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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 4.0 A toolkit for leaders to accelerate social progress in the future of work June 2020 2 Preface The start of the decade has seen a convergence of three major trends: the accelerated use of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies in the midst of the pandemic, job market disruptions to both remote work and work requiring physical presence, and a wide-ranging call for greater inclusivity, equity and social justice. Now more than ever, in the midst of such sweepin

experiences of their employees   leaders of the organization   business and other leaders   inclusion in the workplace   forum s new economy   economy of the future   inclusion across the organization   equity and inclusion   inclusion  

Sources: WEF

Pathway Classification

This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.

Type: Forecasts
Priority/ Function Areas:   Law & Government People & Society |
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide |

Pathway Information

This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.

Goals:   decisionmake greater ability   integrate notice boards   offer career mapping   provide learning awareness   bias application process   contact new team   provide learning programmes   integrate evaluate ways   support evolve legislation   recognize technology this   consider best use   track engagement data   include glint waggl   create diverse company   evaluate behaviour biases   win powerful truths   belong equity fairness   expand soft skills   utilize analytic capabilities   adopt integrated approach   enhance learning technologies   insight measure behaviours   support management systems   collect analysing data   implement range risk   measure including differences   elicit members comments   lead future council   match diversity equity   include gapjumpers hirevue   declare opportunity fairness   incentivize employees managers   complement employee groups   address privacy concerns   bias text analytics   outline specific challenges   accelerate diversity equity   build engage cultures   drive business review   fuel productivity innovation   shape stewardship board   recognize leveraging technology   shape world forum   collect employee feedback   create inclusive culture   include behaviours insights   offer path guidance   include learning envisia   bias applicant pool   promote equitable workplaces   reap full advantages   bring full self   suggest relevant colleagues   implement recent events   underline build need   reduce assessment gamebased   promote engagement trust   belong business review   provide safe environment   outperform higher rate   reach talent pools   gain competitive edge   bring full selves   pay progression equity   monitor reward bias   implement diversity equity   conduct path planning   experience deep sense   target including groups   provide psychological safety
Measures:   realtime information   advert text   regional agendas   bias outcomes   such organizations   valuable chairman   director platform   organizationwide effort   work culture   blind spots   economic forum   organizational processes   joint leader   high safety   estimate size   technological tools   broad learning   far learning   great transparency   high share   normal workplace   legal imperative   great inclusivity   wide responsibility   evidencebased evaluation   full selves   equitable workplaces   human rights   causal relationship   companyside interviewers   full self   key statistics   talent pools   wide range   equal treatment   employee interaction   relevant feedback   new practices   regional peers   various traits   gender race   new ways   high roles   key attributes   competitive position   inclusive culture   employee engagement   humancentric approaches   diverse organization   cloudbased communication   potential interventions   global equality   low understanding   lgbti equality   good use   senior officer   applicant packs   full advantages   organizational leaders   national legislation   target programmes   ultimate diversity   key metrics   prematch candidates   global council   pandemic disruptions   teamable diversity   prospective mentees   career mapping   sound judgement   daily dynamics   specific challenges   potential mentors   structure performance   good candidates   benchmark diversity   lessnetworked employees   personal information   aipowered analysis   new markets   broad range   learn programmes   natural language   performance feedback   goodfit candidates   global head   new approaches   right thing   whole organization   key driver   future diversity   artificial ai   new equality   diverse workplaces   relate publications   diverse talent   equal access   planbox translator   think leadership   social justice   physical presence   active custodians   search capabilities   structure interviews   more information   relevant equity   employee data   vast majority   technology providers   psychometric methods   new economy   financial performance   unintended consequences   employee referrals   datadriven dashboards   notice boards   economic imperative   passive candidates   social networks   transformative equity   bias language   soft skills   sexual orientation   measure behaviours   diverse groups   technology systems   corporate values   aipowered analytics   global diversity   most companies   daily interactions   divergent ideas   psychological safety   socioeconomic status   integrate approach   iii diversity   most tools   near future   review language   preferential treatment   senior leaders   parental background   techenabled solution   relevant colleagues   chief diversity   pandemic capitalism   competitive advantage   diverse candidates   competitive edge   inperson groups   mentore boards   far diversity   homogenous ones   diverse pools   career websites   feedback data   renew commitment   deloitte diversity   successful organizations   work environment   personalize mapping   far members   personalize guidance   organizational cultures   broad communities   legal environments   demographic data   company policies   fourth technologies   human capital   new tools   application process   fair wages   different forms   new sources   organizational analysis   fourth forum   racial justice   safe environment   appropriate use   inclusion agenda   equitable company   global agendas   political business   organisational analysis   alternative wordings   new technology   new organizations   employee feedback   local legislation   resource groups   highpotential employees   organizational strengths   enhance connectivity   diverse screen   fundamental sense   high innovation   different teams   videobased act   foremost business   ainowinstituteorgdiscriminatingsystemshtml forum   key reasons   great imperative   online portals   broad community   social progress   new technologies   resource people   great diversity   exclusionary behaviour   competitive advantages   large organizations   due diligence   unique contributions   feedback networks   people strategies   path mapping   diverse backgrounds   own sake   present data   performance evaluations   indicator kpis   conduct managers   negative consequences   trustphere equity   strong capacity   new avenues   human diversity   objective performance   different populations   organizationwide strategies   experiential learning   clear correlation   inclusive organizations   human resources   great detail   new team   behavioural assessment   new solutions   integrate diversity   persistent inequities   distinguish professor   ongoing commitment   diverse teams   social origin   full potential   mental abilities   leverage technology   inconsistent criteria   learn applications   global leader   process technologies   officer cdios   key indicators   diverse sets   chief resources   harvard equity   major trends   different environments   initial effort   proactive approach   key base   job applications   analytic capabilities   path guidance   great fairness   text analytics   great use   write reviews   engagement data   organizational network   powerful truths   applicant pool   diversity equity   lead platform   hide employees   great innovation   organizational capabilities   implicit equity   target skill   societal change   great ability   good practices   aboveaverage profitability   productivity innovation   equitable access   management systems   rural origin   technological solutions   new workplace   open environment   remote work   good conditions   executive officer   fair conditions   employee groups   overall size   chief officer   international organization   future creativity   behavioural training   key areas   inclusive descriptions   human differences   american director   anonymized analysis   great inclusion   apply gapjumpers   equal reality   workforce principles   significant relationship   future council   recent events   deep sense   industrial revolution   sweep organizations   due consideration   more responsibility   agendum platform   employee experience   fit candidates   organalytix equity   specific demographics   fourth revolution   tangible change   broad pool   diverse company   work conditions   exist networks   hardtofill roles   different locations   transformative market   high rate   new capabilities   potential employees   multinational organizations
Actions:   engage entirety   put range   contain biases   include jaws   manage workforces   need training   match mentees   accelerate strategies   match equity   integrate ways   ask providers   take responsibility   introduce transparency   learn equity   complement range   reduce engagement   perform relationship   eliminate discrimination   monitor bias   create culture   remove information   gamebased assessment   face consequences   provide avenues   understand experience   offer connectivity   support systems   capture analyse   elicit comments   accelerate trends   select networks   accelerate progress   highlight tendencies   shape future   lead geography   break packs   wellmanaged ones   pervade societies   provide awareness   favour group   engage business   target groups   produce tool   utilize capabilities   collect feedback   underline need   lack diversity   limit pool   achieve profitability   reach pools   thank members   leverage power   represent views   sound decisionmaking   bias analytics   implement tools   combine use   evaluate biases   adopt approach   express opinions   track data   outperform rate   bring self   use networks   undermine reputation   read acknowledgments   bias process   navigate websites   counteract exclusion   apply tap   optimize diversity   implement events   monitor equity   use diligence   cover methods   reduce voice   support implementation   promote workplaces   link this   shape strategies   include waggl   read reece   experience sense   pay equity   drive https   review applications   consider rights   apply criteria   lack visibility   provide environment   establish practices   matter diversity   gain edge   source candidates   provide access   implement technologies   create inclusion   analyse language   identify attributes   drive review   enable journey   evaluate patterns   contact case   minimize risks   collect data   determine success   affect sense   reward demographics   offer mapping   incentivize ideas   empower practices   outline challenges   discriminate race   declare fairness   improve state   support policies   analyse data   robichaux value   recognize this   include successfactors   post roles   generate overviews   share details   matter research   staff roles   promote trust   techenabled text   measure differences   provide information   enable people   address justice   expand skills   shape principles   provide safety   apply judgement   analyse interaction   read g   win truths   process data   create exclusion   select applications   belong review   insight behaviours   demarcate behaviour   bring selves   evaluate skills   utilize methods   shape board   include envisia   track experience   support legislation   drive innovation   highlight opportunities   reduce gamebased   accelerate case   provide insight   gain that   support referrals   drive performance   monitor diversity   incentivize managers   include hirevue   see convergence   describe range   recognize technology   embed equity   give access   enhance technologies   build cultures   create company   accelerate role   achieve equity   reduce bias   decisionmake ability   provide programmes   solve problems   incentivize employees   expand hiring   manage technologies   learn d   address several   suggest wordings   implement equity   consider use   access markets   distil statistics   exist approaches   utilize data   have sense   give feedback   track dashboards   realize potential   thank agenda   introduce range   cultivate reality   evaluate candidates   set tone   techenabled solution   reap advantages   address correlation   suggest colleagues   rake diversity   shape forum   integrate boards   identify language   build capabilities   identify candidates   address concerns   nudge them   require presence   conduct planning   distribute them   lead council   give visibility   accelerate references   rate it   provide analysis   include applied   accelerate equity   create personnel   expand capabilities   contact team   offer guidance   risk range   achieve companies   provide sources   review research   include insights   belong fairness   hire talent   manage teams   bias pool   complement groups   expose them   fuel innovation   require effort   enhance inclusion   implement risk   pose risk

Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.