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A Blueprint for Digital Identity The Role of Financial Institutions in Building Digital Identity An Industry Project of the Financial Services Community | Prepared in collaboration with Deloitte Part of the Future of Financial Services Series August 2016 Foreword Consistent with the World Economic Forum s mission of applying a multi stakeholder approach to address issues of global impact, the creation of this report involved extensive outreach and dialogue with the financial services community,

provider for the user   access to the data   system is to provide   information from the gleif   information in a centralized   problem how should digital   information from the idp   entities should have access   solution to the global  

Sources: WEF

Pathway Classification

This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.

Type: Forecasts
Priority/ Function Areas:   Law & Government People & Society |
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide |

Pathway Information

This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.

Profiles:   the system   an relationships   this challenges   the sector   this parties   this experience   the future   a consortium   april bill   the record   its investment   which users   the lack   every network   this networks   an components   february identity   the program   its businesses   this implications   an systems   the need   the creation   estonia system   the concept   the counterparty   the nature   a platform   the parties   the entities   the uidai   this attributes   its citizens   all entities   what benefits   the rps   february top   the support   the role   it group   the model   this scale   a user   a network   a set   the bearer   the conditions   initiative government   a transfer   this process   the ability   what identity   an reporting   the mandate   the attributes   the problem   the writers   a entity   this system   technology companies   the process   all stakeholders   you industry   you transfer   the systems   this entity   the mismatch   a government   its eligibility   each layer   this technologies   the authority   new fis   every system   this systems   the industry   this report   the storage   this model   the stakeholders   idp attribute   the problems   the stack   a blueprint   this publication   the team   the innovation   the set   the implementation   the goal   the leaders   this solutions   the attestations   this innovators   the needs   the individuals   its customers   the principles   the challenge   the idprp   the event   the registry   the entity   the purpose   the identity   a transaction   the exchange   this project   the card   the blueprint   a layer   a idp   the users   a letter   this standard   this phase   the level   estonia program   a group   this users   you utilities   the history   a utility   uk citizens   all fis   the government   this archetypes   you identity   the dialogue   the opportunity   a system   the legislation   the relevance   the benefits   a source   the user   this framework   a loa   the transfer   its liability   the differences   the economy   the recipients   all cards   a experience   the counterparties   the solution   the implications   the platform   the information   the body   the number   all groups   each stakeholder   an payments   the idp   this person   you business   a series   the group   a element   the provider   a institution   the transaction   the programme   this gaps   the members
Goals:   provide high level   reshape explores services   require user consent   enable wish transactions   determine total exposure   join bankid system   follow bottom approach   create increasing interoperability   configure building systems   complete service provision   prove develop ability   contribute valuable perspectives   give structural advantage   introduce identity challenge   need access solution   assign attached attributes   authenticate proceed attributes   save money time   enable societal transactions   operate liability standards   press key trends   create risk profiles   incorporate information forum   improve better experience   increase track ability   fill left gaps   draw suit conclusions   access identity information   offer additional capabilities   shape need choices   serve needs benefits   receive submit card   explore true potential   provide tracking difficulty   save tracing time   complete world forum   blind brokerage mechanism   require high degree   offer economic forum   create revenue streams   use world forum   offer single source   identify specific attributes   define products forum   submit bills utility   implement identity solutions   deliver robust system   experience trusted need   eliminate liability risk   log full names   create new models   collect user information   define operating parameters   lay ambitious look   play invaluable role   shape operational requirements   reduce present transactions   create coverage standardization   enter opening countries   suit specific needs   provide become solutions   establish new company   choose trusted credential   own identity system   complete transactions identity   use additional set   extend insurance identity   offer functionality identity   operate made choices   attribute authentication system   provide convenience control   rent buying apartment   illustrate offer capabilities   steer decision making   occur economic forum   govern delivery rules   pay use fee   provide flexible system   enable attribute exchange   execute given transaction   authenticate user biometrics   implement identity system   track monitoring difficulty   share personal information   store controlled application   provide businesses citizens   offer requirements regulators   nemid solution denmark   improve user experience   serve different purpose   ing identity solutions   reduce preventing functionality   enhance economic forum   explore economic forum   centralize entity stores   require world forum   include business registries   provide identity systems   shape standards forum   use customer information   access based services   use exchange protocols   guide use operation   own required attributes   bring based forum   acknowledge following executives   play active role   create rich view   offer comprehensive view   enable economic forum   represent drive interest   reduce opportunities error   give unique insight   fight post theft   use complete knowledge   pose significant threat   describe entity identity   represent existing set   demonstrate user services   take affect action   increase positive recognition   automate processes identity   offer streamlined experience   build identity systems   support funds system   deliver user information   prevent insufficient results   suit economic forum   involve information flow   know customer process   leverage identity information   establish new stream   distribute full economy   increase evaluate ability   build transformational system   lack credit information   provide acceptance liability   serve natural networks   create virtual environment   remove single point   buy world forum   use global connect   use existing methods   match presenting users   deliver customer experience   consume aggregating difficulty   hold economic forum   build driving systems   determine exposure difficulty   own own identities   buy provider transactions   offer set number   change occur way   construct identity systems   authenticate transfers users   know customer kyc   serve different rps   provide single version   complete convenience transfer   provide distributed systems   transact good background   increase cause ability   provide full efforts   render legal tax   adapt standards requirements   provide landscape scan   own operating standards   use authentication method   use records information   buy validation services   level location services   need identity systems   require system configurations   offer technology platform   complete attribute transfer   deliver world forum   access good example   require entering proof   involve transaction counterparties   contribute unique insights   exploit world forum   acknowledgement economic forum   accept based attestations   improve services processes   limit drive ability   protect ensuring information   transact economic forum   make identity systems   access body body   participate public sector   tupas solution finland   disperse identity information   involve world forum   determine participate transactions   provide exhaustive list   reach global forum   build successful network   increase required frequency   determine risk exposure   configure identity system   reach economic forum   gain critical mass   submit wide range   provide retail banking   explore importance identity   require fall data   give store ability   access aggregated view   create full solution   use verified exchange   cut security protocols   build new company   summarize identity concepts   provide single view   provide revenue growth   trust access ability   explore potential impacts   know customer requirements   collect need attributes   enable identity transactions   minimize remediation rfis   illustrative open questions   provide convenient experience   offer viable forum   include transactions banking   develop including standards   receive economic forum   take different approaches   exchange proof attributes   access use services   extend new products   enable want transactions   create stretch systems   offer tailored profiles   provide identity information   accrue regulators forum   complete compliance processes   drive fill systems   create standardized view   rely exchange protocols   operate system attributes   access user attributes   represent significant effort   cover contained economies   rehypothecated uncertainty exacerbates   verify perform information   eliminate track need   automate compliance processes   hold user attributes   deliver scale scope   require checking inefficiency   complete connectivity transfer   give differentiate ability   track world forum   enable formal asking   eliminate perform need   explore future cases   know individual s   serve suited needs   improve transparency increase   require independent connections   use single set   incorporate greater richness   manage information chekk   leave vulnerable information   conceal increasing endpoints   leverage traditional attributes   inform monitoring payouts   use suited identity   introduce error inefficiency   reduce world forum   provide standardized view   do fraud businesses   consult qualified deloitte   streamline transaction process   complete desired authorization   use stolen information   access individual attributes   bear large part   provide direction clarity   provide verification security   automate eliminating processes   build identity solutions   give trusted access   use private services   build global standard   define distinct archetypes   evaluate identity protocols   offer competing service   include following individuals   provide regulatory acceptance   solve identity problems   enhance current systems   collect identity information   identify world forum   provide tailored products   serve large number   attach corporate directors   pay ticket transactions   use limited information   identify transaction counterparties   avoidance revenue opportunities   require vote proof   federate limited number   provide effective services   correct compliance processes   access user information   offer best experience   rely providers parties   include fingerprint scan   deposit end result   deny user access   introduce involved stakeholders   open decisions examples   secure transaction process   build industry project   highlight next steps   integrate create information   access internal services   enable full set   offer tied attributes   manage improved access   identify participating entities   fund system governance   forge strong relationship   aggregate complete view
Measures:   certain structures   intensive onboarding   accurate information   different documents   online service   accumulate attributes   automate trader   poor design   pure offerings   basic structure   complete control   operational viability   illegal immigrants   breach identity   information chekk   different structures   regulatory level   total participants   interactive sessions   true identity   exist source   inconveniently information   additional user   important providers   process efficiency   profit organization   compete interests   ideological shifts   create challenges   various entities   global entity   operational requirements   physical identity   non user   different problems   true potential   attribute attribute   inquiry transactions   major provider   certain user   formal systems   information identity   policy changes   centralize identity   monthly basis   decision making   new protocols   efficient services   geographic reach   transaction history   operational decisions   advisory products   follow individuals   single government   traditional information   omni delivery   reach examples   large economies   specific needs   complexity transactions   authentication requirements   key concerns   critical mass   internal information   set number   oligopoly economies   money laundering   finnish services   user permissions   authentication system   reliable repositories   smart cards   compel example   online growth   online username   new countries   compliance access   exist products   identity help   single version   multiple views   open standards   technology platform   own identities   extensive outreach   service processes   open technology   future state   system functionality   inefficient delivery   several approaches   identity theft   local registrar   flexible system   many processes   system governance   financial regulators   additional team   mobile standards   stakeholder approach   additional set   civic structures   holistic profiles   good experience   numerous interviews   accurate data   detail description   transaction identity   secure wallet   human error   external set   global identity   systemic risk   corporate identity   criminal activity   quick implementation   attribute credentials   internal services   government programme   new stream   digital implementation   incremental effort   certain attributes   external applications   natural boundaries   complete knowledge   digital attributes   monitor payouts   personal number   jurisdictional identity   service delivery   reliable pictures   poor bill   entity identity   many rps   tailor set   digital card   external authentication   right problem   reliable data   physical information   digital networks   digital transactions   detail information   common technology   open identity   interest fis   core need   secure protocols   different stakeholders   trust provider   separate set   standardize data   advisory partnerships   incorrect information   acceptable transfer   experience services   potential role   secure identity   secure repositories   contain economies   risk profiles   trust source   digital payments   invaluable role   regular cycles   tailor profiles   financial products   user consent   executive strategy   national industry   relevant data   various groups   third services   legitimate reason   identifier systems   industry utilities   geographic location   adequate security   single organization   direct connectivity   accidental exposure   trust fis   new technology   new identity   limit set   past transactions   social security   public accounting   attribute transfer   legal structure   face processes   different entities   more controls   base service   exact knowledge   exist set   generous commitment   private sector   reliable fis   executional ability   key stakeholders   fix set   full efforts   asset information   use cases   certain parameters   patient portal   total exposure   relate entities   exist logins   local teacher   negative consequences   improve governments   many identity   bad actors   new solutions   insufficient results   appropriate identity   social background   strong systems   formal system   control privacy   single access   exchange platform   strong system   tailore provision   consolidate source   conscious choices   pseudo channels   rich view   broad problems   multiple sources   exhaustive list   customer requirements   easily transfer   party privacy   executive officer   many pitfalls   financial crime   functional benefits   external use   illicit access   unique insight   level conclusions   full solution   separate service   corporate structure   single rp   industry project   technology solutions   repeat transactions   significant differences   public sector   multiple times   base credentials   require frequency   size banking   full control   new systems   viable identity   debit cards   identity systems   efficient offerings   give transaction   regulatory requirements   strong authentication   rely party   multiple connections   national state   digid username   common thread   necessary day   different levels   competitive positioning   single entity   predicate ways   robust ways   current business   blind management   open systems   digital offerings   transparent view   underlie attribute   main groups   mutual recognition   government services   large transactions   effective action   develop economies   first taxonomy   secondary set   proprietary logins   current landscape   digital characteristics   various services   explicit consent   old forms   trust ecosystem   decrease user   smart card   global challenges   identity protocols   new place   traditional user   idp attestations   consolidate taxonomy   robust value   base products   public citizens   single purpose   consistent foreword   digital network   key role   cumbersome experience   automatic transfer   financial asset   multiple jurisdictions   different benefits   secure exchange   private company   regular basis   critical enabler   individual information   key roles   consolidate identity   many entities   process identity   national number   patient mentors   credit information   centralize registry   additional attributes   effective services   different configurations   public transactions   distinct gaps   different sources   different options   right services   revenue streams   ambitious look   collection standards   transaction authorization   high level   distribute protocol   business models   rise expectations   own assets   idp users   broad support   attribute standards   corporate identities   concerted effort   disruptive innovations   standard bodies   broad needs   new company   borderless privacy   different systems   follow executives   formal asking   trust institutions   securekey programme   need benefits   body body   new frontier   information transfer   various providers   fis act   user interest   key value   disperse standards   improve functionality   error processes   increase accuracy   lose user   potential impacts   secondary dimensions   personal information   central body   digital interface   global fis   validation services   same structure   disruptive work   identity services   eid identifier   traditional process   own purposes   guidance oversight   identity solution   global head   attribute attributes   effectivesuitable products   minimum information   valuable perspectives   require attributes   bankid system   complete transactions   cyber systems   flexible identity   project head   single view   tailor ways   regulate act   financial systems   identity problems   current identity   protocol information   critical activities   protection results   external system   mobile authentication   viable background   system stakeholders   accurate rps   internal identity   access implications   physical attribute   transformational models   single source   federate systems   datum management   peric director   global problems   complex process   sensitive information   cybersecurity investments   different groups   follow experts   new customers   choose fis   low cost   single systems   comprehensive source   customer risk   exist methods   improve products   share note   matter experts   individual attributes   limitation characteristics   financial transactions   governmental efforts   private solution   many limitations   maximum benefit   many business   digital world   futurestate applications   manual processes   new capabilities   basic transactions   repeat collection   online account   large scale   next steps   judicial administration   consent users   direct customer   risk exposure   disparate entities   digital solutions   digital economy   significant threat   establish relationship   securekey catapult   request transactions   federate authentication   deep benefit   professional advice   secure offerings   entity stores   customer creditworthiness   status nature   user access   disparate parties   layer problem   subsequent transaction   digital tax   key trends   end result   ticket transactions   certain information   define guidelines   specific problems   share structure   national numbers   user services   key identity   current state   substantial benefit   multiple industries   aggregate view   siloed identity   include efficiencies   personal identification   identity information   authorization rules   social inclusion   user privacy   customer kyc   narrow set   different rps   current efforts   personal circumstances   authentication methods   overexpose control   specify attributes   current systems   specific attributes   strict regulation   digital institutions   secure solution   retail banking   private entities   weak attribute   steal data   chief officers   human intervention   great visibility   such advice   robust system   critical part   assign attributes   basic information   great convenience   many stakeholders   accurate knowledge   give counterpart   social assistance   global standard   distinct set   age address   new models   assurance model   relevant products   give asset   fis access   active role   focus solutions   increase volumes   public solution   strong position   great impact   legal acceptance   minimum requirements   wide variety   trust transactions   next step   sector solution   costly intensive   right entities   successful network   chief architect   trust attributes   international property   viable implications   great ability   general information   trust parties   complete view   internal systems   unique advantages   location services   new concept   increase transparency   single identity   requirement regulators   positive recognition   digital security   change requirements   financial holdings   national database   legitimate users   successful system   idp implications   attribute information   total difficulty   reliable information   successful service   distribute technology   attribute exchange   good products   financial history   various documents   online fis   identity transactions   many usernames   trust user   legal record   identity queries   trust information   liability risk   transaction endpoints   legacy systems   new pools   third records   reliable protocols   high risk   good visibility   confidential data   first service   large systems   private actors   personal attributes   unsustainable models   necessary attributes   iris scan   environmental changes   various attributes   structural advantages   trust entities   advisor head   digital signatures   user interests   efficiency fis   compliance processes   certain age   future cases   legal entity   significant benefits   certain attribute   good model   transformational system   additional factor   central database   delivery rules   demonstrate behaviour   corporate directors   revenue growth   social grants   account users   transaction transfer   distribute systems   convenient experience   global view   strong processes   public services   provider transactions   single set   digital project   financial infrastructure   key potential   single idp   financial instruments   standard systems   follow pages   prime movers   national cards   high volume   secure storage   low transactions   trust documents   look use   many solutions   seamless delivery   identity system   tailore rps   streamline experience   transact parties   poor services   dependent transactions   online environment   insurance products   competitive position   comprehensive view   exist models   physical records   attribute data   collection attribute   pool disruption   transaction counterparties   regulatory acceptance   private solutions   multiple usernames   total set   main factors   structural choices   viable system   international resettlement   digital channel   privacy authentication   many transactions   inefficient rules   physical documents   guide principles   historical mechanism   provincial identity   good background   original fis   secondary making   digital channels   wide set   different services   project framework   old security   key features   government solutions   online registrations   distinct archetypes   verify information   secure signatures   single point   potential applications   current processes   party consortiums   securekey solution   growth opportunities   high rates   retail banks   drive purpose   base offerings   external systems   certain circumstances   discrete places   service provision   disclose purposes   critical topic   manual intervention   political priorities   professional services   financial hubs   illegitimate exposure   regulatory compliance   insurance identity   professional advisor   present users   global institutions   right resources   important implications   underserved benefits   back end   bank account   digital view   tailor services   new products   exchange authentication   common documents   social structures   low assurance   complete coverage   convenient mechanism   first level   authentication method   great richness   datum aggregation   associate entity   good suit   good character   connectivity transfer   traditional techniques   first step   commercial purposes   legal tax   broad industry   educational institutions   digital transfer   right circumstances   consolidate form   strategic analyses   asset origination   waste resources   user information   operate standards   estonian services   public rps   strong relationship   new streams   increase knowledge   critical systems   minimum amount   information visibility   financial data   increase numbers   full names   few types   financial institutions   individual identity   global workshops   inherit attributes   financial officer   huge efficiencies   reputational damage   efficient manner   crowd landscape   private service   financial investment   effective collection   secure delivery   opportunity examples   exchange protocols   many storage   standard user   considerable scale   define method   supervisory standards   complex rules   many choices   stand relationships   many gaps   due diligence   decrease transaction   unique identification   fingerprint scan   limit information   inherent attributes   large organizations   transaction completion   online attributes   develop societies   internal system   primary idp   private services   transaction process   broad coverage   similar needs   digital form   safe locations   ineffective protocols   current developments   establish intermediaries   information remediation   illicit activity   decrease fraud   fintech innovation   brokerage account   ach information   customer information   outstanding concerns   operational standards   viable requirements   keyless infrastructure   single transaction   subsequent remediation   system adoption   digital elements   high services   estonian system   centralize registries   digital groups   great access   information authentication   clear visibility   customer experience   large investments   central registry   encryption protocols   official advisor   entity identifiers   strong protection   societal transactions   efficient identity   fix income   false information   establish position   bottom approach   improve attribute   party case   critical attribute   certain identity   macro level   large number   landscape scan   considerable promise   new techniques   robust systems   mobile devices   consistent view   base identity   inconsistent efforts   various networks   local unit   stringent regulators   chief officer   effective method   financial markets   whole reliance   global strategy   operational efficiency   high consideration   centralize system   governance body   standard set   critical characteristics   user control   physical channels   key importance   system configurations   digital records   digid individuals   transfer attributes   merchant transactions   private provider   increase stickiness   unique passwords   close system   attribute protocols   new parties   external stakeholders   liability standards   single users   tailor products   different situations   specific services   digital activities   exposure difficulty   accretive systems   dutch residents   inherent pitfalls   corporate structures   structural advantage   institution case   huge strides   financial inclusion   long term   increase use   overall process   exist d   service banks   effective systems   key services   establish relationships   safe repositories   digital format   poor technology   authentication flow   mobile solution   inaccurate information   business environment   advisory asset   hack accounts   wide range   user experience   improve access   risk assessment   common transactions   operational failure   public programme   authentication systems   next section   fix view   change user   high transactions   private programme   initial set   citizen information   immutable standards   insurance payouts   develop attribute   natural identity   inaccurate attribute   trust credential   full identity   request attributes   implementable utilities   full economy   collection processes   global platforms   adoption involvement   certain attestations   improve regulators   rate difficulty   unique insights   compete service   suspicious transactions   feature attribute   revenue opportunities   third parties   inflexible identity   digital information   golden record   robust network   critical attributes   different players   far choices   centric background   different purpose   good example   strategic product   private transactions   anti fraud   information security   large volumes   senior head   rely parties   human factors   particular transactions   digital attribute   distribute identity   revenue experience   global technology   fraud businesses   verify exchange   establish institutions   mobile connect   illicit actors   major limitations   different approaches   onboarding transaction   subject experts   full set   third party   large part   high degree   digital catapult   improve methods   supervisory entity   sanction person   new opportunities   steal information   base security   project team   senior director   critical point   process inefficiency   legal age   regulatory participation   compete system   large numbers   market transparency   discretionary transfer   recent phase   identity programme   common standards   foundational enablers   low resilience   private identity   civic requirements   ship information   natural networks   digital residency   interconnect proof   different databases   large banks   standardize systems   total rehypothecation   process difficulty   ongoing innovation   national registry   convenient transactions   additional information   strong protocols   technical requirements   strong adoption   efficient systems   corporate entities   digital systems   single class   distribute solutions   authorization attribute   alphabetical order   digital identities   standard attribute   distribute ledgers   private organizations   valuable work   external entities   primary dimensions   obscure businesses   independent connections   strong impact   great potential   customer attributes   central piece   elect representative   collection lack   natural outcome   key archetype   more products   additional capabilities   complicate structures   local units   many day   corporate strategy   digital signature   system attributes   anti laundering   account creation   need types   historical information   digital system   party rps   disruptive innovation   regulatory standards   nemid login   predictive algorithms   many steps   present transactions   new generation   accurate view   sincere thanks   financial services   robust project   financial partnerships   many techniques   desire authorization   new revenue   new technologies   operate parameters   basic improvements   rely transactions   digitalmobile protocols   select group   bill information   mobile platforms   poor handling   full transaction   security protocols   consolidate view   work group   clear standards   different needs   automobile registries   virtual environment   pitfall implementation   multiple archetype   open questions   give service   convenience control   legal entities   multi approach   disparate systems   limit scope   good fit   attribute inquiry   business registries   customer process   brokerage mechanism   significant effort   centralize systems   total value   decrease guidelines   global clarient   service support   financial damage   trustless interactions   certain services   pay service   global hubs   social services   different users   use form   suspicious payouts   most banks   own role   require information   digital wallet   functional importance   online transactions   facial recognition   national registries   authorization problems   finnish government   level considerations   private rps   control application   specific governments   base systems   direct response   high assurance   social good   common model   global impact   digital identity   broad ranges   corporate banking   monthly fees   online services   user attributes   poor user   additional support   subject matter   true owner   identity network   identity solutions   right solution   verify attributes   limit systems   whole identity   far transactions   multiple methods   traditional attributes   poor entities   strong case   information ability   revenue stream   standardize view   great numbers   resilient identity   information flow   vulnerable information   whole systems   illustrative problems   intrinsic nature   digital data   alcohol users   limit number   physical security   reliable view   global connect   continue innovation   physical form   future efficiency   portal users   identity challenge   preexist onboarding
Actions:   enable implementation   serve number   give wallet   cut protocols   store that   use idp   press banks   guide operation   offer methods   serve interests   provide growth   establish relationship   provide users   user information   complete history   include eg   manage permissions   reduce rates   offer profiles   provide call   prevent creation   link it   limit company   franziska walker   issue identifiers   reject information   create solution   enter countries   enable operation   transform infrastructure   drive building   solve many   own attributes   use credential   transfer attributes   use lei   lift investments   discuss structures   use that   present point   involve idps   describe entity   provide systems   define forum   put society   create environment   authenticate credential   represent interest   shield information   buy services   link information   follow standards   increase connectivity   enable action   hold studies   decrease chance   introduce set   build solutions   automate identity   prevent fraud   act which   create pictures   introduce challenge   enhance systems   transfer information   improve know   present set   submit documents   charge fees   use methods   provide perspective   give act   integrate implications   submit range   attribute system   match queries   photograph license   require transactions   know birthdate   hold forum   compromise privacy   access records   incorporate numbers   affect acceptance   request access   require identity   illustrative questions   define archetypes   use model   solve that   face operations   deliver value   follow approach   leave information   configure systems   gain mass   provide banking   use letter   provide 80   expose amount   identify forum   reduce severity   deny access   make decision   submit utility   track forum   explore landscape   require inefficiency   make creation   apply approach   exhibit differences   build identity   create streams   provide attributes   reach forum   inform decision   trust entities   offer number   require levels   cover economies   process loans   drive uptake   derive benefit   hold promise   form networks   increase scale   increase control   tailor products   trust visibility   access data   complete inquiry   permissioned that   provide lack   check information   bring that   collect attributes   make what   represent effort   know process   play role   access attributes   face platform   enhance forum   provide products   require configurations   involve entities   lead development   enable volumes   express gratitude   offer services   determing levels   serve needs   rely privacy   support implementation   trust information   grant access   provide acceptance   onboarding customers   increase access   operate purpose   correct processes   introduce stakeholders   give recommendations   store user   use data   offer what   present passport   evaluate protocols   demand transparency   licence solutions   buy forum   authenticate biometrics   illustrative dimensions   adopt system   provide efforts   expand number   transfer point   access body   rely rps   hold data   describe landscape   enable them   provide introducer   tender system   open users   complete provision   inform payouts   increase security   streamline access   increase strength   link ability   study landscape   control access   revoke users   distribute economy   occur forum   enter information   use signatures   deliver role   reach customers   improve efficiency   level services   require proof   use purpose   involve counterparties   conceal endpoints   federate number   explore identity   participate solutions   increase authentication   enable forum   hold attributes   have attributes   match needs   require choices   track many   reduce time   open accounts   fail changes   expose viability   ing solutions   use implications   prevent businesses   log names   require systems   include individuals   create privacy   rely case   build standard   execute transaction   require fi   prevent theft   gain access   permission employees   remove potential   acknowledgement members   enable set   feel ownership   prove identity   need systems   provide consent   use connect   transfer data   eliminate error   improve increase   build company   guide selection   bear part   expand reach   leverage attributes   render tax   contribute perspectives   exacerbate uncertainty   ensure recognition   acknowledgement forum   provide mechanisms   reveal nature   build profiles   manage network   provide convenience   open examples   complete others   limit innovation   know s   rely forum   hold potential   perform intensive   offer attributes   provide version   perceive systems   onboarding transactions   transact idps   provide experience   get coverage   centralize collection   offer experience   permit identification   identify users   allow information   create interoperability   need solution   give consent   receive card   enable asking   enable aggregation   track usernames   lay blueprint   incorporate richness   complete processes   serve dimensions   collect data   configure system   express sdao   offer opportunities   calculate risk   integrate information   build network   onboard customer   operate this   understand landscape   rely nature   provide protection   switch estonia   provide interconnection   solve parts   synthesize findings   know kyc   use username   solve this   deliver range   feature set   franziska derek   issue biometric   use it   increase transactions   verify identity   create promise   complete transaction   give advantages   streamline streamline   provide difficulty   use services   see that   read information   see development   assign identifier   connect numbers   involve transactions   require consent   use numbers   attribute storage   track proceeds   update registries   discuss solutions   upload information   make query   monetize identity   solve problems   file state   identify attributes   pay transactions   serve rps   understand importance   sign contracts   identify customer   own oversight   provide access   increase reliability   buy alcohol   provide taxonomy   enable it   suit forum   build project   change way   position estonia   discuss insights   centralize stores   know customer   permission users   explore cases   explore topic   develop standards   gleif organization   pay idps   require knowledge   accrue forum   increase ability   maintain usernames   verify attributes   offer functionality   leverage set   require innovators   cut information   offer products   support management   buy transactions   provide guidance   audit implications   complete transfer   communicate rps   allow them   access view   manage stability   offer user   serve purpose   categorize benefits   distribute identity   scale outwards   provide fis   tailor credit   develop streams   register codes   prevent information   present it   require onboarding   improve access   improve experience   reduce remediation   govern body   include banking   enable exchange   deliver system   use citizens   use logins   improve inclusion   steer making   require structure   meet standards   draw conclusions   determine limits   offer platform   involve outreach   authenticate themselves   demonstrate services   rely parties   drive adoption   own system   incorporate rps   experience need   drive action   facilitate access   create standardization   give visibility   increase automation   lay future   require forum   create identity   grant authentication   transform businesses   deliver forum   move conversation   accommodate requirements   include scan   put users   manage chekk   position operations   receive that   reduce barriers   complete identity   outcome perspective   connect idps   explore potential   deliver experience   decentralize piece   increase inclusion   file taxes   use method   give insight   use protocols   involve flow   perform function   provide citizens   describe identity   include registries   give ability   validate them   rent apartment   increase ease   enable cards   misuse information   transport identity   present assurance   eliminate potential   play roles   create characteristics   attache attestation   provide group   create interface   update information   onboarding users   access what   accept attestations   receive systems   provide liability   challenge landscape   hold it   fight theft   provide solutions   seek consent   shape analyses   allow day   place limitations   explore solution   confuse authentication   overexposure system   categorize systems   perform activities   deliver benefits   create models   know idp   shape choices   secure protocols   deliver services   match users   use wallet   reduce impact   make strides   authenticate user   avoidance opportunities   pose threat   guide development   enable two   implement solutions   benefit set   establish stream   streamline process   increase revenue   deliver information   require what   provide one   require rps   involve forum   offer alternative   reach disruption   address issues   rely consortiums   manage authentication   provide ability   prevent results   serve customers   make that   permission them   eliminate logins   operate choices   drive systems   attribute platform   limit development   play that   prove attributes   store information   address strength   enable face   create potential   require information   access it   nemid denmark   consume difficulty   explore forum   transfer it   give control   help reuters   avoid implementation   deliver offerings   remove reliance   derive blueprint   standardize data   pay fee   increase speed   give advantage   streamline processes   refine system   govern rules   evaluate risk   offer forum   improve accuracy   offer source   lack information   govern problems   increase stp   access authentication   idin solution   provide system   introduce cards   fill gaps   enable identity   blur lines   maximize adoption   bring forum   create profiles   provide information   determing level   determine exposure   shift priorities   tupas finland   provide oversight   reshape services   reduce friction   exchange attributes   enable use   collect information   issue leis   show documents   suit principles   complete forum   serve benefits   acknowledge executives   support system   use identity   position themselves   highlight steps   detect laundering   suit needs   complete transactions   establish company   save time   use information   streamline customer   prove ability   create challenges   operate standards   provide identity   use system   cause damage   extend products   reduce functionality   determine transactions   involve steps   enable entities   evaluate creditworthiness   access information   receive forum   make attestations   build systems   reduce forum   affect business   store attestations   provide recommendations   win t   determine difficulty   provide attestations   build system   assign leis   track difficulty   store data   perform authentication   prevent enforcement   implement identity   use channels   serve transactions   submit information   offer that   lay look   offer identity   submit set   pass fears   include interviews   gather information   authenticate attributes   capture some   operate users   request information   consult deloitte   improve products   control sharing   extend identity   prevent falsification   secure process   enable completion   shape forum   incorporate forum   serve user   own identities   use account   extend thanks   transact background   rely involvement   aggregate information   define framework   hold that   deposit result   represent set   use exchange   use set   involve implementation   involve what   create contingency   require data   develop systems   tailor delivery   choose credential   verify them   transact forum   solve problem   illustrate capabilities   complete authorization   store application   drive creation   link identity   issue loans   provide eg   hack guardian   engage that   participate sector   purchase users   rehypothecated exacerbates   request visibility   identify counterparties   use forum   gain residency   adapt requirements   determine information   keep users   verify kingdom   serve networks   guide making   develop economy   fund governance   access variety   identify individuals   distribute store   see wwwdeloittecomusabout   improve processes   manage access   democratize implications   require creation   disperse information   experience that   lead innovation   set requirements   explore topics   link users   integrate parties   leverage variety   include registrations   provide services   tie attestation   use banks   connect endpoints   offer service   enable delivery   verify information   contain information   share 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Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.