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Reskilling China Transforming the world s largest workforce into lifelong learners January 2021 McKinsey Global Institute Since its founding in 1990, the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) has sought to develop a deeper understanding of the evolving global economy. As the business and economics research arm of McKinsey & Company, MGI aims to help leaders in the commercial, public, and social sectors understand trends and forces shaping the global economy. MGI research combines the disciplines of ec

workforce to be lifelong   china could have access   shift to different skills   people according to government   technology during the school   high value of social   percent of the average   students is the high   changes to these systems  

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Pathway Classification

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Pathway Information

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Profiles:   a rate   vocational teachers   national results   the sector   you employees   the reason   the sectors   this changes   this work   the wave   the impact   the executives   the aim   exhibit platforms   the website   the purpose   a lack   the majority   the objective   the transition   the salary   another area   the criterion   its parents   this resources   the change   the track   the crafting   the scenarios   this campaign   the account   this migrants   efficiency124 ecosystem   the pandemic   the adoption   a culture   this sectors   a economy   the revolution   the mix   its teaching   the quality   all stakeholders   a average   simonite hospitals   this investments   the framework   the system   the saying   a spread   the duolingo   a program   the teaching   this adaptability   the platforms   such model   this foundations   institute system   a issue   a employers   the percentage   this practices   the industrialization   this measures   the partnership   a exam   the solutions   we scenario   a workforce   a worker   a checklist   any institution   this category   its jobs   the route   china workers   the economy   the ratio   a transition   the council   the authors   the survey   a maker   a app   china workforce   the norm   a incentive   the effect   a share   partnerships129 schools   the rise   the revival   it number   a application   the anniversary   another firm   the version   the approach   the average   the drivers   that employers   this transitions   the outcome   this trajectory   the workforce   the belief   a guide   the association   vocational system   the number   a partnership   this report   the analysis   a body   its access   the country   the concept   the trajectory   its symptoms   the pace   the work   all gains   its field   a transformation   institute analysis   the urgency   another move   the evaluation   the benefits   this effort   the challenge   each city   this partnerships   the degree   e4 levers   be people   time study   the consolidation   the program   the platform   the type   this graduates   a survey   a policy   this route   this shift   the spread   that transitions   the priority   the forum   a quarter   the benchmark   the organisation   nb growth   this correlation   pisa scores   the second   the funding   zgwyzdcom network   all educators   the difficulties   this services   this trends   the time   the model   this efforts   the rate   the members   the forces   a challenge   a number   its vulnerability   the gap   it growth   the scenario   the ceremony   the countries   mgi reports   ai program   a analysis   the curriculum   china plan   the market   ruralurban migrants   another provider   mckinsey company   the method   the esteem   the video   the boundaries   this pattern   this disconnect   1the rate   a perception   mgi research   an models   quality students   this figure   this number   we simulation   no country   we methodology   china government   a opportunity   the industry   the landscape   a individual   that change   a revolution   a bias   the cities   all workers   this workers   an majors   the links   e5 technology   any system   the changes   it ratio   the explanation   the curve   the collaboration   the path   the research   china economy   the transformation   this group   an instructors   institute students   the prominp   this thinking   china landscape   the figure   bureau analysis   a system   another report   the arm   the target   this approach   an drivers   that instructors   the shifts   the population   uuinnovationuuse companies   this technologies   the fears   whose mission   the knowledge   the categories   it target   the reasons   this analysis   the revenue   china population   the incentive   we analysis   the lack   a increase   the share   a teacher   the demand   bank research   a qualification   a range   the nation   a attribute   this teams   ch caption   the situation   the numbers   we forum   july share   that figure   a methods   the name   any plan   its counterparts   a demand   the group   another study   the generation   institute companies   the return   china vision   that shifts   the recovery   gaokao performance   all children   the supply   another example   which jobs   the weight   this scores   taicang school   the potential   a government   the delivery   the focus   a majority   the government   the need   the content   another element   china system   its scientists   this school   the returns   the importance   another opportunity   a platform   the university   this company   a role   the school   the infrastructure   the nature   a session   the systems   longhua images   the scale   the lessons   its ability   a branch   china companies   shandong provinces   its talents   industryspecific partnerships   the engine
Goals:   offer equip capabilities   include extra test   require strategic thinking   launch innovation laboratory   transform development system   suit dynamic fastevolving   take booming industry   offer improve ways   build prosperous society   improve communicate ability   enter postindustrial phase   redeploy displaced hours   receive competency evaluation   offer helpful point   take huge amount   include following gaps   attract middle graduates   illustrative indicative renminbi   embed provides mechanism   give practice opportunities   create own content   compile reviewing information   reach tend migrants   devote management time   improve training education   nurture employed graduates   face tend challenges   kickstart broader transformation   meet discussed challenges   reflect acquired knowledge   take economic lens   improve living standards   fill talent gaps   secure decisive victory   earn making wages   lack training programs   face new challenge   design driving programs   facilitate overcome sessions   hold meet days   demonstrate strong correlation   tackle full breadth   build solid position   navigate potential journey   trade education system   demonstrate thinking skills   offer art classes   address combined shortage   include testing students   transform global economy   reimagine formal breakdown   enjoy public services   understand transforming forces   offer nonacademic classes   compound face challenges   sweep automation digitization   personalize traditional curricula   support enrolled students   analyze necessitate shifts   unite providers employers   require systemic approach   read science mathematics   set admission policies   propose staged introduction   facilitate ensuring project   achieve used model   create virtuous cycle   start skills transformation   transform education systems   make workforce reskilling   place strong emphasis   demand education market   enter concerning industries   sustain unleashing growth   codeveloped big program   motivate broadbased increase   have understand education   play enabling role   offer good return   use open api   open managed branch   refresh known model   deliver collaborative ecosystempartnerships   make learning teaching   limit experience background   use language system   establish employment center   guide industry expertise   offer interview opportunities   close competency skills   offer called program   manage analytics data   imply tripled expansion   cofounded business school   describe using projects   train technology ministry   access commercial rewards   equip modernizing economy   learn technical skills   set overall strategy   embed services center   start transformationimplementing skills   learn skills training   support rising standard   change education system   read helped scans   move value chain   develop learning society   create delivered content   improve learning teaching   develop deeper understanding   achieve scale transition   take including dynamics   include based changes   perform physical tasks   perceive major setup   post important feature   select academic universities   pursue academic path80   include equipment operation   enhance perceived tracks   explore following teachers   achieve percent rate   include literacy numeracy   demand engineers representatives   sponsor year students   accumulate active users   perform administrative tasks   set delivery units   complete initial development   offer weekly classes   deliver training content   meet target curricula   develop advanced understanding   kick business executives   set own exams   demonstrate performance writing   provide enhance solutions   require skills revolution   learn theory foundations   enable resource management   equip workers students   reimagining development systems   follow typical pattern   enable private sector   include institutions132 china   improve book council   offer training account   enable largescale commercialization   make selected efforts   s learns lessons   constrain learn ability   reinvent skills education   place primary focus   provide consultancy services   run business incubator   deliver shareholder returns   cultivate whole person   enable dynamic path   gear communication platforms   adopt model models   play pivotal role   plug skill gaps   create provide programs   improve technological skills   tackle new era   reshape largest ecosystem   cover secondary schools   achieve new era   experience substantial loss   evaluate demonstration models   employ analytical tools   encourage last learning   improve learn ability   pay compulsory budget   embrace lifelong system   provide annual growth   acquire mobility exhibit   spend training managers   reskil notable feature   obtain degree demand   launch incubation programs   support including population   adopt introduce model   forge strong partnership   improve sustaining standards   offer including insights   ensure feasibility access   find match jobs   coach important effort   examine industry trends   receive collecting requests   develop needed skills   promote inclusive society   simulate creation potential   make substantial shift   pair provincial department   ecosystem sustainable model   instill new ethos   learn points expression   enjoy recruitment costs   graduate report mycos   manage transitions skills   shift involve opportunities   incorporate investment requirement   encompass ensure stakeholders   form industry association   overcome current stigma   meet develop aspiration   highlight used levers   enhance address collaboration   match develop capabilities   support literature press   require delivery unit   make need transitions   face annual shortage   repeat global institute   embrace private sector   enable training education   thank academic advisers   achieve force transitions   pursue academic path   leave sites factories   require indepth expertise   create platform schools   decentralize centralized system   transform textbookbased methods   add skills skills   serve industrial economy   use small units   codeveloping new model   develop needed talent   transform secondary schools   design competitive pathway   narrow persistent imbalance   benefit need people   ping announces mobile   control source ministry   work energy wire   lose college examination   refresh skills employers   yield wage gain   teach knowledge ability   meet ambitious goal   expand support capacity   drive next phase   define internet user   address current disconnect   transform teaching methods   offer face hurdles   develop sponsored curriculum   target majoring students   embrace market economy   access training programs   make estimated transitions   shape lifelong learning   capture productivity opportunity   exhibit works future   change defined paths   transform learning model   form strategic partnership   release networkeducation channel   teach sustainable collaboration   develop need capabilities   increase council outline   shape research agenda   follow skills knowledge   teach higher system   graduate annual report   reflect withdrawn fact   achieve required rate   demonstrate suggesting adaptability   reach large number   personalize image learning   need skills revolution   pioneer dual system   use learns lessons   reskil current workforce   evolve successful transition   offer based pathways   understand forces trends   transform textbookbased learning   support need workers   spend other worker   establish works model   develop adaptable content   start information platforms   implement compulsory education   lead impact research   have preparing classes   adopt need solutions   reimagining equitable system   foster dual system   collaborate small company   face targeted effort   install broadband qingxiyuanshan   require major shift   engage media learning   assess education system   enter new era   adopt can technologies   offer information services   add skill sets   develop offer platform   receive training education   facilitate learning content   commercialize developed technology   transform largest workforce   match future demand   take learning adaptability   provide investment opportunities   play crucial role   meet demand demand   monitor application source   examine automated jobs   achieve productivity revolution   aging spending investment   codeveloped curriculum guidelines   select education program   advise bulletin boards   involve philosophy society   switch acknowledged pathways   create university xchange   decentralize training education   improve productivity demand   explore growing importance   explain including increase   produce highskilled talent   cultivate development systems   transform construction industry   improve current direction   spend training breakdown   manage day calls   graduate studying students   shape lifelong journey   develop collaborative ecosystem   require delivery approaches   discuss potential careers   put professional teachers   achieve academic performance   play expanded role   face talent shortage   displace manufacturing jobs   leverage shape tools   note lead sense   develop larger number   train ministry people   build sustainable model   cofound new school   automate tasks managers   operate training centers   discuss skill shifts   include public expenditure   reflect moving economy   employ dual system   use internet world   receive skills upgrade   design works system   manage largescale shift   steer overall direction   contribute new knowledge   organize internship program   facilitate transition myskillsfuture   offer shadowing job   use exchange rate   allow entry points   gain robots popularity   require specialized skills   retain disposable income   use services support   take ambitious view   clean babysitting plumbing   require systematic shift   reflect own views   suit skills gain   suggest potential exhibit   migrant process journal   complement research teaching   assume annual growth   kickstart transformation adoption   refresh need sets   offer math classes   enact fundamental transformation   lead research team   enhance public spending   coordinate many players   experience percent decline   define monitoring milestones   learn necessary change   acquire necessary skills   provide latest experience   target key sectors   learn different set   illustrate potential use   take senior position   apply maintenance techniques   develop training programs   raise gross rate   increase public expenditure   empower content providers   reimagining education systems   create oriented workforce   identify taking areas   merge schools teachers   identify face sectors   address limited collaboration   overcome see challenges   meet changing demand   use basic skills   fund education budget   include takes time   introduce incentives policies   face interrelated challenges   include job creation   pose challenge paper   transform higher schools   express unmet appetite   identify devoting gaps   access talent educators   encompass skill shifts   increase employee cap   offer helps solution   pas enabled exams   need technology experts   promote continuous governments   shape global economy   need used implementation   complete technical training   hunt health care   set new direction   detect associated signs   support science press   approve establish proposals   understand training materials   introduce industrial residents   highlight set education   shape lifelong capability   give workers students   undergo significant evolution   spot morning post   reach internet users152   develop sustainable model   manage skills transitions   enhance learning teaching   require enabled productivity   lack industry experience   offer practice track   reflect tend fact   give job opportunities   age government companies   include aged population   design alternative system   pursue total levels   overcome current distribution   play important role   propose shifted fact   play significant role   use local teachers   support living standards   launch targeted effort   pilote strengthening plan   manage lead transitions   give overall demand   match changing demands   highlight poaching externality   take fundamental step   receive school education   perpetuate large gap   center nongovernmental organizations   offer uptodate programs   live happy pisa   receive hardware investment   win great victory   meet growing demand   receive career development   need needs everything   develop dual educators   tackle structural issues   teach demands skills   pose ibid institute   form focused partnerships   provide learning modules   reflect widespread lack   download journals textbooks   post important element   employ contract negotiators
Measures:   part time   college examination   gift students   reskil programs   new style   datum technology   automate size   official endorsement   economy vocational   train subsidies   radical change   use model   successful development   degree demand   engage technology   digitize sectors38   important items   indicative renminbi   occupational number   educational levels   dual system   set skill   mathematical skills   repetitive paperwork   new system   technical professionals   urban rate   circuit industry   broad approaches   overall expenditure   economic impact   many universities   successful workers   broad dimensions   artificial technologies   independent admissions   separate areas   migrant status   several problems   math scores   economic development   vocational classes   expand training   rigorous exams   specific threshold   artificial intelligence   practical management   large category   technical schools   potential direction   enough information   work adults   major bottleneck   resource management   career development   much discussion   digital library   instantaneous feedback   frontier innovation   technology experts   academic advisers   double today   repetitive activities   design courses   academic merit   digital content   maintenance techniques   graphic designer   significant strides   necessary change   administrative villages   limit educators   regulatory acceptance   early wave   theorypeoplecomcn agency   strong correlation   high research   current direction   levels143 use   real terms   sustainable growth   new sets   huge increase   100th anniversary   operational experience   spend investment   potential redeployment   valuable knowhow   microeconomic trends   babysit plumbing   independent thinking   far investment   postindustrial system   urban employment   engineer representatives   traditional learning   same period   write test   many companies   company representatives   compulsory program   many colleagues   international students   urgent priority   gaokao test   private education   90th percentile   enroll students   digital tools   culture governments   school twsedu   basic aspects   little education   comprehensive program   rotational programs   highquality project   science press   cognitive activities   expand collaboration   recent technologies   global transitions   professional development   specialize teachers   daisy teachers   same level   healthy competition   poach externality   early scenario   additional talents   historical growth   necessary growth   large workforce   residency reform   flexible paths   online colleges   lifelong learners   unman technology   diploma programs   essential skills   multiple pathways   public health   additional teachers   social institutions   significant role   labor costs   experiential training   large gains   grow wages   chinese corporations   large companies   fundamental transformation   competitive schools   different field   key employees   tertiary development   healthy plan   average wage   first group   monitor progress   visit teams   large gap   several challenges   local universities   ambitious expectations   high system   valuable guidance   national health   comparable satisfaction   successful partnership   internet facilities   hire platform   different combinations   scale transition   scholarly activities   qualify teachers   basic knowledge   national level   sustainable model   historical development   manufacture sectors   strong performance   insufficient exposure   underprivileged groups   delivery unit   les focus   low participation   broad sense   mix ownership   technology s   reskil migrants   choose profession   online streaming   different plan   successful careers   next years   competitive occupations   life framework   second example   business executives   resource managers   great efficiency   industry association   vocational educators   careerrelated insights   certify courses   health care   develop countries   correspond indicators   increase skills   large university   agricultural workers   active users   talent shortage   fresh workers   broad use   more ecosystem   occupational demand   indepth expertise   task managers   urban restrictions   first batch   highincome country   remote platforms   social company   government companies   first priority   global markets   global analysis   international trade   necessary skills   comparative education   interrelate challenges   significant shift   nascent concept   curriculum guidelines   triple expansion   complex agendas   small company   annual report   disproportionate impact   educational reform   competitive path   low education   unsatisfactory compensation   offline classes   occupational shifts   broad capability   such collaboration   competitive pathways   middle graduates   likai partner   social machines   many onethird   good writing   job satisfaction   productivity revolution   netcasting industry   german government   percent rate   flexible skilling   global value   upward pressure   collaborative model   experience background   sufficient resources   solid position   lifelong education   academic programs   national medium   innovation laboratory   statistical yearbook   substantial shift   additional scenario1   test students   enable role   worker participation   cumulative years   engage way   annual growth   basic input   massive revenue   predictive techniques   structural upgrade   other entrepreneurship   different geographies   customize programs   entry points   educational system   educational programs   new generation   digital device   global trend   online programs   wage income   massive course   whitecollar jobs   enhance tracks   great demand   occupational shift   first training   additional workers   academic universities   certify trainer   first phases   collaborative ecosystem   learn capability   unprecedented scale134   technical training   rural residents   female students   support roles   digital economy   new content   corporate universities   dual teachers   classroombased study   high risk   little experience   physical constraints   specific challenges   systemic approach   pioneer partnerships   skill earnings   chinese society   insufficient time   vulnerable position   unmet appetite   tier universities   automate processing   early phase   global education   first job   such programs   affordable price   technology players   combine shortage   postindustrial economy   governmentled onestop   private companies   debt levels   continual refreshing   social functioning   bachelor s   chinese universities   previous learning   virtual training   rural areas78   mechanical tools   teach system   evolve market   boom technologies   average person   genuine training   substantial role   corporate training   geographicallyfixed centers   online training   wage gain   remain issues   efficient management   global shifts   new ethos   a13 groups   public recognition   lowercost countries   modular approaches   large cohort   approximate age   robust abilities   educational opportunities   mobile phone   professional managers   occupation hours   overall demand   persistent imbalance   sheer scale   pay content   fellow teams   sectorspecific effort   internet user   competency evaluation   audio clips   urgent students   possible jobs   balkan education   systematic shift   compulsory school   live standards   realworld practice   high institution   continuous improvement   talent gaps   open api   digital platforms   higherskill jobs   monthly users   workforce transitions   increase demand   academic paths   urban areas   modern economy   reduce demand   fiscal health   add skills   late shift   economic journey   learn content   augment reality   high returns   important feature   potential journey   dispute guideline   platform schools   official statistics   perfect system   education program   high skills   broad capabilities   manual occupations   academic work   relevant stakeholders   overall breakdown   large scale   international conference   industrial companies   traditional graduates   similar gdp   new skills   south korea43   administrative tasks   leadership skills   industrial components   next section   equitable system   28technical coverage   show diversity   insufficient lessons   large ones   white paper   modern system   total population   voracious consumers   mobile platform   differ degrees   entire system   base programs   joint innovation   public spending   gdp scenario1   enrollment rate   academic institution   academic graduates15   multiple ministries   engage gaps   skill market   technicalvocational programs   strengthen plan   technology investment   late experience   grow importance   narrow achievement   local contexts   continuous process   huge market   social environment   reform education   new data   longterm agenda   tertiary demand   wage growth   worker safety   additional percent   early success   telkk program   total levels   next wave   occupation transition1   next decade   monumental task   bold experimentation   huge amount   limit worker   interpersonal dynamics   tertiary schools   welloff society   rise productivity   such efforts   shadow experiences   unconventional ways   occupational categories   senior fellows   previous section   proper policies   primary focus   compulsory budget   same time   vocational teachers   talent programs   emerge ones   basic subjects   secondary education   skill employers   midcareer transitions   investment boom   career path   illustrative example   rapid development   low tier   female population   annual wage   rapid growth   consistent expertise   refresh skills   economic research   low investment   urban schools   control tools   research team   chinese reform   low rates   hold performance   broad categories   ubiquitous use   write examinations   financial resources   outstanding performance   industrial economy   bluecollar workers   annual rate   global venture   engage delivery   economic cooperation   integrate delivery   need shifts   work practices   inflexible pathways   particular supervisors   personalize delivery   agricultural skills   clear instructions   ambitious view   sustainable development   work lives   due ratio   uptodate knowledge   lecturebased learning   realtime platforms   early 1980s   new vehicles   rate schools   full breadth   huge dimensions   local economies   limit relevance   vocational curricula   21st century   alternative system   major levers   sale representatives   digitize economy   huge challenge   talentdevelopment model   competitive industries   new workers   engage tools   solid foundations   offline training   degree s   displace skills   total retail   traditional methods   age students   stepup scenario   new report   postindustrial phase   train system   international education   specific fields   rural regions   practical benefits   similar skills   content providers   longterm task   theoretical knowledge   communication platforms   art classes   lifelong capability   recent reform   advance skills   more money   economic dimensions   national exam   codevelop curricula   vocational colleges   teacher program   great investment   jobhunt strategies   continuous rises   fast procedure   remote lessons   productivity opportunity   high pathways   severe anxiety   major disruption   private law   clinical activity   public services   small enterprises   high gdp   mobile app   train managers   global economy   new vision   insufficient funding   increase number   literature press   rural students   competitive pathway   secondary schools   prestigious schools   intercity gap   internet world   transport equipment   such partnerships   indian state   traditional infrastructure   continuous education   change boundaries   personalize learning   urban transportation   limit improvement   helpful point   more students   hightech vessels   important effort   skill shifts   net change   current bottlenecks   economic benefits   school education   low cost   limit collaboration   competitive programs   posttertiary degrees   urbanrural gaps   multiple challenges   overall firms   independent evaluation   local teachers   digital editor   industrial one   administrative assistants   major setup   highquality exhibit   national units   employment structure   industrial model   own views   action exhibit   allimportant path   primary education   certain criteria   attractive byproduct166   endtoend services   critical thinking   tenfold productivity   little improvement   transformative partnerships   technology solutions   multiple points   financial markets   occupational change   entire faculty   orient universities   high priorities   uptodate programs   central role   industrialize economy   advance housekeeping   widespread view   annual decline   practical recommendations   good content   main reasons   current trends   huge number   migrant workers   suitable jobs   critical skills   educational outcomes   school perception   exist platforms   manufacture jobs   datum management   learn system   public partnership   welcome industry   chinese people   les time   key drivers   professional categories   key findings   lifelong learning   unknown future   college admissions   fulltime educators   large players   consultancy services   careerdevelopment pathways   rapid commercialization   global investment   national income   workforce planning   important schools   more opportunities   exchange rate   brief summary   dual training   conventional platforms   geographic constraints   personalwealth planning   last learning   ruralurban workers   industry experience   initial development   new equipment   ambiguous situations   potential sources   nonvocational tracks   relevant classes   facial recognition   highervalueadded industries   various geographies   past incomes   rise standard   embed learning   weekly volume   reskil imperative   great victory   senior fellow   new schools   educational content   positive correlation   current jobs116   major drivers   emerge technologies   entrance exam   industry experienceshift   technical roles   reference point   average days   social tasks   job placement   upper schemes   sufficient time   eligible learning   far engines   academic system   broad topic   optic fiber   first months   wide variety   factory jobs   comparative study   pilot programs   strategic decision   material schedules   medical devices   digital technologies   vocational school   commercial rewards   high standard   online courses   material studies   modernize economy   talentdevelopment systems   perceive return   techenabled platforms   marine engineering   likely evolution   career guidance   lifelong learnerspilots   inclusive society   educational promotion   first half   chinese economy   academic modules   national planning   impact research   more teachers   time place   cognitive functioning   large numbers   digital models   philosophy society   manager turnover   important construction   necessary transitions   longterm opportunities   young people   corporate credit   quantitative analysis   microcurricula ecosystempartnerships   vocational instructors   average worker   interview opportunities   flexible environment   provider employers   direct referral   agricultural training   clean wire   considerable room   high schools   council outline   strategy outline   typical level   shift automation   efficient delivery   secondary development   far increases   frontier innovators   senior editor   advance understanding   expand use   local delivery   public education   deep understanding   broad range   accessibility issue   typical indicator   matchmake job   technical innovation   vocational system   advance technologies   internet users152   transformative reform   smartphone coverage   longterm view   junior college   development systems   white workers   university degrees   early adoption   shareholder returns   social equity4   gaokao students   global policy   dedicate class   different tenures   more classes   unintended consequences   public support   educational providers   network qingxiyuanshan   online platforms   ubiquitous access   economic planning   domestic services   urban experiences   key stakeholders   rapid embrace   more importance   rise pathways   successful cooperation   sustainable collaboration   group units   schedule times   effective implementation   relevant jobs   free educators   onlineoffline model   decentralize providers   analytic tools   undergraduate education   learn goals   net supply   medium term   few classes   scientific services   development system   private partnership   lecturebased courses   open education   junior school   qualify candidates   different stakeholders   frontier technology   academic path   supplychain management   physical facilities   productivity demand   highquality educators   urban china2   traditional way   class universities   elderly care   mckinsey analysis   broad transformation   strong skills   sufficient information   unevenness renminbi   large scope   new technologies   many results   gross income   knowledge platforms   innovative practices   career opportunities   financial advisor   european applications   few qualifications   skill workers   register users   flexible venues   meritbased test   many countries   useful perspectives   corporate ecosystem   basic operations   strategic partnership   complementary schemes   inclusive exhibit   recruitment costs   most cases   literacy numeracy   talented teachers   new materials   rise demand   complementary methods   broad adoption   own workers   current categories   grow market   online market   late 1970s   ondemand programs   good access   national planning31   low skill   repetitive tasks   advance literacy   expertise knowledge   main drivers   nonacademic classes   expand role   train materials   lifelong transition   rapid changes   traditional universities   worker integration   widespread lack   mechanical skills   nationwide learning   poor qualifications   comprehensive programs   cognitive skills   technician skills   integral part   back office   key reasons   secondary universities   aerial vehicle   manufacture workers   train costs   crucial role   new practices   social commerce   industrial sectors   continuous skills   compulsory education   education pathway   shrink pool   skill development   more time   academic track   comprehensive system   poor countries71   average rate   integral role   pedagogical skills   human resources   important lever   entire population   industrial workforce   second collaboration   great capacity   overseas students   economic dimension   next chapter   standard deviation   subsidize training   pilot program   unprecedented scale   largescale workforce   physical skills   academic graduates   chinese characteristics   far advances   dataai program   broad experience   new programs   different formats   such shifts   online sources   value chain   foundation plan   require skills   helpful input   employee training   main exhibit   typical pattern   stateowned enterprise   formal education   expense cap   change demands   collaborative ecosystempartnerships   receive training   logical skills   jobrelated knowledge   relate areas   large enterprise   investmentled path34   relate operators   international review   local units   more educators   academic curriculum   global workforce   enhance mindset   international schools   overwork staff   vocational providers   substantial resources   construction industry   more experience   technological progress   immersive training   considerable constraints   train programs   pivotal role   dynamic ecosystem   commercial drones   general equipment   practical knowledge   business opportunities   consultative sales   huge potential   centralize system   product trials   emerge economies   rural development   limit resources   educational services   significant growth   traditional classes   short internships   manufacture companies   traditional textbook   45th report   research track   employee cap   worth industry   digital platform   skill professionals   secondaryundergraduate model   vocational model   publicprivate partnerships   chinese firms   global phenomenon   commercial sectors   specific skill   several opinions   bottom line   lecturebased instruction   average iresearch   close collaboration   outdate instruction   global income   more detail   equipment operation   boom industry   sheer size   admission policies   high institutions   broad aspects   high impact   vocationrelated training   chinese companies   dual qualification   major upgrades   chinese workers   universities131 project   increase provision   corporate members   technological skills   overall direction   annual shortage   comprehensive areas   educational pedagogy   learn methods   deyang zone   video clips   far automation   past decade   scientific demand   german system   train content   key indicators   limit funding   fulltimeequivalent jobs   train outcomes   hybrid ecosystem   career advancement   agricultural machinery   talent shortages   incremental creation   vocational tracks   learn modules   business managers   sgd500 sgd1000   young students   ambitious goal   primary development   successful transition   bluecollar opportunities   chinese students   underprivileged workers   successful companies   annual income   vocational videos   grow migrants   relevant knowledge   depth technologies   train centers   public policy   potential careers   zoom meeting   productive collaboration   productivityled model   flexible education   educational highquality   large group   low costs   privatepublic collaboration   give country   new era   individual jobs   student outcomes   wellrounded citizens   personal advisor   new models   different set   high teachers   inclusive approaches   low end   physical activities   academic school   internal trainers   social affairs   female age   follow gaps   grow demand   joint patent   digital solutions   test scores   manufacture segments   close relationship   certify teacher   vocational schools   sustainable partnership   regular universities   profound impact   recent years   heavy investment   vocational content   insurance claims   social fields   enormous exhibit   significant increase   consistent skills   new model   large number   highquality teachers   vital signs   administrative support   worldclass universities   train gamification   nongovernmental organizations   restrict view   migrant workforce   average renminbi   textbookbased teaching   mas movement   secondary industries   familiar candidates   innovationenabled gains   management time   skill gaps   urban migrant   considerable adaptability   academic performance   digital dashboards   potential reluctance   industry expertise   historical rate   total employment   public presentation   new tools   practical lessons   vocational institutions   basic guidelines   lifelong expertise   incremental year   corporate mechanisms   professional teachers   nextgeneration entrepreneurs   german programs   new evidence   longterm goal   growth pattern   local employers   academic knowledge   institute analysis   worker skills   many players   available skills   development programs   top end   contractbased research   vocational programs   overall strategy   insufficient resources   physical equipment   early days   large company   broad imperative   scale changes   urban population   broad observation   secondary school   future demand   grow revenue   high potential   manage partner   mandatory bjiblue   broadband qingxiyuanshan   experimental zone   industrial society   think skills   basic instructions   repetitive activity   illustrative scenario1   different needs   key sectors   migrant population   expand digitization   virtuous cycle   aggregate income   undergraduate students   total expenditure   vocational program   vast majority   current gaps   transformation adoption   costcompetitive degree   school teachers   incumbent players   teacher qualifications   mid workers   more collaboration   target reduction   first time   vocational courses   global number   private university   whitecollar workers   experience professionals   different mix   economic reform   vocational measures   many fields   total teachers   german company   whole person   investment opportunities   high exhibit   rise prosperity   national areas   hukou restrictions   good return   historical trajectory   productivity growth   eastern district   various kinds   many years   poor workers   public relations   2013 agency   contract negotiators   language system   investment requirement   public expenditure   prestigious institutions   next phase   more exposure   mechanical engineering   servicesector jobs   new approaches   microcredential programs   national agenda   follow teachers   limit mobility   provincial government   nonprofit organization   new students   postindustrial society   healthcare delivery   new worker   little curricula   learn journey   high levels   associate wages   remain percent   staff mindsets   potential acceleration   far information   decentralize way   come years   quality programs   little engagement   many millions   transform system   main reason   middle personnel   information technology   small cities   aging population   tidy plumbing   new platforms   traditional curricula   applicationoriented universities   hardware investment   standardize templates   rural area   skill shortages   retail supervisor   only skills   more use   current status   textbookoriented curricula   major development   educational provision   digital devices   payment ratio   transformative change   virtual reality   ecological report   provincial leaders55   private sectorup   strong foundation   first linkedin   target efforts   interpersonal skills   career services   fiscal expenditure   advance communication   quality education   large bank   dual educators   ppp projects   industry report   small units   military experience   specific sectors   career service   total force   follow dimensions   internal lecturers   techenabled solutions   such approaches   technical feasibility   senior position   simple tasks   vocational skills   significant emphasis   future workers   public source   current offerings   long time   potential magnitude   englishlanguage capabilities   future experts   add operations   physical skill   critical decision   worker mechanics   oneonone meetings   professional workers   culture history   current model   balance supervision   clear opportunities   adjacent source   manufacture equipment   significantlysource outline   high education   flexible tracks   open classes   target curricula   online startup   train capacity   secondary students   high rates   unpaid labor   salary renminbi   largescale assessments   special zones   national program   structural issues   internship program   many people   executive summary   more people   intellectual property   annual spending   growth mindset   significant share   formal programs   typical rate   average score   village outline   second instruction   broadbandtechnical infrastructure   emerge examples   multichannel learning   corporate collaboration   outdate content   traditional modules   corporate university   traditional programs   different content   advance equipment   datum analysis   high level   demand demand   first semester   honorary positions   skill representatives   senior adviser   healthcare expenditure   frequent changes   programs52 migrants   old account   high demand   different categories   first year   digital infrastructure   long way   third education   work experience   strong record   ordinary universities   instant feedback   specific roles   internship opportunities   mindset shift   improve teaching   relative decrease   modern society   largescale commercialization   educational quality   mas population   learn scenarios   servicesector workers   incubation programs   high turnover   chinese education   job opportunities   economic structure   physical climate   full credit   high bias   particular hours   reduce turnover   local governments   statistical skills   dynamic fastevolving   strong ecosystem   callcenter system   automation solutions   such workers   school graduates   vocational graduates   effective ways   low enrollment   particular flexibility   traditional graduates15   high pressure   educational technology   strategic thinking   limit extent   average growth   skill transitions   lowcost labor   gross enrollment   gradual changes   specific sets   social bias   talent shortfalls   electric power   learn opportunities   unemployed housewives   comprehensive thinking   various tools   programs182 students   mobilebased app   more flexibility   new knowledge   educational systems   rich environments   social skills   academic achievement   gamelike modules   dynamic change   quality gaps   economic planning31   industry trends   average length   occupational transition   average gdp   predefine instructions   high services   specific cases   organizational approaches   top managers   final decision   substantial investment   major event   offline commerce   students1 expansion   prosperous society   physical centers   improve outcomes   advance roles   fiveyear pipeline   education budget   various projects   diverse options   similar challenges   good links   relevant information   first days   vocational track   lead group   internal audiences   daily life83   sum boards   adaptable content   decisive victory   late evolution   vet teachers   visual signs   local industries   key cities   decentralize provider   national education   percent decline   automation system   high groups   digital transformations   effective incentives   low incomes   independent assessment100   unman design   current stigma   public sectors   major tool   lead model   central areas   little training   main test   occupational mix   industry credentials   pas rate   indian company   advance economies   industry insights   education system   flexible approaches   positive effects   new opportunities   external relations   robotic company   urban jobs   broad aims   sufficient subsidies   labormarket dynamics   select companies   material matters   different skills   full use   educational purposes   different locations   educational backgrounds   key segments   low priority   different players   social assistance   special programs   frontline worker   sufficient breadth   significant need   long hours   highquality content   technological knowhow   similar programs   global affairs   ineffective mechanism   dynamic companies   great leap   skill roles   low farmers   distinguish fellow   institutional guidelines   multiple degrees   business incubator   little regard   vocational offerings   important priority   practical skills   singapore dollars   low return   50th percentile   strong service   large impact   agrarian economy   national ethos   rural areas112   significant variations   enrollment expansion   parallel universes   agenda examples   secondaryundergraduate students   psychological functioning   global competitiveness   practical abilities   great success   academia institutions   outdate curricula   sichuan zone   tertiary education   young market   continuous learning   important factor   educational finance   rural schools   second factor   important source   stage introduction   last success   humancentered urbanization   lifelong system   review sessions   technological advances   wide range   physical tasks   additional training   social work   job creation   relevant skills   service center   unclear pathways   fastevolving economy   train program   promise startups   access days   low income   dual goal   outdate reasons   high school   basic level   standardize materials   aimachine learning   academic schools   round source   rise incomes   customer requests   broad problem   skill experts   rural villages   technology boom   chalkboard lectures   important role   rural migrants   multidimensional process   short clips   private funding   national survey   infrastructure coverage   average needs   unleash growth   evaluation metrics   high chance   vocational training   more exhibit   potential shifts   attractive jobs   official data   smallscale pilots   traditional approach   senior teams   senior visualization   more options   underway projects   higherskilled workers   more exchange   target effort   new technical   corporate funding   entrance exams   private industry   general director   retirement age   school universities   inclusive unlock   engage technologies   workable incentives   lead companies   significant evolution   update schools   efficient onesizefitsall   fiscal capacity   key actions   actual proportion   lecturebased approach   machinery equipment   chinese system   current distribution   specialize skills   middle school   history society   behavior algorithms   considerable improvements   low poverty   dominant type   human capital   high quality   work activities   newborn babies   important driver   academic background   creation potential   optic networks1   decennial review   practical experience   traditional model   force transitions   local review   employment levels   universityowned applications   such training   delivery units   future trends   multitrack system   discussion sessions   good position   basic literacy   particular sectors   webbased programs   employment center   global data   broadbased increase   mandarin fluency   particular skills   payment users   career paths   good practices   online education   qualify enterprises   geographic location   chinese medicine   current education   pay raises   high potentialsource   learn tools   international marketing   aggregate level   gross rate   second content   demonstration models   traditional skills   lack capabilities   own organizations   energy wire   microcredential system   age citizens   chinese approach   employment rate   entrance examination   mobile payment   compound rate   current shortages   educational pathways   vocational students   economic growth   business strategy   extensive review   kayuet assimilation   long term   broad access   more graduates   enough quality   household income   future students   same scale   knowledge ability   international study   editorial manager   customer demand   define bridge   technological gap   eurasian geography   tier track   broad group   independent assessment   notable feature   aggregate wage   exist schools   new challenge   top universities   educational supply   competitive strategy   real estate   comprehensive evaluation   educational institutions   local economy   social status   potential oversupply   fundamental step   compulsory inspection   undergraduate universities   evolve economy   several weeks   sufficient points   new initiatives   key bias   laborintensive jobs   provider governments   actual equipment   labordemand catalysts   limit capabilities   traditional textbooks   physical activity   high industry   examinationoriented teaching   integrate industry   national effort   delivery approaches   high wages   consumptionled economy   ethnic studies   high dropout   potential use   segment pilot   personalize feedback   chinese innovation   digital skills   microcurriculum content   more tasks   low requirement   math classes   considerable achievements   common patterns   research agenda   dynamic path   change patterns   broad groups   broad market   career exploration   educational credentials   more services   high zone   new graduates   constant source   low skills   total hours   global terms   necessary shifts   advance tools   subject days   learn society   change demand   relevant majors   target sector   automation scenario1   new school   effective approach   digital villages   social reforms   target collaboration   open course   attractive option   teach requirement   textbookbased learning   develop nation   learn model   learn programs   substantial loss   different number   disposable income   economic lens   industry background   low wages   small number   past decades   social media   operational challenges   traditional path   les attention   potential jobs   information platforms   occupational category   workforce reskilling   facultybased negotiators   cost breakdown   imperial times   workforce training   adequate skills   private schools   online course   natural resources   underresourced students   major decision   continue increases   desirable transitions   few skills   train account   high performance   external educators   broad relevance   wage increase   productive format   fiscal revenue   additional hours   educational centers   new beginnings   global workers   economic zone   content creators   joint programs   dropout rates   pay classes   net demand   academic education   large market   national supervision   web technology   large source   advance analysis   young workers   administrative workers   major shift   right skills161   social security   total workforce   ding providers   unprecedented occupations   uneven distribution   second phenomenon   talent educators   gender inequality   total funding2   traditional teaching   continuous governments   corporate partners   highquality training   chinese person   first learning   high economies   lifelong journey   semiskil labor   major trends   technical school   large share   past years   such courses   christodoulou teachers   work requirements   academic institutions   offline model   first option   highskilled talent   vocational workers   managerial level   educational track   strategic direction   joint survey   migrant segment   customerfacing roles   global network   key issues   key areas   potential students   major shifts   track record   digitize means   formal breakdown   educationrelated clips   coach platforms   robotic leap   urban generation   school diploma   education reform   specialize schools   educational technologies   personal development   national strategy   public officials   basic skills   fine skills   hybrid model   strong emphasis   rural areas   main focuses   global universities   pilot projects   financial incentives   predictable tasks   electrical engineering   enhance quality   technical skills   rural generation   practice track   chinese bank   potential exhibit   significant expansion   attractive rewards   stocker packers   broad membership   limit opportunities   specific milestones   continual reskilling   run schools   staff mindset   pandemic talk   many cases   more content   capability building   more experts   single category   medical school   improve skills   considerable time   professional skills   different groups   compulsory share   deep participation   significant training   mckinseyunited nations   urban students   social science   own content   equal services   many ideas   great hall   little input   broad issue   relate skills   rise standards   private sector   require rate   economic transformation   significant impact   foreign investment   mobile users   ubiquitous provision   environmental research   general education   disparate stakeholders   attractive pathways   toptier learning   limit money   necessary knowledge   network broadband   largescale shift   source ministry   occupational transitions   academic degrees   support modernization   education employers   short platforms   detail implementation   market economy   strong partnership   boom investment   important adjustments   good reskilling   input curricula   corporate representatives   skill transformation   more cases   structural change   field trips   educational resources   unique scale   own exams   public players   extra test   similar partnerships   system breakdown   next year   inform decisions   journey capability   physical classes   career counseling   talent education   engage model   public perception   skill sets   innovative findings   predictable occupations   big technology   mobile adoption   automotive industry   qualify educators   basic numeracy   necessary capabilities   bottom countries   more resources   little income   lifelong box   entire curriculum   change economy   current workforce   current disconnect   tierone cities   scenario1 change   limit channels   shift demand   private rise   useful way   paper number   bold vision   educational challenge   german schools   weekly classes   great producer   cultural revolution   hightech zone   industrial layout   biomedical devices   large cities   manufacturingsector gdp   more room   more workers   entire workforce   specialize courses   significant progress   textbookbased methods   insufficient information   volatile demand   personal care   mas migration   innovationenabled growth   general operation   tailor programs   psychological support   increase investment   vocational grants   social adaptation   enable teaching   domestic work   golden year   additional investment   improve content   performance writing   high degree   longterm scenario   high rate   private sectors   nondiploma programs   statistical report   learner onesizefitsall   innovative research   potential goals   effective technology   application source   midpoint scenario1   traditional hobbies   digital technology   similar efforts   specialize institutions   ecommerce share   adjacent activities   new delivery   economic driver   diverse fields   evaluation schemes   big program   national group   broad front   strong desire   myriad characteristics   careerdevelopment courses   9th conference   local level   high worker   math writing   competitive position   automobile repair   high value   industrial products   automation employment   foster partnerships   upper end   vocational education   senior partners   ubiquitous time   formal system   skill revolution   college exam   own education   complex information   successful experimentation   private institutions   change market   train breakdown   most students   senior partner   manual labor   prosperous cities   adaptable consider   different types   effective partnerships   tertiary school   extensive research   teach methods   many workers   new direction   industrial residents   rural status   complex analytics   valuable insights   extensive survey   important element   flexible pathways   engage content   bulletin boards   positive results   structural transition   fragment system   limit flexibility   global competition   specific areas   train teachers
Actions:   provide growth   improve standards   provide input   enter careers   count notice   announce policies   include workers   expand pathways   develop education   use channels   suggest exhibit   work center   facilitate shift   experience demand   shape economy   transform learning   transform workforce   need levels   develop whatever   narrow expenditure   boost access   reskil workforces   position themselves   enhance urbanization   need experts   develop understanding   spend half   thank brown   lose jobs   meet challenge   finish school   evaluate models   show variations   narrow differences   earn demand   increase employers   loosen restrictions   rise workers   need this   increase outline   reward company   enable mobility   deliver pathways   make strides   change mix   putt pilot   continue transition   manage calls   improve capabilities   access training   comprise yifei   regard participation   give sense   lead research   score evaluation   offer pathways   obtain jobs   graduate construction   reflect reality   attract people   reimagine exhibit   require unit   meet curricula   challenge thinking   add sets   work priorities   put way   include expenditure   avoid costs   reward skills   reduce gaps   take lens   provide zuoyebang   promote education   take program   disaggregate growth   create workforce   read scans   fund disparity   may report   create pressure   take time   support needs   wellbring oecd   refresh those   conduct lessons   serve groups   include changes   help them   guarantee access   shape capability   make use   fund qualifications   choose that   turn surge   reach market   represent increase   experience investment   introduce residents   offer information   encourage cooperation   signale commitment   facilitate discussion   open economy   implement upgrades   avoid disruption   expand coverage   program analysis   hold degree   shift hours   develop skills   implement transformation   provide feedback   encourage thinking   release channel   include mechanics   make claims   meet challenges   ensure equity   spot post   enable improvement   leverage technologies   use needs   use skills   contribute diversity   expand use   expand pool   practice skills   match that   use approach   need kind   acquire knowledge   build capabilities   gear platforms   provide incentives   spend worker   complete development   provide design   develop talent   implement education   lack time   drive increases   teach students   require education   devote percent   upload photos   take levers   correct bias   lack exhibit   teach collaboration   generate millions   allocate percent   support schools   use recognition   hold workers   sustain increases   convert that   equip hours   cover fields   approve proposals   guide expertise   plug gap   offer learning   tackle era   boost profile   learn scope   reach percent   create content   set units   improve efficiency   launch program   offer opportunities   employ devices   explain increase   develop educators   switch world   jinping victory   tackle inequality   enable education   adopt technologies   achieve economies   benefit schools   recruit calls   broadbased skills   achieve outcomes   define user   sweep digitization   spend turnover   offer programs   enjoy quality   empower creators   use them   use clips   increase change   find jobs   do activities   make matches   consider checklist   attend college   keep pace   regard training   teach ability   shift opportunities   see miracle   foster thinking102   achieve change   accelerate construction   achieve transition   kick executives   assume growth   mediate consequences   leverage platforms   pursue work   reach renminbi   enter jobs   establish model   back pilots   represent companies   employ system   take part   change occupations   form part   foresee panorama   use ai   access educators   use equipment   transform schools   involve society   acquire market   application universities   finish studies   develop knowledge   build villages   provide guidance   triple s   enable them   result exhibit   decentralize provision   address gaps   invite investment   shape journey   enable drivers   have flexibility   illustrate use   develop platforms   develop curricula   use platforms   hold diploma   transform economy   face imperative   discuss type   enable china   teach mindset   prepare students   stand learning   enable people   access services   include history   facilitate content   face effort   fill roles   live pisa   suit skills   conduct planning   follow instructions   improve grades   meet needs   recognize types   design interventions   receive forms   increase income   provide programs   enter phase   place emphasis   spot loiterers   develop collaboration   explore importance   gain popularity   drive coalition   teach classes   pilote approach   thank experts   take dynamics   upgrade agriculture   raise rate   view content   share findings   learn teachers   upgrade skills   expand xinhua   bear students   drive upgrade   repeat view   learn mckinseycom   improve perception   set policies   collect data   reinvent themselves   identify areas   create benefits   include major   adopt approaches   introduce concept   complete modernization   embed ethos   describe projects   advance aiteacher100talcom   teach college   face percent   refresh knowledge   deliver microcurricula   make shift   forge cooperation   fulfill life   work change   boost development   assess economy   inspire them   incorporate solutions   put incentives   manage shift   discuss use   enhance collaboration   deepen reform   monitor source   ensure access   need skills   train people   remove bottlenecks   refresh model   publish plan   narrow imbalance   experience loss   provide guidelines   limit advancement   deploy ai   repeat institute   enjoy costs   simulate potential   earn wages   propose introduction   reflect changes   strengthen teaching   post element   power schoolchildren   recruit people   overcome reluctance   learn experience   integrate knowledge   transform itself   spend this   develop partnerships   employ negotiators   debute 85   provide modules   rise automation   find job   encompass stakeholders   explore partnerships   access programs   change requirements   affect recognition   fund migrants   automate tasks   require approaches   support adaptation   prevent them   offer positions   estimate that   get jobs   drive participation   found universities   help workers   work employment   trade system   obtain knowledge   learn journey   use solutions   spend some   run incubator   combine players   hukou restrictions   reform education   exhibit 15   teach courses   improve skills   use argument   spend renminbi   simulate scope   see zone   support population   offer return   codeveloping model   apply techniques   interpret goal   complement teaching   change structure   receive renminbi   microlearning platforms142   demonstrate development   s percent   drive adoption   obtain information   face 31   implement funding   map workers   leaf china   greeter packers   attend courses   suit fastevolving   cuttingedge knowledge   attend school   allow points   train survey   may 14   need minimum   upgrade economies   close it   manage relationships   expand access   dispel perception   require revolution   pay changes   sponsor students   cover percent   play part   face challenge   safeguard mckinseycom   codeveloped program   train ministry   receive feedback   switch workforce   see categories   achieve goals   encourage adoption   see automation   use api   leave areas   position people   need upgrades   think building   enhance spending   require productivity   include impact   expect ratio   learn first   enable rises   exceed target   help staff   sponsor universities   assist them   migrant journal   fund budget   ecosystem model   launch laboratory   microlearning platforms16   reskill china   repeat es   require shift   improve completion   analyze case   close skills   manage shifts   release kuaishou   simulate scenarios   read mathematics   meet expectations   include literacy   deploy health   afford access   foster system   use world   plug gaps   take care   pursue path80   develop content   explore opportunities   deliver consultancy   pioneer system   share observations   wave 3   approve tasks   require thinking   deliver increase   study majors   cover adults   offer program   refine incentives   reflect trends   get right   enable path   examine trends   exhibit 4   modernize vocational   improve outcomes18   offer sharing   match demand   turn attention   enact transformation   perceive setup   launch programs   promote interests   experience waves   define factor   enhance learning   fuel industrialization   provide counseling   match students   deploy programs   enhance programs   earn more185   improve counseling   develop capabilities   select percent   collect information   monitor progress   require study   reimagine breakdown   define scenario   change workforce   explore causality   undermine students   start transformation   allow experimentation   develop schools   address shortfalls   reshape systems   need units   read dashboards   cultivate person   equip economy   demand representatives   improve programs   make reskilling   age companies   enable commercialization   discuss careers   age age   experience categories   apply technologies   exhibit gap   build consensus   reskil feature   transform education   examine relationship   shift box   see case   coordinate players   threaten hardwon   facilitate learning   spend percent   recruit volunteers   landexpropriated change   equip students   safeguard health   opt system   learn training   put teachers   match expectations   accommodate times   process activities   learn trips   double income   equip them   recruit courses   scale partnerships   enjoy services   create jobs   develop society   limit background   lack relevance   use methods   make raises   understand trends   improve scores   accelerate use   offer capabilities   segment workforce   contribute much   discuss shifts   gamify studies   achieve progress   perceive types   overcome bottlenecks   enhance connectivity   include consultants   acquire exhibit   offer degrees   leverage programs   bring perspectives   win victory   undertake programs   reach million   reskill pathway   perpetuate gap   refresh sets   reskil china   reach number   facilitate movement   cook repair   develop citizens   cover workforce   develop environment   attract million   personalize curricula   provide labor   lack capabilities   put focus   address disconnect   demonstrate adaptability   imply endorsement   operate centers   imply growth   provide model   study 100   receive investment   propose creation   embrace technologies   scale those   pilote plan   transform waves   access jobs   make teaching   pose institute   demonstrate skills   enable researchers   enable trials   match needs   organize program   conduct assessment   imply demand   offer sgd1000   improve exhibit   produce entrepreneurs   support workers   encompass all   include hanushek   require support   analyze impact   take analysis   learn tools   deploy skills   promote 17   assess system   address gap   use credits   encourage experimentation   reform caravel   use levers   partnershipsenhanced track   read patterns   improve students   offer app   develop industry   shape learning   support standard   transform effectiveness   leave school   manage data   pay budget   display symptoms   create exposure   invite program   cover subjects   represent percent   change type   introduce model   develop platform   access resources   earn academics   unleash growth   offer track   launch effort   ping mobile   adopt view   spend analysis   access rewards   displace percent   introduce opt   project activities   select universities   reskil workforce   convert lectures   recognize urgency   support participation   accommodate expansion   control ministry   improve placement   provide help   drive implementation   receive upgrade   shrink cities   update skills   need that   may 5   receive evaluation   learn mandarin150   overcome stigma   microlearning adoption   install broadband   match capabilities   express appetite   center organizations   form coalition   give jobs   reward professors   collaborate company   use majority   match advances   work wire   facilitate formation   announce funding   form association   embrace economy   offer mix   enter era   empower providers   launch system   grow expenditure   offer insights   work number   set direction   upgrade facilities   markete skills   prepare them   give ownership   achieve era   grow tree   take amount   develop task   retain worker   read instructions   schoolage people   achieve transformation   provide opportunities   address areas   receive requests   cultivate systems   live that   take place   take advantage   lose examination   acknowledge importance   support rises   transform development   create training   cite funding   enhance training   see education   diagnose february   may 2020   shift occupations   conduct china   spend time   thank advisers   reveal s   encourage more   use scenario   lack expertise   elevate status   emphasize training   overcome misgivings   thank dandona   reduce incentive   increase investment   choose major   accelerate application   trigger shift   demand market   achieve revolution   study admissions   set centers   transform industry   sabbatical positions   evaluate students   yield gain   lead economy   have skills   revise metrics   reach migrants   access classes   establish centers   diversify education   make moves   reach provision   experience decline   transform model   improve access   support journey   alleviate strain   offer feedback   reduce demand   upskill workforce   facilitate sessions   place focus   craft system   process information   support reskilling   address many   provide experience   conduct sessions   transform methods   take industry   move chain   clean plumbing   take programs   reimagining system   select students   establish practices   see priorities   pass test   initiate range   create xchange   welcome comments   attain skills   add skills   withdraw support   reinvent education   use system   explore careers   threaten gains   improve development   learn poverty   offer dollars   integrate training   take view   pursue opportunities   imply oversupply   maximize students   include students   enable user   coach effort   call everything   explore approaches   take test   enhance development   provide expertise   have education   generate knowhow   reflect fact   set strategy   cover countries   boost productivity   tackle students   deliver content   create students   use rate   receive education   use teachers   use admissions   identify sectors   need what   attract thousands   lack experience13   meet demand   innovate learning   take exam   support development   face number   shift focus   achieve 36   post feature   meet goal   prioritize patients   develop number   reskil form   explore volume   need teachers   lack paper   face that   support standards   shrink levels   assume govcn   complete instruction   use units   use services   network infrastructure   achieve growth   refresh employers   reap benefits25   learn expression   form partnerships   boost progress   open branch   modernize education   address issue   enhance competitiveness   earn renminbi   need lack   pay results   manage changes   attract students   enable delivery   shift categories   change china   select provinces   elevate skills   pair department   manage skills   reflect views   explain income   approach group   teach system   secure victory   move china   teach china   spend breakdown   take years   develop curriculum   facilitate project   extend focus   communicate interact   build society   enhance efforts   adopt model   tackle breadth   enable sector   refresh skills   strengthen provision   require content   cite capabilities   interpret sales   produce talent   overcome challenges   use support   decentralize system   understand demand   see potential   face redeployment   offer point   master dynamics   learn schedules   improve infrastructure   make transition   follow pattern   promote training   face shortages   exceed million   involve all   manage transformation   address shortages   doesn t   see box   limit exposure   earn much   demonstrate writing   join program   train employees   learn set   uptodate knowledge   understand materials   develop talents   spur economist   offer solution   exhibit mobility   facilitate subsidiary   transform hundreds   gain skills   lowskilled jobs   cover students   switch careers   fund school   identify cities   include minister   lead team   meet criteria   learn needs   enter workforce   meet need   shrink simulation   s onethird   manufacture costs   target sectors   minimize disruption   switch workers   place importance   follow knowledge   develop programs   replace teachers   play role   drive case   facilitate myskillsfuture   employ tools   support students   provide cadre   alter delivery   promote beijing   use tools   aging investment   design programs   drive innovation   s hours   change nature   expand provision   take account   promote skills   modernize learning   incorporate practices   change country   shift mindset   raise alarm   cover schools   pas exams   increase training   kickstart transformation   lack programs   transform systems   train numbers   describe that   provide 23   design system   take courses   prioritize skills   raise skills   offer library   highlight education   include test   explore this   acquire skills   scale method   increase simulation   collect reports   collaborate schools   drive china   sustain gdp   set goal   highlight levers   enjoy option   train revenue   improve teaching   deliver ecosystempartnerships   shape agenda   broaden access   expand training   achieve impact   address collaboration   give demand   offer job   include gaps   learn language   select program   thank leibowitz   reform systems   thank members   develop model   reach users152   train types   offer exposure   develop percent   monitor safety   reskil flexibility   learn change   explore combinations   undergo evolution   switch categories   invite companies   use tal   accumulate users   pose paper   send students   automate managers   support press   switch pathways   enable methods   express dissatisfaction   create cycle   employ framework   failure notice   graduate students   increase use   equip people   improve ability   separate outcomes   redeploy hours   decline education   identify exhibits   require approach   receive years   switch occupations   enhance teaching   forge partnership   enable creation   earn whatever   offer teaching   summarize which   take position   guarantee employment   design courses   use templates   examine jobs   provide training   teach skills   offer curricula   introduce system   define mindset   automate 2   design skilling   open system   provide example   make changes   finish years   simulate practice   promise reform   read scores   provide insights   improve outcome   suit china   use technology   set group   understand training117   develop that   cite lack   mentore university   make transitions   emphasize knowledge   include concept   s lessons   incorporate requirement   employ percent   rise length   overcome place   navigate transition1   embed content   require investment   shape pathways   earn digital   suit needs   attract graduates   exhibit exhibit   need access   teach percent   fuel growth   learn foundations   judge candidate   do paper   learn transformation   offer account   address issues   download textbooks   stay degree   systems174 programs   improve education   access that   pay platforms   note sense   constrain schools   increase expenditure   enable this   enhance tracks   take action   evaluate imbalance   learn format   give flexibility   develop taxonomy   strengthen pathways   foster students   face shortage   predict demand   undergo transformations   award qualifications   design pathway   create programs   hold days   exhibit 35   achieve gains   explore teachers   nurture graduates   cover s   identify gaps   learn students   define roles   raise quality   analyze pipeline   expand schemes   reach value   constrain ability   face shifts   include courses   perform categories   perceive urgency   provide services   expand number   include numeracy   asses that   detect signs   reshape ecosystem   answer questions   climb ladder   pursue levels   improve direction   hire workers   take steps   need implementation   adopt models   strengthen development   motivate increase   consumerfacing segments   implement suzhi   unite employers   update capital   designate that   judge thrust   devote time   create schools   change paths   increase cap   include skills   encourage them   reskil efforts   change them   adapt future   update assumptions   include creation   codeveloped course   reflect constraints   cook percent   need pool   exhibit future   invite representatives   improve compensation   deliver returns   make improvements   gain transitions   earn money   accelerate adoption   enable shift   take exhibit   coach referral   adapt each   personalize learning   train education   enable adoption   meet aspiration   reimagining systems   conduct research   improve design   receive funding   compile database   understand patterns   develop woetzel   give students   address needs   stick hospital   represent figure   improve effectiveness   include china   need growth   require levels   predict all   propose fact   drive advances   expand capacity   perceive training   have classes   need revolution   give authority   emphasize importance   diversify scenarios   boqing wang   put money   scale efforts   cultivate relationships   make decisions   navigate journey   impact teachers   complete training   start skills   advise boards   drive phase   include s   promote society   develop universities   enter workers   see study   give credit   use internet   face china   raise system   serve economy   wane migration   back scheme   note that   change system   require universities   tackle issues   encourage workers   find employment   mourshed drivers   see scope   reflect lack   reflect increase   complete courses   include time   require training   embed programs   make sense   lack access   recommend everything   supply labor   guide pathways   highlight problems   meet scenario   require expertise   triple scope   enhance quality   make efforts   pull each   kickstart adoption   update curricula   help students   enable change   include others   face range   deploy solutions   address shortage   navigate pathways   advise research   achieve 70   need rise   receive report   reinvent route   spend years   enhance track   use textbook   increase workers   train workers   retain income   obtain place   manage entrepreneurship   mourshed insights   offer services   highlight fact   offer incentives   affect strategy   promote development   use lessons   necessitate that   include dimensions   learn productivity   build careers   define dialogues   support research   lack information   steer direction   share costs   switch jobs   enter industries   learn english   persuade workers   identify provider   provide tutoring   reimagine education   undergo changes   drink components   desire professions3   experience turnover   encompass shifts   facilitate collaboration   embrace system   provide content   narrow gap   lead schools   cultivate project   experience engagement   reveal levels   cofound school   support structure   drive shift   facilitate exchange   graduate mycos   hand responsibility   take effect   prioritize profit   meet amount   improve project   highlight externality   develop ecosystem   offer classes   reveal impact   suit gain   achieve improvement   offer courses   achieve aspirations   make delivery   enable students   embed center   leverage tools   embed mechanism   illustrative renminbi   obtain content   teach staff   reflect economy   improve agriculture   accumulate experience   perform tasks   offer training   embrace incentives   compound challenges   show improvement   enjoy use   track effectiveness   treat investment   obtain demand   cultivate people   commit themselves   ease restrictions   scale china   see boom   suit them   download reports   find workers   transform forbes   personalize gamification   define country   show path   develop expectations   visit wwwmckinseycommgi   offer platform   integrate approaches   seek input   create culture   affect attitudes   target students   power economy   achieve milestone58   reinvent construction   manage conflict   shadow knowledge   offer model   hunt care   account management   provide child   understand forces   triple salary   instill ethos   improve demand   achieve what   exhibit 23   provide solutions   regularize herald   post courses   use future   achieve transitions   evolve transition   encourage faculties   train china   slow china   call these   install qingxiyuanshan   achieve percent   support you   combine disciplines   compile information   cover workers   need collaboration   cover example   assume catalysts   establish colleges   merge teachers   improve council   graduate report   offer points   fuel shift   bridge gap   deliver lectures   offer hurdles   exhibit lack   meet variety   spend couple   scale levers   establish center   find work   enable users   decentralize education   undertake reform   introduce policies   manage transitions   use china   require skills   create mismatch   create clips   enable instructors   enjoy benefits   gain knowledge   bear cost   learn skills   use knewton   benefit people   provide options   train workforces   support transitions   return review   develop system   gain experience   make educators   obtain degree   pursue path   diagnose covid19   reflect knowledge   consult percent   put one   cofounded evidence   promote governments   limit fluency   pay curricula   lack profile   address shift   use media   learn opportunities   highlight observations   devote attention   exchange knowledge   encourage collaboration   accommodate people   include graduates   capture opportunity   analyze shifts   achieve rate   provide subsidies   start platforms   underline importance   offer range   take step   sustain growth   need refreshing   replace classes   drive research   list openings   define figure   encourage efforts   assume investment   undertake reskilling   undertake tasks   use technologies   spend managers   spot share   enable management   improve management   devote resources   include population   bridge divide   take adaptability   include operation   build model   pick case   modernize industry   set exams   train skills   handle technologies   need degree   cofounded school   commercialize technology   monitor signs   improve outcomes   achieve performance   overcome distribution   develop opportunities   increase value   automate activities   expand partnerships   tackle examples   offer ways   share insights   adopt solutions   reskill talent   contribute knowledge   displace jobs   engage learning   achieve model   acquire degree   equip workforce   embrace sector   learn algorithms   offer s   offer benefits   lack experience   build position   use skill   encourage learning   get job   improve quality   define milestones   forge pathways   give opportunities   demonstrate correlation   improve system   pursue jobs   transform system   establish pathways   desire scope   spend blocks   gain respect   need everything   imply expansion   face challenges   match demands   receive development   form partnership   use indicators   access internet   monitor system   leave factories   encourage development   diversify educators   fill gaps   improve opportunities   study more   require students   codeveloped guidelines

Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.