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auto-generated 21-Apr-2021

Webinar: Operationalizing the Transition The transition away from the London Inter-bank Offered Rate (LIBOR) will impact many layers within a firm s infrastructure, most notably its operations. IHS Markit recorded a series of webinars to help firms navigate the final steps of the LIBOR transition. In our first recording, Operationalizing the Transition, IHS Markit experts and industry leaders from partner firms addressed questions related to the 18-month US-dollar-LIBOR extension and new fallbac

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Sources: IHS Markit

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Measures:   rfr products   overnight rate   nondollar currencies   legacy portfolios   regulatory statements   new bidding   increase cost   financial institutions   potential fragmentation   legislative support   conscious choice   legacy contracts   transition experts   financial rate   large population   operational procedures   standardize protocols   lessinvasive way   key tip   fallback language   standardize language   new transactions   work groups   new rates   such language   limit cases   new rights   firm strategies   markit experts   more time   largescaleoperational risk   regulatory authorities   significant transactions   longterm solution   thoughtful action   final steps   many layers   ease protocols   predefine events   past cessation   deep amendment   potential challenges   liquid market   regulatory side   economic trade   great initiatives   contractual risk   acceptable solution   complete recording   full recording   specific language   potential difficulties   plan actions   different dates   quick fix   operational impact   offer rate   underlie derivatives   change profile   first recording   large populations   voluntary transition   official end   trade bidding   key try   increase bidoffer   operational considerations   internal processes   increase liquidity   proactive transition   usdollar bidding   certain contracts   good practices   exist loan   specific needs   legacy books   more details   unchanged trade   inform decisions   secure sofr

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