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The Case for Climate Action Building A Clean Economy For The American People AUGUST 25, 2020 D E M O C R A T S . S E N A T E . G O V / C L I M A T E Brian Schatz, Chair Hawaii Sheldon Whitehouse Rhode Island Jeffrey A. Merkley Oregon Michael F. Bennet Colorado Tammy Baldwin Wisconsin Martin Heinrich New Mexico Edward J. Markey Massachusetts Tammy Duckworth Illinois Catherine Cortez Masto Nevada Tina Smith Minnesota The Case for Climate Action: Building a The Case for Climate Action: Building a C

benefits from these investments   state of new mexico   impacts but once financial   costs for the industrial   percent of their electricity   costs of new development   cost of available technologies   health of the economy   risk from the impacts  

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Priority/ Function Areas:   Business & Industrial |
Sectors/ Fields of Life:   Economy-wide |

Pathway Information

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Profiles:   the part   the program   the structure   the sun   the services   the industry   that investments   the fuel   ev sales   its home   epa standards   an models   the island   the lifetime   the weight   its payments   a risk   we residents   this initiative   the communities   a analysis   the impacts   any investment   this costs   the amount   the state   a price   all purchases   u companies   the driver   the quo   the nonprofit   this country   california insurers   an studies   a shift   the drought   rd investments   this deployments   neither policy   a lack   the odds   each level   its industries   the burden   the horizon   its economies   the investments   we manufacturers   the benefits   a step   the households   the evidence   a scaleup   the resiliency   its exposure   the fragility   it analysis   we electricity   a focus   the data   the credit   the agenda   a tradeoff   the complexity   no sources   u regulators   every asset   the rollback   the materials   an airlines   all communities   this standards   we job   this strategies   the fire   the majority   climatesmart practices   any segment   the lot   the administration   we agenda   a report   the coalition   the cap   a manufacturer   the agency   a trend   the justice   the optimism   this approach   this firms   the transport   the partnership   the technologies   this concept   a measurement   any reforms   a devaluation   the shift   the percentage   the realization   the risk   an industries   a group   this sector   the bank   this jobs   the studies   the cars   the consequences   this benefits   internationally193 standards   this savings   a fund   double average212   a city   a reassessment   the expiration   a market   the consumer   u fragility   all residents   the portion   the success   the resilience   the asset   its residents   this gains   a sector   the firms   we goal   the public   the age   the authors   this funds   this information   a borrower   the reduction   the changes   we cars   the pandemic   the crisis   an places   this effort   the means   this habitats   we country   a way   the renewables   the pace   a bank   the tag   an counties   the transition   the impact   we survival   its plans   a grid   the policy   the director   this study   the imo   the time   the seasonality   the damages   the considerations   the extent   a bursting   its resilience   u oil   the community   the area   the premium   this impact   the fleet   each panel   no program   the proposal   netzero barriers   a restoration   the period   no utility   the change   the port   this technologies   its income   a part   the desire   the solution   that damages   the naic   this program   such bubble   this lack   a nudge   a issue   a study   a residents   the magnitude   the upfront   this investment   a conversion   a event   the scenario   that transition   the companies   the growth   the market   the ratio   we economy   a commitment   the investors   the opportunity   the suitability   a lcfs   this wages   the uncertainty   the banks   the assessment   the jobs   a asset   its customers   a project   this workers   the demand   france regulators   this money   the case   we crisis   the city   this transition   the waters   the mix   we actions   ces106 action   the bus   the problem   the recommendations   this outcomes   the moment   this tools   the tendency   the combustion   a system   the policies   the movement   this pattern   the commission   the quality   the capital   we agencies   this process   the group   the office   a decrease   the potential   we regulators   the price   this investments   a range   the effect   a lot   the states   a member   the barrier   a review   the power   a quality   this gap   a sale   its impacts   any assets   a response   a pedestrian   the costs   an communities   the emissions   the president   the company   the gains   the cost   a transition   another option   that programs   this principles   the risks   the standards   the department   such standard   this data   its products   the notion   a plan   a deaths   it members   the disruptions   the barriers   this work   whose assets   a difference   the response   that losses   the outsourcing   the committee   this events   twentyeight states   its installation   this emissions   a heat   the climate   a framework   every dollar   its profits   the point   revenue433 disasters   this fleets   this bonds   this choices   we wellbeing   a priority   whose rules   the nexus   a standard   twice number   the heat   the option   we policies   the loss   this impacts   we solutions   this conditions   an aspects   the manufacturers   a economy   the ngfs   any lever   the number   the system   this changes   bank regulators   the health   we air   this policies   congress choices   all regulators   a endeavor   the announcement   we laws   a challenge   that costs   s impact   that individuals   all scenarios   this battle   the value   an obstacles   the model   the work   pacific gas   a increase   this trucks   hi city   the mining   the expenditures   all investments   that benefits   its infrastructure   an furnaces   the economy   the effects   chernushkin grid   the dynamics   a survey   a utility   an companies   the fixes   every loan   the sector   this decisions   the consensus   the intensity   the reality   netzero emissions   the drag   this facilities   such acknowledgement   the people   the alley   the country   we nation   the utility   an states   the framework   the government   that information   every company   all levels   this time   the plan   the world   raskin member
Goals:   change business models   address rethinking inequities   putt destinations housing   create generation standards   aid energy transition   reach need communities   carpooling travel busing   ensure orderly reallocation   incentivize adaptation measures   help organizations states   reduce important step   protect communities homes   avert climate crisis   unleash private capital   meet underappreciated feature   amplify jobs numbers   address unique problem   employ safeguard technologies   reduce forsaken risk   create new jobs   take systemic impact   implement regulates lcfs   revive main street   increase energy efficiency   land native priorities   achieve clean economy   expend resources time   avert physical risks   promote emissions buildings   put car manufacturers   provide more americans   build fueling infrastructure   provide free electricity   provide community benefits   send direct signal   lose essential net   create capandtrade system   generate making millions   protect natural space   incentivize development consideration   create policy tools   create loan program   operate own markets   solve economic problem   achieve need goals   hit renewable generation   asses full exposure   reduce protections emissions   give allowing stability   expand putting transit   meet overarching goals   implement favor policies   retire polluting assets   save attacks lives   pursue consentbased process   withstand floods hurricanes   create cleaner economy   underestimate economic risk   drive wholesale cost   paint stark picture   implement public assistance   mitigate historical inequities   grant preemption waiver   improve largest savings   incorporate best projections   match energy production   institute increase policies   burn black americans   reduce save emissions   internalize huge costs   reduce oil usage   decarbonize cars everything   save attacks prevent   reach gas emissions   ship percent reduction   cause higher temperatures   increase production costs   quote dollar value   provide significant opportunity   come largescale climate   adopt complete streets   encourage including manufacturing   implement car standards   set efficiency standard   depend economic aftermath   save consumers businesses   receive same protections   involve delayed response   spend higher percentage   make decarbonized sector   manage carbon footprint   ensure supervisory expectations   need carry pipelines   experience power outages   mean come reductions   increase prevent ability   give financial incentive   offer defined numbers   update gas standards   provide financial incentives   generate additional jobs   support manufacturing jobs   adopt granted standards   require immediate attention   develop full chains   involve ownership models   send arguing petition   build hardened infrastructure   embrace gardens pavement   aggravate naturebased solutions   promise emission technologies   deploy additional numbers   play important role   hinder economic action   affect financial performance   issue demanding rules   support widespread transition   miss allowing risks   head financial crises   combat climate crisis   extend tax credit   mis lead opportunity   enjoy large advantage   replace engine vehicles   disclose climaterelated information   reach tipping point   drive costeffective solutions   sell potent disincentive   invest government resources   substitute abundant materials   reduce carbon intensity   build wind generators   hit succeeded cap253   announce include intention   need accelerate support   reflect risk321 banks   replace tax bases   develop standardized tools   drive financial regulators   fast intergovernmental panel   rebuild uses america   create additional jobs   produce growth fixes   create realizing jobs   build ensures infrastructure   lose property income   develop necessary data   lower energy use   coordinate lagged efforts   address entire system   build clean governments   set energy targets   organize strong standards   enforce trade rules   provide build roadmap   address transportation inequality   need new policy   produce case emissions   deploy developing technologies   produce solar energy   drive emission reductions   drive climate crisis   identify armed opportunities   save love things   trigger financial crisis   rebuild key benefit   seek recommendations input   seek construction grant   regulate distributors refineries   assetbacked commercial paper   mis compete opportunity   create allows transition   affect credit ratings461   envision orderly transition   improve supervisory practices   lag overall workforce   strengthen manufacturing sector   make crucial demands   invest estimated billion   make ensure investments   protect competitiveness trade   andor market mechanisms   improve energy efficiency   encourage resilience spending   develop needed technologies   integrate efficiency standards   provide economic boom   build driving change   achieve price war   assess financial risks   build weather events   suit unique circumstances   fill creating gaps161   save recent study   embrace infrastructure solutions   create strong incentive   disrupt road transportation   reach climate goals   develop reduce technologies   drive broad agenda   rejuvenate manufacturing sector   achieve emissions industry   communicate abound anecdotes   afford grow opportunity   disrupt chains operations   grow manufacturing companies   retire inefficient cars   spark systemic crisis   provide purchase funds   pursue mitigation efforts   bring health benefits   add charging infrastructure   include policies right   expand advanced segment   incentivizing stimulus bill   provide massive investment   spend estimated billion   serve relations purpose   employ large number   tackle climate crisis   advance comprehensive policies   pursue adjustment mechanism   avoid significant costs   build clean hydrogen   launch great fleet   require initial investment   expand public options   retire customer costs   offer transition rebates   examine poses risks   low flood rates   create provide jobs   produce significant transition   ban multifamily housing   decarbonize transportation sector   receive same benefits   face higher burden   finance capital investments   adopt car standards   increase export technologies   follow showed survey   play critical role   cover leaves disruption451   low energy use   include known technologies   threaten rely generators   lead facilities factories   enforce level field   support clean transition   expose financial system   strengthen base cities   provide resilient supply   replicate same benefits   meet global target   adopt zoning codes   develop better understanding   take term view   explain own inaction   meet emissions standards   rise open spaces   expend own sources   use performance standards   avoid proven way   publish comprehensive list   promote strong economy   exacerbate financing gap   increase associated risks   absorb wind generators   impose trade measures   expand tax credit   set own standards   issue own debt   lack financial resources   use biodiesel blend   insure financial damage   reduce advances some   lack comprehensive strategy   charge major priority   spur innovation leadership   greening system ngfs   create biofuel initiative   protect communities workers   incorporate financial risk   undermine clean transition   promote safer streets   build strategic scheme   develop infrastructure systems   avoid worst impacts   address climate crisis   make irrational assumption   illustrate potential savings   include guarantee polices   comprise small percentage   experience weather events   grind consumption processes   confront crisis leadership   provide reducing benefits   target economic opportunities   topperforming building equipment   turn roof space   fulfill global demand   deploy utilize technologies   finance accelerate activities   enact energy emissions   stop climate crisis   prevent reducing pollution   achieve carbon system   provide potent tool   grow clean jobs   finance clean transition   convert bus fleets   provide build pay   cause broader shock   protect industrial products   avoid potential crisis   develop mitigation solutions   include direct spending   increase lives options   rethink current framework   aid technology development   accelerate clean transition   create perverse system   fit situations resources   exceed specific threshold   require lots investment   address crumbling infrastructure   foster creation investment   pas climate solutions   lack regulatory signals   accelerate financial firms   enjoy same level   provide help resources   develop analysis tools   build clean generation   keep property people   make economic case   ensure vehicle emissions   set new standards   generate economic outcomes   require public company   spur deserve reinvestment   employ means contractors   reap environmental benefits   risk sparking markets   present invest opportunity   integrate estate development   lead portfolios solutions   authorize recovery program   add freeway lanes   pursue decarbonization investments   pay financial firms   take holistic view   support storage solutions   enable credit access   issue face reports   increase sector investment   trigger climaterelated crisis   add solar generation120   fulfill core responsibilities   pose cost challenges   receive investindevelopingneweconomicopportunitiesforcommunitiesimpactedby mix   operate electricity markets   reduce management emissions   jumpstart local economy   improve fuel economy   hold temperature increase   deploy emission technologies   gaps394 financial regulators   threaten wellbeing health   trigger market correction   experience physical impacts   strengthen manufacturing chains   meet address goods   lead economic development   address pollution burden   protect own residents   support families workers   adopt retain policies   provide enforce jobs   insurance crucial absorber   choose cleaner option   take stabilize measures   ignite need transition   guarantee flexibility speed   consider trade policies   disclose gas emissions   meet increased demands   replicate found jobs   conduct make tests   create work solutions   examine using vulnerabilities   give fair option   envision own life   pay ranchers farmers   enforce latest building   decarbonize transportation sectors   need more miles   make jet fuel   fund proven program   mandate purchased materials   achieve energy independence   scale industrial technologies   ensure pay benefits   achieve reductions electrification   provide best opportunity   add store batteries   operate sizeable fleets   overcome unfortunate disconnect   establish improveretrainingandeducationopportunitiesfordisplacedworkersandunderrepresented programs   offer expensive path   create build incentive   make successful transition   reduce costs emissions   maintain technological dominance   exacerbate inequities inequities   invest entrusted money   need renewable jobs   invest new development   give scientific imperative   require emissions standards   deliver wide emissions   save money time   utilize specific resources   grow manufacturing economy   draw sector building   study stress tests   require suited heat   spark catastrophic losses   create energy jobs   build predictable incentives   replace fuel combustion   expand services highfrequency   reach need people   reduce electricity costs   tell special committee   inform infrastructure spending   develop direct funding   experience climate change   address stranded assets   increase states dependence   provide rethink opportunity   establish bike lanes   prioritize design funding   capture revenue opportunities   fund affordable housing   attract tourism dollars   adopt climate survey   bring advanced fuels   outpace fuel generation   cover funding kicks   solve climate crisis   want strong economy   avoid lost days   travel set distance   receive created support   pose financial industry   access bond markets384   understand full costs   create temporary cash   mitigate financial risk   represent can all   adjust risk weighting   create incentive programs   strengthenamericanmanufacturingandsupplychainsexpanding supply chains   create cash measures   present significant risk   reduce carbon price   promote power vehicles   build highways highways   build grow neighborhoods   create quality jobs   provide nationwide goals   own trucks cars   allow huge backlog   shrink climate impact   reduce gas emissions   discourage prioritizeamericanworkers legislation   implement buildings communities   monitor resulting services   clean electrification electricity   help energy growth   destabilize financial markets   make similar commitment   experience wealth loss   develop potential options   play significant role   eliminate marketbased policies   achieve emission reductions   include energy targets   design technologies processes   achieve recommended actions   provide affordable path   explore linked risks   mitigate additional percent   maintain set authority   decarbonize last fraction   take logical steps   fund aggressive transition   show greater commitment   ensure economic mining   adopt adopted standard   speed clean transition   raise making values   build clean economy   bring economic impacts   produce carbon dioxide   own power plants   rebuild vehicle engines   change left places   move goods people   lack electrified system   modele successful agreement   enable investments planning   improve air quality   manage confront risks   pull clean materials   avoid economic drag   ratings359 accounting impacts   offer located parking   expand options banks   site plants roads   exacerbate congestion traffic   recognize working forces   fahrenheit177 address way   reduce stress places   include pedalassisted bikes   build public investments   level playing field   reduce matching requirements   create climate subcommittee   reduce travel distances   decarbonize public transportation   develop address technologies   make capital investments   make live places   face climate risks   ensure stable system   develop next generation   spend higher share   develop analytical approaches   achieve global emissions   deploy infrastructure technology   recognize provides value   finance climate transition   use current sheets   postpone stress test   develop future funding   provide local expertise   need policy changes   market substitute technologies   transitioning nation systems   amplify climate crisis   jeopardize market stability   manufacture energy technology   help capture projects   construct renewable generation   implement strong signals   emit most dioxide   bend cost curve   fund disaster recovery   build entire chain   provide new funding   increase retail rates   increase stations workplace   fund research development   serve recovering communities   reduce saving costs   low ensuring emissions   mean fewer deaths   focus industrial sector   engage wide range   ensure industryled force   leave save ability   promote smart growth   create transparent process   create opted tunnels   turn promising statements   invent shown solutions   recapture resulting emissions   build cleaner sector   finalize new rule   buy true costs   spark financial crisis   fill knowledge gap   provide valuable avenue   experience credit downgrades   pay energy bills   generate disproportionate share   set trading system   do poor job   finance drive activities   link going benefits   factore similar analysis   organize wage standards   undermine food damages   meet reduction goals   face health risks   build economic future   use purchasing power   advance clean future   ensure energy workers   scale crosses infrastructure   demand insurance framework   set maximum level   establish best practices   develop draft memorandum   face climate threats   use need day   buy procurement standards   employ own processes   provide health benefits   flatten warming curve   take fire sale   build tailored workforce   enable income communities   propel growth development   meet large fraction   scale natural solutions   organize worker training   create large number   join global effort   affect entire base   experience economic downturns   pay plants pipelines   carry chemicals hydrogen   increase generated reductions   avoid worst change   form transportation initiative   direct new funding   build economic engines   implement infrastructure solutions   show protect need   buy preparedness kit   promote environmental outcomes   provide doing cobenefits   mitigate economic impacts   create outsourced millions   underprice financial impacts   implement naturebased solutions   convert entire fleets   drive economic transition   take existing framework   see powerful case   develop own standards   designate fuel corridors   expand bikeshare system   develop allow programs   enforce protect policies   build new pipeline   find expected gains   need innovation agenda   achieve monetary policy   market potential opportunity   bear full cost   reform outdated law   curb reckless behavior   survive thrive adapt   promote fuel switching   accept promote prices   focus benefit those   rethink spending priorities   incentivize improve actions   oversee financial system   build increasing programs   threaten hydropower infrastructure   realize link opportunities   create real drag   require own chemical   acquire technologies justice   deploy emissions gains   prevent climate action   achieve clean future   prevent premature deaths   deserve electricity sector   protect noteworthy benefit   buy industrial sector   face urgent risks   address specific needs   build reliable policies   use large number   give need direction   inform resilience strategies   solve dual problems   asses including vulnerabilities   add followed generation   ignore related risks   exceed calls degrees   use existing authority   strike attract struggle   weaken existing standards242   provide policy tools   include automobiles aviation   generate high heat   publish standardized set   assess systemic risks   promote organize right   retain protect ability   ease labor market   meet climate goals   build vehicle standards   ensure intended outcome   support counties states   build clean future   save utility money   affect other sector   pay steepest price   create new materials   favor own production   avoid future shock   implement streets program   achieve reduction benefits   putt parks schools   use competitive funds   accelerate see pace   install wind turbines   incorporate strategies resiliency   participate communities initiative   include glider engines   drive next revolution   prevent mitigation strategies   implement emission standards   announce adopt intentions   offer decarbonizing benefits116   lose cumulative profits   improve providing health   buy appliances pumps   create programs offices   overburden afford communities   provide percent return   use proven tool   require transportation agencies   pose direct threat   provide mapping tools   manufacture provisions support   build harnessing signals   feature broad set   represent credible assessment   repay losses creditors   affect financial stability   provide encourage means   rebuild damaged property   conduct stress tests   increase disposable income
Measures:   rapid systems   innovative collaboration   new lines   local community   cheap deployment   qualify borrowers   financial preparedness   atrisk communities   fast turnover   trade system   basic research   electric demand   federal policies   renewable growth   individual recovery   clean products   short goals   decay infrastructure   net sector   vulnerable communities   broad economy331   first months   next century   highway highways   green finance392   large source   core products   first report393   diligence questions   rural populations   productive investments   more fairness   destabilize markets   thrive population   solar installations   cost curve   limit dollars   appropriate tools   tragically decades   store houses   inequitable investments   exist authority   whole neighborhoods   term view   capture technologies   obvious change320   small areas   local runoff   liquid fuel   energy future   bold strategies   steep costs   exist homes   esgfocused products   electric rates   collective response   longterm good350   annual flooding   effective policies   additional spending   regional differences   similar projects   due commitment   pay benefits   financial industry   next phase   private landowners   hydropower infrastructure   clear mandate   right information   new capacity   foreign relations   critical services   exist vehicles   individual installations   annual savings   lowincome communities   crumble infrastructure   modular reactors   meaningful action   old buildings   shock absorber   climatesmart decisions   uneven impacts   national standards   recent years40   many investment   jicarilla nation   clean sector   new countries   multigenerational communities   job numbers   charge stations   bad change   government power   credit point   physical risks401   outstanding securities   offset emissions   full chains   large investments   geothermal capture   public power   infrastructure investments   industrial performance   efficient automobiles   operational strategies276   continue reliance   interstate pipelines   unique challenges   education training   farm productivity   procurement standards   efficient vehicles   low technologies   significant return   severe weather   senior fellow   keisha mayor   past years   federal capital   energy technology   green hydrogen   economic growth   lead cities   greenhouse gases   ideological grounds   designate corridors   technical assistance   wellcrafted changes   great opportunities   wildlandurban interface   electric sales   vary approaches   certain utilities   improve quality   disclosure survey   prone areas   secure housing   new spending   potent gas   single country   affordable housing   clean future   need chains   irrational assumption   solar gardens   energy reliability   good place   white neighborhoods   new sources   low prices   wide range   air pollution   efficient trips   noteworthy benefit   prolong downturns   good data   lucrative fees   transportation system   obvious place   negative technologies   environmental impact   develop batteries   sustainable economy   sealevel rise   prove vehicle   potential crisis   local pollution   reduce emissions   extraordinary measures   climaterelated crisis   aviation sector   good anecdotes   electric sector74   few resources   oil usage   electric locomotives   large approaches   supervisory responsibilities   global marketplace   critical infrastructure   emission industry   supply chains   union jobs   relevant publications   great access   unionize jobs   sustainable indexes   hightemperature heat   such standards   finance options   carbonfree energy   significant opportunities   individual decisions   obvious concerns   macrofinancial impacts   strong standards   basic materials   necessary chains   insurance coverage   energy emissions   many assets   market signals   more potential   unavoidable emissions   environmental justice   property communities   important step   unnecessary barrier   responsible pollutants   new solutions   exist budget   huge numbers   widespread deployment   mitigation measures   costcompetitive fuels   right investments   restrictive zoning   size models   necessary data   prudent stewardship   increase deaths   economic stability   local requirements   bike lanes   real medium   great lakes   business models   coastal areas   solar jobs   creative policy   catastrophic wildfire   actual responses   many families   few patents   tax adjustments   blend requirements   require investments   commercial flights   high risk   executive director   high prices   local monopoly   grow tendency   last employment   industrial efficiency   heavy industry343   intensity level   progressive codes   usmade meters   future generations   fast transition   capandtrade system   energy jobs   easy access   next event   small percentage   obvious system   incremental approach   several ways   significant resources   complex undertaking   lose bases   loan program   difficult challenges   strategic management   emission reductions   single source   excess wind   share knowledge   coordinate approach   available tools   relation purpose   shrink base   federal support   potential pitfalls   update rules   carbon intensity   global account   wet year   online table   recent plan497   smart way   transit systems   combine heat   own processes   nonsustainable counterparts   second place   aggressive goals   international standards   infrastructure networks   heavyduty engines   necessary work   last crisis   reputational risk   possible midcentury   great insecurity   racial disparities   harmful impacts   variable renewables   additional infrastructure   poor people   appropriate development   resiliencefocused banks   increase programs   highspeed rail   glider engines   bond markets384   trade policies   exist complexities   cold rolling   sizeable fleets   negative impacts   individual projects   commercial sector   clean industries   necessary strategies   solar adoption   additional solutions   own wages   complex companies   gray hydrogen   unused space   initial investment   average solar   intentional outages   natural infrastructure   important segment   financial performance   crucial absorber   highemission steel   flood hurricanes   clean transportation   efficient logistics   local populations   foreign countries   development consideration   net increase   clean energy383   defer maintenance   transportation sector   high rates   iron ore   more fuel   new banks   transparent process   valuable avenue   clean program   resilience priorities   21st century   public confidence   economic outlook   zev infrastructure   broad deployment   new types   right set   downstream products   profound impacts   small grants   foreignmade technology   reliable system   current law   more solutions   bad impacts   federal governments   map tools   unsustainable levels   trade measures   lack access   aggressive investments   highcapacity lines   cheap highcarbon   precise duration   financial titans   financial crises   clean car   systemic racism   clean sources   downscale models   least cost   economic output   several decades   efficient appliances   affordable households   total emissions   large authorities   major investors   untap heat   big challenges   fair rules   manufacture economy   american labor   large grid   ccus projects   power vehicles   future technologies   medium obstacle   high employment   inc standards   low operations   substantial task   longterm methods   new lighting   wellunderstood risks   local character   rail flying   affect parties   electric heat   potential processes   grant programs   high bills   lead emissions   national network   neutral system   exist system   robust rdd   car manufacturers   chain assets   sector investment   more highways   local economies   base cities   future funding   carbon dioxide   nfip framework   thermal generators   central city   green fleet   responsible reclamation   fleet turnover   tribal communities   same time   enough energy   distress communities   advance manufacturing   critical part   emerge technologies   fuelrelated assets   improve performance   macroeconomic variables   novel materials   reduction processes   manufacture chain   dire consequences   top emissions   clean workforce   clean electricity5   clean technologies   market certainty   great care   smart equipment   low electricity   single occupancy   important solutions   economic decline   cumulative profits   specific threshold   severe hurricanes   additional dollars   economic engines   federal credits   expansive development35   coastal ports   regular flooding   nearby communities   high costs   accelerate gentrification   more regions   wholesale costs   public health   prove pathway   collapse332 change   more risk   biodiesel blend   american system   avoid impacts   financial regulation   local developer   aging infrastructure   direct assistance   widespread use190   immense opportunity   current technology   main competitors   solar companies   resilience consideration   interstate transmission   engine vehicles   credit downgrades   lowincome buyers   hydrogen fuel   naturebased solutions   burn fuels   resiliency vulnerabilities   industrial products   american money   federal contracts   increase flooding   good jobs   increase poverty   appropriate grants   commercial paper   clean materials   new assets   strong economy   technical communities   biofuel segment   reliable policies   deep decarbonization   public utilities   nowarming scenario28   pilot program   new opportunities   global markets   technical challenge   likely persistence   local quality   additional rdd   future emissions   significant action333   relative assistance   advance office   actual electrons   new outlook   durable employment   fair way   economic losses   equitable measures   more investment   international trade   electric sector   welltrained workforce   nonhighway travel   standard standards   strong incentive   diverse voices   exist reserves   substantial time   smart buildings   scientific breakthroughs   potential access   underrepresented communities   increase mortality   financial information   overwhelm drains   next revolution   catastrophic levels   fossil fuels   exist apportionments   smart strategies   small businesses   full costs   twodimensional problem   job gains   future markets   global market   device manufacturing   register centers   profound effects   national framework   postdisaster funds   normal condition   sustainable agriculture   clean standards   several scenarios   recreational business   new funding   new future   major rivers   standard codes   such forecasts   electrify processes   international competition   climate change   energy bills   high burden   international markets   rural economies   federal approach   state dependence   federal procurement   smart forces   right framework   voluntary disclosure   increase gas   infrastructure spending   responsible mining   more miles   climatedriven damages   low jobs   les money   dioxide pollution   emission future   additional electrification   pay jobs   new standards   new policies   available water   public comments   specific individuals   major roadways   transit lines   nationwide incentives   vehicle engines   elderly residents   small reactors   renewable electricity   highrisk community   supervisory frameworks   overall use   wealthy owners   share vision   economic disruption   clean economy   energy workers   foreign competitors   federal funding   cultural practices   resilient buildings   electric grid   significant alternatives   zoning laws   consentbased process   rapid deployment   low number   fiscal policies   electricity use   high wages   economic downturns   permeable pavement   select countries   new approaches   transportation inequality   grid hydrogen   exogenous shocks   systemic event   direct aid   local jobs   improve weatherization   purchase power   advance segment   more jobs   supervisory expectations   rental properties   coastal flooding   many ports   few regulators   schallert director   cheap materials   electrical system   overall economy   new action   average trip   local leaders   incomplete accounting   large cities   outdate law   cheap energy   high heat   such debt   global target   stress test   maximum level   strong history   complementary policies   financial risk   good wages   most products   risk weighting   intentional goal160   distress seller   electricity markets   federal action333   accurate predictors   more states   regional entities   tidal values   annual letter   build functionality   overall costs   international colleagues   extreme heat439   specific needs   stable system   collective action   electric cooperatives   ample opportunity   community actions   significant investments   major firms   more resources   dual problems   multiple floods   highimpact transition   catastrophic point   lowcost financing   emissionsbased standards   disruptive flooding   great recession   good technology   public opinion   work days   systemic risk   previous efforts   smart planning   political will   48c credit   task force   substantial funds   large projects   burgeon industry   additional debt   federal reforms   reliable electricity   direct help   work investments   natural emissions   devastate impacts   federal regulations   only way   general uncertainty   green roofs   ready access   new model   risks325 insurers   few deaths   exist framework   revenue opportunities   scenario analysis   expensive borrowing   governmental entities457   industrial systems   social justice   additional investments   work policies   increase risk   similar investments   huge costs   goal investments   innovative projects   unambiguous legislation   finance gap   multifamily housing   climatefriendly system   analytic approaches   rural cooperatives   significant architecture   wildfire risk   several options   many ways   same protections   halt values   individual firms   riskbased strategies   corporate economy   complete streets   essential fixes   safe security   risky assets   guarantee rates   individual health   electrical sources   crucial sinks   credit access   widespread adoption   predictable incentives   sustainable infrastructure   inherent risk   economic transition   long term   federal standards   solar wind   resilient revivals   hybrid vehicles   change risks   logical steps   change precipitation   transportation sectors   clean patents   high emissions   systemic impact   match requirements   neighbor agreement   multiple options   innovation agenda   distribute energy   disorderly transition   indoor air   vulnerable areas   job losses   american leadership   little consideration   additional pollution   good information   plan test   longstanding inequities   regulatory signals   strong signals   cheap gas   property values   central bankers   build factories   fuel combustion   useful information   many opportunities   relate risks   solar generation108109   new wind   net jobs   industrial sector   associate emissions   current barriers   significant funding   generation sources   centralize generation   labor standards   metropolitan planning   infrastructure solutions   target action   highquality jobs   several professors   aggressive steps   safe communities   wholesale cost   new processes   public sector   lifeordeath matter   job decarbonization   small income   same direction   long drives   true cost   new materials   own production   new pipelines   tribal entities   electric air   american households   clear policies   regulate states   federal policy   financial sector   affordable methods   competitive disadvantage   district rebates   resilient infrastructure   electric vehicle   big threat   construction grant   central banks   expensive minerals   concentrate footprints   economic impacts   usmade turbines   inefficient cars   good benefits   accurate measure   hydrogen technologies   act authority   green microgrids   significant reductions   sound climate   nuclear plants47   good products   clean vehicle   more standards   foster development   protectionary measures   electric bill   public transit   poor populations   total gases   disposable income   renewable portfolio   industrial technologies   technological transformation32   innovative mechanisms   similar program   federal assistance   good disclosure   policy options   storage solutions   new factories   customer costs   electric cell   economic care   ordinary course   human one   direct losses   standard support   uninsured losses   past deindustrialization   green freight   tax point   lose wages   grow market   technological dominance   clean transition   long options   response measures   lowinterest loans   residential efficiency   auto manufacturers   technologyneutral tax   largescale deployment   freeway lanes   improve consideration   significant shocks   environmental downsides   low footprints   investmentgrade ratings   produce regions   urban communities   flood values   persistent tightening   health risks   american steel   similar commitment   smallscale generation   delay action   carbonsensitive sectors   natural space   full cost   many owners   current system   late 2020s   respiratory disease   american jobs   environmental review   public charging   additional percent   industrial heating   les half   key stage   foreignmade products   federal fleets   unaffected firms   economic progress   destabilize losses   great recessionlevel   challenge sources   many parts   next years   need goals   important role   affluent ones   rural communities   public vehicle   close window   viable alternative   intellectual property   early action   solar panels   clean ones   renewable targets   new company   total employment   native communities   extra help   dioxide emissions   monthly income   quality standards   front end   electric power   clean technology   innovative guarantee   adaptation measures   complementary programs   clean aspects   supply sustainability   manufacture credit   great exposure   exist regulations   lowincome drivers   netzero emissions   technological revolution   low levels   intend outcome   financial levers   significant breakthrough   good understanding   urban density   personal residences   first time   current average   new generation120   target funding   solar sector   successful agreement   decarbonization policies   distinct activities   entire industries   climaterelated information   advance biofuels   widespread transition   recent declines   relief measures   disadvantage investment   local footprints   minimum requirements   technological innovations   sustainable livelihoods   current stress   financial crisis   financial risks   clean energy   resilient codes   many businesses   global emissions   community resilience   congressional efforts   new services   municipal debt   locate parking   additional numbers   scalable solutions   extreme events198   pyro processing   public agencies   heavyduty fleet   social responsibility   personal automobiles   low years   supervisory practices   manufacture lowcarbon   private funds   viable way   new infrastructure   new projects   electric mix   long run   terminal equipment   expect efficiency   gray process   modest adjustments   technological information   great risk426   new programs   current path   proper consideration   economic aftermath   loan funds   automobile aviation   esg products   climatedriven impacts   growth development   green spaces   afforestation projects   longterm growth   analytic frameworks   current sector   pollute assets   longterm innovation   important component   economic inequality   new reality   clean tech   disaster declarations   comprehensive list   efficient models   nonpeak hours   strong protections   concrete dioxide   scary stuff   fire risk   clean jobs   insurance framework   specific communities   direct capture   few millions   revolve programs   potent tool   pollute places   wind turbines   rdd spending   thorough engagement   solar power   many downsides   voluntary program   low ratings   higherthanexpected claims   union programs   biofuel initiative   significant risk   exist communities   policyholder premiums   fueling infrastructure   energy generation   increase investment   income communities   urban areas   major projects   community relocation   fast ways   broad support   procyclical losses   supervisory standards329   renewable ownership   particular maps   come decades   federal resources   future actions   good projections   electric station   local communities   severe downgrades   electric rail   new careers   warm curve   public stations   more workers   financial shock   domestic supplies   different ways   emission electrification   right incentives   strand barriers   hard processes   particular note   possible advances   private investors   easy gains   grant vehicles   investment strategies   exist space   bank insurers   market mechanisms   ongoing effort   green infrastructure   immediate attention   marketbased policies   lightduty vehicles   large fleets   normal activity   domestic goods   valuable products   emission funding   own inaction   essential element   ample water   large number   global increase   outsize emissions   smart streets   compel choice   tree coverage   american consumers   american increases   cheap climate   school fleets   strand waste   little ability   lowcarbon technologies   emission economywide   high concentration   pivotal tools   good agreement   netzero economy   portfolio solutions   real estate   power supply   comprehensive report393   federal demand   broad outcomes   similar changes   lowcarbon technology   accompany decline   spend priorities   market forces   direct investments   high speeds   single default   solar generation120   current framework   own residents   average economy   additional processes   physical impacts   consumer preferences337   specific resources   smart communities   many others   climaterelated subcommittee   new pipeline   high percentage   global footprints   utility money   financial instability   global nature   electric subsectors   fossil power   gross product   electric utilities   low costs   low gas   free electricity   international council   capital investments   good solar   health costs   weather events   clean option   climate services   creative mechanisms   economic activity   industrial production   poor quality   viable scenario   federal efforts   sustainable neighborhoods   zev standards   clean procurement   low fuels   net benefits   private sector   concrete actions   increase efficiency   simple thresholds   risk tolerance   agricultural yields   cool biofuels   utility aviation   usmade equipment   high levels   decrease pollution   distinct categories   good wind   longterm savings   gray infrastructure   loan defaults   strong policies   american competitiveness   adequate resources   federal agencies   great fleet   multiple owners   abound anecdotes   policy changes   economic mining   customer money   increase demands   private companies   large savings   spillover effect   big steps   indirect emissions137   commercial aviation   destructive activities   petroleum blend   excessive precipitation   drive change   green space   geothermal biomass   federal dollars   federal investment   global gas   great reductions   welcome net   exist transportation   plugin vehicles   possible information   taxpayer resources   investorowned utilities   lead manufacturer   new fuels   current processes   global economy   associate impacts   increase base   electrify system   open spaces   credible assessment   resilient future   first account   hydropower projects   unprecedented scale   proworker provisions   smart manufacturing   rapid decline   just future   broad shock   spin-dry vegetation   low power   significant spending   local economy   business economy   result emissions   historical inequities   permanent equivalent   different regions   more contractors   numerous sectors   municipal bonds   continue development   safe alternatives   public communities   good compensation   native priorities   highemissions goods   climate pollution   late entrants   reduction electrification   much time   hydrogen infrastructure   lowcarbon fuels   play field   more benefits   permanent communities   energy infrastructure   compact center   likely need   pro worker   additional reductions   laudable progress   little precedent   new round   good returns   due diligence   domestic manufacturers   netnegative generation   retail rates   public good350   lose revenues   flood insurance   regulate companies   southeast regions132   more emphasis   transportation inequities   smart meters   nearterm goals   more trees   emission technologies   exist challenges   high risks   fund program   new regulations   first change   unique ways   third costs   local expertise   federal action   entire fleets   near certainty   federal incentive   recent jobs   natural solutions   manufacture chains   same goals   outdate vehicles   exist technology   industryled force   build services   discount prices   holistic view   economic consequences   american manufacturers   advance rules   direct funding   many upgrades   extensive input   large scale   worker protections   main streets   more harm   dera money   promise statements   innovative materials   economic activity280   electricity costs   disorderly manner   global effort   standardize tools   core responsibilities   direct spending   price shocks   define numbers   direct investment   improve batteries   industrial heat   local training   progressive building   black neighborhoods   roof space   delay response   metric tons   broad set   economic competitors   empty estate   warm future507   electric transmission   abandon mines   water resources   mine waste   car standards   pedalassisted bikes   lowincome families   alternative modes   complex firms   power outages   specific geographies   different access   social damage   price shock   extreme events440   undertake efforts   real impacts   risk321 banks   work outcomes   climate transition   urban neighborhoods   establish communities   public relations   similar lcfs   bold solutions   solar growth   free cash   economic case   small generation   crucial component   wide emissions   energy growth   urban expansion   new paradigm   more funds   similar policies   oil consumption   expect returns   common threat   great use   environmental mining   dark money   clean generation   heavy concentration   blue hydrogen   few losses   sufficient quantities   facto subsidies   near term   disasterrelated expenses   national planning   work families   same benefits   financial damage   powerful ally   expect gains   heavy stress   domestic materials   low capacity   such codes   equipment147 countries   promise fuel   more mortgages   robust lines   percent return   last decades   target investments   standardsetting organization   natural extension   emissionsintensive table   last years   apprenticeship programs   reckless decisions   interstate energy   reasonable price   new innovation   charitable trusts   many cobenefits   green banks   western town   chronic inundation   prevail standards   major source   climate tests   tax bill   dramatic drops   multinational corporations   register programs   lowincome households   nuclear capture   large advantage   main categories   excess capacity   public investment   intense events440   federal spending   physical damages   risky regions   extreme reduction   cheap option   exist act   change climate   stagnate wages   farm income   balance sheets   insurance industry   storm runoff   charge station   extreme weather   female workers95   clear standards   future risk   same standards   supervisory community   rapid decarbonization   explicit discussion   climaterelated disasters   decadeslong effects   electric grids   modele horizon   high standards   local level   cdbgdr program   individually administration   electric vehicles   unionization rates   offsite plants   american workers   disaster recovery   middle class   collective leadership   own chemical   work conditions   provision support   good connections   financial incentives   frequent events   scarce resource   rural households   more costly467   limit ability   climate impacts   electricity sector   walk biking   energy use   economic cost   inventive measures   protect lanes   largescale climate   real benefits   federal incentives   climateinduced shocks   longterm recovery   clean fuels   exist panels   stable jobs   federal credit   solar technology   additional funds   les ability   zoning codes   low midcentury   social connections   park schools   significant reallocation   indepth analyses   economic forecasts   many communities   overall quality   bus systems   actual economy   building communities   island effect   strand assets   safe options   street planning   import goods   performance standards   exist renters   powerful tool   national market   regulatory standards   decarbonization pledges   ga oil   fiduciary duty   significant transition   renewable fuels   diverse system   recommend actions   power plants   expensive path   comparable trips   federal court   clean choices   draft memorandum   climatedriven events   national program   estimate homes   tcfdlike disclosures   electric generation126   key player   rail system   climaterelated risk   similar materials   big drivers   crucial demands   surround communities   local projects   extreme levels   domestic facilities   climate projections   lowcarbon infrastructure   fuel corridors   frequent closures   port electrification   limit exceptions   subsequent step   vital services   change forces   charge drive   accessible banks   manufacture products   thermal coal   smart lowcarbon   unsafe way   fire sale   wholesale changes   vehicle standards   poor standards   traditional infrastructure   extreme droughts   timely disclosures   continuous growth   usable batteries   many benefits   energy security   vacant lots   valuable spaces   american companies   available lowcarbon   primary objectives   solar energy   many facilities   carbonintensive industries   sudden transition   electric transition   only body   standardize set   hot days427   local dollars   cheap form   lead communities   several states   specialize agency   industrial decarbonization   renewable production   local governments   air pollutants   improveretrainingandeducationopportunitiesfordisplacedworkersandunderrepresented programs   signal incentives   productive investment   low emissions   unfair competition   climate scenarios   highway system   tragic examples   american industry   same level   electric infrastructure   new technologies   transportation emissions   proworker polices   new companies   foreign powers   next generation   federal perimeter   ample time   available scenario   affordable parking   vulnerable populations   net metering   economic damage   economic future   recovery cdfis   unfathomable costs   steep reductions   oil consumptions   tourism dollars   new generation   sustain risks   key driver   financial cycle   smart growth   rapid reductions   scientific dominance   propose projects   electric generators   surface temperatures   lowercost competition   necessary ratings   deteriorate programs   significant opportunity   different processes   international materials   advance biomass   chain challenges   biofuel volumes   more research   safe streets   high housing   regional centers   piecemeal climate   expesive stretch   wage standards   economic participants   consistent manner   worth homes   prone states   job opportunities   alaskan town   financial markets   beneficial electrification   global standards   different companies   knowledge gap   investor demand   energy expenditures   coastal property   physical climate   liquid fuels   financial companies   considerable funds   economic action   environmental costs   long beach   fair emissions   efficient access   fifth year   roll rolling   environmental injustice   hard work   more carbon   domestic production   many farmers   imprudent investments   future rise   premium taxes   netzero future   significant source   smart development   near future   middle families   iconic companies   maximum employment   grid climate   rate agencies   rapid transit   net emissions   great action   most communities   current emissions   significant buses   certain point   industrial sectors   climatefueled disasters   estate development   medium trucks   real drag   ambitious standards   hard time   exist laws   home offices   appropriate expectations   lowestcost way   high temperatures   direct signal   new engines   many dioxide   unionize unions   own standards   many jobs   impact generators   processbased emissions   economic catastrophe   onroad fleet   low rates   broadly communities   greenhouse emissions   trade rules   former power   waste heat   customer base   right signals   recovery policies   comparable jobs   grant funds   deregulate markets   economic benefits   economic risk   skill workers   resilience solutions   postdisaster recovery   suitable hydrography   chief regulators   analytic work   new rule   american worker   similar programs   changeaccelerating activities   total jobs   societal disruption   lightduty fleet   carbonintensive forms   percent chance   american act   meaningful reductions   distribute farms   dense communities   large grids   high emitters   plan actions   goal incentives   monetary policy   low income   huge backlog   several programs   concentrate development   high water   international approach   preventative action   durable housing   deindustrialized communities   public commission   market stability   green bonds   electric transportation   new jobs15   compound benefits   future disasters   coastal communities   global supply   broad range   annual report   optimize operations   usbased manufacturing   datum methods   nationalscale approach   agricultural economies   future shock   bikeshare system   commercial development   urgent risks   environmental harms   clean policy   investment planning   enormous opportunities   first agreement   lowmargin assets   public assistance   electrical sector   sustainable products   major aspects   good opportunity   ambitious efforts   more funding   future spending   economic drag   distribute generation   protective standards   significant role   severe disasters   pew trusts   persistent impacts   work people   low vehicles   energy production   own debt   decisionuseful information   damage manner   goodpaying jobs   utilityscale farms   public options   alternative corridors   direct support   public areas   financial impacts   new development   own resilience   nuclear hydropower   national networks   first state   chain sustainability   air capture   american wealth   federal standard   many systems   new things   previous successes   electric buses   last years281   uncertain supply   comprehensive strategy   international freight   epa standards   such tools   economic downturn   renewable efficiency   organize input   carbon tariffs   urban environments   develop decarbonization   result revenues   credit ratings461   additional action   chronic shortfalls   home ownership   electric heaters   level field   prove way   turbulent months   responsible industries   firm vulnerabilities   last year   mine law   many years   federal judiciary   severe impacts   energy savings   industrial policy   sudden correction   constant renegotiation   only agencies   nuclear waste   national strategy   significant bill   fair treatment   regulatory perimeter   financial incentive   big undertakings   many locations   great commitment   key benefit   enough capacity   electric emissions   specific hours   antiunion activities   tax incentives   devastate losses   financial firms   public spaces   control manner   large gains   weak standards   grow professions   rapid transition   more data   climate action   federal buildings   deforestation destruction   fuel switching   multimodal design   industrial facilities   air quality   mix use   total use   affordable choice   affordable path   stimulus bill   systemic crisis   urban centers   drive force   high labor   new highcapacity   risky areas   scientific imperative   most dioxide   asthma attacks   manufacture program   new tools   far commuters   tremendous room   last communities   multiple revenue   local development   essential services   financial conditions   numerous websites   unpredictable swings   netzero buildings   abundant materials   environmental pollution   desire outcomes   new parks   increase funding   private capital   good practices   more half   policy response   small power   current sheets   low communities   antidisplacement programs   ownership models   industrial processes   lead professors   come yearsdecades   prime estate   more security   affordable mortgages   national system   financial opportunities   necessary goal   responsible managers   huge demand   potential improvements   direct threat   numerous fleets   domestic manufacturing   unique problem   broad program   clean governments   prove technologies   gradual shift   automatic triggers   industrial pollution   low commuters   natural disaster   vehicle emissions   favorable economics   domestic product   relative lack   potential savings   clean hydrogen   early reallocation   contract program   postfinancial reforms   local goals   personal vehicles   select activities   close proximity   next steps   long horizon   public good   netzero industry   exist projects   current care   sustainable system   environmental benefits   global development   extreme heat   catastrophic losses   cheap costs   very companies   new measures   large capitalintensive   variable nature   generation renewables   minimal ability   additional rewards   good pay   temperature increase   suv account   climate solutions   global system   high losses   energyefficient appliances   economic risks   national climate   nonco2 warming   battery storage   retail prices   clean energyelectricity   commercial deployment   many times   substantial investment   low economy   concrete steps   exploratory stress   public company   smart grid   unpopular activities   similar holdings   economic turbulence   transit infrastructure   fund gap   technology development   household businesses   oceangoing vessels   resettlement resources   natural disasters   longterm investment   american taxpayers   current standards   current approaches   electric bikes   additional benefits   small owners   technical documents   global demand   large volumes   energy transition   critical issues   valuable data   midterm goals   unionize coal   write input   unfortunate disconnect   cost advantage   safe areas   long distance   significant loss   susceptible areas   deindustrialized countries   dense neighborhoods   american homes   jet fuel   overall workforce   regulatory certainty   fossil assets   annual losses   emission thousands   climatedriven crisis   public need   transportation agencies   far progress   carbonintensive investments   massive investment   low future   enforcement actions   local concerns   efficient form   decline change   more lanes   energy patents   climateinduced disasters   accompany policies   full exposure   hot temperatures   netzero grid   incentive investments   wholesale sale   short trips   very lowemission   decarbonize sector   main street   climate actions   full decarbonization   potential liabilities   wrong place   combine system   rural areas   unchecked risks401   impact communities   economic insecurity   clean manufacturing   solar peaks   new sets   more choices   local input   risk subcommittee   emission standards   necessary actions   regulate markets   community flooding   orient development   cost challenges   urbanize areas   federal policymakers   financial regulators   long timeframe   sustainable peers   smart building   strong emissions   research support   resilient money   federal projects   store schools   public transportation   technologyneutral standards   american progress   monthly timescales   special groups   initial development   pollution burden   prevail provisions   many roads   carbon pollution411412   future strategies   industrial emissions   stringent standards   private action   interest homeowners   global warming   equivalent tbtuyr   heavy transit   invaluable expertise   industrial emission   unexpect shocks   lose sales   early movers   integrate approaches   vital component   assistance mix   economic opportunities   change temperatures   smart policy   bad markets   substantial investments   pension funds   high controllability   urban ones   necessary mechanisms   aviation emissions   transportation options   late building   coherent investments   commercial properties   american factories   financial institutions   new policy   single plant   food damages   orderly reallocation   federal grant   favorable choice46   current areas   critical role   electrical generation   warm trajectory   national systems   many products   reduce activity   environmental concerns   increase pace   international counterparts   risk management   american risks   hot house   onroad trucks   renewable resources   meaningful change   regulatory efforts   traditional prices   clean air   power lines   reduction solutions   economy standards   more deaths   percent emissions   air temperature   public investments   major priority   propose policies   relate jobs   significant benefits   key materials   insurance rates   small towns   clean electricity   social programs   fossil combustion   voluntary buyouts   first step   clear certainty   seasonal timescales   productive uses   regional initiative   large fraction   adverse conditions   much innovation   climatic system   determine emissions   decent wages   net reduction   market correction   lowcost wind   strategic partnerships   carbon dioxide117   civil aviation   specific practices   entire base   individual communities   require infrastructure   necessary infrastructure   public services   rural counties   nuclear fuels   stress tests   long time   domestic chains   trade companies   environmental toxins   future money   manufacture sector   electric heating   advance capture   incentive disconnect   regional climate   usmade vehicles   wornout bridge   available technologies   preemption waiver   manufacture jobs   dieselpowered engines   les power   add benefit   improve standards   mitigation efforts   critical juncture   typical office   global banks   environmental standards   alternative materials   ongoing investment   market efficiency   exclusive focus   industrial sources   fuel efficiency   corporate responsibility   strategic plan497   labor market   many decades   costeffective approaches   deteriorate infrastructure   lowincome housing   several barriers   company funds   fair option   significant risks   substantial subsidies   worker classification   green project   ready projects   revenue stability   responsible regulators   energy targets   rely case   american ingenuity   significant modifications   proactive spending   large companies   agricultural revenues   institutional investors   necessary tools   green efficiency   residential density   bus fleets   buyout programs   increase resilience   organize labor   future crises   great ports   inland homes   new legislation   gaseous dioxide   severe events   affordable livelihoods   direct consequences   fast professions   net gains   entire chain   chronic pollution   dollar value   tip point   advance technologies   indirect benefits   perverse system   financial assets   systemwide approach   regional economies   small economy   45q credit   electrical appliances   global primacy   solar account   enhance solutions   vital source   long delay   deep reductions   new jobs   federal transportation   adjustment mechanism   physical risks   renewable fuel   american taxpayer   charge infrastructure   drive growth   generation standards   federal actions   worker training   timely construction   clean prices   regional towns   affordable batteries   discriminatory practices   american requirements   grow risks   climate goals   major facilities   key factors   lowincome facilities   real output   positive outcomes   difficult commissions   health benefits   fuel economy   climatedriven losses   additional jobs   rapid growth   economic forces   small institutions   tailpipe emissions   lowemissions policies   climate risks   close schools   low wages   miss school   viable programs   whole economy   overarch goals   significant action   flawed reasoning   medium vehicles   healthy community   low sources   electric charging   elevate incidence   longterm markets384   easy industry   annual temperature   widescale use   natural gas   non profits   good investments   sector emissions   local development35   adequate insurance   goal ownership   heavy lifting   synthetic fuel   policy tools   les carbon   exist coal   rapid increases   large farms   residential expenditures   disincentivizing development   same strategies   18fold growth   explicit focus   renewable jobs   nuclear biomass   many careers   new loan   systemic risks   valuable insight   pump fans   whole regions   transit agencies   global models   aggressive transition   last decade   good efficiency   specific regions   climate subcommittee   federal fleet   economic transactions   apply research   american people   primary drivers   steep price   extraordinary challenge   renewable generation   familysustaining wages   investindevelopingneweconomicopportunitiesforcommunitiesimpactedby mix   disproportionate risks   sustainable transportation   nationwide goals   rare elements   street program   direct requirements   regulatory requirements   numerous cobenefits   reduction goals   financial stability   electric cars   zev regulations   prove tool   recent disasters   economic opportunity   build equipment   economic outcomes   electric delivery   fast shipping   stable framework   new methods   federal lcfs   past policy   dense development   windy parts   natural threat   displace workers   mode equipment   climate policies   similar analysis   farm jobs   equivalent emissions   financial products   carbon footprint   clean capabilities   emission gains   devastate communities   unprecedented number   young adults   flood impacts   many instances   public inconveniences   industrial sector148   good planning   whole banks   revolve fund   same amount   international aviation   great protection   grow threats   percent rates   vehicle efficiency   innovative solutions   public space   great depression   significant effort   bottom mayor   industrial activities   government resources   few hours   potential options   temporary legislation   essential net   true costs   congressional renegotiation   domestic decarbonization   past investments   vehicle fleets   emission electricity   electric furnaces   direct capital   industrial materials   significant barriers   future events   environmental pollutants   energy independence   local assets   major step   great savings   suburban parks   capture dioxide   affordable transportation   increase banks   major disaster   catastrophic events   appropriate incentives   pollute sectors   green communities   racial segregation   financial market   meager funding   corporate sustainability   stateoftheart technology   unique circumstances   most trips   broad agenda   asset managers   lowcost improvements   potential assets   large quantities   distribute resources   quality jobs   annual reports   price war   clean water   many things   large class   increase density   existential threats   smart systems   nuclear plants   climate crisis   climate risk   federal efficiency   recent study   public garages297   effective tools   lowincome communities417   human health   lowdensity designs   efficiency standard   deindustrializationanddecarbonizationa mix   priority decarbonization   extend droughts   fossil generators   certain types   percent reduction   cheap way   white households   community benefits   geothermal generation   regular disclosures   mitigation strategies   carbon price   fuel generation   single homes   particulate matter   shoreline erosion   advance fuels   more table   climate impact   federal investments   renewable reductions   political situations   rapid expansion   fishing454 communities   recent years   interstate highways   average rates   large disasters   renewable energy   flexible framework   high capacity   nuclear power   new table   tribal loan   internal engines   exogenous shock   limit proficiency   constant cycle   emissionsfree generation   small banks   scenario tools   federal stimulus   urban counterparts   refundable point   available technology   financial disclosures   competitive cost   risky housing   many minerals   fundamental shift   extreme fires   prioritizeamericanworkers legislation   premature deaths   effective policy   flood risk   good example   biennial scenario   ga emissions   second generation   climatefriendly codes   underappreciated feature   decisionmake framework   sizable gaps   affordable coverage   competitive funds   economic crisis   federal government   tax credits   private investment   automobilecentric sprawl   supertruck program   such change320   sustainable growth   recreational space   good use   significant support   climate survey   infrastructure systems   many table   toxic pollution   expose portfolios317   strong cash   powerful case   industrial jobs   tax credit   renowned building   urban planning   freight system   temporary cash   available techniques   pollution standards   true independence   drive changes   toxic chemicals   manage risks   coordinate action   hot rolling   federal climate   economic problem   exist infrastructure   lose opportunities   industrial transition   complicate structures   great risk   past jobs   site process   extreme events   nationwide progress   cheap labor   possible speeds   prolong droughts   clean grid77   climaterelated risks   resilient manner   elevate risk   moral shortcomings   wealth loss   exist structures   necessary information   initial expenditure   good assessment   important industry   short term   grow threat   solar generators   few emissions   utilityscale storage   positive environments   positive correlations   entire system   disproportionate share   first conference   critical minerals   longterm solution   identify savings   vehicle miles   increase reliance   large numbers   near markets   lose days   lend institutions   cut costs   job training   affordable options   high probability   high share   infill development   neglect projects   strong gains   production costs   many solutions   economic boom   carbon emissions   racial minorities   american standards   nonvariable electricity   major contributor   infrastructure priority   incentive programs   heavy industry   green solutions   many regions   highway infrastructure   special committee   poor job   internal vehicles   upfront costs   strand problem   alternative fueling   increase targets   right policies   disproportionate loss   reduction systems   solar subsectors   young companies   economic efficiency   new products   successful transition   stark picture   competitive programs   advance grid   nuisance flooding   costeffective solutions   peerreviewed study   mid century   storage options   reduction economywide   federal planning   financial assistance   international engagement   necessary role   climate data   independent developers   future losses   garden pavement   resilient projects   most calculations   new aircraft   chief markets   alternative regulations   significant costs   asian steel   tax bases   recovery program   complicate system   major opportunity   economic primacy   high expenditures   many storms   long horizons   indigenous communities456   clean targets   lowemission generators   american businesses   financial challenges   enormous demand   research development   significant threats   national infrastructure   environmental outcomes   base plastics   overall policy   great success   resilience spending   new area   different brackets   intergovernmental panel   efficiency standards   system ngfs   inevitable assets   unionize workers   american entrepreneurship   low cost   more communities   reckless behavior   comprehensive policies   financial system   potential opportunity   increase impacts   many terminals   climaterelated disclosures   distribute sources   clean production   strategic scheme   unique processes   regulator authorities   regulatory structures   creation returns   rapid adoption   flood rates   economic development   rural towns   big tunnels   dense landuse   climate threats   great scale   direct air   rooftop vehicles   quick succession   public comment   neutral position   strong disincentives   global steel   cumulative burden   aggressive action   implicit subsidy   electric system   emission buildings   such activities   aquatic ecosystem   national price   domestic intermodal   increase hurricanes   address goods   safety net   billiondollar disasters   medical care   unproductive manner   financial resources   technological advancement   fossil reserves   perperson emissions   clean alternatives   last fall   clean gardens   direct burning   additional table   upfront capital   buy program   analysis tools   private automobiles   general public   last fraction   mask stasis   public commissions   comprehensive solutions   global race   fuelgenerated power   prolong periods   different products   federal administration   such growth   fossildependent utilities   normal activities   fossil fuels75   sunny hours   finance mechanisms   industrial activity   electric generation   energy efficiency   billion306 experts   resilient supply   quality careers   set distance   commercial centers   consecutive year   fast growth   secondary impacts   good quality   preparedness kit   increase communities   brad director   public infrastructure   mutual funds   organic materials   orderly transition   mean temperature   clean options   severe heat
Actions:   increase uptake   pursue mechanisms   cover risk   provide resilience   level field   understand risk   cost insurers   bear costs   build generators   increase reductions   expand system   reach communities   hold type   resilience themselves   build economy   take place   continue work   maintain services   undertake projects   address inequities   build roads   grow sources   leaf room   create tunnels   walk bike   invest billion   goodpaying jobs   require maintenance   publish information   create increase   support production   reduce consumption   convert fleets263   know less   afford it   create mandate   fund transition   choose option   pollute waterways   need investment   implement deductible   require attention   guarantee contribution   understand impacts   move people   require data   support development   examine risks   incorporate resiliency   approach 60   bear cost   spur investment   use storage   improve case   fund recovery   own cars   include americans   use them   use tests   require company   fly case   grow jobs   bring price   improve efficiency   ensure emissions   asses vulnerability   deliver emissions   receive protections   do enough   hold warming   expand infrastructure   assist communities   pose risks   project risk   use credits   inject it   launch fleet   harden coastline   drive carbon   transmit shocks   lead world   make sector   account work   give option   reflect losses   reduce exposure   comprise percentage   set standards   buy kit   bridge gap   encourage rdd   understand costs   avoid impacts473   complete buyouts   realize vision   saddle systems   review 357   prioritize health   ensure improvements   build lines   total energy   use fuel   accelerate efforts   achieve little   affect firms   charge customers   use standards   encourage consumers   receive support   affect safety   replace combustion   improve connections   target communities   revitalize communities   find ways   employ workers   take steps   broaden access   employ contractors   discourage development   make consideration   provide jobs   encourage electricity   put signals   accelerate firms   offer assistance   develop flying   block progress   low rates   mandate 367   integrate risks   amplify shock   take lead   generate significant   use returns   enable people   swap furnaces   lack system   price case   mitigate inequities   allow backlog   present risk   meet goods   make assumption   damage health   cover few   maintain character   aid buildout   raise standards   meet requirement   implement tcfd   estimate value   implement a   enable americans   carpooling busing   restart portion   tackle crisis   build risks   move state   prioritize funding   adjust weighting   buy house   solve it   threaten infrastructure   foster investment   cost what   provide training   offer parking   encourage innovation   support transition   infuse capital   develop industries   achieve decarbonization   export technologies   motivate development   promote biking   low volumes   find solutions   utilize biofuels   rejuvenate sector   decarbonize electrification   create offices   finalize rule   utilize resources   encourage techniques   increase resiliency   shift preferences337   develop systems   reduce amount   build resilient   cause temperatures   leave people   announce intention   spark losses   improve mobility   increase generation   deem areas   join ngfs   eliminate barriers   refund money   enforce laws   develop approach   improve standards   invest time   address credits   curb risks   follow survey   electrify equipment   provide insight   incentivizing technology   coordinate spending   pay much   mean deaths   align survey   abandon homes   procure million   create initiative   release electricity   site roads   finalize it   grind processes   avoid billion   ease market   oversee agencies   emit percent   increase livability   implement aufauvre   invest money   ship reduction   make components   protect citizens   create millions   consider benefits   explain inaction   identify opportunities   charge capability   make demands   consider policies   lease vehicles   strengthen chains   safeguard communities   avoid hundreds   generate losses   quote estimate   accelerate disasters   include polices   store waste   rebuild economies   provide mechanism   recapture emissions   improve coordination   greening ngfs   facilitate activities   need changes   cost competitive   exceed threshold   improve savings   treat pedestrians   establish amount   drive regulators   build rail   maximize efficiency   build change   achieve competitiveness   facilitate integration   provide opportunity   direct resources   phase financing   include emissions137   implement 3   own that   avoid decades   do this   improve classification   call what   reduce risk   need support   enforce policies   concentrate power   adopt building   underwrite invest   require use   incentivizing arra   scale infrastructure   miss risks   craft tools   take risks   develop understanding   balance supply   melt ore   marketbased approaches275   help them   access it257   reward communities   reduce flooding   address structures   add mw   address legacy   drive realization   putt things   include focus   underwrite advise   scale measures   meet standards329   gain jobs   show action   impact flooding   organize standards   create measures   enforce disclosure   generate outcomes   protect products   expand market   retrofit agency   study tests   address system   generate millions   demonstrate consequences   require disclosures   walk biking   reap benefits   enter home   deem community   promote right   seasontoseason begs   ensure system   take that   prevent strategies   regulate emissions   see losses   leave infrastructure   affect base   complete decarbonization   fund networks   invest resources   create drag   spark crisis   offer benefits116   reflect banks   invest development   buy sector   revive street   substitute lifetime   improve efficacy   need investments   pay year   leave areas   require research   cause losses   incorporate change   deploy numbers   use authority   develop data   give direction   save businesses   decarbonize sectors   crushinggrinding processing   overburden communities   prioritize designs   achieve reductions   promulgate emissions   discourage legislation   ban use   worry trade   change models   highlight potential   depend aftermath   produce steel   tell committee   replace fleets   backstop aspects   experience levels   mitigate office   build neighborhoods   shed communities   build one   putt schools   achieve policy   ensure force   protect factories   determine quality   improve use   integrate standards   align incentives   reach agreement   enable states   take risk   crosse borders102   speed cdfis   incentivize development   hold fed   sell evs252   implement assistance   reduce case   develop generation   make case   develop tools   provide markets   lose million   stabilize markets   protect competitiveness   affect families   make recommendations   face inundation   pose risk   diversify income   find decarbonization   restrict number   recover change   produce dioxide   couple case   save jobs   build pipeline   absorb risks   avoid losses   inflict harm   protect homes   leverage capital   increase electrification   optimize ccus   enjoy advantage   most452 lack   leave homes   make transition   put manufacturers   couple investments   meet target   want seawall   cover losses   test adequacy   exacerbate effect   charge priority   unlock investments   link goals   send petition   allow concrete   promote use   create policies   offer wages   improve families   build things   save billion   protect them   expose nation   experience billion   help us   see case   fund program   act that   protect trade   make progress   repay creditors   slow congestion268   seek input   pose industry   wake market   enforce standards   improve economy   lead factories   hear what   achieve independence   expand rail   implement growth   disrupt transportation   use much   pull dioxide   establish programs   rethink communities   trigger declarations   improve conditions   build transition   do job   approach act   act interests344   build investments   publish guide   expedite transition   expend sources   encourage grants   meet feature   increase resilience   build case   increase percent   produce vehicles   ensure support   shoulder costs   provide guardrails   overestimate cost   employ processes   locate cost   provide tools   provide heat   lose value   require policies   rebuild america   build action   prevent action   survive adapt   use resources   encourage electrification   hire opportunities   electrify operations   evolve framework   follow lead   hurt economy   increase access   reward products   hear this   leverage funds   take approach   build transformation   work case   provide relief   leave acres   replace chemicals   design future   receive percent   exceed experts   lower costs   fund city   start process   discourage emissions   include space   emit case   describe network   take sale   own 270000   help fuels   ensure adoption   measure impacts   affect test   avert risks   need variety   protect companies   achieve employment   batter industries   drive solutions   build renewables   bring benefits   expend time   commit resources   integrate scenarios   transmit volatility   factore analysis   dismiss value   pay more   asses vulnerabilities   accelerate action   need policy   inform strategies   improve communication   provide that   protect worker   reduce pollution   develop information   take measures   obtain waiver   incentivize populations326   meet demands   avoid states   promote expansion   provide municipalities   rethink priorities   weaken standards242   revolve funds   fill gap   need strategy   power homes   bring impacts   invest point   address communities   move vehicles   reinvigorate manufacturing   maintain changes   subsidize risk   reach goals   build programs   create materials   provide returns   provide epa   create program   decarbonize sector   foster innovations   cost secretary   experience homelessness   capture opportunities   test risks   safeguard jobs   create economy   offer savings   ensure outcome   sell vehicles   prevent deaths   provide communities   incentivizing deployment   prolabor policies   show us   represent assessment   reduce solutions   provide agencies   change case   buy homeowners   develop chains   expand transit   leverage architecture   cost jobs   focus those   organize training   need agenda   affect regions   transitioning systems   extend it   boost wages   take case   facilitate transactions   generate electricity60   fund development   put it   encourage businesses   replace fuels   clean electricity   provide fio   issue set   mandate materials   demonstrate vulnerability   consume fuel   implement case   enable us   putt housing   cause shock   gain most   improve equity   create tools   attract generations   mandate utilities   provide city   raise values   operate markets   experience downgrades   fulfill demand   enforce field   accelerate pace   drive economywide   create wages   harness forces   notify parties   suffer worst   promote access   create disincentives   rethink modernize   protect environment   form initiative   encourage spending   install generators   rise spaces   want economy   boost values   pursue case   fix problem   create expansion   address climate   face ratings   replace percent   figure it   create study   benefit town   ramp efforts   include spending   take care   receive mix   lead increase   represent way   create opportunities   last centuries   employ percent   reduce income   follow both   balance need   provide means   low use   save study   model insurers   include price   reallocate capital   address burden   reach trillion342   quantify case   contribute percent   issue rules   experience impacts   ensure workers   provide boom   decarbonize percent   include fleets   discount insurance   exacerbate inequalities   transitioning equipment   suffer losses   help projects   pay percent   decrease emissions   increase assistance   keep goods   return 278   align forces   andor mechanisms   conduct research   add batteries   expand banks   characterize what   offer numbers   provide expertise   reduce consumptions   take rise   clean alternatives   provide energy   prevent change   implement incentives   retain competitiveness   lack resources   improve growth   send signal   pull us   draw building   electrify them   publish recommendations   modernize grid   participate initiative   prevent pollution   improve survey   develop dozens   address inequality   engage populations   ship estate   build 70   charge manufacturing   finance transition   demand framework   low emissions   drive revolution   add percent   weather conditions   underestimate risk   include bikes   address assets   develop options   join rest   enforce rules   undermine damages   turn fleet   reduce smog   put transition   increase opportunity   promote switching   support resilience   take advantage   consider actions   produce transition   combat change   attract attention   marshal expertise   employ workers95   increase segregation   build incentives   emphasize importance   require percent   require changes   increase rates   reduce need   crushinggrinding heat   reduce requirements   adopt survey   regulate transmission   work houses   support research   retire cars   adopt standard   use turbines   decarbonize industry   clean grid   equip banks   lose profits   putt americans   promote innovation   work shop   grow electricity   guide actors   inform spending   affect performance   use case   promote stability   benefit case   thread pieces   decarbonize grid   communicate anecdotes   quantify change   forwardlooking analysis   store dioxide   spend billion   transitioning it   reduce production   address infrastructure   fund cleanup   avert catastrophe   retrofit 3   ignore risks   increase range   act report   amplify numbers   mis opportunity   turn statements   design response   pursue efforts   expand options   install systems   attract riders   confront leadership   achieve goals   threaten ability   increase dependence   hold conference   deploy gains   redevelop site   establish practices   adopt streets   lower use   help communities   measure resilience   spur reinvestment   drive adoption   take impacts   create standards   outperform counterparts   reduce pollutants   promote growth   address crisis   obtain insurance   reduce some   require chemical   achieve thousands   pay less   cause inconveniences   force businesses   manufacture cars   encourage fema   support solutions   employ approaches   prioritize manufacturing   expand tools   build signals   pursue mechanism   increase costs   illustrate need   need action   require manufacturers   ensure expectations   scale hydrogen   accelerate outmigration   build 18   improve options   direct epa   replace bases   support technologies   threaten stability   spread benefits   jumpstart economy   strengthen authorities   shed light   build 28   develop policies   exacerbate traffic   address change   invest one   oversee system   support companies   implement projects   lose ground   provide people   emphasize infrastructure   cost taxpayer   enable landuse   face risk   pair solar   pull materials   cooptimize health   lead case   mitigate causes   upgrade infrastructure   encourage construction   rethink mobility   threaten business   benefit this   support securitization   force bank   take needs   finance assets   combine appliances   recover slowest441   offer types   promote resilience   save things   drive reductions   grow energy   build highways   affect erosion   pay bills   pledge billion   replace fans   purchase electricity   represent all   develop case   engage range   improve access   present opportunity   face probability   heat space   build communities   build homes   allow unitedstatestocompetewithinternationalmarketswhileprotectingworkers   come climate   police case   speed transition   manufacture support   achieve economies   incentivizing electrification   support businesses   modernize planning   kill hundreds   include aviation   provide subsidies   deserve treatment   develop approaches   run coal   strengthen economy   publish set   cover transport   face poverty   lose displacement   join counterparts   control percent   maintain electricity   stunt growth   impact lowincome   require companies   produce fixes   provide supply   supply challenges   promote workers   solve crisis   enable emissions   begin process   mobilize funds   require modifications   continue trend   show need   intensive city   mean little   drive variety   stop crisis   decrease today26   eliminate policies   illustrate savings   increase technologies   electrify technology   eliminate exposures   add generation120   rise418 flooding   include uses   push people   buse travel   ban construction   push populations   pursue options   include technologies   root risks   improve congress   avoid emissions   add infrastructure   feature acres   provide tool   provide cobenefits   pull risk   warn governments   understand nature   endanger health   finalize case   reshape approach   charge infrastructure   finance investments   trigger correction   focus sector   add billion   stimulate economy   compromise integrity   explore 368   recoup losses   achieve target   enable access   power them   absorb generators   postpone test   drive turnover   fund housing   reinvest revenues   put coalition   minimize use   electrify everything   prevent states   support policies   provide rail   show commitment   generate jobs   drive vehicles   enable spending   threaten livelihoods   release emissions   keep pace   incentivize case   describe what   invest premiums   achieve it   build scheme   face days427   climate risks   favore technologies   build events   create 3   limit emissions   represent trillion   meet targets   decarbonize everything   mine market   make wages   lose billion   need that   address issues   maintain functionality   shrink impact   spend share   see history324   administer survey   envision life   persist congress   discourage activities   provide information   bear insurers   utilize funding   require insurers   prevent expenses   do jobs   take action   avoid shock   shift modes   update standards   pull country   make sense   take toll   build 83   protect 3   decarbonize rest   need 501   make miles   increase share   establish market   accelerate change   promote discussion   enable planning   destabilize economy   announce plans   understand exposure   hit hardest   require types   benefit communities   increase efficiency   designate network   represent percent   leave unchecked   provide doe   reduce runoff   substitute materials   protect manufacturers   publish list   repurposing funding   zone housing   assetbacked paper   burn coal   convert fleets   receive benefits   value workers   grow percent   discourage construction   train workers   build access   conduct tests   fit resources   fulfill case   pose that   enact legislation   coordinate efforts   take percentage   streamline programs   apply shift   earn support   support rdd   adopt policies   rebuild streets233   optimize chains   put policies   lead way   enjoy level   explore avenues   replicate jobs   upend stability   use dollars   smooth volatility   disclose information   build 59   asses risks   drive cost   hit generation   come case   bear case   exacerbate gap   sequester carbon   convert emissions   lack strategy   develop solutions   incorporate risks   provide billion   build 40   support decarbonization   deliver miles   leave them   market opportunity   manufacture case   provide fuel   provide path   propose commitments335   provide incentives   reduce price   improve plans   increase standards   lack access   destabilize markets   scale benefits   monitor services   face floods   support adoption   conduct account   build america   drive costs   establish standards   flood households   support this   create demand   issue guidance   increase likelihood   overcome disconnect   build 34   attract dollars   affect ratings461   lead solutions   increase spending   divert investments   unleash capital   implement recommendations354   undermine transition   constitute failure   reduce use   pair technologies   require case   decarbonize economy   promote vehicles   bring technologies   cover disruption451   drive value   carry effort   reverse course   meet standards   modele agreement   discourage firms   ship government   realize opportunities   include scenarios   see changes   spur leadership   protect space   flatten curve   fill gaps161   rethink framework   gaps394 regulators   reduce roads   employ sensors   file complaint   lose net   address needs   approach design   quote value   institute policies   carry hydrogen   require managers   internalize costs   eliminate pollution   destroy acres   cause billions   achieve actions   buffer economy   consider adjustments   provide goals   drive actions   promote outcomes   include targets   utilize hydrogen   employ technologies   maintain authority   bring fuels   own plants   give focus   set targets   keep people   reduce number   support jobs   produce energy   reduce burden   recover mayor   facilitate buyouts   protect workers   enjoy support   spend percentage   push technology   provide americans   benefit mix   use money   achieve gains   burn oil   promote economy   pay pipelines   place stress   externalize costs   involve measure   deploy them   protect health   encourage investment   highpaying jobs   pursue process   strain climate   achieve economywide   achieve commitments   incorporate priorities   reach emissions   fund research   build infrastructure   scale technologies   increase telecommuting   experience downturns   enjoy growth   stimulate growth   increase options   hurt families   target opportunities   show percent   stimulate activity   ignore risk   provide miles   go incentives   spend billions   give stability   invest case   provide support   destroy wealth   lead 2   afford all   save households   achieve industry   treat issue   avoid way   seek grant   empower individuals   incentivize consideration   block purpose   prevent disruption   open potential   putt offices   cause delay   lessen damage   strengthen cities   address challenges   change places   make money   leverage investment100   require temperatures   support families   provide more   accept prices   break norm   price risks   save 600   disrupt trading   exchange cars   reorient business   set stage   topperforming equipment   solve problem   gain case   predict impacts   import steel   leave workers   avoid drag   collapse masse   retrofit buildings   sequester case   produce emissions   achieve sector   generate benefits   reduce emissions   supply assets   set level   build engines   establish incentives   value what   wellintentioned planning   benefit congress   exceed degrees   utilize inroute   build 35   replicate pattern   send signals   avoid days   ease burden   risk markets   improve windows   build cars   issue reports   save lives   create solutions   increase demand   retire generators   charge stations   create thousands   zoning areas   exceed billion312   integrate development   develop projects   prioritize development   make plastics   cause billion   lose school   buy requirements   address decarbonization   do nothing   buy standards   make commitment   leave stand   protect benefit   exceed percent   provide electricity   make pledges   mean it   speed development   provide investments   help states   support millions   fall challenge   add lanes   provide resources   build resilience   include right   recognize value   represent cost   sell electricity   encourage manufacturing   achieve case   offer path   develop fuels   create process   use number   use sheets   threaten lives   create investments   meet goals   avoid tons   grow costs   lack coverage   incentivize construction   help community   play role   trigger crisis   buy communities   reduce step   accelerate risks   provide roadmap   embrace solutions   face risks   curb behavior   require institutions   avoid impacts   support goals   finance activities   implement solutions   require firms   outpace generation   mitigate impacts   protect populations   achieve emissions   manufacture technology   provide return   encourage destruction   require payment   address reality   cause swings   grow opportunities   implement signals   include preparedness   buy time   incorporate risk   build standards   reach sewer   protect right   build stations   provide avenue   include discussion   lose coverage   sell disincentive   encourage recycling   slash miles   reduce copollutants   achieve future   implement policies   reduce value   reduce losses   create transition   reach people   increase jobs   echo sentiment   put outcomes   increase funding   ensure availability   save money   build policies   ignite transition   retain ability   reduce impacts   establish lanes   hold increase   achieve scale   meet ownership   pursue climate   leave government   show fragilities   ensure spending   regulate industry   retain residents   include provisions   charge report   implement recommendations   service vehicles   promote streets   impact household   pollutant calculations   put americans   provide framework   solve problems   speed turnover   experience losses   provide array   rebuild engines   find correlations   grant waiver   support communities   represent third   build generation   present barriers   support states   contribute rise   outsource work   avoid development   make fuel   encourage use   store key   carry dioxide117   take view   assess risks   stress yields   walk talk   build lowemission   provide capital   avoid crisis   lose jobs   finance risks   cover emergency   exceed requirements   discourage investments   rebuild property   increase valuations   protect residents   scale deployment   disclose risks   undermine confidence   putt them   improve health   experience outages   give imperative   reduce places   leave agencies   publish findings   build demand   make decisions   invest losses   meet fraction   manage money   mitigate percent   crosse ces   afford opportunity   take cars   emit gases   shift production   ensure stability353   violate duty   recognize forces   protect communities   include measures   include projects   provide sectors   analyze change   burn americans   extend credit   bring electricity   achieve benefits   use energy   operate fleets   envision transition   concentrate jobs   cover kicks   set system   develop memorandum   result some   need solutions   replace vehicles   choose action   take impact   limit warming   implement programs   support rd   create institutions   provide services   manage footprint   ensure equity   emit dioxide   offer incentives   lag workforce   mean what   solve case   mitigate vulnerability   enact emissions   increase deployment   maintain fabric   cost million   prevent attacks   build turbines   designate corridors   lose share   speed pace   restrict housing   provide bulk   electrify case   increase risk   bend curve   disclose emissions   recognize flooding   limit flooding   move electrons   build supervisors   share information   enable replacement   use power   make billion   spend trillions   build governments   suit circumstances   divert capital   encourage development   save resources   achieve system   crowd financing   ensure reallocation   burn hydrogen   cover emissions   use tools   use horizon   exempt which   build workforce   decarbonize transportation   set nearterm   insurance absorber   develop frameworks   maximize benefits   deploy states   integrate tests405   reach point   promote health   put this   choose biking   enforce building   tailor solutions   require investment   change trends   offer rebates   implement them   develop technologies   pay dividends   impact regions   bury lines   conduct rd   achieve electrification   generate heat   develop standards   encourage states   insure damage   implement program   strengthen standards   establish repository   require water   increase ownership   trigger recession   retire costs   prepare communities   manage risks   reduce productivity   make choices   use electricity   create system   underscore importance   find opportunities   build 3   asses exposure   save time   get students   achieve economy   offer freedom   use that   drive decarbonization   make drives   build 78   use tool   increase divide   exacerbate inequities   improve residents   ensure benefits   lack voice   ensure soundness   employ number   combat crisis   leave ratepayers   address problem   strengthenamericanmanufacturingandsupplychainsexpanding chains   require investments   invent solutions   achieve vision   reach americans   develop funding   charge people   build sector   expand segment   mean reductions   produce evs   target support   add generation   accommodate differences   increase ability   limit shipping   hold what   improve quality   eliminate subsidies   reverse trend   threaten health   share data   store term   adapt work   figure this   meet demand   improve practices   address some   incorporate reserve   purchase percent   nonbinding banks   set decades   create subcommittee   organize decarbonization   plummet losses   achieve mobility   provide buyer   ensure mining   electrify system   panic markets   achieve war   aggravate solutions   authorize program   attract development   prohibit activities   encourage wages   make investments   drive approach   provide air   grow economies   advance policies   help plan   support workers   ensure equality   mitigate risks   improve reliability   take framework   ensure air   serve purpose   decarbonize fraction   improve development   retire assets   drive agenda   create number   balance incentives   disclose risk   market technologies   provide foundation   avoid costs   provide net   materialize workers   provide companies   provide funds   need pipelines   consider adaptation   pose threat   capture heat   make mistakes   promote buildings   save thousands   own everything   direct funding   create revenue   improve resilience   experience wages   find gains   accelerate transition   pay farmers   address variability   expose system   put money   meet case   turn it   reduce funding   create programs   create careers   embrace pavement   pair all   design processes   install turbines   use technology   do it   enable communities   escalate impacts   publish series   reduce electrification   strain continuity455   build chain   incentivizing bill   hurt workers   give incentive   reform credit   scale case   lose revenues   buy costs   take decades   lack signals   supply percent   favor production   need data   experience change   storage promise   experience events   create cash   present risks   advance future   lose income   leverage average   scale solutions   pay firms   empower leaders   quantify risks   increase defaults   drive half   feature set   need methods   sacrifice review   increase risks   sell businesses   issue debt   offer benefits   include goals   increase investment   result recession   reduce intensity   threaten generators   dismiss risks   replace assets   recognize reality   choose wealth   benefit schools   use funds   improve infrastructure   charge that   grow use   set standard   strike struggle   conduct hearings   live appealing   regulate refineries   promise technologies   highemitting sectors   turn trajectory   use blend   examine vulnerabilities   pursue relocation   generate tons   guarantee speed   require standards   reflect uncertainty   repay loan   fight change   provide funding   access markets384   involve models   invest revenues   capture dioxide   deploy technology   paint picture   clean energy   need help   experience benefits   turn space   pay price   leave residents   asses plausibility   provide signals   free money   reduce distances   limit exposure   build 65   understand gains   reform law   recognize risks   understand risks   want actors   jeopardize stability   support economies   upgrade communities   drive markets   implement standards   travel distance   provide us   disrupt operations   support industry   socialize losses   trail china   pas solutions   minimize pollutants   incentivize capture   require quantities   generate electricity5   subsidize sources   use disclosures   get us   develop ways   implement measures   build technologies   increase income   root purpose   encourage case   conduct analyses   cement tbtuyr   deserve sector   need miles   ensure continuity   decrease demand   combine density   decarbonize government   use transportation   explore risks   pay case   mitigate emissions   set terms   create jobs   far assessment   achieve grid   produce hydrogen   require numbers   take actions   expand credit   retrofit vehicles   create certainty   manufacture zevs   upgrade case   build hydrogen   address modes   live attacks   build future   address emissions   include change   establish credit   match tolerance   match production   fast panel   cause pollution   drop fast8   store energy   match strategies   build 47   implement them479480   set director   expand programs   maintain office   make places   create market   require heat   pull states   prioritize projects   publish first   provide pay   plan trips   support training   release gases   retire action   pursue investments   relegate it   propel development   encourage growth   treat transportation   incentivizing action   build port   amplify challenges   adopt standards   face threats   reduce costs   revoke waiver   cause problems   reduce effect   withstand hurricanes   resume activities   tie assistance   pose challenges   construct generation   ratings359 impacts   provide wages   leave ability   bring costs   call endeavor   consider what   implement communities   provide utilities   land priorities   make fleets   create that   require agencies   help growth   grow companies   make use   reverse investment   receive comments   mitigate change   experience loss   produce electricity   offer coverage   face losses311   pursue polices   strengthen sector   include engines   shift process   save prevent   use materials   hurt ridership227   obtain ratings   give preference   use billion   expand highfrequency   explore effects   provide options   hit cap253   reduce plausibility   use day   lead development   incentivize measures   increase housing   face questions   cost hundreds   incentivize actions   describe importance   rebuild benefit   replace bridge   fulfill responsibilities   need jobs   fund sorts   service debt   mitigate risk   avoid change   store electricity   provide grants   expand standards   face heat   recoup costs   expand program   cost percent   leave congress   deploy technologies   involve response   adopt lcfs   provide investment   plan measures   buy pumps   incorporate projections   avert crisis   unravel decades   link benefits   pursue metering   fahrenheit177 way   implement lcfs   ignore certainty   create lcfs   meet interconnectedness   capture case   organize residents   heighten uncertainty   cause deaths   hinder action   displace burning   do what   exacerbate stresses   guarantee protections   face burden   create incentive   manage wildfires   store carbon   serve communities   adopt codes   clarify rules   aid transition   reduce usage   join case   increase workplace   establish standard   save hundreds   drive change   ban housing   maintain dominance   address housing   write million   avoid spending   own drive   force commuters   announce intentions   develop programs   provide pipeline   direct funds   grow manufacturing   use percent   acquire justice   offer products   drive transition   propose tariffs   inform voting   address disposal   affect stability   provide benefits   comprise percent   tie grid   need research   address more   see loss   amplify crisis   pas policies   market products   underprice impacts   replicate benefits   create conditions   asses risk   aid development   join effort   demonstrate effects   decrease costs   head crises   impose measures   make percent   ensure that   use iii   span management   expand use   drive crisis   grow economy   affect sector   reduce outages   generate share

Other Attributes

This section lists the details about pathway-specific attributes.