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DISCLAIMER AND COPYRIGHT This work is a product of the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action. The findings, interpretations, and conclusions expressed in this paper are entirely those of the author(s). The boundaries, colors, denominations, and other information shown on any map or infographics in this work do not imply any judgment on the part of the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action concerning the legal status of any territory or the endorsement or acceptance of su

resilience through better risk   challenge for all finance   partnerships and new market   crisis and to work   impact on a government   impacts of the global   ensure that all investment   support to the fossil   partnership and the global  

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Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide |

Pathway Information

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Profiles:   the report   this steps   the costs   headon rates   a survey   the interpretations   this investments   the band   the policies   the virus   kamay assistance   the coalition   longterm productivity   the dispersion   oecd support   this synergies   the agreement   every insurer   this ndcs   this regulations   scal goals   et attributes   the ngfs   the ministries   the safety   http newclimateeconomynetpublications   a lens   the changes   the projects   the study   the tcfd   a question   the evidence   the employer   the potential   this efforts   the reforms   the project   the quality   uk burden   the system   this swaps   oecd framework   the promotion   this work   the mitigants   the taxes   a challenge   the risk   the surveys   the speed   ie coinvestments   an elements   this estimates   each intervention   a group   the information   this measure   the governments   all approaches   the content   its attention   a shift   a area   the resilience   a price   the scheme   the world   its constraints   the targets   it principle   the rescue   the preparation   the approaches   the question   a whole   imf responses   the importance   the agenda   the choice   a imperative   the data   doiorg101787c50f186fen data   the use   the partnership   it scope   which activities   a threat   this section   the guarantee   the rate   the time   the quantum   plan responses   the cochairs   it responses   the goal   this shift   this paper   the market   the community   this stream   the unit   its portfolio   the requirements   the funds   a review   this governments   g summary   the pandemic   the sector   an countries   the industry   the paper   the iea   the range   a transition   this issuances   the environment   this owners   the recommendations   the reduction   the challenges   oecd progress   the outflows   the decisions   the context   the recovery   the machine   the programme   we model   the amount   the greenness   a exercise   its reserves   this factors   the package   the assessment   the multipliers   a range   that action   the work   the mdbsdfis   a package   the economy   we lack   the task   all policies   the impediments   this projects   the preconditions   robin clover   the group   a objective   a combination   this areas   a strategy   the ease   brooking governments   the frameworks   a example   a part   the fallout   all finance   a economy   all rights   the rates   a priority   the multiplier   this phase   the country   the number   all spending   the consequences   outlook report   it nature   it model   a tool   the savings   the authors   we system   the outlook   a recovery   the day   the realities   the negotiations   the focus   a rating   the levels   the turn2us   its focus   this amount   a system   wwwfc4sorg centre   this differences   no oecd   all governments   a bond   the mdbs   all sources   that bailouts   the priority   this technologies   all partners   this report   the investments   the timing   the process   a stimulus   the availability   every dollar   ie levels   the role   an measures   the types   ladreit effects   the index   this approach   this context   oecd procurement   this countries   its actions   the agency   an aspects   a scale   the response   the impacts   what support   the views   this aspects   the alternative   the effect   the design   the purpose   the needs   the practices   all options   a project   the wind   the vehicle   the impact   a officials   the audience   be theory   the crisis   an projects   a difference   the government   the return   this organisations   the case
Goals:   design resilience sustainability   require enormous impact   develop powerful example   include new economy   manage structural challenges   shape better recovery   explore mobility services   limit temperature increase   announce coalition 4   provide clear mandate   amplify disastrous impacts   represent including countries   blockchain economy support   greening crisis response   compensate energy sources   align support finance   keep sector package   transform tremendous needs   reach established goals   develop sourcing projects   support member efforts   deliver timely programmes   offer country members   address carbon pricing   foster better understanding   design use packages   subsidise solar sources   keep guarantee scheme   give compete edge   include available billion   lead large multiplier   enable partial guarantee   promote living conditions   adjust policy mix   build large coalition   set necessary foundations   strengthen disaster preparedness   deliver green budgeting   develop included members   deploy support policy   apply arrive costs   create estimated jobs   commit meet support   finance rescue packages   support sustainable development   create fiscal see   tap financial markets   increase fiscal actions   deliver environmental benefits   support strong recovery   shift financial system   use higher proportion   maximise policy costefficiency   restore carbon pricing   support sustainable investments   reduce risks regulations   exhibit induced reduction   support change objectives   support includes ori   moderate supply shocks   increase private flows   provide needed finance   design stimulus package   generate same streams   find key priority   increase sector mobilisation   introduce time packages   issue new set   support climate action   strengthen finance foundations   cover procurement framework   lend quarterly journal   grow capital base   underscore many benefits   meet rescue needs   build strong institute   support better recovery   support system transition   tupad provides workers   achieve high level   spark new cycle   include including support   assess impacts jobs   address significant backlog   foster ways innovation   impede greater engagement   enable innovation investment   catalyse including finance   overcome debt problems   support ambitious scaling   bring change programmes   support public investment   incentivising user demand   reinforce encourage incentives   scale offer benefits   support individuals businesses   contain health emergency   include infusion plan   greening system ngfs   see box implications   measure output responses   design stimulus packages   induce capital costs   achieve including goals   address potential challenges   play fundamental part   represent significant increase   include include impacts   revamp support strategies   use updated database   ensure greener recovery   reduce government fees   ensure affordability costeffectiveness   provide markets investors   assess economic stimulus   enhance finance flows   support pricing schemes   comprise connected network   address biodiversity loss   provide certainty signals   charge lanes points   play dual role   improve risk management   facilitate suppliers programmes   enter recovery phase   determine economic outcomes   characterise savings scope   face challenging situation   drive drive economies   plan sustainability checklist   set recovery germany   build exhibit stations   include weaken efforts   secure needed financing   ensure domestic flights   affect new issuance   tackle debt climate   prepare special facilities   accelerate infrastructure projects   balanceofpayment challenging pressures   illustrate broad principles   ease visual capitalist   identify impeding obstacles   measure sectoral estimates   greening financial system   identify ready projects   commit additional billion   take multidimensional approach   meet call needs   adopt new taxonomy   help largescale finances   suit economic situation   include clean investment   mitigate finance risks   prepare practice guidance   improve transparency governance   develop better understanding   reflect full range   include detailed measures   exceed estimated jobs   publish world bank   accelerate investment programmes   replace dirty stock   develop transport services   develop instruments institutions   include management 14bn   impose stranded costs   accelerate transformation helsinki   come future package   address health impacts   boost construction sector   prevent covid19 crisis   unlock development finance   absorb debt investments   face climaterelated extremes   facilitate harmonisation uniformity   reduce air pollution   identify best projects   conduct impact assessment   provide useful indication   achieve determined contributions   stimulate crowds demand   design strategies programmes   improve refinancing opportunities   unwind environmental regulations   integrate wellbeing goals   tilt energy fields   need recovery packages   meet economic objectives   replace emerging bonds   design climate action   set including ambitions   design integrate packages   require communications strategies   compromise sovereign relief   use projects programmes   design covid19 recovery   address arise failures   secure needed support   deliver recovery archetypes   restore sustainability complementary   shift management paradigm   need taxes regulations   plan economic recovery   require advanced investments   track policies stimulus   match different investors   inform design guidance   provide tools guidance   show creation potential   support investment strategies   avoid promoting sprawl   bridge potential gap   drive better recovery   replace new package   estimate cumulative climate   provide advisory services   build covid19 economy   face acute constraints   drive resilient support   capture rethinking externalities   publish fiscal resilience   align financial flows   manage covid19 recovery   promote cycling walking   involve temporary reduction   create green classes   reveal core set   catalyse systemic changes   increase reduces capacity   compare employment impacts   induce gas emissions   hurt recovery risk   need coherent policy   decarbonise economic system   admit large proportion   give possible insight   enact market reforms   build want future   play lower prices   accelerate energy installations   build better packages   generate government revenue80   prepare physical infrastructure   favour budget allocations   provide bring opportunity   adopt green filter   drain fiscal resources   include climate reports   deliver full package   create common framework   strengthen financial system   counter economic inequalities   embrace help priorities   incorporate performance objectives   support energy sources   finance green transition   undermine mitigate efforts   evaluate fiscal policies   use public spending   bring green perspective   guarantee replace issuances   pose own set   widen capital flight   implement green filter   identify infrastructure projects   involve fiscal support   defend automotive sector   play important role   reform fuel subsidies   provide covid19 measures   scale infrastructure programmes   require strengthen efforts   implement support strategies   face complex situation   note creation potential   integrate investment ideas   drive need investments   play powerful role   achieve triple wins   return global context   consider simple tools   maintain strong foundation   reduce invest incentive   apply wellbeing lens   attract finance mdbs   scale infrastructure investments   involve gradual lifting   make pursue point   increase carbon pricing   consider investment programmes   give competitive edge   greening gradual integration   enhance positive impacts   weaken environmental protections   offer good match   manage crisis policymakers   involve critical role   use additional funds   iied strand j   asses carbon reductions   inform risk management   play leading role62   take recovery packages   increase development interventions   increase leverage urgency   meet urgent needs   keep job creation   address multiple stressors   prepare investment programmes   implement backed policies   project institutions ifis   apply abovementioned framework   face economic stress   support appendix details   finish required work   generate financial assets   set building blocks   support private sector   professionalise public procurement   balance multiple objectives   represent considerable strain   use model https   assign greenness value   make radical reductions   create assessed opportunity   purchase market debt   provide public goods   introduce efficiency standards   manage taking risks   provide policy signals   strengthen policy frameworks   create new jobs   fight pairing development   fuel deep loss   adopt systems focus   implement economy commission   cover controls emissions   design recovery strategies   plan help priorities   enhance growth potential   provide procedures subsidies   include strengthen support   explore help taxes   face debt difficulties   create invest fund   develop capacity advice   examine major economies   recover green recovery   tupad communitybased package   give best bang   face fiscal stress   reflect investor appetite   target new approach   meet climate goals   mobilise investments capital   enhance own resilience   accelerate innovation deployment   take holistic approach   provide emergency subsidy   publish common ground   generate benefits stimulus   provide market economies   leverage new partnerships   trigger largest decline   expedite projects support   reduce control protection   consider projects programmes   exploit technological progress   lead global recovery   adopt recovery package   unlock jobs source   include subsidy scheme   heighten emerging markets   support emerging packages   asses expanding allocation   alleviate see consequences   reduce carbon footprint   track carbon emissions   bring donor countries   consider support options   return rate reduction   provide jobs training   include tends electrification   tackle policy risk   embrace active role   avoid dangerous models   lockin existing paradigm   increase assigning capacity   apply impact indicator   boost growth restore   bear income tax   access lending programmes   support market economies   place green programmes   assist financial sector   support recovery strategies   include needs asymmetry   include emissions targets   encourage lock mobility   see energy efficiency   face high productivity   enhance pricing measures   provide equity type   achieve payoffs box   produce investment roadmaps41   seek boost investments   need maximise policies   drive investment programmes   avoid emerging crunch   make including mobility   include physical infrastructure   deliver employment outcomes   facilitate multiplication markets   consider possible process   do recent survey   build better one   deliver economic benefits   ask finance ministries   implement emergency measures   build financial resilience   transform financial system   support inclusive recoveries   monitor dispersed projects   face other emergencies   issue level statement   cover full range   boost including countries   use german presidency   deliver effective stimulus   maximise risks multipliers   identify covid19 https   launch accelerate initiative   include gradual opening   develop new framework   identify worst offenders   enhance effectiveness equity   assign government funds   include boost support   boost growth employment   build future skills   support green transformation   use determined contributions   implement purchasing approaches   design programmes strategies
Measures:   riskreturn profiles   prolong depression   several fronts   multiple benefits   respective objectives   financial flows   define challenges   fiscal risks   significant shocks   supervisory expectations   sustainable development48   previous crises   advance investments   certain species   good platforms   low markets   fiscal outlays   expand resources   capital injections   brown firmsindustries   watershed restoration   limit innovation   effective multipliers   local authorities   revenue decline   emerge markets   project population   urban populations   air pollution   secondary materials   exist challenges   public railways   new jobs   future packages   analytic advice   public policies   additional government   equitable recovery   clear strategies   develop efforts   longterm transformation   full package   increase uncertainty   strong component   public investment   stimulus support   come decades   welldesigned policies   environmental goals   large project   official community   several challenges   exist vulnerabilities   local measures   energy fields   large declines   sustainable trajectory   bailout conditions   inefficient support   public management   urban areas   green recovery   domestic education   european recovery   tax incentives   vulnerable countries   economic stress   fiscal firepower   great attention   basic reforms   regulatory policies   longlast consequences   financial assistance   fastimplementing data   green bank   useful guidance   urban sectors   gradual integration   wide effort   recovery package   ongoing programme   old attempts   largescale programmes   current workers   little consensus   inclusive recoveries   conditional transfers   clear mandate   practice guidance   pair development   induce reduction   public flows   collective target   renewable cars   climatefriendly recovery   partial guarantee   medium term   development banks   available resources   dense networks   sustainable environment   investment strategy   standby financing   longterm view   efficient way   emerge issuance   longerterm commitment   green conditions   different facets   renewable assets   green investments7   advance countries   same streams   good projects   unleash suffering   digital economy   institutional investors   low families   central banks   direct support   pandemic fund   sustainability50 pricing   water quality   new cycleways   dirty capital   current policies   green strategies   public borrowing   social distancing   great interest   people activities   exist paradigm   important considerations   tcfdconsistent disclosures   wide reforms   run evidence   important support   disappoint levels   important clients   global impacts   present value   new commitments   green growth   third quarter   key lessons   high level   resilient output   appropriate frameworks   social consequences   good guidance   net losses   connect network   road prices   multiple emergencies   investment opportunities   high lifetime   impact indicator   clean finance   international collaboration   natural capital   upstream policy   potential obstacles   technological progress   economic loss   deal plan   mandatory use   rise climate   climateresilient economy   business support   rural polices   present recessions   severe difficulties   heighten vulnerabilities   revenueneutral way   visual capitalist   multilateral banks   promise options   risk management   transparency framework   climate goals   lowincome households   shortterm stabilisation   risk regulations   dirty stock   physical resilience   respiratory diseases   right jobs   resilient programmes   green stimulus   exist protections   worth projects   shortterm phase   social amelioration   high resources   comprehensive coverage   adjustment measures   impact households   sovereign relief   lend programmes   construction sector   require work   exist need   public health   vary preferences   enhance incentives   policy frameworks   important reductions   global platforms   financial agencies   last years   normal attempts   fast bounceback   affect regions   trust conveners   economic inequalities   fragment market   political sciencelse   effective use   regional fund   target incentives   national banks   systemic programmes   longterm finance   large coverage   perceive risks   negative impacts   traditional investors   new issuance   resistance programmes   national actions   feasible investments   expansionary action   good stimulus   same advantages   macrofiscal frameworks   finance ministries   alternative investments   comprehensive package   recovery advance   transaction costs   financial crises   first measures   high risks   demandside countries   special facilities   economic effects   bilateral agencies   filipino workers   welldesigned package   new standards   own finance   significant improvements   special conference   unique opportunity   paris agreement   possible process   bilateral finance   macroeconomic actions   final tax   development institutions   fiscal decisions   whole systems   sustainable infrastructure   express vision   ongoing practices   project prices   technical solutions   middle classes   easy access   financial preparedness   electric vehicles   supplementary package   les scope   environmental damages   economic policies   strong finances   assistanceadvisory services   dual role   low prices   contributionindex programmes   protective measures   displace loans   responsible buildings   debt investments   system ngfs   sustainability checklist   potential gap   global cooperation   guarantee climate   social resistance   global imbalances   high rates   global gas   urban transitions   structural dislocations   mobility services   many industries   large floods   cash assistance   substantial figure   fossil fuel   large effects   significant pressure   sdg objectives   human experience   national recovery   align structures   smart agriculture   fossil fuels   idiosyncratic risks   macrofiscal context   donor countries   different dimensions   time packages   right strategies   clean alternatives   strong impacts   new areas   fiscal monitor   historic proportions   more opportunities   zoning maps   anticipate demands   comprehensive tools   high growth   most schemes   collective ambitions   effectiveness equity   resourceconstrained world   environmental management   legal framework   coherent policy   emerge business   natural resource   climatefriendly supplies   significant heterogeneity   urban sprawl   technological rates   crucial identifying   support environment   challenge situation   regional loan   complex projects   subnational investments   available investments   financial firms   complex constructions   systematic application   green creation   economic prosperity   value creation   additional subsidies   innovative reviews   greenness value   urban investments   federal budget   farreaching benefits   smallscale programmes   international network   medical resources   cost savings   important countries   right time   recovery archetypes   sustainable recovery   account deficits   automotive efficiency   rapid expansion   unlisted equity   global temperature   future crises   low costs   public tenders   alternative use   international support   immense stress   international debt   inefficient reform   political risks   project support   longstanding development   same period   coherence accountability   market debt   advance economies   doubledigit factors   energy consumption   energy demand   remain projects   risk premia   investment management   price signals   crisis policymakers   recovery budgeting   climatefriendly technologies   climate catastrophe   retail banks   recent research   increase awareness   many extraction   far evidence   effective measures   great sums   sophisticate tagging   successful implementation   effective action   plan projects   responsible institutions   innovative platforms   unprecedented support   efficient ways   wide network   sustainable capacity   estimate jobs   strand costs   macroeconomic effects   proactive investments   private spending   creation potential   sovereign bonds   immediate impacts   strong response   economic advisors   political science   detail measures   quick response   main findings   triple wins   resilient support   market economies   accountable entity   fuel prices   green loans   government fees   far work   financial stress   strand assets22   longterm climate   most funds   good tools   solid tools   grow crunch   complex challenges   inhouse capabilities   attractive cobenefits   structural challenges   distributional impacts   equity type   rural policies   embed climate   capital base   mount evidence   greensustainable taxonomies   planetary boundaries   determine contributions   fiscal recovery   job opportunities   strong recoveries   relevant tradeoffs   good growth   recoveryrelated measures   adverse impact   rapid advancement   readymade roadmap   large proportion   incumbent technologies   embed advisors   exist debt   large needs   several banks   tremendous challenges   national development   different decisions   revenue streams   priority needs   individual circumstances   overlap transitions   complementary assets   financial disclosures   environmental outcomes   first countries   good coordination   pandemic efforts   international efforts   emergency measures   private ownership   financial institutions   longterm strategies   early stages   considerable differences   potential projects   public finance   immediate priority   metropolitan bodies   green packages   sustainable source   multiple challenges   large structures   green decisions   automotive sector   active modes   noncommercial purposes   specific examples   international policy   low variation   low technologies   new incentives   sectoral investment   environmental jobs   good conditions   development finance   systematic assessments   increase exposure   net benefits   green transition   economic situation   donorfunded platforms   negative effects   major opportunities   broad objectives   rapid recovery   different countries   joint efforts   small enterprises   preferential treatment   government funds   key failures   fiscalmonetary coordination   technical capacity   national targets   current thinking   broad risks   past measures   emerge bonds   second wave   american act   stringent targets   environmental emergencies   important role   circular economy   productive technologies   resilient growth   green source   economic weakness   debt difficulties   improve health   lead times   downstream segments   green investment   strategic phase   recent evidence   long term   economic networks   broad policy   controversial variation   riskmitigating intervention   capital markets   infrastructure projects   country governments   low buildings   complementary policy   current decade   powerful guide   split incentives   slide scale   executive order   political guidance   warrant conditions   use targets   renewable environment   infrastructure costs   new construction   regional example   conditional businesses   short run   mobility paradigm   international flights   lorena cochairs   new approaches   new approach   agree taxonomies   human capital   large benefits   traditional infrastructure   good bang   emerge market   good investment   renewable power   high countries   climaterelated analysis   economic downturn   develop world   temporary reduction   fiscal reforms   second policies   sectoral transformation   interconnect world   multidimensional approach   renewable sources   important part   severe downturn   visible use   efficient conditioning   leave countries   green classes   strategy programmes   medical supply   structural shifts   high proportion   federal payment   public funds   crisis response   purchase approaches   financial industry   fiscal actions   long figure   articulate strategies   limit alternatives   powerful way   strong support   lowincome countries   minimal allocations   reduce interest   public finances   procurement materials   green approaches   large deficits   own set   programme society   economic growth   broad consumption   semiskil jobs   various fees   important goods   financial risks   political discourse   address cochairs   integrate way   common framework   disaggregate costs   right people   next decades3   various programmes   economic system   social housing   immediate challenge   subsequent pledges   sustainable response   strong recovery   many challenges   economic multipliers   own lending   corporate reduction   critical technologies   global context   electric vehicle   strong view   future research   regional banks   urban pollution   shareholder value   environmental advantages   support regulations   pandemic losses   early stage   domestic markets   green development   economic strategy   renewable storage   old model   monetary policy   good structures   low occupancy   suitable instruments   policy risk   average rates   hydrogenfuelled vehicles   biodiversity loss   temporary action   high effects   equivalent job   public entity   more labour   economic activity   carbon pricing   green issuance   minimum price   good batteries   clean economy   preindustrial rise   fossil prices   extreme weather   investor appetite   geographic targeting   longterm investors   fiscal consolidations   age infrastructure   economic resilience38   political risk   stateowned institution   confluent changes   successful transformation   institution ifis   institutional support   late stage   early cases   light bulbs   many markets   central government   multiple objectives   wrong type   renewable technologies   financial resilience   ori package   global emissions   finnish smes   public conditions   physical assets   future revenues   new sources   global infrastructure   procedure subsidies   capital costs   large decline   acute constraints   zoning regulations   national levels   regulatory measures   work papers   publicprivate partnerships   specific services   improve water   urban opportunity   failure incoherence   new cycle   domestic foundations   good packages   significant benefits   fiscal estimates   good practice   economic outcomes   job creation   debt problems   strong foundation   minimum standards   upfront costs   international frameworks   major programmes   good taxonomies   overall basis   massive investment   oilproducing countries   sovereign problems   economic activities   support strategies   green infrastructure   economic uncertainty   high economy   current countries   wide implications   big implications   commercial investors   early mitigation   social security   fiscal resources   costly responses   fundamental gaps   radical reductions   broad decisions   current estimates   big dislocations   longstanding challenges   support finance   automatic multipliers   mitigation investments   low energy   many ways   channel resources   palomo cochairs   poor countries   robust stimulus   sector mobilisation   necessary foundations   climate stress   sustainable energy   positive impact   social guarantee   unique window   save techniques   public programmes   multiplier effects   environmental regulations   resilient infrastructure   first year   past stimulus   public buildings   innovative use   more jobs   domestic efforts   industrialise markets   strong action   inform decisions   specific asset   asian countries   physical infrastructure   traditional stimuli   ongoing emergencies   fix costs   immense capital   future returns   recovery risk   sustainable models   supportive policy   longlast effects   sustainable consultation   largescale finances   subsequent decades   uniform coupon   global climate   historic declines   much work   absorption capacity   economic crises   output responses   policy reinforcement   limit capacity   many programmes   displace workers   novel disease   pandemic policy   sustainable markets   share mobility   competitive advantages   climaterelated shocks   productive assets   future risks47   challenge circumstances   relief package   upstream elements   medical endgame   green listing   productive capacity55   bad offenders   most stimulus   previous years   possible reimposition   broad esg   climate risks   public budgets   global economy   market failures   capital allocation   great extent   private type   local economy   net wealth   flowon effects   commercial finance   heighten vulnerability   fund agreement   basic criteria   financial structure   environmental degradation   transport systems   fte jobs   employment package   international coordination   sustainable project   full time   german initiative   energy sources   huge payoffs26   urgent needs   potential speed   information asymmetry   revenue potential   harmful subsidies   multilateral partners   enough time   major trends   vivid greenness   international climate   sustainable investments   exist projects   concrete pipeline   sufficient scale   green brown   universal access   brooking institution   green transformation   private investment   grow crisis   natural hazards   great demand   infrastructure investments   broad pricing   high income   green economy   valuable tools   climaterelated disclosures   mandatory reporting   green platforms   continue operations   follow potential   contrast tradeoffs   long support   transition plans   twophase plan   immense debts   environmental soundness   wide economy   new wagons   play fields   eminent group   relate stimulus   severe season   new strategy   subsidy reform   productive uses   limit access   public debtgdp   global efforts   ambitious targets   longrun multipliers   robust packages   rural electrification   market reforms   high risk   global crisis   new structures   positive value   good reports   international capital   strategic tools   substantial revenue80   financial regulators   good alignment   foster implementation   quarterly journal   low clients   differential impacts   financial governance   effective society   capital flows   key points   inefficient systems   fall demand   supplier programmes   young people   social responsibility   low economy   sustainable use   high intensity   global population   financial management   market capacity   second limit   solar industry   innovative services   behavioural responses   local capacity   international development   poor outcomes   challenge period   social impacts   next decade   recent example   tailormade approaches   new work   council presidency   expansionary policy   green projects   solar resources   compact cities   private mobilisation   finance foundations   forum efficiency   several tools   strong attention   wholeeconomy transition   just officials   governmentinduced risk   national pledges   corporate financing   careful consideration   technical change   extreme stress   underemployed workers   great responsibilities   key competition   develop countries   global recovery   cement standards   rural support   flexible rate   develop members   internal incentives   frenchgerman principles   critical services   international dfis   high uptake   sustainable development   structural changes   green approach   good world   dynamic adaptability   ready shovel   green hydrogen   top companies   clear signals   need reductions   significant degree   global governance   modal shift   sound governments   clear indication   baseline figure   job package   asset costs   wholeofsociety approach   sustainable transport   central coordination   full activity   greening packages   many benefits   project pipelines   20th century57   pandemic world   change zoning   private capital   capital stock   supportive frameworks   user demand   many parts   necessary lockdowns   current context   lockdown measures   good ndc   international economics   few loans   change risk   key levers   important complement   low sectors   right places   preparation funding   climatefriendly packages   inefficient subsidies   build blocks   longterm goals   common ground   hostile climate   fiscal support   international ifis   environmental requirements   good match   financial centres   longterm resilience   increase competition   asymmetric transmission   public investments   late fees   advisory services   sustainable investment   powerful example   temperature increase   financial sectors   supportive system   development interventions   institutional changes   major recovery   solar sources   human populations   climate management   material impact   national authorities   real prices   establish goals   comprehensive packages   social emergencies   renewable investments   private mobility   emerge crunch   fiscal sustainability50   strand j   financial instruments   large school   dedicate funds   strong effects   few decades3   human costs   direct finances   exist bonds   same time   drive objectives   strand assets   similar challenges   medium enterprises   economy barriers   many companies   carbonintensive capital   sustain growth   infrastructure investment   new partnerships   economic sectors   low prices86   real returns   budgetary framework   many impacts   large coalition   key priority   local economies   desirable policies   middle countries   low capital   recovery phase   clean installations   immediate term   strong programmes   carbonintensive behaviour   additional funds   target sector   institutional impediments   grow sector   locationefficient housing   fiscal consolidation   sound investments   increase availability   short scheme   technical skills   air quality   major role   postpandemic recovery   riskreturn gap   good metrics   climate regulations   ida guarantee   strong coordination   insurance coverage   critical factors   accelerate transitions   finance community   successful medium   potential rollback   market structure   sustainable goals   key sectors   good measure   recovery plan   holistic approach   recent update   major uncertainty   fiscal positions   large costs   asset classes   green perspective   productive investment   broad measures   exit strategy   distortionary taxes   necessary scale   management paradigm   critical needs   methodological challenges   deep loss   helpful guidance8   sector package   new technologies   local knowledge   green public   close collaboration   central role   large projects   greenbrown taxonomies   fix rate   fossilfuelrelated measures   leverage levels   positive externalities   clean innovation   limit space   additional benefit   important build   strong actions   green taxonomies   ambitious action   desire scope   seychelles debt   environmental impacts   solar examples   good supervision   unprecedented increases   survey responses   risk protection   internal activities   source materials   clear expectations   special role   essential foundation   level statement   sovereign bond   performance objectives   considerable scope   multiple stakeholders   unleash finance   job source   frequent extremes   electric railways   longterm objectives   green technologies   new phases   outstanding debt   restructure process   economic forum   high multipliers   price schemes   good management   recent report33   green principles   inventory analysis   several countries   systemic changes   most countries   early action   new taxonomy   net value   far rises   fast sector   net programme   economic efficiency   mitigation policies   distortive subsidies   key workers   important driver   urgent need   diverse region   local pollution   private finance   protective equipment   modern energy   active role   total stimulus   follow directions   key locations   environmental taxes   federal markets   wide degradation   different proposals   spatial planning   large chillers   public intervention   emerge index   public sheets   international mechanisms   useful indication   monetary values   upstream project   economic crisis   sectoral ministries   previous forecast   finnish government   different solutions   effective institutions   large pools   high productivity   ongoing crisis   wide shifts   immense risk   commercial rates   internal operations   longerterm transformation   fiscal multiplier   electric ebikes   consistent terms   overall priorities   renewable efficiency   digital announces   current deficits   future ndc   fiscal space   enormous impact   potential reductions   financial markets   cumulative climate   strategic adjustments   institutional frameworks   growth potential   term direction   governmentbourne exemption   several years   debt climate   binary greenbrown   international investment   green filter   sound projects   equivalent package   complex situation   focus funds   unprecedented reversals   tremendous needs   convertible agreement   green budgeting   national plan   sectoral perspectives   longterm growth   relative performance   coastal infrastructure   ready projects   good policy   longerterm objectives   broad principles   potential challenges   wellbeing goals   improve increase   relevant ministries   economic inefficiencies   tight add   target ministries   interest banks   potential risks   spend multipliers   robust pipelines   economic impacts   debt crunch   fiscal systems   wide perspective   green buildings   climate considerations   timely programmes   high prices   clean air   supplyside countries   stimulus packages   medical uncertainty   exist work   weight countries   private rate   renew action   civil society   powerful role   legal status   continue advancement   ambitious ndcs   british blog   effective packages   pollute infrastructure   live conditions   global facility   climate reports   development community   green finance   effective schemes   patent activity   emerge economies   public actor   good climate   technical services   select countries   individual mobilisation   maintenance backlog   good understanding   finance institutions   sustainable programmes   helpful tool   predominant transport   change evidence   exante preparedness   new package   natural water   full attribution   relative effectiveness   credible vision   unexpect ways   run infrastructure   great growth   large emitters   effective governments   good remanufacturing   capacity gaps   institutional source   degrade land   small businesses   financial systems   programmatic approaches   productive investment51   economic sector   crucial benefits   finance flows   climate risk   new markets   future skills   second example   corporate taxes   overall desirability   additional cashflow   fiscal resilience   unsustainable use   major economies   accelerate climate   executive summary   extreme flooding   high returns   real economy   high challenges   key systems   economic multiplier   international standards   low surplus   interstate trade   urgent focus   lowcost finance   eligible countries   lifetime costs   common objectives   personal ppe   cooperative financing   fulltime jobs   unsold goods   abundant appetite   gradual lifting   economic transport   environmental protections   green targets   huge stresses   intangible capital   fiscal sustainability   need financing   emerge mdbs   reform agenda   wide reform   public spending   overseas workers   key actions   country support   carbonintensive banks   change risks   carbon reductions   inequitable growth   new economy   special attention   important insights   infrastructure programmes   different ideas   solar wind   external shocks   private mdbs   poor people   growth rate   multiplication markets   large multiplier   public goods   credible plans   climate economy   projectlevel guidance   policy mix   important dimension   intangible prices   opaque risks   grantbased support   national policies   country experience   augment support   new programmes   subsidy programme   longterm countries   future one   crucial consideration   common challenge   stimulus package   longterm transition   climate change   monthly assistance   help countries   potential revenues   recent work   sustainable flows   subnational governments   reasonable cost   federal investment   good regulations   severe impacts   guarantee scheme   uncertain onset   unchartered territory   integral part   economics greenness   local contractors   technical expertise   economic policy   competitive edge   exist schemes   mandatory reportingdisclosure   regulatory requirements   efficient technologies   low concerns   large infrastructure   coastal protection   global transformation   report risk   european investment   benefitcost ratios   slow recovery   netzero plan   fundamental part   possible innovations   adverse consequences   strategic directions   exist regulations   more guarantees   project monitoring   medical responses   broad coverage   downstream activities   national level   total climate   fastinfra platform   future package   natural gas   great depression   national measures   quality investments   normal strategy   catalytic role   valuable inputs   secular trends   dense corridors   municipal systems   strong arguments   few challenges   renewable generators   longterm assets   financial system   environmental benefits   broad range   interrelate challenges   change objectives   improve heating   grow inequalities   communitybased package   just transition   transformative impact   resource policy   firm production   aggregate supply   various shades   change marketplace   mind creation   different opportunities   large agenda   severe stress   capital flight   huge benefits   mean rise   limit flights   projectbased mobilisation   sectoral estimates   advance markets   additional grants   goal sdgs   abovementioned framework   significant effects   revenueenhancing measures   emergency initiatives   liquidity assistance   budgetary process   longterm development   disastrous impacts   administrative silos   sectoral transitions   inefficient reviews   plan conference   temporal dimensions   mdb resources   retail road   growth source   clear lessons   long programmes   solar programmes   private flows   work opinions   investor portfolios   east countries   budgetary processes   emerge cities   unplanned sprawl   environmental risk   strong climate   next phase   appropriate protocols   strong institutions   large buildings   core set   innovative technologies   upstream services   high factor   exacerbate vulnerability   riskadjusted returns   longrun gains   good practices   solid activities   right skills   new examples   lowstress construction   financial instability   different channels   critical component   green policies   financial intermediaries   target support   naturebased solutions   disaster preparedness   far monitor   substantial savings   fiscal policy   recovery strategies   impact businesses   individual agendas   green programmes   global depression   climate action   medical emergency   european plan   international institutions   initial evidence   environmental taxation   investment plan   effective delivery   public procurement   german presidency   source projects   energy installations   sovereign debt   institutional investment   significant backlog   such boundaries   recent group   difficult balance   regional government   steady decline   pandemic crisis   spare resources   high creation   preparatory work   high impact   low cost   technological transformation   fiscal multipliers   private investors   net increase   emission targets   social damage   future shocks   economic recovery   electric mobility   key capacities   infectious diseases   electric cars   clean infrastructure   voluntary initiative   corporate investments   net incomes   sustainable frameworks   green banking   smallscale projects   robust transparency   renewable investment   usual levels   displace land   cumulative investment   ongoing projects   electric buses   available technologies   commercial sector   low multipliers   investment ideas   green crises   develop packages   short multipliers   economic food   recovery policymakers   hazard exposures   fiscal balance   new ways   green investments   risk submission   update view   ambitious scaling   great variety   great coordination   considerable strain   robust prices   green procurement   change pricing   many economies   whole series   solar pv   great engagement   high chance   rapid spread   local level   multiple stressors   increase finance   systematic stocktaking   normal phases   analysis project   clean vehicles   most markets   rescue packages   qualify employees   many countries   renewable certificates   distributional consequences   government commitments   reduce pollution   successful reforms   powerful enabler   third regulations   project populations   longterm strategy   valuable support   fiscal deficit   immediate action   societal resilience   global gdp   financial packages   economy laws   technological development   taxis regulations   urgent action   employment impacts   upstream support   fiscal stress   change programmes   investment package   longterm package   safe world   potential shocks   fiscal policies   new light   inherent complexities   emergency subsidy   member countries   critical role   compact development   national timeliness   recur security   rise risk   institutional factors   blend finance   strategic plans   citiesurban contexts   income tax   zerobased practices   intensive incentives   active dialogue   large risks   multiple transitions   rate reduction   fleet size   clean investment   national institutions   necessary ambition   miss demand   national masterplans   renewable energy   social inclusion   traditional intensity   finance architecture   inclusive investments   public stimulus   crucial role   recovery packages   come period   technical assistance   several contexts   social awareness   fiscal action   budgetconstrained owners   small impacts   model https   positive impacts   private rates   important lesson   private vehicles   financial resources   sustainable agriculture   retail users   finance mdbs   due covid19crises   shortterm examples   economic returns   physical facility   long run   black carbon   different investors   current cycle   relative terms   blue infrastructure   public governments   complex coordination   political acceptability   health emergency   aprilmay decline   wellbeing lens   long time   own resilience   empirical tariffs   respective baselines   strong strategies   public sector98   support policies   oecd analysis   available results   large role   important anchor   standardise instruments   future change   institutional challenges   sustainable growth   low debt   rental building   green deal   strong recognition   urban zoning   exist stock   exist efforts   vulnerable firms   concessional finance   low countries   urban development   supervisory practices   immediate future   enable framework   concrete materials   key incentives   climatefriendly mobility   specific plan   refinance opportunities   economic benefits   strategic planning   natural disasters   economic advantages   valuable revenues   human wellbeing   effective therapy   need resources   vivid economics   manage vehicles   capacity pillar   economy support   fiscal expansions   personal equipment   new framework   debt relief   multiple forces   physical risks   tailpipe emissions   coherent approach   term support   social returns   institutional reforms   financial crisis   damage emergencies   economic efficiencies   multilateral architecture   significant increase   increase connectivity   evolve country   multilateral funds   energy efficiency   target funds   high payment   several examples   global decline   political economy   environmental standards   renew focus   green elements   important impact   low options   additional revenues   employment restore   broad goals   simple tools   careful packages   private banks   foster changes   increase emissions   regulatory mechanisms   fiscal neutrality   financial sector   efficiency standards   potential synergies   ample tools   current debt   global environment   intensivefund labour   technical advice   efficiency pricing   economic objectives   same period13   natural disaster   public purchasing   useful insights   public development   immense losses   caribbean investments   specific classes   budgete tools   second phase   change loss   electricity prices   far details   debt sustainability   coordinate approach   ambitious initiative   project equity   few countries   progressive regulations   financial support   sdg component   indexpositive programmes   sharp contraction   appendix details   carbon footprint   sustainable innovations   current environment   european countries   fiscal stimulus   green framework   current level   brown orientation   strong policy   public transport   high numbers   investment strategies   longterm horizons   economic development   central policies   small programmes   work group   lead programs   concerted efforts   resourceconstrained environment   rescue plans   institutional setups   new issuances   discretionary policy   key areas   economic structures   member efforts   essential priority   sdg funds   green adoption   communication strategies   climate objectives   private sector   industrial strategies   important group   carbon emissions   more packages   effective screening   ida support   sustainable finance   catalogue effort   supportive policies   specific details   power stations   urban life   macroeconomic factors   investable classes   inefficient fuel   place tools   second war   impact assessment   ineffective allocations   particular benefit   future risks   fuel subsidies   sdgaligned bonds   great importance   governmental agency   legislative work   financial assets   international finance   budget allocations   dangerous models   fledgling classes   many businesses   inadequate responses   projectlevel intervention   most permits   international organisations   recent survey   social assistance   national circumstances   price reform   powerful synergies   need revenues   fast rates   support battery   current perspectives   global market   key factor   report methods   careful management   investment barriers   international networks   full range   more twothirds   green tools   complementary regulations   investment programmes   upcoming presidency   fiscal constraints   good recovery   large medium   significant policies   possible insight   enlarge role   quick assessment   finance ministers   country members   attractive route   macroeconomic policies   national strategies   electric system   renewable deployment   high levels   concerted actions   new models   reduce emissions   green bonds   ecosystem resilience   economic stimulus   scarce resources   government revenue80   update database   effective stimulus   micro businesses   strong policies   carbon price   realistic recovery   local workforce   widespread challenge   french initiative   revise contributions   late payments   several species   climaterelated extremes   decline technologies   extra emissions   equivalent jobs   ga emissions   fiscal reform   global warming   average increase   assist b   uncertain duration   structural change   major pollutants   standard regulations   supportive regulations   many sectors   lead role62   important implications   resource productivityefficiency   subsidy scheme   financial security   initial issuance   old normal2   large number   exogenous change   support policy   institutional partners   recovery plans   aquatic species   difficult context   short term   fiscal package   largescale spending   public homes   clean technologies   productive investments   social cohesion   total emissions   organisational measures   domestic flights   above analysis   set regulations   late results   climate resilience   forecast errors   climate transition   unsustainable path   tragic costs   good one   new set   rich countries   philanthropy foundations   emission reductions   unmanaged change   green energy   low incomes   municipal solidarity   low productivity   region groups   big multipliers   many opportunities   frequent events   gradual opening   financial circumstances   physical capital   lowcarbon projects   strong approach
Actions:   retrofit improvements   support them   protect nature   take tools   build partnerships   reduce size   identify https   consider investments   provide sources   show a   reveal set   identify obstacles   see implications   deliver what   incorporate resilience   ease capitalist   outperform those   bring worries   prepare infrastructure   reduce taxes   resolve difficulties   embrace role   boost growth   agree 116   cover losses   amplify vulnerability   provide direction   scale finance   align activities   fund projects   improve accessibility   change risks   reach billion   align finance   imply role   present results   provide options   compensate sources   succeed 11   keep package   align expectations   facilitate programmes   include financing   invest equity   introduce standards   hurt aj   deliver budgeting   publish guidance   support knowledge   substitute investment   restore growth   redesign systems   include package   lead multiplier   use database   asses green   disseminate technologies   provide roadmap   strengthen frameworks   integrate considerations   refund employers   exceed jobs   understand capacity   return context   spend exante   set ambitions   measure risks   design action   support action   overcome failures   yield savings   iied j   equal finance97   find sources   include standards   represent countries   provide failures   steer economies   tackle risk   enable implementation   underpin flows   secure growth   generate revenues   implement strategies   overcome barriers   prepare investments   enhance investments   do help   spend dollars   seek investments   take agenda   decarbonise system   replace bonds   conquer iii   lead recovery   create confidence   evaluate policies   prevent lockin   charge points   deploy policy   facilitate development   affect issuance   conduct tests   mitigate dangers   face difficulties   support transition   mobilise volume   transform role   process materials   minimise impacts   create institutions   access assistance   mdb dfis   distort fuel   help cochairs   reduce impacts   seek opportunities   foster innovation   encourage companies   set blocks   spend summary   support packages   identify pricing   induce inefficiencies   achieve box   scale technologies   link debt   conduct stress   allow access   characterise scope   support thinking   build packages   secure synergies   improve capital   begin one   face productivity   unlock investments   adopt advances   increase interventions   require reporting   achieve cost   keep workers   reduce incentives   agree phase   accelerate preparation   avoid mistakes   need focus   develop pathways   undermine competitiveness   accelerate installations   accrue grants   ease qe   boost restore   return reduction   risk scaling   support infrastructure   leverage partnerships   match 48   provide revenues   achieve goals   return legacy   bring cost   secure financing   include 14bn   help environment   bring perception   catalyse changes   manage policymakers   need regulations   inform tax   strengthen management   implement plans   play prices   play role   include programme   finish work   encourage ministers   align flows   http change   design programmes   see bundesregeirung   develop them   take approach   greening system   explore taxes   build climate   play part   exploit progress   reduce costoverruns   highlight importance   examine characteristics   support details   acknowledge use   provide mdbs   incorporate standardisation   publish ground   issue debt   boost countries   consider tools   implement measures   enhance potential   support development   tupad workers   tilt incentives   bring importance   prepare zero   conduct assessment   putt commitments   tackle challenges   include reductions   identify goal   consider options   replace package   bring programs   increase pillar   accelerate programmes   phase approaches   wind programme   improve understanding   prevent crisis   yield revenues   follow example   suit situation   project ifis   fit needs   develop services   enhance measures   reduce alliance   include targets   reduce number   include scheme   benefit countries   design package   use firepower   take years   sdglinked debt   affect action   enhance flows   build momentum   set range   realise benefits   design ndcs   bolster types   make use   publish bank   accelerate uptake   improve design   mobilise capital   shift markets   drive countries   facilitate introduction   introduce packages   link idfc   reduce costs   need strategies   enable decisionmakers   greening investment   enhance equity   offer loans   address range   recover recovery   urge governments   lock inequalities   shed light   bring countries   facilitate monitoring   provide services   link asia   require solutions   compromise relief   discuss lessons   shape phase   assess costs   develop advice   hinder ability   mobilise commitments   enhance support   direct review   encourage ministries   drive economies   control supply   replace demand   provide training   eg incentives   design strategies   promote shift   combine flow   incorporate objectives   provide resources   arrive 24   examine implications   design sustainability   address some   give impetus   encourage migrants   improve growth   enhance role   face flooding   achieve countries   secure prosperity   utilise pools   update structure   measure impact   couple funding   represent increase   deliver programmes   design medium   lend journal   leverage resources   publish plans   inform management   lowemitting bulbs   manage recovery   develop understanding   see b   reinforce actions   include importance   create opportunity   measure estimates   bear tax   use programmes   assess programmes   raise output   identify areas   scale these   require expansion   underscore case   meet criteria   reduce cost   consider consequences   provide measures   move agenda   access programmes   facilitate targeting   exceed 35   deliver strategy   strengthen preparation   need sources   deliver package   relax regulations   avoid sprawl   impact groups   greening response   add value   apply costs   align stimulus   understand country   support box   prepare guidance   avoid shocks   require impact   favour investments   favour allocations   gain guidance   mandate achievement   launch initiative   reduce demand   identify offenders   cover mobilisation   raise questions   accelerate investment   concentrate activities   improve information   fund development   create see   strengthen finance   identify actions   attract mdbs   accelerate transition   direct capital   standardise metrics   restore complementary   tackle impacts   see debt   lower level   give priority   strengthen 32   develop pipelines   increase importance   expose vulnerability   determine resilience   bring programmes   adjust mix   issue statement   assign value   attach efficiency   absorb tranche   publish resilience   involve metrics   maximise benefits   prevent reform   reflect preferences   provide programme   increase pricing   rebalance see   direct evidence   benefit whole   establish signals   reduce regulations   stretch horizons   encourage firms   require development   maintain foundation   work conveners   use forces   mobilise scale   facilitate use   define archetypes   improve productivityefficiency   meet targets   raise ambition   use contributions   design packages   review role   attain sustainability   strengthen preparedness   meet objectives   reduce content   asses projects   foster range   design recovery   provide finance   hit regions   measure responses   reflect range   putt revenues   use variety   bridge gap   provide guidance8   make support   reduce flooding   minimise latter   reduce risk   contain observations   provide treatment   face dfis   align pools   reduce population   finance plan   undermine analysis   ensure flights   drive investments   show potential   overcome problems   mitigate risks   require actions   include billion   enable ministries   find lessons   take actions   return rescue   shape economy   grow base   ensure investments   enable investors   set that   spur development   characterise countries   support achievement   boost employment   recognise much   include electrification   link batteries   develop standards   finance ministers   make point   accelerate adoption   adopt filter   maximise multipliers   strengthen policy   seize opportunities   do this   overcome ministers   equip workers   need commission   prioritise policies   spark cycle   align portfolios   develop strategies   avoid companies   make progress   build pipelines   allow stepchange   embrace standards   lead region   manage synergies   lower costs   need culture   align projects   meet test   unwind regulations   generate revenue80   include measures   represent group   exist project   replace locomotive   take form   save jobs   set investments   profile efforts   provide range   design investment   reduce consumption   address pricing   balance objectives   need management   weaken protections   face threat   adopt package   guarantee issuances   reduce spread   face constraints   induce emissions   delay pricing   scale benefits   create framework   incentivising production   reduce footprint   create savings   accelerate shift   restore infrastructure   increase resilience   generate savings   set targets   stimulate employment   publish oecd   disrupt development   decide pathways   design policy   align funding   generate cashflow   improve lives   support implementation   avert catastrophe   assess figure   preexist systems   transform system   manage challenges   keep economy   benefit process   avoid dangers   monitor projects   influence strength   fuel loss   forgoe revenue   increase costs   putt laws   underscore importance   mitigate change   promote technologies   support sector   seek multipliers   scale action   see imf   accelerate billion   use it   support schemes   catalyse investment   fall size   include investment   drive transformation   maximise growth   create markets   finance transition   announce details   step work   finance challenge   weaken standards   illustrate principles   use part   create increase   retard progress   invest what   reform subsidies   bring finance   reduce rate   assess archetype   fund assistance   enjoy benefits   implement approaches   finance packages   consider strategy   defend sector   meet goals   access countries   integrate objectives   take place   support efforts   address support   boost oecd   think what   give edge   inform guidance   launch platform   announce ban   enable bolstering   structure programmes   limit impact   improve ability   lie basis   tackle threat   use information   receive benefit   impose burden   cover emissions   face vulnerability   conserve resources   spend decisions   reay recovery   enhance impacts   increase risk   address gaps   establish partnerships   provide governments   counter inequalities   share connectivity   require investments   scale programmes   view change   develop example   serve needs   go 7   use data   strengthen architecture   take horizons   come package   highlight that   tackle impediments   announce plan   promote use   achieve potential   support scaling   entail prices   accelerate restructuring   asses proposals   phase fuel   promote housing   target approach   trigger decline   bring experience   drive cost   disclose progress   need support   address challenges   provide economies   include economy   issue set   guide programmes   facilitate spread   bring jobs   relax requirements   implement price   ensure consistency   lift measures   scale what   mobilise pools   use funds   maximise productivity   achieve sdgs   safeguard value   include classification   exhibit reduction   reform strengthen   disperse ministries   place programmes   greening ngfs   quicken pace   reach firstloss   support sources   widen flight   consider role   revamp strategies   provide subsidiessupport   offer flow   underscore benefits   build institute   invest debt   provide opportunity   eliminate pollutants   help regions   involve lifting   leave governments   utilise them   support recoveries   offer members   plan checklist   publish paris   implement filter   deliver outcomes   address loss   reach strategy   encourage shift   sharpen agenda   support lending   fight development   apply framework   strengthen foundations   design collection   increase capacity   mobilise finance   address stressors   liberate resources   support policymakers   reflect commitments   increase mobilisation   accompany changes   support growth   include plan   increase ambition   issue debt101   align work   build resilience   drive programmes   represent strain   finance initiatives   involve role   take rs   strengthen consumption   tackle barriers   support plans   ensure costeffectiveness   require action   facilitate access   accelerate helsinki   know what   invest arguments   give alternatives   include expost   build coalition   indicate interest   return economy   bring economy   boost resilience   rent space   promote walking   maximise costefficiency   incentivising demand   enable investment   tupad package   assess impact   take time   see ability   accelerate contribution   need it   plan priorities   catalyse investments   accelerate share   support creation   give attention   commit 42   present ratios   provide assistance   improve competitiveness   estimate multipliers   create conditions   generate assets   determine outcomes   foster mechanisms   implement them   experience some   increase risks   create opportunities   seize tcfd   include recovery   cover framework   build skills   accelerate deployment   capture externalities   raise prospect   strengthen governments   match investors   prepare economy   monitor conditions   expedite support   scale investments   reduce others   require approaches   provide liquidity   augment mobilisation   tap assessments   provide investors   achieve pensions   reflect differences   support contractors   unlock space   look incoherence   update papers   consider programmes   tackle deficits   transform cities   combine responses   accompany cofinancing   strengthen role   fight covid19   support investment   produce roadmaps41   manage risk   drive spending   face head   launch commitment   low costs   approx billion   improve tests   disclose plan   look strategies   improve role   reduce incentive   deliver archetypes   develop platforms   use revenues   align progress   bear reinforcement   apply indicator   preserve companies   design kingdomfranceeuropean   redirect investment   trade indonesia   http wwwpnasorgcontentearly202004281910114117   quicken 110   greening budget   deliver benefits   finance investments   promote switching   develop institutions   achieve level   find differences   examine countries   enact reforms   ensure efficiency   secure support   launch generation   provide mandate   rethink frameworks   achieve contributions   increase flows   develop skills   apply lens   offer guarantees   see initiative   boost capability   reach goals   create lowskill   use presidency   face impacts   unlock finance   foster understanding   meet needs   sustain growth   create funds   commit support   carry million   support countries   see discussion   allocate capital   use https   report economy   assist sector   announce 4   finance equity   address needs   refine methods   gather input   raise premia   announce countries   do what   create fund   mainstream ndc   recognise pressures   increase scale   indicate thinking   integrate goals   introduce techniques   tap promotion   replace stock   balanceofpayment pressures   use growth   correct scalability   shift system   increase imperative   identify needs   find ways   slash 18   create classes   impede engagement   see temperatures   pursue air   ensure recovery   employ millions   strengthen system   do section   approve agreement   alleviate consequences   build one   track stimulus   face challenges   reach opportunities   thank lse   address backlog   assess risk   consider multipliers   set germany   assign funds   pose challenges   need policies   maintain growth   catalyse finance   accelerate replacement   greening integration   improve management   reduce vulnerability   revitalise economy   stimulate demand   increase demand   show worsening   require attention   increase actions   implement policies   agree approaches   foster approach   manage changes   utilise much   bring cities   overcome challenges   smooth transition   champion development   provide guidance   drive need   subsidise sources   invite stern   risk sustainability   shift paradigm   shape postcovid   avoid models   offer match   require expenditures   exceed those   heighten markets   create space   widen deficits   http deal   mobilise sums   support ori   support transformation   face extremes   share experiences   slash value   provide source   approve procure   unlock pools   use spending   induce innovation   take place74   correct summary   know 112   stabilise expectations   take decisions   accelerate development   allocate funds   help countries   lockin paradigm   reduce prices   outcome focus   require continuity   implement commission   assess stimulus   seabased workers   generate multipliers   may 14   promote recovery   implement plan   improve quality   ensure resilience   generate streams   adopt focus   incorporate nature   develop framework   set accountability   publish imf   enhance resilience   stabilise contributions   mezzanine climate   incorporate range   result savings   see efficiency   bring costs   propose investments   reduce fees   integrate looking   access finance   improve participation   protect incomes   drive recovery   v gh   affect habitats   face that   fund measures   manage exposures   improve transport   help finances   pose set   mean what   cover range   lowincome households   cycle million   compare impacts   prepare projects   anticipate that   reduce protection   promote rd   drive support   commit billion   provide goods   exacerbate barriers   ensure transition   deploy support   avoid crunch   set directions   create jobs   implement packages   build support   harness potential   apply guidance   support need   adopt taxonomy   include reports   accelerate growth   find priority   need policy   perpetuate vulnerabilities   grow denominator   reflect views   use alternatives   realise need   give insight   leverage spending   address being   continue work   set examples   assess evidence   enable papers   reserve 1   stabilise economies   learn 80   enter phase   strengthen cohesion   provide signals   include leadership   focus attention   deliver growth   share objectives   reduce programmes   decarbonise activities   restore confidence   overcome impediments   provide type   reinforce incentives   tackle inequality6   support investments   improve governance   restore pricing   blockchain support   contribute billion   shift focus   mobilise revenue   tackle range   help implementation   stimulate activity   provide indication   support objectives   provide skills   increase urgency   moderate impacts   identify projects   stimulate investment   enhance contribution   focus programmes   prepare programmes   promote finance   amplify impacts   undermine agreement   generate stimulus   involve reduction   take advantage   ramp investments   apply measures   expose them   achieve scale   result regeneration   pick winners   develop projects   hold debt   report management   build economy   build that   lose value   include support   outline actions   involve support   leverage finance   solve issue   require coordination   compare interventions   embed advisors   support economies   ensure speed   ask ministries   consider factors   develop members   encourage diffusion   correct synergies   make reductions   show leadership   modify standards   unlock source   mobilise investment   consider process   enable environments   admit proportion   teach us   accelerate resilience   lay foundations   put investment   pursue variety   exacerbate pollution   develop plans   facilitate markets   give confidence   use packages   allocate returns   claim errors   face emergencies   tap markets   include protection   desire savings   address stabilisation   damage this   purchase debt   limit increase   face stress   address risk   manage submission   mis opportunity   hurt risk   address impacts   provide subsidy   provide financing   build stations   inform deliberations   shape recovery   keep creation   fund method   take them   tackle climate   tilt fields   set expectations   play role62   asses reductions   include coverage   raise 06   ensure sustainability   cause headwinds   facilitate uniformity   promote savings   guarantee impacts   asses credibility   offer set   undermine efforts   induce regulations   promote ebikes   assess jobs   include opening   leverage billion   include asymmetry   charge rd   set foundations   give sense   announce changes   need permits   prepare paper   achieve wins   learn box   moderate shocks   entail coverage   justify changes   accelerate projects   transform needs   require efforts   take view   face limitations   raise awareness   align scale   reduce emissions   comprise network   plan recovery   accelerate decarbonisation   strengthen governance   make mobility   show panel   face situation   reflect appetite   take action   explore services   create platforms   resuscitate economies   note potential   overcome them   transform management   encourage mobility   maximise impact   address failures   restore employment   imply judgment   integrate ideas   promote efficiency   asses toolkits   give bang   reflect contents   involve investors   build future   implement policy   channel capital   dominate investments   prevent economies   drive innovation   inspire 2020   see box   guide support   prioritise efficiency   hinder access   address change   provide considerations   include commitment   prepare foundations   promote resilience   recover ifc   raise appetite   include efforts   prepare facilities   share insights   engage banks   enhance ndcs   examine economies   do survey   asses allocation   climate finance   throw iea   limit bounceback   inspire toolbox   apply standards   enable guarantee   use that   decongesting manila   improve markets   assume scenario   andor frameworks   reflect stage   support recovery   guide investments   develop structures   consider consistency   encourage investment   use policy   support businesses   enable innovation   hurt effects   take programmes   cut emissions   crowdin capital   impose costs   create fte   include cifs   lack frameworks   prioritisation materials   include climate   increase former   manage risks   improve opportunities   step wwwfinanceministersforclimateorg   drain resources   deploy range   bring perspective   consider needs   estimate climate   refocuse policies   launch series   target side   contain emergency   support strategies   lowemitting energy   avoid tradeoffs   fall vulnerability   protect lives   evaluate share   provide subsidies   provide support   condition this   accelerate advance   place pressure   embrace priorities   reduce pollution   need packages   keep pipelines   keep scheme   strengthen resilience   develop governments   boost sector   include infrastructure   build capacity   expand coalition   promote conditions   improve resilience   need challenges   affect profiles   match risks   wage programme   repair remanufacturing   deliver actions   professionalise procurement   induce costs   raise prices   publish https   track emissions   finance banks   require strategies   absorb investments   stabilise economy   disseminate guidance   expand volume   finance benefit   amplify pressures   enhance range   create demand   include impacts   implement objectives   inform reallocation   produce estimates   label m   http doiorg1017879789264307827en   use proportion   deliver stimulus   take packages   enhance mobilisation   provide attribution   identify best   show ndcs   understand needs   reflect those

Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.