increases   critical challenge   e1illustrative hazards   affordable programs   fuel efficiency   early system   fund spending   underlie models   lethal levels   small amounts   emit countrysectors   cool effects   second half   evolve economy   70globallyindustrial ghgs   badly probability   riskmandate climate   key livability   geospatial data   chinese innovation   effective measures   stern change   current colleagues   institute share   economic diversification   human populations   individual crops18   evacuation centers   unavoidable science   certain instruments   third parties   main others   short term   datum sources   future losses   ecological footprint   change patterns   good outcomes   negative effects   absent adaptation   surge events   research agenda   total cost   slight risk   broad dike   seismic reinforcement   cultivar protection   socioeconomic benefit   major crop   production volatility   power emissions   paris target   certain thresholds   multiple types   heighten risk   expose stock   year3natural capitalshare   own category   safety reduce   catastrophic change   giant panda   chip model   small farms   technological solutions   regional trade   future results   alternatebackup sources   change climate   les rubel   co2concentrations5lethal wave   positive note   heavy precipitation   give year   follow chapter   annual hours   hybrid vehicles   first country   marine fisheries   natural resources   negative oversupply   physical damages   mean values   poor representation   regional integration   asset footprints   wetbulb waves   negative emissions   physical hazards   marine project   global gases   risky geographies   country sectors   renewable power   representative pathway   extreme humidity   rise impacts   historical fires   socioeconomic impacts1   world database   severe emergence   airport rail   ensemble average   overall risks   large source   important functions   effective plan   independent perspectives   gender inequality   specific hazardslowhighnumber   general metric   first step   daily life   rise temperatures130   agricultural model   major share   plantbased protein   natural variability   annual rise   socioeconomic systems   threaten species   local increases   automotive energy   large impacts   10of hours   past years   water supply   global temperature   7070climate risk   critical access   many scientists   global efforts   detail discussion   many cases   upfront investment   recent future   multiple hazards   zeitschrift contributions   norwegian government   industrial sector   essential component   single day151   global network   future development   promise measure   preferential policies   crossborder resources   value framework   plant breeding   economic recovery   enough cooling   full discussion   annual shift   constant threshold   environmental letters   public sector   major countries   asian climate   global risks   new places   statistical summary   front climate   specific locations   crop yields   intensify risks   regional gdp   coastal communities   modele analytics   urban albedo   green mangroves   full ensemble   secondlargest producer   coral reefs   mckinseyunited nations   general index   attributable emissions   significant providers   passive measures   risk strategies   govern body   atmospheric content   private sector   intrinsic model   total biodiversity   many dimensions   residential buildings   price premium   renewable energy   being ability   outdoor activities   expect decisions   national exposure   new risks   expose regions   land use   public transportation   determine contribution   physical capital   define area   global analyzer   unique vulnerabilities   physical damage   farmer incomes   large companies   billionayear industry   environmental research   riverine share   hot period   significant impact   region others   physical shocks   high probabilities   physical risk   water ingress   urban damage   bushfire protection   carbonintensive products   catchment efforts   grow effect   current rates   exposuremanage retreat   cool water   estimate percent   outdoor hours   nonstationary nonlinear   theoretical capacity   massive output   severe events   due hours   onein100year event   heat risk   long periods   certain temperature   grow sectors   cover latitude   probability distribution   indian production   labor productivity   intensify floods   raw materials   sustainable future   traditional coolers   standard risk   increase volatility   2050people assets   millionb plants   frequent breaks   key case   significant impacts   key metrics   useful agriculture   green infrastructure   warm island   multipurpose centers   observe warming   continued1flooded area   critical determinant   key opportunity   countrylevel view   individual dashboards   natural habitat   response measures   price spikes   subject projections   decarbonization technologies   short duration   additional adaptation   real estate   physical risk6   transformers7reservoirs wells   limit means   20of emissions   annual reduction   regressive impacts   atmospheric aerosols   decarbonization opportunities   high costs   major opportunities   new solutions   global impact   underlie hazards   large cities   increase probability   stocktoday44281542030563216420506037178increased risk   natural capital   biogeochemical cycles   low risk   increase investment   disproportionate workability   strong portfolio   implementation challenges   japanese study   study literature   multiple ways   operational procedures   corporate decision   servicesnatural capitalcountry   daily humidity   global base   human tolerance   india plan   expose areas   immediate surroundings   increase temperature   thanaverage years   internal combustion   large fishery   asian economies   capability data   increase resiliency   33of hours   big cities   large parts   cumulative probability   human error   great improvement   senior partners   tidal floodingstorm   total methane   calculate probabilities   australian wildfires   agricultural ecosystems   irrigation hydropower   extreme precipitation   most segments   senior partner   ga ghg   significant investment   store oxygen   local level   ecosystembased adaptation   extreme heat   change classification   innovative products   build resilience   different hours   manual labor   intensify risk   detail methodologies   different types   reef systems   mindsetfocused initiatives   potential benefits   global competition   asiabox3climate risk   relative increase   annual likelihood   combine impacts   average share   global region   final choices   protective shelters   infrastructure assetskfinance
Actions:   lead world   promote growth   increase likelihood   foster recovery   find measures   build tools   show guardian   need change   increase risk   damage km   identify breadbaskets   underlie assumptions   suffer cyclone   penetration oecd   govern body   address difficulty   affect subcontinent   emphasize path   highlight strategies   lock in145   build risk   exceed threshold2   illustrate characteristics   draw ensemble   incorporate impact   adopt mindsets   overestimate yields   measure impacts   implement measures   woodwellusing median   provide foretaste   threaten waves   initiate review   enable replication   include editing   manage risk   work strategy   pose threat   cover population   categorize impacts   shape economy   bind probabilities   asses exposure   suffer degradation   measure impact   prepare plans   find similarities   support accounts   announce trillion   work institute   integrate understanding   ensure estimation   require them   store it   overcome challenges   advance ccus   challenge 46   affect areas   reverse decline   accelerate decarbonizationand   identify value   find exhibit   exhibit zhang   represent average   document occurrences   project risk   derive that   expect analysis   framework estimates   see discrepancy   include countries   put percent   provide storage   highlight studies   decentralize diversification   cover countries   provide estimate   inhabit region   refer temperature   enable innovation   estimate probability   include pathway   characterize risks   facilitate transition   estimate impact   marshal spirit   intensify challenges   affect reliability   address lack   include need   delay adaptation   play share   accelerate challenges   protect lives   solve government   need 2017   reduce pressure   integrate sustainability   decrease supply   support ecotourism   face countries   enhance one   experience damage   breach thresholds   identify that   examine scenarios   experience shift   accelerate note   cause million   threaten life   affect soy   reduce demand   provide framework   compromise hydropower   simulate scenario   require shifts   see increase   exceed thresholds   encourage involvement   demand disruption   take temperature   protect what   welcome comments   take gdp   estimate value   experience share   emit ghgs   reflect modeling   include impact   support risk   see hazards   support livelihood   affect hours   understand patterns   reflect diversity   model events   diagnose risk   affect population   understand mechanisms   find opportunities   underestimate likelihood   limit efforts   quantify level   explore approaches   bring leaders   use multipliers   find ways   consider includeshift   strengthen enforcement   use boundaries   framework treasury   demolish losses   fund measures   enable transition   affect china   highlight adaptation   mitigate risks   protect ecosystems   touch standard   describe transitions   increase volumes   include s   introduce incentives   leverage loans   draw effects   increase albedo   protect crops   require consideration   cause fires   thank colleagues   support transition   alert us   trigger blackouts   accelerate building   provide methodology   share pathways   signal assets   receive part   capture images   take approach   understand s   restore defenses   lead research   experience flash   move capital   develop strategies   provide water   identify asias   locate assetskfinance   emit emissions   formulate strategies   limit rise   establish perspective   comprise laos   cut systems   mit periods   cause damage   lose efficiency   introduce capacity   forwardlooking decisions   relocate capital   protect opportunity   affect ecosystems   affect farmers   present dives   encourage changes   create models   make decisions   cost plants   eradicate poverty   thank officer   determine impacts   influence wellbeing   use models   face risk   see share   degrade stock   address causes   increase three   face decisions   face impacts   examine likelihood   prompt increase   encompass impacts   find evidence   peak runoff   deploy technology   promote shift   require frameworks   manage exposure   lie response   intensify risks   send signals   increase volatility   retire plants   report results   take restoration   ensure systems   suggest thinking   shift industries   reflect views   provide input   analyze event   bury lines   maintain trajectory   cost more   achieve rate   ravage house   conduct analysis   model share   drive share   allow flexibility   produce third   create chain   limit warming   undertake analysis   allow trading   examine asia   reduce productivity   outline strategies   use model   leave millions   use pathways   create mechanisms   make way   include measures   cost twelve   translate outputs   cover sectors   introduce framework   use index   address bushfires   use water   modele effects   overflow seepage   overcome barrier   contextualize impacts   flood depth   see text   examine trends   asiaindiachinaemerging risk   exceed percent   experience china   address methods   model dashboard   use objective   shut pumps   exceed threshold   consider number   seek compensation   weight average   change livability   ensure power   point way   lose impact   underprepared pace   perform retreat   face asia   promote justice   dispute boundaries   combat yields   advise research   see increases   use income   dispute risk   exhibit bank   examine cases   mitigation challenges   use budget   find characteristics   see box   see shift   illustrate hazards   require billion   galvanize support   improve practices   increase coverage   irrigate fields   implement efforts   face likelihood   take look   build plants   eat volume   launch program   forecast increases   highlight opportunity   leverage technologies   channele water   report budgets   establish risks   touch adaptation   restore lands   facilitate payments   require combination   make 54   expect increase   install generators   recognize limitations   synthesize implications   shape development   meet challenges   shift hours   provide guide   contribute time   protect resilience   promote decarbonization   give chance   shift soy   increase incomes   accelerate destruction   provide analytics   obtain data   absorb zeng   address challenges   conserve improve   refore asia   bind growth   asses impacts   estimate likelihood   use drought   insure financing   see yields   ecolabeling products   determine exposure   achieve level   cause changes   suffer losses   intensify impacts   construct centers   lose cornricesoywheatprobability   make change   reduce amount   release document   reduce damage   asses risks   provide food   provide mechanism   use scenario   investigate state   lead probability   enable protect   calculate probability   increase plan   quantify reduction   invest trillion   recognize s   require financing   blend hydrogen   include protection   inform makers   factor future   see change   affect assets   set waves   urbanize asia   see appendix   meet s   affect services   examine types   release plan   use projections   show countrysectors   prevent fires   provide feedback   take effects   model event   address nature   move them   analyze hazards   use eaf   develop approach   improve adaptation   fund future   cover asias   engage sector   turn tide   deliver impacts   require humans   scale reforestation   support mitigation139   help snv   use analytics   asses efficacy   secure livelihoods   use countries   retire assets   increase concentrations   affect strategy   underestimate risk   embrace collaboration   redesign logistics   use experts   cover each   match supply   electrify processes   provide region   generate percent   identify opportunities   contextualize hazards   asses magnitude   avoid heatstroke   sequester carbon   expect changes   adopt perspective   reduce yields   show risk   surge each   help climate   make floods   mandate development   require uncertainties   affect people15   raise concentrations   link models   support lives   offset damage   paint surfaces   scan rainclouds   define wave   increase institute   see impact   create incentives   diagnose risks   put pressure   build parts   minimize disruption   use institute   offer training   include assessment   experience drought   take days   mangrove value   mean emissions   draw used   build salads   reefmakes 10   make wildfires   hagibiscaused destruction   trigger price   increase exhibit   rent tunnel   secure industries   prevent emission   perform tradeoffs   consider events   form habitat   understand trends   drive efficiency   present view   emit co2emissions   reduce resilience   build bank   prevent prospects   differ gtco2   promote interests   enable ideas   tackle era   distribute water   achieve reduction   create jobs   charge stations62   factor analysis   aircondition shelters   enable us   change this   examine probability   recognize value   clearcut forestland   represent basins   learn what   establish project   highlight uncertainties   increase probability   maintain momentum   flood government   include impacts   decarbonize region   produce maps   emit quantities   tackle inequality   accelerate adoption   identify measures   link risk   include consultants   face probabilities   require governments   affect work   account spending   enable risks   replicate measures   support construction   accelerate depletion   advance sector   face chance   employ tools   visit risk   define impact   modele systems   engage capital   offset flooding   calculate value   expand use   reflect variations   intensify floods   measure box   mobilize finance   improve assessments   cost bodies   replant hectares   lead way   have impact   finance research   define 71   combine findings   prevent buildup   understand magnitude   intensify riverine   adapt cases   incorporate set   protect hectares   consider years   absorb percent   need breaks   retrofit plants   discourage development   create practices   cause systems   increase cost   allocate parts   have floods   grow economy   make finance   offer ventures   absorb co2   develop mechanisms   create risk   insure exhibit   increase frequency   commute times   hold ponds   imply endorsement   frame impact   prevent most   conserve resources   end deforestation   increase share   include experts   translate data   use changes   expect intensification   investigate cases   investigate studies   release oxygen   seas11including rain   download reports   quantify impact   provide labor   prevent range   use median   elevate assets   include livability   build walls   increase temperatures   accelerate efforts   aircondition hours   transform economy   include challenge   examine risk   drought plants   take mckinsey   take investment   increase sources   caam database   define period   change hazards   offer initiative   insight risk   see trends   reveal magnitude   see risk   build plans   take initiatives   prioritize environment   diminish productivity   farm others   improve protection   conduct lives   include development   provide payments   achieve ghg   exploit synergies   cool plans   reveal impacts   mitigation hazards   increase risks   assess uncertainties   report example   manage analysis   stop deforestation   choose rcp   locate chains   examine impacts   rise threeto   illustrate exposure   project wealth   experience bleaching   manage that   suffer events   affect people   represent others   affect huss   reach thresholds   increase headwaters   include rail   manage risks   increase regressive   flood hurricanes   highlight share   lose grain   submerge swaths   facilitate construction   build awareness   minimize impact   scale technologies   foster sustainability   generate returns   decarbonize transportation   face increase   pose barrier   experience increases   provide effect   develop number   lose percent   protect infrastructure   affect 4measured   acquire tools   take time   find solutions   inhabit changes   decarbonize industry   experience change   create opportunities   suffer risks   provide irrigation   support decisions   understand forces   provide incentives   understand impact   represent capacity   control flooding   assess response   use weeds   show exposure   provide protection   lose half   protect populations   increase shortages   damage thousands   cool 91   address risks   define states   share practices   intensify asia   examine australia   mask temperature   shrink supplies   combine disciplines   analyze impact   use biome   support industry   launch product   own manages   develop varieties   scale solutions   top impact   stimulate economy   burn acres   show issue   cover range   face probability   reduce emissions   represent percent   improve access   make use   make assets   contribute resources   prescribe changes   encourage investment   incorporate risk   produce percent   reflect tests   aircondition livelihoods   provide understanding   increase point   protect subways   enhance facilities   communicate importance   sequester overarching   provide source   asses impact   increase farmers   surge events109   need risk   replace buses   electrify lives   exceed temperatures   identify number   exacerbate rate   signale systems   provide perspective   categorize each   basin 670   improve efficiency   understand risks   support efforts   multiply share   affect economy   change sustainability   trigger prices   develop understanding   achieve effect   combine dike   adopt framework   control impacts   electrify industries   flood impacts   cause spikes   work india   round operations   face world   lose diversification   target opportunity   remove gases   address risk   make percent   mean what   dashboard 3   require owners   allocate capital   topproducing subregions   lose systems   focus risk   include laos   rise tires   review issues   require collaboration   rise influence   exacerbate change   experience probability   improve yields   share findings   cause impacts   establish guardianship   require cooperation   reverse increases   include airport   see number   prioritize actions   change challenge   accelerate shift   choose threshold   manage pandemic   estimate adaptation   provide change   take what   reflect measures   produce impacts   observe contributions   estimate probabilities   dispute share   deploy embankments   asses exposures   change temperatures   build portfolio   provide rate   employ scientists   build garden   quantify risk   capture risk   take form   experience exposure   shape agenda   scenarioflooded area   experience increase   intensify degradation   withstand risk   flood metro   design structures   modele bank   see drought   experience wave   establish system   provide example   draw ipcc   capture opportunities   safeguard company   boost severity   experience waves   combine categories   brief ocean   deplete capital   contribute 64billion   adopt measures   entail costs   follow publication   handle tons   help space   reach end   smeets tryggestad   involve conversion   include loss   assume infrastructure   reflect impacts   see likelihood   safeguard plans   use breeding   mitigation asia   petroleumexporting countries1   drive flows   undermine production   mitigate change   meet target   require volume   investigate reduction   find probability   share characteristics   provide basis   define phase   keep goal   create incentive   sequester carbon30   encourage trading   see levels   lose increase   increase possibility   prompt rethink   decarbonize share   confirm them   develop methodology   provide projections   work percent   provide stewardship   produce analyses   build tunnel   protect those   enhance livelihoods   understand system   highlight case   see events   workability share   enforce regulations   damage trains   require responses   increase yields   face prices   integrate processes   shift dates   protect people   take breaks   kill people   putt price   include assets   examine effects   face range   cancel rail   build spaces   switch behavior   reduce risk   build defenses   touch adb   see influx   influence body   indexnote boundaries   decrease distance   employ ecolabeling   affect livelihoods   manage strategies   fanidamaged infrastructure   integrate structures   occur risk   account percent   push threshold   face entry   require investment   curtail services   respond change   locate assets   use radar   see e2   navigate transition   understand risk   highlight measures   valuenote boundaries   reduce severity   lead efforts   affect yields   divide countries   require decommissioning   prescribe measures   value environment   melt snow   decarbonize sector   boost yields   harden assets   develop project   build makers   manage capital   take advantage   increase chances   minimize damage   influence risk   lose systemscornricesoywheatprobability   asses risk   construct distribution   restore operations   supply rogers   provide benchmark   note state   achieve decarbonization   overcome cost   examine studies   translate hazards   disappear loss   install renewables   combine account   include data   enable response   grow billion   scale infrastructure   lead battle   include diagnose   grow exposure   take steps   provide livelihood   sustain functions   exhibit 10   drive costs   redesign footprints   explore risks   use data   employ models   enable f   cost institute   provide makers   examine indicators   trigger spikes   allow development   outline pathway   highlight extent   raise penetration   see impacts   adapt capital   depend expenditures   expect volatility   introduce controls   provide income   optimize performance   show impacts   take place   pay premium   raise incomes   may 2020   project shifts   include product   finance investment   manifest impacts   flood city   endanger ports   determine use   mean science   protect forests   set levels   determine characteristics   dispute change   accelerate decarbonization   use framework   improve channels   consider year   decarbonize operations   drive cost   pay farmers   increase wave   create bonds   implement series   face danger   mobilize resources   represent institute   protect capital   affect people89   collect water   hospitalsnote boundaries   affect livability   provide opportunity   spend much   tell us   withstand flooding   provide services   keep increase   push waves   change behaviors131   magnify effects   include systems   include shift   deplete seagrass   flood disruption   cost times   see volatility   insure e5   create china   provide cooling   need water   intensify share   report value   exceed wetbulb   oil6including wells   manage change   purchase offsets   scale adaptation   pay attention   advance volume   use projection   include range   prevent deforestation   take action   raise finance   transform agriculture   decarbonize part   play role   reduce capacity   use indicator   identify types   set programs   compromise weather   include investment   project emissions   present opportunity   rely boundaries   affect systems   assume use   experience impacts   channel revenue   enable measures   promote products   minimize costs   limit analysis   experience events   absent adaptation   reduce impacts   study impacts   cut protein   mean total   support livelihoods   enhance network   intensify shortages   experience shifts   use development   face risks   futureproof it   identify some   incorporate factors   examine oceans   drive load   take factor   require world   deliver increase   mitigation effects   increase penetration   represent opportunity   offset risk   integrate organization   harden resilience   improve reduce   asses effects   use event   introduce practices   fund approach   cool 2019   mitigation assessment   make criteria   affect workability   create risks   contribute insight   overwhelm twelve   mitigationcombined effects   change conditions   20502based risk   address change   sell credits   track risk   entail choices   reverse trends   expose power   reduce risks   create conditions   electrify life   see probability   urge countries   see institute   include effects   assess economy   affect breadbaskets   use mean   use sources   affect ability   reduce number   prevent ingress   reduce exposure   introduce risks   offset most   include kochi

Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.