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2 | P a g e U A W R e s e a r c h EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: STRATEGIES FOR A FAIR EV FUTURE .................................................................................. 4 COMING SHIFT TO EVS .................................................................................................................................................... 4 DISRUPTIVE IMPLICATIONS OF EVS ................................................................................................................................

investment in ev infrastructure   shift as an opportunity   models will be evs   levels as the industry   workers in the shift   chain of associated battery   car s different components   levels and allow american   battery and ev manufacturing  

Sources: IHS Markit

Pathway Classification

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Priority/ Function Areas:   Business & Industrial |
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide |

Pathway Information

This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.

Profiles:   a motor   uaw members   ev cost   the car   the cord   the price   the results   this policies   the box   this programs   the costs   this employers   the materials   s atmosphere   a radiator   a miners   any employers   the grid   all capacity   it sales   the model   we industry   a voice   a policy   the investments   a vehicle   it growth   the simplicity   a share   this production   the company   the bolt   the majority   ev sales   the debate   a teardown   a unit   all cars   this elements   the problems   the vehicles   the emotor   this disruption   the workers   the launch   ev savings   the governor   the ice   the choice   this issues   the benefits   the cost   the sector   the challenges   the reality   the name   the cabins   a clutch   the goal   this shift   the council   the market   bloomberg finance   h conclusion   insideevs parity   the people   all evs   lithium cobalt   s commitment   the industry   the creation   such shift   a engine   the report   the modules   the lack   this system   ev motors   u policymakers   electriccarinvestmentsiduskbn1f42o3 https   the record   the state   the base   autonomous protypes   we economy   the economy   the idea   the shift   the nature   ev workers   no cars   the development   the companies   the power   the pacts   av government   u policy   a strength   the production   the workforce   a majority   a chains   a automakers   this components   the result   the components   this investment   this disruptions   ev powertrains   the chain   the motor   all models   the impact   the growth   the inverter   both vehicles   that approach   h workers   ev concerns   the bank   this cells   the example   the government   which employer   the value   the stock   the conditions   the simplification   h strategies   a gearbox   this decisions   both companies   each automaker   the powertrain   this simplicity   the batteries   the impacts   its incentives   such change   this disadvantage   wwwamnestyorgendocumentsafr6231832016en page   a number   this states   eu attempt   the needs   the gap
Goals:   maintain retraining levels   take layers cathode   develop complete valuechain   create manufacturing jobs   clean manufacturing energy   represent best estimates   replace management system   sell fuel vehicles   hit vehicles milestone   spark develop race   make retrain effort   develop production capacity   operate simpler system   develop robust market   lock pricing arrangements   develop supply chains   determine play role   solve environmental problems   adopt consider policies   upgrade energy infrastructure   repair updating roads   implement nationwide policies   present reduce way   set cut goals   share same layers   increase market share   structure support incentives   require coordinated policy   reduce batteries volatility   require trends evs   lead strong policy   address manufacturability module   play vital role   meet standards regulations   turn quick profit   promote domestic chain   represent significant shift   capture small portion   shift value chain   create promote transportation   promote ensuring practices   disruption important components   benefit economy workers   provide credits grants   pass landmark legislation   represent significant opportunity   address life span   create magnet current   build promote policies   make larger share   protect environmental policy   develop own approach   create robust market   reach global share   establish production footprint   promote environmental standards   manufacture wage premium   update systems bridges   create advanced jobs   meet used goals   nurture new incentives   produce consumer incentives   enforce labor standards   consider disruptive nature   amend trade pacts   charge vehicle charges   consider enormous shifts   produce new components   mark important milestone   set product targets   produce powertrains inhouse   make original anxiety   require balanced trade   provide economic support   lack large base   make necessary investments   create joint ventures   reduce positive impacts   see business opportunities   develop green technologies   build charging network   require fluid changes   promote domestic incentives   introduce new vehicles   produce localized emissions   produce components vehicles   lithium leaf volt   lead largest automakers   create include agreements   sell electrified vehicles   subsidize domestic market   recognize recognized threat   determine losers winners   maintain quality standards   present create opportunity   convert lithiumion batteries   create battery market   develop industrial policy   increase charging infrastructure   hurt usbased base   replace lithiumion batteries   push supply chain   give distinct advantage   enforce corporate practices   switch flammable electrolyte   play import role   pas rights act   expand production facilities   represent strong commitment   provide control power   enforce ethical chain   coordinate various stakeholders   come clear emissions   dominate battery market   support capital investment   set creditbased system   capture economic potential   involve fundamental change   require charging infrastructure   provide make infrastructure   transform automotive industry   cover wages policy   create new one   compare total cost   face new shift   create used transportation   use proactive policies   expect made products   provide greater storage   discourage protect outsourcing   match structure temperature   play active role   phase great plans   use coordinated policy   see chains opportunity   afford same rights   create strong market   provide higher power   enter global top   increase domestic content   use leaf induction   introduce new evs   anticipate treated those   set introduce goals   hurt results taxpayers   adapt needed changes   use own cocktail   develop necessary infrastructure   protect customer importance   support sized companies   reduce environmental impact   seek environmental policy   meet battery demand   enforce manufacturing practices   include enforceable language   cut transition emissions   develop domestic chain   provide patient capital   create complete valuechain   project global share   create middleclass jobs   target electrified sales   support development research   change production process   create industrial policy   operate autonomous system21   chase environmental regulations   expand training programs   use creating magnets   improve leading workplaces   produce energy vehicles   represent tipping point   mobilize needed resources   address carbon dioxide   seem unlikely contender   seem manufacturing industries   involve less effort   create new jobs   ensure new jobs   introduce longrange market   offset job loss   impose working conditions   set nonbinding goal   protect burgeoning industry   add emission scrubbers   create lead roadmap   shift employment business   build charging infrastructure   deliver living standards   show develop commitment   introduce electrified vehicles   convert battery power   include sales target   seek economic potential   require ensure policies   use sourcing arrangement   release research report   represent economic opportunity   develop entire chain   create government programs
Measures:   regulatory policy   electric motor   great competitiveness   electrical components   les effort   use funds   separate battery   battery threat   more information   vocational training   good estimates   robust market   nonprofit organizations   competitive cost   warm emissions   national programs   mechanical complexity   advance technologies   highroad jobs   concern scientists   lowcost countries   solid electrolyte   corporate practices   global competition   distribution module   research report   early oversight   negotiate wages   key resources   hand tools   wide range   carbon dioxide   new approach   content opportunity   electric starter   powertrains inhouse   new vehicles   proper compensation   work people   production capacity   public transportation   innovative products   fleet purchases   energy vehicles   clean transportation   domestic government   coordinate policy   future technology   anode layers   new projects   rare earth   customer importance   good benefits   political involvement   total programs   job quality   new evs   national organization   emission scrubbers   strong agreements   high quality   automotive semiconductors   poor standards   indepth look   skill workers   electrify vehicles   environmental policy   regulatory levels   come decades   disruptive nature   light materials   large automakers   circulate vehicles   necessary investments   consumer purchases   price parity   green products   supply base   strong market   mas quantities   important thing   base investments   level standards   nationwide programs   old roads   such conditions   economic opportunities   more components   quota system   industrial policy   sale target   necessary storage   follow year   new jobs   usbased automakers   singlegear gearbox   thermal control   increase production   new products   agricultural implement   low complexity   similar approach   oversize battery   strong support   large program   high road   low standards   small portion   commercial owners   new skills   les labor   governmentapproved batteries   protective case   large base   total cost   electric models   tier1 suppliers   great integration   produce vehicles88   mas market   american workers   commercial spaces   runaway fires   ethical chains   thin layers   highprofile plants   important milestone   natural resources   powertrain vehicles   powertrain components   lowroad methods   excess dioxide   battery demand   total sales   electrical requirement   new technologies   come disruption   electric charge   price fluctuations   tip point   local role   light performance   chinese production   poor history   wide program   internal wiring   clean vehicles   automotive employment   electric vehicle   different manufacturing   robust programs   code policies   important components   job programs   own cocktail   many countries   many projections   few injury   range anxiety   key experts   real time   grow demand   future uncertainty   domestic battery   minimum number   open question   governmental support   extend level   residential charging   monetary policy   overall price   union jobs   moderate growth   ice s   same rights   electricity demand   simple terms   common solution   supply chain   dependent segment   equivalent credits   live standards   active members   employerpaid plan   european market   economic activity   cell batteries   green technologies   proactive policy   public targets   manufacture jobs   advance cars   energy infrastructure   economic standards   good stability   powertrain battery   automotive industry   ambitious goals   hot temperatures   low hours   individual plants   retire members   fluid changes   continue analysts   public policy   major components   automotive jobs   active role   evergreater role   market incentives   middle class   highroad practices   economic impact   effective way   purchase policies   forwardlooking policy   economic potential   clear leader   domestic manufacturing   alternative fuels   new policy   quality standards   high voltage   12v battery   fundamental shift   middleclass jobs   advance technology   low jobs   attractive place   quality jobs   incentive incentives   investment policy   independent contractors   single gear   advance jobs   global consumers   mobile unit   new way   rapid growth   simple motor   future electrification   inhumane conditions   quick profit   work men   develop countries   operate savings   manufacture energy   new chain   simple gear   close plants   transportation accounts   global top   small manufacturers   economy standards   safe workplaces   worker consumers   multinational corporations   first automakers   more leadership   environmental impact   multigeared transmission   fair future   first plan   full vehicles   battery power   attractive market   advance engines   location origin   highquality jobs   price arrangements   electric car   complete shift   renewable energy   automotive technology   new one   magnet motors   full transparency   comprehensive training   domestic market   downward pressure   domestic firms   international council   great storage   green cars   new suppliers   commercial production   unlikely contender   strong growth   government support   last years   such purchases   american health   automotive news   different magnets   stark terms   import role   positive impacts   essential minerals   fair labor   tough standards   taxis policy   collective bargaining   350kw level   synchronous motors   national plan   weight performance   new industry   meaningful standards   automotive chemical   independent unions   new components   usbased research   advance policies   production process   automotive companies   electric mobility   lithiumion batteries   manufacture relations   near future   great demands   specific car   burgeon industry   control areas   such credits   large market   powertrain integration   traditional manufacturing   infrastructure deployment   structure temperature   private organizations   winner6 emissions   plugin projects   target way   maintenance costs   local governments   eventual production   occupational act   vocational programs   real impact   prismatic cells   long periods   clean air   low program99   local unions   high standards   move parts   pledge investment   localize emissions   manufacture batteries   regular outlet   economic benefits   significant opportunity   far distinctions   performance span   positive impact   likely companies   automotive systems   such incentives   transportation procurement   ethical supply   automotive value   disruptive implications   foreign nations   employment levels   share vehicles   dieselpowered vehicles   domestic chain   economic opportunity   asian countries   relate components   exhaust systems   few rights   viable solution   good jobs   propulsion components   electric vehicles   domestic chains   electrical grid   policy support   future technologies   liquid electrolyte   manufacture industries   good satisfaction   first allowances   domestic oems   nationwide policies   foreign oems   fair taxes   indigenous lands   strategic industries   green future   chain investment   conditional incentives   automotive market   low policy   electricity production   big hurdles   permanent magnet   condition safety   american jobs   due purchases   displace workers   production incentives   supply chains   vigilant involvement   economic security   new governments   environmental standards   longterm arrangements   sure components   fix gear   distinct advantage   industry milestone   quality training   domestic content   earth magnets   full advantage   premium wages   elongate battery   charge infrastructure   retrain programs   electric powertrains   large unions   powertrain disruption   human rights   automotive goals   positive benefits   limit supply   current pacts   electric version   improve performance   different components   different cells   new actors   periodic maintenance   trade agreements   automotive battery   associate battery   look policy   usbased base   great infrastructure   manufacture electrification   midsized companies   comprehensive policies   powertrain manufacturing   internet bridges   chinabased automakers   size companies   global economy   educational programs   rotational speed   legislative battle   advance products   increase range   basic rights   german companies   lead countries   produce t   level steps   environmental degradation   coordinate approach   such support   large portion   domestic supply   infrastructure subsidies   disruptive force   mild hybrids   health care   key components   high power   active safety   regular hybrids   modest assumptions   global share   alternator inverter   nonbinding goal   such components   large policy   common propulsion   water shortages   tax credits   many changes   electrical infrastructure   complex set   industrial workers   highroad production   preferential access   develop base   come shift   electrify sales   major companies   standalone component   draw carriage   right thing   key systems   standard level   strong policy   chinese models   fundamental change   german automakers   production facilities   highlyutilized vehicles   manufacture policy   total parity   internal receptacles   necessary power   private sector   thermal management   cost savings   federal government   stationary generator   contain cobalt   environmental laws   battery temperature   hybrid production   advance systems   similar vehicle   consumer incentives   production footprint   capital investment   flammable electrolyte   carbon emissions   fuel vehicles   compete demands   complete valuechain   come years   basic layers   complexity hours   corporate actors   punitive tariffs   wide consumer   car sales   low costs   large manufacturers   comparable profits   residential applications   wage health   rich deposits   own approach   ambitious targets   pay leaders   generation mix   democratic unions   new shift   ubscommissioned teardown   government purchases   vehicle electrification   quick charges   life span   vehicle milestone   trade policy   ice vehicles   global competitors   economic support   advance vehicles   outside vehicles   significant shift   labor standards   simple system   domestic products   longterm shift   european fuels   decline prices   small segment   local incentives   environmental problems   electric powertrain   global automakers   germanybased automakers   contingent relationships   traditional engine   port design   joint ventures   new society   internal engine   domestic suppliers   government mandates   comprehensive policy   market support   social responsibility   child labor   total component   same layers   regular changes   california regulations   economic justice   domestic production   supplier investment   proactive policies   global market   strong commitment   entire chain   lithium battery   market share   continental projects   necessary infrastructure   nonexistent whistleblower   major actors   rectangular package   possible cells   exhaust engines   new types   total emissions   global sales   domestic incentives   highroad incentives   labor hours   reuter analysis   work conditions   charge network   original anxiety   infrastructure incentives   small suppliers   balance trade   new models   trade pacts   autonomous vehicles   enormous shifts   follow sectors   natural gas   climate change   strong language   change nature   creditbased system   important industries   manufacture sectors   federal technology   autonomous technology   fix gearbox   comparable ices7   capture share   advance policy   ethical chain   new workers   auto jobs   report card   target policies   goodpaying jobs   own design   ambitious policy   hard metal   strong mandates   specific cocktail   firsthand experience   patient capital   government incentives   industrial applications   new pacts   large share   weak laws   strong compensation   various stakeholders   business opportunities   comprehensive programs   civil rights   battery volatility   last year   different designs   magnetic currents   les complexity   improve competitiveness   differential suspension   comparable powertrain24   such legislation   ga emissions   internal combustion   baby steps   massive investments   global battery   electrical system   smart policy   acdc converterrectifier   same line   collective agreements   new incentives   industry actors   package account   final ratio   white jobs   early stages   additional value   enough infrastructure   coordinate way   great power   great amounts   uawrepresented workplaces   negative impact   value chain   fair act   clean source   standard regulations   clear emissions   manufacture practices   ga coal   same resources   temporary workers   battery market   additional scrubbers   current batteries   highroad approach   top companies   highspeed bridges   strong standards   new companies   high levels   timeofuse reductions   good wages   enforceable language   advance semiconductors   thermal fires   powertrain system   residential transportation   good schools   rate reductions   next years   federal policies   good solution   landmark legislation   grow share   outdate conditions   stringent regulations   economic impacts   large firms   future source   valuable component   automotive cells   government programs   small investments   regulatory certainty   vex problems   integrate module   key stakeholders   innovative partnerships   pioneer role   chinese oems   environmental regulations   management system   american act   few parts25   high wages   wage premium   new policies   previous shifts   global warming   manufacture base   cell vehicles   joint training   high density   strategic sector   les workers   good fit   wide initiative   early days   oem profits   permanent motors   long term   job loss   more production   chinesemade batteries   vital role   public fleet   significant opportunities   global governments   electric motors   slow growth   quality safety   construct layers   european companies   new vehicle   high conditions
Actions:   make profit   lead automakers   deliver standards   introduce versions   fold stack   represent estimates   condition purchases   favore firms   see evs   meet that   require amounts   make twothirds   put millions   ensure approach   provide jobs   launch evs   maintain standards   use level   create jobs   lock arrangements   shift work   advance changes   manufacture germany   mandate portion   afford rights   support oems   play that   turn sights   reach 750000   consider accounts   offer credits   make vehicles   use arrangement   create employment   push production   project share   represent opportunity   end sale   ensure production   lead electrification   shift chain   charge mercedes   solve problem   use variety   push chain   need programs   benefit environment   trade shortages   convert it   lack base   match temperature   locate production   mark milestone   incentivize development   reduce volatility   assemble level   keep labor   provide rest   create one   charge modules   retool plants   come shift   switch electrolyte   develop approach   chase regulations   turn profit   optimize battery   hurt taxpayers   purchase gas   sell hybrids   lead oems   use vehicle   undermine quality   enforce protections   reinv manufacturing   consider shifts   build cars   sell evs   use induction   produce vehicles   face shift   take advantage   develop evs   adopt regulations   increase infrastructure   replace batteries   provide grants   promote support   incentivize manufacturers   require evs   announce plan   determine geography   phase them   place demands   convert power   make investments   reference graphicsreuterscomautosinvestmentelectric010081zb3hdindexhtml   guarantee jobs   charge charges   benefit support   generate currents   electrify powertrains   amend pacts   train workers   take hours   create current   retain plants   take charge   locate chain   hit milestone   contaminate waterways   charge infrastructure   receive compensation   competitiveness standards   support production   update improvements   involve effort   reach cost   introduce market   turn back   spend batteries   develop technologies   back targets   promote supply   spark race   structure incentives   train shift   use subsidies   present opportunity   develop timeline   treat components   produce incentives   announce investment   favor batteries   capture portion   cover policy   require commitments   represent decline   commit manufacturers   charge stations   cheat this   turn disruptions   create policy   support investment   replace it   see appendix   retrain workers   use methods   take cathode   propose phase   reference https   develop market   address country   phase production   encourage production   seem contender   replace cost   mandate transition   ensure jobs   lead 5   create flexibility   tell investors   use magnets   lack rights   receive charge   establish footprint   set system   ensure safety   make 18000   shape economy   address change   promote chain   use tools   support incentives   threaten levels   provide adapter   include changes   require policies   support evs   reach parity   come emissions   set goals   create market   charge vehicle   cause evs   put nation   dominate market   create race   require hundreds   address span   reduce impacts   promote manufacturing   require thousands   use jobs   structure what   source types   leverage position   use policies   provide infrastructure   offer variety   power vehicle   find billion   require components   offer example   benefit analysis   benefit which   develop evs46   promote purchases   develop valuechain   set goal   target sales   create alliance   phase plans   charge battery   require owners   impose conditions   enter top   share components   pit states   provide certainty   build network   reduce quality   seem industries   support purchases   support installation   phase implications   secure care   achieve growth   introduce vehicles   manage heat   put pressure   obtain credits   reference wwwvisualcapitalistcombatterymegafactoryforecast1twhcapacity2028   represent point   reduce amount   cheat system   sell million   charge ev   determine role   associate components   maintain infrastructure   experience fluctuations   protect workers   build infrastructure   import components106   capture potential   charge steps   build powertrains   disruption components   change process   require control   pay wages   create products   improve health   create barrier   manufacture premium   work safety   convert batteries   ensure training   reach top   underpay workers   preserve jobs   see importance   require support   protect importance   reduce impact   benefit workers   determine winners   use assumptions   give advantage   create infrastructure   see changes   expand production   take approach   dig hundreds   change more   set targets   encourage firms   increase adoption   tie procurement   spur demand   pay jobs   reduce way   reduce emissions   address module   project shift   present challenge   create programs   provide capital   show commitment   create power   safeguard future   use cocktail   develop chains   build car   promote infrastructure   push firms   require policy   promote health   adopt policies   earn credits   reference wwweuractivcomsectionelectriccarsnewsairbusstyleeubatteryalliancesplitsbeforetakeoff   meet targets   hold promise   share layers   use disruption   replace s   include target   use shift   invest billion   recognize threat   create transportation   adapt changes   promote jobs   create economy   include language   improve workplaces   present way   source cells   consider origin   undermine competitiveness   promote incentives   make effort   support research   increase demand   pursue goals   take electricity   require kw   erode employment   reduce wear   mobilize resources   introduce evs   require automakers   diminish life   hurt base   provide storage   direct it   address dioxide   keep economy   require trade   use 3080a   announce billion   operate system21   support companies   discourage outsourcing   create policies   import commission   produce inhouse   influence manufacturers   back them   raise quality   provide savings   access https   power vehicles   promote standards   encourage companies   pledge billion   protect industry   need skills   prohibit discrimination   make anxiety   meet goals   ensure conditions   roll them   make 2   charge subsidies   take steps   develop chain   require changes   promote production   transform industry   offset loss   charge deployment   represent commitment   secure access   maintain levels   import components   enforce practices   implement policies   introduce range   bring types   coordinate 95   prepare workers   promote practices   prepare them   coordinate stakeholders   play role   nurture incentives   outsource work   meet demand   pass legislation   take mix   incentivize companies   disrupt one   expect products   reach share   increase content   protect consumers   produce components   develop infrastructure   lead infrastructure   provide training   promote evs   build vehicles   create valuechain   support reinvestment   offer version   provide support   develop partnerships   halve use   replace system   increase share   take pledge   have evs   generate credits   compare cost   develop capacity   enforce standards   sell vehicles   spend 2   protect policy   operate system   shift business   support alliance   lead policy   offer funding   upgrade infrastructure   reward companies   release report   subsidize market   seek policy   produce exhaust   pay benefits   push employers   make share   cost 30000   import batteries   lay path   lithium volt   see opportunities   create value   produce emission   secure justice   require oems   see opportunity   produce emissions   require infrastructure   expand programs   prevent shortcircuits   use electricity   use policy   spend billion   require labor   pas act   make what   provide workers   sell qualifying   consider nature   involve change   solve problems   anticipate those   approach million   build install   charge cars   use types   enforce chain   represent 50   introduce variety   provide benefits   show growth   spend million   produce evs   replace inverter   outsource components   transmission systems   update bridges   clean energy   make 1   add scrubbers   phase vehicles   improve lives   provide that   take power   produce install   provide wages   ban gasoline   set target   provide power   push companies   pursue technology   address warming   create roadmap   receive support   promote us   decrease capacity   balance demands   include converterrectifier   build policies   develop policy   acquire 10   retool facilities   recycle batteries   represent shift   cut emissions   promote investment   seek potential   address concern   repair roads   meet regulations   integrate motor   wear parts   orient strategies   create ventures   make thousands   propel them   acquire type   generate number   expand facilities   purchase credits   introduce models   translate speed   support market   put issue   create agreements

Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.