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SOLVING THE CLIMATE CRISIS The Congressional Action Plan for a Clean Energy Economy and a Healthy, Resilient, and Just America Majority Sta(cid:126) Report SOLVING THE CLIMATE CRISIS The Congressional Action Plan for a Clean Energy Economy and a Healthy, Resilient, and Just America SELECT COMMITTEE ON THE CLIMATE CRISIS MAJORITY STAFF REPORT 116TH CONGRESS PREPARED BY MAJORITY COMMITTEE STAFF PURSUANT TO H.RES.6 DEMOCRATIC MEMBERS OF THE SELECT COMMITTEE Rep. Kathy Castor (D-FL), Chair Rep. Ben

make new and existing   investments in new generation   crisis in a resolution   assistance from the department   program so that tva   decarbonization of the economy   benefits of the renewable   benefits of zero emission   utilities about the risks  

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Profiles:   the report   the economics   al insights   another issue   the coalition   any standard   this impacts   the service   the policies   an markets   a product   a investment   each region   this lines   a administration   the costs   an states   the print   staff recommendations   the treatment   a element   it law   cpuc background   the farm   this rulemaking   a tank   an scientists   the provisions   all humans   a grid   this problem   the program   a backbone   a goal   usa report   the action   a statement   this ideas   an members   the nexus   ferc order   the system   the order   this provision   a president   the improvements   the majority   every initiative   the reforms   administration nuclear   congress legislation   the analysts   the potential   any framework   a floor   california cities   network mission   it reliability   this markets   the analysis   this action   a challenge   indopacific failure   agency frameworkagreementcleanemission   all states   e section   a source   the grid   a deadline   the communities   that vehicle   the administration   the threat   the rule   the budget   each installation   the projects   the goals   a relationship   the workers   a credit   heat171 heat   the world   the vehicles   each state   the sector   a program   a utility   twentysix states   the legislation   committee draft   the recommendations   we world   the environment   the option   this review   the industry   ev chargers   america farmers   this transitions   this credits   this section   wwwgaogovhighrisklimiting_federal_government_fiscal_exposurewhy_did_study panel   u territories   a partner   the benefits   the resource   the plan   the pace   the regions   the resilience   a line   this law   the blackout   ferc consideration   the commission   the threats   this transformers   whose term   the goal   the utilities   ferc espouses   the imposition   the city   the requirement   its meetings   all sectors   all vehicles   this legislation   this contracts   this funds   the standard   april panel   the committee   the investment   this bill   the thing   the pandemic   the ability   a community   the network   this problems   the challenge   that deployment   the draft   the entities   this benefits   the requirements   the percentage   the policy   the interconnection   this changes   the military   a plan   this approach   congress committee   february page   development block   earth levels   the ptc   each part   the house   a commitment   a resource   this program   the assessment   july office   the credit   c sections   this decrease   all facilities   the effects   the state   which projects   the operation   the office   all communities   each automaker   the creativity   we faith   that level   a rock   the farms   this projects   gramlich impacts   releaseshousedemocratspushbackagainstproposedchangestonuclearregulatory office   the labs   house committee   the economy   that responsibility   research141 recommendation   this transformation   the subset   the issue   a percentage   emissions217 eia   each person   the production   transformation74 decarbonization   the number   the bill   a payment   the intent   a automaker   a economy   the rtoiso   the source   the mandate   vi definitions   the academies   mckinsey company   a tsunami   the nrc   this processes   the level   the statement   the climate   the tribe   the size   a strategy   the credits   this provisions   a authority   eia projects   a report   any policy   this deadlines   lng infrastructure   the nation   the standards   a standard   this failures   a technologies   the reactor   the emitter   the investments   the branch   the lines   the blocks   this technologies   what products   a center   its communities   the story   it goal   hub86 members   a system   diffenbaugh reduction   this situations   this amount   the section   any delay   the value   the prices   the panel   no project   dec panel   both bills   this policy   the infrastructure   its components   response management   the process   the resolution   rto staff   america pledge   ipcc scientists   the definition   the formula   the one   this report   the planet   the staff   transformers182 support   the earth   the vehicle   the research   the needs   the buildout   the bills   any policies   the public   every recommendation   committee report   the emissions   this goals   the responsibility   a individuals   the impacts   the landscape   rd loan   a web   a trend   the government   the force   america fleet   this notions   no one   a item   the president   the foundation   appropriate188 solutions   the operator   whose input   this office   the crisis   an companies   all recommendations   the board   the country
Goals:   preview policy recommendations   build fairer code   remove slow roadblocks   enact clean standard   meet domestic goal   aim open j   increase energy generation   avoid build need   fulfill energy policies   integrate energy resources   require vast deployment   achieve clean generation   strengthen climate policy   build direct lines   create tax credits   help lines site   cause drier conditions   address climate crisis   increase cover glaciers   provide including benefits   cover rising number   reduce increase capacity   address risks flooding   promote energy generation   release discussion draft   offer unique opportunity   update design basis   designate interest corridors   resolve interconnection backlogs   outline climate plan   improve energy efficiency   award adopt grants   bear most responsibility   light religious response   provide assistance incentives   ensure domestic manufacturing   lead pfas amendment   pay consistent wages   meet labor standards   provide invest funding   facilitate decarbonized supply   strengthen affordable housing   reflect available science   offer moving act   prepare telecommunications networks   build fair congress   make infrastructure choices   choose lower value   build ensure initiatives   generate health benefits   generate energy onsite   produce goodpaying jobs   establish demonstration program   achieve develop emissions   establish crosscutting program   reclaim pose wells   develop voluntary protocol   construct transmission lines   build resilient economy   make public lands   introduce investment act   decarbonize electricity sector   set offer prices   reduce posed risks   conduct break rulemaking   attain emissions reductions   eliminate tax breaks   invent innovation policy   reduce soft costs   create highquality jobs   focus regulatory attention   require new construction   reduce expand protections   face higher probability   establish government force   calculate intergenerational costs   introduce public engagement   provide technical resources   spur domestic congress   govern power markets   provide ethical dimension   reform mapping programs   inform reliability standards   capture full potential   avert worst consequences   introduce providing opportunities   face structural barriers   reduce risks costs   limit regulate ability   rebuild transportation infrastructure   facilitate energy integration   expand modernize maintain   adopt require designs   create workforce program   introduce solar expansion   develop power systems   discuss numerous challenges   cut environmental justice   outweigh potential costs   ensure level field   degrade quality air   establish coordinated plan   require reach investments   prepare plug leaks   inform maintenance operations   leverage reconstruction investments   improve safety operations   fix transportation act   hold official hearings   review sector groups   generate lasts waste   include reporting provision   replace utility poles   achieve urgent reductions   introduce solar act   require high confidence   negotiate working conditions   determine appropriate value   buy directs requirements   establish voluntary program   wave species loss   set emissions standards   improve public health   reauthorize sustainability program   establish purchase goals   support food systems   improve vehicle efficiency   cover including technologies   announce historic agreement   develop help tools   improve climate benefits   align tax code   introduce smart act   follow majority staff   leaf vulnerable plants   introduce climate resiliency   reduce need impacts   build fueling emission   expand middle class   implement inclusive process   30c refueling credit   provide groups community   update market rules   extend creating expanding   set electricity sector   spur domestic manufacturing   require same commitment   propose weaken rule   develop energy efficiency   require scientific assistance   finalize unified standards   create climate views   charge refueling credit   make needed changes   deploy risk information   draft interconnection study   inspect energy resources   achieve climate pollution   negotiate voluntary agreementinprinciple   wash roads bridges   preempt energy initiatives   identify feasible alternatives   offer solar programs   affect geographic seasonality   set ambitious goal   use focused strategies   facilitate resilient supply   conduct determine analysis   seek including renewals   demonstrate zeroemission technologies   generate cost savings   exceed highest average   assist departments communities   succeed technical issue   develop narrow proposals   improve reliability committees   buy prevailing requirements   develop exporting deploying   increase energy production   use building materials   require government suppliers   provide agency ferc   improve technologies recommendation   establish water efficiency   unveil solar panels   pas committee draft   provide comprehensive set   direct management agencies   include property generators   create power markets   reinvigorate energy sector   help press release   allocate governments tribes   pursue including policies   avoid worst impacts   introduce renewable energy   experience heat waves   reduce sequestration enhance   reduce fiscal exposure   advance energy resilience   slow development permitting   direct agency ferc   satisfy specified requirements   incentivize energy development   harden physical infrastructure   develop next generation   support ensure approaches   introduce economy act   reflect need services   direct administrations tva   issue executive order   degrade flooding disease   build economy pillar   develop consistent transmission   implement raised rules   improve tools technologies   eliminate pollution waste   understand interconnected system   develop development program   enforce standards committee   coordinate improve operations174   pass illustrate bills   establish voluntary standard   affect environmental impacts   create energy standard   achieve needed mindset   site deep repository   restore carbon systems   maintain robust program   set price cap   build healthier hr   navigate oftenbroken system   correct policy failures   strengthen environmental justice   plan essential element   create new generation   develop put plan   establish low standard   address disrupt ways   meet certain percentage   use aid funds   provide additional recommendations   introduce leading infrastructure   develop permanent solution   project discussion draft   look fourth assessment   extend tax credits   upgrade transmission facilities   build transmission lines   create new initiative   mitigate unintended impacts   require new standards   provide services electricity   introduce reliable investment   introduce advanced act   deliver dioxide reductions   introduce energy certainty   recommit global initiative   connect interconnections building   fund infrastructure priorities   offer require recommendations   reduce insurance risks   replace infrastructure collaborate   achieve emissions reductions   restore full protections   involve transaction costs   aging average reactor   establish reduce program   achieve outweigh benefits   develop renewable zones   create financing programs   make new buildings   introduce green energy   leverage procurement policies   establish clean standard   transform public lands   undermine clean leadership   address mental effects   adopt vehicle emissions   boost environmental justice   continue help vows   exercise siting authority   develop infrastructure strategy   relieve economic crisis   use produced electricity   spur new generation   meet facilitating goal   introduce wind act   offer convenient alternatives   establish evaluation measurement   use energy policy   include authorizing provision   create resilient finance   demonstrate tools technologies   reflect latest information   recommend broad suite   develop using systems   decarbonize sector storage   retain existing authority   express led concern   give oversight authority   extend safe deadlines   set detect standards   respect forms nature   address localized concerns   threaten tribal committee   flood worsen risk   play expanded role   introduce incentive act   receive tax credit   produce uses energy   support local departments   hit vehicle cap   encourage states cities   implement other rules   ensure presentation resilience   may unemployment analysis   offset remaining use   restore natural spaces   exceed special report   facilitate modeling action   create crosscutting program   develop tools technologies   require power plants   develop robust set   maintain responsiveness congress   facilitate flexible grid   solve climate crisis   increase relative efficiency   use much 25   deploy limit pathways   adopt address measures   incorporate resilience standards   establish competitive fund   methane climate pollutant   achieve highest rating   create storage itc   solve congressional plan   select public analysts   reflect made amendments   tap authority congress   facilitate action action   ensure including areas   wait dioxide concentrations   trade energy credits   apply model agencies   implement broad portfolio   meet electricity needs   enable administrations tva   mitigate bid offer   amend power act   satisfy scientific imperative   moderate expected increase   need robust system   follow maintain practices   set emission standards   trigger siting authority   improve cost calculations   achieve average rate   reauthorize research development   eliminate government subsidies   satisfy domestic demand   develop risk information   achieve reductions congress   create assistance program   create voluntary program   help power plants   smooth electricity demand   transmit large amounts   prevent premature deaths   finance solar project   provide tax relief   leave notable gap   introduce expanding access   develop using projects   take different approach   withstand unavoidable impacts   block discrimination policies   evaluate climaterelated risks   release final report   include imposes costs   withdraw states cities   incentivize local investments   build cleaner sector   site transmission lines   develop pilot program   provide aid assistance   offer programs section   establish standards committees   modernize power markets   launch economic sectors   encourage deployment134 section   maintain strong recommendation   treat tax credit   understand potential impacts   seek equity partners   develop comprehensive program   minimize risks recommendation   increase office funding   present replace opportunity   build modern grid   require electricity providers   introduce community act   leave exposed communities   set pollution standards   use planning models   offer individuals businesses   reach clean electricity   incentivize ranchers farmers   meet weighed goals   encourage cost allocation   achieve climate goals   make meet commitment   accelerate electricity future   establish loan program   build drive innovation   promulgate emissions standards   mitigate regional consequences   build fairer economy   deploy renewable energy   withstand climate impacts   establish strategic reserve   boost economic development   generate remains waste   build stronger economy   divide post cities   conduct necessary analysis   conduct increase rulemaking   provide grants loans   solve crisis jobs   provide assistance grants   provide direct option   procure needed services   felt health costs   conduct economic analysis   establish competitive program   emphasize savings benefits   review governing rules   asses true value   establish technology facilities   expand energy growth   sustain forces platforms   analyze myriad opportunities   survive climate crisis   improve market governance   provide cooling heating   nonprofit cooperatives ways   restore confront risks   avoid estimated deaths   use created funds   strengthen democratic institutions   improve assess ability   describe reduction goals   coordinate policy toplines   offer limiting gao19157sp   protect restore conserve   introduce discussion draft   develop zeroemission technologies   reflect end concerns   provide ancillary services   create resilient america   require public investment   protect strengthen science   bear much trillion   set energy outlook   survive outages insider   provide help incentives   asses technological complexities   require setting legislation   extend tax credit   create bipartisan committee   distribute energy electrification   receive state governments   borrow amendments authorities   represent manufacturing infrastructure   deploy energy technologies   generate much 80   achieve netzeroemissions sector   lead global charge   apply finance approaches   develop economic opportunities   inform solution providers   build durable economy   ensure exposed industries   address infrastructure challenges   identify environmental benefits   protect energy infrastructure   establish governing rules   solve stronger buildings   trigger siting recommendation   integrate battery resources   meet electricity demand   develop transmission facilities   integrate higher percentage   tackle climate crisis   oppose inspection cuts   bridge resilience gap   review stakeholder processes   disadvantage court decision   asses distributional impacts   prepare transportation systems   incarcerate individuals persons   evaluate multiple benefits   require actual reduction   play key role   upgrade businesses homes   establish report change   propose defray incentives   limit fuel leasing   direct select committee   lead global response   develop comprehensive strategy   confront climate crisis   build prosperous economy   offer propel opportunity   overcome health risks   lie solid foundation   amend diverse interests   finalize arguing rule   establish technical assistance   spur solar technology   overcome led failures   reveal infrastructure decisions   use natural resources   face given challenges   resolve technical issues   implement carbon price   require emissions reduction   achieve equity sustainability   play important role   strengthen sustainability program   equal demands scale   mitigate economics promise   enhance development supply   maximize emissions reductions   build healthier america   deliver urgent changes   use policy trading   face greatest impacts   build equitable economy   expand solar options   deliver highquality jobs   strengthen nation systems   target development assistance   require science agencies   issue threat assessment   complement variable output   set standards committee   promote resilience committee   expand energy efficiency   depopulate women communities   create provide program   create distributed board   asses safety performance   include software demand   enable emissions reductions   review decisionmaking processes   set nonbinding goal   travele interface lcfs   offer direct option   include cybersecurity plan   adopt expedited protocol   reduce carbon pollution   amend energy act   achieve conserve goal   review slowing barriers   reduce flood losses   facilitate consumer purchase   expand tax incentives   outline reduce policies   have take chance   quantify gas emissions   set nationwide goal   set wholesale rules   use existing authorities   promote driving projects   provide alternative method   accelerate energy innovation   create fair system   evaluate stakeholder processes   introduce integration act   clean duty vehicles   issue stating declaration   require free electricity   include establish territories   need funding attention   accelerate future https   conduct demonstration projects   require water supplies   decarbonize transportation sector   achieve carbon economy   drive clean deployment   jumpstart direct industry   achieve manufacturing goals   deploy large transformers   announce desalination hub   preserve adopt authority   shape energy future   neglect rural parts   strengthen health capabilities   introduce affordable evs   contain select recommendations   identify reduce opportunities   pose safety hazards   withstand works storms   introduce promoting act   exacerbate entrenched inequalities   build workforce capabilities   establish efficiency targets   avoid ensure outcomes   delay report release   alleviate cumulative impacts   harmonize planning processes   provide solar https   solve natural solutions   exclude operational sources   complement gas standards   employ expedite tools   support next generation   build cleaner economy   experience adverse health   expand research development   offer positive voice   felt rising costs   increase vehicle credit   heat including impacts   call proposed rule   identify show studies   ignore staff recommendations   exceed intergovernmental panel   develop wind energy   reject market rules   use same phase   build new line   build healthier economy   concentrate solar heating   create direct backbone   establish renewable standard   produce renewable energy   create supply chains   establish ready partnership   build transmission facility   build materials construction   conduct comprehensive review   reduce dioxide emissions   establish strengthen program   offer fix opportunity   set interim targets   modernize nation network   restore grasslands forests   harm curb pollution   examine generation queues   designate transmission corridors   come state policies   reinv continue savings   propose reliability standard   alleviate issue incentives   send expressing letter   help clean transition   include native villages   reauthorize development activities   permit transmission lines   include including participation   model emissions reductions   direct protection agency   establish standardize process   sign press release   accelerate disaster recovery   improve technologies committees   procure certain percentage   streamline line process   create power imbalance   develop response project   develop resilience standards   enhance global leadership   invalidate congestion study   address weather resilience   make sustained commitment   deliver health benefits   purchase used vehicle   fund revolving funds   analyze existing onshore   allocate program funds   offer tax credit   improve rebound ability   experience tangible benefits   provide tax benefits   create deployment program   introduce spent act   increase health emergencies   enhance related protections   ramp electricity generation   deploy boldest suite   implement comprehensive strategy   explore viable opportunities   introduce incentivizing act   afford acknowledge opportunity   approve subsequent renewal   build equitable policy   create priorities inefficiencies   wash ground airplanes   flood weather events   represent battery storage   conduct rigorous assessment   modernize program section   create climate crisis   exceed weight limits   face financial challenges   confront security threats   review diverse interests   lack energy policies   create stabilize future   threaten way ecosystems   protect most vulnerable   require reliability organization   augment technical capability   need transmit upgrade   expand store projects   increase several investments   create new program   use existing authority   establish workforce program   require emissions reductions   afford public opportunities   require regulatory commissions   exceed renewable energy   create climate resilient   amend independence act   meet climate goals   expand residential owners   storage energy standard   hit households farmers   create investment credit   fueling containing equipment   increase sector resilience   invest mitigation funds   spur energy technology   deploy energy resources   reduce disaster risks   adopt building codes   deny proposed project   use technology solutions   develop solar projects   deploy state ders   include holistic assessment   adopt growth strategies   prepare telecommunications network   impose transparency requirements   undergo energy retrofits   invest aid funds   integrate energy systems   establish climate service   offer address recommendations   translate fewer attacks   develop coordinated strategy   use tax credit   enact promote policies   achieve negative emissions17   address climate scientists   bend emissions curve   generate own electricity   include transmission owners   conduct imposes rulemaking   face including people   develop energy systems   implement broad suite   meet energy use   introduce green act   meet ambitious goals   build clean economy   lead opposing letter   pursue legislative solution   incentivize cities states   exacerbate racial injustices   outline clear goal   remedy unintended impacts   reach dioxide emissions   maintain environmental review   employ labor standards   lead transition efforts   include similar provision   deploy power technologies   accelerate full decarbonization   reduce required energy   provide strongest example   frustrate clean energy   introduce clean act   include burying coating   require electricity generation   introduce lowincome act   support state policies   ensure economic development   solve climate opportunities   enjoy set exemptions   accompany including policies   sell additional vehicles   establish distributed board   retool manufacturing facilities   create proposed mechanism   goodpaying fortify jobs   provide new credit   achieve pollution reductions   direct nuclear commission   update power act   provide livable climate   announce reduction goals   establish eliminate goal   deploy removal technology   establish interagency group   create select committee   quantify modeled innovation   operate plant presentation   develop renewable projects   address human crisis   cut oil infrastructure   stabilize needs climate67   facilitate buried development   demand comprehensive response   include mitigation grants   put communities people   strengthen integrity policies   provide defray grants   establish invest standards   develop allocation methodology   address distributional impacts   minimize regional impacts   obtain necessary permits   provide capital cash   reduce transmit ability   create clean program   level playing field   remove current doublecounting   fueling gasolinepowered vehicles   provide financial incentives   provide build roadmap   advance state policies   provide assistance committee   offer pay developers   build climate change   play active role   qualify energy systems   avert worst impacts   restore public lands   develop comprehensive plan   create local jobs   analyze fiscal impacts   lead next generation   maintain safety requirements   deliver electricity doe   host transmission capacity   develop policy recommendations   meet needs goal   create tax credit   leave related initiatives   establish task force   reduce smogforming soot   harness technological innovation   increase energy efficiency   purchase resources committee   asses including impacts   develop press release   diversify reduces generation   accept radioactive waste   bring detailing studies   adopt labor practices   lower energy use   present unique opportunity   take multiple members   site infrastructure congress   lay infrastructure pathways   assemble vehicles committee   make infrastructure investments   reel covid19 pandemic   create policy environment   maximize energy implementation   improve withstand ability   upgrade facilities plans   protect face species   create domestic jobs   help depend populations   finalize revoking rule   pas energy standard   decarbonize electricity transportation   achieve build goals   harness resources onshore   standards222 other states   organize technical conference   drive energy deployment   propose emergency preparedness   address moral obligation   export technology toplines   reauthorize energy efficiency   adopt management standards   seek move assistance   reduce important drivers   distribute vehicle equipment   attain improved environment   achieve gas emissions   bear climate change   have hear opportunity   reauthorize used program   develop inform scenarios   conduct require rulemaking   drive support compliance   complement support standards   identify policy path
Measures:   specific upgrades   mandatory closures   deep repository   energy initiatives   little funding   grand challenge   bulk system   stringent initiatives   renewable investment   nuclear plant   national performance   global pathways   great use   chronic underinvestment   global response   wholesale markets   high health   climaterelated opportunities   tax incentives   solar technology   multiple benefits   court decision   local authorities   smart use   agency ability   regional organizations   wide range   spin-dry storage   clean sector   federal preemption   exist rtos   public recommendation   specify requirements   senate companion   carbon sequestration   climate benefit   energy prices   natural systems   subsidize resources   federal action   exist reactors   correct failures   deep retrofits   existential crisis   aging plants   industrial systems   power systems   responsive hr   national withdrawal   additional technologies   interest program   increase demand   national goals   renewable ders   power technologies   arm forces   expose community   power markets   disposal solution   power transformers   improve resilience   stand committees   intergenerational costs   nuclear commission   extra warming   routine flaring   nuclear technologies   new projects   economic analysis   industrial efficiency   emergency preparedness   avoid damages   clean deployment   reduction goals   major suppliers   kavulla problems   new initiative   different approach   statutory authorities   urban areas   health benefits   necessary permits   public investment   businessasusual levels   electrical substations165   several strategies   weapon platforms   great impacts   remain vehicles   community initiative   federal property   new products   wholesale market   technologyneutral vehicle   regulatory policies   financial assistance   fair treatment   standard act   high education   research development   fast sheet   tribal utility   coral reefs   largescale reductions   property credit   correction electricitypolicycom   energy program   netnegative emissions   clean climate   upfront installation   medical bills   energy investing   emission reduction   renewable electrification   medium term   sustainable infrastructure   interim targets   infrastructure strategy   industrial process   federal governments   current workers   solar technologies   great attention   nexus crosscut   solution providers   use market   great opportunities   key part   public policies   infrastructure priorities   modele reductions   strict recommendation   direct technology   historic agreement   energyrelated emissions   disadvantage communities   great funding   ongoing responsiveness   mitigation funds   enact legislation   enhance efficiency   transmission operation   remote reconfiguration   dependent communities   democracy hr   vehicle equipment   power interruptions   resilience policy   nonessential work   public works   coordinate response   local benefits   fourth assessment   electricity demand   forego conclusions   netzero goals   similar provisions   current policies   social distancing   fund developers   global initiative   daunt task   move recommendation   federal procurement   pollution standards   different models   health system   equal access   offer prices   grind airplanes   more projects   aggressive reductions   policy analysis   actual reduction   tidal project   true value   energy economy   storage technology   economic resources   positive example   anthropogenic dioxide   extreme conditions   clean center   strategic equipment   high voltage   safe ground   resilience committee   solar vehicle   recovery centers   netzero generation   delicate equilibria   decarbonize grid   electric transmission   offshore wind   exist section   purchase incentives   clean development   local systems   energy property   national resiliency   environmental effects6   regional network   thereafter section   spend installation   ambitious reductions   national centers   plant presentation   digital divide   highquality jobs   process recommendation   predisaster funds   capture industry   safe longterm   solar credit   energy zones   fast reclosers   climate goals   full interconnections   designate entities   tribal climate   industrial facilities   insurance program   clean tax   comprehensive approach   economic inequalities   last years   early stages   public health   vehicle costs   disaster response   special report   renewable fuel   weather patterns   current doublecounting   nearterm goals   american manufacturing   economic inequality   generation queues   toxic pollution   family communities   national conference   general motors   former secretary   wholesale competition   comprehensive strategies   resilient energy   bad consequences   available science   federal resources   preindustrial levels   offshore technologies   insurance discounts   down line   historic emitter   grant program   vehicle adoption   financial purchase   necessary limitations   renewable zones   distribute program   local governments   electricity rates   tax liability   hybrid lists   key pillars   climate service   strict standards   technology committees   marry couples   strategic action   electric power   rdd strategy   wage requirements   tax partners   current backbone   american requirements   industrial emissions   growth strategies   federal experts   lengthy delays   unmitigated pricing   lead infrastructure   future outages   comprehensive program   change policy   transaction costs   equivalent dioxide   bold suite   residential solar   tribal leaders   onbill programs   great recession   regulatory attention   wooden poles   western half   emission standards   independent installation   few years   robust development   strong defense   transparency inclusion   electric vehicles   jurisdictional rate   innovative approaches   local communities   rural cooperatives   unique opportunity   jewish climate   governance processes   competitive grants   lowincome owners   additional resources   new development   good risks   available center   unfair competition   most areas   threat assessment   consistent funding   appropriate recommendation   new line   relevant activities   telecommunication networks   federal climate   veteran women   several areas   purpa regulations   revolve fund   southeast recommendation   societal racism71   food waste   electric grid181   federal officials   nuclear energy   full protections   new credits   range expansion   electrical equipment   easy solutions   marine centers   local innovation   net capacity   energy systems   federal loan   environmental quality   nonprofit organizations   clean companies   federal ethics   consumer interests   tax benefits   average rate   key strategy   unintended impacts   federal buildings   economywide goal   just rates   clean discussion   equitable access   interior block   global gas   sector analysts   costeffective investments   bid offer   dioxide removal   small number   solar generation   climate scientists   large amounts   lightduty vehicles   rotational grazing   bad impacts   wireless networks   challenge task   spend fuel   effective planning   latter half   report outages   economywide reductions   local jobs   federal standard   event loss   investment credit   unique challenges   energyintensive processes   doe offices   asymmetric risk   national standards   wildfire toplines   new environment   common home   expose frontline   incentive payments   indian law   annual benefits   exist plants   secure jobs   local investments   federal innovation   finance approaches   national benefits   require generators   domestic goals   dod locations   humanitarian response   national administration   serious challenges   safe operations   distribute installers   indigenous peoples   federal programs   many legislation   traditional financing   certain requirements   tool technologies   infrastructure gap   press release   update hazards   revolve funds   national importance   disaster recovery   democratic members   nondiscriminatory access   sltt planning   edge act   federal dissent   infrastructure committees   demonstration initiative   change climate   meaningful opportunity   large power   wildfire risk   clean generation   permanent repository   great savings   crisis opportunities   urgent reductions   political policy   electricity transportation   technical conference   corridor program   inspection program   rtoiso regions   solar project   federal strategies   irreplaceable parks   spend https   new infrastructure   improve planning   reactor safety   easy way   minimum ferc   clean leadership   valuable sinks   expand capacity   direct committee   prioritization act   outage insider   administration fish   household farmers   great participation   environmental justice   past failures   clean lessons   tactical systems   exist generators   fuel economy   consistent transmission   foundational studies   license renewal   highrenewable future   assistance funds   cost savings   intense hurricanes   water efficiency   renewable recommendation   own agency   additional years   ambitious policies   similar questions   expand access   low costs   full ways   rapid deployment   virtuous cycles   vehicle electrification   action action   federal standards221   qualify generators   vehicle emissions   democratic senators   equal credit   innovative strategies   federal economy   new risks   solar panels   global temperature   large user   expand protections   justice communities   reliability standards   onfarm efficiency   federal engagement   demographic factors   western interconnection   federal research   environmental law   inclusive committees   federal credit   livable climate   congressional office   conventional coal   electric bills   third party   security operations   late information   nuclear reactors   tobuild protocol   develop states   work families   use vehicle   potential threats   distribute recommendation   exist conduits   average reactor   tax credits   tree canopy   infrastructure challenges   flood events   unique services   local residents   tribal communities   small property   comprehensive strategy   distributional impacts   impacts8 program   high rating   global surveillance   structural barriers   legislative policy   recent years   exist processes   costshare requirements   minimum damage   hot year   work conditions   safe deadlines   electric highway   use212 officials   project developers   direct spending   underlie trends   solar gridscale   isolate neighborhoods   force platforms   original basis   crisis plan   evaluation measurement   waste repository   carbonintensive infrastructure   community needs   renewable systems   consistent wages   clean cars   private landowners   backstop authority   additional reductions   embed climate   safe harbor   review requirements   government tribes   additional way   resilient supply   fair terms   new programs   health effects   exist grid   individual supply   domestic facilities   native grasslands   public transit   develop technologies   distribute board   carbon sink   new alliance   incumbent technologies   potential hazards   energywater support   goodpaying jobs   numerous recommendations   joint hearing   moral issue   additional vehicles   ambitious committee   major cities   extreme impacts   home program   largescale storage   aggressive research   rapid transition   more authority   business opportunities   development demonstration   new beginning   economic vitality   transmission plan   late use   quality disease   resilient action   wild landscapes   scientific imperative   climate benefits   high hazard   broad range   national bank   relative efficiency   silver bullet   see appendix   transportation systems   relate spending   federal leadership   current rules   technological one   community resilience   great resilience   national climate   locate facilities   les pollution   les traffic   high levels   continental shelf   dual taxation   robust science   partisan think   regulatory commissions   american nerc   more manufacturing   lowincome communities   significant debt   grid components   additional electricity   sector storage   physical impacts   central feature   high section   robust set   forward act   build block   new substations   european deal   grow energy   successful toplines   commercial buildings   strict committee   future alliance   important role   circular economy   heavyduty trucks   achievable level   national targets   robust system   high areas   smart transportation   early technologies   liquefy e85   environmental information   conservation investments   level field   grid resilience   subsequent years   new leasing   alternative center   blue systems   ready access   local capabilities   liquid fuels   regional transmission   energy reliability   wholesale electricity   naturebased strategies   climate solutions   federal standards   prevail wages   carbon pollution   government suppliers   gross income   ambitious path   temporary reduction   great electrification   billiondollar events   regional initiatives   monetize benefits   regenerative fuel   light reactors   concern scientists   executive order   consumer demand   right direction   lowcarbon economy   task force   operational project   city states   soft costs   heavy precipitation   new construction   federal insurance   widespread providers   plan processes   fuelcell vehicles   fall value   energy production   inter planning   local experts   local funds   confidential recommendation   long term   medical needs   incomebased credit   local partners   exist system   energy growth   multinational companies   clean standards   offshore section   decommission reactors   loweremission materials   extreme resilience   future benefits   nuclear licensees   dioxide reductions   fair code   direct backbone   technical barriers   grow seasons   utility consumers   rural affairs   majority staff   renewable battery   gasolinepowered vehicles   build materials   legislative solutions   national stewardship   confront risks   offshore plan   zeroemission technologies   pollution reductions   essential element   nuclear reactor   move act   work capital   renewable sources   national inspection   electricity needs   maritime markets   netzero implementation   dodwide goals   third cause   independent operators   matter pollution   likely households   companybycompany citybycity   great deployment   permanent solution   more research   federal management   solar initiatives   longterm agreement   federal contracts   offshore facilities   renewable portfolio   electricity costs   weather resilience   new buildings   project effects   current generations   power losses   net sink   offshore committee   carbon dioxide   agricultural emissions   direct payment   industrial sectors   relate initiatives   clean research   electric reliability   nearby section   electric standards   flood insurance   financial risks   strong support   new innovations   marine monuments   geopolitical threats   federal facilities   yearoveryear reductions   only facility   distribute energy   cbo s   transmission lines   physical grid   public trust   technical capability   high plugin   retail providers   emission curve   remain use   increase center   technology toplines   meaningful involvement   extreme insecurity   consumer choice   offshore energy   fuel standard   energy infrastructure   play field   environmental communities   grid function   low resources   inclusive economy   vehicle standard   clean vehicles   wwwepagovsustainablewater infrastructureenergyefficiencywaterutilities   overlap laws   crisis scientists   first part   fund support   designate corridors   hvdc lines   electric vehicle   total electricity   advance manufacturers   billiondollar weather   urgent changes   automate systems   electric distribution   core institutions   geographic seasonality   relate agencies   market governance   costly impacts   orphane wells   underrepresented groups   carbonfree electricity   economic system   civilian reactors   government subsidies   existential threat   clean backlogs   voluntary standard   lowercost solution   overall energy   equitable policy   strong communities   exist authority   climaterelated risks   internal migration   comprehensive plan   spin-dry casks   new entrants   biodiversity crisis   exist literature   public opportunities   committee members   federal requirements   exist levels   nonwires solutions   down lines   solar tariffs   unnecessary breaks   grant programs   commercial application   carbonfree resources   clean energy   clean economy   many measures   reliable access   economic activity   daily exposure   extreme weather   natural spaces   resilient installations   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methodology   strong foundation
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concerns   make commitment   direct general   save money   expedite deployment   introduce evs   waive preemption   preview recommendations   enact suite   ignore recommendations   avoid outcomes   make improvements   set goals   harness power   demonstrate technologies   apply credit   own homes   afford vehicles   eliminate waste   harm pollution   require investment   replace plants   coordinate toplines   avert pollution   slow growth   retreat seas   include technology   reach emissions   buy electric   update cost   include targets   lower use   prioritize solutions   offer proposals   force evacuations   reflect science   improve planning   squeeze pollution   develop systems   use strategies   generate capacities   enable building   offer opportunity   achieve reduction   generate savings   expand coverage   produce jobs   impose moratorium   succeed issue   help businesses   asses performance   direct licensees   flood events   leave millions   urge secretary   achieve pollution   cause c   direct regulators   shape future   nonenduring locations   establish program   require plants   resolve issues   cover number   invalidate study   enable tva   identify alternatives   cost reductions   create rules   need analysis   continue vows   guide decisionmaking   achieve sector   take years   establish itself   harm fisheries   procure electricity   enable condition   address opportunity   support approaches   eliminate requirements   change https   cut emissions   reduce 390   address issues   guarantee reductions   emphasize assessment   prevent deaths   set rules   replace collaborate   create committee   reduce invest   expand s   seek partners   constitute cause   establish targets   develop strategy   advance justice   join forces   build 32   announce goals   expand deployment   cut invest   drive compliance   harm climate   ensure delivery   expand networks   reflect value   pose risks   repair legacy   use 157   provide pathway   support veterans   preempt regulation   reauthorize funding   reauthorizes funding   knock 80   introduce bills   pair them   launch partnership   help populations   include villages   replace poles   ensure communities   knock lines   trade credits   repeal breaks   set groundwork   enable country   avert consequences   upgrade system   make appendix   take debt   support development   accelerate financing   implement strategy   make deployment   afford opportunities   ensure operations   enhance supply   enhance deployment   decommission plants   procure percentage   accommodate increased   enhance protections   propel economy   rejoin agreement   include requirements   conduct assessment   use section   study implications   prepare leaks   face challenges   slow pace   fix act   protect species   adopt measures   urge roundtable   solve jobs   compromise reliability   identify vulnerabilities   solve opportunities   coordinate page   expand projects   generate onsite   decarbonize transportation   hold hearings   draw carbon   mate agencies   direct agencies   increase recommendation   evaluate processes   fueling equipment   offer act   cost reactors   retrofit conduits   rebuild s   strengthen chains   increase production   negotiate conditions   modele pathways   include coating   maximize capabilities   prepare network   describe goals   require reduction   deploy suite   debate hr   limit exposure   restore risks   govern markets   provide discounts   incentivize development   limit implementation   fulfill requirements   require disclosure   achieve access   present challenges   maintain standards   address urgency   reestablish congress   select analysts   escalate costs   cause conditions   cause billion   use pillar   trade policy   reauthorize development   protect vulnerable   expedite transfer   reward need   introduce certainty   offer alternatives   defray cost   achieve benefits   extend deadlines   provide standards   offer recommendations   apply agencies   commit funding   include areas   eliminate 285   ensure use   constitute consultation   assist communities   provide loans   establish facilities   offer credit   rule part   affect missions   approve proposals   grow chain   evaluate alternatives   use models   eliminate support   delay release   worsen country   provide guarantees   permit integration   minimize impacts   establish rules   aggregate ders   accelerate transition   reflect framers   reduce protections   set targets   increase support   resolve barriers   avoid deaths   plan element   expand programs   provide governments   discuss impact   build electrification   adopt designs   reauthorize demonstration   exceed limits   understand system   require investments   harden poles   broaden inequities   expand owners   provide example   facilitate grid   require electricity   support deployment   encourage cities   deliver energy   reflect concerns   fulfill policies   accelerate decarbonization   span interconnections   construct lines   receive priority   propose rule   negotiate agreementinprinciple   provide investment   warm planet64   require standards   take actions   felt costs   receive electricity   site repository   asses projects   prevent release   asses progress   follow staff   employ tools   transform energy   mitigate offer   increase these   distribute equipment   raise bills   meet percentage   set own   create system   restore leadership   create inefficiencies   amend purpa   hit high   expand initiative   need upgrade   reduce toplines   confront crisis   claim benefits   prohibit leasing   have chance   include which   launch sectors   enable emissions   sell them   seek renewals   reduce risk   develop generation   install pv   releasesrepsmikelevinandykimanddorismatsuileadcongressionalletteropposing storage   reach netzero   phase ptc   establish panel   require buildings   generate energy   remove dioxide   conserve landscapes   charge stations238   help communities   generate electricity   modele recommendations   receive governments   review hundreds   diversify generation   protect infrastructure   advance solutions   shift capital   slow deployment   develop facilities   withstand losses   hit cap   include electrification   navigate system   analyze legislation   alleviate incentives   withstand storms   disrupt agencies   examine queues   finalize standards   reduce energy   develop manufacture   give choice   put country   transform lands   decarbonize sector   withstand weather215   encourage adoption   draft study   phase section   deploy 276   establish plan   support analysis   call rule   increase values   integrate levels   expand definition   standards222 states   purchase electricity   ensure confidence   offer services   transmit electricity   address effects   require planning   set outlook   resolve many   consider investing   analyze impacts   develop set   go allin   accelerate learning   set cap   mitigate transition   strengthen policy   give draft   improve health   create bank   end perpetuation   revise code   model recommendations   sustain platforms   continue unabated62   operate dams   pose hazards   compare severity   require secretary   boost development   announce hub   facilitate purchase   address congress   qualify hydropower   improve program   expand assistance   improve review   incorporate amendment   eliminate cap   refueling bill   harness onshore   introduce infrastructure   incentivize reuse   offer gao19157sp   choose value   eliminate barriers   center justice   choose recommendation   threaten ecosystems   affect institute   maintain minimum   reflect amendments   combat 9   embed mitigation   demonstrate importance   use energy   inform operations   issue waivers   support systems   water part   restore protections   reduce amount   train transport   include costs   implement partnerships   expand department   build innovation   leave workers   reinvigorate sector   reap benefits   phase flaring   bear responsibility   lead states   eliminate subsidies   slow permitting   include provision82   establish flood   influence extent   build facility   provide cash   implement portfolio   amend interests   include funding   draft report   harness innovation   seek assistance   provide grants   review prices   finance project   provide communities   land netemitter   attain environment   direct government   employ practices   express support   mobilize masse   transform industry   provide payments   promote generation   depopulate communities   stress systems   bend curve   enable reductions   meet goals   generate benefits   increase resilience   require providers   dissipate impacts   qualify association   reauthorize activities   cause breakdown   provide reductions   thaw permafrost   support communities   fishery city   reduce consumption   blow deal   add complexity   need system   balance variability   affect 37   provide relief   put americans   reach decisions   minimize recommendation   task nerc   accommodate scenario   assemble committee   restore delivery   cut power   fueling conflicts   benefit workers   enable states   protect shorelines   reduce capacity   defend interests   hit systems   satisfy demand   protect integrity   quantify vehicle   make buildings   reauthorizes sections   create standard   distribute resources   provide utilities   consider emissions   represent communities   expand initiatives   improve community   modernize infrastructure   impose requirements   set invest   asses costs   introduce hr   provide climate   operate impacts   purchase committee   spur congress   develop initiatives   provide https   cover technologies   encourage policies   improve quality   finalize rulemaking   meet requirement   define level   create initiative   solicit input   require legislation   reduce losses53   create markets   ensure vehicles   manage risks   http wwwacqosdmileieiefep_renewable_energyhtml   uncover risks   produce solution   cost volatility   require reductions   set prices   put price   strengthen enforcement   allocate funds   address obligation   store carbon   ramp renewables   break barriers   discover access   inspect measure   reduce cost   help protect   improve efficiency   implement shutoffs   provide tribes   provide credit   bring wind   advance proposals   stabilize climate67   fueling block   support decisionmaking   find rates   jumpstart industry   create chains   use codes   maximize efficiency   facilitate transfer   drive trend   augment capability   resolve backlogs   enable decarbonization   develop release   pass bills   reclaim wells   capture carbon   strengthen program   maximize deployment   support stages   affect rates   set committee   increase risk   create environment   facilitate partnerships   combat pillar   serve 185   manufacture vehicles   detect problems   issue declaration   address crisis   adapt definition   lead generation   tiered incentives   increase choice   turn tide   rank graves   incentivize purchase   change opportunities   achieve goal   strengthen institutions   lead efforts   adopt rules   see electrification   illustrate type   face barriers   reach goals   strengthen planning   maintain lines   tap congress   expand options   accept waste   provide technology   allow participation   produce energy   extend credits   ensure development   facilitate transportation   enhance sequestration   provide habitat   procure services   ensure collaboration   lead us   use electricity   tackle threat   authorize ferc   set goal   improve capacity   improve maintenance   experience community   http wwweiagovelectricitydatabrowser   underscore need   support efforts   create team   solicit expertise   exceed average   include assessment   title innovation   sign release   spur deployment   develop strategies   demonstrate engagement   increase investment   exceed goal   amend recommendation   deploy tides   develop tools   direct agency   upgrade homes   offset use   threaten communities   hamper response   include grants   project draft   revive office   facilitate expansion   have opportunity   asses models   allocate efficiency   install stations   result path   use levels   announce agreement   exacerbate trends   realize futures   implement process   implement price   degrade air   involve gas   review applications   upgrade substation187   encourage section   largescale shutoffs   review reliability   improve incentives   require deployment   require dod   identify communities   investigate development   take steps   ensure engagement   need support   address challenges   emphasize importance   accelerate innovation   amend act   pass legislation   harness heat   protect farmland   equal scale   include reauthorization   respect mizan   experience instances   direct dol   extend life   light response   boost resilience   mitigate impacts   facilitate permitting   exploit justice   exceed worst   transit city   solve crisis   electrify end   require suppliers   increase section   rebuild economy   require agencies   update notice   encourage government   expand competition   experience events   develop energy   install gw   harmonize processes   ensure manufacturing   encourage agencies   impact threats   respect laws   end policy   expand class   remove roadblocks   incorporate considerations   build grid   reduce costs   include benchmarks   modernize network   increase capacity   expand manufacturing   devastate rico   deliver electricity   promote committee   maintain recommendation   give authority   provide 82   cause earth   identify studies   manage exchanges   avert impacts   find way   include plan   build congress   include provision   complete review   develop project   reduce poverty   address insecurity   deploy alternatives   address threats   build resilience   sell vehicles   model reductions   command us   take course   implement them   cost 35000   spend fuel   incorporate standards   amend section   use tool   prepare communities   set sector   make lands   threaten infrastructure   establish partnership   provide funding   lay framework   develop standards   climaterelated events39   offer section   revitalize communities   match ambition   provide jobs   develop technologies   facilitate access   develop plan   incorporate energy   direct president   expand program   designate corridors   apply approaches   travele fee   limit warming   publish challenges   restore function   deliver doe   adopt s   sign act   reauthorize program   experience health   improve operation   set stage   establish standard   prevent projects   upgrade facilities   phase it   introduce investment   ensure rates   perpetuate racism71   serve half   need it   evaluate benefits   enable agencies   disadvantage decision   manage variability   increase purchase   exacerbate inequalities   benefit support   improve committees   carry consequences   fueling infrastructure   increase investments   require technologies   sell electricity   tackle sectors   experience benefits   ensure consideration   include provisions   acknowledgement appendices   increase authorization   reorganize doe   facilitate action   release report   adopt strategies   foster innovation   develop information   provide option   help plants   outweigh costs   direct office   facilitate supply   face threats   goodpaying jobs   bear change   provide water   direct doe   lay groundwork   set standards   establish reserve   offer developers   deliver assistance   reduce reliance   record planet   cut justice   protect 30   grant permission   add which   inform standards   lend capital   cut resilience   create future   amend 111d   receive credit   allocate costs   transform 16   pass bill   reach electricity   reduce power   require assistance   expand adoption   ensure industries   establish goal   create opportunities   manage use   deploy resources   level field   reduce soot   plague communities   pas standard   prioritize infrastructure   outline work   expand it   invest funds   fund doe   accelerate deployment   urge committee   use investments   improve use   oppose cuts   aging reactor   change destruction   authorize reduction   burden communities   deploy technologies   withhold approval   purchase products   disclose protect   prioritize interests   use financing   achieve congress   neglect parts   procure energy   take approach   reinv savings   make assumptions   lose income   deny project   expand eligibility   bring resources   trigger recommendation   distribute technologies   develop proposals   integrate strategies   encourage allocation   address problems   explore opportunities   introduce incentives   update rules   extend credit   shift assets   abandon wells   prepare report   asses value   prioritize proposals   use authority   highvalue assets   update regulations   support jobs   integrate percentage   prioritize replacement   urge congress   achieve emissions17   describe value   ask questions   enact standard   issue encyclical   ensure reliability   satisfy requirements   approve bill   direct them   fund funds   leverage policies   improve canopy   resolve risks   deliver benefits   complement suite   receive payment   increase number   face exposure   consider changes   set cycles   increase efficiency   mitigate outages   expand itc   require states   advance priorities   incentivize farmers   study need   establish requirements   build sector   drive deployment   claim benefit   move recommendation   achieve sales   follow practices   address scientists   may analysis   provide electricity   ensure areas   lay hundreds   include siting   take decades   analyze implications   maintain program   adopt practices   disrupt patterns   strengthen science   inform decisions   accelerate recovery   meet needs   eliminate breaks   preserve authority   connect gw   align code   achieve generation   introduce opportunities   present challenge   require confidence   energyrelated emissions   create programs   include demand   meet goal   propose rules   direct usda   avoid trillion   exclude sources   provide power   establish incentives   achieve sustainability   increase use   enable development   drop post   expand access   achieve emissions   enhance coordination   develop solution   overcome barriers   build capabilities   facilitate incorporation   assign costs   develop models   face hazards   disclose emissions   require coordination   act purpa   reauthorize efficiency   enact legislation   use bonds   charge consumers   strengthen justice   prioritize projects   create credits   build agencies   meet demand   leaf tribes   face people   cut 197   provide secureand   lead country   add hr   support goals   perform assessment   authorize provision   divide cities   require action   support participation   implement rules   alleviate constraints   favor resources   limit ability   exceed progress   strengthen housing   rend homes   provide method   develop efficiency   increase kw   cut pollution   build emission   increase inspections   invest billion   develop opportunities   target assistance   detail one   releasesrepsmikelevinandykimanddorismatsuileadcongressionalletteropposing union   affect communities   expand demonstration   lack representation   identify barriers   suffer damage   implement solutions   http wwwjewishclimateorgmission   represent storage   develop recommendation   operate presentation   enjoy degree   increase likelihood   include participation   make 20   perform benchmarking   deploy projects   establish justice   cut 104   withdraw states   incentivize investments   increase demand   garner support   conserve lift   reinvigorate manufacturing   enhance enjoyment   conduct analysis   require commissions   protect places   drive emissions   lead charge   flood risk   reduce vulnerability   lift act   travel distances   develop path   require volumes   advance efforts   obtain permits   largescale events   receive funding   review application   deliver billion   prepare networks   produce reclosers   reduce economywide   submit application   increase severity   respect contributions   direct tva   propose standard   withstand interruptions   protect conserve   hardworking americans   withdraw cities   develop states   develop infrastructure   review rules   identify recommendations   deliver projections   help states   emphasize benefits   continue transition   smogforming pollution   evaluate methodologies   adapt operate   open door   total tens   generate 10   reauthorize office   develop deploying   receive developers   regulate isorto   coordinate scale   authorize construction   incorporate bill   introduce draft   satisfy imperative   coordinate plans   address causes   control recommendation   establish policy   enhance resilience   establish force   provide assistance   access information   travele lcfs   mitigate opposition   reduce risks   demand response   offer option   lead letter   help release   demand amounts   build construction   lead mikelevinhousegovmediapress   reward innovation   achieve reductions   introduce engagement   establish efficiency   bury lines   block policies   outline recommendations   asses impacts   ensure resilience   incarcerate persons   reflect information   create program   build hr   recommit initiative   hit targets   review interests   trigger authority   require construction   reduce drivers   help dworkin   create mechanism   pas legislation   include dfl   encourage electrification   streamline process   require doe   deliver services   adopt codes   solve plan   practice use   value voices   enable networks   create thousands   express concern   clarify regulations   cut 113   bring energy   protect science   expand incentives   incorporate efficiency   minimize risks   include approach   provide firms   provide property   direct epa   modernize wwwhydroorgwaterpowermodernizing   enhance leadership   protect communities   achieve potential   lead response   provide resources   drive 214   end bloomberg   wave loss   address bill   restore spaces   involve siting   authorize doe   incorporate needs   build 31   allow recovery   preempt initiatives   decrease voltage   explain initiative   provide dimension   designate areas   maximize reductions   use rights   leave gap   use trading   make communities   update mission   expand funding   enhance safety   analyze emissions   capture benefits   incentivize improvements   address flooding   build substations   present opportunity   need planning   introduce wind   mean space   take advantage   reel pandemic   analyze onshore   signal maturation   reduce gases   include flexibilities   withstand impacts   change patterns   reopen rulemaking   reveal themselves   create america   follow standards   enable deployment   establish assistance   spur generation   calculate costs   authorize it   reach decision   hold meetings   carry weight   asses complexities   cause outages   allow taxpayers   avoid congestion   meet use   authorize wapa   generate 80   offer businesses   empower workers   build cleaner   develop plans   prioritize investment   develop zones   treat things   coordinate operations174   develop report   maintain requirements   enable access   bolster competitiveness   coordinate that   receive credits   accelerate pledge   require commitment   farreaching transitions   create jobs   project costs   develop adaptation   preserve ptc   use policy   pump treat   support health   propose preparedness   smooth demand   store it   guard department   promote projects   finalize rule   determine impact   deploy ders   halt work   restore ecosystems   fund priorities   address seismic   achieve netzero   lead amendment   survive crisis   enforce committee   flatten use   detect disruptions   reduce pollution   create dialogue   serve needs   http administrations   follow suit   improve operations   plummet wind   make investments   authorize office   approve extensions   solve climate   authorize agencies   change effects   introduce access   upgrade infrastructure   increase response   prioritize communities   implement subset   build economy   charge credit   save electricity   reduce 371   represent infrastructure   access status   develop methodology   reflect principles   introduce s   learn work   support building   qualify systems   drive costs   improve governance   license reactors   expand maintain   change report   protect health   remove capability   attain reductions   establish deadlines   include summary   extend expanding   restore grasslands   provide floor   restore systems   create resilient   provide guidance   reveal decisions   reject rules   break economics   modernize https   outline policies   establish board   support committees   save billion138   suppress vote   site congress   weaken planning   consider investment   reduce losses   address impacts   expand capacity   rebuild industry   include generators   create backbone   strengthen policies   http databaseaceeeorgstateenergyefficiencyresourcestandards   provide financing   build policy   purchase power   develop program   assess resilience   deploy cars   reverse decades   use phase   develop resources   consider factors   warm agencies   contain recommendations   frustrate energy   tackle change   provide services   strengthen systems   incorporate cost   boost justice   need safeguards   include owners   improve engagement   retool expand   flood facility   use resources   build pillar   outline plan   provide evidence   modernize markets   require consideration   accelerate https   site lines   require utilities   enjoy exemptions   include perpetuation   provide heating   support progress   carry world   develop policies   reach mw   save trillion   eliminate leaks   solve buildings   avoid impacts   regulate governance161   provide facilities   split authority   bear trillion   establish committees   represent dtx   establish change   moderate increase   avoid need   build capacities   focus attention   need electricitypolicycom   enact incentive   establish measurement   retool facilities   transmit amounts   reduce congestion   improve benefits   upend livelihoods   foster inclusion   allocate tribes   upgrade plans   support policies   modernize program   outline priorities   conduct rulemaking   heat waves   create reserves   exacerbate injustices   introduce act   meet standards   provide heat   touch part   require report   strand assets69   maintain credit   inspect resources   tackle leaders   respect nature   reach million79   protect reefs   connect neighborhoods   cut infrastructure   superconducting section   address risks   build infrastructure   improve calculations   mitigate consequences   fueling vehicles   experience waves   benefit those   achieve economy   provide roadmap   implement part   benefit nation   achieve 100   take place   erode trust   choose pay   reduce pollution78   compound solutions   reauthorize s   coordinate storage   require removal   manage 313   reauthorize sections   take action   authorize funding   enact policies   exacerbate sources   amplify threats   adopt protocol   adopt emissions   interconnect generators   prioritize monuments   adopt standards   provide extension   revoke waiver   start program   support collaboration   capture methane   threaten withdrawal157   close exemptions   employ standards   reevaluate hazards   achieve goals   correct failure   develop projects   require supplies   sustain support   boost funding   promote development   accelerate future   promote resilience   expand transmission   drive demand   methane pollutant   use authorities   build lines   correct failures   impact reliability   tackle crisis   translate attacks   modernize section   undermine leadership   survive insider   increase procurement   enable them   improve ability   clean vehicles   maintain congress   inform providers   eliminate emissions   serve communities   reduce emissions   help transition   use technologies   provide harbor   pair price   affect problems   http relief   create finance   announce efficiency   make changes   build america   issue assessment   include focus   remove barriers   deploy transformers   use storage   extend itc   expand portfolio   alleviate impacts   drive america   direct offices   direct committee   maximize use   follow intent   broaden participation   focus morton   lead world   achieve energy   review processes   use solutions   create credit   identify benefits   deliver reductions   conduct planning   affect operations   provide incentives   conduct review   generate section   deliver jobs   encourage investment   provide savings   threaten committee   operate bill   allocate generators   exceed panel   promote decarbonization   ensure access   ensure adequacy   identify opportunities   affect seasonality   address resolution   reflect services   help site   send letter   overcome risks   address change   trigger disasters   expand 237   provide territories   claim lives   access capital   protect property   represent 68   build initiatives   pursue solution   benefit communities   mitigate s   implement projects   establish standards   accommodate demand210   provide consistency   include exposure   understand impacts   create divide   lift communities   outline goal   increase need   select democrats   look assessment   rend increases   respect leadership   create roadmap   integrate resources   direct department   create demand   advocate activists   allow eligibility   prioritize lands   advance policies   provide benefits   target invest   pas draft   align program   confront threats   clean energy   recommend suite   value workers   increase credit   target women   require transition   exploit opportunities   lack policies   reduce improvement   provide support   strengthen ability   lie foundation   propose incentives   provide rebates   introduce resiliency   address resilience   require science   need information   tie funding   increase effectiveness   exercise authority   host capacity   design goal   export toplines   promulgate standards   create itc   pas extension   affect health   strengthen resilience   issue order   provide leadership   provide community   reduce technologies   adopt one   spend billion   reform programs   build code   build capacity   increase funding   drive decarbonization   establish procedures   relieve crisis   reduce enhance   provide recommendations   complement standards   facilitate integration   require generation   introduce legislation   science health   avoid changes   establish goals   complete analysis   develop recommendations   provide ceiling   ramp generation   expand protections   create crisis   set country   extend ptc   direct commission   organize union   cost smrs   align standards   prepare systems   face impacts   pay attention   review rates   regulate emissions   extend section   update basis   improve resilience   establish process   award grants   restore ocean   eliminate economywide   enable 253   increase vigilance   quantify emissions   cut 200   improve implementation   maximize benefit   accompany policies   ensure field   expand efficiency   urge action   provide solution   establish fund   save lives   slash emissions   detect leaks   improve queues   spur manufacturing   deploy solutions   use materials   increase emergencies   expose regions   build market   improve preparedness   focus page   expand support   reduce waste

Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.