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About Lunge Systems

Data on Every Human Activity

Lunge Systems is building the world's Wisdom Engine, a unique technology based on the fundamental human behaviour framework and how its impact aggregates in an ever-evolving world.

We scour millions of information sources and knowledge respositories to continously update our wisdom engine leveraging individual and organizational objectives, activities and performance measures data.

Intelligence to Achieve Any Goal.

Lunge Systems is codifying the human intelligence into simple usable format. From best-practices, to evidence-based research, to expert advice, to life hacks, to age-old practices, to emerging innovation and beyond.

Our algorithms provide verified guidance on best courses of action for desired or recommended goals. These suggestions have built-in auto-optimization and error-correction models based on crowd-sourced and technology-derived intelligence.

Lunge Pathways: Goals, Measures and Actions

Make Plans. Monitor Progress. Share Acheivements. Estimate Impact. Become Better.

Organized & Actionable
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Taxonomy of Knowledge.
Who. What. When. How. Why.
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Wisdom Updated Regularly

Pathway as a Data Unit

Look at the Information from a Utility Perspective

We transform the information sources, from consulting reports and policy recommendations to playbooks or any advice, into usable units (what it means for whom and who should do what, how & why).

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-assisted models and algorithms apply flexible and customizable classification to any type of document, email or text.

Using a mix of Linguistic rules-based models and AI/ML trained models, Lunge Systems' technology identifies the goals, measures, actions mentioned in the document.

This benchmark actionable wisdom is iterartively improved manyfolds by mapping the current document's information with the existing library of documents and industry ontologies of goals-measures-actions.

Lunge Systems has millions of built-in data pipelines which continously push the new data as and when it is generated. These real-time updates are used to modify and regenerate the actionable wisdom graphs.

Lunge Pathways Data Unit Diagram

Use Our Wisdom or Codify Yours Using Our Technology

How to Benefit from Our Data & AI Products & Services

Wisdom Administration

Admin interface to create and control everything: From the definition of the concepts to the classification schemas, any feature can be made specific to your organization or requirements.

Actionable Wisdom (Intranet Site)

The organizational wisdom (from training manuals & assembly-line instruction to code-of-conduct & key performance indicators), once codified, can be accessed through an interactive application.

API Integration (Lunge Enterprise)

The wisdom data infrastructure allows for AI-driven automation through integration to any other software including Lunge Enterprise and enables data-driven decision making.

Ready to Generate Intelligence from Your Unstructured Data?

You can also send us your requirements by emailing data@lunge.ai and we will get back to you.

Explore Our Demo Data Portal

Browse through different types of information sources and check out the generated sample pathways data organized along various dimensions.