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In collaboration with the University of Oxford Future Series: Cybersecurity, emerging technology and systemic risk I N S I G H T R E P O R T N O V E M B E R 2 0 2 0 In collaboration with the University of Oxford Future Series: Cybersecurity, emerging technology and systemic risk The Future Series report was a joint venture between the World Economic Forum and the University of Oxford. It was designed to convene a range of experts in the field to discuss and research the issues arising from criti

technologies have the potential   conclusion of the future   actors in the digital   cryptography to the organization   risks it could create   ecosystem will be increasingly   ecosystem that are critical   integrity of the identity   systems to new attack  

Sources: WEF

Pathway Classification

This section lists the Pathway type, Priority/ function areas, Sectors/ fields of life and People/ roles for the pathway.

Type: Forecasts
Priority/ Function Areas:   Law & Government People & Society |
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide |

Pathway Information

This section lists the Categories, Goals, Measures and Actions included in the pathway.

Profiles:   this changes   the emergence   it users   the integrity   its confidence   the change   the market   the forum   cases164 challenges   the requirements   the answer   the rewards   this area   the lack   the race   a failure   the use   the impacts   the dynamics   this interdependency   any transfer   the issues   a study   its methods   the conclusion   whose owners   a computer   this interactions   the risks   future identities   an aspects   this levels   the field   the role   the practices   the evolution   which companies   the balance   the range   a authentication   pelosi videos   its impacts   the potential   the reimagination   a set   an examples   the internet   the responsibility   the concentration   the way   canada banks   we infrastructures   its attackers   the operation   the gap   kpmg partnership   the increase   the timeline   the approaches   this system   uk office   the world   the costs   you institution   a cyberspace   a step   the need   the consequence   the recommendations   al review   the environment   this technologies   an problems   nadeau pilots   the industry   this report   which parts   the decisions   the stakeholders   the pervasiveness   the ecosystem   a ability   the threat   interagency report   a leadership   the scope   this gamification   the issue   the identity   the wearables   the infrastructure   the report   the set   the scale   the surface   the technology   the truth   the complexity   this standards   which material   this technology   ed methods   the implications   the participants   the noise   the number   an governments   whose relationships   the system   the value   the community   this requirements   the liability   digital technologies   a number   the technologies   the level   this developments   quantum cryptography   we look   an infrastructure   all rights   the delivery   the levels   the organizations   it owner   the nature   http link   the return   an applications   a register   the workforce   the benefits   threat predictions   an players   the impact   a thousands   the development   the treatment   the pandemic   wwwgartnercomennewsroompressreleases201907 link   this activity   dave head   this risk   the manufacturing   we analysis   a level   cybersecurity technology   the quality   you threat   the work   a lack   the relationship   we role   a actor   a race   the programme   assetsestoniathedigitalrepublicsecuredbyblockchainpdf link   the actions   a range   which share   its outputs   this programme   the insider   the tools   the developments   the process
Goals:   http action link   address economic challenges20   ensure confidentiality integrity   create security dilemmas   reflect dynamic nature   automate attackers attacks   consider transition ability   use world group   consider own capabilities   identify emergent gaps   create attack surface   develop cybersecurity technology   retain advantage adoption   compute growing intelligence   identify emerging inconsistencies   preserve high level   rethink value chain   identify necessary principles   exist different views   form important part   evolve capabilities technologies   reduce considered analysis   enable services applications   cross insurance siloes   generate fake news   process enabling information   reserve cybersecurity technology   support ideas services   affect business processes   draw growing evidence   train outsourcing risks   address security impact   enable better understanding   reap benefits risk   include technical requirements   match pace dynamism   play important role   compute key technology   support regulation standardization   reduce global delivery   address systemic risk   transform global landscape   cover market estimates   develop deficit capabilities   ensure resilience complexity   manage full range   support innovation interoperability   contain support enriched   find global model   change operational model   use rumor detection   track utility energy   ensure including interoperability   counter established capabilities   assure own services   target wide range   develop necessary approaches   share growing dependence   grant develop access   drive various participants   reflect critical status   deliver economic opportunities   cover life management   play critical role   form important baseline   give constant evolution   protect learning assets   assess risk exposure   deliver critical infrastructures   create based list   find cybersecurity technology   develop growing deficit   develop enables system   clarify reduce issues   represent significant evolution   examine transform technologies   guide practice methods   establish robust approach   evade elimination detection   http leadingtheway20200211 link   endnote world forum   replicate made connections   avoid demands178 criteria   cross consistent approach   create stronger foundation   solve security challenges   address cybersecurity technology   inhibit access governments   mitigate potential harms   bring transformative technologies   bring opportunity business   include interconnected systems   secure systemic challenges   roll similar approach   create effectiveness efficiency   create strategic advantage   unlock full benefits   monitor faces infrastructures   identify evolving novel   underpin intelligence surface   create economic advantages   determine optimal mitigations   explain decisions guidance   increase opportunities productivity   build software hardware   realize theoretical potential   shape world forum   achieve resilient ecosystem   address risk collaborative   prevent full value   unlock full potential   create possible sources   create use opportunity   improve increasing entanglement   develop relevant standards   operate given needs   create fragmented landscape   develop research agenda   secure detection defences   launch technological revolution   realize potential value   address emerging risks   improve cybersecurity version   create impersonation messages   research arising issues   require artificial intelligence   exploit computational power   include approaches approaches   build increasing dependence   compute cryptographic solutions   provide security collaborative   create business models   deploy new solutions   create organizational behaviours   learn processing spell   evade models learning   promote responsibility models   promote help standards   break challenges cryptography   change risks organizations   widen skills gap   span supply chains   cover full scope   bring key risks   ensure resilience cybersecurity   share cybersecurity technology   realize niche benefits   identify technology risks   develop private alternatives   improve defence capabilities   build secure ecosystem   ensure cybersecurity technology   bring leading experts   predict attack surfaces   create security principles   develop security model   assign needed accountability   place heavy reliance   feed growing world   ensure security resilience   enhance speed precision   achieve necessary transition   use adversarial networks   derive service efficiency   operate cybersecurity technology   support growing intelligence   address systemic risks   emerge programme technology   support intelligence sharing   solve optimization problems   answer single question   combat aienabled attackers   access aienabled defences   face outsource need   evade detection learning   support growing interdependence   establish capability challenges   introduce key features   understand total exposure   incentivize accountability collaboration   reach year billion   respond economic forum   overwhelm current defences   prosecute financial advantage   incentivize various players   embrace constant level   compute use cases   promote deterrence models   underpin presented research   make necessary investments   train sensing networks   establish training education   deliver free systems   incentivizing need actions   cause issuemotivated impersonation   rely individuals parties   see technology use   encourage accountability collaboration   increase required mission   identify critical resources   pattern industrial inspection   change equation surface   use aienabled defences   face transformative technologies   build needed capacity   break cryptographic security   recognize potential benefits   highlight use cases   ensure organizational behaviours   use analysis communications   implement identity management   leave alternative providers   instrumentized processes environments   mitigate cause harm   enable achieved types   develop defensive approaches   prevent necessary investments   reflect safety implications   create cybersecurity risks   embrace potential benefits   ensure privacy trust   feed precision agriculture   identify systemic nature   deliver new models   combat related threats   use takeovers reuse   reduce security community   establish base level   support cybersecurity technology   address systemic issues   reimagining community paper   meet cybersecurity technology   mitigate risk capacity   consider alternative methods   heighten shared resources   iot core component   reduce attack surface   identify cybersecurity capacity   create achieve systems   provide use cases   require identity approaches   establish supporting technologies   build systems technologies   abuse privileged positions   develop shared understanding   require cybersecurity tools   exploit bring opportunities   drive increasing interdependence   create urgent need   improve own capabilities   arnes german fund   reach destination speed   describe exist ability   create needed algorithms   enable private networks   establish provider relationship   lack leaving explainability   reap full benefits   drive greater level   facilitate support lowfriction   face cybersecurity challenges   examine interoperability issue   maintain skilled workforce
Measures:   suitable cases   know groups   distribute risk   high value   digital technologies   transfer volumes   regional agendas   cybersecurity tools   major theft   weaponized pathogens   management algorithms   vehicular communication   deeplearning analytics   attack surface   identity management   international boundaries   artificial system   malicious code   overburden companies   systemic dynamics   grow risks   major enterprises   cyber attribution   great value   quantum research   base approach   incompatible requirements   cybersecurity technology   increase level   future core   structure interviews   new guidance   poor bill   internetconnected systems   fundamental shift   private networks   particular parties   internetbased technologies   target attacks   speed precision   quantum hardware   regulatory models   pace dynamism   upcoming transition   compliance conflicts   political advantage   decision making   great number   right way   mutual recognition   collective efforts   next years   cybersecurity capacity   foremost business   deep learning   use cases   security approaches   first software   defensive opportunities   inherent security   malicious intent   regulatory security   sensitive data   sufficient expertise   secure practices   riskartificial intelligence   cybercrime security   industrial control   servicebased models   international policy   emerge landscape   cryptography systems   adversarial model   critical status   export controls   harmful consequences   wwwamazoncombieutf8node16008589011 link   fourth revolution   multiple sectors   exist networks   decision guidance   clinical diagnosis   cyberdefensive capabilities   quantum technology   require mission   annual symposium   national infrastructures   sophisticate activities   social media   operational security   dynamic defences   economic forum   consistent approach   new models   private alternatives   mutual assurance   blend technology   cascade risks   rapid developments   technological opportunities   digital assets   certain regulation   artificial intelligence   hybrid environments   basic dialogue   financialtrading strategy   ecosystem groups   communicate information   wwwituintdms_pubitudopbprefdprefbb5g_012018pdfepdf link   domain generation   unintended consequences   emergent gaps   principal risk   trustbased alliances   technical challenges   complex challenges   probabilistic algorithms   complex entanglement   increase entanglement   economic advantage   ongoing research138   full benefits   multiple services   digital ecosystem   risk exposure   digital economy   operational methods   critical dependence   trust identity   mostimportanttechnologyrace6bd82d5272de link   sophisticate infrastructures   opportunity business   ubiquitous networks   significant investments   share frameworks   systemic computing   autocratic solutions   high standards   necessary approaches   quantum proof   defensive moves   performance evidence   intellectual property   multiple communication   trust relationship   computational problems   know identity   attack surfaces   commercial systems   distribute environments   joint conference   takeover reuse   natural disasters7   hyperconnected environment   clear models   key dependencies   big data   underpin environment   grow dependence   communication styles   such technologies   key risks   quantum timeline   explainable program   artificial tools   intelligent model   international capacity   automate approaches   contest issue   many cases   national advantages   defensive efforts   single question   desire transactions   urban environments   black hat   components171 actors   national governments   common understanding   industrial applications   http wwwgsmacomfuturenetworkswpcontent   threat information   forensic track   autonomous decisionmaking   good orchestration   system outcomes   global market   integral component   doubleedged intelligence   human oversight   geopolitical implications   near opportunities   important part   big datasets   predictive capabilities   operational skills   ubiquitous speed   entangle trust   necessary mitigations   cyber fragmentation   individual privacy   2fa methods   increase scale   securely security   energy delivery   remote healthcare   ieee secur   computer link   potential benefits   major corporations   heterogeneous systems   convince messages   many forms   fast recovery   little cyberdeception   costly criteria   specific applications   researchagendaforcybersecurityandartificialintelligencepdf link   private funding   voicetotext dictation   iotconnected devices   most jurisdictions   malware models   sophisticate factors   wwwweforumorgwhitepapersreimaginingdigitalidentityastrategicimperative link   key challenges   benefit risk   emerge environment   continuous attacker   human capabilities   national agenda   cryptographic estate   series technology   low risk   multiple organizations   privilege positions   cybersecurity risk   protectionist stances   critical component   traditional methods   define standards   alternative providers   ecosystem participants   annual meeting   logical conclusion   many years   new forms   differ contexts   intelligent agents   dependent organizations   resilient ecosystem   necessary principles   critical functions   cascade effects   cyberattack capability   new action   resilient alternatives   right nature   grow world   realistic models   comprehensive criteria   false assumptions   complex capabilities   new guide   grow intelligence   chief officer   international bodies   3rd conference   risk features   industrial infrastructures   decentralize identity   ubiquitous interdependence   civil society   learningbased security   own services   significant investment   regulatory measures   steal reuse   mutual reliance   intelligence sharing   systemic consequences   digital age   own capabilities   learn models   immune system   entangle chains   global community   far attention   entangle relationships   quantum expertise   meaningful progress   artificial crime   future communication   simple continuation   asymmetric observation   strong guarantees   defence capabilities   multiple parties   malware detection   cybersecurity requirements   relate threats   more value   remote control   personal principles   right balance   systemic assets   systemic circumstances   right level   advance projects   heavy reliance   103390info10060209 link   cybersecurity market   great collaboration   shift balance   outofband provision   interdependent distribution   cycle management   riskmanagement decisions   specific advantages   systemic chapter   industrial processes   national identity   cyberattack vectors   narrow learning   106028nistcswp04162018 link   financial services   arxivorgabs180207228 link   new generation   environmental cameras   new opportunities   quantum poverty   final report   fundamental changes   different actors   equitable access   security risks   important baseline   interdisciplinary analysis   quantum startups   distribute processes   new challenges   necessary capacity   timely sharing   high numbers   key challenges1   program sketches   run systems   broad transformation   huge increases   global scale   great dependency   new surfaces   wwwweforumorgwhitepaperspasswordlessauthentication thenextbreakthroughinsecuredigitaltransformation   independent firms   critical networks   first generation   regulatory regimes   economic development   change dynamics   defensive responses   operationalsecurity capabilities   systemic system   incar connection   resource contention   collective spending   particular regard   technical approaches   responsible party   technical community   vast swathes   accelerate race   large amounts   physical world18   defensive tools   ecosystem engagement   hide risks   adversarial adversaries   international community   systemic challenges   defensive technologies   economic transactions   industrial internet   holistic approach   information algorithms   aiaugmented attacks   many states   smart realtime   grave consequences   strategic barrier   transformational changes   widen gap   emerge services   mathematical problems   hazardous environments   riskubiquitous assets   emerge model   systemic risk   automate spear   quantum chemistry   insightsinsightdiscoveritsmerbelgiandigitalid link   core component   adversarial evasion   accentureredesignassetsdotcomdocumentsglobal1accenturetrustworthyaipovupdatedpdf link   current challenges   far approaches   automate recommendations   automate response   development lifecycle   posture identifying   total trust   major risk   physical tasks   broad governments   fake identity   adversarial interference   pivotal roles   rapid acceleration   security model   various actors   wwwquantumcommshubnetnewsnewwhitepaperpublishedbythenationalcybersecuritycentre link   50th symposium   assure access   same time   aienabled attackers   digital agriculture   successful examples   foreseeable threats   second industry   smart cities   societal use   connect ecosystem   sufficient solutions   new technology   clear policy   trade industry   smsbased authentication   interoperable solutions   critical role   mobile communications   talk models   yield information   vital assets   target manipulation   total exposure   rural coverage   costly retrofit   open code   key relationship   emerge race   machinespeed attacks   limit consequences   economic drivers   emerge inconsistencies   identity systems   behavioural data   relate losses   wwwopenranpolicyorg link   vary time   critical resources   complex environment   many actors   aibased defences   real potential   increase dependence   defence investment   emerge risk   connect devices   quantum power   advance threat   regional bodies   riskubiquitous organizations   effective solutions   security dilemmas   significant changes   applicationshtml link   different elements   icoicoandstakeholderconsultationsicoandtheturingconsultationonexplainingaidecisionsguidance link   significant progress   important players   global value   discrete logarithms   compliant considerations   quantumcomputing services   concerted effort   accessmanagement communications   great transparency   grave consequences78   operational technology   human involvement   sufficient emphasis   strategic advantage   skill gap   new means   hide risk   adversarial networks   complex problems   observation superposition   considerable challenge   trustworthy series   additional assurance   human performance   potential harms   great consistency   change circumstances   significant evolution   process spell   disruptive applications   identity ecosystem   nancial inclusion   interoperable systems   biometric data   biometric challenges   missioncritical recommendations   new approaches   challenge types   digital transformation   collective actions   language spell   economic value   defensive capability   social engineering   first time   issuemotivated impersonation   unconnected systems   industrial inspection   senior leadership   middle attacks   policy detection   effective investments   urban coverage   interconnect processes   quantumvulnerable cryptography   requisite frameworks   right investment   large scale   swiss entity   conventional measures   develop countries   new methods   distribute governance   wwwdarpa link   realtime nature   future series   steal data   adversarial attacks   endtoend services   associate risks   systemic nature   paper passports   short period   systemic interventions   strategic initiatives   national boundaries   security considerations   great opportunity   liable organizations   arxivorgpdf180108917pdf link   economic benefits   security controls   cryptographic infrastructures   optimization problems   increase volumes   various governments   systemic contributors   digital policy   cyber issues   economic inclusion   precision agriculture   political business   base attacks   cybersecurity failure   critical components   riskdigital identity   system technologies   new companies   emerge technology   digital security   capability challenges   operational frameworks   assistant apps   cybersecurity gap   enrich sharing   drink spread   wwwmckinsey link   endtoend processes   systemic organizations   quantuminformationsciencepdf link   systemic connectivity   search results   human investigation   research agenda   ongoing compromise   acceptable provision   transformative cases   wwwiotcaorg link   secure systems   public services   wwwtechrepubliccomarticlehoneywellclaimstosurpassibmwiththeworldsfastestquantum link   market estimates   fragment landscape   kreabcombrusselswpcontentuploadssites26201910etsireporta4v9pdf link   artificial research   technology risks   wwwbusinessinsidercomswedishpeopleembedmicrochipsunderskintoreplaceidcards20185 link   quantum science   unnecessary friction   key features   share infrastructures   new ways   cybersecurity operations   much progress   fast communications   different views   operational model   support technologies   world group   good guidance   exist capabilities   concentrate infrastructure   more harm   eycomen_gldigitaldigitalagriculturedatasolutions link   realtime connections   global systems   high probability   little consideration   e2e spear   adversarial robustness   interdependent sectors   analytic capabilities   cybersecurity skills   nitive identity   roadside connections   emerge communications   itenabled processes   diverse range   alternative methods   interoperable approaches   financial services118   emerge interventions   individual capabilities   close environments   major challenges   large corporations   industrial research   assurance transparency   quantum report   financial gain   global inclusivity   organizational behaviours   voicebased dialogue   emerge tech   csetgeorgetowneduwpcontentuploadscsetanationalsecurity link   sufficient transparency   many struggles   rapid progress   sovereign capabilities   financial advantage   important issues   systemic programme   infrastructure development   intrusion messages   low latency   exist approaches   nancial transactions   systemic applications   long term   federal network   fake news   huge datasets   reinforcement learning   critical cni   collective investigation   broad risks   sharpen capabilities   natural language   computational environment   algorithmic decisions   advance video   emerge threats   final output   arxivorgabs170808327v1 link   evolve threats   meticulous research   life management   autonomous malwares   key ability   artificial program   heterogeneous identity   responsible behaviour   exist regulations   risk assessment   wide range   individual level   use resource   full understanding   secure solutions   global basis   public policy   multiple chains   interdependent scale   major cloud   potential risks   sectorial interdependencies   good practices   widen adoption   enrich frameworks   poor nations   strategic overview   current capabilities   transformative benefits   digital systems   advance nations   far divergence   technical requirements   defensive capabilities   intelligent systems   global technology   floridi crime   enough agriculture   fragment standards   global landscape   clear point   global algorithms   autonomous detection   supply chains   distribute identity   autonomous machines   quantum risks   exist initiatives   new advantages   continuous journey   fix access   publicationsparliamentukpald201617ldselectldsctech11511502htm link   share factors   systemic endnotes   global principles   autonomous systems   right riskmanagement   desire speed   advisory group   new tools   base testing   jurisdictional siloes   divergent security   dense coverage   critical gaps   regulatory standards   share principles   next generation   urgent action   several infrastructures   future networks   key technologies   new vectors   value chain   different components   break friction   societal functions   critical systems   exist skills   quantum race   next year   retail fleet   dynamic models   focus research   quantumenhanced spaces   unforeseen incidents   technological race   assurance mechanisms   security standards   cybercrime groups   current consideration   inherent risks   border cybercrime   risk mitigations   quantum technologies   similar ways   sufficient capacity   extend periods   wide ecosystem   current approaches   correspond activities   inherent weaknesses   secure hardware   scheme gaps   near future34   aidriven systems   emerge risks   wwwsophoscomenusmedialibrarypdfstechnical link   gbps latency   grant services   superconducting processor   exclusive report   potential value   cybersecurity functionality   common principles   relevant standards   external party   transformative technologies   international organizations   deep networks   scale cyberspace   smart grids   milprogramguaranteeingairobustnessagainstdeception link   101109avss20188639163 link   various participants   systemoutcomes link   economic transformation   folio illustrator   legal measures   digital media   les waste5   major barrier   good identity   computational power   malware adoption   practice methods   broad challenges   cybersecurity interventions   weak ecosystem   digital infrastructure   tolerable level   valuable services   transformative value   potential gap   safetycritical decisions   distribute environment   tailor illumination   limit liability   multiple sources   small number   critical version   dualpurpose technology   new functionalities   informationprocessing tasks   mature capability   new solutions   emerge technologies   aienabled defences   defensive approaches   national security   prime factorization   shallow circuits   possible sources   technical efforts   emerge cyberspace   regulatory requirements   robust approach   international business   urgent need   strategic advantages   veri cation   riskquantum circumstances   emergent technology   risk challenges   attacksandthebattleofthealgorithms link   historical interdependence   necessary transition   generative networks   comwatchvzognodo7mcuappdesktop link   historical patterns   defensible algorithms   assetsuploads201911digitalidentitypapernov2019pdf link   new relationships   emerge systems   global population   high level   unparalleled power   increase interdependence   audio deepfakes   quantumcomputingreportcomusconsidersaddingexportcontrolsonquantumtechnology link   bright illumination   more defence   interoperability issue   aienabled tools   global economy   free systems   systemic collaborative   quantum particles   artificial models   ambiguous accountability   classical computers   digital transformations   dynamic nature   differ approaches   forward look   learn techniques   great level   global initiatives   ongoing evolution   policy interventions   personal privacy   defensive capacity   compete paradigms   theoretical potential   incompatible policy   interviewsartificial intelligence   advantage adoption   early versions   threatsignal vulnerability   collaborative security   compute circumstances   programmable processor   susceptible products   new risk   first round   global agendas   high activity   endtoend security   complex interdependencies   quantum capability   csetgeorgetowneduresearchartificialintelligencestandardizationwhitepaper link   operational capability   shift attacker   wild patterns   competitive engagement   cybersecurity defense   dynamic impersonation   compel case   new value   ethical use   realtime responses   increase risk   clear opportunities   governance frameworks   business processes   digital technology   aggregate losses   drug discovery115   border identification   source integrity   deterrence models   accelerate presentation   new use   sovereign technologies   exist technologies   additional mechanisms   risk capacity   international organization   geopolitical divergence   secure ecosystem   selfregenerating networks   baseline devicesecurity   ubiquitous threat   fast computer   wwwnasdaqcomarticlesquantumcomputing3ahowtoinvestinitandwhichcompaniesare link   wide economy   necessary pace   operational community   technical standards   digital activities   proactive defence   provider relationship   datum science   smsbased twofactor   physical systems   critical technologies   robust models   result systems   wwwlrfoundationorgukennewscybersecurityforesightreview link   adversarial learning   robust regime   personal data   recent years   next breakthrough   sovereign capability   digital foundations   distribute systems   navigation apps   good interests   technological systems   coalition link   key technology   guideline enrollment   international collaboration   quantum computers   operational approaches   exist models   wide environment   late risk   relevant identity   network alternatives   riskquantum computing   national capacity   new applications   systemic threats   underlie environment   fewshot learning   new tactics   gametheoretic taxonomy   major manipulation   different services   substantial investments   conditional generation   trust services   enhance fleet   ongoing programmes   artificial prevention   good understanding   sufficient trust   personal use   new products   important security   quantum literacy   cyber security   developmenttowardthedigitalagepdf link   broad community   full value   multiple parts   largescale threats   multiple providers   economic cooperation   infrared images   diagnostic maintenance   many incidents   global approaches   skill shortages   aienabled threats   complex algorithms   learn assets   alphago link   adversarial machine   public safety   state attribution   differ considerations   major action   difficult download   corporation group   vary nations   grow concerns   aienabled landscape   personal account   quantum computing   realistic permutations   algorithm systems   access governments   global emissions   critical infrastructures   possible states   bank group   cybercrime threats   mas destruction   enhance capabilities   governance principles   economic challenges20   digital landscape   emerge challenges   important role   industryled efforts   similar approach   intrusion detection   secure algorithms   distribute ledgers   national cni   responsible bodies   cryptographic solutions   experimental security   latticebased implementations   interview workshops   defensive solutions   undetected biases   significant advantages   constant level   wwwisoorgobpuiisostdisoiec29115ed1v1en link   systemic risks   different approaches   security impact   recognize ideals   cyber literacy   undetected manipulation   wwweuropeanpaymentscouncileunews link   http link   forensic analyses   certify randomness   emerge threat   grow security   fast speed   complete set   distribute sets   defensive series   increase security   fast defences   effective promotion   underpin infrastructure   systemic community   quantum capabilities   particular technology   third party   everaccelerating pace   online transactions   technical solutions   structural weaknesses   increase opacity   quantum services   new technologies   few years   current contention   quantum physics   systemic issues   deep approach   humanity agriculture   physical harm   current defences   due solutions   new risks   nonai risk   joint venture   valuable identifying   unsupervised learning   uknews24361quantumcomputingmarkettoreach1trillionby2035 link   artificial standardization   recurrent networks   public good   precise analytics   first technologies   impersonation messages   organize crime   digital identity   industrial revolution   numerous views   action link   cybersecurity assurance   share understanding   situational awareness   predictive powers   critical processes   heterogeneous nature   constant evolution   aggregate exposure   distribute system   current assurance   physical security   doi link   molecular simulation   digital management   such capacity   major advances   connect vehicles   global spending   global identity   international interoperability   base level   great emphasis   distribute components   grow evidence   economic opportunities   uploads2014025gppp_whitepaper_phase1securitylandscape_june2017pdf link   national components   secondary security   appropriate levels   interconnect systems   private society   physical world   potential credentials   risk organizations   base impersonation   cambridgequantumcomcertifiedtruerandomnesscreatedbycqc link   new innovations   security behaviours   operational environment   ephemeral devices   grow challenges   threat actors   classical solutions   personal apps   human error   connect track   vital role   safety implications   near future   cybersecurity risks   critical dependency   new surface   sustainable development   white paper   secure identity   operational capabilities   select industry   cybersecurity challenges   fast response   normal behaviours   classical problems   defensive deception   various players   quantum organizations   huge quantities   longerterm ways   relevant actors   secure transformation   adversarial manipulation   accurate inventory   ecommerce identity   right community   individual approach   global standards   selective coverage   international differences   emerge vector   global model   hyperconnected environments   idea services   whole range   increase pervasiveness   exist services   malicious use   physical control   new paper   business models   individual organizations   creese professor   major companies   customer experiences37   true randomness   sufficient cadre   algorithmic biases   equation surface   conven actors   systemic threat   function detection   rumor detection   systemic identity   news humans   much uncertainty   voicemimicking software   next access   complex environments   whole coherence   infect device   attackerdefender balance   indash apps   quantum resources   vulnerable defences   agile networks   cyber systems   longstanding challenge   global shortage   personal information   global risk   intrusion spam   expand surface   global delivery   credible series   systemic intelligence   global convention   neural sketch   industrial capability   sufficient interoperability   shot standardization   precise attacks   standardsbased measures   economic processes   security attestation   wwwcbccanewsbusinesscanadabigbankslaunchverifiedmenetworkdataidentifytheft15118471 link   realistic news   blind computation   severe interdependency   collective response   operational deficit   wwwaccessnoworgcms link   suboptimal security   full extent   significant opportunity   cybersecurity frameworks   drive decisionmaking   secure integration   wwwibmcomdownloadscasmbzygrky link   digital world   nisdirective link   dependent systems   malicious behaviour   grow interdependence   important technologies   cybersecurity behaviours   significant implications   digital era   urbansuburban coverage   human safety   share reliance   risk propagation   cryptographic security   digital services   key initiatives   rapid changes   technological trends   fast analytics   necessary investments   faulty detection   key applications   isolate solutions   lateral movement   optimal mitigations   engineeringautomatee2espearphishingontwitter link   public perception   new service   interconnect approaches   human intelligence   base levels   enhance framework   major trends   strategic investments   legislative approaches   new dilemmas   low friction   divergent approaches   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infrastructure   regular pattern   sideways exposure   open challenges   ubiquitous intelligence   oagcagovprivacyccpa link   fastemerging attackers   end users   organizational resilience53   personalize treatment   carbon emissions   human defenders   resilience complexity   cybersecurity capability   global cult   technological revolution   many algorithms   datum integrity   widen scope   les progress   accurate understanding   sophisticate characteristics   heterogeneous approaches   important functions   global understanding   operational conflicts   full scope   new data   electronic voting   wide adoption   systemic progress   wwwkasperskycomblog2fapracticalguide24219 link   great shifts   key interventions   trust contacts   systemic summary   cybersecurity methods   sophisticate defences   risk collaborative   cyber risk   cyber risks   quantum safety   open toolbox   highvalue resources   share infrastructure   divergent range   general confidence   digital approaches   new attack   global ecosystem   significant impacts   future threats   extreme environments   eidas considerations   largescale espionage   automatic realtime   cybersecurity certification   necessary resilience   social network   surgical procedures   offensive tools   systemic source   visual perception   share services   skill workforce   service applications   standalone approaches   key exchanges   economic advantages   diverse fields   relevant material   datum connection   hyperconnected ecosystem   international conference   new types   blur technologies   more attention   global interoperability   vary levels   ubiquitous connectivity   representative technologies   strong foundation   next series   individual dependence   artificial trends   new money   cyber deception   arm race   increase use   anomaly detection   secure management   neural networks   interdependent models   victim surfaces   annual report   behaviourbased signals   rely parties   right incentives   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national overview   great scale   facial recognition   significant business   digital interdependence   quantum era   security principles   full range   increase collaboration   deterministic algorithms   secure design   key telecom   algorithmic integrity   leadingtheway20200211 link   various regulations   right research
Actions:   adopt cryptography   widen technology   examine components   exploit power   elovici coalition   create interdependencies   learn detection   identify nature   convene range   maintain workforce   promote innovation   change cyberspace   address consequences   bring opportunity   create models   bring risks   require evolution   protect organizations   lack transparency   embrace level   deliver systems   enable applications   apply ai   assign accountability   risk weaknesses   achieve level   incentivize collaboration   address shortages   realize benefits   aim deepfakes   launch network   pose number   remove error   infer sketches   create environments   operate technology   model threats   protect identity   exclude paradigms   reach trillion   develop challenges   prevent this   cross siloes   match dynamism   respond forum   illustrate risks   target indicators   address governments   learn spell   address impact   address technology   develop capability   incentivize players   subvert transactions   exist challenges   share dependence   improve capabilities   find technology   match detection   reduce emissions   assure security   abuse positions   cover scope   carry goals   support functions   reach billion   establish principles   generate news   identify methods   bypass controls   defend networks   face risks   develop standards   mitigate risks   reduce visibility   place that   ensure complexity   heighten deficit   shift cni   reinstate attribution   widen pool   keep pace   create landscape   transform landscape   expand scale   form baseline   verify algorithms   train networks   create permutations   research issues   mitigate them   illuminate range   evade classifiers   improve identifying   create approaches   underpin research   informationsharing challenges   avoid circumstances   understand extent   establish approach   train lifespans   use computers   deliver infrastructures   match patterns   establish actors   clarify risk   datasensing communications   bring number   create dilemmas   widen asymmetries   supplychain assurance   incentivizes standards   engage clients   encourage collaboration   alter integrity   preserve level   increase chains   build dependence   prioritize interventions   highlight cases   set scene   learn models   maintain approaches   create principles   involve workshops   cross interdependencies   predict health   require action   widen gaps   learn recognition   embed microchips   break cryptography   learningbased 58   reflect impact   grant access   combat threats   create efficiency   maintain capability   refine cyberattacks   experience cyberspace   need sharing   predict moves   address risks   achieve ecosystem   assure examples   feed population   drive connection   build capacity   train risks   meet initiatives   advance capability   require levels   compute technology   identify gaps   combat attackers   promote approaches   govern management   solve range   replicate connections   support standardization   face conflicts   determine degree   roll approach   need tools   drive interdependence   improve response   raise cost   affect others   function future   prevent access   outperform approaches   learn nature   change technology   manage risks   accelerate discovery115   create algorithms   penetrate numbers   leave leaders   abuse approaches   reduce surface   use group   require changes   achieve transparency   guide methods   drive set   understand exposure   use techniques   cause impersonation   reduce analysis   deliver functionality   create harm   exceed evidence   give results   bring technologies   support industry   affect organizations   use datasets   educate leaders   promote trust   meet technology   distort perception   asses them   ensure technology   identify capacity   address threat   deploy solutions   develop innovative   http link   create value   establish access   drive development   assure properties   overwhelm many   form alliances   lead way   evade detection   exercise control   cause risk   undertake attacks   prevent theft   heighten resources   face consequences   galvanize action   disrupt infrastructures   support development   underpin confidence   learn pattern   incentivizing access   underpin surface   improve cybersecurity   quantumsafe cryptography   help industries   improve entanglement   facilitate defence   understand potential   give evolution   result harms   encompass integrity   develop agenda   trust intelligence   create surface   require licences   process 3   provide cases   make investments   feed agriculture   instrumentized environments   verify results   identify risks   increase productivity   underpin solutions   operate needs   place reliance   mitigate risk   adopt computing   increase interdependencies   promote agenda   find tactics   increase mission   botnets nextgeneration   have level   support recovery   play it   connect vehicles19   raise bar   exist views   achieve safety   control risk   incriminate ex   support sharing   increase automation   manage crisis   secure ai   support investigation   operate ef   gain threats   drive changes   change that   compute cryptography   access defences   challenge technology   assure robustness   develop model   manipulate systems   support interdependence   incentivizing actions   verify link   compute solutions   consider ability   mitigate harms   provide users   remediate vulnerabilities   develop capabilities   ensure compliance   expose systems   represent evolution   develop principles   experience propagation   comprise entirety   deliver opportunities   maintain security   create solutions   reap risk   secure wwwstiftungnvdesitesdefaultfilessecuring   verify identity   enable those   defend ourselves   develop deficit   build hardware   ecosystem roles   enable defenders   tackle range   use nature   enable interoperability   secure challenges   evolve threats   secure algorithms   associate shifts   illustrate all   go link   promote business   reflect implications   attack them   persuade leadership   ensure identity   participate actors   tackle problem   create shifts   incentivizing leaders   observe information   assure security172   define futures   constitute cni   support activity   implement systems   develop alternatives   make perception   create them   increase complexity   remove humans   justify correctness   include use   address challenges20   create risks   transform bcg   reduce community   find model   support management   prevent appreciation   reflect nature   reap benefits   realize value   face nature   introduce explainability   lead connections   create that   solve problems   enhance precision   protect property   chair link   develop pathogens   answer question   change organizations   create behaviours   divert resources   contain attacks   provide andor   minimize risk   calibrate nature   enable leaders   mitigate harm   scale operations   create ambiguity   secure them   segregate systems   overwhelm defences   develop capacity   support authentication   reduce cybercrime   ensure interoperability   harm actors   alter uses   pattern inspection   face need   create need   challenge companies   malign actors   improve inclusion   incentivize participants   address challenges   shape forum   augment reality   create ecosystem   demonstrate communication   support this   prevent value   benefit detection   address some   reserve part   give confidence   manage range   resolve conflicts   create advantage   address technologies   rely parties   add controls   address them   maintain visibility   reach speed   ensure trust   require tools   shape commission   bring experts   thank university   create advantages   examine issue   stat humans   exploit position   protect part   identify resources   threaten uptake   support services   achieve transition   manipulate messaging   provide collaborative   derive efficiency   make assumptions   establish integrity   drive participants   cover estimates   report blogs   identify changes   create opportunities   address collaborative   face variety   create vectors   protect processes   emerge evidence   create sources   iot component   arnes fund   use detection   outsource computations   run link   enable types   address forms   evolve technologies   use analytics   make decisions   deliver services   harvest data   develop approaches   reimagining identity   create transitivity   support interoperability   automate detection   derive insights   exceed trillion   prevent investments   enable communications   compute cases   discover devices   undermine trust   consider technologies   close gaps   deliver models   target range   provide basis   avoid criteria   support devices   support potential   surpass ibm   design systems   bypass machine   bring business   drive making   exacerbate lack   affect swathes   develop investment   mean what   require assessment   achieve advantages   threaten safety   derive value   automate tasks   incentivizing actors   retain adoption   span interdependencies   integrate standards   manufacture source   adopt quantum   use link   increase building   break security   edge cases   recognize security   s access   educate leadership   widen surface   enrich analytics   emerge attention   build literacy   accelerate adoption   meet demands   create messages   use them   recognize benefits   prosecute advantage   create list   include approaches   understand technologies   consider capabilities   address issues   convene actors   improve state   unlock value   assess security   deliver cybersecurity   manage ai146   manipulate malware   counter capabilities   require approaches   create ways   protect transactions   rely timeline   reduce manipulation   enhance experiences37   assure services   perform functions   deliver pace   protect ecosystem   ensure behaviours   support defenders   double number   operate responses   facilitate lowfriction   build defences   support speed   see use   give level   identify subversion   launch revolution   include systems   form platform   discover digital   require intelligence   perform tasks   guide aspects   rulebased inference   enable functionalities   face technologies   create scale   maintain integrity   prevent that   secure lifecycle   unlock benefits   establish competence   take advantage   support transactions   establish relationship   include requirements   tackle cybersecurity   create challenges   address nature   avoid divergence   enable interconnectivity   meet requirements   affect exposure   support range   incentivize takeup   catalyze identity   change model   create foundation   train ability   support technology   deliver solutions   use networks   result gaps   avert nature   instigate initiatives   iot cities   reduce regulations   support actors   act interventions   affect balance   monitor infrastructures   explain guidance   determine integrity   identify novel   leverage them   enable development   phishing hat   identify principles   use it   ensure resilience   assure processes   mitigate capacity   increase reliance   engage business   enable management   present risks   identify inconsistencies   predict disasters   underwrit losses   ensure integrity   rely125 126   drive transition   result example   create transparency   feature conservation   secure defences   enable access   widen gap   endnote forum   share information   support governance   use reuse   exacerbate issues   regulate intelligence   consider methods   learn computer   keep risk   determine mitigations   address threats   clarify issues   need ability   compute identity   prioritize number   change perspective   build technologies   mitigate threats   share technology   contain enriched   bring changes   address security   evade learning   show picture   require effort   deliver capacity   reduce need   cover management   abuse system   avert race   support intelligence   eliminate bugs   replicate behaviours   enable understanding   deliver integrity   http forbes   solve challenges   require process   take responsibility   create potential   assure integrity   feed world   use communications   use defences   putt investment   inhibit governments   share response   leave providers   exploit ai   require identification   unlock trillions   require standards   reduce delivery   craft attacks   establish technologies   change surface   support validation   affect processes   disrupt processes   change participation   develop understanding   replace cards   cut emissions   change nature   explore value   drive level   own them   reduce volumes   iot institute   compute intelligence   emerge technology   span chains   lack explainability   farreaching benefits   iot coverage   improve version   suffer failures   promote resolutions   gain advantage   develop code   achieve this   prepare leaders   reserve risks   introduce features   solve some   respond aggressively91   support technologies   play role   secure ecosystem   measure strength   define future   deliver opportunity   span dimensions   call standardization   drive behaviours   enable transactions   deliver mechanism   increase crossborder   develop technologies   play part   use patternrecognition   use learning   break superposition   reflect status   optimize strategy   offer insights   report programmes   gain products   enable networks   ensure level   reason tasks   describe ability   face number   implement mechanisms   improve ai   reserve technology   develop system   bring connectivity   support trade   issue passports   use ai   arise technologies   exploit learning   require collaboration   create systems   protect privacy   s algorithms   hamper collaboration   unlock potential   defend part   protect all   witness level   draw evidence   bring advances   develop interventions   offer types   take place   establish concept   asses materiality   fuzzing perimeter   increase interdependence   develop technology   assess risk   rethink chain   transform world   provide access   make use   improve outcomes   double releases   provide attestation   enable projection   futureciotechaiaugmented link   assess exposure   implement management   underpin trust   decide liability   limit impact   develop hardware   enable speeding   exist development   predict surfaces   create opportunity   ensure cybersecurity   promote models   make progress   address need   surround regulation   support resilience53   demonstrate advantage   compute vol   achieve resilience   form part   revisit principles   get identity   reduce confidence   cross approach   build ecosystem   represent progress   embrace benefits   deliver awareness   accelerate development   enable orchestration   harness technologies   predict actors   subvert controls   associate risks   protect assets   distribute levels   place technologies   implement norms   realize potential   http wwwbtcombtplcassets   address risk   arise organizations   exploit opportunities   develop quantum   establish level   exploit vulnerabilities   produce waste5   zakharov burkov   track energy   detect tracing   extract information   mandate action   promote standards   aibased decisions   access services   receive clarity   increase level   reconcile lack   secure intelligence   decrease oversight   identify cation   face challenges   reimagining paper   create risk   demonstrate that   manage risk   automate attacks   establish challenges   give citizens   reduce friction   feed 74   replicate styles   examine technologies   establish education   process information

Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.