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Energy Resilience Solutions for the Puerto Rico Grid Final Report June 2018 United States Department of Energy Washington, DC 20585 List of Acronyms Act 57 ADMS AIS AMI ANL ARRA BFE CAIDI CHP CILT CIP CRS DER DERMS DHS DOD DOE DSCR EMAC ESF#12 FEMA FEMP FIRM FOMB GDP GMLC GSA ICS INESI IMT IRP ISAC IT LBNL LCOE LIPA LNG MATS MSW NARUC NASEO NEMA NERC NESC NIST Act for the Transformation and Energy Relief of Puerto Rico, 2014 Advanced Distribution Management Systems Automated Information Sharing

recommendations for the government   critical to the commonwealth   investments that use federal   resilience of the electric   service as an economic   plan specified by section   resources of different fuel   microgrid and the customer   infrastructure available to support  

Sources: IHS Markit

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Profiles:   the report   a number   it gdp   the study   the condition   the event   the costs   this plan   the voltages   the reliability   its determination   the analysis   the flexibility   p vessels   this regulations   a estimate   the facility   a summary   the conversion   a der   a enabler   the outage   this systems   every member   the knowledge   any observers   the role   the scenario   a plan   the project   the portfolio   the order   the system   the crs   the grid   the chief   its recommendations   the act   the timeline   this emergencies   the price   a assessment   april company   the guidelines   the prec   the doe   this authority   the review   the plan   the world   the target   both water   another study   the governor   a program   another form   this microgrids   prepa situation   a ics   this situation   a disruption   the benefits   the cost   the use   the area   this section   have conclusion   derms communications   this analysis   this applications   the areas   o 100mw   the insights   this aspect   another source   the commonwealth   the utilities   the adequacy   a study   the regulation   december governor   this changes   a review   the resources   the people   the commission   the industry   this scale   this chart   the recommendations   microgrids plans   rico needs   the sector   no fuel   the process   any lines   the assessment   td infrastructure   this publications   dec https   the distinctions   a majority   all law   board approval   a official   ru standards   this intelligence   any investments   doe staff   all investments   the elimination   a view   the damage   that study   a mechanism   a segment   the team   the size   this considerations   this plans   laboratory cost   a tower   the loss   the assets   the devastation   prepa officials   fema publication   the companies   a platform   the cancellation   a strategy   the centerstage   this change   the workforce   it restoration   the automation   this voltages   a recovery   a report   the systems   the capacity   prepa witnesses   the issues   the value   any projects   a grid   the town   the problem   the force   the government   the feature   the statute   the members   prepa prestorm   any revision   this report   a system   this document   fomb plans   the utility   this modeling   this technologies   the nerc   the building   the solution   nypa plans   the pressures   a microgrid   the rain   a tornado   whose plans   the demonstration   the extent   the design   this assets   wwwnemaweborgindexphpdocmanresourceslongtermpoweroutage919nemaenergyresilience assistance   the needs   all plans   the opportunity   each utility   a lack   any efforts   this recommendations   the requests   the irp   the mechanisms   the impact   which segments   the excess
Goals:   collect operations survey   control overall cost   achieve secure infrastructure   enable functional separation   identify required communities   determine best course   accommodate load declines   describe reform efforts   analyze available clusters   identify proper placement   provide ancillary services   guide recovery plans   use fuel oil   dismiss serving person   accompany tree crews   contain consider recommendations   assign grounding crew   do economic rankings   produce reductions load   asses specific level   assume relative lcoe   avoid flood elevation   engage energy customers   meet specific needs   improve achieved resilience   include servicescritical infrastructure   underscore analyze need   offer helpful resource   ensure strong rational   create employing microgrids   complement renewable generation   create system structure   coordinate joint study   improve reliability resilience   create rebuild plan   request hampered efforts   reduce recommended need   afford model opportunity   rationalize operating costs   provide value service   plan training building   ensure management planning   ensure users targets   add robust capabilities   adopt new vision   ensure management practices   base design decisions   identify optimal configurations   achieve contained results   maintain lngfired ecoel   drive private privatization   lbnl median income   modify detailed report   resiliencerelated regarding suggestions   announce largest amount   provide improve information   meet regarding requirements   give board discretion   stress regional economy   recommend system architecture   detail made changes   meet existing rps   identify support solutions   help c1b context   implement efficiency programs   require potential interconnection   submit modified irp   balance resilience opportunity   design electricity system   propose interconnection arrangements   enable synchronous islands   standardize design equipment   allow generation grid   repair deteriorating infrastructure   develop recommendations investment   provide appropriate balance   establish command hierarchy   limit tower failures   request modified prepa   catalyze innovative sector   adopt reliability standards   leverage local presence   endure unique conditions   identify optimal resiliency   improve infrastructure security   enable quick recovery   import liquefied lng   reduce political influence   inform recovery plan   leverage electricity grid   monetize associated benefits   deliver amounting electricity   develop protection settings   see selective segmentation   lay technical challenges   make mitigate investments   need complete review   counter congressional force   distribute systems derms   recommend enhanced program   support sector infrastructures   require hardening efforts   build performance contracts   gain quantitative understanding   offer factor information   meet relevant requirements   establish consumer advocate   pursue modernization alternatives   analyze performance availability   threaten health safety   survive future event   include strong units   establish submission timeline   preplanning segmented mode   establish maintain manage   determine potential applicability   recognize ancillary services   meet energy needs   maintain manufacturing base   carry management mission   mitigate inherent risks   question conventional wisdom   use existing plant   consider needs issues   assess including operations   complement renewable generators   provide community benefit   evaluate contain pathways   produce reductions turbines   achieve availability rate   improve facilities hardware   carry fiscal plan   add introduce sources   address follows topic   withstand wind speed   demonstrate sufficient benefit   confront businesses households   asses including contingencies   fortify conducted recommendations   prioritization potential approach   share combined contributions   mitigate caused disruption   complete documentation paperwork   disrupt electricity services   require implemented changes   support affordable system   improve attracting performance   enable functions sensors   set portfolio standard   create sorting infrastructure   collect reliability data   incorporate including resilience   withstand areas disruptions   assess impact plan   provide explanations workplans   make other strides   plague electricity industry   search trade space   integrate energy portfolios   identify effective mix   challenge restart ability   identify own vulnerabilities   draft updated plan   reduce caused losses   segment transmission system   access job requests   conduct loading assessments   follow quadrennial turnover   reduce fuel imports   submit describing report   enhance overall timeline   cross mountain areas   include ensure assessment   increase diversity efficiency   reduce overall cost   ensure independence diversity   explore larger field   meet term goals   call consumer benefits   enjoy lead times   improve resiliency reliability   describe physical situation   include recycling program   bring system governance   develop industrial microgrid   highlight key pillars   coordinate regional projects   issue own roadmap   capture full value   exceed next hurricane   pursue physical interaction   ensure reliable b   protect utility systems   supply power plant   accommodate new plant   give significant changes   reduce empowered lengths   provide full understanding   provide establish foundation   describe inefficient bureaucracy   promote including efficiency   recommend transmission systems   pay irresponsible initiation   expand import capacity   support provided investments   identify many ways   file updated irp   provide quantitative evidence   remove believed member   add control centers   provide synchronized measurement   identify optimal type   provide single investment   control program estcp   bring natural gas   mitigate affect incidents   enable broader range   outline 910year schedule   improve cybersecurity posture   act generation requirements   alleviate energy burden   affect annual review   implement driven program   face exacerbated issues   promote reliability diversity   supply completed pipeline   determine resource investments   comply law requirements   optimize edge microgrid   facilitate management access   operate energy system   help aid response   analyze production cost   execute training plans   update control systems   propose potential development   build transmission corridors   complement given investment   reduce transparent emissions   provide serving capability   enforce energy codes   indicate including economics   replace service crs   increase including capabilities   reduce import need   operate electricity system   identify appropriate actor   support acted recommendations   enforce loading requirements   enable start restoration   restore power grid   govern engineering specification   pay electricity bills   embed additional actions   justify load flow   strengthen power grid   use power plant   carry infrastructure agencies   strengthen surrounding grid   enable integration repair   address institutional elements   create modern sector   minimize total bill   reduce vulnerabilities risk   prevent compensation schemes   improve energy infrastructure   provide resilience reliability   serve isolated populations   develop updated ics   provide result views   set global example   hit center rico   recur reliable supply   investigate simultaneous impacts   reduce disproportionate reliance   operate fuel units   establish interconnection requirements   mitigate better understanding   include following flow   include assist tools   asses fall penalties   serve efficiency comparison   study technical barriers   use mainland voltage   ensure high quality   recommend identify actions   identify core team   provide enough brownfield   conduct training exercises   recommend tools actions   reduce system costs   pay capital investment   implement public policy   result lower solutions   prepare automotive aftermarket
Measures:   exist stations   compact set   grid investments   frequency response   important questions   realtime information   load standards   internal controls   interconnection requirements   new turbines   skill engineers   historic hurricanes   officio positions   equivalent sales   centralize resources   alternative decisions   modernization alternatives   air pollution   operational tool   c4a context   electrical boundaries   desire characteristics   high quality   broad privatization   periodic exercises   feasibility studies   limit mitigation   new jobs   local presence   reliable model   system operations   exist cables   critical standards   innovative technology   timeline comparison   urban areas   available information   increase resilience   different systems   subsequent discussions   precede years40   remote areas   such plans   alternative fuels   future investment   daytoday reliability   system governance   private partnership   infrastructure requirements   independent producers   drive program   new resilience   future event   islanded mode   skill technicians   public corporation   quartile statistics   exist plant   small grid   approve standard   reasonable amount   simultaneous impacts   bipartisan force   resilient sector   future submissions   information sharing   particular relevance   complex interactions   mix bunker   resilient community   severe system   new operator   degrade infrastructure   anomalous readings   microgrid regulations   compensation schemes   south gas   sur plant   response ders   new project   routine maintenance   infrastructure security   ic procedures   technical procedures   executive firm   dangerous timber   relocate lines   surround grid   key substations   modern system   ru standards   update plan   fail poles   specialize role   various services   system architecture   critical loads   interconnection arrangements   renewable curtailments   load assessments   additional training   fuelefficient load   base elevation   distribute resource   overall cost   onsite assistance   industrial site   local resources   delivery providers   interconnection costs   fiscal mismanagement   early hours   public health   upward pressure   antiquate procedure   appropriate balance   management mission   efficiency comparison   potential applicability   strategic use   active landfills   mutual agreements   metropolitan areas   remote locations   maximum benefit   limit need   isolate populations   uncompromised stations   reliable solutions   staff plans   available clusters   floodresistant materials   plan process   key pillars   prepa retirements   executive position   wheel regulations   many items   electric power   unique needs   standard practices   structural integrity   local governments   elevation levels   generation capability   international markets   comprehensive program   municipal building   poor recordkeeping   significant failures   efficient solutions   cybersecurity implementation   follow recommendations   accept standards   new avenues   dual generation   exist visions   protective coordination   fuel units   require clearances   meter infrastructure   budgetary issues   likely damage   similar government   treerelated outages   efficient investments   electric utilities37   associate protection   different programs   intervene years   ic update   increase dependence   sufficient resources   human capital   local laws   foreseeable cost   technological benefits   future systems   interstate agreement   costa plant   near emergencies   environmental mitigation   practical extent   possible alternatives   affordable system   increase optimization   significant pressure   light diodes   governance structure   reasonable assurances   national standards   relevant standards   municipal utilities   multiple areas   effective planning   single vision   grid ties   update assurance   political influences   diversify resources   import fuels   serious challenges   start restoration   southern coast   utilityscale projects   local ders   basic workplans   large amounts   large field   regulatory affairs   estimate sales   harden assessments   complete review   new infrastructure   new roads   resilience recommendations   potential alignment   critical characteristic   new management   disruption impacts   consistent quality   capital investment   first building   total damage   mountain areas   alternative efficiency   unique conditions   sound longterm   similar reduction   combine cycle   revise statement   power system   reserve margin   preliminary analysis   dermicrogrid repair   central plants   annual review   electric bills   global example   compliant projects   economic forecasts   critical reliance   longterm timelines   reliability standards   quantitative understanding   energy burden   costeffective alternatives   environmental law   dead end   plan irp   power grid   wind speed   next event   original act   wood poles   judicious undergrounding   restoration timeline   term goals   load requirements   functional separation   modern systems   community benefit   independent agency   system reliance   several strides   longterm recovery   remote system   low rates   train exercises   distribute pv   retail electricity   explicit goals   ongoing contact   favorable forecasts   national laboratories   certain services   legal compliance   availability rate   update irp   base microgrids   heavy oil   vision roadmap   broad range   different configurations   regionalize grids   significant load   regular situations   exist wind   advantageous locations   future needs   feasible update   past months   biomass resources   onsite storage   practicable extent   jones ship   serve capability   virtual power   diversity efficiency   community resilience   feasible extent   resource investments   critical stations   critical assets   transparent emissions   temporary restoration   administrative procedures   enduse efficiency   enough brownfield   available infrastructure   overall requirements   rapid recovery   electrical safety   environmental disasters   task force   long term   appropriate agencies   short times   various communities   lead times   widescale recommendation   final resolution   generate assets   assurance planning   reliable supply   single entity   multiple resources   divest bunker   effective structures   several decisions   relevant requirements   infrastructure projects   malicious threats   worsen change   main doe   consumer benefits   technical barriers   purchase power   activity index   tremendous strength   storm readiness   diverse resources   executive director   important focus   heavy equipment   exist system   normal conditions   prior emergencies   institutional elements   facility hardware   key assets   renewable power   support services   hazard resilience   improvement recommendations   second installment   associate states   important consideration   economic growth   international partnership   renewable sources   high efficiency   low cost   integrate plans   system derms   low solutions   operational practices   common use   similar number   selfsupporting structure   enhance resilience   local government   medical services   plain feet   diverse portfolio   management planning   more gas   job requests   renewable portfolio   predictive program   few months   innovative sector   physical interaction   contaminate source   new buildings   static wire   certain customers   strong storm   central station   small populations   emergency response   saving goal   rural utility   distribute energy   initial expenditures   technological decisions   revise firms   future events   resilient cost   recognize consultant   backup equipment   grid services   consumer choice   new applications   regulatory agencies   grid failures   sort infrastructure   effort plans   restoration activities   average use   potential approach   management access   estimate people   mainland voltage   power flow   regional projects   foundation grant   independent production   many poles   optimal resource   electricity grid   advance schemes   exist requirements   significant turbines   exist equipment   skill labor   single investment   common solution   concrete steps   nonvalueadded procedures   electrical engineers   immediate activities   interconnect minigrids   more actions   access points   energize cables   significant progress   locational issues   due haste   exist prestorm   applicable standards   govern reliability   right size   full value   electricity bills   periodic training   strong units   les energy   intelligent sector   national transmission   total portfolio   multiple towers   particular analysis   elect officials   economic rankings   mile communications   energy portfolios   regional minigrids   build codes   biomass pellets   interdependency considerations   granular information   favorable economics   assurance plan   financial viability   national framework   robust efforts   future preparedness   endstate privatization   average load   transitioning system   follow flow   expensive projects   technical losses   printingadditive manufacturing   investment privatization   traditional resources   total customers   distribute future   powerful algorithms   quick outmigration   specific requirements   interdisciplinary engineers   energy bill   electricity industry   flood elevation   good modernize   inherent risks   support function   power plant   heavy fuel   transmission infrastructure   cohesive set   plan section   costly hurricane   robust capabilities   start capability   enhance operations   public buildings   many ways   likely areas   good course   annual basis   low voltage   saidi goal   cyber security   transmission system   verifiable users   low reliability   publiclyavailable figures   public lighting   average interruption   terminal units   second document   extend periods   political administration   effective agreements   physical infrastructure   sustainable community   energy infrastructure   secure applications   current voltages   reliability data   nearterm actions   extensive experience   significant obstacle   available towers   complete pipeline   different types   large customers   board discretion   technical challenges   recommendation investment   sufficient information   overall costs   mountainous communities   several questions   nontechnical losses   new money   deteriorate infrastructure   federal state   furthermore staff   proactively plan   initial timeline   reform efforts   milelong line   effective cost   main areas   critical rates   short medium   restoration upgrade   standard components   energy resources   renewable resources   regional economy   potential locations   law requirements   modern grid   private investment   lng capacity   various infrastructures   exist assets   stable portions   common theme   lower pollution   technical issues   associate switchgear   operate assets   economic issues   approve plans   mountainous terrain   publiclyowned utilities37   major areas   core team   potential need   attainable objective   conceptual designs   virgin islands   worldport facility   prioritize replacement   full composition   energy assurance   certain subsidies   bfe levels   detail report   important issue   many views   project prec   safe requirements   new settings   new irp49   aid agreements   critical plants   quick recovery   economic engine   quantitative evidence   userdefined objectives   electricity system   local prec   appropriate transmission   fuelfree resources   lng shipments   sufficient number   relative lcoe   optimal locations   realistic assessment   distribute solar   many years   several crews   low pollution   circuit breakers   aging requirements   blackstart restoration   maximum winds   servicescritical infrastructure   longstanding subsidies   interconnect loads   available order   overall performance   economic value   force factor   many firsts   proper placement   resilient system   function sensors   additional legislation   different roles   integrate security   past decades   fuel oil   potential interconnection   economic wellbeing   selective segmentation   revise firm   relative times   electric grid   combine populations   national index   optimal microgrids   jointuse program   critical reliability   gridconnected mode   domestic product   american citizens   consumer advocate   immediate resources   new administration   brownfield sites   operational efficiencies   firm recommendations   update agreements   anticipate events   expeditionary units   actual system   careful consideration   corporate governance   result example   economic power   elect member   entire space   present benefit   critical services   variable generators   increase automation   large set   relevant organizations   recent figures   result outmigration   backup generation   endofline areas   exist installations   disasterresponse activities   peak facility   economic decline   new corridors   skill gaps   bipartisan report   third statistics   posthurricane efforts   various sectors   public partnership   technical analysis   first hospital   municipal minigrids   robust frameworks   capital expenditures   great extent   ongoing focus   investmentgrade suggestions   protective relays   industrial infrastructure   overall system   fiber connections   effective efficiency   specific needs   inefficient bureaucracy   basic service   integration repair   synchronize measurement   regulatory actions   legislative reforms   solar integration   strengthen resilience   relay protection   energy interdependencies   code iecc   dieselsolar pvstorage   ancillary services   longterm plans   economic sectors   similar buildings   statelevel regulation   black start   nemas assurance   compact support   c1b context   quick access   past decade   reliable b   federal appropriations   register users   voltage stability   micro grids   explicit jurisdiction   comprehensive tool   sound investments   islanding capability   appropriate areas   puerto rico1   southern pipeline   out migration   critical resource   submission timeline   fair costs   federal staff   necessary assumptions   efficiency programs   typical scope   ground crew   ratepayerfunded program   rollout plan   key sectors   recovery plan   joint field   cyber threats   good reimagining   fiscal plan   public power   few designs   optimal configurations   decline b2   more ders   small generation   cost solutions   strong hurricane   new technologies   substantial changes   public welfare   own roadmap   current plants   rapid sharing   modern sector   private networks   smart capabilities   clear expectations   appropriate authorities   real time   defer maintenance   centric viability   environmental impacts   public policy   exist infrastructure   overall infrastructure   energy customers   damage infrastructure   resource derms   strategic undergrounding   integrate planning   increase ders   reliable company   energy sector   speed standard   govern board   alternative system   selfreported data   local pollution   long way   specific level   explanation workplans   unimplemented requirements   specific recommendations   see note   critical infrastructure   remote units   resiliency generation   refurbishment 150mw   vertical load   operate costs   quadrennial review   conventional plants   economic crisis   favorable treatment   single amount   exist rps   responsible team   costrelated insights   renewable capacity   renewable efficiency   comprehensive oversight   human resources   target inspections   subsequent fallins   operational technology   valuable services   recovery benefits   employee retirements   regulatory changes   significant declines   appropriate circumstances   fuel contingencies   integrate section   key policy   external technicians   volatile bunker   design decisions   controllable entity   operational components   traditional practices   median income   several substations   deteriorate order   oil units   good access   flow cost   regulatory authority   system deployment   quadrennial turnover   stainless anchors   comprehensive efforts   microgrid plan   modify irp   small portions   mobile centers   such services   general population   transparent structures   program estcp   good understanding   administrative procedure   backup operations   toxic standards   possible training   size load   overall decline   center facilities   develop plans   cybersecurity posture   c2a context   relevant agencies   improve opportunity   capital outmigration   improvement options   possible cost   assurance plans   foreseeable future   key centers   sector investment   economic recovery   compliant ship   trim crews   renewable portfolios   selfsupporting towers   relevant factors   generation grid   minimum generation   available firms   critical access   reciprocal relationships   trouble system   gridtied microgrids   corporate standards   broad grid   metric factor   rican system   overall timeline   sense capabilities   nist framework   executive summary   contractual arrangement   preprint firms   similar decisions   current state   large network   independent operator   industrial customers   defensible evidence   entangle towers   islanded systems   intelligent systems   independent regulator   structure comparison   far analysis   electrical networks   portfolio standard   full restoration   suitable solutions   objective criteria   continual process   privatelyowned corporations   control centers   preparedness tools   local customer   publiclyowned evaluation   iterative process   combine contributions   relevant part   more cost   longterm process   combine gas   specific investment   solar wind   resilience enhancement   due diligence   level deployment   individual information   detail modeling   management program   new lines   necessary rate   excellent workers   twentieth century   substantial interest   subject matter   topology optimization   system recovery   good plant   potential opportunity   certain duration   own system   annual income   certain designs   avoid disruption   individual segment   tall vegetation   long lines   newlyestablished prec   largescale event   synchronous islands   structural assessments   technical areas   largescale projects   exist tools   rural utilities   behindthemeter generation   first resolution   cyber adversaries   give duration   recommend modifications   responsible actor   next hurricane   harden assets   final decisions   total bill   future disruptions   such body   load flow   sufficient benefit   small volumes   physical situation   natural gas   safe clearances   trade space   associate components   record sessions   preplan segmentation   different pathways   potential development   efficient requirements   disproportionate reliance   private privatization   several resources   extreme winds   oilfired plants   typical voltage   consolidate recommendations   welldefined specifications   national agreement   mwh sales   mutual assistance   alternative designs   response context   sandy undergrounding   tree crews   applicable codes   optimal resiliency   high grid   renewable generators   industry standards   possible disasters   geothermal resources   industry practices   system costs   governmentowned buildings   various forms   decisive factor   additional arrangements   large volumes   manufacture base   advance upgrade   line lengths   rican communities   remote microgrids   automate reclosers   resiliency targets   distribute grid   smart sensors   recovery objectives   cyber technologies   secure infrastructure   distribute resources   national code   good practices   cybersecurity risks   key viability   own vulnerabilities   legislative action   annual costs   local process   transmission congestion   advance management   average frequency   2250mw peak   competitive requirements   next season   exist industries   outdate system   federal funding   efficiency program   active monitoring   powerful hurricane   public stakeholders   integrate plan   perform plant   legal requirements   fuel efficiency   dependent regulator   consistent resources   remote communities   american index   import capacity   generation sources   regulatory body35   substation assets   beneficial services   key generation   operational benefits   new plant   improvement implementation   future situations   regulatory agency   equal efficiency   vegetation management   recommend systems   national organizations   microgrid capabilities   local hardening   extreme events   unique vulnerabilities   functional performance   plan b   critical management   integrate resource   upfront capital   political influence   mobile operations   traditional operations   main grid   diesel bunker   technical potential   system structure   mutual aid   coastal areas   operational plan   health safety   municipal waste   insular areas   segment mode   certain load   transmission towers   additional analysis   educational background   result views   fresh water   specific use   sixweek delay   optimal type   universal commitment   recycle program   significant privatization   solar pv   necessary analysis   enhance functionality   energy storage   public sector   electrical engineering   emerge technologies   effective mix   new investments   der investments   fuel expenditures   technical rational   public utility   far modernization   govern body   generator assets   generation assets   train plans   backup system   operational excellence   financial oversight   utility systems   performance contracts   reduction turbines   technical staffs   exist nrel   additional actions   efficient flexibility   command hierarchy   limit circumstances   american references   advance infrastructure   coalfired license   quantitative analysis   continue dialogue   harden efforts   financial resources   consumer engagement   economic impact   more areas   different applications   record history   code improvements   economic plan   first plan   reduction load   standard practice   immediate action   external actions   appropriate actor   great resiliency   municipal lighting   backup power   renewable energy   rethink architecture   electric sector   environmental concerns   localize generation   energyenabled infrastructure   technology options   far refinements   renewable integration   downward pressure   main applications   immediate establishment   high absenteeism   economic revitalization   federal support   independent islands   strong rational   oil imports   such adversity   relevant parties   gridconnected reliability   resilience investments   energy generation   sufficient levels   debrisdriven entangling   distribute generation   caribbean islands   more response   sufficient salaries   new generation   public employees   several hours   interdisciplinary program   last mile   need services   longterm planning   economic interest   future response   costeffective options   require minimum   urban development   key role   economic dispatch   combustion turbines   certain challenges   emit diodes   fundamental question   public government   natural disasters   second hurricane   protection settings   transmission corridors   gross product   financial board   verify motion   deliberate sectionalizing   institutional challenges   renewable electricity   specific step   past decade54   exist lines   energy efficiency   broad area   carbon intensity   overall management   consumer interactions   efficient use   powerflow analysis   detail studies   sufficient energy   use model   available funds   national labs   various generation   conventional wisdom   irresponsible initiation   new vision   limit disruptions   joint study   various resources   do metrics   need replace   effective training   useful insights   more relocateconstruct   rightofway maintenance   high magnitude   vary stakeholders   adequate building   dependent base   tower failures   large producer   control systems   unanticipated plant   minimum requirements   more capabilities   solid waste   change needs   automate software   exist mix   imperial district   plan deployment   electric utilities   mph speed   intend purposes   harden specifications   electric infrastructure   levelized cost   cybersecurity model   review process   renewable generation   solar power   modele training   essential components   energize subsystems   private sector   continue resilience   sector infrastructures   supply risks   resilience opportunity   congressional force   qualify personnel   industrial microgrid   renewable technology   intelligent system   smart grid   low response   long goals   microgrid investment   production cost   industrial customer   grid operators   critical context   transformer breakers   c4a2 planning   energy system   local law   private industry   advance reclosers   federal agency   improve function   national nrel   energy needs   public education   catastrophic failure   overhead lines   specific items   good practices24   electricity supply   recent past   renew focus   robust hardening   electric system   logistical issues   exist facilities   low grid   significant changes   municipal governments39   active borrower   economic hardship   whole maintaining   outside parties   high levels   statelevel authority   normal recovery   minimum consider   estimate load   localize subsystems   critical failure   electric utility   helpful resource   50mw peak   essential services   behindthemeter efficiency   install capacity   enhance program   grid alternatives   build systems   define boundaries   future disasters   orleans resilience   analytic requirements   federal recovery   inhouse expertise   give time   electrical system   managerial arrangements   federal agencies   capable units   cellular services   direct result   critical security   recovery efforts   dioxide emissions   resiliency investments   industrial standards   potential source   individual plans   factor information   essential infrastructure   recovery plans   cascade effects   systemwide understanding   next years   train deployment   fossilfuel generation   regulatory action   major projects   full understanding   hamper efforts   energy codes   propose step   investorowned utilities   temporary generation   21st century   detail assessments   few decades   regular intervals   electrical services   generation requirements   aid response   first territory   primary generation   new money12   cyber incidents   remote grid   solar hydro   key loss   large amount   evolve trends   automotivehosted thoughtleadership   march shortages   chip shortages   automotive loyalty   datum analytics   lose card   local reports
Actions:   leverage presence   mitigate impact   test integrity   estimate sales   reduce costs   follow group   identify solutions   result solutions   provide balance   focus efforts   address elements   include clearance   determine investments   provide insights   collect data   set refinements   enable states   eliminate positions   withstand mph   identify imt   withstand storm   save path   retain personnel   achieve infrastructure   establish manage   average 687   provide shipments   provide enhancement   provide use   remove encroachment   engage customers   support recovery   provide reliability   implement many   enhance timeline   asses clearances   asses contingencies   distribute institute   accommodate plant   restart economy   supply 17   supply plant   tailor retirements   balance opportunity   select governments   access requests   serve populations   term planning   enable requirements   improve infrastructure   spur growth   increase transparency   prioritize prec   transform prepa   recommend architecture   include flow   expand capacity   provide roadmap   provide recommendations   plan state   produce load   prioritize investments   fire plant   support operations   improve posture   maintain ecoel   build line   call benefits   seek ways   address actions   bring governance   update ties   develop set   segment system   mention need   prioritization approach   give discretion   assume lcoe   develop studies   refine standards   offer information   recover figure   include manufacturing   identify vulnerabilities   provide that   allow operators   add capabilities   mitigate respond   meet specifications   include assessment   relocate substations   rank options   require little   distribute function   limit extent   produce turbines   guarantee accountability   analyze cost   do p348   ensure diversity   harden infrastructure   plague industry   mitigate risk   plan building   make assumptions   address risks   identify procedures   relocate lines   implement idea   announce request   enable recovery   reflect needs   prioritization figure   act 82   confront commonwealth   facilitate access   take advantage   explore feasibility   describe situation   allow wheeling   set lcoe   determine value   incorporate ders   improve performance   cross areas   integrate forms   see segmentation   make strides   create microgrids   support location   assess plan   balance objectives   include tools   fire 500600mw   submit report   make landfall   serve needs   provide brownfield   establish timeline   derisk investments   set criteria   enforceable regulation   determine applicability   upgrade law   prioritize activities   promote privatization   counter force   provide cost   practice readiness   identify type   utilize standards   require interconnection   avoid elevation   import fuels   identify clusters   affect review   rebuild options   develop settings   lose trust   improve maintenance   run dercam   rightsize investment   specify that   confront recommendations   set implementation   provide assurances   rerout infrastructure   challenge ability   describe bureaucracy   incorporate considerations   identify resiliency   provide opportunities   inform level   protect systems   draft plan   reduce expenditures   undertake review   call need   investigate impacts   outline schedule   identify configurations   create structure   avoid areas   disrupt department   evaluate pathways   note reduction   trim trees   achieve rate   delay plans   reach 322mw   regulate aspects   build grids   harden grids   replace components   present designers   affect networks   recommend adoption   include availability   embed cybersecurity   enable restoration   create sector   reduce severity   ensure b   reduce curtailments   appoint 3   asses level   plan wwwnaseoorgenergyassurance   require material   instill confidence   add centers   define microgrids   plan resources   adopt authority   see appendix   contain recommendations   summarize findings   withstand speed   cost waiver   characterize relationships   do rankings   establish requirements   carry mission   build modernize   conduct planning   dismiss person   comply requirements   identify team   deliver volumes   indicate mw   accommodate capacity   introduce variability   provide workplans   contain wealth   ameliorate disruptions   describe staffed   provide comparison   draft pp   highlight interaction   place assets   need review   build contracts   prevent prepa   aid designers   create infrastructure   identify each   enable sensors   hit rico   determine course   question wisdom   withstand disruptions   provide services   establish contentuploads201803resolutionandorderirpceprap20180001pdf   limit cascade   improve hardware   prioritize infrastructure   connect network   allocate costs   identify placement   implement program   lbnl income   plan recommendations   underscore need   use voltage   consider issues   coordinate study   generate assets   require intervention   include maintenance   enable monitoring   undertake investments   save money   enforce upgrade   see results   eliminate risk   develop ics   express desire   establish rico   analyze clusters   coordinate management   detail assessments   assess capabilities   design systems   give sales   plan context   mitigate risks   modernize infrastructure   prepare aftermarket   augment shortages   meet rps   put pressure   access website   need 150mw   justify flow   execute plans   enter iii   carry agencies   reduce risk   protect examples   create plan   hit commonwealth   receive grant   incorporate resilience   withstand disasters   modify report   pay investment   describe efforts   inform investments   catalyze sector   restore grid   operate centers   require 20   leverage generation   overhaul arrangements   indicate economics   connect generations   meet definition   supply pipeline   establish vision   address issues   form set   generate evaluation   locate problems   employ algorithms   announce amount   take comparison   import lng   reduce losses   exacerbate difficulty   provide people   enforce requirements   enable wheeling   eliminate outages   balance loads   raise management   integrate portfolios   approve irp   facilitate resynchronization   restore benefit   set example   incorporate storage   revise timeline   establish hierarchy   serve facility   recommend engagement   enable separation   afford opportunity   keep workers   endure conditions   achieve resilience   support recommendations   use oil   face threats   capture value   inhabit territory   refine plans   meet standards   govern specification   locate use   sustain winds   seek providers   track reliability   avoid recommendations   dim prospects   predict sales   update systems   finalize order   include program   increase efficiency   trim it   face issues   inform plan   enforce codes   repair infrastructure   contain failures   integrate technologies   enhance recovery   provide interdependencies   design system   discuss need   identify mitigation   act 57   exceed iecc   inform plans   support communications   use renewables   enhance ability   build reimagining   control estcp   reduce amount   define interactions   use appropriations   demonstrate merit   plan rico   commence drafting   support increase   reduce reliance   implement regulations   control cost   assist utilities   integrate sensors   involve microgrid   end period   preplanning mode   set resources   press www8nationalacademiesorgonpinewsnewsitemaspxrecordid24836   limit need   allow grid   share delay   recommend program   enable range   provide variety   reduce influences   support infrastructures   state few   explore field   follow turnover   increase capabilities   gain understanding   have responsibilities   require efforts   improve impacts   provide investment   support reliability   use battery   serve officio   support infrastructure   recommend systems   emphasize importance   embed actions   evaluate options   facilitate wastetoenergy   increase resilience   promote efficiency   recur supply   meet needs   restore services   accompany crews   recommend lines   exceed levels   use plant   request efforts   utilize elevation   show this   compare difference   provide choices   provide benefit   justify cost   meet requirements   convene experts   identify changes   exceed hurricane   use array   identify interdependencies   improve security   make recommendations   require pipeline   increase s   close twelve   turn disaster   drill action   complement generators   establish training   minimize costs   occur recover   cause disruptions   shape load   provide supply   avoid rate   coordinate response   ensure stability   demand grid   reduce emissions   reduce exposure   stimulate dialogue   facilitate integration   begin index   request prepa   cost millions   site assets   satisfy load   prescribe standards   stress economy   sustain hardship   promote diversity   identify prepositioning   save https   establish process   optimize microgrid   enhance efforts   issue roadmap   balance excellence   begin operations   require restoration   enable it   accommodate declines   ramp stress   prevent use   bring gas   use infrastructure   load pvstorage   coordinate projects   optimize expenditures   regard improvements   reduce intensity   maintain base   propose timelines   reduce imports   include 1   refine role   model interdependencies   undertake 16   modify size   follow practices   identify mix   undertake analysis   mitigate corrosion   need 3   threaten welfare   pursue interaction   perform optimization   realize benefits   provide views   withstand standard   enhance efficiencies   maintain program   maintain survivability   balance planning   make thereto   regard o   surpass goal   standardize equipment   import pellets   require action   help microgrids   practice plans   ensure planning   survive event   operate networks   upgrade protection   address topic   use bunker   harden benefits   rebuild homes   improve reliability   require analysis   follow industry   complement generation   reduce cost   require cause   affect lines   add resiliency   identify hardening   adjust loads   provide avenues   serve infrastructure   help response   develop microgrid   update agreements   mitigate changes   propose repairing   develop tools   set town   discuss incorporation   require efficiency   outline framework   reinforce attractiveness   incorporate shift   ensure quality   displace imports   recommend actions   distribute resources   strengthen role   maximize use   deliver recommendations   clear timber   gain control   wwwnaseoorgeaguidelines assurance   integrate sources   build ship   complete paperwork   present risk   share resources   guide plans   minimize bill   require changes   describe combination   address needs   achieve firsts   take steps   program brigades   invoke call   stabilize bank   support goal   authorize prepa   exceed averages   mitigate understanding   implement programs   help context   turn years   identify gaps   demonstrate benefit   serve communities   cofiring biomass   monetize benefits   support system   include mix   increase likelihood   increase reliability   http wwwhudgovpresspress_releases_media_advisorieshud_no_18_028   identify ways   reduce need   verify clearances   ensure targets   exceed goal   upgrade procedures   provide foundation   offer benefits   refine responsibilities   study barriers   help size   include analysis   drive investment   facilitate sharing   build expertise   complement investment   rebuild efforts   note importance   limit costeffectiveness   produce set   account prec   provide assistance   waiver baseline   pay bills   include infrastructure   recognize services   automate information   diversify fuels   drive privatization   enable islands   establish advocate   modify plans   use materials   provide support   incorporate lessons   provide capability   prompt changes   reach agreements   mitigate incidents   exceed 5000mw   conduct assessments   reduce opportunity   adopt standards   meet goals   provide amounts   assign crew   show compliance   borrow money   repowering seco   reduce consequences   incorporate efficiency   replace poles   reduce criticality   operate system   remove member   install pv   deliver electricity   integrate lessons   provide governor   modernize system   identify system   asses options   require expansion   meet criteria   pay that   build codes   expedite update   develop standards   reduce margin   develop investment   safeguard reliability   express interest   occur practices   identify communities   provide ability   prioritize context   use sites   distort cost   reflect size   maximize benefits   support investments   search space   ensure availability   achieve goal   prepare utility   enjoy trust   prioritize capability   alleviate burden   detail changes   assess operations   provide evidence   interpret example   improve efficiency   return appointments   protect integrity   reduce dependence   reflect principles   prevent schemes   develop bias   include breakers   evaluate siting   make investments   reduce effects   enforceable standards   mitigate disruption   provide choice   harden etc   recommend hardening   resiliencerelated suggestions   borrow money12   replace crs   enable repair   carry towers   achieve results   ensure rational   submit irp   propose development   serve comparison   set standard   act requirements   modernize facilities   limit failures   prioritize comparison   use mw   use miles   flee rico   harden system   lay challenges   hit rico1   carry plan   reduce number   base decisions   utilize training   show strength   carry process   asses penalties   pursue alternatives   allow articulation   strengthen grid   maintain standardization   collect survey   survive frameworks   undergo activities   incentivize investment   conduct analysis   build corridors   liquefy association   maintain expertise   consider development   construct posthurricane   provide benefits   enable der   share contributions   hit usgs   conduct exercises   support applications   include units   rationalize costs   undertake 4   improve resilience   provide information   enable inspections   provide response   reduce influence   support functionality   establish prec   threaten safety   dscr gdp   integrate assets   require assets   adopt vision   give changes   offset outmigration   propose arrangements   leverage grid   determine connections   provide measurement   increase use   improve service   provide power   provide basis   improve generation   raise questions   confront households   offer resource   add sources   demand ders   approve issuance   program city   assist providers   strengthen resilience   provide advice   damage 95   cause damage   perform analysis   pursue microgrid   create guidelines51   identify actor   file irp   give breadth   conduct forwardlooking   fortify recommendations   highlight pillars   enable consumers   support wellbeing   provide service   seek http   describe 5   enjoy times   operate units   reduce 28   integrate resources   provide amount   restore projects   pay initiation   provide understanding   accelerate migration   create program   disrupt services   ensure practices   analyze availability   reduce lengths   ensure resilience   address interdependencies   use liveaction   involve reassessment   enhance resilience   raise substations   revisit irp   move assets   implement policy   implement recommendations   describe plan   serve objectives   act 32017   distribute derms   use analytics

Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.