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Insight Report Future of Consumption in Fast-Growth Consumer Markets: ASEAN A report by the World Economic Forum s Platform on Shaping the Future of Consumption Prepared in collaboration with Bain & Company June 2020 Contents 4 Preface 5 Executive summary 7 Introduction 7 The ASEAN macro-context 7 Four mega-forces will drive the future of consumption in ASEAN 11 Eight consumption themes to 2030, some accelerated due to COVID-19 12 Consumer spending will double, driven by ASEAN s middle-class boo

online for a product   singapore is the region   technology and the future   region is the world   asean as this report   consumers will be online   companies in the world   growth in the philippines   consumption in the fast-growth  

Sources: WEF

Pathway Classification

This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.

Type: Forecasts
Priority/ Function Areas:   Law & Government People & Society |
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide |

Pathway Information

This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.

Profiles:   the patterns   this roles   whose mission   the future   the confluence   the forum   the commission   aseanpolicybriefapril2020_finalpdf bookastylist   vinasa members   this children   a report   the recovery   no industry   its impact   asean convenience   the countries   the preference   asean middleclass   a ecosystem   singapore initiatives   longterm goals   the economies   delhi system   a brand   the amount   iflix service   this markets   another example   ar search   a project   this story   each market   its purchases   this partnerships   the halflife   it progress   the sector   its consumers   a company   the states   the tail   the role   the unit   the trend   hi children   the companies   the initiative   a disintermediation   asean sectors   the planet   macrocontext megaforces   the blurring   the project   a approach   a population   this process   the backgrounds   asean introduction   the combination   the collision   asean economy   the nation   its favorites   the accumulation   a example   union ban   the phase   a differentiator   the increase   the outbreak   the capabilities   all stakeholders   the world   the age   its multinationals   the sultanate   x workers   she husband   it brands   its lives   the enterprise   it tablets   a product   that amount   the industry   the calls   this report   china experience   mida partners   a retailer   the middleclass   the electronics   the city   a desire   this number   indonesia incomes   the retailing   thailand environment   asean boundaries   half levels   this megaforces   the presence   a journey   the team   the markets   no themes   this segments   digital sources   a chain   the event   the abundance   a priority   she influencer   the alliance   the population   the government   the number   the firm   fdi inflows   the platform   digital alliance   the report   the novena   this research   this innovations   the application   the time   the study   no drivers   the consumers   the income   its participation   the line   each country   the issue   this developments   a page   all rights   the consequences   another mark   an projects   the rate   the ambitions   the category   this trends   singapore population   the region   the company   the engagement   the brands   this megatrends   its networks   the country   the economy   the firms   the segments   the pandemic   an companies   indonesia agenda   the strategy   asean boom   this archetypes   s costs   this companies   a polarization   asean technology   a criteria   stayathome mother   a consumer   the goals   the focus   s brand   a platform   the megaforces   the pursuit   its food   this explosion   the views   the transaction   a third   we effort   everyday apps   the average   z consumers   the ones   the opportunity   the landscape   the investments   the brand   the priority   asean appendices   connectivityarchipelago forum   f investments   a term   the goal
Goals:   do exist job   embrace hasten opportunities   lack use knowledge   build innovative model   create reforms trade   uphold purposeled brands   build prosperous future   feature knowledge labs   create window platform   test including prevention   ensure competitive workforce   find energy sources   target growing market   build positioning ecosystems   develop organized effort   play important role   span trade associations   increase system cost   develop insight report   reach rural communities   play critical role   lack economic integration   offer motorbike deliveries   shape consumption trends   reinforce brand relationship   reduce plastic waste   offer design services   prefer open brands   empower native leaders   offer services penetration   receive email marketing   boost spending productivity   force sudden shift   establish new bureau   see take opportunities   simplify application processes   include electronics education   engage agents case   build inclusive future   encompass growing list   prefer traditional values   realize prosperous future   require coordinated approach   leverage logistics capabilities   unlock full potential   exercise key calls   build critical capabilities   join setting partnership   improve operating model   find term solutions   take hit consumers   suffer fragmented retailers   overtake see figure   buy takeaway meal   include economic impact   create integrated roadmap   ensure consumer awareness   innovate talent model   take hyperlocal approach   have negative effect   serve income populations   rise services exports   draft remove law   accelerate responsible transformation   develop new perspective   operate sells warung   reach inflection point   apply different models   include electronics agriculture   generate staggering more   build stronger base   flourish creating means   increase competitiveness efficiency   introduce sustainability tool   build stronger relationship   reach exceeding china   develop resource management   take different approach   need costs technology   define sustainability agenda   accelerate generate efforts   http html wwwthejakartapost   reshape value chain   build leading platform   process solid waste   develop delivery models   explain coming changes   connect policy initiatives   offer better experience   change employee consumer   set reduce target   build holistic ecosystem   develop deep understanding   reach serve acquire   join global movement   share facilitate practices   understand defining characteristics   mirror consumer journey   http global data   grow fastest spending   reap made rewards   set bold ambition   spend most time   leave humanitarian crisis   use engagement tools   introduce disrupt offerings   shape world forum   manage sensors traffic   embrace consumption patterns   adopt hyperlocal strategy   address private sector   amend business act   see large dip   highlight significant implications   address immediate crisis   include based platform   play key role   affect entire region   reduce plastic leakage   disrupt collaboration themselves   rank top things   cover key segments   represent wide disparity   provide wider set   develop value proposition   offer permanent residency   gain tailor insights   cover key dimensions   provide adult workforce   improve starting situation   enable supply chains   see temporary spike   strengthen anticorruption framework   build businesses fintech   implement citing programs   purchase wellness product   accommodate needs growth   ensure reliable highspeed   strike hard balance   serve evolving needs   complete infrastructure investment   help struggling businesses   pursue sustainable chain   allow greater flexibility   maintain competitive industry   manage household purchases   low reach cost   launch provide service15   adopt step change   achieve full growth   facilitate knowledge transfer   increase annual productivity   develop smart cities   address education advocacy   grow reaching penetration   enable sustainability models   pay environmental movement   ensure security capacity   deliver new picture   identify need spaces   extend sincere gratitude   boost consumption penetration   restart devastated economy   win diverse government   do corruptions index   open consumer markets   accelerate big shifts   hasten consumption journey   conduct consumer survey   approach takes points   serve fulfilment innovations   bring internet services   offer courses students   achieve highest levels   open major opportunities   reduce skills gap   enter learn workforce   open markets behaviors   provide leveraging data   serve growing demand   connect worker population   force favourable increase   streamline consumer experience   expose need weaknesses   create store hema   tailor offerings approaches   identify female drinkers   develop strategy brands   preserve identity millennials   facilitate sustainability connectivity   set research centre   launch locationbased campaign   address unmet needs   pace scaling expansion   improve overcoming literacy   embody own products   provide support stimulus   introduce consumer testing   accelerate partnerships case   boost nutritional profile   eat healthier diet   introduce incentives reforms   address illustrative case   take necessary moves   overcome many hurdles   safeguard growth story   disrupt invested one   unlock full stakeholders   enable cycle times   provide mentorships resources   force geopolitical shifts   broaden distribution network   uphold planet manifesto   cultivate product markets   build serve chains   highlight build need   create new vision   maintain understanding regulations   swap products companies   cost business guide   reject grocery bags   increase engagement reach   improve equity delivery   launch health crisis   focus statesponsored companies   resemble emerging market   drink less beer   remove requiring regulation   inhibit business growth   take own path   save home planet   move income ladder   create smart farmers   replace energy meters   buy fuelling consumption   take estimated spend   accelerate customization capability   initiate effective programs   build provided capabilities   redefine value propositions   do corruption business   secure robust pipeline   provide enjoyable life   create services infrastructure   accelerate current rise   hold low awareness   require tailored strategy   pay trade offs   make concerted effort   order services medicine   reduce brain flow   accelerate need advances   enter consuming class   spend unprecedented abundance   enable single market   trigger irreversible change   gain active users   migrate estimated future   offer monthly subscription   take big areas   capture evolving future   shape exciting story
Measures:   tandem consumers   high value   large economies   real integration   culture startup   category leaders   entire region   reset mission   repertoire behavior   asean figure   national identity   low calorie   system cost   technology investment   regional agendas   asean work   futureback view   old hierarchies   consumption behavior   many voice   basic accounts   indonesian consumers   nutritional profile   top criteria   annual productivity   active collaboration   digital banks   fastestgrowing markets   social country   digital access   purposeled brands   transactional channel   high administration   technical skills   regional operations   first products   beauty banner   particular lifestyles   sale execution   massive opportunity   potential focus   clear priorities   small batch   key dimensions   personalize experiences   mobile data   asean capabilities   corporate venture   increase convenience   big companies   lowrevenue potential   great flexibility   new markets   emerge households   future mission   hard infrastructure   similar penetration   agent case   connect consumers   similar gdp   vary degrees   consumption contribution   high cost   strategic partners   dunkin donuts   mobile use   healthcare talent   preliminary perspective   upper middle   alternative services   asean leaders   local cultures   digital gopay   anticorrupt commission   smart cities   shop behavior   high households   new innovations   lowcost adoption   inclusive consumption   local companies   key insights   bookastylist service15   grow majority   future growth   healthcare access   low income   social experiences   large partner   national crisis   municipal waste   wellness product   standard beverage   specific actions   tiny businesses   supply pipeline   consumer relationships   quick access   autonomous vehicles   rich insights   annual sales   large firms   traditional stores   multiyear plan   healthy cities   responsible transformation   middle respondents   fast channel   pollution companies   global geopolitics   temporary spike   realign offerings   good service   research centre   digital methods   different behavior   alternative sources   domestic consumption   long solutions   regulatory environment   retail landscape   native consumers   strong traction   interconnect governments   rural neighbourhoods   same period   potential competitors   diverse government   principal products   urban consumer   geopolitical shifts   new brands   estimate future   old consumers   critical partners   hyperlocal strategy   many parts   standardize recognition   sustainable development   skill labour   emerge focus   agile model   modest millennials   instore execution   pitch competition   open brands   increase participation   more time   emerge markets   vibrant story   geographic challenges   same time   massive prospects   young consumers   socioeconomic progress   economic prosperity   innovative tools   middleclass millennials   modern trade   increase inclusion   economic momentum   new bureau   electronic agriculture   great connectivity   business sustainability   effective prevention   triplegrowth engine   domestic product   regional company   critical role   rise levels   solid waste   infrastructure investment   asean growth   financial products   intelligent factories   digital infrastructure   good areas   mobile broadband   domestic class   mobile phones   national industry   structural problems   delivery models   asean resources   low awareness   smart city   second quarter   estimate growth   logistic services   outly source   strong partnerships   dedicate banner   similar demands   foreign investor   develop economy   foremost business   workingage population   overall consumption   high note   fix routines   good ways   regional flows   payment connectivity   regional fintech   next years   develop economies   eastern brands   fast year   right kpis   artificial robotics   tier1 cities   new competitors   deep understanding   digital consumption   mobile platform   humanitarian crisis   waste teams   poor coverage   private sector   sincere gratitude   effective management   favourable demographics   agile approach   tier1 city   purchase behavior   les imports   similar influences   global standards   slow rise   prosperous future   daily journey   live results   nonnegotiable sustainability   proximity familiarity   discount equipment   video voice   social delivery   urban population   asean uncertainty   old counterparts   large outperforms   evolve needs   asean consumers   permanent residency   full stakeholders   high levels   annual rate   potential situation   sustainable procurement   nontariff barriers   bold ambition   affordable housing   supply chain   powerful momentum   global culture   social skills   asian females   light note   solid management   asean story   inclusive growth   macroeconomic research   regulatory challenges   disposable packaging   public sector   online consumption   leverage data   academic certifications   markete spending   minimum levels   investorfriendly environments   consumer engagement   large dip   asean interrelationships   digital literacy   islamic branding   smart nation   foreign investments   high growth   overall research   particular economies   tremendous opportunities   rural population   high school   several lessons   excit story   economic impact   sustainability agenda   creative partnerships   competitive industry   lead telecoms   halalcompliant cosmetics   societal challenges   capital flows   business government   right product   national network   digital pos   large women   rapid innovation   subscriptionbased service   increase influence   white spaces   foreign acquisitions   economic integration   large companies   fourth revolution   widespread media   familyowned businesses   coordinate approach   nascent bases   global movement   key areas   package food   local talent   reusable package   new capabilities   asean economies   alternative beverages   business fintech   palapa project   smart farmers   loyalty programs   multiple stakeholders   key role   grocery items   top criterion   weekly packages   different sources   favorable demographics   subscriptionbased system   physical branches   consumption trends   traditional hierarchies   drive force   easy access   household purchases   new perspective   great transparency   economic forum   primary school   brain flow   macro factors   economic activity   trade associations   mas production   open borders   global population   twoway communication   vietnamese consumers   high share   retail environments   low levels   consumer behaviors   potential sanctions   improve frameworks   critical calls   convenience wellbeing   flexible arrangements   skill gap   key management   high speed   concerted effort   original manufacturers   daytoday necessities   mismanage waste   mobile applications   regional business   common cause   social media   financial literacy   multinational companies   rapid adoption   select cities   political sense   evolve role   high skills   global players   large consumption   smart meters   great efficiency   transparency index   growth models   wide set   story future   increase consumption   evolve future   academic certificates   specific touchpoints   trade offs   investor sentiments   delivery capability   many markets   asean summary   strategic world   many programs   small economies   strategic partnerships   broadband network   new vision   twoway interaction   poor networks   monthly subscription   total consumption   asean initiatives   corporate action   lead businesses   direct marketing   international corruptions   identity millennials   last mile   natural beauty   current rise   low rate   high gdp   low cost   early progress   exponential growth   digital transformation   similar issues   digital innovations   open mobile   direct investments   past years   indonesian populations   low costs   modern agribusiness   first year   legal frameworks   traditional services   heavy traffic   boom case   growth strategy   knowledge transfer   digital government   future pandemics   consume class   tailor strategy   retail stores   hit consumers   establish companies   major opportunities   smart meter   plastic pollution   consumer behavior   develop points   different things   main hurdles   proprietary research   manufacture base   consumer survey   many commonalities   high requirements   seamless movement   regional gdp   nonreversible ways   key implications   business rank   big areas   distinct path   next digital   single window   fast growth   new behaviors   triplegrowth model   residential areas   private leaders   production capacity   digital interconnectedness   huge impact   native leaders   normal convenience   traditional values   similar information   critical statistics   multiple services   basic treat   local content   broad categories   first time   new offerings   average consumers   virtual meetings   economic activities   late technologies   large class   food labels   income levels   digital economy   regulatory backing   global flows   main obstacles   global unilever   voicebased functionality   partnership case   lead platform   healthy delivery   grow market   urban success   future shocks   significant implications   asean picture   speed growth   right person   knowledge labs   wide disparity   online channels   right skills   global agendas   global brands   corporate agenda   common sense   marketbased solutions   fourthlargest economy   social occasions   administration fee   predictive maintenance   such issues   ownership limit   common currency   asean landscape   small businesses   fragment calls   special point   clear distinction   corruption index   opaque processes   base platform   inflection point   growth projections   digital services   healthy living   basic services   final concentrating   strong base   smart government   favorite styles   tremendous opportunity   engagement tools   realtime transparency   competitive workforce   several cities   financial education   public investor   mega lifesciences   premium skincare   semidetached dine   large investor   right mix   future case   great control   work age   new models   public organizations   subsequent sections   investor funding   mount challenge   company team   healthy diet   retail channels   small markets   congest areas   hard balance   many ways   crossfunctional teams   indepth surveys   score health   online websites   financial trade   big data   key contributors   digital capabilities   immigration bureau   disruptive competitors   hot drinks   humancentric approach   special treats   favorable environment   connect conclusion   palapa ring   consumer journey   digital platforms   consumption patterns   add exports   kpop banner   chain support   local businesses   such areas   comparison banks   application processes   plastic cutlery   devastate economy   disposable levels   multiyear goals   organizational adaptation   highquality healthcare   new companies   disperse populations   value proposition   environmental threats   product markets   urban consumers   short term   such advances   international organization   smart homes   additional convenience   technological base   gross product   region government   sustainability tool   grab app   target areas   asiapacific products   global forces   resourcemanagement capabilities   mobile screen   nearby cities   affluent consumers   good talent   first consumption   globe guide   expert labs   hardwaresharing platform   see figure   sustain pace   large brand   sustainable way   equity delivery   physical infrastructure   sustainability programs   young women   economic nuances   right routetomarket   highskilled jobs   manufacture mining   religion buddhism   reliable tracking   reusable bags   key part   digital ubiquity   infrastructural development   diverse categories   offline channels   asean countries   email marketing   oneonone assistance   single market   economic front   broad community   recent years   group view   good experience   continue opportunities   local players   energy crisis   work middleclass   foreign investors   emerge models   retail store   national priorities   diverse ways   asian nations   free students   competitive scenario   follow makers   offline motorbike   sustainability movement   certain options   branchless banking   first step   retail means   next years16   abundant opportunities   hyperlocal approach   different approach   mas customization   low literacy   market share   foreign investment   screen time   pandai banking   complex licensing   income populations   transformation programs   valueconscious consumers   worldwide average   local geopolitics   cultural norms   consumer demand   long recovery   rich crosschannel   black swan   top things   past year   lastmile delivery   asean companies   third quarter   macroeconomic data   first levels   economic growth   many trials   plastic waste   new ways   small growth   digital grants   http industrygovphcategory   indepth interviews   talent model   digital workplace   right models   economic maturity   digital sources   potential partners   female participation   local winds   growth ambition   resource management   new consumers   national programme   digital future   huge potential   digital adoption   bank penetration   retail experiences   slight differentiation   political nuances   term solutions   numerous opportunities   premium purchases   systemic efforts   healthy choices   asean governments   product companies   local universities   fourthlargest market   expectation millennials   traditional trade   efficient capabilities   china figure   new currency   mobile wallets   change needs   real gdp   such preferences   smart automation   middle class   progressive organizations   education advocacy   domestic products   corporatelevel manifesto   different strategies   good consumption   rural populations   traditional systems   healthcare services   advance technologies   digital funding   omnichannel journey   list companies9   innovative model   real growth   annual income   service penetration   cashstrapped governments   digital programs   digital consumers   nutritional solutions   emerge solution   information technology   valueadded services   professional services   transformation process   southeast projections   locationbased campaign   affluent interest   plastic teams   topica models   internal logistics   new skills   free airwaves   service exports   chinese talent   same buddhism   global data   domestic exports   active procurement   emerge work   widespread popularity   invest projects   step change   outlying regions   own path   innovation fund   bank account   consumption journey   sundry shops   global industries   nationwide infrastructure   upcoming challenges   direct investment   systemic challenges   weight households   high rise   demographic trends   growth story   technical capabilities   consumption increase   major themes   inflate bureaucracy   medical care   new businesses   widespread awareness   reallocate budget   unique opportunity   potential stakeholders   essential offering   product portfolios   gaming apps   innovative platforms   indian government   integrate platform   manufacture industry   specialize providers   new applications   female occasions   new picture   key ingredient   regional leaders   certain categories   asean market   statutory backing   insight report   economic shift   grow channel   develop nations   lastmile capability   marine waste   global average18   error rates   more hours   illustrative case   premium goods   environmental consciousness   good opportunities   irreversible change   political business   incubation fund   network labs   lowcost labour   major obstacle   great personalization   operational responsiveness   global leaders   workingage people   business growth   attractive pools   western brands   course students   critical foresights   integrative experiences   untap opportunity   civic society   payment methods   same level   creative schools   define characteristics   old generations   disposable tier   widespread access   sustainability case   future trends   entry requirements   sustainable products   product information   market behaviors   technological innovations   international definition   advance management   total cost   historical data   mobile connectivity   digital marketing   populous economy   asean trade   young success   major archetypes   visit sites   instore purchases   additional costs   huge opportunities   household consumption   effective programs   futureback thinking   digital trends   young days   positive benefits   digital engagement   lowincome consumers   transactional interactions   new case   utility consumption   innovative strategies   cognitive skills   indian population   holistic ecosystem   global survey   clear need   healthrelated information   rise protectionism   legal framework   develop markets   close opportunity   income ladder   cycle times   great access   manufacture logistics   global companies   main categories   economic fundamentals2   voicecontrolled purchases   endure challenge   normal platforms   digital firms   dedicate collaboration   insurgent brands   alternative meat   operate model   consumer markets   dramatic opportunity   sustainable benefits   result ecommerce   concern models   context interrelationships   rigid management   key programs   inclusive future   good practices   environmental issues   extensive communities   traditional accounts   negative effect   drive growth   relate services   collaborative actions   physical means   integrate roadmap   critical imperatives   smart mobility   high services   strong trends   right time   new platforms   future industries   work population   local brands   modern retail   urban mobility   healthy products   low rise   consumer testing   emerge brands   financial markets   expand workforce   most time   dominant buddhism   flexible model   first purchase   underserved communities   low security   critical priority   healthy food   significant traction   underserved media   future outlook   open values   proprietary partners   nonretail spending   asean consumer   digital tailwinds   stakeholder capitalism   online courses   special treat   efficient recovery   asian1 projections   large banks   organize effort   central plant   connect future   digital process   environmental movement   female drinkers   online penetration   light figure   inclusive models   asian brands   young consumer   project growth   big shifts   single g   long term   unprecedented abundance   strategy brands   wide range   datadriven insights   global counterparts   covidrelated health   rural communities   unemployed government   ring project   annual growth   customization capability   statesponsored companies   key hurdles   macro fundamentals2   global business   asean region   motorbike deliveries   public funding   financial inclusion   good education   asean markets   labourintensive sectors   nominal fee   store hema   first necessity   monthly administration   profit pools   socioeconomic walls   critical applications   asean jobs   economic development   lowskilled jobs   great potential   consumer awareness   sustainable consumption   tremendous leap   important role   global centre   credit cards   opportunistic investments   key calls   intelligent chains   fresh ingredients   new convenience   foreign dependents   big cities   shortterm offs   lean structure   few people   relevant traffic   win brands   small retailers   executive summary   behavioral changes   open regulation   total population   full growth   online purchase   spin-dry produce   own products   grow list   environmental matters   local tastes   new figure   cheap price   more half   technologyenabled platforms   equal access   credit risk   new jobs   right balance   critical challenges   urban counterpart   top spots   reach penetration   third party   plastic tubes   policy support   laku banking   mas capability   new opportunities   own terms   sustainability goals   popular destination   competitive winds   basic goods   everyday apps   supply chains   multiple fronts   enjoyable life   traditional channels   external shocks   fast times   big issues   fragment retailers   liveable cities   value propositions   increase demand   technology ecosystems   circular economy   different ways   message mix   joint child   grow demand   immediate feedback   digital purchases   efficient management   rural consumers   offline marketplace   home planet   domestic innovation   affordable security   socioeconomic inclusion   private consumption   soft skills   unsanitary demand   fibreoptic cables   bestdemonstrated practices   adult workforce   publicprivate case   internet services   economic powerhouse   direct delivery   marine leakage   native millennials   favourable increase   individual trips   rural areas   digital revolution   postpandemic world   subscriptionbased economies   new doors   lead beauty   traditional sources   takeaway meal   fuel consumption   large program   annual rates   online deliveries   wardah appeals   local regulations   instant culture   early testing   homegrow technology   large opportunity   wifi connectivity   perception index   annual household   many hurdles   new tools   large leaders   such necessities   human capital   open innovation   friendly regulations   major implications   inflection points   everyday use   overseas remittances   necessary moves   widespread availability   asean demand   diverse industries   personal health   financial services   online community   value chain   mobile application   asean brands   key sectors   vary stages   multiple verticals   hub companies   positive fundamentals2   immediate crisis   daily essentials   consumer experience   grocery bags   current rate   realtime personalization   key segments   streamline residency   new technologies   traditional businesses   urban areas   great interconnectivity   historical influences   political maturity   environmental sustainability   authentic engagement   emerge market   household size   academic institutions   bank accounts   ecommerce platform   traditional silos   next decade   online screen   exist consumers   development targets   third economy   feedback cycles   produce components   innovative players   different markets   drastic changes   grow requirement   new patterns   next powerhouse   high preference   great influence   low spend   innovative models   demographic segments   smart vehicles   new world   active users   full potential   indonesian women   critical capabilities   product audits   energy sources   babycare articles   fulfilment innovations   economic goals   nearby town   steady growth   voicecontrolled functions   medical tourism   basic products   electric vehicles   key government   different environments   personal care   local market   les beer   traditional retailers   strong relationship   agile ways   automate warehousing   global communities   energy supply   good job   asean themes   online spending   social responsibility   sustainability efforts   affordable growth   bustle cities   digital country   plastic leakage   foreign ownership   smart manufacturing   specific categories   online services   modern sales   consumption picture   develop retailers   first categories   fast spending   sudden shift   large producer   mobile credit   structure approach   robust pipeline   online programs   inventory management   energy meters   challenge year   sustainable chain   average insurgents   geopolitical risk   global impact   digital identity   industrial revolution   online marketplace   domestic share   economic groups   improve flows   sustain urbanization   initial investment   rise wages   business guide   asean population   recent graduates   conventional meters   automate services   futureback organizations   online platforms   emerge economies   personalize value   minimal supervision   potential growth   primary research   separate regulations   different models   many economies   estimate spend   public infrastructure   thrive stores   affordable luxury   acquire story   investment restrictions   fundamental issues   publicprivate partnerships   high income   smart agriculture   substantial expansion   convenience introduction   instore facings   electronic platform   local millennials   property development   datum privacy   53yearold worker   several models   available set   low willingness   policy initiatives   covidled health   new population   personal service
Actions:   boost productivity   set target   shift focus   tackle challenges   enter workforce   flourish means   set regulations   replace meters   open opportunities   reduce rates   accelerate shifts   drive 98   require offerings   offer deliveries   pool resources   provide them   grow 21   embrace sustainability   drive revolution   increase speed   support programs   buy what   ensure highspeed   rethink spending   reach that   offer penetration   maintain industry   change needs   include impact   develop capabilities   use programs   include education   lack knowledge   take shifts   do rank   provide data   master skills   http aseanorg   address needs   illustrative case   make 15   accelerate efforts   offer appeals   take approach   attract healthcare   require investment   address impact   introduce tool   set fund   enable growth   make most   offer entertainment   enable economy   reap rewards   adjust projections   show organizations   swap companies   emerge brands   improve introduction   change consumer   generate articles   take areas   reduce reduce   force shift   share data   accelerate operations   draw insights   ensure recovery   steer region   pursue chain   force interrelationships   create jobs   show progress   build infrastructure   order medicine   introduce offerings   gather data   accelerate future   shape platform   understand groups   boost supply   decrease dependence   prioritize goals   affect sectors   connect archipelago   join movement   take spots   remove barriers   embrace goods   launch program   rank things   offer features   fund partnerships   provide glimpse   end waste   withstand shocks   meet future   force shifts   place sustainability   test prevention   enhance connectivity   disrupt chains   establish bureau   put sustainability   share knowledge   show support   reduce flow   support demand   view them   include development   prefer lifestyles   build chains   require actions   disrupt one   add people   expand activity   jumpstart economy   highlight need   combat malnutrition   eliminate barriers   reduce deforestation   add complexity   recycle 4   encourage flows   reach age   define priorities   enter class   move ladder   shorten cycles   identify drinkers   increase cost   drive growth   draft law   manufacture robotics   gain awareness   complete investment   provide stimuli   consume information   see dip   play games   build ecosystems   adopt strategy   create opportunities   converge ecommerce   change points   identify spaces   redefine value   suffer retailers   conduct survey   provide life   improve efficiency   integrate sources   hold influence   read labels   include teleconsultation   feature labs   compare brands   use that   shape future   set centre   require approach   connect contribution   rebalance chains   create governments   serve models   trace products   shape consumption   create farmers   hasten journey   increase traffic   include vng   spend abundance   gain capabilities   retool operations   take path   deliver boxes   extend gratitude   take bulk   use marketing   manage purchases   offer potential   reduce leakage   improve transparency   make effort   replace tubes   use apps   cite issues   build interconnectivity   implement methodology   introduce testing   consider purchase   develop cities   bring product   engage case   offer students   increase investment   include platform   understand characteristics   embed changes   create winwin   connect view   represent many   support management   seek formoney   perfect execution   drink beer   take view   obtain information   implement programs   change basis   span associations   bring access   incorporate targets   extend appreciation   win share   demand wellbeing   need technology   do business   reach points   pass test   represent 80   gain insights   pay premium   struggle lack   cover availability   teach skills   use platforms   enjoy convenience   realign portfolios   take spend   low cost   manufacture industrygovphcategory   provide convenience   explain changes   prefer experiences   treat asean   develop brands   offer array   http wwwkemenperingoid   outperform multinationals   increase productivity   build base   develop proposition   enjoy access   reject bags   play organizations   see opportunities   trigger change   take advantage   reach china   innovate model   decide mix   face opportunities   provide workforce   eat diet   address health   decrease size   hold awareness   stimulate future   reach acquire   guarantee capacity   boost penetration   tokopedia platform   increase flow   http hootsuite   promote development   consume third   embrace capitalism   http data   launch range   comprise 40   develop plan   make indonesia   create hema   expand network   capture share   explore opportunities   intensify efforts   launch crisis   grapple thailand   expand set   build foundations   redefine propositions   trigger reversal   disrupt activities   report future   take asean   order items   emerge demand   increase responsiveness   sustain urbanization   support transformation   ensure approach   enable chains   understand trends   offer electives   order food   double penetration   spend less   serve innovations   retain control   unlock stakeholders   replace services   shorten chains   include firms   incentivize investment   set ambition   serve populations   connect population   extend credit   diversify risk   target market   reach 6600   grow story   strengthen quality   http smartnationsgwhatissmartnationinitiatives   launch service15   appeal works   outperform donuts   drive adoption   increase complexity   migrate future   shift millennials   develop models   create infrastructure   reserve part   provide set   clock time   roll program   connect initiatives   train employees   preserve millennials   highlight urgency   develop perspective   outgrow players   hasten 48   see spike   do 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Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.