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57018 Federal Register / Vol. 85, No. 178 / Monday, September 14, 2020 / Rules and Regulations ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY 40 CFR Part 60 [EPA HQ OAR 2017 0757; FRL 10013 44 OAR] RIN 2060 AT90 Oil and Natural Gas Sector: Emission Standards for New, Reconstructed, and Modified Sources Review AGENCY: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). ACTION: Final rule. SUMMARY: This action finalizes amendments to the oil and natural gas new source performance standards (NSPS) promulgated in 2012 and 2016

costs of this final   requirements for the industry   benefits of the final   criteria that the epa   contribute to an air   impacts on the national   pollutant in these provisions   comment regarding appropriate criteria   contributes to that air  

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Profiles:   epa number   no threshold   the commenter   this figures   an technologies   this difference   it emissions   this expansion   the mandate   o determinations   which commenters   the burden   the revision   epa data   the driver   an commenters   the amount   what definitions   agency summary   an stakeholders   the review   a database   voc requirements   it provisions   the conferees   epa analogy   the finding   that figure   that obligation   the provisions   this interpretation   the decrease   the limitations   each source   111d standard   the impact   the solicitation   the combination   each proposal   the discussion   the report   the policy   the notice   a copy   this situation   the definitions   the limits   the law   the requirements   caa section   that approach   the standard   each controller   a content   the operations   this provisions   this communities   the trends   the industry   frm fmt   the elimination   the process   the interpretation   whose purpose   a manufacturer   the majority   that differences   this statements   this definition   that sources   a source   the agency   the omission   all sources   this factors   this approach   the name   the bser   the partnership   the technologies   the request   a emissions   this concept   the views   no cost   this commenter   a interpretation   the description   a literature   the analysis   the program   a license   a number   epa claim   eq estimates   the requirement   the basis   this sources   the scope   the devices   the stakeholders   an sources   this pollution   every source   that decision   it rulemakings   the impacts   the person   the state   the preamble   the cause   the benefits   the link   s scf   the transfer   the administrator   the rule   such threshold   this values   this considerations   the test   such demonstration   that order   this link   all controllers   any criteria   the means   a type   the segments   this argument   a description   any impact   this paragraph   epa citation   a order   the commenters   a group   that segment   xii statutory   this sector   whose sources   the drafters   this proposal   the controls   a station   that pollutant   msw landfill   the history   this benefits   it statements   the mandates   another commenter   this incentives   this reality   this discussion   the sources   the segment   the public   such judgment   the trigger   the step   this section   a alternative   the engine   msw emissions   all operations   epa conclusion   a area   any request   the dehydrators   this trend   the reduction   the factors   it experience   the development   voc reductions   any controls   the courts   the definition   the pollutant   epa withdrawal   this technologies   the statement   the gas   the levels   epa bases   the universe   the facilities   any pollutant   this inquiry   this program   this description   the compliance   the exceptions   the consequence   epa obligation   its emissions   the api   this assertion   we staff   the decision   a supply   the information   it action   it silence   that requirements   the comments   the change   epa reliance   a finding   the need   the profile   the caa   the references   epa discussions   the rulemakings   epa interpretation   this subpart   the rationale   the statements   this totals   the significance   this mechanisms   february document   the range   a version   a contribution   whose operation   a mill   such uarg   the uses   the proposal   epa action   any source   this controls   the date   the science   it belief   a provision   the argument   the technology   the amendments   that nsps   you air   epa expansion   it policy   this comment   epa regulation   the suitability   voc argument   the criteria   this basis   a summary   a pollutant   the purpose   this provision   the issue   voc standards   the comment   we system   this standard   each device   this cases   the quality   the types   that determination   voc commenters   epa definition   this rule   september analysis   this plans   the rulemaking   a commenter   the emergence   the schedule   pv eav   the use   each inquiry   the reductions   the urgency   the rescission   this text   which pollutants   this rulemaking   a assessment   a rule   a category   the fraction   that exclusion   the options   every state   an processing   the categories   that criteria   the phrase   the treatment   the interrelatedness   the life   the component   a subpart   epa rescission   the existence   the section   the costs   the states   all categories   the method   the lack   the rates   epa discretion   the procedures   all references   the assumptions   this position   this comments   the components   a review   this estimates   this segment   this commenters   the application   the type   another standard   it purpose   the court   the fractionation   the product   that equipment   no distinction   the cost   this tanks   that facts   the processes   epa analysis   that programs   the standards   the listing   the grounds   the emissions   j test   the pollutants   epa response   k verdate   the liquids   its assumptions   a agency   the amounts   the redundancy   the processing   the category   the inputs   the comparison   the reasoning   the reading   the distribution   the decisions   each compressor   the action   an pollutants   a commodity   i requirements   another indicator   this variations   a reference   hq oar   the option   voc status   no provision   the point   kt processes   such analysis   this analysis   this list   voc emissions   the regulation   the fact   the plethora   the ramifications   the inventory   what criteria   this amendments   the percentages   the composition   such interpretation   no category   this ozone   a process   all requirements   that rules   a part   the data   the record   caa sections   no plant   the statute   the language   the determination   any processing   this phrase   a prerequisite   the approach   this differences   the number   this law   this impacts   that provisions   an gas   a scheme   this ambiguity   such change   this leaks   a determination   the content   this concerns   the methane   the act   this choices   its analysis   that test   the co2   this action   u emissions   the failure   that committee   this omission   the nsps   the nems   the substance   the compression   which air   a percentage   this rationales   the memorandum   its overlap   any component   the term   i notification   the inquiry   the difference   june action   the response   this finding   the terms   ooooa proposal   the programs   an companies   the equipment   it finding   monday rules   an examples   this transitions   each year   this criteria   a standard   an type   voc commenter   the detection   that case   the purposes   the source   it interpretation   the contribution   an states   epa basis   the preparation   this programs   the participation   the degree   a amount   that emissions   this types   such mismatch   the reasons   a scf   a means   epa reversal
Goals:   require renders pollutantspecific   produce nitric acid   establish initial nsps   list source category   consider average composition   impose authorized constraint   lead task force   finalize requires interpretation   require specific contribution   provide compelling reason   elaborate tied note   ignore fundamental principle   include producer revenues   concern methane emissions   determine reasonable scope   create recognized problems   submit reasonable demonstration   revise particular category   use accepted methodology   see combined impacts   incorporate wide range   reduce become risk   review assess report85   enforce requirements section   improve executive order   concern stationary sources   support reasoned analysis   abandon combustion composting   establish specific standard   identify compare threshold   recognize raised concerns   identify source category   affect permitting programs   trigger mandatory duty   discuss oil industry   give broad authority   finalize required position   rescind pollutant s   prioritize source categories   produce environmental benefit   regulate stationary sources   achieve same reductions   provide powerful impetus   identify other provisions   cover new set   change source name   contribute casts finding   set same bser   support requires interpretation   remove methane requirements   confirm different character   promulgate establish requirements   achieve additional reductions   affect welfare health   include pipeline engines   determine reduce degree   meet standards areas   modele direct impacts   articulate metrics criteria   ignore legislative history   address provided data   operate affected facility   permit section regulation   make estimated adjustments   determine significant contribution   include associated processes   assign control number   enter production segments   rule underlying considerations   require causes determination   submit rule report   describe made revisions   produce reference publication   eliminate cubic feet   read included phrase   amend statutory provision   remove transmission segment   advocate narrower approach   constitute separate category   cover oil sector   include industrial processes   promulgate initial set   develop distinguish technology   capture methane product   estimate potential impacts   reduce air pollution   include discussed emissions   recognize nationwide profile   include identifies demonstration   regulate remains sources   encompass particular process   issue responsibility requirements   conduct comprehensive analysis   conduct nationwide composition   boost storage transmission   make administrative determination   include land combustion   include following subpart   promulgate part ooooa   list source categories   revise source category   emit air pollutants   finalize remove proposal   support state claim   lack rational basis   regulate different pollutant   convey quantitative value   improve environmental performance   articulate related test   include storage transmission   intend source category   control anticipated pollution   exclude related sources   reduce required risk   propose part subpart   impact health response   emit percent 58   require separate scf   illustrate separate functions   regulate air pollutants   remove emissions limitations   revise various provisions   list related factors   review relevant background   cover establishing operations   discount substantial differences   identify new categories   view source category   create regulate risk   contain explicit reference   appreciate commenters perspectives   rescind deferred action   take declined action   state barred choice   extend compliance deadlines   identify particular category   include processing transmission   adopt emissions regulations   encompass falling substance   rescind methane nsps   represent changes baseline   make explicit mention   register permitting notice   continue sector table   reduce methane emissions   term oil category   define existing source   apply same logic   discuss statutory background   assess pollutant causes   continue thorough review   engender reliance interests   lead separate action   regulate air pollutant   enter transmission segment   provide operating requirements   use alternative means   define source category   meet same requirements   felt exclude need   create source categories   view complex mixture   include regulated sources   make additional scf   require progress reports   make raises argument   regulate consider pollutant   proc other sources   generate state requirements   contribute section directs   display control number   identify use criteria   provide full leaks   act volatile organization   provide detailed justification   co2 commenters remark   encompass production units   analyze methane concentrations   see impact analysis   methane said requirements   adopt reductions egs   rescind methane standards   exist existing regulation   incorporate stationary source   consider related sources   ease compliance burden   maintain rigorous approach   identify aggregated category   assess effectiveness review   receive gas supply   hold public hearing   continue ton sector   suggest define criteria   cite energyexchange20190903epas blogsedforg   apply same analysis   protect public health   remove methane nsps   use interim measure   provide same regime   apply same degree   require similar framework   give narrower meaning   include production processing   total methane emissions   contain including 4   face higher burden   meet control requirement   require specific scf   find contribute cause   rescind regulatory requirements   explain technical decisions   operate major source   issue proposed proposal   uphold stating determination   rescind methane requirement   require collect sources   represent important source   support regulate view   estimate occur levels   identify criteria thresholds   impose enforceable duty   expand permitting programs   include oil separators   state stated choice   achieve emission limitation   concern air pollutants   regulate specific pollutant   resolve specific content   promulgate part subpart   promulgate methane nsps   assess rates turnover   examine applicability criteria   remove develop obligation   require same level   finalize revised category   avoid literal interpretation   represent expresses improvements   represent policy change   regulate emitted pollutants   account state regulations   give regulate flexibility   take vary approaches   promulgate establishing rulemakings   interpret pollutant phrase   define term facility   concern individual pollutants   finalize core rulemaking   revise heading section   mean permanent combination   reference particular type   have adverse effect46   analyze requests information   reduce estimated impacts   sip provisions provisions   conduct design analysis   use potential gwp   document voluntary activities   rescind methane requirements   exclude found sources   indicate intend intent   infrared metric tons   suspend rescind revise   regulate discusses sources   steel sources tanks   determine best system   describe emission points   finalize reconsideration amendments   use attempted test   review analyses information   include condensate tanks   leaf designed doubt   define landfill emissions   use system nems   issue responsibility regulations   include entire industry   concern emitted pollutants   support turnover conclusions   consider important aspect   circumvent proposed requirement   cover vast majority   estimate beginning impacts   maintain air quality   give interpreting implications   make structural argument   make appropriate determination   include gas segment   forgo short tons   include primary option   reference final rule   use same practices   articulate reasonable explanation   extend pneumatic controllers   reflect inherent difficulties   use petroleum systems   list identified pollutants   determine contribute cause   include processing operations   articulate satisfactory explanation   evaluate received responses   dispute claim73 74   use quality modeling   expand source category   downplay likely impact   render proposal response   include responses comments   illustrate accumulating effects   facilitate enforcement implementation   emit air pollutant   undergo reconstruction modification   regulate modifications equipment   promulgate applicable nsps   reduce separate requirements   deliver replace benefits   capture emitted product   establish additional protections   create understand methodology   broaden source category   abut distribution end   provide good reasons   examine identified pollutants   regulate emission sources   leave current effort   describe empirical basis   use same equipment   identify relevant sets   provide updated estimate   use collection system   impact methane reductions   cite court cases   remove crude oil   take logical step   suspend rescinding revising   provide rational basis   revise established standards   solve problem reductions   encompass transmission segment   include transmission segment   meet statutory standard   apply endangerment findings   rescind discussed regulation   ignore made statements   receive includes permit   provide specific rationale   use detailed approach   predefine source category   replace methane regulations   add applicable requirements   study pipeline engines   take final action   regulate considered pollutants   propose separate rulemaking   include specific criteria   develop proposed standards   rescind applicable requirements   endorse rational basis   contain unfunded mandate   change overall composition   fill exist gaps   justify significance determination   list particular category   provide pollutants that   indicate factor view   include oil industry   include explain failure   regulate note sources   provide regarding guidance   blow tanks stills   track issued standard   interpret phrase pollutants   require twostep determination   include stating language   cover transmission order   review original 1979   process crude gas   describe potential nsps   include production segments   reduce metric tons   enter gas segment   asses citing contribution   make separate determination   include gas wells   constitute comprehensive set   review source categories   dehydrate produced gas   take revising position   define rational basis   contradict own position   rescind including nsps   remove impurities water   use percent d   consider conspicuous issues   satisfy recognizes requirements   appreciate commenters views   provide reasoned explanation   leaf processing segment   revise took interpretation   make similar distinction   present competing analyses   identify landfill emissions   explore gas products   extend found requirements   articulate required interpretation   assess health pm25   help regulations56 57   identify actual reasons   make significant finding   prepare recovered gas   require explains fact   impose twostep process   finalize requires position   contribute added emphasis   include gas pipeline   amend category definition   meet pipeline composition   adopt commenter states   estimate health impacts   base regulatory decision   receive public comments   include specified information   represent largest source   support included view   make concerning determination   limit result increases   estimate average content   suggest relevant factors   create consistent framework   rely contribution finding   describe source s   use compounds nmoc   require latter type   project emissions changes   value goods finding   demonstrate destruction efficiency   mean oil production   suggest consider criteria   embrace limited set   contain air pollutants   trigger regulate obligation   paragraph introductory text   support alternative interpretation   include similar statement   revise introductory text   accept same gas   achieve additional percent   value health effects   create own set   ignore enormous consequences   evaluate average concentration   include make processes   take opposite view   pursue section standard   consider extensive overlap   welfare original category   identify rational basis   establish methane nsps   interpret listing 1979   conflate remove proposal   respond estimated number   require direct measurement   mean metering station   receive substantial amount   generate final analysis   promulgate pollutants concern   promote innovation competitiveness   include methane voc   inform future consideration   raise legal issues   use transfer act   consider same factors   openended valve valve   change significant finding   regulate consider ones   implement emission guidelines   mitigate emissions increases   appreciate different perspectives   regulate organic compounds   identify air pollutant   create additional anomalies   contrast transmission segment   regulate commenters state   require certain type   create seek possibility   decrease monitoring frequency   compare various provisions   take disruptive action   finalize collection activities   apply established set   undergird final stance   regulate given pollutant   emit same pollutants   include take locations   promulgate initial nsps   regulate individual pollutants   support rate impact   compare average composition   uphold endangerment finding   include produces manufacturer   include pointed operations   contribute other provisions   mention such standard   prescribe use fires   determine air pollutants   display valid number   receive resulted comments   meet additional requirements   eliminate transmission segment   list contributes causes   fractionate gas liquids   grant administrator authority   support become claim   make similar determination   establish technology requirements   undergo physical change   define following terms   limit covered sources   provide flexible definition   treat processing industry   regulate emitted pollutant   publish technical amendment   protect public interest   reach based conclusion   exceed reasonable boundaries   require initial action   support significance determination   address regarding uncertainties   consider health impacts   receive provided comments   disregard circumstances facts   identify consider factors   involve including steps   show wide range   remove transmission sources   serve same function   include updated data   use stationary engine   define term category   expand original category   produce desired benefits   adopt twostep approach   reduce ozone concentrations   support described interpretation   take opposite position   increase pressure dehydration   emit amounts kt   serve different role   complete full analysis   use decline rate   include processing production   describe various psd   consider benefits cost   review executive order   accompany final rule   conduct quantitative analysis   include monetized effects   take promulgate position   govern emitted pollutants   give regulate authority   identify specific threshold   achieve final rule   identify determines standard   take require position   produce gas liquids   revise listed categories   emit pollutants cause   consider emission sources   address stepwise aspects   analyze air pollutants   set comprehensive scheme   establish clearer framework   control executive order   identify reasoned basis   detect fugitive emissions   regulate finds sources   adopt twostep analysis   swamp purported variations   rescind applicable standards   regulate particular pollutant   settle sources tanks   list category comment   move natural gas   conduct separate rulemaking   affect oil industry   undermine excluded conclusion   meet listing criteria   estimate forgone benefits   list oil industry   provide customer service   meet statutory criteria   list listing category   examine relevant data   justify cause pollutants   explain applying criteria   provide same standard   complement inherent authority   contribute limit discretion   address citing emissions   include following pumps   change adopted rule   specify relevant criteria   use different mechanisms   take make position   contribute improper scope   modify category list   store condensate oil   list expanded category   see subparts j   default basis standard   require similar showing   withdraw documents tsds   route packing emissions   term significant finding   include separators tanks   finalize includes determination   define term standard   make duplicate case   list oil category   require ozone areas   establish rigorous finding   solicit public participation   mention methane voc   identify such standard   identify air pollutants   determine methane emissions   report occurrence rate   make requisite findings   contain main actions   achieve percent reduction   provide environmental benefit   constitute significant contribution   interpret air pollutant   expand oil category   remove regulate requirement   affect imposes governments   give compliance effect   use corresponding estimates   add qualitative assessment   constitute single pollutant   limit emissions increases   bear promotes costs   set agency rule   describe global cost   provide full opportunity   reach referred argument   decrease emissions intensity   regulate broad range   make determines finding   unabated fails states   ensure modeling analyses   finalize priority list   consult listed person   regulate same pollutants   affect associated effects   reduce support states   address specific issues   make contributes finding   reconstruct final rule   include control requirements   asses used techniques   include explicit criteria   allow additional emissions   include quantitative analysis   regulate oil sources   define major source   bind commenter notes   incorporate final changes   compare cited facts   conduct new analysis   make new scf   address air pollutants   give determine discretion   capture commenter states   cover entire industry   determine source applicability   submit absent information   enact other provisions
Measures:   relative amounts   different categories   federal plan   primary subpart   such precursor   mill nsps   landfill gases   unreasonable expansion   introductory text   ozone concentrations   likely impact   industrial process   final stance   literal interpretation   exist standards   adverse effects   extensive list   same type   assume requirements   propose standards   so2 sources   tool data   remain segment   capable sources   opposite view   high temperature   latter address   recordkeep burden   natural operations   specific frequency   economic value   environmental programs   deregulatory details   material transport   several facts   deregulatory nature   propose rule   substantial amount   numerous statements   design analysis   optical gas   numerous references   distinct harms   single unit   indian governments   general information   national standards   low burden   enteric fermentation   court cases   regulate emissions   expect impacts   proper scope   geographic trajectories   photochemical reactions   air pollutant   certain processes   little impacts   clear criteria   heighten standard   public docket   certain sources   significant finding   ga supply   previouslyidentified endangerment   drastic shift   progress reports   internal combustion   multiple acronyms   qualitative assessment   upstream supplier   pneumatic devices   past years   more variation   overall emissions   enforceable increments   threshold amount   economic growth   ghg emissions   voluntary programsstrategies   numerous commenters   relate segments   specific instances   subsequent action   compound organization   statutory command   final rationale   local state   disperse sites   different types   large areas   hazardous reviews   rule report   subject interpretation   new sources   wide range   additional pollutants   air pollution   similar phrase   set amount   specific endangermentscf   substantial term   alternative comment   global background   well vessels   environmental impact   moderate nonattainment   high health   total carbon   nitric acid   single controller   visibilityimpairing pollutants   practical matter   approve activities   combine emissions   novel issues   different composition   explicit comment   environmental impacts   substantial number   leak equipment   such standards   regulatory review   largestemitting facilities   explicit mention   exist rule   old one   climate effects   nitric plant   next section   register version   combine effects   purport variations   document comment   only pollutant   environmental justice   important step   thorough review   emit categories   sweeten unit   separate notice   associate counsel   category definition   white liquor   close vent   organic chemical   additional locations   such modifications   regulate pollutants   present situation   adverse effect46   health impacts   high rate   destruction efficiency   commenters views   produce operations   voc gases   landfill emissions   emission points   particular types   unprocessed gas   list principles   reference publication   reasonable boundaries   nationwide composition   significant sections   111b rule   attainment area   pneumatic pumps   multi effectiveness   additional pollutant   relate test   mobile combustion   great length   interstate pipeline   source name   small entities   major facility   new categories   physical separation   oil tanks   previous interpretations   methane concentrations   emission reductions   system nems   benign substance   net increase   phasedown force   improve estimate   several pads   degrade quality   recent trends   expect lifetime   likely entities   list engines   available information   centrifugal system   ambient problems   various components   methane reductions   numerical standard   subsequent regulation   brief t   incidental benefit   accept methodology   pneumatic controller   primary operations   due change   methane standards   methane nsps   various companies   onshore plant   same standard   technical reconsideration   key things   relevant factors   particular pollutant   technical amendments   pollutantspecific scf   epa priorities   appropriate criteria   first standards   regulate community   operative provision   subject facilities   federal version   late rulemaking   subject emissions   limit set   public confidence   alternative revises   same logic   hard copy   entire industry   good system   similar distinction   regulatory duplication   equivalent value   emission mixture   future challenge   ga liquids   category name   reason explanation   generate units   parallel rule   core rulemaking   total emissions   enforceable duty   affect controller   important source   follow reasons   economic competitiveness   rational interpretation   prior rules   wetsealed compressors   legal operation   domestic emissions   star program   different sources   additional examination   future technologies   key pollutant   anomalous results   certain standards   national demand   financial responsibility   appropriate determination   individual pollutants   complex mixture   emission regulations   national emission   statutory standard   different programs   limit impacts   different positions   small governments   independent category   small sources   several steps   designate pollutants   average concentration   present action   regulatory option   similar results   particular industry   express response   second factor   same time   porous formations   recent composition   standard set   numerous tanks   111d guidelines   dissolve tanks   alphabetical b   same category   second set   future emissions   follow terms   category list   total ghg   american system   present types   specific threshold   scf determinations   automatic facilities   expansive meaning   several reasons   oral testimony   current regulations   little change   redundant requirements   great clarity   previouslylisted sources   subsequent conclusions   fullscale modeling   original category   certain conditions   national level   public health   industrial boilers   applicable destruction   approach comment   national pool   compliancerelated labor   primary weight   nsps subpart   mas content   global problem   underground units   exist t   equal amounts   initial monitoring   stationary source   national government   such tanks   limit turnover   improper scope   specific regulations   final revisions   reciprocatingcentrifugal compressors   estimate impacts   extract product   dangerous pollution   central relevance   remote service   far review   turnover conclusions   current levels   separate rule   substantial t   social cost   ambitious reporting   adverse impact   past findings   various provisions   producer revenues   commenter notes   detail discussion   domestic climate   likely stringency   leadacid batteries   different dehydrators   national economy   emit facility   unlawful response   desire benefits   costly regulations   clear framework   due regulation   remain sources   constitute comment   such regulation   future action   associate equipment   rigorous approach   municipal landfills   call techniques   regulate pollutant   condensate tanks   contrast storage   substantial reasons   significant processing   ozone areas   accumulate effects   substantial difference   108a exclusion   control decisions   removal actions   same reductions   tribal governments   top states   similar types   past practice   regulate industry   such list   new waste   optimal levels   affect facilities   high burden   cumulative impact   inconsistent results   methane emissions   applicable nsps   original list   major comments   total t   nearby area   primary source   particular entity   same way   historical fact   cite programs   support basis   new standards   acid sulfide   semiannual monitoring   reason decisionmaking   federal document   same function   rational standard   same section   project increase   reason basis   voluntary action   volatile organization   good technologybser   economic climate   additional calculations   specific kind   first part   relate actions   legal requirement   technical amendment   paragraph d11iii   global cost   large sources   unfetter discretion   potential costs   different role   primary authority   climate benefits   specific requirements   same bser   own set   voluntary actions   affect pumps   public comments   such category   metric tonnes   additional anomalies   legal interpretation   crude petroleum   several provisions   consistent requirements   designate pollutant   executive summary   different mechanisms   quantitative analysis   judicial proceedings   current data   statutory authority   future rulemaking   sufficient detail   full leaks   associate materials   absolute emissions   valve connectors   affect burden   standalone mills   ga transmission   uniform standards   compliance reports   final contact   onshore production   major sources   substantial impact   mandatory number   propose options   list section   copyrighted material   separate functions   statutory findings   edf assessment   continue existence   prescribe standards   control costs   task force   narrow categories   new equipment   long time   encompass precursors   federal standards   early actions   federal regulations   different pollutant   small impacts   fugitive requirements   openended test   prioritize list   future advances   electric units   distinct effects   promulgate standards   legislative history   present rulemaking   end lines   visible emissions   past consideration   direct comparison   several examples   transmission segment   additional comments   relative subpart   definitional provisions   liquefy units   final analysis   exist rules   next step   stationary combustion   withdraw tsds   several limits   nationwide basis   low gases   key results   turnover rates   technical standards   average content   only sources   own analysis   administrative procedure   reasonable demonstration   similar showing   alkylation sulfide   continuous controller   list oil   standalone analysis   significant levels   rational test   toxic pollutants   approval process   arbitrary basis   scf provision   same action   certain comments   applicability criteria   necessary predicate   seal compressors   emission intensity   particular commenters   separate determination   economic advantages   remain life   industrial sector   geographical regions   associate emissions   historical records   release totals   same points   elemental sulfur   specific situation   underground reservoirs   technical changes   enormous consequences   exist sources   alternative option   nsps standards   additional sources   new plant   naaqs pollutants   entire response   emission limitation   several industries   bleed controller   vast majority   available model   voc standards   progress demonstration   statutory text   additional nsps   reduce impacts   various endangerment   third factor   particular category   associate endangerment   costeffective controls   annual review   little effect46   standard commenters   negligible benefit   separate process   economic impacts   same sources   bill code   necessary element   oil operations   reason analysis   arbitrary standard   original vessel   economic advances   substantial mismatch   statistical assessments   total gas   manufacture industry   high methane   final rule   individual products   intermediate process   inadequate data   regulatory threat   appropriate meaning   particular reference   different emissions   bulk gasoline   rigorous predicate   distinct boundaries   same rulemaking   msw regulations   support documents   multivariate nature   methodology factors   methane regulation   technical similarities   voconly standards   numerous industries   arbitrary decisions   flexible definition   significant impact   linear path   low amounts   airborne substance   nitric unit   estimate burden   follow paragraphs   production compressors   lose reductions   tribal implications   exist protections   past rulemakings   cost reductions   same types   additional percent   public viewing   subsequent activities   certain units   overall assessment   indepth analysis   pollutantspecific finding   exist section   technical decisions   additional protections   degas system   underground facilities   standard areas   causeorcontribute finding   propose proposal   executive orders   simple determination   new market   pollutantspecific nsps   alternative means   co2 eq   voluntary programs   separate reasons   logical step   specific one   wide variety   potential gwp   total burden   same composition   statutory authorization   incorporate engines   combine impacts   numerous state   various levels   exist regulations   occurrence rate   entire period   first time   emission increases   pipeline composition   pollutant s   subject list   pack emissions   follow pumps   high content   technical support   modify units   legal authority   discount rates   first instance   section 112b2   significant effect   possible reductions   additional ooooa   global emissions   prior rulemaking   difficult factor   associate rationale   separate categories   different sections   incomplete information   regulatory text   customer service   lime nsps   prohibit sources   natural controllers   recent data   past action   monetize benefits   reasonable context   reduce so2   affect facility   combustion composting   aggregate category   explicit reference   additional discussion   regulatory schemes   various industry   potential regulations   present position   environmental economics   partial accounting   far action   arbitrary response   control equipment   statutory scheme   municipal combustors   equivalent sector   regulate sources   ambitious actions   list category   definitional boundary   reduce compounds   compliance burden   sulfide sulfide   principal control   wet seals   voluntary program   additional scf   direct effects   regulatory programs   initial set   actual reasons   applicable compounds   photochemical oxidants   pneumatic collection   nonmonetized impacts   consistent responsibility   agency rule   local producer   ozonerelated effects   project reductions   weak acid   present purposes   unregulated sources   intelligible standard   successive oil   continuous compliance   exist facilities   overall program   longstanding interpretation   sufficient authority   environmental response   official estimates   ogi equipment   same equipment   similar language   applicable determination   recover gas   regulatory analysis   low concentrations   voluntary programsactions   discount rate   support statement   preamble excerpt   distinct differences   bleed rate   health protections   local distribution   economic incentives   compliance deadlines   particular purpose   same technologies   first year   permit programs   downward trend   broad phrasing   regulatory regime   nationwide profile   crude gas   impact analysis   alternative reducedform   alternative interpretation   same degree   executive entities   same controls   2016 millions   initial action   initiate promulgation   far controls   full opportunity   methane product   associate phrase   affect sources   electric utilities   federal agencies   statutory prohibition   ancillary equipment   structural argument   rational determination   collection activities   conspicuous issues   release inventory   great site   smelt subpart   net benefits   emission limitations   very idea   pollution impacts   substantive burdens   overall composition   same grounds   statutory requirement   statutory response   update burden   diverse sources   continue table   combustion engine   uniform standard   interim measure   emission requirements   complex aggregate   well separators   liquid propane   offset requirement   environmental benefit   criterion pollution   past decisions   aeo projection   specific sources   regulatory action   far demonstration   caawide definition   federalism implications   short tons   great activity   form modeling   global scale   available science   adverse effect   future rules   new regulations   adverse comments   total compounds   separate category   unique profile   reconsideration issues   reconstruct sources   wash tanks   mmt eq   sufficient predicate   prior actions   api assessment   subject sources   such determinations   drive controller   primary smelters   available requirements   regulatory impacts   modification triggers   downwind area   regulatory burden   initial compliance   foreign country   additional reductions   gross withdrawals   significant quantities   overall withdrawals   content gases   future significance   significant contributors   local demand   various psd   pollutant effects   fundamental classes   regional damages   intrastate transmission   stationary sources   supply distribution   responsible regulation   allege errors   voc nsps   avoid costs   emission sources   expand category   legal obligations   individual source   total reductions   reconsideration amendments   certain provisions   organic compounds   methane requirement   exist control   far contact   reasonable explanation   health response   set standards   detail justification   environmental partnership   new set   such section   regulatory language   flat figure   light vehicles   wide applicability   interrelate nature   same practices   designate list   past errors   national transfer   exist naaqs   reasonable threshold   initial determination   exist promulgation   policy change   pollutant precursors   uniform requirements   international impacts   substantial effects   deregulatory actions   equal emissions   independent order   economic principle   final standards   important aspect   reasonable specificity   statutory criteria   enforceable limit   follow table   different perspectives   next categories   local company   demonstrate technology   produce gas   round reductions   source categories   necessary response   statutory background   well operation   title guidelines   prior policy   msw emissions   metric tons   extreme areas   significant differences   background concentrations   legal challenges   satisfactory explanation   overall industry   latter type   recordkeep reporting   hypothetical reductions   common attributes   update data   crude oil   construction modification   bser evaluations   control number   significant contribution   state requirements   consistent framework   hazardous h2s   literal terms   enough information   environmental risks   hazardous chemicals   combine production   same regime   similar determination   mere fact   minor amounts   compel argument   onshore emphasis   as n   good reasons   term category   plain meaning   regulate source   nondestructive control   national organizations   estimate savings   responsibility requirements   relative costs   national priority   main actions   specific emissions   operational differences   establish set   such standard   welldefined operations   subject entities   major source   dangerous section   relevant case   substantial loss   final document   subsequent pollutants   municipal emissions   photochemical model   require controls   previous statements   increase pressure   operation maintenance   substantial emissions   administrative law   relevant data   loose associations   high level   federal regulation   prior rulemakings   appropriate rates   fuelfired units   appropriate standards   reciprocate collection   certain naaqs   duty vehicles   federal partners   limit removal   particular type   cubic feet   general provisions   voc content   relevant background   various factors   pipeline engines   extensive overlap   demonstrate technologybser   environmental disbenefits   single vessel   same standards   2012 rule   preliminary information   naaqs provisions   consecutive days   follow modifications   relate activities   specific pollutant   practical problems   health effects   significant comments   distribution end   annual average   source pumps   particular pollutants   arbitrary scope   produce states   electric utility   ecr composition   specific provision   organic waste   statutory context   specific content   composite pollutant   domestic ghg   outlook projection   performance standards   paragraph equipment   cfr part   various programs   dangerous implications   little information   requirement section   public protection   production units   control requirement   paragraph f3   independent reductions   ga products   discrete aspects   total costs   category listings   oil refineries   revise category   high gases   significant difference   protective requirements   state explanation   pyrometallurgical techniques   regulatory analyses   administrative practice   permanent combination   international border   limit exceptions   large emitters   primary option   narrow set   alternative interpretations   prior administration   initial listing   numerous pollutants   residual risk   source applicability   average percent   108a pollutants   geologic formations   minimal reductions   different results   close systems   single compressor   particular process   statutory provisions   so2 emissions   several states   blank slate   local governments   air pollutants   list ozone   only requirements   current nsps   different sizes   broad categories   far information   same level   spectroscopic sensors   usable product   limit number   update estimate   conventional pollution   administrative actions   costeffective companies   spin-dry gas   municipal waste   equivalent boe   meter station   compliance costs   vii implications   industrial sectors   relative period   environmental performance   certain issues   ecological economics   rational connection   mandatory duty   subsequent operations   such equipment   emission guidelines   more detail   nonlow wells   exist rate   organic sulfide   major rule   estimate number   supplemental finding   modify sources   individual operator   alternative proposal   defer action   good neighbor   filter technology   analogous provisions   commercial vessels   dangerous proceeds   applicable controls   public response   regulatory history   poor target   kraft nsps   segment sources   methane requirements   different regimes   subject pollutant   compete interpretations   downwind approach   document response   propose nsps   global methane   positive effect   average concentrations   industrial emitters   second pollutant   document tsds   regulate category   new engines   voluntary participation   such requirements   well sites   voluntary emissions   nsps regulations   factual findings   transparent reporting   inherent difficulties   highbleed controllers   net burden   continue interest   conceivable substance   laundry list   such regulations   continue action   specific prohibition   disruptive regulations   problem reductions   simple contribution   decline rate   voconly technologies   create segment   relative handful   cross rule   potential technologies   twostep analysis   broad range   meaningful reductions   disparate treatment   onsite gas   individual components   speculative refusal   significant act   produce resources   emit pollutants   full form   follow subpart   certain pollutants   explicit criteria   local area   federal standard   new applicability   stationary engine   expect prices   analytic approach   exist programs   synthetic industry   control vessel   innovation competitiveness   certain material   applicable programs   flawed significance   applicable standards   ambient air   protective standards   different levels   separate scf   ga composition   express language   preexist category   key documents   overlap response   new units   indigenous peoples   stepwise aspects   additional finding   first nsps   regulatory purposes   simple c   little content   twostep process   phrase pollutants   proper operation   low production   atmospheric pressure   emission changes   similar statement   exist source   sweeten units   various segments   several classes   comprehensive review   system naics   substantial portion   subject type   subject category   normal operations   several points   wood chips   hazardous coal   specific circumstances   basis standard   alternative approaches   relevant part   source category   wet gas   production processing   low rate   single category   specific scf   list criteria   regulatory impact   well controllers   additional information   operational standard   pm25 precursors   additional requirements   section guidelines   wet conditions   several factors   final amendments   large source   maximum throughput   fugitive sources   far justification   establish criteria   solid waste   responsibility regulations   air quality   8year review   supplementary preamble   correspond estimates   professional engineer   caa section   designate 6033fa   comprehensive set   industrial classification   practical effect   monitor frequency   term standard   oil production   caa sections   public participation   saleable product   previous nsps   substantial differences   overall impacts   crude pipeline   effective date   same sentence   own position   good practices   storage facilities   regulatory costs   direct measurement   specify methodology   regulatory planning   pressure dehydration   downstream sources   dangerous response   industrial processes   voluntary measures   second part   different scenarios   monetize effects   reduction analyses   small contribution   regulatory scope   accompany documents   national system   expect effects   well collection   initial nsps   hydraulic fracturing   comprehensive analysis   financial regulations   such criteria   reciprocate compressor   sourcessame pollutants   full effect   reducedform techniques   kiln nsps   concern content   mfrs n   forego regulation   important contributor   tailore rule   anthropogenic methane   state reason   affect owners   ga processing   multistep process   environmental benefits   empirical basis   minor portion   first place   horizontal drilling   unique impacts   exception response   conservative assumption   response actions   severe areas   current effort   statutory structure   list pollutants   compel reason   significant deterioration   regulatory authority   solid landfills   statutory provision   consistent treatment   significance determination   fox television   technical documents   lowincome populations   great participation   spin-dry areas   far detail   aggregate emissions   same manner   nationwide standards   separate scfs   particular significance   regulatory certainty   particular formulations   close reading   specific contribution   source equipment   limit regions   applicable controllers   legal aspects   unfunded mandate   specific standards   late comment   specific standard   recent rulemaking   separate oil   such emissions   voc reductions   congressional intent   insignificant portion   limit impact   final action   add part   final nsps   focus rules   longerterm interests   stationary engines   more facilities   specific examples   much gas   onshore plants   emission standards   dangerous commenters   rational basis   good provision   relevant sets   avoid deaths   individual factors   fugitive emissions   new requirements   next segment   quality modeling   fugitive detection   procedural errors   relative impacts   strong requirements   standard analysis   form models   same token   stringent standards   current climate   global warming   powerful impetus   full year   future notice   mitigate factors   additional emissions   regulatory attention   express criteria   numerical thresholds   single plant   valuable product   negative pressure   regulatory decision   reliable indicator   statutory requirements   current areas   prior listing   absent information   new source   priority list   modele analyses   same factors   judicial review   average production   present value   small amounts   rational approach   administrative determination   direct impacts   compressor stations   underground storage   finalize amendments   broad matter   domestic resources   state regulations   single pollutants   fundamental principle   semichemical mills   preliminary data   previous rule   pollutantspecific findings   well records   monetary terms   cover sites   ghg reductions   disperse equipment   serious areas   general matter   dependent steps   potential category   moderate ozone   specific comments   value pv   future analyses   close system   reasonable exercise   average throughput   useful life   same analysis   entire category   new policy   specific criteria   future evaluations   most concern   methane regulations   true rationale   available technologies   compete analyses   permit provisions   separate number   underground segment   111d requirements   final review   long periods   current prices   regulatory uncertainty   industrial sources   small quantities   mobile vessels   only pollutants   geographic areas   tpy tons   such objection   compress storage   differ rules   legal challenge   similar framework   confidential information   centrifugal compressor   certain factors   previous applications   les requirements   various points   future technology   specific reporting   domestic cost   specific context   cite facts   dangerous identification   final user   pneumatic controllers   new scf   identify category   relief devices   support data   exist regulation   hazardous substances   previous analyses   technical document   dangerous pollutants   main storage   propose regulation   initial inquiry   odorous compounds   paragraph b1   requisite findings   certain respects   exist category   abovedescribed determination   first step   respondentsaffected entities   affect entities   disproportionate effect   available controls   several sources   present gas   relate information   percent reductions   fourth factor   eastern group   alphabetical order   early data   clear command   global levels   desire reductions   final decision   federal actions   particular precursor   commenters perspectives   close read   significant action   production transmission   separate rulemaking   relevant provisions   regulatory reduction   process transmission   process segment   more reductions   prior determinations   ambient standards   equipment leaks   naaqs exceedance   federal register   well site   different subcategories   executive order   slight reductions   permit requirements   broad category   so2 nsps   federal requirements   economic effect   same impact   direct agencies   natural gas   regulatory actions   direct evaluation   forgo benefits   fluid system   propose decision   review action   climaterelated costs   global phenomenon   available withdrawals   indian tribes   subject pollutants   nationwide regulation   specific reductions   well tanks   latter dehydrators   different effects   enough differences   coemitted pollutants   nsps requirements   federal methane   regulatory requirements   municipal landfill   propose amendments   well compressors   second action   adjacent site   statistical analysis   many areas   general categories   voc emissions   general counsel   vary opinions   divergent approaches   separate requirements   contribution determination   methane content   duplicative scfs   associate documentation   relevant provision   equivalent emissions   secondary operation   scf determination   energy independence   daily throughput   economic viability   standard classification   mobile sources   same amount   necessary procedures   give pollutant   identify sources   different phrasing   differ assumptions   uniform regulations   compressor engines   rice combustion   many instances   primary smelter   additional ones   recent rulemakings   dangerous flaws   primary proposal   metric ton   environmental science   potential increases   particulate matter   rigorous finding   consistent ghg   full analysis   little benefit   separate standard   material change   aggregate intensity   threshold level   commenters state   cite case   annual reports   environmental defense   equivalent basis   absolute source   global ghg   voluntary activities   potential impacts   first modifications   human health   certain types   percent reduction   alternative scf   benefitcost analysis   such cases   hazardous pollutants   list categories   source regulation   reasonable scope   long period   only benefits   quality problems   separate gas   exist nsps   analytic framework   such performance   filterable pm   annualize value   single pollutant   electrostatic precipitator   detail projections   dangerous direction   ga pipelines   operate requirements   specific issues   literal extreme   modern practices   methane guidelines   internal engines   bser analysis   local agencies   inherent authority   premature deaths   update assessment   recover product   methane increases   particular provision   111d hereinafter   numerous nsps   management programs   average composition   potential approaches   speciate emissions   numerous sources   relevant criteria   issue guidelines   different character   minimum level   technical analysis   potential nsps   raise concerns   welfare safety   available order   specific rationale   applicable requirements   quantitative value   reliance interests   duplicative findings   technical partnership   pneumatic facility   voc controls   complex environment   same requirements   final entities   associate gas   same website   forgo climate   same pollutants   same gas   industrial source   federal government   regulatory regimes   give category   standard feet   particular program   environmental protection   regulatory compliance   collection system   subject categories   modify version   reason decision   administrator authority   stationary pipeline   pneumatic pump   applicable provisions   new analysis   large numbers   economic impact   les pm   everyday meaning   sufficient data   future trajectories   early rulemakings   categorization determinations   exist units   mitigation strategies   insufficient detail   final changes   estimate cost   certain type   far section   important signal   nsps rule   public interest   111b1b requirement   whereby production   consistent action   previous t   voconly nsps   first action   regulatory program   coalfired plant   issue standard   technology requirements   precautionary thrust   attainment areas   drill extract   initial response   control requirements   sulfuric acid   explicit list   contribution finding   abovequoted statements   rescind requirements88   broad discretion   such sources   customer employees   regulate parties   develop technologies   reduce requirements   saleable gas   maximum power   relative concentrations   propose rules   serious interests   national emissions   same reasons   separator tanks   voconly basis   new facilities   regulate entities   epa bases   regional representative   toxic emissions   public hearing   limit information   methane concentration   everyday definition   deregulatory action   twostep determination   wet seal   exist sources40   organic carbon   physical change   certain areas   operative provisions   comprehensive scheme   necessitate installation   regulatory process   view facilities   general public   social license   mix liquids   fugitive components   sufficient justification   great impact   most areas   far participation   unchanged status   valid number   subpart ooooa   landfill gas   onestep process   challenge concept   similar equipment   separate action   facility boundaries   future consideration   volatile compounds   subsequent removal   turnover rate   domestic sources   subject reference   total cost   well facility   disruptive action   negative externality   national naaqs   public comment   industry segments   encompass tanks   email communications   legal consequence   notable events   previouslylisted category   significant amounts   many cases   statutory exclusions   broad authority   necessary maintenance   opposite position   caa program   additional time   naaqs program   vague standard   electric generation   average field   comprehensive summary   statutory discretion   legal issues   civil proceedings   discrete steps   pollutant b   technical judgments   narrow approach   reduction activities   such matters
Actions:   permit authority   compare provisions   promulgate ooooa   affect effects   draw boundary   rescind set   cite blogsedforg   process requirements   discuss industry   follow 605398a   dehydrate gas   define pollutant   amend 111b1b   elaborate note   file 50   promulgate rescission   discuss criteria   pollutant definition   lump associations   propose kkk   assess causes   incorporate range   table 5   afford measure   cite commission   examine pollutants   encompass range   compel epa   follow 605375a   interpret pollutants   affect level   reduce pollutants   finalize interpretation   concern determination   establish docket   process oil   use seals   encompass units   finalize category   improve regulation   create uncertainty   follow 605430a   obligate epa   describe category   change position   hold rule   address data   raise objection   include transmission   support proposition   determine cause   finalize monitoring   rescind nsps   review regulations   discuss redundancy   underestimate number   methane requirements   begin 49   make argument   methane tons   remove requirement   err that   describe basis   cite 7556   describe interpretation   make case   interpret emissions   address uncertainties   co2 remark   meet standard   issue regulations   retain nsps   meet conditions   set something   apply standards   state following   list fr   affect sources   contribute emphasis   degrade quality   increase emission   see docket   follow 605421a   term that   set standards   provide leaks   see ria   withdraw tsds   elucidate meaning   narrow breadth   require response   compare changes   counter support   cover engines   describe analysis   rescind requirements   term gas   create possibility   rescind rules   treat it   report years   identify emissions   exempt pollutants   leave segments   describe operations   cite us   receive permit   achieve compliance   require administrator   provide mechanism   swamp variations   make endangerment   regulate section   conflate proposal   cite commenters   facilitate reasonableness   analyze information   treat industry   affect estimates   find basis   reduce cost   reduce methane   obtain copy   relieve burden   appraise tools   emit amounts   facilitate implementation   evaluate contributions   explain decisions   make implications   revise scope   use phrasing   interpret rulemaking   apply methodology   include effects   use compressor   compress gas   document activities   support that   control methane   apply set   meet requirement   address standards   impact methane   cover industry   provide regime   direct administrator   finance actions   list pollutants   enact that   premise authority   asses techniques   regulate methane   mitigate increases   apply findings   achieve purposes   take position   regulate a   compare composition   cite inc   transfer custody   negate fact   list categories   mention standard   use projection   compare activity   denote substance   cite secretary   see 604230   support justification   consider factors   provide guidance   cite television   include production   impose requirements   remove limitations   list that   capture them   require areas   produce liquids   design 111   contain list   use 2015   consider cobenefits   quantify amount   occur commenter   contain reference   interpret requirement   maintain evidence   overlap fr   authorize epa   promulgate criteria   ignore sources   establish that   consider segments   blow stills   finalize amendments   force it   distinguish section   describe what   initiate rulemaking   regulate equipment   use system   add definition   report producer   support analysis   conduct composition   consider impacts   emit methane   prepare gas   appraise approach   relate impacts   lead epa   support statements   repeat it   read pollutants   adopt standard   alter basis   articulate standard   include epa   support impact   provide clarity   emit minority   determine pollutants   omit t   limit standards   require operators   reject argument   stress overlap   characterize proceedings   serve role   revise list   emit tons   apply logic   reduce concentrations   authorize regulation   list industry   view listing   take years   regulate emissions   place them   finalize rulemaking   diminish differences   plan 6030c   cite assn   achieve limitation   enter segments   round table   response revision   prevent anomalies   bear costs   provide impetus   imply that   describe that   conduct unloading   wwwepagovsites t   expand programs   establish standard   include operations   accompany references   deliver benefits   revise interpretation   create anomalies   signale reduction   list hereby   require framework   discuss factors   cover operations   include pumps   reduce rias   achieve result   inform judgment   assess attention   interpret 111d   provide documents   add memorandum   identify pollutants   complement authority   provide detail   remove water   constitute set   collect memorandum   confirm character   include increments   consider effect   streamline regulation   cite response   emit eq   require reduction   replace regulations   distinguish this   support determination   describe one   improve performance   face uncertainty   limit sources   prepare that   support interpretation   produce benefit   evaluate apeep   assess amounts   affect a1   wwwepagovsites andgaspdf   cite statement   reduce risk   make pollutant   exercise discretion   andor peoples   promulgate standard   include ghg   address categories   identify set   abandon composting   cite rule   retain trigger   mean transfer   cover precursors   enact section   list information   fail response   leak connectors   define facility   control pollution   remove applicability   turn summary   follow 605412a   impact response   modify list   infrared kilotons   act organization   contradict position   see analysis   smell tanks   eliminate feet   explain regulation   amend provisions   meet a   promulgate requirements   add that   see fr   apply contribute   receive comment   include maintenance   identify scope   uphold approach   apply regulated   enact provisions   use approach   uphold determination   add assessment   concern pollutant   deregulate emissions   list content   take that   report rate   generate analysis   provide testimony   maintain applicability   give effect   propose rulemaking   obtain product   remove obligation   take view   follow 605430   suspend revise   involve judgment   burden development   justify claims   reduce tons   concern sources   urge agency   contain actions   take opportunity   revisit epa   estimate that   meet composition   rescind requirement   exclude segments   verify impacts   rescind latter   explore extract   broaden category   lack basis   compare burden   provide estimate   default standard   enforce section   address issue   follow use   cast doubt   review information   develop criteria   make references   reduce voc   determine compliance   offer that   regulate fr   achieve reductions   cite fr   make fr   evaluate impact   asses importance   store results   fulfill obligation   implement requirements   shoulder burdens   contain references   rescind standards   detect methane   add requirements   include language   discuss comments   authorize pollutantspecific   require that   ease burden   cease operation   state expansion   identify factors   identify proceeds   amend part   grant authority   endanger health   file am   appreciate comments   list causes   transmit covid   use pollutant   evaluate technologies   solve reductions   appreciate views   permit regulation   illustrate functions   reduce impact   disregard benefits   andor standard   uphold finding   apply language   estimate pv   ease reading   commence modification   rescind redundancy   store gas   adopt policy   require silence   paragraph a   administer program   see impacts   make decisions   analyze concentrations   express that   support subpart   articulate explanation   ensure operation   cite 48236   put blinders   apply test   develop guidelines   use estimates   exclude precursors   create problems   cover set   promulgate 111   project reduction   revise b1   determine rescission   infrared tons   take rule   cite cases   emit 58   assess fr   justify pollutants   concern issue   rescind limits   require type   operate source   include subpart   control costs   quote sess   forego guidelines   support conclusions   read word   reduce activity   conduct rulemaking   incorporate contributes   explore products   revise provisions   leave effort   designate nonattainment   provide criteria   review order   remove rescission   guide application   burn sulfide   identify sources   announce approval   revise text   evaluate facts   state that   estimate benefits   view emissions   reduce states   implement that   include category   establish protections   follow 605360   characterize removal   represent source   make claim   present series   require action   propose amendments   reduce pressures   apply them   provide definition   undertake modifications   attract approaches   satisfy requirement   enter pipelines   include amount   circumvent requirement   govern determinations   interpret us   adopt states   review report85   continue protections   misunderstand relevance   operate facility   concern emissions   include pollutants   cite increase   reduce rate   affect range   understand provision   include cause   emit tpy   enter segment   justify proposal   regulate state   undermine scf   include pipeline   include locations   identify thresholds   dispute 74   require findings   establish emissions   inform actions   describe boundaries   assess turnover   affect distribution   affect subset   represent accounting   exceed authority   note rulemaking   receive amount   exceed boundaries   cite 44498   extend requirements   require contribution   discuss contexts   affect 7   give discretion   have effect46   represent improvements   reduce models   base determination   show variation   require sources   follow 605400a   fill measure   contradict practice   reconsider decisions   use practices   reveal distinction   establish t   take place   contradict those   follow path   identify categories   impose federalism   rescind review   promote independence   exercise m   file petition   duplicate requirements   revise definition   find copy   underlie analysis   revise definitions   use actions   affect naics   bind notes   monetize that   settle tanks   use cmaq   discuss sources   apply exclusion   change conclusion   foreclose use   reverse rule   emit range   resolve question   modele agency   incorporate changes   remove oil   add them   include comments   influence choice   see sections   prescribe regulations   explain methane   change composition   regulate compounds   provide counts   gather pipelines   encompass substance   address justice   round 2017   present analyses   remove nsps   maintain position   acknowledge existence   raise issues   review standards   revise policies   undergird stance   reduce precursors   accompany provisions   boost transmission   take step   revisit issue   provide authority   promulgate fr   continue work   illustrate point   provide it   exist 40   regulate voc   cover all   describe which   revise decisions   regulate hap   satisfy obligation   provide more   restrict applicability   take epa   improve efficiency   pursue standard   support assertion   indicate intent   include technologies   contain mandate   take approaches   determine applicability   change finding   cite paragraph   intend category   discuss each   advocate approach   set bser   rescind applicability   rule ria   cover sector   adopt egs   interpret listing   contribute provision   identify 111b1a   rely finding   revise policy   read 111b1b   sip process   revise heading   use techniques   contribute scope   consider composition   cite f3d   drive reductions   provide background   generate requirements   abut end   intend standard   include well   state exclusion   render response   invite consultation   cite 112b2   ignore statements   use mechanisms   undertake modification   digest chips   conduct modeling   use acronyms   impact requirements   include analysis   include separators   call interpretations   promulgate regulations   require benefits   make adjustments   impose controls   define construction   mean standard   reference rule   distinguish it   create set   offer protection   reopen determination   compare facts   meet nsps   count reports   include m   leaf segment   discuss background   include states   provide service   use order   include stations   set nsps   describe section   designate them   base it   ban burning   include finding   offer interpretations   harm health   authorize it   treat sources   finalize m   asses contribution   provide justification   emit kt   mean station   include option   report accomplishments   evade criteria   standard park   propose standards   give examples   expand program   protect interest   impact potential   upend idea   discuss data66   establish finding   underlie policy   defer action   approve rule   add part   rescind comment   include tanks   use records   finalize position   term which   trigger 111d   service site   downplay impact   identify distinction   submit state   list processes   include extraction   provide overview   follow part   rescind that   promulgate rule   reduce requirements   identify provisions   rule considerations   estimate number   should that   maximize amount   approve icr   contribute scf   forgo benefits   prevent 111d   justify authority   prepare ria   cite that   adopt actions   remove history   receive supply   weight factors   post version   satisfy order   use d   drive reciprocating   round proposal   render exception   achieve rule   signal reduction   provide agency   engender interests   involve standards   modele impacts   emit pollutant   speciate emissions   use means   define source   explore 13   promulgate rulemakings   fractionate liquids   affect a   contain guidelines   relate the   create categories   state 71   adopt set   reduce costs   assess review   improve reliability   solicit participation   establish context   take excerpt   consider that   regulate segments   comment document   contain little   adopt analysis   increase amount   consult person   install that   finalize revision   issue requirements   impact reductions   submit report   emit more   boost stations   provide discussion   revise paragraphs   impose process   control order   accept gas   present comments   include thresholds   justify omission   store oil   evolve response   submit demonstration   make distinction   reconsider repeal   constrain discretion   follow 605380a   uphold action   estimate million   revise d11iii   consider issues   emit comment   review listing   decline yearoveryear   repeat description   remove requirements   adopt that   revise name   welfare finding   undermine conclusion   impact results   mean transport   develop basis   exist regulation   contribute 5   find response   follow 605410a   address aspects   remove transmission   address which   understand nature   demonstrate efficiency   note volume   adopt epa   use statement   include trends   require level   prioritize categories   reason agency   describe priorities   provide reasons   produce pulp   process gas   issue standards   indicate which   regulate pollutant   regulate that   apply expertise   require section   ignore consequences   rescind 5   include information   contain voc   achieve state   promulgate standards   use description   establish framework   amend definition   note 213a2   require determination   explain criteria   proc sources   have ambiguity   maintain protections   regulate processing   require standard   mention voc   inform finalization   provide states   discuss interpretation   finalize standards   add response   save millions   incorporate definition   bear that   maintain license   promote treatment   undergo change   cover order   reflect opinions   increase pressure   emit voc   create methodology   recognize interrelatedness   represent change   support view   track standard   accompany rule   boost sources   mean combination   take m   quote fr   obviate need   give implications   remove standards   embrace set   reduce pollution   place obligation   warrant list   evaluate that   require control   subject them   move gas   categorize which   follow 605420a   putt them   identify 11161   keep focus   broaden it   apply which   draw analogy   hap tons   design section   involve process   provide responses   pursue egs   quantify benefits   term category   call validity   list category   continue sector   include triggers   find commonality   identify category   identify way   list scope   follow 605390a   include revenues   develop set   remove impurities   find support   total emissions   reconstruct rule   nonmonetized benefits   reexamine language   meet distribution   require scf   list comment   provide guide   consider cost   interpret it   implement voc   concern pollutants   achieve commenter   provide source   incorporate information   post copy   promulgate concern   paragraph text   rescind it   examine data   attract employees   promulgate nsps   openended valve   see f3d   protect health   methane emissions   enact exclusions   establish regulations   use equipment   provide evidence   amend ooooa   review 2012   include voc   rescind icr   affect facilities   produce publication   impact redundancy   take argument   include fr   constitute pollutant   articulate criteria   blur distinction   include definition   comply 38   suggest criteria   explain set   contrast segment   take positions   include criteria   adopt controls   impose regulations   achieve m   use test   meet requirements   estimate levels   give rise   emit so2   summarize comments   produce acid   use measure   establish level   confirm position   use methodology   control voc   transport gas   detect emissions   justify rescission   evaluate emissions   make mention   include categories   assign number   remove them   establish requirements   route emissions   estimate impacts   remove duplication   take action   share attributes   downwind problems   estimate change   exclude sources   regulate them   impose duty   establish scope   base regulation   mandate promulgation   retain discretion   provide example   assess extent   define category   interpret section   prevent release   include manufacturer   expand categories   include wells   remove sources   receive requests   follow 605401a   regulate determinations   include processes   see 6030c   consider voc   revise section   provide basis   suggest factors   remove methane   consider impact   use ogi   consider evaluations   promulgate scf   govern regulation   add regulation   represent baseline   find regulation   evaluate percentage   trigger application   require pollutantspecific   cover requirements   direct epa   provide notice   publish list   guide it   develop technology   apply requirements   asses rates   emit authority   state choice   develop epa   promulgate subpart   justify requirements   revise nsps   increase dehydration   require him   establish ghg   cause harms   provide explanation   address issues   raise issue   identify basis   consider emissions   follow 605385a   follow 605415a   support understanding   ensure analyses   misstate argument   promote consistency   extend controllers   assess ways   constitute percent   identify pollution   use engine   list it   include second   provide metric   endorse basis   include industry   project emissions   require measurement   maintain approach   require them   retain methane   hold hearing   receive lot   include 183f1a   update standards   regulate air   act states   remove segment   underestimate benefits   make findings   reduce emissions   include capital   interpret pollutant   drill wells   support claim   assess pm25   describe revisions   change rule   regulate one   rescind regulation   base decision   examine criteria   find provisions   use rate   lead force   capture it   indicate view   predefine category   finalize name   give authority   update regulations   develop section   justify scf   hold view   reject challenges   follow epa   control emissions   align nsps   require processing   achieve reduction   review communications   contribute provisions   establish process   address pollutants   contain pollutants   include hap   reference type   estimate content   cover majority   alter scope   present information   address areas   interpret provisions   solicit comments   include failure   read phrase   demonstrate compliance   forgo tons   trigger duty   define scope   set scheme   rescind scf   acknowledge comments   propose rule   achieve what   encompass operations   interpret distribution   cite 77   sip provisions   determine emissions   recognize which   consider overlap   include methane   include segment   evaluate examination   evaluate role   recognize fact   decrease impact   discuss 50247   carry burdens   meet naaqs   experience benefits   regulate e   support scf   list factors   follow 605422a   criterion pm25   emit emissions   cover production   obviate other   make scfs   mean what   require 41   apply analysis   offset costs   review provisions   encompass controls   amend category   head text   promulgate set   address that   maintain quality   define that   determine scope   continue review   make determination   lead commenter   identify engines   establish standards   identify threshold   streamline issues   ignore history   remand nsps   contribute directs   follow 605397a   trigger obligation   add segment   capture product   apply section   give flexibility   distribute liquids   provide m   include data   submit plans   quantify impacts   follow standards   add definitions   include combustion   display awareness   serve function   eliminate segment   estimate distribution   analyze pollutants   merit regulation   involve series   refine process   reduce impacts   review 1979   decrease intensity   exceed scope   affect emissions   use nmoc   subject precursors   estimate value   http wwweiagovdnavngng_prod_sum_a_epg0_vgm   encompass massachusetts   mean production   assess rates   add sources   change views   define class   include demonstration   submit petition   justify regulation   finalize list   cover segment   use superfund   use systems   use rates   reduce nmoc   limit epa   exceed standard   add nox   include wyoming   file code   emit that   control gases   regulate portion   require fact   handle production   extrapolate conclusion   receive m   cause that   exclude themselves   acknowledge leaks   set standard   implement nsps37   include sources   carry trigger   affect programs   help 57   demonstrate level   cover listings   meet criteria   increase production   convene panel   provide benefits   add pollutants   provide that   require agency   govern pollutants   leave determination   reduce levels   strengthen confidence   encompass process   require finding   establish subcategories   promulgate guidelines   produce benefits   adopt it   undergo modification   remove liquids   appreciate perspectives   describe nsps   view what   solicit comment   find results   constrain 111d   use table   issue eg   contain 4   contribute discretion   support rationale   see j   evaluate responses   analyze them   encompass pollutants   review categories   take comment   describe points   consider challenge   felt need   address question   unabated states   uphold which   make reference   retain standards   define emissions   cite lime   expand scope   give meaning   follow 605393a   align standards   make that   include point   value effects   adopt approach   revisit determinations   reexamine rulemakings   include commitments   lack response   examine use   affect health   include subset   use action   include partners   affect governments   apply hereinafter   reconsider rulemakings   clean no   identify criteria   make sense   provide information   estimate benefit   constitute category   publish amendment   propose regulations   propose subpart   illustrate effects   remove voc   endanger 564   affect facility   contribute finding   meet areas   contain all   warrant revision   interpret provision   require 189e   include everything   undergo changes   change name   receive information   express intent   provide opportunity   control so2   require one   provide reason   support revision   revise standards   revise c5iv   say what   assess emissions   define terms   trigger requirements   regulate range   process products   extract liquids   show range   improve order   preclude burning   resolve content   avoid interpretation   conduct analysis   oppose interpretation   leave applicability   steel tanks   use act   adopt interpretation   lead action   prescribe fires   inform consideration   see discussion   remove precursors   regulate pollutants   reduce content   follow 605420   affect industry   http www3epagovttnecas1   implement controls   determine degree   keep standards   afford discretion   mark cutoff   emit cause   achieve percent   consider amount   quantify effects   reach argument   explain basis   provide requirements   ascertain scope   take approach   felt analysis   authorize administrator   sip sources   justify latter   apply what   follow authority   use nems   convey value   complete analysis   require baghouse   describe s   project changes   affect amount   justify determination   expand category   amend provision   display number   follow processing   use handful   perform calculations   collect water   describe cost   determine contribution   develop standards   describe psd   identify that   discount differences   promote certainty   welfare category   monitor information   change ghgi   rescind s   give weight   evaluate merits   demonstrate consideration   require reductions   satisfy requirements   determine which   trigger section   publish priorities   demonstrate similarity   support point   send letter   issue proposal   identify industry   reexamine analysis   partnershipreporting programs   rescind action   determine that   revise categories   continue table   allow comment   apply degree   identify precursor   emit b   create risk   emit pollutants   take record   allow emissions   promulgate nothing   compare evidence   separate impacts   replace controllers   include emissions   disregard facts   use gwp   pose threat   provide projections   mirror that   see table   assess relationship   suspend revising   protect safety   decrease frequency   reflect deployment   undermine nsps   set rule   consider sources   limit state   interpret phrase   identify pollutant   consider action   include statement   cite epa   determine significance   revise category   describe 111   estimate emissions   retain focus   address emissions   interpret 1979   include improvements   endanger f3d   expect climate   list ie   constitute contribution   recognize profile   pollutant amounts   concern regulations   indicate number   extend deadlines   asses number   justify removal   present pv   view category   permit use   make scf   register notice   term finding   exhibit t   minimize pollutants   provide summary   provide support   quantify amounts   see department   interpret 111b1b   promote competitiveness   adopt standards   meet measures   impact analyses   include precursors   support proposal   need analysis   apply 111d   provide benefit   analyze emissions   consider leaks   include modification   regulate sources   cite club   rescind them   require showing   follow process   authorize standards   determine system   promulgate requirement   make determinations   regulate ones   remove definition   depict results   include requirements   promulgate that   require reference   endanger fr   abandon wells   include remainder   include segments   account regulations   preclude epa   visit us   direct agencies   fill gaps   regulate each   add d   interpret 111b1   point methane   round emissions   require standards   revise rule   reflect difficulties   address ozone   define standard   treat refineries   finalize criteria   use phrase   require step   support arguments   specify criteria   prevent regulation   assess set   implement guidelines   require reports   include units   respond number   define basis   title changes   define states   leave emissions   follow 605413a   include engines   add additions   undertake questions   emit percent   adopt regulations   limit authority   identify voc   comply a   recognize concerns   recognize utility   list epa   include compressors   include what   use data   capture states   amend rule   face burden   require comparison   provide floor   affect validity   value finding   review rule   propose action   finalize determination   propose proposal   find cause   mention operations   finalize activities   discourage development   forgo summary   list segment   reject that   quantify incidence   provide analysis   rescind expansion   encompass segment   update information   include processing   defer issue   establish fr   provide rationale   use modeling   consider aspect   identify sets   study engines   achieve that   include catawba   clean tanks   shut actions   quantify ozone   pollutant standards   identify standard   speak license   openended covers   limit increases   limit emissions   grant states   extract products   require epa   justify epa   cite t   ignore principle   evaluate concentration   express concern   involve steps   provide standard   rescind guidance   establish 182c2b   take actions   articulate test   use that   include facilities   establish nsps   limit class   finalize proposal   allow voc   install technology   consider what   develop rias   point scf   find promulgation   require regulation   provide scf   articulate interpretation   submit information   cite n   make finding   justify distinction   incorporate source   mitigate impact   express concerns   prevent emissions   impose constraint   convene proceeding   support s   reduce regulations   identify reasons   view mixture   inject confusion   ignore matters   create framework   receive comments   include conditions   require monitoring   review background   implement standards   cross border   reach conclusion   leaf doubt

Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.