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35824 Federal Register / Vol. 81, No. 107 / Friday, June 3, 2016 / Rules and Regulations ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY 40 CFR Part 60 [EPA HQ OAR 2010 0505; FRL 9944 75 OAR] RIN 2060 AS30 Oil and Natural Gas Sector: Emission Standards for New, Reconstructed, and Modified Sources AGENCY: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). ACTION: Final rule. SUMMARY: This action finalizes amendments to the current new source performance standards (NSPS) and establishes new standards. Amendments to the curre

stations at a repair   definition of a pneumatic   requirement if the average   plants or well sites   emissions for the years   report for each combustion   review of the marten   definitions for well sites   emissions and to modifications  

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Profiles:   the decision   no instrument   this category   its commenters   the iwg   the rewording   a compressor   the characteristics   the quality   the survey   the inventory   an commenters   the rule   the alternatives   the addition   you unit   an information   you equipment   epa assumption   a approach   the tasks   the quantities   that provision   methanehtml comments   the feature   each pressure   this types   epa interpretation   a system   the nontransportation   the claim   the ratio   that explanation   the psd   the lines   the collection   the aim   nei inventory   the lid   the valve   the inclusion   the meaning   the average   each run   the action   such interpretation   the analyses   the surface   this certifications   a manufacturer   epa intention   any soap   the requirement   a buildup   this comments   p slip   this data   the requirements   j fuel   the limit   a array   twice rate   a assessment   the commitment   this determination   its rate   the sources   a instrument   we rule   that equipment   a increase   the magnitude   zc table   this photographs   the exemption   such analysis   the installation   this sources   a material   the elements   the description   ie sites   each facility   an facilities   the criteria   i vessel   the reductions   we data   the production   a commenter   the nrc   congress intent   the savings   epa determination   an programs   this table   any assessment   this components   the focus   a category   a backlog   the listing   the source   the operation   the stakeholders   epa regulations   the data   the cost   the gas   the use   a cost   the risks   any ambiguity   the flowback   epa strategy   voc compounds   the case   this analysis   the segment   a comments   a means   the increases   the actions   the compound   this failure   an factors   a variety   a solution   a listing   the response   the emissions   such process   the responsibility   the exceptions   the threshold   this estimate   the exception   the type   all gas   the earth   the date   a test   the commenters   the ghgs   the capacity   the effects   this effects   the compressor   this factors   a emission   a alarm   a impacts   this examples   the record   the agencies   whose potential   the omission   such comparison   the finding   all operators   the person   it use   the comments   the strategies   any action   a owner   both requirements   epa center   the surveys   epa attempt   this standards   a location   the announcement   the results   this discussion   d4891 method   you facility   a challenge   the analysis   it list   the records   this equation   we responses   any stakeholder   the administration   this intent   the picture   a malfunction   a association   the assessments   the concentration   what ghg   the factors   the component   the court   the review   blm rules   you plan   what definitions   the latitude   a commenters   a addition   a plan   a finding   the potential   the nsps   the pollution   the planet   the factor   voc standards   the categories   this demand   the basis   a agency   this notification   the option   the status   the subpart   each survey   this revision   the plan   a model   the segments   epa analysis   this section   another commenter   the programs   the well   emis reductions   the file   each test   605401af standards   each component   the rulemaking   the application   the tools   the efficiency   you air   a results   the unit   the reboiler   the temperature   voc technology   riapdf impacts   we intent   this definition   the load   the revision   the statute   the reports   this projection   this pumps   vi training   the determination   the report   epa nsps   the distribution   a operator   the number   the frfa   the companies   the search   this change   an notifications   all amounts   o gas   f timing   an benefits   a company   this verification   the startup   the instruments   the piece   no losses   epa evaluation   this options   the stabilization   the monitoring   an owners   the nca3   any separator   that provisions   the increase   the benefits   the method   the values   the caa   this model   we system   a site   the government   this correction   a user   the estimate   the documents   the citation   every month   each area   that sources   this rule   the list   epa action   this units   the impact   an comments   that definitions   all components   the preamble   the path   i controller   any vessel   the sensitivity   a interface   a separator   the consequences   its use   this areas   the assumption   the submittal   the species   the assessment   the window   the plants   epa view   a frequency   a facility   the society   a restriction   this decisions   i notification   any emissions   the world   that list   the costs   the stage   this items   the supplies   the log   a employee   all information   all activities   a aim   a parts   the replacement   any report   this emissions   the department   a compressors   the caveats   the reasons   mr policies   this estimates   all emissions   this provision   the equipment   the ignition   this approach   this actions   a body   this cost   a water   that phrase   the price   the order   the system   that precipitation   a list   the hearings   the authority   a source   its marginalization   the reason   every stock   the pollutant   the health   the control   the industry   a analysis   each pump   the establishment   a station   the burden   any revisions   the likelihood   a engineer   the reduction   the means   we work   each pollutant   the document   the ghgrp   an communities   the completion   the literature   qo flowrate   the calculations   po fmt   the temperatures   this nsps   the facility   the owner   the provisions   this devices   the period   a pollutant   the pumps   this communities   the proposal   a permit   caa section   the community   this assessments   the inquiry   this clarification   the devices   this effort   any revenues   all facilities   a official   the photograph   the calibration   what standards   a control   ve sel   a flare   this facts   the cover   the frequencies   this commenters   a pump   the reporting   the applicant   this requirement   it revision   epa gas   arctic ice   the controls   the intent   the endangerment   the instrument   the device   a modification   this subpart   a rec   a report   the issue   a seal   each addition   this provisions   e169 techniques   the systems   ogi contractors   the step   an oil   d86 distillation   a device   the combination   its company   the operator   no risks   cir court   the repair   the value   all options   a endangerment   reapprove method   that information   this wells   the findings   all liquids   the initiatives   the section   this process   this feature   epa understanding   a subpart   the comparison   the experience   the official   the agency   the impacts   no requirements   the alternative   all categories   the percent   the effect   a requirement   this circumstances   we analysis   the facts   the gases   the body   its infeasibility   the conditions   what types   the bser   the site   the station   each controller   the engineer   this standard   this systems   the exempts   the content   this action   an events   its rates   no category   i compressor   the commenter   epa intent   the separator   this rules   a number   an research   the manufacturer   the information   the category   each plan   a shutdown   such exclusion   a deviation   a inspections   the provision   the majority   this sector   the boe   this language   friday rules   this argument   this timeframe   a well   the region   epa authority   the point   the risk   this delegation   any program   the icrs   the certification   this requirements   this criteria   the vessel   the regulation   voc requirements   this changes   a plant   frm fmt   the science   the reference   sion subject   the challenge   each system   this improvements   that emissions   the amendments   this pressure   the sector   this level   a flame   a changes   a maintenance   i requirements   you schedule   this rulemaking   the duty   this method   epa strategies   a representative   cfr part   a vessel   a series   the allowance   this costs   this list   be verdate   the standard   the estimates   august ibr   a evaluation   this ranges   the methane   every aspect   the recordkeeping   the climate   the components   whichever value   the amount   the procedures   this source   the form   the level   a permits   the language   the injectionassist   the owneroperator   e rate   the stream   the limitations   the group   this permit   you instrument   psd permits   the obligations   the area   a paper   the pressure   the rate   this alternative   the time   such photograph   no production   the test   the compliance   the integrity   the fact   the measures   any means   the years   the flowrate   the standards   no bubbles   voc emissions   the controller   the model   the equation   this phenomena   the pieces   the personnel   second method   this lack   a release   the interval   no device   a threshold   the issues   a total   the process   the liability   the definition   epa focus   1535pp sources   no control   the centroid   each compressor   the administrator   this inputs   such finding   the pressures   the guide   rec equipment   the grounds   the purpose   another standard   this results   such demonstration   a people   the logs   the notice   each device   the strategy   the sheets   col system   hq oar
Goals:   install control device   develop proposed regulation   secure bypass valve   emit wide range   contain cover subparts   leak repair detection   address requesting petitions   finalize source determination   serve policy grounds   connect pneumatic pump   issue endangerment finding   deconstruct annual report   cause equipment demand   finalize report requirement   improve quality regulations   perform survey d   concern completions request   approve collection activities   perform wellhead pressure   analyze bag sample   constitute source category   use level indicators   find presented information   relieve regulatory agencies   divert emission stream   use best science   affect oil sector   change term gas   provide necessary funds   submit covering data   submit specified information   operate pneumatic facility   accommodate raised concerns   issue final permit   install continuous system   reduce metric tonnes   cover processing plants   report annual reports   leak emission components   determine facility status   meet following criteria   include taken date   express ratebased standard   consider high proportion   review available science   rout subsequent removal   determine developed pollutants   produce reference publication   offset direct benefits   repair emissions components   minimize reporting errors   install maintain calibrate   solicit information comments   apply soap solution   update emissions estimate   provide rational basis   trigger fugitive standards   list list claim   reflect particular functions   achieve ambitious goal   connect silonitecoated canister   form continuous barrier   establish complement program   use provided instrumentation   provide performed documentation   remove affected facility   measure dioxide content   provide benefit estimates   oppose monitoring frequency   use following equation   add affected facilities   use alternative means   submit listed information   monitor consistent emissions   prescribe specific set   add source categories   pas visual observation   receive technical details   require percent reduction   provide monitoring frequency   threaten public health   emit air pollutant   encourage water recycling   review available information   force amending shutdown   write covers plan   finalize tagged requirement   prepare final frfa   require independent verification   spend critical element   reduce receiving facilities   cover greater number   give enforce authority   clarify used flares   focus fugitive program   route packing emissions   imply small disbenefit   describe empirical basis   design testing connections   establish performance standards   provide identify opportunity   use specified procedure   rout closed system   report using monitoring   add consisting ooooa   publish final standards   discuss estimate analysis   review available ghgrp   performancebased shifting monitoring   equip seal system   exercise adopt authority   provide previous determination   achieve emission reductions   operate continuous systems   identify solicited issues   contact field gas   need additional days   measure operating parameters   see regulatory analysis   follow repair instructions   contain size limitation   replace affected facility   omit clear deadline   contain testing provisions   equip storage vessel   show negative drift   review received comments   eliminate packing maintenancereplacement   add resulting drop   cover oil industry   consider full range   shift ranging frequencies   determine emission rates   submit required reports   achieve required reductions   retain specified records   make endangerment finding   require gas rate   provide accuracy audits   meet specified requirements   convene small panel   learn new system   establish minimis level   submit annual reports   evaluate additional data   conduct required reviews   summarize adverse effects   affect sector interest   submit performance results   regulate processing plants   survey small number   develop monitoring plan   trigger obtain requirement   increase face risks   rise mean ice   response major comments   pose significant source   exceed emissions totals   use percent rate   uphold permitting requirements   set promulgate schedule   meet applicable requirements   limit required type   finalize reconsideration amendments   prepare initial irfa   include separate office   communicate important limitations   rout recovered gas   use required separator   avoid worst impacts   meet healthbased standard   use pressureassisted flare   host public hearings   approach critical threshold   list source category   issue amended judgment   determine required efficiency   analyze climate change   assert health effects   value ozonerelated benefits   spray soap solution   give list flexibility   issue addressing decision   determine level value   route captured emissions   retrofit existing device   obtain pointed records   achieve emission reduction   revise low pressure   develop observation path   implement respective rules   allow establish time   evaluate design documents   add regulated standards   make requirements retroactive   estimate requirements upfront   adjust control options   include methane emissions   accommodate unique nature   determine flow rate   establish stream capacity   impose executive order   contain sector mandate   conduct monitoring emissions   support endangerment finding   calculate global benefits   constitute significant percentage   conduct initial inspections   burn spent carbon   perform combustion rec   follow climate plan   identify reduction technology   add significant burden   save resources time   address scientific issues   contain entrained gas   require recordkeeping reporting   use system nems   operate control device   include reflecting revisions   encompass discrete sources   meet control requirement   reference site discussion   revise listing category   introduce small amounts   replace natural gas   install temperature sensor   establish stream number   compare maximum value   sign low determination   monitor personnel s   finalize completion standards   achieve percent requirements   list pneumatic controllers   select perform technique   bring best thinking   reduce short tons   impose economic costs   compare demonstrated reduction   issue action plan   conduct performance tests   document technical assessment   approach understood thresholds   hydrocarbon outlet concentration   obtain necessary equipment   provide opportunity notice   use control device   identify emission points   add new ooooa   determine appropriate threshold   far contribute notion   bias detection limit   step based sources   require stationary source   calculate wind velocity   monitor rate owners   add apply ooooa   follow relevant requirements   meet reduction requirement   determine average qa   cost applied controls   describe significant changes   find same facts   propose similar system   preserve underlying aims   achieve high level   install closed system   include similar provision   include control charts   conduct compliance determination   allow completed time   outline taken actions   meet manufacturer requirement   replace identified source   capture fugitive emissions   settle sources tanks   conduct design analysis   consider suggested text   provide indicating text   simplify eliminating entry   project using facilities   cause rule results   total mmt share   meet imposed demand   achieve performance requirements   capture route emissions   contain equipment types   round civil proceedings   emit fugitive emissions   provide consistent calls   provide significant changes   trigger based requirements   obtain preconstruction permit   propose compliance requirements   gather performing information   provide complete discussion   handle additional stream   include numerous points   include completion rec   protect public health   reduce water usage   use low pressure   visualize concentration emissions   affect affected status   replace repaired components   create limiting seal   include regulate points   leave incinerator zone   finalize fixed frequency   affect adaptation change   discuss salable gas   meet percent reduction   use provided correlations   waive fugitive emissions   resurvey repaired components   achieve important goal   provide subject clarity   operate located facility   finalize same exemption   purge sampling line   ease compliance burden   give estimated cost   install monitoring equipment   include regulated sources   specify pilot flame   monitor flow rate   provide use framework   provide necessary oversight   permit significant changes   request similar provision   change rod packing   remove tagging requirements   use fidbased instrument   resolve choose disagreement   describe specific types   use wet system   repeat single technique   emit regulatory flexibility   replace reciprocating packing   conduct initial survey   provide participation opportunities   drill new well   evaluate emerging technology   require control devices   correct reflects value   contain percent reduction   provide come time   propose operational standard   present use estimates   approve state requirement   calibrate operate maintain   maintain specified records   meet manufacturer demonstration   document observation path   include concentrations flowrate   leave combustion zone   use pneumatic requirements   present scientific information   encompass commonsense standards   leak emissions components   conduct monitoring survey   obtain needed equipment   find emissions ii   permit final standards   allow required traceability   fail visible clarification   monetize estimate 4   assume wellhead price   maintain flow indicator   monitor specified criteria   determine reduced concentration   use specified procedures   reach different conclusion   catch installed equipment   impact new requirements   calculate emission reductions   survey same components   photograph leaking components   establish establish facilities   reach control device   contain specified records   operate oil sources   reflect best system   identify necessary revisions   achieve emissions reductions   find fugitive emissions   adjust correspond readout   tag pneumatic controller   reflect percent control   obtain recommendations advice   install tested device   use maintenance procedures   finalize proposed change   provide same regime   identify design requirements   obtain based permit   report levels emissions   define source category   seek broad range   learn system reporting   analyze relevant information   constitute best system   have electronic database   incorporate monetized value   prohibit other use   determine next schedule   support final standards   operate smaller sites   estimate monetized value   prepare entity guide   conduct accuracy audits   require operators owners   costtosales falls fall   provide regarding findings   use accepted methodology   handle pneumatic emissions   update proposal assumptions   include repair logs   develop upload feature   function gas present   follow compliance strategies   use monthly temperatures   estimate associated benefits   detail public impacts   ensure own compliance   bias action criteria   allow quick buildup   require compliance audits   compute total c   offer operators owners   enhance visibility factor   reinjecting recovered gas   facilitate application process   monitor fugitive components   meet major source   receive pertaining information   oppose based monitoring   propose regulatory language   finalize walking requirement   finalize reflecting standards   take cost estimates   make following changes   develop specific plan   include maximum rate   remove used tanks   request information data   summarize potential impacts   note associated challenges   achieve percent reduction   document total duration   see capacity burette   affect aspects contribution   include pumps pumps   operate flow indicator   submit test report   report emission reports   fracture existing well   feed affected facility   define major category   provide give guarantees   finalize technical exemption   control resource econ   illustrate continued effect   use monitoring device   receive same types   lift fracture fluids   have emit potential   provide design opportunity   obtain amended judgment   achieve compliance procedures   emit more tons   achieve main goals   include centralized batteries   include specified elements   comply meet facilities   include following sources   install new device   break held record   achieve emissions level   bring existing sites   use approved analyzers   receive asserting comments   perform required recordkeeping   evaluate conditionbased provision   include source categories   finalize reporting requirement   use performance methods   identify qualified engineer   receive concerning comments   take regulate action   compute emission rate   submit required information   identify shifting schedule   install qualified certification   increase overall capacity   include requisite finding   inject recovered gas   increase potential emissions   include pneumatic pumps   manage fugitive program   exacerbate environmental pressures   pay feet mcf   use following provision   propose detailed plan   provide new definition   drain openended valves   have health effects   contain proposed wellheads   verify feasibility capabilities   reduce atmospheric concentrations   regulate pollutant ghgs   include qualitative assessment   attempt different technique   follow continuous system   make capture determination   route wet system   select sampling sites   publish actual text   enforce offered rulemaking   establish standards ghg   cost reduce controls   make reasoned choice   ensure control practices   force regulated community   determine affected status   operate surface equipment   pursue structured process   strengthen endanger case   reevaluated design criteria   measure sulfur rate   clarify replace intent   include compliance procedures   mandate specific method   apply compliance requirements   regulate additional pollutant   facilitate enforcement60 implementation   consider large number   raise performancebased concerns   minimize major comments   curtail discretion section   insure residence time   provide prescribing circumstances   discuss notable events   submit signed claim   maintain continuous system   concern reflecting standards   use uncontrolled rate   operate monitoring device   use floating roof   divert portion all   describe potential approach   follow reconsideration denial   lack purchasing power   experience higher drop   define discrete category   revise testing language   receive regarding comments   seal welded joint   finalize qualified certification   describe listed category   strengthen endanger conclusion   develop fugitive plan   use audit procedures   produce monitoring technologies   provide simple way   clarify permitting rules   accept annual reports   form ozone vapor   calculate average factor   provide determine method   perform monitoring emissions   develop monitoring plans   determine sulfur emissions   finalize proposed exemption   discuss proposed rule   list pursuant categories   perform performance tests   reflect change section   operate pneumatic controller   submit initial notification   underlie protects proposal   meet rule requirements   remove commenters state   complete necessary preparations   reflect calendar year   achieve same reduction   determine required zi   constitute requisite finding   interpret address action   identify specific number   alleviate regarding concerns   certify design s   monetize secondary impacts   trigger fugitive requirements   allow additional days   provide emissions reductions   enter control device   send associated gas   use cost estimates   remove proposed requirements   asses new station   improve illustrative analysis   inspect bypass device   obscure clarify issue   discuss significant changes   need endangerment finding   replace proposed requirements   revise fugitive plan   create fire hazard   require compliance requirements   receive same comments   provide substantive data   define term expenditure   comply system requirements   control affected emissions   emit exclude decision   meet outlet level   use same equipment   include recovered provision   include found leaks   find fugitive source   include alternative program   identify consider information   include oil production   submit apply reports   review proposed requirements   house submitted reports   assign control number   address raised issues   claim starting date   calculate average reduction   raise result complexities   establish new limit   inspect seal mechanism   include compliance requirements   regulate given pollutant   use test methods   monitor emissions components   repair found component   store submitted data   submit specified report   use estimated assumptions   flood health concerns   measure emission rate   operate enclosed device   use sulfur rate   decrease survey requirements   use imaging requirements   produce reinjected gas   forego achieved reductions   encounter pressure differentials   use visual inspections   require source categories   conduct visual inspections   consider major options   trigger source status   route pneumatic pump   require monitoring practices   define flowback period   contain based limitations   determine wind speed   ramp firing rate   address technical corrections   correct drafting error   address air pollutant   use allow technology   propose significant ser   elevate monitoring personnel   use design analysis   make final determination   reduce associated risks   connect pneumatic facility   emit single one   receive asking comments   achieve original goal   emit impact analysis   cause additional burden   afford operators owners   control emission sources   present unnecessary hurdles   alleviate efficiency concern   create process diagrams   expect rise meters   describe major points   achieve specified requirements   install device model   achieve same reductions   return monitoring system   calculate density factor   take different approach   publish regulatory text   ensure adequate background   affect performance exemptions   experience driest period   update site address   affect food prices   conduct formal process   inform rate estimates   receive comment letter   satisfy reporting requirements   conduct monitoring surveys   subtract measured concentration   finalize monitoring sites   reject rejects claim   meet continuous requirements   demonstrate percentage reduction   identify continuing obligations   involve described operations   support diligent application   provide required reviews   finalize proposed exclusion   require modern approach   publish final determination   capture pneumatic emissions   capture treatment impacts   cost achieve controls   reduce associated emissions   review public comments   use collection system   support proposed exemption   allow contract time   implement own programs   meet performance requirements   consider cost effectiveness   identify separate options   cover comply facilities   use emission factors   estimate monetized benefitsperton   pump concerning comments   apply states section   operate continuous system   use correction factor   consider controlled pollutants   increase operating throughput   approach emission rate   impose actions fines   finalize alternative proposal   round basis contribution   use emission rates   absorb infrared radiation   cover professional engineer   follow emission path   record production rate   use same points   require subpart level   develop comprehensive strategy   demonstrate packing leakage   include formation reservoir   develop describes plan   calculate percent reduction   overwhelm control device   include vertical depth   demonstrate destruction efficiency   monitor associated repairs   calculate rate qsd   ooooa include provisions   secure necessary equipment   use vertical well   control specific type   total processing share   route recovered gas   affect affected facility   finalize operational standard   approve alternative means   reflect compliance effectiveness   identify wrong period   replace paper reporting   evaluate state programs   submit rule report   finalize subpart changes   retain emission factors   achieve same results   prepare following statement   view emissions b   increase associated costs   operate collection system   design vent system   support used regulation   include estimated sources   meet system requirements   revise walking terminology   close drilling activities   increase affected facility   propose performance testing   reflect modeled estimates   clarify due date   avoid sudden increase   remove proposed requirement   provide reasonable estimate   finalize technical exception   enter boiler heater   provide refine opportunity   place revised all   use appropriate form   reduce harms pollution   use known value   recommend global values   finalize related actions   determine maximum rate   determine average methane   preamble develops standard   contain subject wellheads   include documentation location   modify regulatory language   emailing electronic copy   require additional revisions   include same requirements   submit complete file   adjust instrument readings   present initial route   achieve performance criteria   receive opposing comments   use continuous readings   create complex scheme   support proposed timeframe   use following provisions   reduce flow rate   include gas wells   select sampling site   use specified equation   see wwwepagovsitesproductionfiles https   afford tailor ability   present associated benefits   outweigh initial period   cover affected facilities   set flow indicator   maintain uncontrolled emissions   route gases vapors   report other type   provide address definition   give operators owners   include cumulative number   finalize proposed frequency   recordkeep failing requirements   route closed system   rout gases vapors   reduce imposed burden   discuss previous analyses   use recovered gas   determine oxygen concentration   have recognized criteria   include require provisions   rout captured emissions   handle maximum rate   require submit facilities   revise revising c   inspect closed system   identify source categories   propose text changes   implement electronic requirements   estimate labor impacts   run geometry density   revise including list   provide appropriate amount   connect valve open   clarify allow intent   receive administrative petition   use same set   submit complying statement   announce new goal   determine maximum distance   run arithmetic mean   remove tagging requirement   perform used technology   require onsite separator   design permits regulations   require frequent schedule   include operating reporting   see compliance problems   tag affected facility   consider emission reductions   reactivate spent carbon   influence exacerbates production   require lift equipment   route affected facility   provide clear path   increase associated risks   meet prescribed requirements   host webinar series   develop extensive program   understand potential importance   issue final rule   provide interim level   accessible carry ability   use separated gas   grant determine discretion   affect statutory authority   develop specific definition   identify air pollutant   estimate ozone effects   include written plan   practice requires engineering   satisfy available requirement   improve cited health   develop ensure system   meet specified conditions   conduct specified inspections   include detailed documentation   reflect generation strategies   target provide emissions   identify subject pollutants   reevaluate control options   constitute required design   exceed visible test   prepare regulatory analysis   finalize applicability requirements   review executive order   revise compliance date   receive complete application   use cost information   maintain equipped device   introduce starch solution   conduct performance test   identify affected facility   include technical information   endanger section iiia   base proposed requirement   inspect affected facility   submit requesting application   finalize require proposal   create responsibilities rights   generate intermediate liquids   triple component counts   balance internal pressure   apply other standards   perform monitoring survey   receive necessary information   provide remove way   include oil industry   consider stringent option   set ambient standards   perform required reporting   provide discussed equation   have cover plan   produce considered liquids   modele direct impacts   consider cause destabilization   use maintenance approach   finalize monitoring frequency   increase survey frequency   include following information   meet performance criteria   provide same function   claim technical exemption   represent available information   regulate different pollutant   determine following information   propose parallel amendments   prevent new emissions   collect integrated sample   reconsider adopt failure   meet reduction standard   note substantial body   perform blank test   control different pollutant   burn issued waste   test compliance requirements   provide information response   impose direct costs   impact incomplete treatment   consult listed person   analyze identify data   contain regulatory requirements   point informed studies   access production sites   calculate average efficiency   reduce methane strategy   promulgate determined categories   meet cover requirements   benefit due entities   determine uncontrolled rate   acidify resulting ecosystems   round processing emissions   obtain professional assessment   prescribe specific way   retreat ice snow   address security needs   lengthen allergenic season   bestow regulatory authority   use forms templates   evaluate flow rate   require professional certification   cite installed example   support supported analysis   minimize air emissions   finalize regulatory language   permit regulate overview   maintain identified records   follow specified requirements   expect greatest emissions   issue required certification   complete reconsideration process   identify covered points   include buildings structures   collect pressure losses   include covered controls   address system collection   express calibration drift   submit annual report   vent affected facility   capture believe all   provide concerning actions   use separator route   meet needs commenters   identify modify need   promulgate equipment practice   examine applicability criteria   describe including sites   compute reduction efficiency   exclude pneumatic pumps   discuss technical infeasibility   enforce requirements section   calculate reduction efficiency   conduct using survey   determine potential rate   use following equations   prescribe particular system   survive excessive 9   project level rise   direct separated gas   represent gas gradient   include openended lines   amend current requirements   meet claimed exception   require pump facilities   round storage pipelines   establish regulatory terms   use applicable procedure   provide same options   build century platform   elevate inspecting personnel   promote innovation competitiveness   support rational determination   observe fugitive component   exacerbate diseases asthma   impose complex burden   use combustion devices   present untenable hurdle   offer legal basis   obtain operating permit   produce initial rates   generate inspection reports   replace gas installation   route recovered liquids   regulate closest thing   establish minimis threshold   register permitting notice   subject subpart facility   address technical details   use primary scenario   ecosystem considered report   provide technical information   develop corporate plan   conduct performance evaluation   require semiannual reports   visit loss days   display valid number   lower concentration limit   operate closed system   operate pneumatic controllers   receive noted comment   avoid excess emissions   make proposed ppmv   enforce limitations standards   include stationary sources   receive wide variety   give fair review   complete information repairs   concern major comments   capture such circumstances   achieve beneficial impact   flood storms hurricanes   report reports reports   interpret listing 1979   trigger fugitive program   affect completed activities   conduct initial tests   note impending collection   mark new low   create final vessels   collect pneumatic emissions   correct identified error   consider low rates   change packing owners   provide available data   define relevant pollution   require traditional log   perform monitoring surveys   address granted items   store believe pictures   contain bypass devices   identify regulatory changes   use enforcement authorities   use chromatographic procedure   place climate system   provide compelling reason   propose reporting requirements   concern establish authority   propose language response   cover natural gas   use mean ch4   maintain important components   reconsider defer decision   include various segments   maintain monitoring equipment   process produced gas   use same contractors   analyze emission contribution   mention system emissions   submit initial report   measure sensitive manometer   place undue burden   reflect generation effectiveness   oppose alleging monitoring   impose obtain requirement   reinject recovered liquids   discover drafting errors   see growing push   boost processing plants   naphtha oils oils   demonstrate facility facility   allow compliance period   require corporate plan   asses new site   include believes requirements   reflect minor corrections   defer address topics   reduce tons tons   measure flow rate   perform based shifting   vacate implemented regulations   reinject recovered gas   use other analyzer   make new finding   lay address plan   rulemake revisit intent   endanger occurring states   finalize same provisions   demonstrate connect infeasibility   benefit air agencies   cover regulating segments   perform ambient conditions   control defined emissions   establish control option   use sampling time   verify records repairs   limit listed category   operate device model   provide caused failures   identify production levels   fail visible test   submit periodic results   trigger audible alarm   endanger public health   monitor recognizing components   operate parameter value   alert authorized one   define energy actions   feed recent increases   use model average   prohibit beneficial use   execute revision authority   extend compliance period   label bag information   evaluate environmental effects   repair identified source   update public hearings   refine monitoring requirements   utilize same contractors   limit emission reductions   revise part provisions   establish permit process   use imaging ogi   avoid issues notice   round cost estimates   produce consistent program   use integrated models   show associated benefits   make emit potential   show positive drift   perform performance test   introduce vent stream   conduct periodic tests   reflect effectiveness strategies   yield consistent program   meet performance specification   develop require program   revise cost analysis   include large sources   rout pneumatic pump   match promulgated language   describe observation path   review agree comments   adopt constituent gas   maintain achieve records   support rational basis   submit required notification   subject professional engineer   compromise essential infrastructure   find source category   assess new expenditures   include affected emissions   meet additional requirements   include pit flare   perform based task   use instrument range   establish outlet temperature   regulate source types   include performed date   maintain ongoing dialogue   enter flow line   fail compliance period   revise final text   analyze gas sample   change assessment report   maintain required records   express continue intent   use alternative 70bbl   rulemake see memorandum   operate affected facility   provide following certification   identify continuing requirements   use test procedures   streamline permitting process   include discussed incorporation   review recent assessments   operate packing rod   establish initial groundwork   include completions pumps   bring process unit   mean storage vessel   support proposed revision   enter storage vessel   include specified information   use electronic system   address considered scenarios   use transfer act   control function point   ensure maintenance operation   list new category   include stationary source   evaluate source emissions   note completions pumps   rulemake favorable review   establish standards amendments   include large plants   resurvey emissions components   include transport combustion   monitor picture emissions   remove phrase treatment   take proposed standards   resurvey repaired component   use gas imaging   investigate key criteria   use designed flare   develop piping diagram   read affect decision   voice regarding opinions   describe specific impacts   revise rate limit   calibrate detection instrument   abandon production composting   maintain specified log   develop tribal statement   save air agencies   evince regulate intent   allow maintain facilities   require low production   avoid finalize possibility   provide userfriendly interface   meet take requirement   formulate cost standard   write proposed rule   comply including 7   conduct initial test   control pump emissions   finalize compliance period   alternate examined options   capture recovered gas   pay direct costs   place water pollution   modify existing equation   improve existing nsps   need submitted information   replace monitoring schedule   recommend based metric   receive identifying comments   meet including requirements   design closed system   include wide range   ozone generated ozone   use low scenario   measure total e   conduct same survey   use same gases   indicate continuous ignition   include petroleum category   reduce ozone concentrations   implement equipment leaks   encompass hazardous boilers   contribute small amount   conduct initial inspection   finalize alarm requirements   provide ensure way   find encourage leak   reflect compliance strategies   promote optional mechanism   retain report requirement   onshore liquefied equipment   adopt reasonable interpretation
Measures:   specific points   alternative procedures   appropriate exemptions   publish literature   emission definition   maintenance approach   reliable route   repair instructions   pneumatic e   original date   particular system   rod packing   tag requirement   completion operation   ozonerelated health   ambient air   maximum rate   methane strategy   long tons   frequent schedule   robust evidence   consistent facilities   rational analysis   increase asthma   organic emissions   second nsps   several aspects   annualize engineering   food availability   rate limit   system effects   outlet concentration   follow guidelines   near impacts   direct benefits   increase drop   present address   full year   new amendments   bolt flange   substantial increases   entire test   sample line   base procedures   subject vessels   mill nsps   affect locations   arctic ice   few reductions   imbed latitude   incomplete treatment   marginal changes   air pollution   single site   minimum accuracy   professional design   permanent color   cost analysis   control practices   onshore production   qualify engineers   different approach   wide range   level capacity   low flow   estimate cost   entire industry   fast response   monthly requirements   residence time   remote areas   applicable date   increase needs   particular entity   stainless canister   geospatial accuracy   significant sources   new tanks   long terms   fugitive frequency   significant emissions   fracture well   monthly tests   fracture fluids   mean increase   new jobs   digital reporting   individual reports   modify vessel   dominant precursor   previous reports   exist site   design documents   slight modification   new generating   conjunctivitis nca3   level temperatures   innovative technology   monetize value   domestic ghg   impend collection   phasein approach   monitor frequency   statutory authorities   urban areas   health benefits   claim exemption   exist sources   regular replacement   spirit oils   general support   average plant   substantial shifts   unquantified benefits   produce wells   mobile combustion   reservoir pressure   far opportunity   available information   more costs   maximum parameter   fast emissions   wet compressor   various levels   maximum speed   average factor   important goal   similar conclusions   separate vendors   future action   routine requirements   total influence   climatic data   alternative proposal   similar devices   operational standards   intermittent use   emission 605415a   regulatory analysis   require information   routine tests   well sites   multiple ways   monitor value   associate emissions   modify pump   need equipment   important considerations   requisite endangerment   air systems   applicable exemptions   develop templates   reasonable estimate   performancebased frequency   rate c   total cost   response factor   subject facility   low production   regulatory language   update estimates   fix mobile   federalism implications   emission reduction   monthly monitoring   white commenters   potential sources   consistent calls   tutwiler burette   regulatory text   domestic emissions   low benefits   federal mandate   total toc   language response   reasonable interpretation   fuel oils   compliance procedures   present personnel   new system   grow industry   necessary period   method 25a   contaminate flow   negative systems   nonregenerable system   sample systems   humanitarian trade   approve plan   reduction requirements   direct impacts   own states   relevant sections   completion emissions   control equipment   significant reductions   estimate rate   caa section   oxidize methane   american system   high risk   water quality   minor changes   high peak   environmental stakeholders   les burden   similar metric   major thresholds   form templates   impend increase   term expenditure   general background   open g   improve compliance   detail documentation   insufficient justification   plant so2   emit operations   emission rates   quality gas   performancebased owners   alaskan communities   subsequent recovery   multiple attempts   clear solution   additional information   electric units   successive amounts   national system   subject number   daily temperature   similar provisions   blank determination   control device   similar language   standardize reporting   retroactive requirement   specific flexibility   indian tribes   standard feet   fluid movement   applicability requirements   such time   organic air   propose rules   sale levels   original goal   fossilbased emissions   pollen season   dominant cause   exist well   cost quotes   key emission   present value   predict pressure   annual surveys   reasonable assurance   small sources   facility advances   acid rate   industrial press   additional data   freeze point   major sources   new reports   effectiveness comment   natural radiative   routine maintenance   naaqs pollutants   major plants   heighten requirements   new processes   intentional venting   high level   full schematic   such preference   several districts   thc hydrocarbons   doublebonded compound   original subpart   gasvapor service   extensible language   cfr parts   vent system   significant obligations   appropriate threshold   sufficient content   well completion   additional sectors   climaterelated changes   thin paste   legal basis   far definition   relevant consequences   past years   several comments   line pit   separate pollutant   free gas   unique characteristics   affect status   electronic database   regional administrators   regulatory cost   year gwp   equivalent sector   complex scheme   electricallypowered pumps   initial testing   functional limitation   regulatory burden   original proposal   reciprocate compressor   great plains   new wells   rate owners   crude prices   immediate danger   subpart vva   fugitive programs   liquid levels   global level   new program   empty ii   audible alarm   significant labor   few days   monthly inspection   total contribution   small firms   nearterm impacts   system malfunctions   environmental obstructions   delivery pressure   similar products   wet compressors   more data   several limits   follow segments   path terminology   organic concentration   companydefined area   digital government   initial promulgation   monitor parameter   survey frequency   specific technologies   average reduction   estimate engineering   respiratory diseases   datum point   unintentional venting   federal authority   exist tanks   more analysis   relative value   drill activities   production levels   evacuate canister   propose revision   traditional sources   benefit estimates   paragraph f4   same facts   recover gas   infeasibility exemption   underlie infrastructure   userfriendly interface   consistent format   visible emissions   efficiency concern   total e   certain components   assessment models   extreme conditions   such revisions   dissolve gas   geographic area   public health   thc record   certain applications   special report   wet seal   far issues   psd requirements   maintenance program   such control   pack maintenancereplacement   certain sources   environmental conditions   appropriate methodology   late date   last years   innovation competitiveness   integrate procedures   tropospheric vapor   such objection   rigorous levels   improve outcomes   high concentrations   potential applicability   hydraulic refracturing   roll reduction   successful technique   effective controls   significant concerns   detail forecasts   faint color   half propane   available science   metropolitan areas   low gas   applicable regulations   new pump   previous determination   operate parameters   such removal   individual facilities   same provisions   federal implementation   wellhead prices   claim exception   food prices   unload events   follow information   prove technique   first minutes   leak components   entity guide   gwp values   high elevation   particular methane   economic conditions   reduction standard   unregulated sources   community calls   diligent application   list categories   relate actions   flow rate   far development   arithmetic mean   appreciable difference   professional oversight   local governments   naval forces   voc requirements   preliminary views   tribal leaders   hydraulic fracturing   average throughput   health concerns   visible results   small points   horizontal wells   high emission   thermal background   complete application   low claims   complete temperature   public days   affect activities   annual requirements   leveling bulb   specific set   new nsps   initial flowback   equivalent system   similar phrasing   recent increases   monitor device   subject application   emission standards   interim approach   few years   similar amendments   paragraph d9iv   last calibration   local communities   clear direction   close inspections   propose ppmv   compound effect   applicable l   cylinder charts   certain areas   proper control   economic competitiveness   propose action   outdoor workers   same substance   onshore site   subject production   broad category   paragraph c7ia   control options   spare equipment   professional engineers   level value   exist trol   exist nsps   limiteduse pumps   future changes   onshore plant   important factor   require reductions   compliance assurance   consecutive periods   monitor repair   lowincome minority   necessary pressure   subsequent amendments   indigenous populations   prior conditions   agricultural property   continuouslymanned locations   multiple collection   equal level   difficult tomonitor   proper volume   leak component   continuous parts   well controllers   social costs   appropriate minimis   achievable degree   feed rate   low rate   significant ser   canister valve   hourly average   pneumatic facilities   port hatches   various regulations   previous estimates   same reasons   operate reporting   high proportion   modern conditions   regulatory options   liquid gases   such well   reasonable commenters   amend language   technical document   average rate   support information   observation path   elevate rates   discrete sources   report comment   localize nature   graphic presentation   define path   low temperatures   small response   global gas   supply distribution   specific area   subject pollutants   high volume   obstructive disease   control measures   internal pressure   timely submission   primary pollutants   compliance guide   require recordkeeping   more level   digital age   past rise   facility e   draft errors   overall capacity   identify endangerment   regulatory flexibility   kraft nsps   visible l   tribal consultation   site discussion   periodic surveys   large volume   bad impacts   initial period   sample site   humanitarian aid   entire station   measure values   minor sources   such assessment   well standards   carbonyl sulfide   special point   paragraph d6ia   whole transmission   numerous requirements   regulate reporting   15minute observations   reduce emission   sustainable levels   recordkeep systems   national standards   small number   block average   compliance obligations   standard setting   purchase fuel   oil production   indigenous peoples   gaseous fuels   applicability level   moderate risk   annual increase   datum analysis   applicable sitemap   nearby wells   compliancerelated records   minimum criteria   require survey   air travel   nepisepagovadobepdf order   new emissions   primary emissions   initial commenters   unique challenges   previous analyses   interim requirements   similar approaches   judicial review   potent ghg   technical specification   ldar requirements   large emitters   grow concern   great rate   small amount   sonic flares   public benefits   competitive impact   vent losses   allergic rhinitis   sample valve   particular concerns   far tanks   5th report   equivalent reduction   great horsepower   distinct stages   regulatory affairs   key precursors   form standardization   onshore facilities   multiple threats   cooperative engagement   reciprocate collection   most types   applicable provisions   intense hurricanes   ga rates   open f   next report   station capacity   ghgrelated requirements   flowback fluid   geographic region   continuous control   complete response   certify survey   comparable rate   pneumatic emissions   increase costs   significant flexibility   extra requirements   ghgrelated rulemakings   strip charts   likely emissions   health conditions   northern hemisphere   potential standards   consistent approach   subject pollutant   uncontrolled vessels   final removal   individual gas   subpart facility   professional engineer   similar requirements   actual pressure   cost savings   affect information   collection activities   exist sites   viii frequency   instrument readings   electronic form   pneumatic con   quantify benefits   report errors   operate hours   future provision   major categories   environmental justice   final definition   climate commitments   so2 standards   party audits   rapid expansion   direct comparison   follow provisions   boe barrels   adequate time   graphic presentations   professional model   considerable time   recognize tribes   pack columns   impact analysis   threshold level   detail diagrams   maximum throughput   monitor plans   additional protection   anticipate impacts   combustion devices   standard amendments   adjacent site   intend action   available materials   co2 estimates   average cost   available data   modify controller   develop plan   rule imports   several acronyms   unsuccessful attempts   section iiia   size limitation   standardize format   image equipment   digital pictures   manual processes   qualify requirements   low pressure   similar sites   voc emission   premature death   electronic storage   geopolitical hotspots   original decision   parameter system   fixedfrequency monitoring   sideby comparison   certain processes   control option   net benefit   recover liquids   revise analysis   equivalent boe   assume prices   relevant inspection   third party   wind speed   vva level   test results   fluid gas   pressureassisted flare   ga recovery   continuous controller   additional concerns   recent research   well plant   pollutant ghgs   extreme drought   recent years   regular interval   infeasibility assessment   approve alternative   net impacts   broad background   significant psd   qualitative assessment   subsequent removal   detectable procedure   highlight reductions   operational hurdles   nonco2 emissions   production rate   strong response   change section   appropriate address   final plan   first test   meter readout   system emissions   train personnel   emit sources   scientific inquiry   stopper glass   concentration value   compliant operation   facsimile number   important impacts   comprehensive strategy   low scenario   initial monitoring   condenser efficiency   necessary information   increase pressure   pneumatic controller   improper design   hazardous pollutants   sensitive manometer   measure concentration   discount rate   separate office   electric pumps   reasonable specificity   small panel   propose regulation   minimum efficiency   hazardous boiler   reduce access   revise a1ii   specific criteria   compliance activities   several components   wide web   corporatewide plans   pictorial documentation   express criteria   associate instrument   centrifugal compressor   detail calculations   infeasibility exception   ogi technology   low controllers   long tondscf   additional reductions   initial verification   write plan   ghg limitations   geographic region89   low rates   final operators   monitor practices   liquid collection   regional characteristics   emission commenters   spend canisters   require efficiencies   social services   specific method   vertical wells   health effects   methane limitations   soap spray   costeffective commenters   more year   mas rate   scfh systems   nttaa transfer   necessary equipment   additionallyregulated sources   alphabetical order   engineer certification   individual tagging   spin-dry kilograms   observe trend   food photosynthesis   2012 nsps   reliable source   interim period   different approaches   annual monitoring   daily check   minor increases   annual status   certain vessels   considerable amount   individual compound   cost effectiveness   combustion device   same function   specific topics   inconsistent emissions   voluntary standards   percent reduction   potential effects   applicable determination   natural engines   new capacity   small fraction   control costs   singlepollutant approach   simultaneous reductions   compositional analysis   relate sources   estimate effects   install controller   certain operations   increase risks   national climate   nonlow production   general benefits   fracture pumps   notification recordkeeping   net benefits   high days   coral ecosystems   exit device   final standards   far credence   negative impact   exhaust gas   close regions   endangerment findings   gasket material   know carcinogen   different subparts   monitor plan   tribal interest   quarterly periods   increase deaths   initial compliance   specific examples   flow indicator   serious implications   system requirements   far section   fracture wells   relevant pollution   consistent gases   companydefined areas   monetary value   primary fuel   publish studies   foia request   well costs   environmental outcomes   les warming   control requirement   geographic dispersion   particular class   analysis frfa   onshore gathering   final outreach   design requirements   recycle vessels   multiple enclosures   low points   associate issues   general counsel   physical impacts   initial category   military bases   enclose units   subsequent review   such portions   second docket   intermittent nature   work capacity   new categories   several arguments   unacceptable operation   relative emissions   regenerable system   operate throughput   more t   additional recovery   limit use   major contributor   15minute period   operation information   professional certification   accumulation rate   fugitive equipment   boil point   observe warming   such comments   lean pump   causal role   specific way   acid gas   intermediate liquids   applicable standard   model plant   pressure gas   streamline review   total sulfur   separate sources   raw mate   intermittent activities   final provisions   detail diagram   dangerous conclusion   retrospective reviews   final pumps   rule standards   proper design   equal section   compressor station   near office   discrete category   single approach   monitor frequencies   small flow   additional progress   relevant requirements   bureaucratic scheme   monitor equipment   local authority   adverse conditions   crack seals   new language   outdate factors   specific components   exist compressors   monetize benefits   acquisition system   8year review   centrifugal pumps   representative volumes   set number   sbar panel   reliable flame   good outcomes   separator tanks   heavy precipitation   disproportionate effect   executive order   test exemptions   professional requirements   pilot flame   federal standards   hisher license   current warming   sufficient analysis   different technique   increase recordkeeping   electronic records   vent emissions   exist standards   several state   certain requirement   leak interface   combustionrelated emissions   instrument air   minimum value   available process   maximum distance   new construction   energy production   impact adaptation   emission totals   simple diagram   write record   essential element   offshore facilities   continuous compliance   type emissions   additional notification   base processes   correction factor   global values   many instances   industrial sectors   particular concern   generation strategies   program c   acceptable alternative   predetermine time   unknown probability   potential importance   allergic diseases   considerable data   exist systems   image requirements   volumetric flask   continuous recorder   publish estimates   initial efficiency   new definition   companyowned equipment   revise paragraphs   long periods   continual requirements   monthly calls   same comments   professional certifications   high temperatures   propose delay   bact requirement   non pollutants   short tons   pack emissions   inevitable melting   introductory text   different estimates   full consideration   future impacts   emission test   social stress   shortterm exposures   leakrate threshold   offsite distribution   psd permit   more explanation   water tanks   equivalent sulfur   multiple components   anthropogenic sources   slight declines   initial listing   first device   original purposes   annualize estimates   negative drift   current generations   construct components   reciprocate compressors   strong support   test provisions   social health   new device   repair logs   important step   reapprove method   list category   report system   recent rules   ooooa standards   combustion composting   actual rate   critical element   regulate entities   current evidence   well completions   relate disorders   affect controllers   recognize governments   datum points   significant number   next station   national demand   effort methane   uncontrolled emissions   arithmetic difference   illustrative analysis   verbal testimony   equivalent diameters   meaningful involvement   exist disparities   give facility   low emissions   tropospheric ozone   preamble section   regulatory standards   large uncertainties   current concentrations   important contributor   false information   original factor   reciprocate packing   regulatory agencies   underlie subparts   reliable indicator   global background   far information   livelihood reductions   pursuant categories   rate estimates   sector policies   economic climate   bleed controller   gasvapor devices   consecutive quarters   final ash   global context   simple way   emit plants   cost information   refractured gas   unfunded mandates   private entities   next decades   continuous systems   final rules   fugitive requirements   limit application   large clients   accurate assessment   small disbenefit   calibration gases   route emissions   initial activities   verification system   potential approach   low incomes   onshore equipment   emission changes   continuous route   bill code   paragraph d5ia   great compliance   new low   federal requirements   general effects   semiannual surveys   comment letter   tribal officials   numerous items   promulgate language   adequate background   spend carbon   hospital admissions   public docket   reconsideration amendments   substantial amounts   pressure drop   term option   ga commenters   les liquids   critical thresholds   capacity burette   ancillary equipment   stream number   cubic meters   follow exceptions   percent destruction   applicable procedure   co2 eq   letter items   measurable benefits   glycol pumps   overall revenue   rapid actuation   many hfcs   automate equipment   completion requirements   exist requirements   major point   far revisions   month temperature   accurate profile   aerial photograph   loose associations   own compliance   positive actuation   primary fuels   same types   instrument systems   cubic foot   catchall provision   soap solution   industry agencies   potential implications   new collection   extreme weather   605415ab2 c   see document   continuous monitors   markup language   discrete plants   recent decades   increase flow   back pressure   specific rulemakings   consistent benefits   hazardous pollutant   new source   small companies   delegate agency   current nsps   future warming   glassstoppered cylinder   applicable standards   additional details   ooooa requirements   wellhead pressure   dynamic nature   natural sources   program contact   general duty   natural gasolines   spin-dry subtropics   liquid materials   sufficient gas   impact assessments   exist station   mean ice   efficient combustion   far contact   simplify entry   requirement option   great percent   well equation   various parts   upload feature   environmental risks   datum values   additional burdens   statutory background   emission determination   annual revenue   cold mortality   revise pressure   observe method   bag sample   ghg standards   such modifications   global emissions   new tools   dscmday dscfday   test demonstration   psd permits   oil oils   national government   initial requirements   associate rates   particular types   epaapproved title   warm years   public impacts   revision authority   increase pollution   follow changes   continuous barrier   test procedures   new sources   fugitive source   store density   enhance network   ratebased standard   final impacts   propose standards   shortlive forcer   analytic improvement   onsite b   environmental impact   independent verification   methanerelated benefits   monetize benefitsperton   openended lines   hydrocarbon products   past decrees   ga gradient   recent estimates   integrate forcing   own programs   clean agencies   traditional protocol   child people   smart automation   associate ductwork   loose connections   affect sites   modern approaches   consistent office   due entities   rate qsd   general segments   associate control   high value   emerge technology   climate threshold   separate gas   necessary capability   subset controllers   rule results   compel reason   new tests   available device   new limit   salable quality   casebycase analysis   empirical basis   more times   detectable methods   relative period   far wells   indian country   substantial effects   individual ghgs   additional findings   additional pollutant   initial control   inspection reports   completion standards   electronic requirements   vertical well   metric tons   alternative method   rulemake permitting   detail findings   digital camera   global ghg   single diaphragm   ongoing changes   civil proceedings   availability costs   preamble language   propose changes   such specification   welfare safety   second instance   upcoming information   statutory authority   traditional hunting   current data   domestic comparison   15minute intervals   specific conditions   hydrogen sulfide   proposal assumptions   integrate sample   operate device   costeffective measures   background concentrations   main analysis   605499a table   uncontrolled rate   performance results   adverse welfare   same survey   first set   visual observation   spin-dry seals   previous replacement   remote location   seal system   responsible regulation   effective technologies   low equipment   ambient analyzers   action plan   initial exemption   traditional livelihoods   additional estimates   pursuant technology   clear path   specific requirements   infrared practices   various segments   regulatory regime   similar system   low determination   cost standard   implementation plan   equivalent so2   little increase   estimate benefits   most diseases   great emissions   different companies   detail discussion   independent reviewer   available ghgrp   paperbased processes   reciprocate rod   15minute interval   administrative burden   sectorlevel emissions   necessary writing   mas content   such vessels   monitor program   close systems   great impact   certify personnel   startup period   follow provision   replacement commenters   national program   verification protocols   new category   continue operation   lockandkey configuration   move parts   operational requirements   fugitive component   modele damages   human health   well pads   same call   conditionbased provision   vigorous enforcement   consecutive surveys   prescribe rate   first days   subject wellheads   emission path   sample schedule   centrifugal compressors   weather conditions   potential interface   certain issues   fidbased instrument   unscheduled vent   integrate models   such revision   exempt units   survey d   unique nature   modify collection   national standard   process unit   well use   certain equipment   continuous operation   natural gases   fugitive reductions   program requirements   subsequent reports   diverse nature   expose locations   device valve   first year   tag requirements   global increase   extensive administration   solar pumps   human carcinogen   public access   hourly time   negative outcomes   minor impacts   bad problems   centrifugal emissions   annual inspections   mental effects   total hydrocarbons   many years   equivalent rates   necessary revisions   federal regulations   applicable section   more m   leak gas   semiannual frequency   fifth report   global climate   connection systems   great confidence   frequent proximity   same counts   few components   environmental data   ogi training   anthropogenic sectors   most risk   first years   prescribe requirements   direct regulation   exact probabilities   clear applicability   sudden increase   ecological impacts   high pressure   les impact   next generation   quarterly frequency   credible estimates   caarequired reviews   produce formations   additional types   coastal erosion   natural plants   current requirements   general notification   condensate range   dilute solutions   fracture completions   modify equation   require elements   continuous device   cardiac impacts   additional devices   reason choice   25a results   economic e   emission stream   enclose combustors   volumetric flows   final options   federal state   clarify requirements   alaskan slope   bulk upload   nonmonetized benefits   notable events   schematic diagram   ghg impacts   additional impacts   great benefit   equivalent upstream   reasonable reporting   audible requirements   datum sources   sufficient information   climate plan   onshore segment   emission sources   equal reductions   well size   lightduty vehicle   excess procedures   electronic media   affect units   modify plants   arithmetic average   well separators   certain material   plan requirements   permit requirements   h2s concentration   future efforts   important limitations   visible b   compliance audits   consistent requirements   robust data   certain systems   modele approach   monitor instrument   specific categories   fortworthtexasgovgaswellsdefaultaspxid87074 documentation   demonstrate technology   original determination   require certification   previous years   increase use   paragraph d7ic   flowback gas   outlet temperature   annual reports   observation review   technical issues   same section   more precipitation   past comments   key components   flow line   additional compressor   pressure losses   more detail   nsps requirements   next strategies   otherwise sources   reduce sulfur   such times   current emissions   positive drift   specific actions   certain activities   percent rate   report requirements   due flares   particular pressure   impossible surveys   electronic submissions   global total   substantial evidence   regulatory compliance   sample containers   mandatory part   large site   first edition   consistent facility   compressor capacity   additional rates   traditional device   identification tags   potential need   enough time   advance notification   similar threshold   performance evaluation   specific matter   initial inspection   regulate industry   list revision   enforcement authorities   regulatory review   explanatory comments   fair review   corporate structures   modify well   level indicators   require assurance   new vessel   great certainty   several events   normal maintenance   specific form   license engineers   reference approaches   rate s   technical t   abrupt impact   multipollutant effectiveness   equation equation   various subparts   detectable emissions   degas system   such contribution   follow reporting   relevant information   different regions   final report   previous year   economic damages   appropriate form   ongoing dialogue   specify reports   incomplete way   poor maintenance   common practice   human mortality   same picture   initial test   significant burden   propose exclusion   traditional programs   bypass devices   unsafe end   flowback materials   give gas   understand thresholds   average concentration   current standards   rate installation   general techniques   atmospheric life   extreme poverty   emission procedure   conditionbased maintenance   deep rise   available reviews   certain types   section iiie   respiratory illnesses   encompass gathering   blowdown vent   supplementary information   negative pressure   piston pumps   building structures   flowback route   tribal stakeholders   capture emissions   suppress equipment   resultant emissions   reduce completion   prompt repairs   stringent option   good practices   acute admissions   executive purpose   necessary maintenance   cubic feetsecond   numerical limit   process transmission   modify units   meaningful opportunities   interrelate segments   combust streams   same area   light service   low fr   ga installation   scientific issues   affect sources   irreversible impact   same regime   impact report   locate batteries   cost impacts   new records   rise level   decadal time   considerable discretion   actual text   federal register   ozone concentrations   repair threshold   regulatory terms   presume regulation   uniform temperature   end valves   survey contractors   such controller   future emissions   standard analysis   propose requirements   many areas   draft papers   initial report   fossilbased methane   onsite route   specific standards   atmospheric lifetime   many compressors   practicable methodology   digital requirements   tribal law   pressureassisted flares   tribal lands   identifiable criteria   same personnel   available order   regulate entity   nationwide costs   severe increases   traditional flares   such strategies   available alternatives   annual cost   incremental changes   substantial emissions   certify official   sump pumps   continuous ignition   individual segments   demonstrate reduction   initial value   crude pipeline   define source   substantive data   wide dispersion   shortterm shortage   substantial risk   estimate impact   destruction efficiency   ongoing pressures   cover gas   performance criteria   impartiality response   unsafe tomonitor   modify sources   new regulation   initial values   more industries   good thinking   ga sample   such determination   many offices   operate procedures   available pressure   affect facilities   total inventory   sulfur density   point location   traditional surveys   detail information   significant quantities   final amendments   reference documents   inspect personnel   public review   centrifugal controllers   recordkeep requirements   average percentile   additional teleconferences   pneumatic commenters   well combination   monitor requirements   digital file   environmental protection   purchase power   consistent manner   level rise   air emissions   industrial sector   molecular weight   consistent emissions   available impacts   total capacity   direct reductions   abrupt report   precise information   regulatory analyses   original source   propose plan   well operation   secondary disbenefits   minimum procedures   average assumptions   incinerator zone   available options   describe events   national emissions   important context   low revenue   commenters concerns   above site   last year   maximum value   accept methodology   far explanation   affect emissions   light valves   scale analysis   multiple assessments   general public   small entity   operate permit   several months   pursuant oil   similar emissions   affect entities   write statement   same set   flowback period   meaningful input   certain topics   wet seals   know fields   technical data   propose rulemaking   standard method   interest communities   viable option   horizontal drilling   quarterly b   integrate assessment   close requirements   steady flow   propose rulemaking1   storage vessel   new installations   instantaneous sample   specific recordkeeping   good data   applicable substance   potential infeasibility   cite time   fugitive t   specific direction   emission components   spin-dry compressors   average s   key contributor   constructive recommendations   individual readings   initial flow   initial tests   initial requirement   exist devices   fluid prediction   nondestructive control   calendar year   time number   ozone pollution   actual volumes   industrial source   serious risk   entire countries   capital expenditures   unclear language   continue interest   chromatography procedures   total benefits   well content   exempt vessels   high end   general matter   particular pollutants   immediate mitigation   central repository   final rulemaking   total table   large plants   total c   audit procedures   pit flare   individual piece   historical temperatures   pressurize mode   flowback equipment   solicit comment   good understanding   average qa   good practice   outside access   appropriate factors   small governments   impermeable barrier   common gases   follow equations   require components   gwp range   periodic requirements   traditional devices   stratospheric water   pneumatic provisions   sufficient details   completion costs   organic pollutants   liquefy unit   prior actions   certain standards   break caps   economic impacts   particular subparts   electronic data   bypass device   les certainty   physical property   security needs   absolute emissions   small entities   complex casebycase   similar equipment   many sites   normal conditions   socioeconomic scenarios   potential respondents   thc data   level ozone   seal position   compressor rod   technical assessment   spectral range   infrared radiation   datum capture   subpart level   specific needs   current regulations   cubic meter   ga safety   silonitecoated canister   sufficient time   regulatory actions   final action   ogi contractors   premature mortality   present emissions   wet systems   adverse effect   grow push   various ways   tailore rule97   multipollutant approach   early maintenance   rule report   schedule preference   standard results   percent efficiency   same pollutant   associate segments   flare tips   finalize regulation   same time   source category   nationwide data   low certification   give category   usgcrp nca3   minimum time   visibility factor   total concentration   additional energy   flexible rings   significant actions   global averages   state requirement   initial survey   fifth assessment   initial groundwork   require periods   regulatory planning   sepa rator   corporatewide plan   loss days   federal sector   current climate   exist facility   serial number   power pumps   storage vessels   compliance strategies   necessary response   professional assessment   long period   secondary impact   connect burette   plain language   pneumatic devices   only plants   well collection   far discussion94   source categories   previous amendments   weight mechanism   rigorous review   operational standard   well site   overall expenditures   reasonable sections   specific region89   imminent danger   scientific information   sector compressors   technical requirements   acceptable technology   applicable accuracy   same date   initial injections   define category   performance demonstration   climate policy   similar approach   pursuant production   hightide level   certain criteria   hydrocarbon liquids   recent trends   initial notifications   ongoing procedures   optical gas   low income   harmful effects   public hearings   equivalent response   structure process   appropriate amount   white papers   numerous meetings   public comment   extract oil   insufficient information   specific completions   large part   small volume   particular emissions   pneumatic controllers   thc sampling   reduce concentration   monthly observations   initial rates   flowback stage   discretion section   stationary sources   little gas   public reporting   sulfur rate   zone temperature   direct gas   major status   long timeframe   thirdparty verifiers   adaptation srex   administrative reconsideration   require reduction   total determination   past lessons   functional needs   great reductions   know value   premature maintenancereplacement   propose frequency   sufficient guarantees   effectiveness strategies   propose disposal   cardiovascular morbidity   most regions   several types   manual soundings   only methane   specific nomenclature   traditional log   reduce supplies   old people   vary rates   subject facilities   changeinduced warming   performance level   fix rate   standalone analysis   functional packing   quarterly emissions   implementation improvements   modify compressors   challenge issues   certain actions   permit rules   scientific assessments   significant deterioration   measurement audits   potential impacts   low level   small operators   public welfare   important components   degas systems   applicable parameter   emission component   large areas   limit pumps   infectious illnesses   rich glycol   useful duration   toc concentration   construction modification   conditionbased rod   similar year   follow certification   peer review   whole process   rubber tubing   independent party   action criteria   infectious change   component counts   quarterly period   such effort   regular interactions   performance report   potential cobenefit   visible test   emission estimates   average size   antarctic ice   exist device   valuable information   unique identifier   vent stream   engineer assessment   low concentration   effective date   electronic tool   report information   great potential   final emission   short supply   waste incinerator   artificial lift   wide variety   continuous flame   rate ser   potential interaction   several teleconferences   particular sources   equipment leaks   small commenters   low ghg   third verification   manual methods   complete absence   olfactory inspections   untenable hurdle   previous reading   joint seam   meaningful reductions   equal emissions   fugitive emissions   regulatory strategies   manmade emissions   project impacts   exist one   many factors   far adjustments   several sources   low wells   global systems   propose nsps   final summary   repair components   latitude output   specify methods   standard meters   average value   same degree   such sources   final determination   fix frequency   specific region   high velocities   significant impacts   high hydrocarbons   reservoir gas   remote alarm   direct costs   equivalent methane   additional gas   fugitive program   reservoir pressures   rtc document   test clarification   monitor surveys   new employees   phasein period   air agencies   practice standards   give year   quick buildup   facility d   wet basis   confidential information   fugitive emission   continuous monitoring   several states   paragraph d11ia   pneumatic compressors   compressor stations   lean gases   distillate fuel   additional pollutant63   rec equipment   scientific evidence   exist controller   different products   overall reduction   see sections   critical infrastructure   such demonstration   adverse impacts   single site88   sample information   above criteria   clear criteria   onsite source   strong dependence   annual allowance   regulate definition   applicable source   separate listing   more discussion   well tieins   initial systems   intergovernmental relations   favorable review   system repairs   scale recycling   applicable manufacturer   ghg provisions   survey surveys   lean pumps   physical change   intercontinental impacts   114a1a g   climaterelated effects   ga prices   malfunction repairs   significant action   spin-dry seal   same requirements   ultraviolet analysis   alternative program   subject term   ffff table   quarterly observations   initial timeframe   ghg emissions   next schedule   various factors   affect level   average costs   brown glass   pneumatic requirements   organic compounds   run air   minimis threshold   centrifugal system   estimate range   well ties   portable analyzers   initial inspections   electronic file   common types   anyway source   use media   effluent gas   qualify certification   monitor schedule   americansalaska natives   regulatory changes   daily average   periodic results   gaseous fuel   require design   average results   previous test   above equation   cubic feet   functional pumps   regulatory requirement   chromatographic procedure   net imports   present day   multipollutant controls   centralize batteries   additional clarity   side comparison   geologic strata   great sensitivity   central relevance   single report   well facility   natural pumps   independent laboratory   single file   similar components   annual repair   require data   immediate repair   paragraph d1iv   valid system   different pollutant   machine cups   certain units   paragraph g1   optional mechanism   minimum frequency   unprecedented changes   alternative text   same equipment   performance methods   last replacement   affect facility   second option   mmt eq   thorough discussion   critical decision   estimate emissions   low way   excess reports   periodic reviews   maximum wind   meaningful impact   future fr   pump requirements   unprecedented levels   similar provision   visible clarification   infrared analysis   weld joint   collection system   select approach   decrease threats   modele estimates   minimum efficiencies   thermal vapor   effective fr   additional days   interconnect chambers   detail wells   oil wells   digital photograph   compliance costs   endanger component   well compressors   thermal treatment   demonstrate techniques   improve reporting   nonco2 estimates   metric ton   such category   central office   technical exemption   welldesigned rules   applicable c   regulatory authority   invalidate application   cost estimates   gasketed lid   resultant data   respiratory effects   remote facilities   liquid service   methane benefits   social benefits   emission impacts   additional requirements   major assessments   dual carbon   continue obligations   dioxide content   successful repair   same stack   separate limits   fire rate   exist control   specific definition   global scale   increase throughput   detail plan   energy actions   oxygen concentration   exist information   annual outlook   visible landmarks   organic compound   final device   gor determination   certain amendments   significant time   true depth   large source   fund response   significant comments   far consideration   4th report   boil stir   such comment   spin-dry parts   traditional approach   private section   condenser curve   datum entry   ogi instrument   tropical rainforests   continuous equipment   annual burden   same exemption   equivalent basis   extensive provisions   monitor technologies   federal plan   possible extent   semiannual reports   maintenance provision   facility information   certain conditions   fugitive leaks   subsequent steps   certain range   pump emissions   high point   new owners   emission control   walk requirement   individual component   statutory definition   view distance   well shutdown   source determination   warm year   lowbleed controllers   distinct actions   compliance problems   operate controls   careless operation   bypass valve   monthly temperatures   accurate indicator   due date   small businesses   several issues   valid number   proper sizing   relevant factors   reserve table   repair component   same review   sample sites   ga flow   new ooooa   parameter systems   minimum rate   global benefits   central location   various areas   associate equipment   record low   far modifications   monitor instruments   pack leakage   reduction efficiency   give control   technological system   conditionbased approach   various types   onsite separator   emit plant   current trends   source emissions   close line   electronic copy   high health   co2 methodology   compress air   time safety   local state   require timeframe   fresh solution   necessary tasks   ga price   ambient levels   local office   increase visits   unlimited authority   standard solution   substantial costs   relative provisions   executive summary   recent replacement   schedule shutdown   single controller   contact information   national center   financial burden   relative forcing   follow sources   assist flares   additional language   continuous readings   next compliance   atmospheric mix   rational basis   walk path   national assoc   emission contribution   predict activities   final ooooa   new compressor   separate tips   gaseous standards   high latitude   equal capacity   regulatory authorities   causeorcontribute finding   crude wells   annual reporting   secondary emissions   elapse time   continuous system   20th century   specific information   minute dioxide   little value   base response   pneumatic facility   free condition   subsequent calculation   total pressure   useful guide   high emissions   additional components   prior notification   ozone formation   onshore plants   new compressors   various sources   total response   emission estimate   technical exception   due diligence   close vent   common problems   major points   people health   performance standards   available section   associate data   walk terminology   federal government   float roof   such circumstances   relevant part   tank commenters   environmental laws   american society   relevant context   paragraph b3   hap ozone   several changes   duct velocity   many decades   ghg pollution   high rates   terrestrial radiation   such standards   quarterly monitoring   elevate concentrations   initial status   continue t   need commenters   sense devices   modify facilities   poor people   contradictory language   direct venting   general guide   leastpreferable option   compliant control   exhaustive list   well wells   information response   potential rate   requirement section   field gas   numerous points   different conclusion   ample evidence   such task   cumulative emissions   outside engineer   bound exercise   rigorously response   thc measurements   continuous emissions   different basins   new plants   additional revisions   well monitoring   water pollution   numeric format   separate category   general gas   fugitive methane   minor source   require reporting   hard piping   previous sentence   lowcost technologies   acceptable procedures   allergenic season   timeconsuming practice   update data   economic consequences   new station   starch solution   catalytic incinerator   minor disbenefits   initial cover   ghg inventory   reduce rec   enhance visibility   barrel barrels   secondary fuel   joint report   significant costs   well depth   complete picture   calibration drift   regulatory requirements   fulltime equivalents   cedri forms   final text   numerous parts   openended valves   multiple alternatives   potential gwp   complete wells   final measures   old adults   clear deadline   entire area   emission b   administrative practice   lbdscf qsd   usepa rulemakings   potential fines   environmental pressures   multiple times   submit reports   recent trend   base schedule   affect societies   early release   current state   performance requirements   vif1d section   climate change   thc probe   specific value   additional emissions   certain counts   centrifugal vessels   appropriate rates   separate options   undue burden   datum reports   burn flame   correct concentration   pneumatic collection   total duration   additional facilities   well vessel   costly time   same contractors   hazardous boilers   new developments   similar mixtures   health risks   require e   national level   use correlations   particular functions   natural gas   95th percentile   small communities   individual sources   qualitative effects   broad range   land combustion   resource recovery   modern approach   professional knowledge   wet system   regulatory background   suggest text   critical applications   electric generating   significant interest   abrupt change   initial procedures   prospective reviews   untagged component   likely entities   full warming   codify definition   photochemical oxidants   estimate impacts   install device   relative density   final frfa   different values   enforcement activities   sitespecific plan   geometry density   low l   entire period   important picture   certification charts   net changes   average efficiency   administrative reconsiderations   emission controls   technical considerations   previous actions   large contributor   more details   chemical composition   vent systems   new versions   unnecessary hurdles   online publication   certain test   correct frequency   habitat loss   radiative forcing   environmental assessment   wricait data   propose definition   performance test   estimate revenue   constant parts   engagement process   viable alternatives   instrument range   salable gas   large population   large amount   well requirements   small amounts   traditional foods   bulk liquids   present increase   estimate costs   follow statement   sample time   different requirement   liquid equipment   paragraph b4i   significant effects   such reduction   continuous requirements   average economy   significant issues   reconsideration denial   approve procedure   mitigation benefits   century platform   flowback liquids   indigenous people   fugitive monitoring   general climate   great concern   american people   alternative approaches   webinar series   complete discussion   prescriptive nature   15day window   necessary preparations   associate components   artificial techniques   sufficient controller   equipment demand   severe consequences   test data   preamble pictures   relative differences   alternative options   electronic format   beneficial impact   certify documents   negative information   static pressure   regulatory group   ppm methane   new data   sufficient pressure   detection limit   specific type   quarterly basis   draft error   large volumes   large scale   legitimate situations   public comments   important contribution   physical climate   production sites   modern record   respiratory symptoms   future schedules   voc standards   upcoming gathering   late year   fugitive plan   bleed controllers   everchang schedule   monitor day   qualify engineer   visible holes   subsequent meetings   methane emissions   observe changes   so2 concentration   quarterly surveys   combustion zone   reduce costs   regulate community   les rate   operate data   monitor survey   net value   underground field   much energy   environmental risk   new section   unnecessary burden   decree requirements   regional conditions   different wells   regulate pollutant   policy grounds   nationwide emissions   average methane   potential emissions   high frequency   technical feasibility   propose metrics   cultural identities   national economy   path requirement   hazardous incinerator   annual costs   stage route   permit process   excess air   wide estimate   several subparts   percent reductions   remain combustion   atmospheric concentrations   ozone effects   various commenters   great number   major source   visible emission   paragraph f3   internetbased reporting   sufficient design   same considerations   own experience   more information   developmental wells   activate carbon   fluctuate frequency   separate site   coldrelated evidence   sufficient authority   requisite finding   rule b   standalone monitors   associate counsel   low levels   metric tonnes   economic costs   remote communities   main goals   single technique   tailore step   test model   toc reduction   due limitation   representative measurements   public controllers   supply disruptions   initial stage   respiratory morbidity   continuous mobile   potential leak   due exemption   thirdparty contractor   independent experts   revise listing   near term   space intervals   stationary source   certain changes   follow reasons   statutory criteria   compressor packing   significant source   specific concerns   btex benzene   exist programs   third plant   major storms   respective rules   such requirements   cbio room   high confidence   global concentrations   tailore limitations   current conditions   carbon canisters   most warming   participation opportunities   close thing   high concentration   regulatory costs   incremental gas   require efficiency   compliance period   emission concentrations   significant population   proper operation   associate requirements   major facilities   healthbased standard   deep lessons   detect emissions   individual equipment   final changes   stoichiometric combustion   permanent equipment   public compressors   incomplete combustion   humancaused warming   necessary oversight   difficultto monitor   periodic tests   tinuous flame   warm period   stationary compressor   regulatory agency   lean circulation   oil gas   priority list   longlived ghgs   extreme events   new expenditures   epa discretion   initial route   several centuries   assessment report   functional requirements   significant amount   parameter value   datum availability   federal actions   crude oil   test language   increase health   same analysis   vet specification   rule requirements   rational determination   final permit   enclose tests   consistent sources   control charts   emit equipment   first attempt   normal operations   specialize personnel   excess range   rate qa   process plants   generate effects   technical standards   voc content   period alternatives   datum collection   overall requirement   last decades   inventory data   major advances   appropriate outcome   increase risk   insufficient pressure   ozonerelated benefits   relate oxidants   qualify consultants   corporate plan   recordkeep reporting   affect definition   plan vent   coastal areas   wrong period   equal rates   program audit   subsequent tests   important information   enumerate criteria   increase concentrations   extensive program   various opinions   human timescale   metric units   formal process   meter m   datum elements   rule summary   base provision   new controllers   initial round   same components   significant percentage   individual tags   burden reduction   air pollutant   require type   incinerator boilers   separator route   tutwiler procedure   trs concentration   increase temperatures   technical information   infectious diseases   fugitive identification   small types   national technology   legal authority   sufficient equipment   wash tanks   large facility   continue requirements   major operations   limit pump   arctic residents   necessary data   historical homelands   environmental effects   specify concentration   same reductions   measurement data   low well   net costs   average emissions   ghgrelated benefits   additional pressure   monitor reporting   final vessels   rec feasibility   technological change   such types   initial startup   quality regulations   mid century   initial standards   local level   large emitter   reasonable construction   far amendments   propose approach   result review   specific elements   compliance date   unique physiology   implementation burden   difficult times   control emissions   remote notification   prior analysis   final rule   emerge technologies   reduce burden   propose plans   lowincome populations   different authorities   high pressures   technical support   retroactive requirements   permit program   volumetric flow   paragraph e1   add contribution   transient interferences   equivalent rate   reduction requirement   tribal government   technical details   detail requirement   sulfur gdscm   incidental benefit   main scenario   executive agencies   emission points   direct effects   see memorandum   great quantities   public pumps   identify source   peak flow   proper calculation   wet service   component repairs   unsafe conditions   performance testing   prior experience   subject units   recent corrections   reduce loss   fugitive sources   many states   specific reports   initial visits   increase prices   large valves   warm summers   final regulation   rule thresholds   technical complexities   epa summary   such infeasibility   national transfer   paragraph d2   rate model   additional burden   visual inspections   underground storage   fourth subpart   reference publication   acceptable devices   modify controllers   associate risks   quantitative analysis   gaseous calibration   final docket   far reflection   equitable procedure   such records   crude production   so2 emissions   volatile compound   little water   multiple pollutants   certain populations   emission reductions   sweeten percent   mental health   good means   total horsepower   native natives   applicable allowance   next steps   price scenario   quality standards   single group   control number   performance requirement   critical threshold   drum pumps   standard practice   finalize option   abrupt impacts   small size   aspect contribution   same group   daily throughput   site address   text changes   rapid growth   ongoing basis   technology requirement   preconstruction permit   basis determination   voc emissions   above information   various programs   amend judgment   major category   close position   operate limit   preindustrial times   appropriate standards   global average   administrative petition   hard copy   digital picture   follow criteria   periodic mobile   design analysis   engineer practices   necessary funds   northern latitudes   prescribe schedule   fugitive components   direct spectrometry   descriptive landmarks   adjust allowance   local districts   successive interval   performance curve   water recycling   require standard   raw material   strategy development   continuous bleed   significant effect   certain settlements   previous rulemakings   particular pollutant   single concentration   surface equipment   vertical depth   regulatory modification   feasible options   many commenters   indirect effects   onetime requirement   particulate matter   disadvantage populations   large body   modify pumps   finalize requirements   historical data   nonco2 ghgs   same information   temporary pumps   costtosales ratios   visible analysis   daily basis   appropriate leak   propose exemption   specific response   propose production   first time   limit mobility   true sources   disciplinary actions   publicallyavailable model   sweeten unit   interagency strategy   increase events   sensitive plants   lowestemitting countries   methane rate   physical science   major provisions   reasonable definition   survey requirements   major options   tribal governments   traditional scenario   global record   source status   regulatory issues   global temperatures   frequency schedule   fresh usage   performance specification   technical review   future rate   average 24hour   major plant   improve understanding   fugitive definition   emerge owners   continuous t   climate system   new components   new goal   electronic reporting   potential leaks   source types   system failures   alternate format   atmospheric pressure   similar inputs   analogous rule   well pressures   plan date   same type   new site   follow site   annual report   useful purpose   tribal statement   sweeten facilities   regulate function   wide plan   full addition   final owners   unload operations   fracture emissions   unfunded enforcement   sample tube   increase warming   reduction technology   vspecific issues   own businesses   single compressor   operation maintenance   liquid extraction   atmospheric administration   allowable rate   volatile compounds   insufficient rec   such procedures   design capacity   affect populations   shift schedule   high demand   compliance determination   delegate authority   specific plan   bleed rate   appropriate adjustments   regional representative   productionrelated equipment   liquid sulfur   relate actions21   highbleed controllers   reconstruct sources   equal horsepower   pack owners   blowdown lines   same results   useful context   sea ice   aggregate group   areawide reports   applicable requirements   blank test   same approach   applicability criteria   start date   general information   sky conditions   specify criteria   available controls   excess emissions   well request   record information   potential conflicts   propose rule   large category   particular discussion   remote well   total compounds   global rise   rich vent   waterborne diseases   different performance   logistical hurdle   average rise   social cost   additional stream   above provisions   excess determination   beneficial use   more support   heavy downpours   regulate sources   gase vapors   acceptable leakage   subject wells   crude petroleum   gaseous mixtures   new controller   harmful emissions   intergovernmental panel   propose scheme   adverse effects   define rate   cross reference   fugitive standards   various scenarios   great detail   regional climate   pneumatic piston   stringent requirements   certain publications   liquefy equipment   individual methods   sector mandate   sitespecific considerations   periodic performance   enteric fermentation   certain pieces   familiar persons   major modification   aggregate ghgs   final nsps   set schedule   next shutdown   frequent monitoring   prescribe method   combine information   potential rise   rate e   technique guidelines   follow equation   regulatory program   consistent program   maintenance procedures   equal reduction   consecutive hours   nsr program   increase occurrence   eeee tables   overall value   compress gas   fugitive periods   ghg reductions   impartial one   statutory phrasing   statutory structure   lift equipment   review literature   monitor devices   inadequate capacity   measure value   environmental health   several cases   coastal locations   sufficient documentation   compliance certifications   high drop   additional sources   revise text   appropriate level   alternative c   vii procedures   single vessel   concentration limit   knockout pumps   secondary impacts   several commenters   qualify model   appropriate time   stable concentrations   combustion temperature   propose language   subject entities   total costs   detection instrument   percent control   environmental benefit   little reduction   equipment types   test procedure   periodic readings   sufficient data   mechanical engineers   liquid fuel   such cases   capital cost   technical corrections   saleable gas   enclose control   purge line   new provisions   estimate reductions   propose text   respiratory system   party verification   industrial emitters   impact statement   available requirement   affect determination   average composition   next effectiveness   exist equation   exist controls   percent requirements   require reviews   close system   gasfired engines   good system   different program   relief devices   compliance option   dioxide efficiency   unsafeto monitor   common control   large operators   fluid systems   list criteria   environmental l   minimis level   key criteria   ambient standards   change needs   fresh carbon   enclose device   refer section   geospatial coordinates   continue effect   incline wells   compliance requirements   final commenters   administrative petitions   safety hazards   equal intervals   cover requirements   harmful pollution   vent reasons   omb number   baseline order   tribal implications   adequate recordkeeping   fugitive exemptions   greenfield sites   unchanged comment   historical methane   monitor malfunctions   current day   primary scenario   compressibility factor   direct measures   direct evaluation   period observations   clean act   test requirement   additional discussion   single well   control vessels   continue change   electric utilities   emission level   space samples   work practice   major comments   continuous efficiencies   subsequent rule   basis contribution   applicable value   produce areas   first day   sensitive ecosystems   nonco2 impacts   model average   singlebonded compound   regulatory principles   interim level   reduce compounds   necessary openings   modify owners   new packing   major rule   constant rates   annual requirement   agencywide policy   bottom clingage   centrifugal systems   test methods   facility status   indian governments   new well   spin-dry basis   copyrighted material   annualize costs   plantbased allergens   indian plan   private sector   actual emissions   regulatory impact   heavy service   electric pump   base approach   consistent strategy   install equipment   toc level   frictional drop   first report   rapid pace   treatment combustion   applicable controllers   continuous basis   second warming   explicit assoc   significant emitters   well provisions   specific number   such emissions   chronic stresses   alarm requirements   additional lines   pneumatic pump   reduction standards   605395a system   global implications   water usage   collective emissions   paragraph a3ia   new sites   hybrid approach   complete list   reference testing   continuous recovery   harmful pollutants   modify processes   cost way   physical location   plan strategy   broad regulation   give pollutant   ambient conditions   many species   exist formations   available analysis   tank batteries   enclose devices   comprehensive reviews   ga capture   same options   large quantities   standard meter   frequent storms   good science   thirdparty verification   temporary equipment   independent parties   state emissions   monitor system   average stations   private industry   wind velocity   recent test   monthly inspections   tailore rule   alternative recordkeeping   complex burden   rapid changes   capital expenditure   short periods   same gases   security implications   numerous comments   long lifetime   adverse health   first completion   gaseous compounds   single sample   future rates   dynamic pressure   applicable levels   ambitious goal   industrial furnace   deep past   affect agencies   percentage reduction   previous section   far discussion   emission factors   liquid level   test report   total component   forthcoming rule   human history   regulate facility   well rates   several operations   semiannual requirements   alternative means   ga imaging   additional equipment   equipment practice   regional administrator   intermediate hydrocarbon   well emissions   close proximity   ga present   constituent gas   concurrent addition   full range   stationary combustion   leak standards   potential costs   corporate economy   federal prevention   significant changes   average temperature   performance tests   few operators   optional procedure   select time   small subset   reduction benefits   advance monitoring   additional time   traditional methods   enforceable limit   onsite device   indigenous communities   digital photographs   final requirements   necessary infrastructure   survey procedures   reduction efficiencies   judicial actions   inhouse staff   significant section   appropriate software   present climate   technical infeasibility   propose requirement   basic allowance   performance exemptions   school days   specify thresholds   many regions   estimate analysis   specific pollutants   national emission   emission rate   minimum availability   vaporizable mixtures   final actions   areawide plan   compliance burden   national inventories   many cases   high levels   gasassisted pumps   important aspects   significant findings   commonsense standards   associate gas   initial notification   reduce emissions   paragraph b   global aspects   propose preamble   control devices   artificial equipment   report requirement   blue color   exist controllers   delay repairs   device model   general provisions   access hatches   child families   compressor information   quantitative estimates   domestic contribution   propose method   unman sites   electronic system   public hearing   psd program   remain pieces   great transparency   offshore production   ecological criteria   aerobic increase   total emissions   minor corrections   near capture   international response   ga emissions   equipment design   effective facilities   temperature sensor   review panel   large sources   global warming   high costs   nsps standards   increase production   voc rate   specific terms   short period   consecutive months   several decades   next years   few decades   federal agencies   more emissions   regional contribution   dry period   substantial body   possible migrations   initial date   small sites   same reduction   complete file   lowemitting equipment   executive orders   correct date   monitor personnel   last resort   cumulative number   new requirements   facility emissions   correspond concentration   industrial furnaces   recent assessments   completion rec   nonregulatory docket   large number   several ml   final table   total stream   exist location   new standards   next time   system nems   essential infrastructure   operate controllers   catalytic vapor   small analysis   equivalent emissions   traditional method   budget appropriations   administrative program   follow return   specific types   follow terms   drive pumps   new t   sonic velocity   datum errors   personnel contractors   reconsideration process   monitor systems   hazardous waste   outlet level   accuracy audits   pneumatic pumps   combine emissions   change impacts   subpart ooooa   finalize corrections   onsite control   economic perspective   submit data   institute barrels   several standards   white paper   fluid system   average temperatures   marine life   state regulations   electronic reports   sulfur emissions   relate requirements   pressure differentials   system collection   multiple facilities   conditionbased comment   specific impacts   new endangerment   national strategy   project levels   scientific developments   operational results   similar device   21st century   measure usage   paragraph d12i   subject clarity   relative humidity   semiannual monitoring   weightpercent reduction   equivalent iii   inherent uncertainty   single value   regulatory action   engineer analysis   national security   hire contractors   statutory order   broad areas   update factors   new assessments   increase duration   additional commenters   sulfur concentration   affect transmission   require findings   consistent changes   third parties   design criteria   paragraph b1   unpredictable equipment   fugitive threshold   additional practices   minimum temperature   compact drive   stationary pipeline   write procedures   arctic changes   engineer practice   negligible amounts   applicable technologies   equipment count   benefitcost analysis   such equipment   nitrogen air
Actions:   receive total   repeat technique   add material   record parameters   determine this   install model   complete process   provide records   indicate prevalence   refracturing provisions   use commenters   reflect strategies   use estimate   use compressor   process gas   contribute findings   use well   reflect concern   evaluate comments   establish ghg   determine practicality   determine pollutants   use 50bbl   welfare assessments   handle stream   interpret listing   monitor instruments   understand analysis   increase that   ensure operation   provide failures   reduce effectiveness   pipe epa   project facilities   develop a   assess expenditures   comply that   expect meters   use cedri   conduct analysis   allow it   step sources   include reservoir   communicate limitations   streamline reporting   support timeframe   extend connections   provide issue   corroborate understanding   manage issues   cause disruptions   list claim   remove requirements   exceed test   require log   evince intent   finalize items   operate controllers   improve regulation   follow practice   cover a   use 2a   use comparisons   provide options   meet a   meet challenges   pas 7   address concerns   cover production   transport contractors   recover equipment   amend section   revise plan   write rule   use a   operate rod   render control   revise definition   issue amendments   trigger psd   require operators   finalize standard   affect 605415a   enforce section   ease burden   absorb radiation   require it   serve grounds   separate gas   process feet   correct it   perform that   concern emissions   achieve rate   cover segments   impact health   demonstrate techniques   commence operation   absorb years   make potential   save time   rub teaspoonful   pipe connections   replace systems   determine 7   parallel requirements   support weakening   demonstrate infeasibility   lower limit   cover determination   reflect preference   reconcile fact   create rights   obscure issue   provide oversight   include type   allow t   determine efficiency   require 2   uphold finding   certify compliance   perform procedures   impose order   use templates   use inspections   finalize it   endanger health   use percent   direct agencies   support development   modele estimates   lengthen time   require vii   underlie estimates114   emit tons   emit emissions   need repair   maintain record   prepare guide   capture circumstances   specify measures   receive types   finalize them   conduct comparison   reconsider issue   complement action   execute authority   include standards   emit 100   maximize compliance   give s   face people   contact piece   exercise diligence   minimize gas   affect exemptions   ozoneforming pollutants   house reports   meet level   develop diagram   drill wells   replace components   provide administrator   omit deadline   provide notice   determine value   establish temperature   identify categories   form barrier   issue finding   receive details   include controls   use readings   operate controls   specify flame   lengthen season   remove specification   route emission   improve analysis   require replacement   need finding   strengthen conclusion   reinject gas   approve requirements   create requirement   compromise infrastructure   offset magnitude   enter data   report information   reinjecting gas   project emissions   issue policy   accommodate emissions   seek direction   provide opportunities   help us   address range   emit determination   include transmission   include duty   seek information   complete ties   report installation   compromise control   comment wells   conduct activities   perform shifting   rank 13th   evaluate rate   limit application   ozone ozone   encourage operators   submit statement   see burette   experience drop   establish infrastructure   receive state   use test   conduct reviews   incur cost   secure contractors   make choice   include description   include epa   repropose subpart   establish standard   document assessment   modify definition   conduct monitoring   create scheme   constitute modification   show equipment   complete repair   determine i   provide owner   identify information   meet standard   assign cost   prohibit authority   carry commitments   consider makeup   note that   facilitate implementation   remove methane   place areas   affect lives   trigger modification   process combination   cause impacts   include category   identify revisions   require rate   show cost   complete repairs   calibrate maintain   compressor pumps   review reasons   propose definition   propose ser   facilitate analysis   cover practices   tag identification   include revenues   follow 605416   cover period   exceed product   describe approach   use means   disconnect tube   review science   make findings   allow days   review order   require owner   establish threshold   pose source   consider regulations   inspect requirements   rank emissions   see standards   use nems   analyze contribution   demonstrate leakage   impose fines   include compliance   reflect system   keep assists   affect change   lay plan   provide certainty   run test   raise concerns   include report   repropose provisions   include etc   meet operation   specify device   submit notifications   demonstrate 3   achieve criteria   operate model   identify component   use gwp   adopt gas   investigate criteria   develop estimates   append memo   run mean   meet 6018   require verification   provide discussion   minimize releases   establish program   require blowdown   review designs   repair emissions   exclude compressors   follow system   limit emissions   streamline review   affect 605413a   focus program   provide direction   support claim   reconsider failure   submit reports   endanger states   minimize errors   find copy   monitor temperature   apply what   exceed p   welfare analysis   fail t   connect capacity   devote resources   use carseal   address corrections   design rules   discuss facilities   trigger commenters   revise scope   conduct inspections   assess types   provide calls   prevent us   achieve less   include time   permit authority   reflect forcing   enhance implementation   use 605408a   contain devices   reconsider decision   collect safety   replace schedule   contact component   require observations   measure values   add revisions   require approach   accept reports   combust liquids   photograph components   take months   have plan   provide visibility   reflect functions   adopt provisions   implement rules   affect governments   find ii   require agency   provide clarification   combust gas   prevent emissions   call which   replace epa   conduct tests   consult person   include batteries   produce publication   monitor etc   measure manometer   require rec   satisfy requirement   provide estimate   emit flexibility   represent percent   sound alarm   recognize limitation   support addition   reduce committee   asses station   assume 4mcf   identify what   incorporate 2   oppose frequency   identify location   identify issues   monitor component   rout system   link exposures   conduct operation   recycle water   reflect fact   identify engineer   fill minimum   contain types   conduct calls   determine content   trigger program   support basis   improve understanding   receive comments   finalize determination   show summary   include amendments   perform monitoring   access that   generate reports   receive circumstances   increase level   emit tpy   license engineers   discuss studies   delay repair   coproposed monitoring   require ratio   use count   pump liquids   assess factors   request removal   provide permits   identify emissions   contain pollutant   monitor commenters   conduct process   increase facility   determine zi   revise vva   expect emissions   perform recordkeeping   make retroactive   raise complexities   provide photograph   replace facility   meet requirement   execute category   promulgate regulations   emit feet   take attempts   use rates   develop programs   inspect system   calculate reduction   eliminate maintenancereplacement   give time   curtail section   increase risk   entail evaluation   finalize exclusion   include well   measure e   address pollutant   provide authority   recover products   determine gor   operate systems   exceed feet   impose epa   leaf epa   lend credence   report reports   grant subpart   modele impacts   observe testing