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Future of Digital Economy and Society System Initiative Cyber Resilience Playbook for Public- Private Collaboration In collaboration with The Boston Consulting Group January 2018 Contents Preface 1. Introduction 2. Using the Playbook for Public-Private Collaboration 3. Reference architecture for public-private collaboration 4. Policy models 4.1 Zero-days 4.2 Vulnerability liability 4.3 Attribution 4.4 Research, data, and intelligence sharing 4.5 Botnet disruption 4.6 Monitoring 4.7 Assigning nat

model as more companies   state of the active   capabilities to the private   privacy should be limited   choices on five key   privacy will be limited   companies in the private   user and a technology   privacy and the limited  

Sources: WEF

Pathway Classification

This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.

Type: Forecasts
Priority/ Function Areas:   Law & Government People & Society |
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide |

Pathway Information

This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.

Profiles:   an capabilities   a mandate   the insurers   its content   the instructions   october report   the software   a cycle   an countries   july hacker   this leaders   the sector   that application   the improvement   the initiative   the extensiveness   a regime   the forum   the malware   w32stuxnet dossier   an commentators   this document   that adversaries   this policy   the vendor   the capacity   the robustness   that liability   an policymakers   october economics   the use   a country   a isp   the proliferation   a attacker   the inability   a overview   a maker   this playbook   that decisions   agency harbour   this capabilities   that capabilities   a individual   the exploits   no code   the speed   this questions   the objective   rover curiosity   the aim   any assumption   a user   the aggregation   hi leadership   the delay   a intuition   the provisions   all capabilities   a policy   such policy   this focus   whose capabilities   the cidar   a company   the risk   every organization   this programmes   the risks   the damages   the cost   the scenarios   whose novelty   google team   a actor   the program   the size   the money   the war   a intrusion   a botnets   whose products   be model   a factor   the spectre   whose product   the project   its security   the botnet   the function   the world   this costs   the costs   the values   this arrangement   a vendor   the problem   the capabilities   the sectors   this institutions   july risk   a breach   an participants   the layer   the ability   the denominator   a degree   a incident   that individual   uk authorities   such actors   every country   the horizon   each model   the vendors   this tension   a topic   october time   the responsibilities   the privacy   this methods   a government   the dragon   the algorithms   privatesector vendors   a organization   the adoption   the impenetrability   the reshuffling   forum project   such value   a database   this report   this submission   each innovation   another line   the ecosystem   the capability   the barriers   the customer   the deliberation   zeroday vulnerabilities   a posture   the stakeholders   its incapacity   both sectors   an techniques   the decisions   this model   the duty   the confidentiality   an companies   another company   the scope   the sum   the expressions   the choice   the layers   whose basis   the policy   another question   a world   the exercise   this determination   the assumption   all providers   the hacker   a debate   the identity   any attachment   a attack   january market   the question   each configuration   this statements   the expenditures   this environment   a trend   the payload   a relationship   an users   the possibility   the team   the tradeoffs   its customers   that organization   whose differentiation   the code   a bot   the concerns   a business   the limitation   the providers   the provision   this project   the protection   a consideration   this exercise   whose impact   the line   the value   foundation report   the economics   the application   this concerns   no days   this changes   the benefit   a number   the people   a stakeholder   a vulnerability   the exercises   a sensor   it researchers   the extent   that positions   the reliance   the resemblance   the deployment   the permissibility   such requirement   all rights   a understanding   the intent   this models   such exercise   the implications   this databases   this techniques   no content   the cnnvd   the degree   a question   the state   the return   the landscape   this penalties   the notion   the power   the dialogue   no effort   the architecture   whose effect   the data   the tradeoff   the benefits   this logic   this organizations   its expansion   the country   such programme   the intelligence   that researchers   an regulations   january bill   a adversary   the solutions   a push   the impact   a function   a term   the address   a state   march fireeye   the defence   the government   opensource software   the knowledge   that metadata   the group   a disruption   another capability   nd breach   the playbook   the party   nvd research   the opinions   a role   a responsibility   a efforts   the protocol   no obligation   l model   any organization   the device   this values   a duty   an observers   the programme   the domain   an values   the handling   such regime   every incentive   a analogue   each capability   a leader   all privileges   this future   its consumption   the privatesector   no incentives
Goals:   frame different choices   mitigate greater degree   compel multinational company   implicate insurance adoption   include information security   serve important function   test incident management   secure broad sets   mandate values tradeoffs   study store capture   sell adjacent service   create voluntary programme   face developing difficulties   consider elements playbook   take leading role   secure pieces bits   create commendable initiatives   correlate economic damages   use capable models   neglect unintended consequences   manage regulatory apparatus   assess blanketed workplace   think approved choices   centre physical linchpins   pioneer effective method   assign defence ability   enter given country   combine infrastructure status   limit leaves data   constitute industry collaboration   respect privacy concerns   take greater role   internalize costs values   propagate risk ability   promote security placing   put recent measures   specify technologies processes   use connected device   use research techniques   secure vulnerabilities duty   maintain versions case   align responsibilities roles   respond respond obligation   balance associated risks   assist attacked organization   provide forceful response   choose numerical scale   implement firm awareness   require important benefit   create intangible costs   require larger size   facilitate criminal response   take simplified example   police natural inclination   determine appropriate amount   protect legitimate rights   monitor internet traffic   inspect email addresses   provide establish evidence   evaluate export controls   offer transparent process   flow sovereignty definitions   use exploitable weakness   distribute policy choices   risk diplomatic relations   impact sovereign responsibilities   cost canonical example   frame question architecture   elucidate value adoption   vary increased bounties   assign assist duty   frame policy discussion   seek more attractive   respect exchange rights   flow monitoring requirements   deploy ingest tools   harden technology information   take active role   exploit economic value   place heavy burden   leverage decentralized knowledge   isolate important values   control significant limits   assist private sector   require public sectors   limit enters data   make required decisions   breach protected incident   thank senior leaders   prevent put intrusion   take important questions   exist extended extent   expose bad actors   create premised offerings   resilience diminishes extent   prioritize research data   contribute intelligence lessactionable   validate competency privacy   require led collaboration   promote valid interests   change associated estimates   articulate full set   prevent patches exploitation   give increasing importance   diminish confidentiality security   create shared obligations   reveal vulnerabilities capabilities   increase own accountability   use important question   perpetrate risk attack   target individuals companies   define policy choices   illuminate themes inconsistencies   frame policy question   secure main questions   create outweighed costs   create reduce issues   control information control   limit monitor ability   articulate value proposition   meet standards requirements   create classic tradeoffs   take wider view   experience apply cyberincident   establish adversary identity   develop mitigation measure   thwart liability thresholds   implicate societal values   cted insurance group   include sufficient number   trust key question   enable private sector   avoid embarrassing publicity   propose sliding scale   purchase research collaboration   document key topics   create legal liability   represent global platform   take use case   begin accountability acceptance   specify greater control   act models playbook   develop policy models   deploy defence capabilities   encryption cryptographic transformation   impede legitimate use   leaf salient example   validate costly capability   help address policy   share facilitated disruption   compromise methods sources   target particular vulnerability   assign preliminary determinant   affect invest incentives   involve trade secrets   ensure disclose promises   infect connected devices   use encryption encryption   adopt thwart encryption   test management response   provide greater resources   include payloads malware   call ethical hackers   create contract incentives   assure significant success   vulnerability share opportunity   exploit software liability   provide expertise resources   empower defence techniques   exceed exceed extent   manage organized response   provide brief reference   maintain software definitions   validate sector claims   take vulnerability rediscovery   incentivize cybersecurity risk   manage growing botnets   lack response capabilities   drive notification requirements   fuel redirected botnets   provide values tradeoffs   undermine country posture   define critical sectors   use same exploits   overwhelm respond ability   use decision framework   provision values tradeoffs   monitor traffic limitations   deploy defence measures   invest resultant costs   do great job   create provided programmes   manifest obliged duty   bring experts thinkers   thank steering committee   bypass popular application   include illustrate studies   work prevent ability   create collateral damage   provide common language   reduce value enablement   define infrastructure policymakers   connect alleged adversary   circumscribe assist duty   result model validation   access cryptographic keys   offer affirmative duty   monitor greater monitoring   hinder relationships companies   avoid particular configuration   outline key values   establish assist duty   avoid potential risk   provide richer sample   exploit user implementer   notify public stakeholders   say deployed measures   conduct covering exercise   hinder monitor ability   advance tradeoffs framework   promote sharing privacy   limit inspect ability   illustrate key concept   limit control access   scrub traffic patterns   privilege business models   permissible defence techniques   support divorced decision   flow notification requirements   cause helpful example   staff operation centres   improve security impact   quantify risk appetite   reduce monitoring privileges   induce private sector   exfiltrating particular type   consider different values   affect opensourcing code   guarantee important impact   perceive greater risk   approve forbidden content   minimize arising risk   patch small number   trigger collateral obligations   illustrate key considerations   assume security risk   create network issues   bear repository cidar   narrow threat surface   assure predetermined level   identify used information   advance policy positions   make granular judgement   share intelligence coordination   address common refrain   deploy mitigation patches   prevent increasing creation   promote interests security   use more privacy   blumstengel technology advantage   facilitate messaging communication   increase fairness accountability   hold security assumption   monitor economic value   monetize specific attributes   build good order   create generating costs   establish broader relationship   assign numerical estimate   develop equivalent capabilities   inspect content government   discuss discrete playbook   build attribution capacity   empower public sector   follow provide cyberincident   mandate private sector   review reference architecture   decrease policy models   lose economic incentive   provide strategic guidance   store negative correlation   access expensive centres   build own centre   think alleged identity   notify notification requirements   botnet derived term   pervert organization model   prioritize connecting policy   bear resultant damages   provide analytical framework   promote policy option   distinguish possible decision   manage financial consequences   import content restrictions   present develop opportunity   accompany fourth leaders   circumscribe technical measures   outweigh mitigated damages   promote given security   face threat vectors   affect information security   volunteer relationships insight   continue technical stack   retain services privacy   threaten premised models   reward few firms   disseminate known url   consider privacy case   create market incentives   use specific protocol   retrieve school center   content exercise efforts   prevent supported product   access crossborder data   safeguard resilience duty   embody persistent problem   establish legal duty   remediate existing nodes   implement specific policy   develop better understanding   promote coding standards   reduce weak encryption   developingissuing assumption patches   make meant decision   mitigate own risks   weather financial consequences   raise policy considerations   increase security accountability   act continuing presence   contain distinct sections   reduce associated costs   compromise accountability impacts   promote fairness organizations   volunteer own expertise   allow provide capabilities   examine provide companies   abrogate perceive ability   tackle bug infestation   elucidate full optionspace   disrupt orderly function   debate policy topics   carry obtained attack   retain increased mandate   forbid defence techniques   dot policy landscape   playbook disruption definitions   circumvent policy models   use technical measures   understand associated risks   reflect important difference   exist encryption algorithm   use exploit sequence   gain better understanding   use network behaviour   develop vigilance software   document adversary motivations   require active engagement   mitigation insurance industry   establish vulnerability databases   protect impacted extent   cause stepwise increases   regulate security standards   promote sector accountability   access particular form   advance resilience member   address governance decisions   shape world forum   impact power grid   force numerical thinking   contribute policy model   define infrastructure policy   improve country posture   understand associated tradeoffs   review policy models   exceed security controls   define numerical impact   owe starkest example   escalate conflict playbook   vulnerability government involvement   develop processes technology   legitimize examining collecting   raise privacy concerns   playbook policy models   diminish invest incentives   provide structured repository   withstand scrutiny values   run model encryption   contribute unique insights   provide response services   target including services   target value privacy   exist policy models   forbid values tradeoffs   discover cryptographic flaw   organize passive information   articulate relative difference   minimize security risk   render impairing disruption   exploit vulnerability risk   give militarize potential   inaugurate global centre   run vulnerable software   find same vulnerability   consider possible decisions   span creates gamut   measure policy decisions   run security protocols   reduce given playbook   use policy model   incentivize vulnerabilities10 google   conceal datas meaning   attack policy makers   take good sense   continue operations defence   develop software playbook   asses relative importance   incur liability customer   impair security posture   give inspect ability   offer offer duty   improve own capabilities   mitigate caused damages   operate validate insistence   support attach proposition   identify specific individual   use computing power   use law enforcement   employ sector accountability   purchase defence offense
Measures:   wide view   multinational company   elite hacker   liability acceptance   worsen relations   national roles   nascent field   regional agendas   organizational processes   badly experience   liable stakeholders   share programme   innocent parties   steep price   fairness organizations   bugbounty programmes   les consistency   connect norms   cyber centre   great volumes   increase mandate   grow botnets   bug infestation   british experience   suspicious traffic   key linkages   industry collaboration   young male   granular understanding   costly capability   network patterns   great value   proprietary access   pecuniary motives   certain practices   questionable status   short run   nuance discussions   cyberresilienceweforumorg playbook   cybersecurity information   perceive appropriateness   key mechanisms   dedicate teams   debate example   regulatory apparatus   give discussion   process involvement   associate values   persistent consumers   close source   due liability   affect devices   security posture   general analytics   particular company   harden nodes   give playbook   trust symmetry   fundamental level   key values   give position   limit opportunity   establish controls   consult group   particular vulnerability   popular software   active accountability   online tickets   impact accountability   predictability provenance   telltale signs   first participants   patch mechanisms   private sector   policy question   deceptive locations   symmetric concerns   critical status   general organizations   senior president   inform decisionmaking   private companies   foremost business   unauthorized individuals   fairness assumption   important elements   brief reference   technical stack   policy discussion   different types   connect policy   medieval castle   current norm   relevant data   various differences   vulnerable nodes   geopolitical risks   normative values   sensitive data   collateral damage   sufficient expertise   threat botnets   adequate investment   numerical estimate   industrial control   topofmind topic   clear guidance   first interactions   several initiatives   operational costs   significant limits   export controls   successful cyberincursions   share spaces   relevant configurations   useful life   specific topography   outer walls   first part   email addresses   normative questions   pervasive stockpiling   new algorithms   surface vulnerabilities   diminish damages   identifiable information   major case   internal research   natural inclination   historical insurers   low investment   little importance   effective services   shortterms costs   unalloyed good   broad edifice   computational methods   great sophistication   give value   regulatory objective   weak encryption   global platform   international policy   legitimate concerns   concentrate benefits   security measures   versa absorption   different options   digital assets   formalize sharing   regulatory case   liable vendors   sophisticate institutions   exploitable resources   few tradeoffs   great duty   expect outcomes   global head   software ad   sectorled effort   fattailed risk   absent organization   different scenarios   few effects   adjacent service   great limitations   unintended consequences   minimum guarantee   false binaries   competency privacy   particular type   decrease incident   potential policy   great difficulties   3rd parties   stringent mandates   advance notice   specific policy   closedsource software   general employers   remarkable innovation   estimate rediscovery   rapid research   near neighbour   forceful response   digital economy   scrutiny values   fundamental research   concomitant costs   multiple zerodays   indirect costs   policy questions   legal liability   likely entities   profile playbook   compute resources   assistance duty   classic economics   present circumstance   key element   functional perspectives   specify duty   enduser data   liable users   technical challenges   specific implementation   international database   basic information   many competencies   active role   recent technology   wide acceptability   risk appetite   compromise organizations   longerterm effect   intrusion playbook   important tradeoffs   technical level   relative importance   circuitous process   main questions   cybersecurity strategy   simplify example   great ability   give organization   know duty   secure networks   network collaboration   national database   general localization   national borders   adversary governments   national origin   impact firms   policy landscape   fruitful collaboration   legal officer   know node   infrastructure sectors   cryptographic transformation   sample size   black hat   first line   airbus researcher   technical fronts   smart sensors   economic benefit   baseline understanding   rapid response   unhealthy institutions   remote access   cyber emergency   overall fairness   security risk   likely liability   vulnerability vulnerabilities   datum centre   vulnerability rediscovery   secure products   market share   expansive use   global market   computational techniques   strong encryption   tractable set   legal duty   privatesector vendors   strong fairness   key difference   connect nature   own capabilities   company victim   increase requirements   reactive posture   great adoption   false narrative   great accountability   practical software   great number   legislative function   personalize case   sector claims   low costs   pii secrets   adjacent industry   specific control   fast releases   international affairs   give context   upfront costs   reciprocal demand   great capability   key tradeoffs   control extent   give control   legitimate tools   similar terms   pure good   many forms   transparent process   individualspecific data   academic experts   crossborder data   notable instance   centralize pool   industrial base   personalize data   distributive question   security issues   good order   most jurisdictions   cleareyed discussion   great suite   forward movement   successful intrusion   significant tradeoffs   follow respects   effective capability   cyberthreat programme   deliberative efforts   such policy   national government   rapid increases   geographic footprint   technical privacy   information technology   relate axes   malicious actors   great robustness   bypass capability   second part   research data   cybersecurity options   public confidence   agile software   connect device   anonymous data   ambiguous value   national vulnerability   heighten requirements   operation centres   free flow   great capabilities   collateral consequences   wide exercise   silent playbook   informationsharing companies   more end   legal framework   thoughtful commentary   access software   value policy   deliberation discussions   digital domains   competitive benefit   vulnerable devices   criminal response   absent sharing   great values   effective collaboration   chief officer   original meaning   policy considerations   acceptable scope   certain methods   individual infrastructure   social sector   sector capability   corporate controls   few examples   intelligence sharing   civil society   great awareness   privatesector organization   inherent tradeoffs   advance analytics   subsidize insurance   general policies   privacy security   high standard   organizational measures   role ability   great data   third parties   notification requirements   mathematical models   cybersecurity norms   global centre   robust evidence   many decisions   due perceptions   defence capabilities   industrial world   national sovereignty   incremental energy   unique form   standard liability   response services   natural corollary   thwart activity   automate tasks   second conference   know url   great demand   individual group   decentralize knowledge   many configurations   mandatory companies   senior director   innocent individuals   aggressive policy   voluntary companies   early pioneers   current environment   give governments   les security   great resources   general efforts   long terms   individual country   own security   human capital   discrete playbook   similar botnets   infect devices   sharp tradeoffs   such intelligence   few devices   incremental centre   simple avoidance   financial information   such shifts   intrusive monitoring   common implementation   diplomatic issue   great capacity   far issues   senior technology   similar risk   effective capabilities   net policy   diminish costs   deteriorate trust   senior researcher   give topic   considerable resources   content restrictions   great damage   heighten security   cybersecurity risk   policy norms   capable models   tremendous swaths   option playbook   direct research   particular cyberattack   red team   corporate security   smart tvs   tremendous promise   stagger release   clear roles   individual companies   increase bounties   digital domain   reduce costs   security fairness   irreducible cyberrisk   frame discussion   safe society   relate risk   forbid content   give work   national cybergovernance   robust way   incentivized cyberinsurance   great organizations   same exploits   malicious action   great correlation   responsible party   prone areas   expensive models   deep inspection   likely party   active risks   unique requirements   salient examples   botnet creation   individual hacker   financial consequences   individual intelligence   distinct capabilities   key considerations   financial assistance   executive branch   ongoing process   legitimate researchers   political differences   major topics   enormous investment   additional consideration   overreach case   open source   absolute positions   long run   budgetary authority   likely controls   absolutist justifications   model case   key concept   judgement25 playbook   certain demands   long periods   national assets   necessary tools   transform business   accept techniques   digital payloads   outsize fashion   downward pressure   criminal activity   broad view   disclose vulnerability   service case   model definitions   flow limitations   senior leaders   increase proliferation   key issues   diminish fairness   attack organization   dedicate committee   own network   possible decision   own expertise   internet traffic   same time   relate claims   broad guidance   certain institutions   firm grasp   privacy case   monitor content   target hack   intra network   externalize values   specific individual   few costs   exist nodes   few participants   latent capabilities   clear policy   active policy   additional security   analytic tools   intellectual energy   most cases   additional questions   security fixes   brittle system   great controls   corporate environment   isp companies   last years   bad actors   generous commitment   duplicative costs   certain choices   security roles   traditional defence   individual applications   unique technologies   key elements   exploitable weakness   international concerns   extensive consultation   confidentiality security   high prioritization   policy decisions   historical tools   minimum standards   senior partner   key topics   numerous efforts   limit consequences   malicious values   normative implications   cyber models   suspect criminals   limit offense   cheryl member   important difference   global countries   unique vectors   typical exercises   common form   new nodes   incentivized insurance   technology advantage   global experience   allege adversaries   decrease costs   infect pcs   ethical hacking   most participants   continue collaboration   curate intelligence   persistent problem   enhance security   different configurations   software definitions   economic value   cyberspace freedom   simulate attacks   cyber values   governmentprovided intelligence   bespeak software   connect devices   cybersecurity topics   depositary insurance   exclusive choice   great privileges   vulnerability databases   security damages   capable firms   deep commitment   digital privacy   actionable intelligence   active engagement   digital spaces   compromise ict   general categories   more vulnerabilities   network issues   personalize ai   few actors   tangible assets   collective public   quasipublic nature   debilitate impact   great damages   significant obligations   increase adoption   security owing   sensitive information   publicprivate model   wellconsidered framework   monetary value   vital playbook   sensitive encryption   element playbook   share networks   unique risks   successful incident   individual business   more privacy   legal perspectives   prior discussion   expensive centres   enforcement duty   economic benefits   give crime   document methods   sector accountability   postincident data   intelligence coordination   emergency response   liability costs   model validation   private development   vulnerable configuration   useless botnet   regulatory finespenalties   timely deployment   localize provision   small damages   individual nodes   security controls   securityrelated costs   encrypt data   large extent   incident cidar   great control   distribute denial   numerical scale   collective terms   intelligence agencies   valuesfocused set   cyber firms   close equivalent   notification policy   new locale   technical interactions   overall ecosystem   wide variety   government steps   different choices   value proposition   welldefined attribution   cryptographic keys   encryption algorithm   short term   difficult problem   due process   reshape traffic   give company   detail overview   active model   voluntary basis   residual damages   decrease adoption   significant time   unstable equilibrium   complete perspective   economic profile   cryptographic protocols   give point   national considerations   manage playbook   external hacker   canonical example   rightful owners   automate systems   cybersecurity researchers   great question   diminish opportunities   advance research   ongoing patches   great security   contextual knowledge   direct costs   complex issues   fundamental technology   resilience member   consistent level   permissible activity   fragment landscape   mix profile   business model   traditional question   significant consequences   vulnerable software   physical centres   core values   likely use   security solutions   high playbook   such quantification   important function   important institutions   cloud resources   les traffic   new ways   stepwise increases   study encryption   decrease privacy   digital future   future attacks   national preference   successful extent   assistance assistance   privilege accountability   mitigate damages   articulate steps   encryption companies   legal leadership   infrastructure policymakers   preventive measures   more companies   active cyberinsurance   exact providers   ambiguous correlation   electric grid   les opportunity   surface imbalances   cyberrelated claims   limit benefits   differential incentives   resilience compliance   increase heterogeneity   credible claims   software offerings   cybersecurity structures   likely exploits   specific limits   traffic patterns   ideal insurers   political business   thin agent   cyber stress   sophisticate adversaries   own networks   mitigation guidance   likely quality   intrinsic importance   global privacy   private collaboration   citizen investors   intrastate damages   aggressive disruption   unique objectives   case studies   financial regulation   typical software   main efforts   economic wellbeing   equivalent capabilities   reduce trust   particular threat   increase costs   numerical ranking   many capabilities   different risks   automate indicator   capital injections   likely platforms   increase investment   regulatory actions   great costs   efficient way   critical policymakers   same tools   private individuals   unlikely companies   operational model   information fairness   limit involvement   more level   integral processes   contentious tradeoffs   technical steps   public accountability   compete vendor   economic incentive   private element   safe harbours   fundamental understanding   public collaboration   privacy impact   trustworthy computing   long term   intelligence insight   plausible scenarios   international actions   normative tradeoffs   cybersecurity lemons   clever use   public policy   wide range   many role   expensive capability   government involvement   regulatory efforts   intense competition   worrisome adversaries   great inspection   critical platform   diminish risks   welldeveloped framework   infrastructure policy   deterrence posture   great amounts   desire architecture   information control   public resources   weak policy   fundamental constraint   valid interests   traffic issues   stark example   financial crisis   downside risk   commonality success   principal confidentiality   great periods   suspicious url   different areas   firm awareness   mandate incentive   cyber efforts   law enforcement   reference architecture   minimum guidance   secure software   certain sectors   robustness capabilities   more flexibility   significant collaboration   general research   large size   new tools   governmentfacilitated exercise   great role   cultural differences   positive correlation   ancillary factor   policy models   great amount   harden devices   digitize collaboration   severe threat   foreign country   tax deduction   feasible choices   aibased service   good sense   more entities   subject domain   passive role   inclusive costs   most contexts   key themes   great consequences   specific topic   legitimate traffic   decision framework   soft questions   resultant damages   limit impact   key question   standard requirements   specific limitations   externalize ability   public entities   specific protocol   most practitioners   safe activity   individual participants   heavy burden   zeroday vulnerabilities   cyber compliance   cybersecurity policy   commendable initiatives   distribute communication   more responsibility   great enablement   privilege correlation   difficult considerations   little employment   resultant costs   great likelihood   sufficient capacity   physical data   weak security   corporate data   financial strain   future date   network limitations   own organization   security standards   liable vendor   legal guidance   active capabilities   successful breaches   proverbial hook   specific products   critical accountability   protect collaboration   localization efforts   considerable impact   insofar results   own risks   socalled wills   opensourcing code   policy makers   endtoend encryption   small share   allege state   insurance costs   similar privacy   great monitoring   illustrative purposes   extra tools   normative impact   stringent liability   traditional resources   more data   disparate accountability   difficult decisions   national interests   privacy regulations   computer science   vital collaboration   small number   exist menace   persistent threat   give nationstate   particular data   great liability   preliminary determinant   many contexts   limit insurers   national organizations   national objectives   explicit function   longterm benefits   ancillary infrastructure   criminal elements   botnet definitions   objectionable content   shortterm consequences   costly services   antivirus solution   hypothetical case   ambiguous impact   high levels   chief agency   breachrelated information   publicsector validation   permanent control   attack extent   martin member   immune response   great depth   malicious content   limit intelligence   inner walls   good ways   likely base   correlate value   expert group   risk ability   substantial concerns   malicious incidents   discover problems   unlikely fairness   encryption workarounds   valuable lessons   encryption protocol   lead role   significant costs   crucial opportunity   privatesector accountability   very techniques   sector defense   economic incentives   increase frequency   justifiable concerns   distinct sections   latter approach   diminish privacy   aforementioned questions   insecure business   specific adversaries   chief technology   numerical thinking   international business   active defenders   share resilience   national security   industry initiatives   invaluable input   comprehensive strategy   intelligencesharing relationships   great privacy   service providers   particular models   particular configuration   recent years   close software   wellinformed decisions   good example   heterogeneous threats   centre construction   mandate insurance   secure vendors   current concerns   traffic limitations   algorithmic flaws   validate attribution   subsequent investment   important question   specific industries   gray zone   national barriers   breach penalties   cyber incidents   coordinate threats   more risk   inherent uncertainty   more intelligence   critical sectors   new devices   maximal extent   allege adversary   capable institutions   sphere security   legacy software   multinational organizations   software playbook   more defence   potential linkages   cybersecurity measures   diplomatic relations   intellectual underpinnings   different polities   legal status   security assumption   different effects   possible decisions   safe harbour   current participants   general counsel   publicsector assistance   salient example   fundamental paradox   individual attributes   successful cyberattacks   conservative models   organize response   aware organization   know nodes   firstmover implementer   increase precaution   much risk   second operations   intrastate collaboration   recent uptick   cost values   different questions   global agendas   cyberphysical attacks   repository cidar   give botnet   specific attributes   increase concentration   average https   great incentives   trade secrets   response capability   hold vendors   ubiquitous platform   recent discussion   potential reciprocity   permissible network   predetermine level   third part   disruption definitions   senior analyst   digital fingerprint   product changes   hybrid arrangements   many efforts   increase portion   symmetric response   long list   contingent companies   new car   message application   bug error   secure standards   international organization   underlie code   tech platform   significant success   insurance group   great investment   different roles   exploited2 size   weak playbook   expensive devices   cheap insurance   long reduction   financial risk   popular application   implicit liability   afterthought evidence   commerce privileges   first order   heat debate   rhetorical simplicity   broad levels   absent bounties   particular form   personal data   architectural approaches   great extent   few damages   relate damages   financial sector   multinational businesses   increase likelihood   same entity   monitor privileges   financial infrastructure   different arrangements   cybersecurity policymaking   present context   great requirement   few mechanisms   opensourced implementer   builtin capability   voluntary disclosure   insurance industry   web traffic   passive information   nontechnical indicators   doubleedged effect   simplify framework   craft policy   limit value   revolution leaders   governance decisions   relevant conversations   private products   proactive measures   most organizations   malicious software   effective method   harden ict   app poll   international response   same vulnerability   good efforts   limit evidence   great assumption   early publication37   different values   good understanding   give attack   know policy   considerable debate   important implications   situate entities   market incentives   nationstates makers   negative companies   numerous leaders   raw data   practical value   high quality   give s   such exploits   cyber security   more accountability   privacy privacy   savvy users   accountable assumption   net neutrality   give ingress   robustness ability   critical systems   embed systems   foreign actor   important scale   increase amounts   financial data   relationship companies   reputational damage   orderly function   full optionspace   aforementioned dynamics   structure policymakers   national interest   broad organization   strict liability   corporate confidentiality   competitive information   passive defence   antitrust implications   simple forms   strong tradeoffs   minimum policies   specific arrangements   active network   technical indicators   subnational locale   great research   obligation validation   additional costs   own issues   public sectors   sovereign responsibilities   positive value   insecure companies   product transition   user rights   new techniques   zeroday market   zurich group   datum centres   appropriate amount   value tradeoffs   conventional protocols   broad sets   privacy concerns   multinational providers   relate services   quantum computing   secure definitions   great scope   national demands   cyber resilience   traditional crime   diminish returns   key part   possible provisions   differential liability   prior concerns   cyber governance   specific positions   source software   adoption data   new class   datas meaning   unsupported software   limit costs   key questions   big infestation   empirical evidence   threat intelligence   unique insights   threat vectors   technological innovation   stage model   exploitable vulnerabilities   mitigation measure   voluntary propensity   analytic framework   accountability values   limit resources   particular topic   give locale   many devices   active measures   mandatory z   cybersecurity evidence   research collaboration   relate penalties   general regulation   director advantage   common example   permissible content   infrastructure status   great sharing   project committee   private case   different approaches   regulate playbook   major questions   policy analogy   grow implications   severe cyberattacks   slow innovation   slide scale   technological standards   broad dissemination   permissive view   full information   threat coordination   affect stakeholders   increase security   liability results   coherent whole   potential parties   underlie technology   give constituency   classic tradeoffs   allege identity   potential risk   regulatory liability   great inference   human reasoning   many organizations   great tools   particular technology   improve security   key constraints   many resources   regulatory penalties   few years   invasive techniques   intellectual framework   general tradeoff   active defender   defence techniques   scalable models   security protocols   work group   innovative models   few attributes   large acquirer   first security   enormous damage   likely number   single country   general increase   exhaustive topics   benevolent aim   different interests   appendix framework   key respects   valuebased decisions   active defence   come years   particular governments   industrial revolution   personal nature   directsharing relationship   response capabilities   new cyberprofessionals   reduce damages   baseline framework   press challenges   general themes   insurance adoption   intangible costs   large software   digital data   shortterm costs   digital content   physical security   foreign government   liability thresholds   different policies   exact requirements   great portion   increase vigilance   public good   inordinate costs   such example   compete interests   compute power   innocent bystanders   versa value   important factor   policy positions   anecdotal evidence   national information   private extent   important benefit   les damages   public comment   increase controls   low prioritization   likely sharing   security security   cyberrelated risks   new home   potential damages   likely botnets   compromise devices   future actions   stand policy   several efforts   rebuff extent   limit control   automate sharing   social cohesion   essential services   regulatory objectives   great risk   offer e   collective security   instant email   incident management   reveal attributes   botnet disruption   local companies   internal hacker   employee employer   weak correlation   cyber assistance   human error   deep relationships   potential intrusions   publicprivate context   private sectors   universal adoption   key policy   know vulnerability   absent security   cyber incident   designate sectors   strategic direction   mobile messaging   large companies   rich sample   different security   les guidance   operational capabilities   potential damage   malicious security   policy model   steer committee   executive officer   global security   male etc   finite resources   user implementer   strong enforcement   more assets   nontrivial costs   specific companies   collective good   collateral obligations   broad relationship   networkbased model   comparative advantage   iterative process   input expertise   network world   f22 raptor   share models   legitimate use   differ effectiveness   vary study   corporate headquarters   attribution capacity   public sector   offensive security   network traffic   more ambiguity   traffic isps   option space   same reason   little evidence   human factor   malicious payloads   policy option   chinese vulnerability   careful stewardship   same backdoors   additional investment   threat surface   engineer resources   intrusion compromise   compromise nodes   relevant stakeholders   finite period   technical measures   increase role   certain controls   many layers   socalled values   consumer symmetry   maximum offense   national incident   expert thinkers   monetary wealth   privatesector claims   few firms   certain websites   structure repository   massive volume   personal information   accessible methods   business models   national adoption   good insurers   national obligations   such techniques   societal values   adversarys function   small costs   harmonization acceptance   public access   vulnerability database   marketbased incentives   organization presents   single attacker   legitimate queries   legitimate disruption   active techniques   new obligations   global endeavour   cost validation   adequate risk   slow releases   initial response   exponential growth   important questions   analytic simplicity   boston group   increase efforts   follow experts   content government   embarrass publicity   resilience ability   middle ground   government duty   negative correlation   great obligation   significant opportunity   lead thinkers   senior executives   more values   broad categories   cyber responsibilities   introspective defence   plan coordination   new phenomenon   active community   illegitimate traffic   contradictory obligations   reciprocal response   appropriate use   run sharing   legitimate rights   different regimes   heighten incentives   advisory measures   helpful example   datum sovereignty   cyber imbalances   grow form   technological trends   individual organization   decentralize fashion   ambitious effort   national resilience   significant capital   enumerate limits   multiple industries   statistical inference   datum centers   vulnerability duty   mitigation measures   normative offs   collective response   userfriendly encryption   wellintentioned actors   numerous workshops   more organizations   expensive resources   public health   credible attribution   great fairness   question architecture   target organizations   affirmative obligation   localize centres   strict companies   legitimate users   lukewarm indicator   note list   cipher text   current decisions   policy themes   cloud resource   conflict playbook   prefer options   active purchaser   incidentrelated data   cyber appendix   service privacy   critical policy   share vulnerabilities   les brainpower   malicious actors46   systemlike response   power grid   prolong indecision   active defense   great involvement   private actors   inactive none   subjective values   les flexibility   publicprivate collaboration   national databases   cryptographic flaw   share goals   different nodes   motivate principle   policy choices   reciprocal backs   commercial incentives   many jurisdictions   high relief   passive use   financial instruments   specific value   numerical impact   electronic frontier   past year   adversary hacker   damage estimates   cybersecurity attribution   various stakeholders   give question   exist guidance   foreign affairs   analytic tractability   anticompetitive collusion   disruption tools   own centre   unauthorized access   opensource software   everlarger botnets   encrypt playbook   point hack   physical linchpins   respective spheres   insightful contributions   increase precautions   significant risks   cybersecurity issues   differential accountability   more liability   potential consequences   global leadership   private organization   significant capabilities   crosscut issues   orderly bankruptcy   correlate enablement   attribution capabilities   successful intrusions   use case   good evidence   first level   secure playbook   new versions   important values   increase capabilities   differential encryption   long period   grateful appreciation   particular instances   visible consequence   responsible sector   privatesector access   financial institutions   encryption encryption   private effort   les analysis   increase footprint   active choices   minimal damages   embed bespoke   difficult question   particular regulators   insurance incentives   judicial system   academic researchers   policy tradeoffs   software vulnerabilities   cyber risk   first disclosure   prepare incident   reliable indicator   collective immunity   mix impact   lesser extent   adjacent sectors   continue presence   national strategy   originate source   many countries   few organizations   securityrelated damages   network behaviour   private organizations   particular tools   multiple communities   relate question   inherent value   substantial costs   great incident   relative difference   everexpanding surface   critical infrastructure   high share   model encryption   defence measures   full set   economic costs   certain offs   responsiveness definition   sensitive playbook   incomplete history   international context   structure collaboration   cyber deception   common language   common refrain   little confidence   private centre   coordinate behaviour   strategic guidance   national budget   software configuration   great precautions   voluntary submissions   response burden   special thanks   significant debate   actionoriented debate   international compliance   potential threats   own systems   great results   information security   exploit development   economic damages   force function   tradeoff framework   policy topics   priori model   great degree   privatesector firms   necessary norms   permissible model   national policy   fundamental parts   give choice   software liability   common practices   own accountability   exploit sequence   insurable fines   affirmative duty   relative nascence   decentralize responsibility   national context   exist botnets   software software   quarterly journal   threat model   real freedom   sensitive security   differ response   increase importance   normative judgement   contextualize analysis   profess values   viable configurations   rogue employee   cyber defense   sincere thanks   similar outcomes   granular judgement   forum playbook   sufficient number   fourth leaders   nonrepudiation symmetry   wellestablished institutions   recur costs   develop choices   minimum duty   analyse intelligence   manage director   most countries   associate costs   many degrees   botnet nodes   great imbalances   large institutions   few platforms   expansive duty   knit policy   potential recourse   great playbook   same vulnerabilities   national model   overall costs   weary giants   average app   complex sessions   independent policy   term costs   voluntary programme   global commerce   resilience values   give country   defence ability   cybersecurity research   private claims   great job   intelligencesharing relationship   independent response   accountability acceptance   able organizations   limit market   different models   code standards   ethical hackers   extra network   counterintuitive finding   increase imposition   more sharing   zeroday exploits   limit sharing
Actions:   share disruption   low costs   attack institutions   notify requirements   frame terms   clarify implications   shield communications   create costs   prevent research   promote placing   investigate claims   hamper capacity   convene group   inform choices   frame choices   hold assumption   reveal themes   establish relationship   impact privacy   risk relations   attach resilience   advertise explanation   increase sanctions   benchmark effects   avoid responsibility   retain privacy   distrust analogue   centre linchpins   surface values   pas legislation   forbid tradeoffs   pare optionspace   test capacity   formalize relationships   exit market   reduce risk   consume resources   employ accountability   circumscribe measures   exercise sovereignty   guarantee security   take software   harden information   monetize attributes   combine notification   choose scale   prioritize themes   assign duty   monitor 47   differentiate hack   review models   describe permissibility   obfuscate data   leave issues   impact formation   empower techniques   define sectors   examine providers   perpetrate attack   share tools   prevent infiltration   monitor monitoring   gain content   exploit vulnerabilities   use protocol   mitigate vulnerabilities   connect positions   devote resources   keep that   encrypt email   respect concerns   mask identity   address refrain   advance framework   purchase insurance   introduce programmer   set guidance   develop capabilities   provide what   invite attacks   impact perceptions   limit information   compel company   take examples   abrogate ability   use exploits   use methods   maintain capabilities   generate intelligence   trigger obligations   fuel botnets   secure devices   vulnerability involvement   decrease fairness   secure vulnerability   assume risk   improve capabilities   review architecture   develop products   install risk   invalidate claim   withstand cyberattack   explain decisions   mitigate risks   reduce accountability   set proliferation   cost example   threaten wellbeing   provide analysis   document motivations   rebuff portion   flow requirements   cted group   distribute accountability   combine status   create offerings   facilitate response   circumvent models   frame question   approve opportunity   resolve issues   protect fairness   define choices   call hackers   mitigate cyberrisk   provide repository   commercialize access   use power   create issues   retrieve content   diminish trust   increase costs   act playbook   solve that   take questions   leverage tools   compromise confidence   implement encryption   form basis   automatable sharing   underlie decisionmaking   amortize some   access communications   take time   avoid justifications   organize damages   include malware   improve privacy   monitor list   adopt standards   manage botnets   accompany leaders   build resources   prioritize sectors   disrupt them   incentivize risk   leaf borders   secure questions   bear cost   shape future   prioritize assets   provide framework   price presents   avoid models   adversary risks   confine optionspace   help discussion   articulate set   negotiate level   validate claims   content efforts   assign roles   exploit vulnerability   press f12   establish identity   deploy tools   regulate standards   increase control   enforce protocols   do government   do companies   ensure investment   compensate those   manage risks   accept injections   contain threats   work ability   iot adoption   rely difficulties   exceed extent   constitute collaboration   promote costs   establish guarantee   purchase offense   fulfill roles   use data   address issue   bear damages   notify model   result validation   use weakness   curtail attempts   create correlation   secure systems   create concerns   privilege companies   promote rapid   improve impact   defend themselves   outline sectors   think identity   create programme   update firewalls   risk damage   relay metadata   limit number   remove veil   see framework   develop measure   promote robustness   describe tradeoffs   raise considerations   use incentives   inform organizations   compromise security   respect rights   compromise sources   enter eol   increase development   reduce enablement   provide sample   achieve correlation   break internet   gain understanding   separate capabilities   grow efforts   distribute privacy   extend policy   drive security   study database   create opportunity   retrieve corporation   exist models   maintain level   threshold linkages   correlate sharing   deploy solutions   increase security   find vulnerability   patch vulnerabilities   risk transparency   provide reference   address concerns   address zerodays   understand risks   playbook definitions   promote interests   exfiltrating type   lack capabilities   live relationship   hit denial   prevent product   encourage discussions   diminish acceptability   acknowledgement secondee   attach demands   impact cyberinsurance   monitor duty   place burden   develop list   debate use   share beacons   issue patches   avoid publicity   provide language   enumerate framework   allocate budget   build confidence   prevent cyberincursions   decrease models   metadata metadata   encourage research   do governments   defend itself   cause increases   implement vulnerability   leaf endpoint   disrupt cyberattacks   say measures   hinder ability   adopt it   illustrate dynamics   solve one   clean damage   develop software   diminish techniques   prevent attacks   provide expertise   exist duty   monitor cost   limit attacks   absorb costs   accuse nationstates   sell service   embody that   create poll   affect permissibility   collect intelligence   reduce security   illuminate inconsistencies   notify likelihood   lose incentive   use models   prevent exploitation   trigger duty   contain traffic   raise concerns   target privacy   debate topics   share risks   take case   exist extent   implicate number   retrieve center   consider playbook   specify analysis   avoid research   manage portfolio   establish guidance   deploy deception   balance risks   thwart intentions   deliver fixes   drive improvements   consider impact   assign number   secure spaces   assign determinant   realize value   share report   keep eg   create proliferation   undermine confidence   thank leaders   contribute lessactionable   consider case   observe content   assure level   capture spectrum   create response   compromise impacts   secure sets   target individuals   deploy platform   mandate sharing   draw inferences   share direction   cloud playbook   use playbook   organize crime   assume costs   diminish incentives   limit ability   conceal meaning   upgrade security   incentivize vendors   craft policy   run protocols   wake i   discuss implications   import restrictions   impact experience   flow definitions   experience cyberincident   identify adversaries   reduce privacy   demand accountability   incentivize researchers   operate insistence   secure connection   expand requirements   opensourced code   affect twothirds   offer process   originate traffic   contextualize policy   mask eg   facilitate communication   vary bounties   assign ability   target companies   enable monitoring   walk tightrope   invest costs   secure domains   promote accountability   address decisions   measure risk   use memory   balance risk   develop choices   use framework   underlie case   cover scope   exploit i   qualify attributes   manage response   facilitate discussions   absorb deterioration   inflict damage   frame discussion   study internet   test number   distribute burden   support proposition   share understanding   manage consequences   develop means   involve form   disconnect devices   create demand   define contours   owe example   benefit firms   notify stakeholders   recordedfuturecomchinesevulnerabilityreporting techcrunch   trade ease   assign estimate   capture share   price risk   mandate it   build policy   challenge leaders   render disruption   utilize employer   build centre   evaluate controls   disrupt botnet   use techniques   stage ground   privacy obligation   employ use   create liability   provide analogue   require benefit   capture damage   enable defenders   exceed capability   bear imbalances   understand concerns   exploit risk   escalate playbook   use privacy   begin collaboration   contain sections   outweigh damages   dilute incentives   contribute it   discourage polarization   hurt investment   prevent proliferation   prioritize that   extend insurance   push vendors   ask questions   win vendorresearcher   arrest retrieved   clarify accountability   limit tradeoffs   initiate party   retrieve information   provision tradeoffs   extend umbrella   diminish accountability   establish databases   reduce trust   build assumption   organize information   impede use   militarize cyberspace   execute linux   address content   lead contacts   take sense   obfuscate identity   control control   establish roles   meet challenges   frame architecture   discover flaw   help policy   clarify responsibilities   mitigate values   articulate proposition   delegate responsibilities   draw insights   use measures   impose rigour   leverage knowledge   contravene encryption   weather consequences   subsume others   develop models   undertake actions   require sectors   propagate ability   reserve part   develop workarounds   circumvent them   police itself   bring construction   monitor metadata   express minds   invest more   provide capabilities   enable sector   secure steps   reduce stakes   read messages   heighten incentives   reduce future   manage provisions   provide information   undertake precautions   discuss policy   enforce regulations   trigger penalties   decrease speed   spur action   disrupt function   enable others   cause example   reduce privileges   establish it   minimize damages   face difficulties   allow inference   use behaviour   push boundaries   support collaboration   create parity   advance member   access resource   speak state   promote dissemination   put measures   incent controls   communicate eavesdropper   require encryption   invest cyberinsurance   utilize exploits   remove malware   target services   ensure bankruptcy   brigaded number   exchange ideas   establish database   join version   build capacity   share correlation   build institutions   secure amounts   offer insurance   limit inferences   begin exercise   notify accountability   impede security   lead privileges   shape forum   give importance   distribute correlation   prevent intrusion   distribute choices   playbook models   gather declaration   infect devices   diminish surface   use technology   seek data   focus question   violate privacy   drive requirements   manage apparatus   hurt commerce   give contribution   accelerate progress   map optionspace   release mtrends   require size   limit extent   organize policy   incentivized deduction   run software   test management   lead bo   guarantee impact   serve duty   distinguish decision   change estimates   drive forcefulness   notify fairness   monitor playbook   capture data   create damage   inspect traffic   punish victim   reveal capabilities   mandate sector   threat insight   ensure trust   determine perpetrator   assess environment   bring leaders   wake kingdom   relay it   hinder companies   inform companies   demonstrate stewardship   threat intelligence   specify control   engineer changes   affect playbook   induce sector   slow development   disrupt traffic   respond obligation   develop algorithms   subject content   test infrastructure   utilize technologies   access encryption   assert relationship   monitor content   identify individual   formalize cyberregulations   employ resources   begin consideration   share everything   treat encryption   approach questions   perceive data   prevent data   rank choices   apply what   introduce friction   share vulnerabilities   delegate accountability   give potential   monitor database   inform authority   affect code   build centres   maintain case   snag millions   divine intentions   impose costs   represent platform   misuse information   compromise networks   mask communications   affect security   share roles   trustworthycomputing ministry   mandate tradeoffs   balance many   implement awareness   avoid configuration   document risks   cover researcher   reduce damages   benefit nationstates   impair operations   define manifestation   determine identity   circumvent security   fashion hierarchy   assign responsibility   disrupt botnets   carry attack   provide basis   penetrate layers   face models   use encryption   engage business   provide intelligence   make decisions   create models   bear equivalent   secure vulnerabilities   detect threats   distil issues   obtain insurance   disruption risks   brigaded attempts   exert control   monitor limitations   explore combination   guide collaboration   enter country   use values   deploy measures   bundle security   illustrate considerations   prevent companies   build implement   win us   internalize values   study botnets   mitigate damages   analyse volume   include studies   encourage party   extend capabilities   attach value   evaluate policy   promote organizations   exist algorithm   increase accountability   achieve notice   share intelligence   target incentives   define impact   require information   bundle incentives   manage risk   comprise loss   span gamut   magnify need   compromise error   devote energy   offer insights   necessitate less   investigate encryption   create accountability   use question   accept assistance   improve posture   affect incentives   limit consequences   discover vulnerabilities   create immunity   access keys   exercise 3   take example   mitigate risk   perceive risk   increase privacy   exploit information   impact users   deter conspirators   breach compromise   patch number   provide security   thank committee   notify public   disclose vulnerability   develop framework   enable entities   reduce fairness   specify processes   advance resilience   validate capability   connect policy   secure nodes   secure traffic   illustrate concept   stabilize cyberspace   seek attractive   curate codebase   deanonymize data   cross borders   consider values   consider decisions   attack entity   attribute attack   encourage discussion   field capabilities   stockpile vulnerabilities   improve security   attack organizations   prioritize value   function one   curtail use   leave us   align roles   improve state   materialize 3   internalize costs   shneck israel   architect security   impact responsibilities   isolate values   avoid risk   put this   bear values   grant capabilities   use example   automate response   exploit value   take office   deploy patches   report cyberincident   arise responsiveness   diminish confidentiality   exceed organizations   maintain applications   examine companies   target infrastructure   use model   research mitigation   continue defence   separate traffic   elucidate risks   trust question   specify intelligence   implement policy   research botnets   mitigate it   delegate capabilities   blumstengel advantage   take role   make decision   define list   minimize risk   undermine posture   accept liability   prevent it   correlate disruption   develop collaboration   crosse borders   resilience extent   assign case   calibrate incentives   contain information   promote security   create tradeoffs   process data   disseminate url   delegate values   measure decisions   improve resilience   ensure promises   inspect government   deploy resilience   achieve compliance   place capabilities   disclose breach   develop playbook   take advantage   underscore hack   notify enforcement   assign liability   give ability   arise accountability   require engagement   define policymakers   exploit liability   allow access   face vectors   monetize products   allay concerns   predict effect   increase exploitation   attach liability   debate document   know vulnerability   adopt that   inspect addresses   conduct test   share coordination   share knowledge   correlate damages   prevent adversaries   place liability   botnet term   stymie agencies   administer limitations   limit transit   obtain traction   meet requirements   take control   build order   promote greater   require leaders   facilitate decisionmaking   implicate adoption   outweigh costs   consume 30   promote option   use tools   assure success   address vulnerabilities   lead playbook   connect failure   wake shark   contribute intelligence   decrease security   manifest duty   monitor policy   illustrate difficulty   stymie ability   ask you   reduce costs   provide resilience   privilege models   incur customer   elucidate adoption   require vendors   flow limits   constrain access   comprise series   use network   document topics   drive consideration   bear costs   allow capabilities   realize damages   inform investors   control limits   present opportunity   address threats   adopt controls   undertake measures   confront policymakers   take view   generate insight   asses importance   create obligations   validate privacy   report data   monitor tradeoffs   share data   deploy resources   support work   quantify appetite   neglect consequences   set cascade   secure software   do harm   decrypt conversation   develop measures   use technologies   monitor traffic   asses readiness   dedicate time   access information   staff centres   decentralize governance   deter adversaries   pay penalties   assign responsibilities   implement security   establish cybergovernance   confront makers   expose actors   impact accountability   continue analogy   involve secrets   develop policymakers   retain level   leaf example   reduce validation   embed them   implicate values   acquire cyberinsurance   seek consensus   thwart sophistication   utilize zerodays   underlie interplay   provide capability   legitimize collecting   train cyberprofessionals   offer it   breach target   use sequence   include quality   address botnets   overwhelm ability   cost what   weigh that   access data   give accountability   ensure software   dot landscape   thwart thresholds   impact grid   provide guidance   deteriorate trust   impair posture   reflect difference   put belief   propose scale   distribute damages   necessitate models   disclose list   negotiate impact   disable botnet   police inclination   take responsibility   include notion   adopt companies   determine amount   use device   allow sharing   define infrastructure   consider questions   adopt encryption   imperil business   prioritize data   offer assistance   volunteer insight   think choices   retain mandate   force conversations   identify information   ensure insurance   privacy use   address part   rebuff robustness   include number   thwart quantum   target response   exploit v   surround sovereignty   freeze debate   support decision   take precautions   forbid techniques   retrieve lexology   develop procedures   understand nodes   maintain definitions   develop understanding   inspect content   bring economics   develop exploits   support ad   take variety   promote privacy   document vulnerabilities   provide services   aggregate values   metadata information   provide response   tackle infestation   manage effects   include version   encourage actors   do job   facilitate discussion   shape values   increase likelihood   encourage adoption   bypass application   pervert model   undertake investment   obviate need   impose correlation   share botnet   set policy   share extent   provide tradeoffs   limit access   limit spread   establish duty   exploit implementer   articulate difference   secure bits   reduce incidents   direct traffic   cover types   facilitate collaboration   circumscribe duty   create programmes   define duty   scrub patterns   make judgement   limit boundaries   diminish privacy   follow cyberincident   raise tradeoffs   reduce playbook   provide evidence   enable progress   stage use   embody problem   bear cidar   control burden   use software   take rover   attach penalty   share companies   render botnet   sell software   breach incident   limit data   mitigation measures   develop fact   organize nationstate   withstand values   secure duty   exploit market   prioritize policy   expose communications   deploy capabilities   underlie much   contribute model   define policy   prioritize set   offer duty   connect adversary   assess workplace   increase volumes   perform attribution   incentivize google   prevent crime   take rediscovery   reduce owing   create incentives   modify behaviour   inspect communications   include security   weaponize science   free resources   develop patches   avoid costs   require organizations   lead discussions   conclude consideration   begin duty   assist organization   approve content   distinguish person   empower sector   leave particulars   maintain software   vulnerability opportunity   build centers   monitor value   include payloads   assist sector   obtain access   remediate nodes   serve function   deny recurrence   provide resources   divide policy   fulfill resilience   circumscribe nature   allow isps   elucidate optionspace   iot regulation   seek coverage   cover range   promote models   prioritize prevention   protect extent   study capture   inspect privileges   discuss playbook   trigger responsibility   cyberinsurance data   cover sectors   preempt disrupt   avoid scrutiny   derive value   coordinate research   approve liability   disrupt tools   thwart adversaries   occur period   conduct exercise   act presence   target vulnerability   protect rights   exceed that   implicate entities   permissible techniques   implement limitations   reward firms   mean what   mitigate degree   allow example   advance positions   threaten models   deny access   establish attribution   balance number   store correlation   wire greenberg   begin acceptance   diminish impact   study economics   access centres   make choices   designate institutions   access form   fall victim   monitor employer   meet calea   narrow surface   force thinking   diminish security   mitigate consequences   reduce encryption   inform others   gate computing   embody intent   give rise   volunteer expertise   create debate   prompt organization   inform efforts   assign scope   ensure security   increase adoption   outline values   reduce 47   purchase collaboration   pioneer method   run encryption   affirm attribution   embrace value   drive accountability   surround use   encryption transformation   prioritize discussions   mitigate measures   create initiatives   continue stack   enumerate risks   engage stakeholders   provide that   find vulnerabilities   say requirements   pierce encryption   perceive content   capture that   limit gathering   gather barlow   recordedfuturecomchinesevulnerabilityreporting m   achieve access   purchase tickets   promote adoption   mitigation industry   thank group   shape efforts   exploit backdoors   perform involvement   provide access   develop technology   absorb addition   disclose vulnerabilities   require collaboration   bring thinkers   consider engagement   developingissuing patches   promote resilience   minimize costs   wwwwired com201612botnetbrokeinternetisntgoingaway   implicate suite   compute institute   inaugurate centre   validate attribution   test response   keep vendors   attack makers   penalize companies   defeat encryption   contain queries   prevent repel   issue patch   establish barriers   contribute insights   write code   impose capital   may declaration   exceed controls   promote standards   understand tradeoffs   use enforcement   prevent creation   share ais   safeguard duty

Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.