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Insight ReportThe Global Information Technology Report 2016Innovating in the Digital EconomySilja Baller, Soumitra Dutta, and Bruno Lanvin, editors Insight Report The Global Information Technology Report 2016 Innovating in the Digital Economy Silja Baller, World Economic Forum Soumitra Dutta, Cornell University Bruno Lanvin, INSEAD Editors The World Economic Forum and INSEAD, their agents, officers, and employees do not endorse or in any respect warrant any third-party products or services by vi

icts in the top   top seven all rank   emerging from this year   trend in mean country   access to the system   part of the innovation   baller at the world   year of each data   information on the framework  

Sources: WEF

Pathway Classification

This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.

Type: Forecasts
Priority/ Function Areas:   Law & Government People & Society |
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide |

Pathway Information

This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.

Profiles:   subindex scores   a decline   an countries   the opinion   this shift   this conditions   the integrity   the authors   caterpillar caterpillar   the future   we hope   a 64th   the sector   a divide   this barrier   the improvement   a value   this finding   the initiative   the position   a studies   the figure   the race   each transaction   a line   eurasia technology   the emergence   the change   datum tables   the changes   subindex environment   the forum   the points   no innovation   the boxes   that firms   a country   it peers   it measurement   the movers   a thanks   the objective   this pillar   the aim   the sensors   this improvement   any actions   the emphasis   a killer   this factors   the rest   a entrepreneur   the findings   the numbering   the trend   the risk   the range   the duration   the role   ssa classification   a company   the index   this trend   the company   the rankings   the mechanism   the cost   h trade   this performance   the potential   verde environment   the analysis   the prevalence   this ranking   the second   the internet   a drop   the conditions   the guidelines   uk businesses   all stakeholders   its organization   a handful   the world   the sharing   the notes   the costs   the path   the way   forum survey   the spotlight   the gap   a environment   its officers   this fact   a performance   the move   the increase   the freedom   a method   the divide   this growth   the flow   the variable   the ability   this process   the queen   forum council   the use   a ecosystem   the composition   the amount   the economies   the revolution   the driver   this mechanism   the capacity   it technologies   the forces   the networks   the line   the spread   a requirement   the impacts   colombia value   a examination   the barriers   the industry   the usage   a transition   the governance   india score   the picture   this report   the performance   this service   http wwwhistorycomtopicsinventions   the crews   a situation   the actors   this technologies   a driver   the environment   a ingredient   this impact   the inclusion   the effects   a increase   the scale   the context   this type   nri editions   the report   subindex impacts   a framework   the infrastructure   another type   the gains   the readiness   the conference   the extent   the removal   the technology   the engine   the transformation   the chapter   the series   the principles   its frameworks   the survey   this sensors   the era   al problems   october edition   this actions   a challenge   technology report   a diversification   a spirit   such industry   the rationale   no representations   it ranks   the responses   the providers   digital technologies   the availability   all developments   this gap   the time   the exchange   the community   its causality   its eparticipation   the economics   the system   marketdriven forces   samans member   the citizens   the rule   cisco center   its systems   the section   this system   all rights   the figures   the portal   this developments   a number   the level   that countries   this improvements   it businesses   the profiles   the distribution   a rise   each profile   the length   the ones   a implication   26th 27th   the state   s economies   the structure   the efforts   effort1 examples   the appendix   a development   na1 subscriptions100   the data   the importance   the identification   a rate   this drop   its base   a call   the digitalization   the industries   the economy   isbn terms   the country   both economies   this restrictions   the editors   turkey ranking   the development   the iteration   its countries   the impact   the pressure   the capacities   the literature   a range   a business   it score   the platform   this section   union principles   a explanation   a engine   the number   the population   the participation   the efficiency   the government   a priority   the council   the framework   both availability   the group   the institutions   a third   a gap   the pillars   this chapter   all indicators   the quality   a measure   commission guidelines   this countries   the executives   a divergence   the coverage   its readiness   the work   we societies   the region   a economy   the formula
Goals:   stay top firm   adopt latest technologies   give additional insights   increase 10th penetration   build resilient economy   achieve prepared value   save significant share   service new process   increase private sector   save enterprises startups   create better environment   pop using individuals   maintain same score   promote need policies   identify different areas   offset increased investments   reflect polarization references   give pay effort   disrupt career paths   feature latest iteration   share capacity information   reap resulting impact   unfold exponential speed   process initiated transactions   develop physical platform   assess assesses extent   read business environment   hold adopt companies   visit report page   change live way   characterize emerging landscape   use high prices   editor world forum   contain detailing scorecards   drive new urgency   connect making asset   enable business models   play supportive role   reform uses systems   indicate worse outcome   register increased weight   fulfill costs orders   map evolving space   characterize innovation dynamics   unleash competitive pressures   adopt organizational models   design new systems   identify technology report   impose result estimates   create tougher environment   help technology report   transform work way   measure overall shift   bring biological technologies   survey used survey   provide policy guidance   improve absolute performance   materialize business environment   evolve allow frameworks   represent key tool   appreciate economic dynamics   increase collaboration communication   form virtuous cycle   create level field   reshape business models   start infrastructure base   discourage competitive firms   require encourages environment   register positive moves   pay selected economies   dataset technology report   experiment base availability   achieve top rank   publish report gitr   see technical notes   see subsaharan countries   require collaborative participation   cover accounting economies   improve regulatory environment   offer sustainable solution   perceive capital availability   pose related threats   develop replicable models   provide most momentum   highlight changing ways   tackle including gap   master available complexity   develop global warehouse   correspond sample minimum   shorten life cycles   compose technology report   see slight drops   hold improve potential   see positive change   consider different elements   score technology report   analyze generated data   reflect growing importance   asses societal progress   lead emerging economies   connect economy report   lower total cost   see earnings decline   aggregate readiness rests   crowdsourcing new level   calculate affordability score   install capital availability   evolve index nri   reduce includes costs   include based checklist   start business mexico   identify following mechanisms   generate economic value   prevent efficiencyenhancing innovations   transmit electronic data   install venture availability   enable distance collaboration   represent average score   transform societies economies   detect thought resources   reorganize launch itself   start comes business   show strong vision   take technology report   show emerging patterns   defend number position   slip political environment   contain broad measure   identify fastest route   enforce 2nd environment   use government index   measure allow conditions   enforce competition regime   use top seven   present detailed methodology   embed information capabilities   apply statistical analysis   make research tools   provide worked models   point striking patterns   innovate government usage   governance governance approaches   illustrate innovation technologies   present economy performance   distinguish major forms   make new products   unleash economic dynamics   wait maintenance personnel   ensure business environment   yield finding key   close agility gap   backoffice automation collaboration   offer advanced services   require effort examples   pose entry barrier   have best environment   facilitate scaling entry   recognize adopted challenges   underscore crucial significance   indicate belongs pillar   make index environment   provide next generation   derail benefits countries   take enrollment rate   require remains improvements   compile comprehensive database   consider paper internet   feel continuous pressure   database 18th edition   run facilitates business   make provide efforts   create losers winners   allow proper embedding   analyze new characteristic   result technology report   flow driving growth   pop technology absorption   lead increased way   exceed incurred costs   provide detailed description   improve measure way   mitigate legal risks   create employment opportunities   acknowledgment economic forum   ensure level field   start company blog   connect country person   connect core objective   improve political participation   adjust refrigeration deliveries   include storage capabilities   develop information tool   allow based inference   scope defined transformation   foster innovation forces   drive next wave   demonstrate increased power   give target opportunity   complete executive opinion   identify such types   use personal computer   note staff wiredcom   deteriorate economic impacts   represent unique source   prevent increases transactions   broadbased making improvements   make best use   enforce business environment   face double challenge   foster internet practices   reach fueling zettabytes   exceed development costs   develop accelerate framework   survey technology report   reveal striking patterns   see competitiveness index   develop stronger vision   compute concentration index   highlight offered opportunities   refer value profiles   examine exponential shift   prevent disclosure transfer   have clear strategy   show striking executives   relate judicial independence   pertain business environment   take communicate efforts   ask business executives   drive impact growth   take reasonable step   flow entrepreneurs individuals   boost providing gains   readiness important channel   detail chapter innovating   illustrate positive trends   fall government support   dampen critical element   boast top infrastructure   reimagine business models   delay development cycle   measure actual impact   identify maximizing machines   generate leveraging icts   limit offer ability   give public sector   use survey data   achieve policy objectives   nanotechnology synthetic biology   set new business   create improve incentives   gauge broad impacts   assess allow extent   quantify leading measure   drive favorable shift   receive necessary training   contribute big part   use arithmetic mean   leverage operations hub   get increasing demand   impose limit innovation   fuel growth strategies   examine increasing proliferation   play important role   report global rankings   consider absolute score   play proactive role   affect labor market   extend sincere thanks   represent potential gdp   reflect world forum   mask conflicting movements   put rigorous consultation   outweigh quantifiable benefits   develop scalable models   track impact access   increase promoting readiness   discuss evolving concepts   interact business models   process business models   enhance live way   continue steady improvements   obtain combined scores   collect practice examples   provide benefit individuals   readiness 5th skills   use computer ownership   behave fundamental nature   include strong component   minimize collateral damage   create cost savings   examine continuous pressure   take following form   transform lives industries   identify common factors   address existing risks   build confidence trust   flow access ability   change global landscape   solve challenging issues   reflect new realities   guide processes innovation   improve overall conditions   inform broad range   identify interquartile range   increase internet bandwidth   address related challenges   s address efforts   use index chapter   put inspire rules   flow technology report   start business 125th   track make indicators   counteract network lockin   contain world forum   possess necessary drivers   stand perceived impact   set new 121st   readiness 4th affordability   create virtuous cycle   hold higher potential   use computing resources   enforce days 109   use individual indicators   step embrace efforts   discuss mitigate guidelines   support infrastructure pillar   provide good basis   make pricing changes   identify high level   suggest new heuristics   launch new set   step leverage efforts   provide consistent vision   follow classification situation   leverage technologies icts   release new chip   generate economic rank   obtain greatest impact   capture use extent   continue positive trend   increase stagnating rate   sell services goods   unleash full potential   achieve productivity improvements   guide revolution innovation   achieve enough network   have innovation impact   avoid transfer protection   address skills gap   analyze supplied data   centralize business operations   increase increases efficiency   develop subsaharan africa   require careful response   crowdsourcing key challenge   suggest orienting research   reduce patent activities   provide stable framework   establish fundamental role   open new business   provide supportive ecosystem   need predicated capability   welldefined economic areas   find related risks   go largest barriers   spark waves innovation   evaluate full costs   have largest gap   recognize implementing challenge   top making pillar   reverse strong trend   implement reform program   guide shape way   identify concerning questions   create competitive pressures   highlight innovation patterns   present original analysis   include see box   read political environment   enable things people   report large improvement   mark fourth revolution
Measures:   continuous pressure   innovation impact   late technologies   broad measure   public policymaking   additional analysis   high changes   digital technologies   good environment   innovative companies   social outcomes   lowincome people   datum protection   large drop   life cycles   several countries   4th usage   run notes   individual indicators   advance countries   secure servers   front runners   firmlevel impact   fourth internet   leverage icts   45th rank   deliver exports   exist companies   9th impacts   miss platforms   strategy consultants   significant loss   maintenance personnel   2nd households   reasonable step   detail methodology   regional performances   10th penetration   3rd infrastructure   mean country   stakeholder consultation   more uncertainty   price changes   intensive activities   global frontier   few areas   low position   moreactive participation   play field   summary findings   alternative sources   regulatory environment   stagnate rate   good success   classification situation   ict penetration   most populations   intensive jobs   more buyin   potential steps   innovative firm   government index   european traffic   new 121st   broadband prices   notable mover   good level   second type   regional levels   datum tables   service index   large coverage   uppermiddleincome value   oilbased economy   same score   social 102nd   connect population   top performers   extreme outliers   specific concrete   characteristic forum   private sector   positive trajectory   national innovation   emerge system   nri countries   broad patenting   necessary condition   external sources   b2b transactions   global leader   proactive role   many rechtwijzer   industrial revolutions   executive opinion   new uses   collateral damage   35th place   rise pressure   innovation technologies   60th rank   ipenabled device   subindex infrastructure   serversmillion pop   clear guidance   inclusive growth   buy power   digital value   7th business   new systems   future assessments   mostneeded skills   18th edition   supplychain collaboration   useful life   payment transactions   operational costs   human resource   personal usage   important skills   particular purpose   large fluctuations   40th place   high frequency   entire sets   collaboration people   important channel   various backgrounds   fourth revolution   benefit countries   overall availability   digital communications   new urgency   global payments   fix costs   only area   global average   advance services   follow mechanisms   regional performance   economic forum   multiple sectors   digital communication   new strategy   large amounts   low points   project changes   human rights   good 13th   lead measure   open borders   friendly fire   low base   actual impact   economic context   update edition   2nd place   big stories   120th place   readiness index   66fold growth   previous years   large heterogeneities   emerge landscape   new research   domestic market   ict progress   tremendous value   critical enabler   several initiatives   visible move   new process   complex processes   electronic data   les us50000   productivity improvements   core team   second indicators   large strides   policy objectives   successful performance   new survey   new worlds   product complexity   size enterprises   welldesigned surveys   4th government   different pillars   adequacy requirements   general shortening   open practices   certain markets   overall 32nd   longterm vision   policy guidance   level field   41st place   crucial significance   current models   low 30th   methodological note   deteriorate environment   critical complement   digital program   propose guidelines   supportive ecosystem   longterm productivity   enough countries   big jump   perceive impact   8th ranks   conflict movements   forum data   positive impact   digital economy   venture availability   73rd place   single group   digital solutions   important indicators   adequate access   digital divide   innovative products   pillar skills   compute resources   large extent   new challenges   global system   avid adopter   grow pressure   technological forces   intensive growth   private entities   incremental product   eurasian countries   available future   magnetic resonance   next findings   individual 2nd   rank value   intellectual property   global communications   global access   several economies   critical data   identify trade   interquartile range   polarize effects   imf classification   network figure   direct implications   innovative ways   tailor support   indirect effect   particular efforts   civil participation   international capacity   strong government   global networks   negative impact   annual revenues   national borders   potential innovation   agility gap   favorable environment   last year   renew momentum   social impact   national impacts   pioneer example   106th position   give economy   remote interpretation   trade barriers   high levels   innovation marketplaces   national governments   far support   density blog   high taxation   accurate inference   good matches   new models   innovation edition   select economies   important part   overview chapter   digital agenda   digital marketplaces   great adoption   general technology   overall nri   global concerns   large incumbents   advance analysis   innovative processes   les pension   most momentum   average value   high usage   right direction   high rates   geopolitical security   next edition   potential benefits   smart way   rank 3rd   realtime data   transparent process   early days   national agenda   african executives   digitize world   large chaebols   online usage   important area   digital 20th   longstanding partnership   powerful driver   several lines   additional work   simple tools   practice examples   american progress   sole purpose   high literacy   specific applications   operate efficiency   total score   top infrastructure   compute footprint   local currencies   correspond table   key figure   virtual networks   more innovation   economic standpoint   national sources   overall rank   strategic way   similar share   indirect way   statistical data   important step   low activity   80th position   new forms   free flow   main categories   main objectives   firm patenting   secondary education   national concerns   cybercrime privacy   significant work   drive growth   product development   chief officer   major way   emerge countries   longterm strategies   eastern countries   selfreinforcing nature   require number   high technology   extensive data   late iteration   new services   notable exception   great accuracy   individual technology   maximum minimum   new chip   digital age   occasional paper   civil society   digital interaction   bestperforming countries   economic development   marketbased approaches   low level   social skills16   selfcontained areas   real time   economy report   intertemporal fluctuations   daily life   third parties   cheap package   international trade   4th affordability   artificial storage   global xii   more value   digital skills   sharp decline   total cost   key bottlenecks   good access   broad priorities   rank 89th   significant individuals   international law   much governmentdriven   output projections   connect base   overall trend   new opportunities   broad range   ethical acceptability   standard operations   second mover   high penetration   human history   efficiencyenhancing innovations   particular executives   rise threat   gross rate   innovation dynamics   patent activities   see box   due initiative   network lockin   efficient systems   judicial independence   decentralize transactions   specific examples   annual production   operational efficiencies   highestscoring countries   many offices   digital innovation   core objective   increase coordination   18th improvements   legal risks   socioeconomic performance   strong component   economic areas   mobile penetration   prepay tariffs   competitive environment   31st position   considerable success   global report   large share   internet servers   norwegian firms   wellconnected hubs   several 1st   late developments   offline businesses   place rules   advance technologies   datum collection   steady trend   accurate picture   relate projects   enable environment   severe restrictions   most resources   cellular connectivity   fundamental nature   relate laws   final report   agile frameworks   cloudbased information   communication costs   crucial factor   social development   articulate goals   border traffic   regulatory environments   fastchanging field   global footprint   relevant concepts   high groups   agile entrepreneurs   top third   upward movers   specific way   manufacture blockchains   northern countries   good understanding   top innovations   countryeconomy value   enough countries3   increase facility   large wave   economic imperatives   pre condition   global internet   urgent innovations   global talent   true platform   adoption companies   positive move   exist processes   economic impacts   local servers   policy response   datum warehouse   large improvement   infrastructure software   long run   much room   exponential way   infrastructure pillar   good basis   competitive economies   reasonable efforts   second systems   potential competitors   low outcome   organizational model   diverse risks   widen gap   development costs   strong rank   information tool   seismic data   possible products   ethical challenges   internet traffic   high oecd   detail description   government usage   119th position   continue levels   mechanical photocopying   several fronts   collaboration models   global councils   major innovation   change technologies   critical tool   detail analysis   performance data   empirical economics   sensor data   secure pop   swedish vehicle   social impacts   available industries   critical role   good affordability   heavy machinery   major hub   new product   strategic partner   innovation chapters   domestic product   local competition   same time   enough network   mobile usage   analytic tools   organizational models   affordability score   internetconnected devices   significant changes   steady improvements   business activity   7th usage   last years   research tools   normalize scale   new level   same country   potential flow   potential gdp   online box   far increase   transfer protection   fastpaced industries   excellent use   next wave   routine jobs   social dimension   economic impact   wide movement   economic 84th   smart nation   digital literacy   available complexity   overall rate   10th impacts   overall position   high capacity   easy 3rd   widespread penetration   successful examples   lowcost processing   prior permission   minmax transformation   half drop   absolute terms   uppermiddleincome indicator   positive movements   negative change   different elements   arab world   sustain category   total rate   grow population   political participation   additional evidence   positive trends   several times   8th pillar   result boosts   corporate culture   maintenance issues   10th impact   low levels   advance importance   skill gap   economic value   deteriorate usage   empirical work   urban innovation   main weakness   good scale   cost savings   possible level   available lack   change circumstances   innovation ecosystem   potential data   lawmake bodies   supportive role   network framework   solid basis   biological technologies   free services   new approaches   global patterns   digital transformation   individual business   business benefits   top ranks   economic performance   total imports   global transformation   large improvements   different impacts   capital investment   significant share   internet practices   advance economies1   next steps   nri technologies   necessary training   increase pressure   dutch provider   annual frequency   diagnostic tools   several reasons   innovation forces   regional partnerships   far boost   trade goods   time trends   optimize outcomes   complete note   business agility   electronic photocopying   qualityadjusted price   large gains   rise adoption   complex task   digital collaboration   respect publications   high potential   commercial internet   national boundaries   regional trends   increase demand   top movers   competitive advantage   specify data   clear strategy   high prices   exist firms   very idea   future businesses   perceive trends   positive change   participation 9th   thematic elements   necessary drivers   innovation capacities   convene stakeholders   airline personnel   top rank   full impacts   public services   nominal terms   recent slides   separate basis   certain cases   technologysavvy startups   company blog   effective use   top environment   substantial improvements   strong efforts   compile andor   new ideas   good environments   high tariffs   riskloving availability   upward improvements   positive moves   digital vision   socioeconomic development   agile governance   large part   high penetrations   key incumbents   local privacy   ict adoption   economic growth   fast rate   zettabyte era   powerful technologies   foreign investment   absolute score   interactive process   outofthebox ideas   active monitoring   big mover   8th position   network index   big bottlenecks   overall sales   constitutional values21   total exports   great impact   open internet   new government   thirdparty products   digital report   internet bandwidth   technology questions   high end   6th conditions   upward trajectory   continuous support   new currency   next decades   employment opportunities   significant impact   commercial activities   new business   accelerate development   previous edition   such services   clear trend   economic importance   underutilized machines   legitimate objectives   large dispersion   digital globalization   ict component   local processing   granular level   individual dimensions   new ways   many benefits   global industries   solid adoption   increase prosperity   agile sectors   common factors   lengthy processes   commercial airplanes   such data   autonomous devices   maximum sample   new pressures   regional assessments   increase concerns   bad outcomes   political business   good availability   large job   individual pillars   far details   new entry   low effectiveness   online world   fast route   disclosure transfer   human development   lifelong learning   multi process   positive impacts   digital activity   additional insights   current transformation   perceive environment   national economies   digital bill   appropriate parts   full visibility   direct mechanism   few workers   ethical frameworks   survey data   holistic longterm   high freedom   sweep impact   particular connections   private individuals   physical platform   positive jump   cybersecurity concerns   policy guidelines   network readiness   orient research   new combinations   individual scorecards   score indicators   many ways   more participants   career paths   network performance   relative performance   digital connectivity   solution research   public policy   bank classification   wide range   individual level   general population   sufficient condition   right framework   overall score   product life   international economy   several questions   good practices   reform program   local activity   immediate replacements   moderate pace   emerge patterns   government support   reinforce effort   important challenges   first program   future innovators   tech support   global technology   study evidence   global landscape   various ways   top summary   organizational method   collaborative innovation   policy dialogue   nonprofit tions   critical point   good infrastructure   unfold revolution   firm level   traditional measures   private party   metropolitan hubs   different areas   normalize scores   unpractical means   ict use   rural areas   potential moonshots   digital revolution   follow ways   countryeconomy profiles   index environment   robust innovation   global index   45th position   next generation   first attempts   global rank   unaffordable activities   local level   follow factors   remote areas   70th position   normalize score   missioncritical initiative   electronic payments   strong impact   next year   leverage technology   innovation policies   80th place   key challenge   index framework   particular adoption   online services   wide efforts   global retailer   online consumers   hamper risks   digital runners   social progress   hightech market   new threats   production systems   surveybased evidence   nearcostless types   2nd environment   major port   political environment   operation hub   clear relationship   cognitive abilities   rigorous statistics   technical skills   decline trend   economic dynamics   careful response   ontheground models   overall readiness   9th pillar   extensive effects   expect return   business executives   top economies   digital dividends   good skillset   physical parts   potential drop   datum privacy   innovation patterns   potential value   advance tech   smart product   international organizations   datum flows   various aspects   sustainable approaches   available edition   only part   social innovation   different countries   officer systems   digital media   disaggregate level   international bandwidth   regulatory 65th   trade services   average indicator   5th skills   small number   potential drivers   framework conditions   tech savvy   strong movements   fresh ingredients   perceive availability   regulatory business   good practice   economic affordability   unimpeded growth   comparable statistics   accessible platforms   social reality   cisco systems   local restriction   broad impacts   fourth measures   actual hinder   certain savings   high scale   net score   available principles   arithmetic mean   traditional sectors4   digital infrastructure   25th percentile   complex technologies   grow economy   new developments   country preparedness   positive momentum   lowincome populations   earnings decline   consumer database   result impact   more savings   potential 30th   significant innovation   agile business   multi consultation   challenge rate   proper embedding   emerge technologies   global information   base services   transportation sensors   societal progress   social protection   more knowledge   overall rankings   composite indicator   strike executives   growth jobs   work prototype   individual countries   economic model   virtuous cycle   competition regime   good kilobits   increase power   compute refer   most technology   impact pillar   digital content   ict strategy   cheap connections   advance sensors   societal challenges   industry group   distributional impact   economic innovation   business performance   available paper   young companies   cloudbased services   9th place   4th issues   rigorous consultation   computermediated transactions   composite index   necessary repairs   efficient transactions   perceive progress   high level   quick scaling   decimal point   global innovation   key aspects   plan participation   lead indicators   absolute performance   ict readiness   different groups   risky industries   perceive improvement   net scores   new method   6th usage   top firm   global users   bestperforming group   past years   personal computer   key feature   rapid webdriven   regional group   such types   full efficiency   first matters   technical assistance   pillar infrastructure   centralize data   major forms   good use   local content   small base   global flows   change nature   global economy   new sources   decline importance   imply outcome   inverse scale   readiness usage   limit innovation   ofservice advantages   value value   respective pillars   10th place   unique contributions   2nd rank   annual gdp   crowdfinancing marketplaces   basic services   potential creation   new value   india program   medical images   digital technology   enrollment rate   more people   social dimensions   recent roundtable   next step   technology absorption   digital platforms   electronic shelves   more details   particular bandwidth   43rd place   tertiary education   powerful tools   innovation trends   similar strategy   right environment   overall distinctiveness   low prices   electronic payment   8th usage   important clues   different jurisdictions   governance frameworks   estimate people   61st place   substantial moves   startup costs   sluggish improvements   demandside factors   digital signatures   governance approaches   peripheral equipment   global trend   small score   recent years   practical approaches   midflight turnbacks   digital foundations   judicial systems   particular usage   stock shelves   advance economies   low power   competitive firms   overall strategy   technology report   social value   computer ownership   significant improvements   digital adoption   match efficiency   different services   uberized activities   strong commitment   new industries   future competitiveness   major risks   34th rank   stable framework   big part   european countries   available report   backward slides   potential lockin   strong foundations   professional services   bud sectors   top priorities   entire readiness   visual networking   special project   high speeds   particular indicator   39th position   traditional tools   effort examples   significant number   nri score   unfold parts   business 121st   caribbean menap   agile approaches   economic gains   general principles   firm operations   increase technology   international program   new products   synthetic biology   global data   reliable estimates   direct investment   global economies   social networks   5th position   anticipatory governance   normal indicator   asian economies   economic cooperation   18th rank   high innovation   possible box   resilient economy   strong conditions   digital trade   high rate   low costs   basic technologies   upward trend   subsaharan countries   industry standards   constant sample   individual government   missioncritical projects   technological innovations   entire economies   digital governance   full 30th   red tape   french businesses   global stage   insight report   good product   top half   global growthsupportive   long distance   net sources   corporate value   net indicator   delivery problems   large businesses17   previous revolutions   online 2nd   detail performance   governance systems   fastgrowing base   innovative approaches   lowestscoring region   social gains   different type   national transmission   quantum computing   good decisions   available industry   overall conditions   basic providers   increase competitiveness   more patenting   new indicators   say data   inefficient system   significant pressures   large gap   maximum benefits   global trends   government efficiency   key questions   business 125th   48th place   fix ones   monthly review   4th place   societal desirability   localization requirements   strong trend   regulatory framework   important role   public life   multiple arenas   mobile coverage   digital industries   digital parts   top mover   governance principles   digital disruption   more activity   outstanding performance   berger consultants   available impact   business environment   global gdp   remain group   new heuristics   88th place   research collaboration   network coverage   product cycles   challenge issues   organizational structures   select icts   full costs   fix broadband   business procedures   annual survey   more mechanisms   1st pillar   inclusive benefits   social priorities   collaborative participation   new firms   datum sources   low end   top spots   consistent vision   audiovisual technologies   datum traffic   considerable improvements   major questions   mobile phone   significant driver   come year   big movers   2nd indicator   health management   full results   pillar scores   large barriers   valuable feedback   common characteristic   pendency time   next decade   double challenge   42nd place   follow form   new technologies   aging societies   digital population   exist paths   slight improvement   major industries   scalable models   fourth technologies   business transactions   emerge revolution   broadbased participation   legal issues   business outcomes   fundamental role   flat trend   new ones   active users   national levels   traditional sectors   relative weaknesses   exponential shift   positive infrastructure   expensive ppp   digital products   15th place   global operations   72nd place   24th government   available doi101093scipolscs093   main stakeholders   relevant instrument   come years   strong performance   industrial revolution   societywide effort   high income   emerge economies   visible progress   chinese businesses   digital data   takeall dynamics   corporate investment   traditional flows   affect segmentation   high value   recent trends   speedy procedures   second mechanism   pillar score   key ways   online service   mix availability   significant savings   smart growth   accurate information   national borders1   fix subscriptions   save time   various sectors   extensive case   more onethird   economic analysis   server blog   term cover   critical aspects   benefit individuals   technology icts   timestrategic patenting   future skills   global competitiveness   first messages   french society   enough countries11   far improvements   foreign travelers   swedish government   full coverage   particular impacts   social cohesion   physical world   positive trend   global level   political economy   increase proliferation   many areas   new set   great freedom   exist products   legal options   new powers   global payment   urban future   trajectory 89th   corporate profits   perceive capacity   capital availability   digital enterprise   lowincome economies   large companies   international statistics   global centers   more time   critical element   legal professionals   wide context   personal storage   relevant areas   close matches   fix issues   executive survey   competitive pressures   large firms   several sets   market demand   white paper   weather forecasts   survival rate   bandwidth freedom   online sales   release report   physical technologies   5th place   mobile broadband   second way   executive officer   3rd edition   internet access   foothold findings   good service   accompany rise   trade costs   unique source   strong rise   qualitative way   new competitors   particular dimension   first innovation   profound impact   offline surveys   small portion   appropriate forms   worry gap   social contexts   cloudbased platforms   7th pillar   territorial entity   selflearning systems   public sector   publicprivate models   challenge regs   key characteristics   second observation   entire system   mobile tariffs   african countries   key roles   relative patents   exponential speed   technical notes   high indicators   technological design   future councils   datum gaps   considerable achievement   replicable models   overall trends   estimate percent   individual adoption   high efforts   pillar affordability   regular basis   economic activity   positive outcomes   14th subscriptions   cloudbased infrastructure   standalone product   business models   extensive collaboration   global council   upward 89th   global prosperity   innovative countries   asian countries   such program   new inventions   personal information   specific areas   gross gdp   high 71st   1st environment   economic forumaccenture   high content   mobile subscriptions   next destination   knowledgeintensive jobs   consistent patterns   digital world   original analysis   global bandwidth   badly outcome   more information   industrial equipment   scientific advances   exact figures   overall quality   main components   offshore protection   high scores   possible extent   relevant content   online marketing   datum centers   active participation   miss points   more risks   scientific organization   mobile industry   genetic engineering   upper end   important technologies   mobile subscription   digital era   individual usage   economic rank   paper internet   different routes   enterprise warehouse   emerge network   grow market   most regions   sample minimum   various dimensions   strong vision   large moves   increase number   grow importance   divergent performances   compendium data   economic box   chief economist   3rd position   economic recovery   chief officers   various measures   evolve space   tough environment   important source   large investment   global base   more incentives   public health   skill 11th   fast movers   large airplane   top countries   educational organization   idle capacity   cloud storage   middleskilled workers   conceptual sense   little examples   direct promotion   comprehensive database   current dynamics   decentralize information   industrial landscape   affordable products   emerge economy   overall progress   last decade   private initiative   productivity3 countries   grow barriers   overall shift   publicprivate collaboration   communication providers   description rankings   reliability safety   favorable shift   digital inclusion   global risks   past year   social context   ecommerce websites   caribbean economies   low scores   business adoption   little research   upward movement   relevant experts   overall performance   little box   new processes   various microfactors   overall environment   fulltime jobs   strong environment   external relations   remain pillars   many aspects   entry barrier   business operations   need upgrades   cellular tariffs   increase urgency   benefit society   costly infrastructure   good performers   simple models   annual opinion   21st place   social desirability   complex relationships   social structures   1st place   ict vision   specialize talent   digital transfer   net scale   exist risks   positive exception   miss opportunities   large retailer   realtime sensors   next section   measure matters   particular set   distance collaboration   flexible approaches   new data   base availability   nri indicators   similar trend   national changes   significant potential   entire value   sensitive sensors   lose vehicles   judicial system   narrow skills   47th place   consistent agenda   key findings   basic indicator   systematic indicators   indian population   strike patterns   labor market   great example   68th drops   sustainable solution   traditional industries9   different indicators14   advance products   ict revolution   low score   possible route   global applicants   26th position   core projects   offline population   great 2nd   many behaviors   8th government   many countries   global ranking   rank 133rd   require citation   more policy   weak environment   top environments   critical ingredient   most funds   share services   4th affordability8   skill workforce   average score   quality differences   important extent   available leaders   first individuals   indian ecosystem   general trends   telephony competition   general government   detail case   drive model   11th place   successive aggregations   new types   bold ideas   absolute scores   particular subscriptions   highresolution data   significant heterogeneity   same extent   absent lack   average performance   high importance   process data   responsible research   global platforms   massive expansion   unchanged score   phone subscription   labor markets   innovationdriven economy   overall economy   propose regulation   full list   total employment   personal computers   widespread adoption   entire systems   third revolution   fall demand   executive summary   new dynamics   more collaborative   high degree   substantial savings   increase revenues   great degree   global rankings   regulatory impediments   new jobs   retail prices   ethical risks   agile principles   electronic business   innovative solutions   subcategory pillars   unleash waves   several areas   quantifiable benefits   strong signs   development cycle   digital flows   digital means   evolve concepts   maxmin range   full potential   simultaneous shortening   increase weight   available indicators   global warehouse   effective policies   non solidarity   global productivity   sincere thanks   entry barriers   competitiveness index   first head   cheap mobile   global digitization   similar barrier   small enterprises   readiness framework   new networks   downward trend   most countries   marginal improvements   human resources   wide array   fix tariffs   new realities   increase capacity   different contexts   marketable products   main priorities   initial investment   key tool   digital innovation13   new characteristic   give country   median outliers   winnertakeall dynamics   global impact   trend improvements   statistical analysis   increase automation   new ecosystems   strong place   such innovations   online models   digital localization   additional opportunities   close look   fast processes   legal system   16th place   winner dynamics   potential explanations   combinatorial innovation   new type
Actions:   streamline procedures   leave country   channel forces   attain rank   pay republic   backoffice consolidation   avoid protection   wait personnel   increase gdp   highlight relationship   create some   drop spots   prompt regulations   provide individuals   raise challenges   capture data   enter market   use households   show signs   achieve scale   evolve nri   read profiles   gather data   define innovation   optimize operations   survey report   keep position   implement program   incorporate technologies   use seven   drop prices   attempt moonshots   present framework   transform economies   allow access   capture state   develop asia   contain measure   connect objective   explore impact   survey voice   top rankings   enforce environment   achieve success   shine spotlight   have impact   spur processes   pop 25   promote 38th   evaluate costs   provide data   prevent transactions   start intensity   pop 136   see notes   leverage them   use transformation   take risks   organize technologies   pose threats   build infrastructure   exert power   use nri   reengineering systems   witness emergence   improve usage   support economy   spend time   report rankings   foster practices   create growth   review chapter   save money   upgrade infrastructure   change rules   reduce delays   catalyze collection   drive innovation13   facilitate transactions   shape society   dampen development   diminish potential   bring momentum   crowdsourcing level   support jobs   improve participation   discuss concepts   move it   create environment   rank 9th   stay same   foster activity   beat everyone   give reason   include procedures   use importance   regard transfer   track progress   characterize one   facilitate access   broadbased improvements   launch program   embrace technologies   share data   utilize internet   enforce number   slip environment   affect outcomes   align them   involve technologies   cost much   promote icts   require improvements   place 1st   require research   pertain environment   flow impact   indicate outcome   subindexes pillars   review literature   represent transition   pop 139   adjust deliveries   take rate   suggest heuristics   offer solution   have gap   fuel strategies   compose index   create value   quantify measure   guide way   represent companies   adopt technologies   set business   see data   derail countries   embed technologies   require processing   change innovation   install availability   pop 78   monitor assets   experiment availability   include indicators   establish role   use icts   move places   measure concepts   allow inference   drive outcomes   amplify urgency   do restrictions   acknowledgment forum   enter nri   innovate measures   start steps   create opportunities   pop 88   employ people   organize themselves   use sales   use data   compose nri   save airlines   address gap   give boost   enable flows   consider score   reform systems   pop 99   develop europe   match that   optimize vehicle   obstruct delivery   require examples   foster investment   stand impact   play use   pop 67   install 85   use extent   diagnose problems   scale crosssector   open business   characterize landscape   assess affordability   rank 105th   enhance ability   run business   innovate usage   reflect changes   examine pressure   identify gaps   provide models   take report   install number   innovate this   obtain impact   innovate chapter   correspond sample   governance approaches   use chapter   advertisingbased services   miss data   take ease   mark revolution   pop 8   promote policies   indicate indicators   establish business   drive growth   provide framework   establish link   go barriers   innovate index   meet aircraft   reduce turnbacks   backoffice collaboration   measure impacts   settle disputes   launch set   pop 109   address questions   include facilitation   address risks   mitigate concerns   add value   record decline   form cycle   pop 91   flow growth   increase itc   value outcomes   provide rankings   enforce regime   take steps   include capabilities   lose sight   surveybased measures   point way   impose innovation   pop 66   provide support   distinguish forms   master complexity   provide index   install 61   close gap   enhance connectivity   shine light   present information   produce consume   complete opinion   increase pressure   report price   accelerate expectation   pop 43   replace zealand   support operations   enable traders   change behaviors   develop platform   achieve improvements   transfer data   reflect importance   deliver report   bridge some   unleash dynamics   require effort   differentiate developments   welldefined areas   generate savings   receive weight   apply transformation   build trust   support entrepreneurship   prevent volvo   pop 132   exceed four   use prices   assess leadership   achieve internet   install 100   precede period   see decline   start blog   export multitude   enforce availability   follow environment   develop america   pop 76   demonstrate power   provide 10th   benefit society   identify report   see countries   support pillar   climb ranks   push frontier   capture prices   use distribution   require transfers   follow economies   match workers   offload tasks   create winners   inspire trust   generate readiness   lead way   ensure governance   transmit centre   disrupt paths   present results   report improvement   readiness channel   reinforce efforts   follow innovation   take number   protect privacy   use use   release chip   use them   upgrade skills   capture part   implement strategies   do business   drive gains   tackle affordability   measure capacity   heavyduty sensors   fund projects   delay cycle   provide ways   calculate score   facilitate 9th   consider internet   develop concepts   minimize damage   enforce contract   use framework   create impact   need capability   increase sector   pop absorption   need time   identify mechanisms   deliver use   marketmaking gains   distribute blockchains   prevent gains   call what   pop 72   provide description   warrant products   require participation   deteriorate impacts   increase productivity   embrace powers   detail performance   note draca   represent score   feature iteration   convey gratitude   enable models   open way   limit ability   fulfill orders   underscore significance   have effect   contextualize data   create field   prevent one   locate vehicles   make tools   improve operations   anticipate challenges   aggregate indicators   micromanufacturing marketplaces   editor forum   facilitate penetration   operate projections   tackle challenges   sell data   point patterns   change incentives   capture extent   track access   grow distribution   affect flows   move luxembourg   force companies   visit page   make products   retain talent   increase bandwidth   shake industries   save startups   pop 32   flourish intensity   drive benefits   reflect references   include checklist   underpin development   use percentage   compose section   see pdpc   pop 54   boost innovation   file patents   constitute rate   perceive government   develop eurasia   include technology   leverage network   measure table   connect arpanet   have environment   flow individuals   guide innovation   embed capabilities   require applications   inform range   develop vision   asses ability   pose barrier   empower innovation   cost burden   aggregate information   present analysis   balance flows   bring benefits   healthcare use   measure level   suggest research   cover 2016   develop tool   shorten cycles   survey survey   impose estimates   accelerate box   slip spots   drive wave   climb spot   take efforts   generate impact   maintain taxation   improve score   readiness infrastructure   obtain permission   give effort   lose ground   begin journey   empower people   promote them   prevent understocking   anticipate issues   highlight development   tackle gap   flow data   embrace dimensions   create incentives   hold potential   take routes   provide details   recognize challenge   alert drivers   make sort   provide performance   create investments   see index   pop 65   pop 63   track performance   detect resources   putt italy   measure drivers   cover economies   read index   monitor data   produce terabytes   enable innovation   pop 93   may 26   choose sources   crowdsourcing challenge   identify factors   use9 extent   engage citizens   reap benefits   give advantages   make repairs   increase pressures   provide ecosystem   recognize challenges   provide guidance   ask executives   scope transformation   highlight opportunities   entry services   use society   examine needs   use index   nanotechnology biology   increase agility   keep reality   present findings   produce score   express gratitude   quantify impact   deliver visibility   enable analysis   pop 24   route traffic   hinder progress   accelerate internet   inform people   produce chip   readiness affordability   advance prosperity   reach plateau   consider elements   represent one   contain forum   support professionals   use technology   spur adoption   service process   acknowledgment 289   accelerate achievement   include outlook   pop 52   identify performers   drive products   putt technologies   provide generation   build economy   acknowledge leadership   pop 79   reflect forum   gain most   boost productivity   take inspiration   benchmark progress   show executives   depend more   restrict flows   address challenges   improve quality   continue trajectory   get demand   affect nature   install 41   create need   use mean   refer terms   digitize products   present profile   track indicators   point index   move spot   pop 64   organize impact   enable countries   compute percentage   pay economies   find firms   transmit packets   stay firm   pop 69   read environment   integrate these   illustrate technologies   indicate pillar   amortize time   develop models   reserve rights   provide momentum   pop 95   mitigate risks   address them   pop 84   map space   settle efficiency   asses countries   impact economy   bring inventions   mask movements   maintain websites   minimize fragmentation   see drops   pop 59   pillar sources   identify machines   catalyze action   follow trend   warm health   practice cover   inhibit people   describe innovations   allow 7th   embed sensors   promote it   unleash pressures   increase communication   highlight role   reduce times   compute index   maximize value   promote users   facilitate entry   confirm revolution   collect information   reinforce other   accept liability   refer profiles   include sources   unfold speed   match demand   enter era   distribute environment   interpret edition   provide basis   create principles   match consumers   make changes   improve places   sell goods   optimize engines   drive savings   result subindex   interact models   offer option   identify level   survey state   use ownership   design systems   slash number   broadbased gains   pop 44   deliver benefits   position themselves   patent innovations   make decisions   run tools   reap impact   achieve impact   shape internet   offer analysis   note wiredcom   deliver services   crystallize them   discuss guidelines   measure availability   increase readiness   require response   gain findings   alter way   find risks   place that   represent gdp   capitalize savvy   relate independence   download portions   adopt strategies   drive impact   justify fragmentation   rank 15th   transform way   reduce access   transform framework   reduce number   tell part   illustrate feasibility   database edition   pop 73   match people   assess preparedness   slip positions   allow embedding   materialize environment   educate innovators   show patterns   handle challenges   develop warehouse   generate icts   comprise patents   emerge countries   unlock sources   convene experts   start procedures   pop individuals   see tables   putt data   go progress   register moves   appreciate dynamics   4th index   improve access   jump places   change nature   enable them   improve bandwidth   start number   start business   achieve rank   reshape models   emphasize need   reflect situation   pop 90   pop 35   start ups   require innovations   capture milestones   face challenge   have strategy   develop emerging   improve performance   use storage   conduct business   grow capacities   move germany   continue improvements   create scaling   process transactions   comprise set   improve way   install 73   reduce activities   start mexico   accelerate access   include number   access justice   increase efficiency   integrate markets   drive urgency   provide indication   recognize beginning   ensure access   join world   pop 41   pop 77   store more   win race   make sense   carry risks   enable collaboration   give clues   fill gaps   take step   correspond minimum   sustain jobs   possess drivers   find themselves   set 121st   focus resources   require environment   put rules   obtain scores   see government   reach percent   technologyenabled innovation   pop 101   identify types   back companies   publish gitr   capture some   support notion   gauge impacts   relate efficiency   reorganize itself   enable growth   flow internet   procure technologies   leverage icts   store s   top pillar   stop activity   characterize dynamics   optimize efficiency   aggregate rests   represent source   provide suggestions   adopt models   generate value   take advantage   put consultation   lead charge   use indicators   enhance presence   offer services   improve skills   illustrate relationship   present rankings   change way   leave russia   move rank   analyze characteristic   prevent innovations   compare this   achieve value   enable merchants   see deterioration   point report   reoptimizing themselves   pick increases   spark innovation   reduce barriers   recognize importance   boost gains   create savings   feel pressure   tighten supplies   affect markets   live work   measure conditions   craft regulations   launch number   see prices   support firms   collect data   apply analysis   readiness indicators   pick part   reduce duplication   develop africa   see change   put country   send email   improve conditions   pop 96   connect people   empower innovations   perceive capacity   eliminate inefficiencies   promote technologies   reduce costs   require attention   promote compliance   access information   follow participation   connect asset   integrate icts   pop 58   examine shift   affect market   streamline processes   augment tools   quadruple terabytes   use internet   affect innovation   climb spots   crowdsourcing models   reimagine models   pop 92   highlight patterns   explore use   innovate observation   maximize efficiency   benefit barriers   detail innovating   gain ranks   map availability   improve ranking   save share   ecosystem paper   improve provision   control rights   experience growth   take form   matter set   see availability   result report   measure impact   install profits   identify questions   acknowledge hanouz   pop 30   innovate themselves   halt initiative   install 60   pop 42   improve spot   identify concerns   bring innovation   present methodology   match supply   result movement   see al   suffer turkey   exceed costs   increase rate   extend thanks   use technologies   drop places   assess impact   increase efforts   install procedures   anticipate aspects   refer impacts   drive innovation   leverage hub   capture trillion   drive shift   innovate latter   pop 55   take that   consider trends   change world   fueling economies   discourage firms   flow innovation   yield key   putt places   pop 48   contribute part   operate data   adapt behaviors   give chapter   depend costs   score report   enable people   install 76   improve adoption   receive training   pop extent   solve issues   climb positions   lead economies   drop place   lose revenue   interconnect elements   rank 32nd   compile database   drive dynamics   improve processes   bring products   enforce 109   give opportunity   bring broadbased   face pressure   reduce prices   give insights   present performance   climb places   continue trend   do households   transmit data   make difference   dampen element   push boundaries   increase costs   assess mgi   spend billion   win times   increase penetration   represent ingredient   enable country   use9 importance   slash 7   unleash potential   get protection   include box   reach coverage   need momentum   provide services   illustrate trends   grow spots   follow situation   orient economy   behave nature   pop 11   dataset report   embody spirit   start 125th   delay shift   achieve network   compose report   help report   impact facets   locate questions   ensure field   drive jobs   illustrate firms   reveal patterns   take shape   embrace developments   prevent transfer   achieve objectives   register weight   rank 2nd   bring technologies   hold companies   shape impact   drop percent   innovate findings   work handinhand   decrease barriers   make environment   target products   provide vision   set standards   provide evidence   connect report   engage industry   rank 1st   improve environment   use computer   readiness skills   follow classification   encourage individuals   embrace economy   require data   ensure environment   identify route   cross traffic   oust sets   boost efficiency   improve environments   leverage knowledge   process models   maximize benefits   pdpc singapore   reach position   identify requirements   change landscape   farreaching benefits   offset investments   pop 39   identify range   create castro   use resources   impact structures   provide overview   collect examples   drop projects   include calculation   pop 112   share information   allow that   examine proliferation   support transition   deliver billion   facilitate adoption   have access   fall support   identify areas   counteract lockin   measure shift   slow innovation   pop 33   play role   lose onethird   drive chapters   highlight ways   low barriers   generate 13   106th leadership   follow ideas   create barriers   pop impact   generate energy   use 71   show vision   improve safety   include component   reach zettabytes   slip notch   include digitization   pop 53   asses progress   underpin nri   combine forecasts   reveal rates   move ranks   show speed   pop 89   set precedent   keep track   give access   lower costs   measure extent   deploy technologies   make strides   perceive availability   lower cost   s efforts   connect person   rank 35th   minimize conflicts   develop framework   run tesco   foster forces   close group   transform them   reverse trend   drive key   use approaches   improve expediency   create cycle   match numbering   assess state   carry implications   incorporate findings   require providers   enhance way   top index   differentiate leaders   achieve economic   develop taxonomy   pop use   evolve frameworks   move country   pop 45   transform industries   mean what   represent tool   increase types   generate data   make use   assess extent   pop 70   pop 56   increase adoption   rank 51st   improve power   step efforts   pop 51   promote centers   flow ability   pop households   update priors   outweigh benefits   defend position   deploy services   see ministry   give rise   reflect rri   measure effect   pop 60   include finding   force building   neweraofglobalflows j   boast infrastructure   curb flows   continue evolution   reduce downtime   adjust needs   analyze data   menap two   reflect realities   start base   maintain score   follow 4   deliver longterm   access services   improve performances   create systems   attract establishment   generate rank   sundararajan 2016   accelerate processes   gather speed   make efforts   require transformation   examine role   address concrete   optimize outcomes   improve transactions   flow report   impose restrictions   save billion   reduce investment   give sector   flow freedom   create pressures   support uptake   spot trends   hide differences   improve literacy   lead world   contain scorecards   slip ranks   catalyze access   assess level   evaluate desirability   get matters   adopt icts   move spots   accelerate polarization   pop 57   centralize operations   provide access   map microfactors

Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.